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The last thing Dawson Black expected was Bethany Williams. As a Luxen, an alien life form on Earth, human girls are…well, fun. But since the Luxen have to keep their true identities a secret, falling for one would be insane.Dangerous. Tempting. Undeniable.Bethany can’t deny the immediate connection between her and Dawson. And even though boys aren’t a complication she wantThe last thing Dawson Black expected was Bethany Williams. As a Luxen, an alien life form on Earth, human girls are…well, fun. But since the Luxen have to keep their true identities a secret, falling for one would be insane.Dangerous. Tempting. Undeniable.Bethany can’t deny the immediate connection between her and Dawson. And even though boys aren’t a complication she wants, she can’t stay away from him. Still, whenever they lock eyes, she’s drawn in.Captivated. Lured. Loved.Dawson is keeping a secret that will change her existence...and put her life in jeopardy. But even he can’t stop risking everything for one human girl. Or from a fate that is as unavoidable as love itself....

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Shadows Reviews

  • Jennifer Armentrout
    2018-11-19 20:44

    It amazes me how quickly things go up on goodreads. Anyway, writing this was a treat

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    2018-12-05 23:46

    When she nodded, he bent down, pressing his head against her forehead. “Seriously though, I want this—I want you.” The earlier awkwardness was gone from his voice. He was all intent and purpose now. “More than I’ve ever wanted anything.”This was an uber-sweet and heartbreaking prequel novella about Daemon's brother Dawson, and how his love for Bethany changed everything.I won't say much because this one is short and I'd spoil it for everyone :(How I liked itDawson and Bethany were great, and I wish their story was a bit longer because they really have potential :)They are so sweet together *sigh* Love it :)Love the glimpses of the other characters, Andrew was always a jerk I guess, and I like Adam even more now.The ending with Daemon just broke my heart completely :(If you're a fan of the Lux series, don't miss this one, although I advise that you read it AFTER the first book :) Yes everything is explained here, but you aren't meant to know all these things when you read the first book, so...Just my opinion :)

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    2018-12-02 18:00

    3.75 stars I've been doing some catch up on all of my JLA novellas and stories. This is one I've always meant to read but never got around to. Shadows is the prequel novella to Obsidian, in which we get the story of Daemon's twin brother Dawson, and his love Bethany.This was a very sweet and fast read, I love JLA's heroes, mean or nice they are all perfect to me LOL. Glad to get some background on these two characters because in a way it makes you understand more where Daemon is coming from in the first book.If you are a JLA fan this book is a must read!Follow me on ♥ Facebook ♥ Blog ♥ Instagram ♥ Twitter ♥

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2018-12-01 00:50

    4.5+ stars! Ok, seriously, this YA series has me HOOKED !!!! Like woah hooked! I feel like I could easily devour ten of these books in a sitting! I’m totally and completely in LOVE!!K, first off, very important but this book should be read AFTER Obsidian. I repeat,READ Obsidian FIRST!!!!! Even though its the prequel, trust me, everything will make a lot more sense if you read it after. You won’t be missing anything, I promise. Just because these events came first, doesn’t mean they should be read first because the world is introduced in a very different way, almost expecting the reader to already be acquainted with everything so I really don’t think it would make sense to start with this.But, that being said, if you have already read Obsidian, you’ll be sure to love this one because it fills in so many blanks about that world, the back story, the way their alien species works, the structure of their families and relationships, the way their lives are run and the intricacies of their relationship with the government, and character insight too – like what happened in Daemon’s life that made him so outwardly hostile to Katy at first, the way he sort of became the defacto protector and felt so responsible for everyone… this story has a lot of little missing puzzle pieces that help to round out the world we have already been introduced to.This is the story of Daemon’s twin brother Dawson. The story is alluded to in Obsidian but never described in detail. All we know coming into this story was that Dawson was very loved and close to his siblings, that he fell in love with Bethany, a human girl, and that one day, they both ‘mysteriously disappeared’.OH THE SWOON!!!! I love Daemon. I really do. But oh my Lord did I evermeltover Dawson. He was day to Daemon’s night. Hot, sweet, funny, kind, with an easy smile and a heart of gold. If Daemon was the bad boy brother, Dawson is the good boy.He literally just falls hard and falls fast for Bethany. Its mutual and just seriously, completely adorable and swoony. Totally warmed my heart!! But… in their world, while relationships with humans are not forbidden, they are frowned on. Strongly. But Dawson doesn’t care. He’s completely smitten with Bethany and is willing to risk anything for a chance to be with her.“I want this – I want you… More than I’ve ever wanted anything.. I want to be with you.”As the story progressed, my heart started to clench up and the anticipation built cuz I knew where the story was headed. I was so lost in the beautiful swoon of their relationship, I didn’t want anything to happen to them. They were just too freaking perfect and happy! You know that feeling you get sometimes when you just want to pluck a couple out of their little nightmare and throw them on a happy little island together forever, yeah, I totally got that here.It was heartbreaking watching these guys fight so hard for just a chance to be a normal couple in love. Not judged or hindered by the rules of their species.“Nothing else mattered except the girl he cradled to him.”Gah!! They were just so beautiful and innocent and in love and I just wanted them to be happy *clutches heart* GURK!!! Ineedto read more in this series! I need them to get their HEA!The ending left me totally hanging and desperate for more!!! But, don’t worry, its a cliffhanger you should read anyways, because we already know they are “missing” from Obsidian… I’m sure their story will be dealt with as the series goes on and I can’t WAIT for it to happen!!Like I said:Totally. Freaking. HOOKED!!!!CASTING (see pics above and below)For more of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book BlogFacebook Page

  • Eunice
    2018-11-21 20:59

    *Initial thoughts after reading:Oh god, I think I might cry. This was so heartbreaking. But this gave light and more understanding about Daemon's attitude and actions towards Katy in Obsidian. If I could just jumped into the story and help them, I really would. Haha! I have so many theories coming up on my mind now and I'm also so in the mood to re-read Obsidian! *Final Thoughts: (This went more like my review for both Shadows and my second round of Obsidian. Teehee!)This was a wonderful and heart wrenching story. I loved that I was able to get to know Dawson and Bethany and their tragic love story. And though it ended pretty sad there were parts I had definitely enjoyed, especially those times Dawson and Bethany had been together. It was lovely, sweet and definitely heartwarming. Dawson's relationship with his siblings was utterly beautiful too. I saw how much the three of them cared for each other. And of course, this book has definitely helped me understand Daemon's character and answer the questions I had about him in Obsidian. I now understood why he was such a jerk to Katy and why he was so reluctant to her when it was pretty obvious that he like her too. And speaking of Obsidian, I was serious when I said I was so in the mood to re-read it, so yeah, I did. And yes, I still enjoyed it and still left me as high as I was the first time I read it. It was also funny to see how Daemon ate almost everything he said about his brother doing 'stupid' things. Seeing him do almost the same things his brother did and much more (and I would say it was really way more entertaining actually) was just really amusing. Anyway, I find most of the things that happened way clearer now. Theories were popping up on my mind and I noticed a lot of things now that I've read Shadows too. (view spoiler)[Well, things like in Shadows, when Dawson switched to his Luxen form he cannot speak to Bethany because she wouldn't be able to understand him. But in Obsidian, when Daemon switched to his true form he was able to speak to Katy and Katy did hear him in her mind. Making me think that there is definitely something special about Katy. To support that, there was also this thing when Katy passed out the first time Daemon used his power near her to scare off the bear. Daemon said that he didn't know why she passed out and that she was a human so it shouldn't have affected her like that. And of course the last part, the things that happened in the field; the power from Dee and Dawson she seemed to absorb and the power surge she used to kill the Arum. And then the healing thing Daemon did to Katy and made them sort of connected, like they became the other half of each other. Which I'm pretty sure was the same thing Dawson did to Bethany. But something happened to Bethany when Dawson fought, it was like what happened to the other affects the other one too. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Daemon and Katy too. (hide spoiler)] Oh well, those were just my freaking theories and you don't have to believe me. Haha! I'm just having a major Obsidian obsession streak right now. But it was amusing to entertain thoughts like that. And yes, (view spoiler)[after reading Shadows then Obsidian again and those teasers of Onyx and parts of Deamon's pov from Obsidian posted in Jennifer's blog, I am very much convinced that Daemon is madly, deeply, irrevocably, and irresistibly (cr. for the adverbs here) in love with Katy!(hide spoiler)] You don't have to agree with me but I really like to believed that. God, I'm so obsessed. LoL! I so need Onyx now! But I have no choice but to wait. T.T *Pre-reading Thoughts:Oh wait. I just saw the blurb of Onyx and I have this theory that Bethany or Dawson are not yet really dead. Waahhh! Really, there's something more going on! Argh~!I need these books now. :DDD------Awww. Its just sad we already know that Bethany and Dawson didn't have a happy ending. :(( But still, Imma read this! :DD This review is also posted at Book Overdose

  • Steph Sinclair
    2018-12-05 19:56

    Actual rating: 3.5 starsUsually I don't like reading novellas. I find that I have a harder time connecting with the characters with such few pages. So I was surprised that by the time I read the last page of Shadows I found myself missing Dawson and Bethany. Perhaps it's because I devoured Shadows right after completing Obsidian. I'm not sure. Or maybe it's because despite Dawson and Bethany's absence thus far in the series, I can still feel that they play a much bigger role than perviously realized. Whatever the case, I found this novella to be entirely bittersweet.If there is one thing that I take away from reading Shadows it's the reasons behind Daemon's interactions with Katy in Obsidian. Don't get me wrong. That doesn't make his actions okay in any shape or form. But it does give the reader better insight. Basically, it's nice to know Daemon wasn't just being a complete jackass just for the hell of it (though, I do think he enjoyed tormenting Katy at times and she him). What's interesting was seeing the almost the exact same events that happened with Daemon also happening with Dawson; something Daemon tried very hard to prevent.Going into the novella, I already knew the general story behind what happened to Dawson and Bethany since it's referenced a bit in Obsidian, but to actually see it play out was a different story. Dawson is the kinder twin of the Black family, so it was relatively easy to grow attached to him and root for his determination at staying with Bethany despite the obstacles in their relationship. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same feelings for Bethany as I did Katy. She wasn't a bad character and I didn't dislike her, but I don't feel I got a good feel for her. I think it's because most of the events were focused around Dawson than Bethany. And not to mention I was still riding my "Katy high" when I dived right into Shadows. I did like Dawson and Bethany together.  And I usually don't like "love at first sight" stories, but there wasn't any insta-love to be found, just instant attraction that later turned into something more, which is perfectly realistic.If fans are looking for a more action packed story, this one probably isn't it since it does focus mostly on Dawson and Bethany's first meeting to their getting-to-know-you's and dates. It's a much slower paced book than its processor and less witty. I thought that was appropriate considering the novella carried a certain level of foreboding from the first page that demanded seriousness. All throughout the novel you are watching them go through the motions, attempting the impossible, all the while heading for the inevitable. I wanted to reach out and tell Dawson to not go to that movie theatre that night, but alas, the book was already written. *sigh*All in all, this was a very good novella and I will definitely be continuing with the rest of the series.

  • ~Tina~
    2018-11-12 21:03

    *drools at the cover* For the love of all Aliens! I loved this book!!For those of you who know me already know that I'm a HUGE fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout. She is such a brilliant author and I simply can't get enough of her stories.I've been looking forward to Shadows ever since I found out it was coming our way. Not only was I thrilled to see Daemon and Dee again, but I've always been mighty curious about Dawson Black who fell in love with his human girl, Bethany Williams. This is his story. Her story. Stupid, irresistible and in love. Just the way it's suppose to be....Dawson and Daemon might be identical twins, but they are so different in personality. Daemon is just as intense, edgy and obnoxious in this book as much as he was in Obsidian, but I finally see the why's and feel like I understand him just a little bit better now. Dawson is warm and kind and infectiously good. But just like his brother he's got a temper and it was a real treat to see him unleash it. Just wow! The way he feels about Bethany is so raw and real. I loved those moments between them. It never felt fake or even rushed, it just felt completely natural. I also really loved how much Dawson and Daemon love their sister Dee. Some of those conversations had me laughing out loud while other times I just wanted to hug them.It was also good to see Adam, Andrew and Ash in this one. Overall, it was just nice to get to know these characters on a different level. For anyone who has already read Obsidian, knows what happened to Dawson, so I don't think it's much of a spoiler when I say that it was hard to read the last two chapters and very sad. I'm still clinging to hope. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.Bottom line, I loved this book. Yes, this was a novella, but that's the beauty of Jennifer's books, it never feels that way. I just totally lose myself, done to quickly and always wanting more.I'm thrilled and thankful that she gave us this glimpse into Dawson and Bethany's world. It was beautiful and so very very bittersweet. It was a story that needed to be told to get a better understanding of the first book and future books to come. Also, this only increases my anticipation for Onyx to a madding level, but I'll take what I can get. For now;)This is a must read for fans of the Lux series! I absolutely missed this world and it felt amazing coming back to it even for a short while.MORE!!!(Thanks to Entangled Publishing for sending me a copy!)

  • Emer
    2018-11-21 18:50

    Oh I am so disappointed by this prequel novella to the Lux series… although I guess I should not be surprised! I was always kinda nervous about reading this and sadly it seems my fears have come to fruition. This story focuses on Dawson and Bethany… who are a cute couple… but they are no match for Daemon and Katy!! Where Damon and Katy are all prickly at the start of their relationship and zinging with chemistry…and with banter to die for….oh the banter…. *sighs*…. Well Dawson and Bethany… they are all doe eyed and insta-love and 'you’re sweet and I’m sweet! And you’re pretty and I’m pretty!!! So let’s be sweet and pretty together and love each other until the end of time'………YAWN! Okay they made a lovely couple and they shared some very lovely moments... but all in all the evolution of their relationship just fell a little flat for me. I guess the author felt she had to rush the development of their togetherness from first attraction to full on head over heels life partners because the story had to be short. The brevity of this novella definitely did not work for me. The only time this novella was interesting was when Daemon featured… he just IS the more interesting twin. Whenever he featured there was just more **pop** to the story, he has ALL the best lines!! Face it, the boy has got charisma! He is more complex as a character, has shades of both light and dark...and just knows how to steal a scene. So basically this story needed more Daemon!!!! Although I could just say that about any aspect of anything these days. Life needs more Daemon Black!!! LOLAnd Bethany versus Katy... It's very similar. Katy has backbone, spunk, bite! She may not always make wise decisions but at least she demands attention of the reader. Bethany...she's just nice! And in books nice so often equates to dull... sorry Bethany! This story really missed Katy's presence. This novella is supposed to be a prequel to Obsidian; it is given the number 0.5 in the series… I absolutely do not think that this should be read before Obsidian. Or even Onyx or Opal!! It just ruins the whole mystique of the alien world, of their powers, …and just gives hints as to what may lie ahead. It is just too spoilery!!! So best enjoyed at the end of the series I feel, as a sort of retrospective to how it all began… although I really would only recommend this book to die-hard Lux fans. There is not much to be gained from reading it.Sadly this left me underwhelmed… but at least I have my happy memories of the main books!Two stars

  • Nicole
    2018-11-27 20:41

    3.5 stars I usually don't rate novellas more than 4 stars. And as much as I love the Luxseries, I couldn't connect with the characters in this book. Especially Beth. No one is gonna replaces Daemon and Kat, of course. So it was good to see him again, how he was before. I had this unexpected feeling that I missed them and then I was thinking about rereading Obsidian. Which is something I rarely do. I just wish I have read this book before starting the actual series, but it was nice to remember why I loved it that much.

  • Rachael Wade
    2018-11-23 17:49

    Kimmy turned on the girl, about to pull a Linda Blair, no doubt.Okay, so forgive me in advance if this review is completely all over the place and disjointed...but that's what Armentrout's writing does to me. She is positively my favorite YA author as of late, and along with adult romance author E.L. James, she is the only one who can elicit such a strong reaction from me when I read her work. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...the woman has mad skills. Not to mention the kind of humor I love (see the one liner above. Yeah. That's just one of the many hilarious zingers I love.)For those of us who have started reading the Lux series, Shadows is a welcome detour while waiting anxiously for Onyx, book 2 of the series. But it's also completely bittersweet from start to finish, because...well, you have an idea of where it's going after reading Obsidian, book 1.That being said, for Daemon fans, Dawson is a heartbreaking and swoon-worthy character that gives Daemon a run for his money. Granted, he's the polar opposite of Daemon, so there is plenty to love about each of the brothers. I won't give away any spoilers, but I'll tell you right now that I was flipping the pages so fast my mind could not keep up. Dawson and Bethany's story is so sweet and passionate, and the sexual tension can be cut with a knife. I was cringing when they were in danger, sighing like a lovesick teenager when they made out, and lighting up with "aha!" moments as the story unfolded because this installment reveals so much about why Daemon is the way he is and it just made me understand the family so much more.The author really understands the key ingredients to a fantastic YA romance: swoon-worthy guys, realistic heroines, wistful romance, action, and humor. One of the reasons Armentrout stands out to me compared to many other YA authors I read is the humor in her writing. It's sometimes dry, usually sarcastic, and always strategically placed. It's witty, not overly snarky, which I always prefer. Snarky usually comes off obnoxious--which I'm not a fan of--and even when there is snark, it's dry, jaw-dropping funny snark. All of it just makes the characters so believable and wildly entertaining.So...pretty sure I'm gushing at this point, so I'll stop. I'll end with mentioning my favorite scene and why I fell in love with Dawson and Bethany.I'll just call it the "reveal scene," when Dawson shares some information about himself that is pivotal in the story and in his relationship with Bethany. When he sees her reaction and closes the space between them and hugs her...holy crap. It's the sweetest scene and had me choking up because I could literally feel Dawson's relief and appreciation, the acceptance he needed. The whole scene was just so emotional and Bethany's inner monologue was so endearing.What can I say? Just read it, folks. Read the Lux series. If you love paranormal/sci-fi-ish romance, smartass characters, and fast-paced action, you'll love this gem and will be begging for more when it's over.

  • Karla
    2018-11-25 16:49

    5 Stars! DAWSON...delicious!Okay, I get it now, I see what's so appealing about this series and Shadows showed me the way. My hope is that eventually Daemon reveals some of the same personality traits as his brother Dawson, and is just hiding them, because he's protecting his family and can't let down his guard. I read Obsidian first and struggled with Daemon and Katy's relationship, but Dawson and Bethany represent what young love is all about. They made my heart flutter. Fingers crossed that we see them again as the series moves forward.This book really stirred my interest and has me itchin' for more. Now I'm ready to devour this series!

  • May
    2018-12-03 00:48

    Como precuela está bastante bien. Tiene un buen ritmo, se descubren cosas nuevas y hay algunos giros. Si te gusta la saga no te lo pierdas.

  • Annie Brewer
    2018-12-09 21:09

    Gawd.....I love this series. I love Dawson and Daemon. I love Jennifer. Need to get my thoughts in to come!OKAY, I think I have had enough time to gather my thoughts so I can write my review for this. It wont be as long as my other reviews because I have so much to say but don't want to "spoil" anything for those that have not gotten to it yet! So here goes.....SO, yay!!! I was so glad to see Daemon and Dee again! I've especially missed Daemon like SO MUCH!!!!! Ever since I found out there was gonna be a novella about his TWIN brother, I had been itching to get my hands on it!! Boy were my hands itching like CRAZY!!! I was about to go to the doctor for some relief cream or something. But then I thought maybe my doctor would think I needed to see a psychiatrist instead. So, finally my hands stopped itching and all was good with the world.In the beginning we meet Dawson, Daemon's other half-sometimes better half, but not really. WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, they are like SO different! Like night and day different. While Daemon is the arrogant prick, Dawson is the sweet and loving guy we all wish Daemon would be! But that's not true. I love Daemon even more after reading this. I mean seriously the things he suffers, OMG, my heart breaks for him!! I just want to jump into the book and hug him. I love his arrogant bantering(if that's the correct grammar) because he wouldn't be Daemon without it. Eventhough it would be a turn off if a guy pulled that shit in real life. But Daemon can totally tell me off anytime! We also meet Bethany, which okay she is AMAZING!!! Perfect for Dawson in every way imaginable. She is the new girl in school and walks into Dawson's class and it's like "Hello mama, come sit with me and I'll show you a whole new side of me no one has ever seen before" kind of thing. He is instantly drawn to her. I mean, I can't blame him. She is totally hot, sweet, kind and accepting of the most freakiest occurances ever! Of course I would be the same way with those HOT SEXY ALIEN GUYS too!! Damn, they are like electrifying! So, Dawson and Beth hit it off really well. He is the only one who actually talks to her, making her feel less like a loser being the new girl and all. They spend more time together and of course, Daemon and the rest of the Luxen clan are not to keen on the idea. The arum are lurking in the shadows of the small town of Fairfield. Dawson had already killed one in the beginning. So yea, they have a right to be paranoid about it. Not to mention the DOD are on their asses practically stalking them. It's nonsense, leave them alone already!!!! They creep me out!!Well, it takes a little time, but both of the love-sick puppies fall in love. It's so sweet and heartwrenching because we all know what happens!! She knows what he is but is like fascinated by it rather than scared. She reminds me of Katy more and more except she actually handled it better than Katy did, eventhough it was a lot for a human to process. *SIGH* I want Beth as my best friend!!! *tear*Even warning Dawson of the dangers, Daemon finally accepts that he has found the love of his life. I can see the pain and fear in Daemon for his brother's safety. Lighting up Bethany on more than one occasion like "the Fourth of freaking July" as Daemon put it, he still follows his heart!!! UGH, UGH, UGH....I've finally lost my train of thought. My tears are burning my eyes remembering the scene. Poor Daemon, poor Dee. Oh no no no no no no!!!!! My heart is splattered on the floor! I can't picture this, it's too much! My love for Daemon will never falter. Remember how obsessed I was? Geez, my review says it all. And I still feel the same way. But Dawson...oh DAWSON!!! God just his name brings those fluttery butterflies in my tummy!!Once again we see Ash, stupid mean bitch Ash whom I wanted to yank all her hair out!!! That is Katy's man, stay off of him!!!!!!!!!!!! *wishing he was mine* I don't get what Daemon sees in her, maybe just because they are both from the same planet I guess. Also, I did not like Andrew either. He was an ass. But wow, Adam.....he totally made me swoon when he stuck up for Dawson!!! Hell yes, Adam!!! You can rock my world too, there's plenty of me to go around baby!!!!!This book was riveting, compelling, mesmerizing, sexy, romantic, heartbreaking, sad, happy, suspenseful, page turning......EVERYTHING a YA book should be-even for a novella!! It was the best novella I've read! I want more!! The ending left me crying-real tears. I finished it in like 4 days because I couldn't bare the ending yet. All of my friends finished it before me because I was such a puss!! I knew what was coming! I had to brace myself and then take the plunge head still didn't soften the blow though. UGH, UGH, UGH.......I hate having to wait for Onyx....and even worse since we have to wait 3 months more than originally planned!!! NO NO NO NO will I survive this monstrosity!!!!!! I recommend reading this after Obsidian and I am glad I did because I understand everything better plus, it just makes sense to read Obsidian first!!! Oh Daemon. Oh Dee. Oh Dawson. Oh my heart. The end.

  • Jasmin
    2018-11-26 17:53

    Let us all just take a minute to thank the author for this lovely, sexy as hell, drool worthy COVERRRR!Ughhh that face, those eyes, the hair..... no I'm not drooling! I'm losing my mind.I've always had a thing for Daemon, but Dawson is hell of a romantic. "3.5 ALIEN BABY DAWSOLECIOUS STARS"(Dawsolecious= Dawson+Delicious) This was the first book I read in the 3rd POV which makes it a big deal for me. I didnt hate it, but I didnt quite enjoy it. The only thing that made me finish this book was the dialogue and events of Beth and Dawson (and maybe because I've read the LUX and fell in Love with it)At first I loved the flow of events, but then I found myself bored and needed to get to the point. I'd find myself skimming so lines and skipping pages to get to a dialogue or something worth my attention. BUT by the end I was like wooooah there missy hold your horses, something is gana rock my world....and it did. Dawson and Beth's love story was so cute,"The FORBIDDEN LOVE" , the kisses, them defending each other, Dawson always having her back, Dawson beating the crap -well almost- of Andrew and threatening him and Ash for even coming close to Beth... WOW! "Or what? Dawson spoke directly into Andrew’s thoughts, driving the point home. Youthreaten Bethany again, in any way, and I’ll make sure you can’t talk again. To anyone.Ever. Do you understand me?“Dawson!” Ash yelled from below. “What are you doing? Stop! Do something, Adam!” Adam’s laugh followed.“Someone needed to put Andrew in his place. I always figured it would be Daemon. Who knew.” And Adam, let me say that I always feel that he's being neglected! But damn he's an amazing character! (view spoiler)[ In the other books, he supported Dee's friendship with Katy. He stood with Daemon against his siblings when he declared his love with Katy. Damn he even got killed because of Katy and I know he'll do it again!!! I just know it. He has a great. loving, caring personalty that most people lack.(hide spoiler)]I would be so honored to have him as a friend and a close one if I were Dawson, or Dee or even Daemon!I regret not reading this before starting the LUX series, I would have known what Daemon was actually going through and why he hated Katy as a human in general and not as of her!!He kissed her deeply, holding her against him. When they broke apart the second time, his eyes were luminous and full of an emotion that sent her heart thundering against her ribs. Because she was sure she saw in his eyes what she felt. Love.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Maria
    2018-12-05 17:41

    I finished Shadows last night I just i was not in a an emotional condition to come online and say or write something. In fact i didn’t stop thinking about it not even the next day and the evening too.If you are not familiar with the Obsidian (Lux, #1) the first book in the series since Shadows (Lux, #0.5) is the pre sequel book here is the chance to suck into the world that Jennifer L. Armentrout creates…If you are familiar with the series like me well you know the deal.. It was fantastic and i mean every single letter in this word.. I have to say that at first i was a bit sceptic when i started reading because simply I knew how it will end and still i just couldn’t take my eyes from it..Bethany and most important Dawson was so adorable and sweetheart as a relationship and even characters to read. I was in a denial i have to admit i mean near the end even that i knew their destiny and how they will end up I just couldn’t accept it and in fact i keep a little hope in the corner of my head that they cant be dead… they just cant!You know what i mean right?Dawson was the character i really fall in love in.. Unlike Daemon he actually win my heart not with the snarky or rude attitude Daemon his twin brother but his actions,his pure love emotions he had for Bethany..Even that the story was short since he was a novella and a background story for Obsidian (Lux, #1) I really miss Dawson and Bethany and wish they will be back!

  • Sheryl
    2018-12-01 16:53

    Duh..... Like I would or could give this book ANYTHING other than 5 stars!!!

  • ☆ Sammy ☆彡
    2018-12-01 20:56

    (view spoiler)[My heart hurts so freaking bad right now.. like I seriously want to cry! And it is even worse because I knew the ending was going to break my heart! Gah! (hide spoiler)]5 Stars!*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*This novella is a prequel to Obsidian, the first book in the Lux series. I don't want to give too much away, but this story is basically about forbidden love and the consequences that can occur. It is about a girl named Bethany, who moves to a new town where she meets Dawson, a handsome, charming, guy that is hiding a major secret. Can Bethany accept Dawson's secret? Will both of them be willing to fight for their relationship? What consequences will occur if they choose to be together? Shadows, a Lux novella, tells their story.*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*I actually read this novella out of order. I read Obsidian (Lux #1) first and am glad that I did so. Obsidian gives you a good understanding of the Luxen, their lifestyle, and their relationship with the human society. Without having that understanding, I would have been somewhat confused while reading parts of this novella (especially towards the beginning of the book).I absolutely adored Bethany and Dawson (view spoiler)[and I am hoping we haven't seen the last of them. I really hope they aren't dead and that the DOD lied about that :( (hide spoiler)] It was so interesting to see how different Dawson is from Daemon. Even though they are identical twins, they are polar opposites. While Daemon is constantly brooding, serious, somewhat antagonistic with others, and sarcastic; Dawson is charming, sweet, and an all around good guy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE both of them, but it was fun to see how different they both are. Overall, I am loving this series so far. Which actually kind of surprised me because 1)YA isn't a genre that I read very often and 2)I avoid alien themed books/movies. I am so glad I decided to give this book series a chance because it is SO FREAKING GOOD! :)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Inés Izal
    2018-11-21 21:57

    -3.5-¡Ay lo que me ha gustado Dawson! Es tan cuqui y más bueno que el pan.Si es verdad que no aporta mucho más a la saga, salvo una explicación coherente de por qué Daemon es así en Obsidian. Aun así ha sido fantástico poder ver más de cerca esa relación entre los trillizos Black.

  • Elena Salvatore
    2018-11-24 18:07

    Before Damon met Katy, before they fell in love and before all hell broke loose, there was another epic love story between a Luxen and an Human.This novella is a snippet of Dawson and Beth's love story before they got imprisoned by Daedalus.How they met, how they fell in love, how Beth turned into a hybrid and what really happened that night they got captured.You don't have to read this novella to read the Lux series. It isn't important for the series and everything that we need to know about Dawson and Beth's relationship, we find out through the series.You should read this book however if you're a fan of the series and want to find out more about Beth and Dawson.They're both really adorable and it makes it even sadder what happened to them.

  • Tiffani
    2018-12-04 22:00

    This is the only book by JLA I don't like. At All. I don't like Bethany, I don't like Dawson and I don't like the plot.Bethany is just not my type of girl - girly, innocent, weak, damsel in distress-y. And honestly, how fucked up do you have to be to be okay with your BF being an alien in less than 5 minutes.Dawson was okay, though not as great as Daemon, until the point he fell in 'love' with Bethany. Even I, a hopeless romantic, would not be so selfish as to betray my family and friends and endanger my sister and brother. I would not even run away with y one true love whom I've known for a month. Plus, I detest selfish people, certainly those who kill themselves and leave their loved ones behind, which is practically what Dawson did since he knew it wouldn't, couldn't end well.The plot was very Twilight-y, cliché and really forced. I won't even put effort in writing up all the similarities to Twilight, since there are simply too much - the book is full of them. Also, all the dialogue war been-there-done-that and way too sappy. Lux and Covenant are two of my favourite series, but this book just made me heave.

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2018-11-29 21:06

    Quick reviewCover: Hotness RatingPG–13 . Thumbs Up4.5Overall: Really Good Read.Characters: Love them.Plot: Totally original.Page Turner: Yes. Series Cont.? Yes. RecommendYes.Book Boyfriend: DAWSON!SUMMARY This is a novella, but it packed a punch. I really loved DAWSON. We got to see more of the other Luxens. I still didn’t feel much for Daemon. (view spoiler)[ I was pissed he was with Ash and it didn’t seem like a hardship for him.(hide spoiler)] I found more questions in this one though.(view spoiler)[• I thought that in Obsidian, they said that Daemon was really close with Dawson. But this one said Dee and Dawson were really close. But it’s been a while I could be wrong.• Adam seemed cool in this book, but not so much in Obsidian??? More questions need to be answered about that relationship. Hopefully in Onyx.• Chapter 16 began by saying Adam and Ash left Bethany alone (something like that), but shouldn’t that have said Andrew and Ash??? (hide spoiler)]Short book, short review. I look forward to the next installment.

  • ★★Sara Lizzy★★
    2018-12-03 18:04

    BR with Jo and Sammy(This was a re-read for me.)5 Stars!Shadows is a prequel to Obsidian and tells the story of Dawson Black and Bethany Williams. This book also has in it Dawson's siblings, Daemon and Dee (they are triplets) as well as other supporting characters in the story. The story is told from Dawson's and Bethany's POV and occasionally Daemon's POV.Dawson is a Luxen (an alien) and he falls in love with a human. Shadows is a novella about an instant attraction, a love that is frowned upon by the Luxen community, problems Dawson and Bethany face when their love is criticized by some people in Dawson's family and his closest friends. And it's a story of what possible consequences and risks that a Luxen and a human face when they do fall in love and are in a relationship. I don't want to say more because it's such a short book and I don't want to give it away. I will tell you that you do not get a HEA in this novella.We read Obsidian first and Shadows second, even though that is out of order. The reason for that is because that's the way I had originally read the series the 1st time I ever read it, but also I've come across many people who read Shadows first and don't understand what is happening or don't get into the story because it's such a short novella that you don't really get a history of Luxen or Arum, so I always suggest that people read Obsidian first if you haven't read this series before. The only downfall to reading Obsidian before Shadows is that you are told what happens with Dawson and Bethany, so you will know what to expect in Shadows if you read them out of order, BUT if you read Obsidian first, you get a history of the Luxen and the Arum and will have a better understanding of the different alien races before you start Shadows which I personally think is best because it talks about Arum at the very beginning of Shadows and if you don't know what they are, then you may not appreciate the book or understand what is happening as well if you haven't read Obsidian first.Since I wasn't able to cover much in my review without giving anything away, here's a few of my favorite quotes from Shadows:Who knew West Virginia was hiding such hotness? If she'd known this before, she would've begged her parents to move here a hell of a lot sooner just for the eye candy.~~~~~~~~"He stares at her like she's...." There was an odd pause, almost like Daemon really didn't know how to phrase it, as if he'd never stared at a girl that way before - and he hadn't. "Like she's the finest steak and he's starving."Dawson's brows shot up. Was that how he stared at Beth? Like she was steak?~~~~~~~~"I was outside, and it looked as if a light show was going on in your bedroom. Daemon said you were probably mas-"And Dee also knew no boundaries."Ah, no, please don't finish that sentence." He lowered his hands, eyes narrowing on his sister. "Don't ever finish that sentence."~~~~~~~~Instead of dumping his bowl and spoon like he normally did, he washed and dried them, setting them aside. Pivoting around, he darted his eyes back and forth between his siblings.They stared openmouthed at him."What?" he demanded."Did you just....clean a dish?" Dee backed away slowly, blinking. She glanced at Daemon. "The world is going to end. And I'm still a vir-""No!" both brothers yelled in unison.Daemon looked like he was actually going to vomit. "Jesus, don't ever finish that statement. Actually, don't ever change that. Thank You."Her mouth dropped open. "You expect me to never have-""This isn't a conversation I want to start my morning with." Dawson grabbed his book bag off the kitchen table. "I'm so leaving for school before this gets more detailed."~~~~~~~She. Spoke. To. Him. First. It was like winning the lottery, getting laid, and climbing the highest cliff all rolled into one.~~~~~~~~She had no idea that he could literally stare at her all day. It was like he was obsessed. Whipped is what Daemon would say, but his brother didn't understand. Hell, Dawson wasn't even sure he understood what he was doing here, with this girl- this beautiful human girl.This was trouble.And he really didn't care.~~~~~~~~"True love can conquer anything."Her heart sped up as she glanced over her shoulder, meeting Dawson's gaze. He smiled, and she turned to mush."True love?" Daemon scoffed. "The entire concept of true love is stupid."The class erupted in a debate that went way off topic, but Bethany and Dawson were still staring at each other. True love? Was that what this was? Before meeting Dawson, she would've been on board with Daemon's thinking. Now she believed in the gooey stuff.Dawson's eyes deepened, turning a mosaic of greens.Oh, yeah, bring on the gooey stuff.

  • Joy (joyous reads)
    2018-11-10 20:48

    I simply couldn't resist reading this. I spent the entire morning NOT working. I'm bad, I know!'s Dawson and Daemon...and gah! This gives us a background story as to what happened to Dawson and Bethany. We all know that they disappered without a trace prior to Obsidian, so no suprise as to the eventual ending of Shadows. I kind of half dreaded/anticipated reading this just for the very reason. I dreaded knowing Dawson's demise. At the same time, I think it was pretty cool to see what turned Daemon into the socially-inept, personality deficient that we've known of him now. He just went into an overdrive after his brother's "death". I am convinced that Dawson and Bethany didn't die. Unless I see their bodies, so to speak, I am keeping my hopes alive that they'll show up eventually. As usual, Ms. Armentrout gave me more than what I've expected. This little bitty is action-packed and brimming with funny and witty banters. Not gonna lie, I teared up on some occasions.

  • Cath
    2018-11-23 20:53

    Rating: 4 OUT OF THIS WORLD STARSI loved this book so much, like, SO FREAKING MUCH WORDS CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN. Miss J.L. Armentrout (aka the author), made an amazing job writing this precuel to Obsidian. I believe it is really neccesary to read this, like I understand people say you don't have to, that's not crucial, but come on! If you read this awesome short book, you'll totally understand why Deamon hate so much humans, or why he tried so hard to keep Katy away from Dee.“how could he explain what happened? 'hey, honey, i'm an alien and apparently i just doused you with some radioactive loving! wanna catch a movie?' Yeah, not cool.”The humor and such a teenage-type writing style never disappoints me. You can perfectly get related to any of their feelings and thoughts, and that's makes everything simply amazing. Cause for a reader, there is nothing better than being able to feel like you are in that place, living that.Also, it was inmensly good to finally get to know Dawson and Bethany. Both characters were very unique, and a 100% lovable. Specially Dawson; I mean, the things he said and did, were totally romantic. And I repeat it again, very close to everyday life (I mean chatting till late on phone, texting, lunch together). Seeing and understanding their love, helps you a lot with knowing why Dawson was so desperate to save her next in Opal. i just fell in love with their love, which, by the way was 'Love at first sight'. “Finish that sentence and i will stab you in the eye with the spork Bethany's about to pull out of her bag for her apple sauce. And she'd be very upset if i got her sprk all messed up. She's rather fond of the thing."To conclude I really enjoyed this book, far more than the actual Lux series. Perhaps was the fact that it's told from two perspectives? Who knows. I loved it, and recommend it to everyone who like sci-fi, aliens, hot guys, Lux series, etc, etc. And even if you didn't like it, give this a try. I promise, you will not reget it.:)P.d: THAT ENDING BITHCES!! THAT KILLING ENDING. Got me staring at the ebook screen like for half an hour, trying to figure out how am I gonna get over that now? My heart is broken. Bye

  • Souma BookAddict
    2018-12-01 00:51

    “Finish that sentence and i will stab you in the eye with the spork Bethany's about to pull out of her bag for her apple sauce. And she'd be very upset if i got her spork all messed up. she's rather fond of the thing...."A spork,” Dee said, grabbing her bag. “What is a spork?”Bethany’s mouth dropped open. “You’ve never seen one?”“Dee doesn’t get out much,” Dawson replied, grinning.“Shut up.” Dee pulled out the fork and spoon in one and smiled. “I’ve never seen one of these! Ha. This is so handy.” She looked over at Daemon, eyes dancing. “We could get rid of over half of our silverware and get like ten of these and we’d be set for life."oh Dawson my heart breaks for you !!It was really nice to see how everything started with Dawson and Bethany. It was kind of cute and heartbreaking.Surprise,surprise..Maybe not?!.. Daemon Black was always a jerk of Epic proportions !!

  • Anna
    2018-11-16 23:04

    (OH MY GOD, THE COVERS FOR THIS SERIES SUCK ASS.)Now, back to my reaction to the novella.I postponed reading this for quite a long while, without really knowing why, but hey! Look at me! I read it! And enjoyed it. Very much. Because I kind of love Dawson. And I wanted to see the fun Dawson. And know what the hell happened between these two.I'm too tired to write a review right now.Just read it, if you liked the Lux books.P.S. That ending nearly broke me even though I knew it was going to happen.

  • Mike
    2018-11-23 17:00

    Las precuelas siempre me han parecido algo un concepto bastante curioso. Después de todo, ¿hasta qué punto es necesario contar lo que pasó antes de una historia que ya tiene su principio y su final? Confieso que antes de comenzar con la traducción de Shadows se me pasó por la cabeza que igual me resultaba un libro repetitivo e innecesario, pero por suerte no ha sido así.Reseña completa:

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2018-11-26 21:59

    Good prequel to the series, but these two were too cute and adorable. I prefer Kat and Daemon's on and off again banter and wit. It does have more insight to Dawson and Beth's characters which was nice.

  • AJ
    2018-12-10 19:43

    "Dear God, she was seconds away from melting into a useless puddle of girlie girl."Oh yeah, I’m right there with that sentiment!This book is a prequel to Obsidian, but in actual fact, should be read AFTER that book, when the world and some of the characters are already established. Chronologically though, the events of this book take place prior to Obsidian and tell the story of Daemon and Dee’s missing-and-presumed-dead brother, Dawson. Holy freaking swoon! I confess here and now to being a massive Daemon fan, but for all of Daemon’s bad-boy snarkiness, Dawson is pretty much the exact opposite, and is all romance and tenderness, and holy hell is it hot!!! He and Bethany meet at school and have an instant, all-consuming attraction. Told in mixed POVs, the story of their romance is paced beautifully and is absolutely gorgeous. Armentrout really captures the feeling of first love as Dawson and Bethany fall hard and fast for each other. He bent down, pressing his head against her forehead. “Seriously though, I want this – I want you … More than I’ve ever wanted anything.”Of course the rest of the Luxen crew are against the relationship with Bethany, but Dawson knows he wants her, and isn’t prepared to allow anybody to stand in his way. “Don’t ask me to give her up before I even really get to know her … Because you’re not going to like my response.”Dawson and Bethany are so beautiful together, and even with all of the obstacles in their way, all they know is that they love each other and want to be together, so they make it happen. The contrast of their relationship compared to Daemon and Katy is MASSIVE! Dawson and Bethany are all about love and affection and tenderness, whereas Daemon and Katy are snarkiness and fiery passion. And Armentrout rocks it all! There is a fair bit of Daemon in this book, and I loved seeing more of him as the protector for his family. Watching his actions, and what he goes through as the story unfolds, shows a different side of him, which actually helps explain some of his actions in Obsidian. And, of course, seeing the three siblings together was gorgeous, they have a fantastic relationship with lots of love and funny banter. Dee backed away slowly, blinking. She glanced at Daemon. “The world is going to end. And I’m still a vir-““No!” both brothers yelled in unison. Daemon looked like he was actually going to vomit. “Jesus, don’t ever finish that statement. Actually, don’t ever change that. Thank you.”Her mouth dropped open. “You expect me to never have-““This isn’t a conversation I want to start my morning with.” Dawson grabbed his bag off the kitchen table. “I’m so leaving for school before this gets more detailed.”The book is a must-read and ties in really nicely with the rest of the series. And even knowing how the story was going to end, I was still 100% invested, and cried at the inevitably tragic conclusion – particularly the final chapter with Daemon and Dee’s reaction. Absolutely heartbreaking!I can’t wait to go on with the series! Anticipating that things are not as they seem, there is some serious awesomeness to come!

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    2018-11-18 00:55

    Too. Frickin. Cute.This prequel to the Lux series answered a few questions of mine that cropped up while reading Obsidian, yet also left one big question hanging. I don't buy that anything is final, no matter how much everything would appear as such. The DOD knows too much imo. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one feeling this way.Dawson, the "good" twin to his temperamental other half Daemon (who was the main character in Obsidian) was a pleasant enough character. He was easy enough to like because there wasn't much about him not to like. His relationship with Bethany was endearing to watch because it reminded me of what it was like to be in the first stages of a new relationship as a younger person. I'm sure many of us had those same exact late-night conversations on the phone until we fell asleep.If there hadn't been outside interference from meddling Luxen friends and enemy Arum stalkers, this relationship would probably qualify for one of the most normal I've read about in a book recently. Normal can tend to equate to boring sometimes, but I think in this case, the coupling was adorable. Some people might think the relationship happened too hard and too fast, but since this was a novella, there were a few fast-forward moments. I recall one scene where it had insinuated an entire month had passed (and they still hadn't kissed yet). So even though it would seem as if these two were rushing in to things, this is only because some of the relationship was cut for sake of time. Let's get this straight though - don't start to think I've converted to the Dawson side. I honestly believe that Dawson would not be a strong enough presence to carry several books on his own. He might be the more "normal" character that many of us would like to read about in books, but I'm putting my money on Daemon for being the one to bring the story. Shadows gave us a bit more insight as to why Daemon was such a jerk in Obsidian. After seeing just how much he had to go through in this book, it's no wonder why he chose to keep human girls at arm's length, to the point of resorting to extreme cruelty. He honestly believed that he could not afford kindness, or it might be at the risk of those he loved. .....For those curious about series order or about what type of book this is...I'd say if you haven't picked up any book in this series, I'd start with Obsidian first. While Shadows is a prequel and can be read to start, I think that reading book 1 before 0.5 makes you want to know what is in this book even more. As for genre, I'd say that there is definitely a bit of action/adventure on the sci-fi front, but the book reads like a paranormal romance. Even with the interesting foundation of the Luxen and Arum characters, the suspense is slow to build in both books because the romance is so much in the forefront.As for the few issues I had with Obsidian, most of those early complaints of mine were not as obvious in this book, which made me breathe a little easier. If you'd like to know my initial impressions of the series, you can find my review for Obsidian here.