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A former naval starfighter pilot, Maarkean Ocaitchi once fought to protect the Alliance and its principles of freedom and democracy, but his sister's rebellious past forced them both into a life of smuggling. He nevertheless refuses to believe her assertions that the whole system is corrupt... until she is arrested and condemned to death as a traitor. Now, Maarkean must deA former naval starfighter pilot, Maarkean Ocaitchi once fought to protect the Alliance and its principles of freedom and democracy, but his sister's rebellious past forced them both into a life of smuggling. He nevertheless refuses to believe her assertions that the whole system is corrupt... until she is arrested and condemned to death as a traitor. Now, Maarkean must decide where his loyalty lies, and will either spark a rebellion or help crush the spirit of democracy once and for all. The experience will challenge everything he thinks he knows about resistance, loyalty, and friendship. Written in the spirit of heroic space adventure, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right is the first book in a series by new author Wayne Basta....

Title : Aristeia: Revolutionary Right
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Aristeia: Revolutionary Right Reviews

  • Ron
    2019-03-14 11:55

    Nice reluctant revolutionary space opera. The writing is mediocre, but the plotting and internal dialogue make up for that. The plot and even names draw heavily from Star Wars and the American War of Independence. With "Ni’jar" ninjas thrown in for good measure.Basta needed a proof reader. Lots of awkward construction; way too many adjectives. Some poor writing: “The dark look she gave him could cut have through steel.”Still, a decent freshman effort.

  • C.E. Thornton
    2019-02-24 09:52

    It's funny how everyone says "Don't judge a book by its cover," and yet it was the cover of the book, from halfway across the state capitol grounds in Austin, that got my attention. I was hurrying to a panel at the Texas Book Festival and didn't have time to stop, but I saw this book from a distance and went back for it, and its sequel, later that day. I did not regret it. "Aristeia" is at minimum a fun adventure right up the alley of any sci-fi fan, and most especially fans of "Firefly." On another level it reflects how the most ordinary aspects of life, such as love and family, can lead someone to do the most extraordinary things and affect everyone in the vicinity and beyond.Definitely a new, and highly recommended, favorite of mine.

  • Kat
    2019-02-23 09:35

    First published on Radiant Attack.There’s a lot you can buy for $2.99 these days. Back in my day, $2.99 would get you lunch at the Cambridge Gardens school canteen. Now you can buy whole books for that amount! Aristeia: Revolutionary Right by Wayne Basta is part of the new wave of indie self-publishing, a space opera novel released by Grey Gecko Press.Former Alliance starfighter, Maarkean Ocaitchi, has been forced a life of smuggling after his sister’s near arrest. When she is taken captive by the Alliance, Maakean must decide where his loyalty lies. Is it with the Alliance, whose deceptive messages hide racist policies, or the Kreogh Sector Congress, who need a face for their revolution? Aristeia, taken from the Greek, refers to the dramatic term of when a hero has his finest moment.The story is pure space opera, reminiscent of Star Wars, where a reluctant smuggler gets involved with a group of rebels and resists being involved out of his own self interest. What can I say? I like Star Wars. I was particularly surprised by the innovative jail break, easily the best scene in the book.Basta has created some credible and interesting characters in Maarkean and Zeric. While borrowing ideas from the cult Whedon series Firefly, the two protagonists have clear motivations and reasons for doing what they do. The relationship between the two men develops from onboard enemies to accidental revolutionaries. Maarkean’s willingness to do anything to protect his sister is believable, as is Zeric’s friendship with his shipmates.Accompanying the main characters is your standard mish-mash of aliens borrowed from every major science fiction series, including Ewok-wookies, insectoids, Cardassians and the blue Andorians from Star Trek. I don’t have a problem with borrowing alien types, in fact it provided a familiar space for me to place myself within the universe. But I found it difficult to keep track of which characters were from which races, apart from the three main characters. Perhaps if Basta had added some more details along the way, like “she nodded her antennae in response…” And while the main characters are interesting, the side characters can get confusing. Often Basta introduces characters for no reason at all; excess characters muddy the ones that are actually involved in the plot.There are a couple of laugh out loud moments, like when Zeric meets up with an old flame: It wasn’t like they had been in a serious long-term relationship. Granted, it had been one of his longest: over a week.But as a first time writer, Wayne Basta has fallen into the trap of telling and not showing. There’s a few too many info-dumps. Instead of explaining how someone feels about someone else, I’d like to see a scene of them interacting.My biggest issue with the book is the overuse of cliched language. For example, here there are three cliches in two sentences: Saracasi’s heart was pounding rapidly, and she was sure it would explode out of her chest. Her hands were slick with sweat, and she wanted to wipe them off on her clothes.While the book has been well proofread (how many times do you read a self-published e-book to find spelling errors!), I felt it needed another read through for hackneyed language and to tidy up some of the passive voice during the action scenes. By creating a tighter novel the story would have propelled forward at a better speed. In fact, what stops Aristeia: Revolutionary Right from being a better novel is the lack of structural editing.While Basta borrows ideas from every major science fiction series, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right is an enjoyable first novel. I’d recommend it as an easy holiday read for fans of space opera and Firefly.Aristeia: Revolutionary Right is available via Amazon and at Grey Gecko Press.You can find out more about Wayne Basta on his website. The second book in the series, Aristeia: A Little Revolution, will be released on June 1.

  • Allyson Stevens
    2019-03-19 12:48

    I'm not normally one to seek out books in this genre, simply because though I may enjoy reading them I know that every space age series, book, show, comic or otherwise is going to have its own political system, its worlds will be differently structured, there will probably be different species etc etc. And with as much as I read, that can get incredibly confusing after a while. That being said, I really enjoyed reading Aristeia. The beginning was a bit clunky and kind of hard to follow only because Basta chose to act like the reader already had some knowledge of the world and the creatures we were dealing with, instead of giving in depth descriptions of each and every different species. As the story progressed, I began to enjoy that particular feature because it kept me from being bored with miles of descriptors and allowed me to build these creatures in my own way with just basic guidelines as provided by the authors imagination.As the story progressed, I found myself drawn to the realistic characters and especially to the captivating plot. I started to recognize the political climate and a lot of the sentiments expressed could apply to any time, any government, and any group of people. Once I had finished reading, I was doing a little searching and discovered that "Aristeia is a scene in the dramatic conventions of epic poetry as in the Iliad, where a hero in battle has his finest moments (aristos = "best"). An Aristeia often results in death." Now that I know, I just keep having little "aha" moments because it makes so much sense and brings new meaning to the title. Please, know the meaning going in. It really makes a difference, I kept reading and hoping that Aristeia would pop up as the name of a planet or someones surname, but I like this better because it really helps to tie the book to every era and every group of people. There were some times, while they were talking about race discrimination mostly, that I was reminded of the Ender's Game series (also a great read if you have not yet had the chance). Aristeia is well written and thoughtful, easy enough to understand as long as you can hold onto the information that you are presented and meld it with later information to create the entire picture. Aristeia is a book that I would recommend to most of my friends, though it is definitely not for everyone. I am excited to begin the second installment and see how the characters will continue to develop!!

  • Alycia Harris
    2019-02-24 05:54

    I will not provide a synopsis of the book as this is readily available elsewhere. The story really is well written, keeping my interest from start to finish. I was initially alarmed by the fact it was mainly from the perspective of the alien (granted, one with very human-like psychology) and that there was early mention of pacifists. I steadied myself for the inevitable “message.” I was wrong. For the American reader, especially if you’ve ever seen the musical 1776, you will recognize the gut wrenching, difficult, and painfully thin thread between revolutionary and terrorist. Anyone from any part of the world will likely recognize the theme. History is rife with the duality of revolution (just try the synonym function in your word processor for the word revolution and you get insurrection, uprising, and mutiny). Basta’s first installment of the trilogy artfully captures the pain of making that difficult decision between treason and freedom and the leadership it takes to make such a revolution happen. It is not preachy. You will not always like the way the characters think and you may not always like their decisions. However, it is an exciting cross between military action and inter-species psychological drama that keeps the reader wanting to see what happens.I dislike authors who build up tension for the majority of the book and then resolve everything in a page or two. No, Basta does not do that here. However, he comes darn close in places where he builds up tension with second by second detail only to be followed by a sentence transitioning us to a couple of weeks later. It makes my head hurt. I realize it is not possible to keep the same level of tension and minute by minute action throughout, but sometimes it seems like the author got a bit tired of that particular part and was eager to move on (or perhaps revised it to make the book shorter).Despite my rant above, I found the book to fun, interesting, and hard to put down. Do not hesitate to read this book. Now, I have to get my hands on the second one.

  • Melanie Adkins
    2019-03-18 06:57

    Maarkean Ocaitchi served in the Alliance Navy as a fighter pilot. He never dreamed one day he'd be fighting against the very agency he fought for. He had a good reason though.. his sister Saracasi. She was attending university and a peaceful protest when it turned ugly. The Alliance attacked the protesters and someone got footage of Saracasi. She was then labelled a terrorist and wanted for treason. Maarkean was not about to let his sister go to prison so he whisked her away before the warrant was issued. Their only means of survival was to become smugglers. They lived on the edge of society so as not to attract attention. During one of their smuggling deliveries, things go really bad and Saracasi ends up in prison. Maarkean is not about to take this sitting down. He forms a plan that leads to a complete change of life for him. He wrestles with his own beliefs and ideals, but when it all boils down, he knows what he must do. FANTASTIC! This book includes all of the very best from the greatest sci-fi movies, books and television shows. If you are sci-fi fan, this book is perfect for you to get lost in! The action is well detailed and plentiful. You can visualize the characters with ease. The writing is solid and flows well. This is one you need to read to believe. It's simply amazing. I did find a couple issues. If you are hardcore sci-fi.. then you'll love all the talk of weapons, ships and battles. For those who enjoy an occasional sci-fi book, it might seem a bit much.I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because even with the issues, it rocked! "This country, with it's institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln

  • Ben Erickson
    2019-03-02 09:56

    I'll be frank. Aristeia most likely isn't going to win any Hugos or Nebulas for its writing or plot. But that's not the point. That wasn't the author's point, and it's not why I began and finished the book. The point is, always has been, and I hope always will be for the fun. Aristeia: Revolutionary Right takes us through the beginning of Maarkean Ocaitchi, a former Alliance pilot turned smuggler as he does what he needs to in order to survive and protect his younger sister. Through the story, we begin to see all the truths and ideals that Maarkean clings to thrown back in his face, and watch him become the man he needs to be to face the injustices that he is beginning to see permeate his government. Written in the style of Star Wars and Firefly, fans of these types of stories will have lots to look forward to. All of the staples are there, but the author manages to take them and put his own spin on them, and make them his creations, and make them believable for the universe that he is building. This, to me, is his greatest achievement in the story. Anything else in the first novel is largely secondary to building that strong base that he can build on and expand in later installments. Don't get me wrong though. The book doesn't lack for substance. The characters quickly grow on you. They are quickly shown to be the "Big Damn Heroes" of this work, but you still fear for their safety as they begin to take on an enemy that is simply too large to comprehend, and you quickly find yourself wanting to read on to the next chapter to find out if they're going to be okay for a few more pages.If you're looking for a fun read that might also make you think a little bit harder about what a single person under the right circumstances can do, check this one out. It offers the beginnings of an epic heroes journey.

  • Brandon Heyer
    2019-03-18 07:43

    Aristeia: Revolutionary Right is an amazing introduction novel from Wayne Basta. I am in no way an avid pure science fiction reader (I enjoy several of the sub-genres but typically skirt past real science fiction), and often don't enjoy the laborious descriptions that authors can slip into to set up their fictional worlds. Basta skips that, and I believe that is why this book was so enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, he does establish the realm for you but does it in a way that makes you forget you are even reading a sci-fi novel. There is hyperspace, different species, and phaser battles, yet the way Basta moves the story along, you never feel like any of it is out of place or doesn't make sense. Some characters have mandibles and artificial gravity on even the smallest spaceship is the norm. No matter how outlandish the idea, Basta makes it all feel so normal.Which is important, because the true heart of the novel, at least in my eyes, is not about deep space or alien races but a revolutionary coming into being and a reflection on a tumultuous 2011. Whether or not it was the authors intent to have such a timely revolutionary novel be published at the close of a year of revolutions, I am not sure. However, it is fitting, and I loved every page of it. Some of the rising action wasn't the strongest, I wasn't completely sure where things were going at the start (but neither was the protagonist), but by the last quarter of the book I couldn't put it down. This is a great read for sci-fi addicts and newcomers alike. Even those that turn a blind eye to novels where ships can slip into hyperspace, I would suggest you pick this up. It will seem more familiar than you could ever think possible. I cannot wait for the sequels!

  • Scififan000056
    2019-03-05 13:43

    Sometimes I’m looking for a good, entertaining space opera, and Aristiea fit the bill perfectly. On top of that, it also raised some interesting and deeper questions about loyalty that made it stand above the average whiz-bang interstellar adventure novel.Above all, it’s a well written book, especially on two counts: plot and characterization. I’m always disappointed when I can tell where a book is going to end up after the first couple of pages, but Aristiea defied all my expectations. It plays around some standard sci fi narrative ruts, but never falls into any of them. I was genuinely surprised at the twists and turns of the story, and that made it a fun read.Second, I thought the characters were exceptionally well drawn. They weren’t just cardboard cutouts. They had different ideas and opinions and perspectives, and they were handled with equal measures of sympathy and complexity. It wasn’t just righteous good guys against evil bad guys, with no one able to see outside their narrow range. Characters, particularly the main one, actually change and develop. One of the things I liked best about the book was getting to know the core cast of players.As I said above, the book is also more about blaster fights and space battles. It’s also saying something about the nature of allegiance, to friends, to family, and to governments, that seemed both timely and compelling. Again, I enjoyed this theme mostly through the characters’ (primarily Maarkean’s) development.Overall, I’d highly recommend this book, both as a fun read and as an exploration of some important issues around loyalty.

  • A Book Vacation
    2019-03-12 07:02

    3.5 starsI was reminded, very much, of Star Trek as I read this sci-fi novel. In fact, I recommended it to my brother and mother because, growing up, they were really into all the different Star Treks and space adventure TV shows out there, and I really think this is up their alley. Likewise, I believe any lover of space adventures will enjoy this novel as Basta creates a highly detailed world complete with spaceships, intense weaponry, aerial fights, and other worlds that are highly interesting.While I’ll admit I’m less into sci-fi explanations and more into the character development, I think Basta did a fantastic job with both. He creates many interesting characters, and I really enjoyed getting to know them as the story unfolded. Maarkean and Saracasi were my favorite and, in my opinion, the most developed of the characters. They felt very real and, though I’m not necessarily an epic sci-fi fan myself, I cared about their world and their freedom, and their predicaments and disposition really made me want to continue reading the story.I had a little bit of a problem keeping all the characters straight, as there are many and their names aren’t exactly easy to pronounce, but overall I think Basta did a great job building up his universe alongside his character development. In general, I believe those who enjoy the occasional science fiction novel will like Aristeia: Revolutionary Right, while those hardcore science fiction lovers out there will adore it. To see my full review:

  • Brev
    2019-02-21 07:02

    This is a fun book. I’m not a “fast reader”, per se, and get bored very quickly at most books, but this little ditty had me coming back for more. A true page-turner, if you will.Several aspects I truly enjoyed, but I think the two that stuck with me were; the chapter structure and the characters.To elaborate; I go by this simple rule when reading; “There better be something at the end of this chapter that makes me want to read the next one.” If the book doesn’t have that, I’m out. I’m not saying everything needs a cliffhanger, but something needs to be there to…pique my interest. To say, “Hey, read on!” This book does that very well. It felt, in a lot of ways, like I was reading a movie. Fast action, interesting plot twists…it kept my cheeks in the seat, so to speak.The other aspect this author does well is characters. They all felt…real. Yes, they are sci-fi characters, but I enjoyed their interactions, dialog and development. The characters (and their actions) helped drive the plot. Hell, it WAS the plot, and as a screenwriter…I LOVE THAT!!Anyway, the upshot is…if you’re a fan of Sci-Fi/Action Adventure, give this book a shot. I think you’ll enjoy it!

  • Archer
    2019-03-02 11:03

    Prior to reading this, I had no idea what the word Aristeia meant. Not that the book outright tells you though. I had to look it up on Wikipedia. But now I know, and they say knowing is half the battle. Being the first book by newly minted author Wayne Basta, I can imagine many people may pass this one up simply because they've never heard of him. But I can guarantee his writing is solid, entertaining and humorous. Everything a good book should be.Fans of the show Firefly or Star Wars will not be disappointed- because that's precisely what this book is. A delightful western influenced sci-fi with all the adventure and rebellion that exemplifies such a unique genre.The heroes are consistently at odds with the governmental Alliance. Many times the characters must call their morals into question. It gives them a sense of relatability and realism in a galaxy full of interesting aliens and social issues. Since this is the first in a prospective series of books to come, I'm looking forward to where Maarkean and Saracasi's exploits will take them. The revolution has only just begun.

  • Claire
    2019-03-19 07:55

    I'm the first to admit that I wouldn't immediately grab a sci-fi book off the bookshelf to read, but I'm very glad I gave this one a chance. This book brings about some very interesting takes on morality and government control, but this doesn't detract from the action-packed space battles. Basta draws you in to his world immediately with the detailed descriptions of the different races and their relationships with one another, as well as painting in-depth pictures of the different worlds. The characters are very well developed and I found myself immersed in their world, rooting for Maarkean and his crew to prevail. This book is exciting from start to finish and whilst one may think the technical details may proove too complex for your average non-sci-fi savvy reader, Basta uses an appropriate level of detail that will appeal to fans of all genres. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Dominick D'Aunno
    2019-03-17 13:00

    Aristeia: Revolutionary RightWayne Basta has created a complex and believable universe as a backdrop for Aristeia: Revolutionary Right. The characters are compelling, delightfully interesting and drive the story forward. The humor is subtle and an unexpected joy. This is definitely science fiction but also has the feel of an old time western with well-choreographed action. Character development and plot are well written and engaging. We feel for the characters and their plight. For a first book, Mr. Basta has done a very nice job of giving a unique voice to each of the many characters and aliens. The journey of the main character from military officer to mercenary to reluctant hero is reminiscent of the character Han Solo in the Star Wars universe and I found it quite satisfying. The plot moves along nicely. I strongly recommend this book and can not wait for the sequel.

  • The TBR Pile *Book review site*
    2019-03-16 07:54

    CONTEST: thoroughly enjoyed Aristeia. The characters were well rounded and the different races well described. It was so good in fact I almost felt like I was watching an episode of Star Trek. The pace was good and there was plenty of action, particularly at the end, which was especially climactic. I do have one criticism though and that is that when the author switched from different points of view, there was no paragraph break. It made things confusing at times and I had to go back a couple of times just to keep track of which character was which. This was only minor though and I would still encourage sci-fi lovers to give it a go.

  • Critique de Book
    2019-03-16 11:39

    Frankly, I don't usually read battle star sci fi, but I found myself pulled in to this story from the first page. For one, the characters are very interesting. Maarkean and his sister, Saracasi, are trying to live a semi-calm life. Adventure ensues. A lot of it. As Maarkean struggles and tries to take care of his sister, he is forced into learning about loyalty, perseverance, developing friendships with otherwise enemies, and ultimately about perseverance and democracy. I think what struck me most was the simple, yet profound message that being a hero is simply doing what needs to be done and never giving up. The detail is amazing.I rate this a four star story because some of the descriptions are too involved and hard to follow. Otherwise a great, great read.

  • Dove Harbour
    2019-03-12 11:47

    I can't say that this was hugely original in a lot of its ideas. The technology was mostly things we've heard before - blasters, hyperdrive, tractor beams etc. The aliens were new, but with a possible Star Warsishness about them? The whole criminals fighting a corrupt Alliance was very Firefly (not that that's necessarily a bad thing). The writing itself though, was very good. The characters were likeable and interesting, the storyline was eventful, and the action scenes were particularly good. A pretty well rounded story.Reviewed as a librarything ebook giveaway.

  • Thibaldo Manrique
    2019-03-09 06:00

    A pretty good storyI found this book a little slow at the beginning. I just could not care that much for the characters and everything took forever to happen.As the book moves on, it gets better. I still find the characters hard to empathize with, but they are good enough. The story, later on gets a lot better and it does pick up the pace.So even if not a great book, it is pretty good and readable if you get past the first few chapters.

  • Arlin Fehr
    2019-03-09 08:47

    I picked this book up some time ago on a promo. It took me a little while to get into the first few chapters, however once I got hooked, I quickly flew through it. Wayne Basta has made an interesting universe for himself to play in. His first book was compelling enough for me to add the rest of his Aristeia series to my reading list.

    2019-02-22 09:34

    Good readThis starts out a little slow but developed nicely. The characters are entertaining and there are plenty of them. Who doesn't like a book about the little guy standing up the the big guy. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews)
    2019-02-26 12:37

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  • James Cox
    2019-03-11 09:41

    I enjoyed this. Sometimes I just need to dip into a hardcore sci fi book to really balance out my mood. This worked wonders and I am going to be continuing the series.