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A comical look at how one family deals with a dad's snoring problem.When Daddy snores, the walls shake and the floor rumbles. Every night of the week it gets worse! And no one gets any rest--not even the pet hamster!How will this family ever get a good night's sleep? Find out in this fun-filled book about snoring....

Title : My Daddy Snores
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ISBN : 9780545028349
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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My Daddy Snores Reviews

  • Beyond the Pages
    2018-10-11 09:31


  • Erin Bliss
    2018-09-24 11:55

    This book is about a boy describing his dad's snores. He compares them to different things like a freight train, and a dinosaurs roar. His mom has to go sleep all over the place to get away from the snoring, but she can't sleep. So, she takes him to the doctor for his snoring, and he is cured! However, then he starts to talk in his sleep!This book is absolutely precious. I could do lessons on this about learning the days of the week because it starts off with Monday night this happened, and Tuesday night this happened. I could also talk about the different things people do even when they are sleeping. I would also do a lesson on reading, and making inferences about what is happening with the pictures. I could use this book in so many different ways, and I love it especially for the size! It's large, and the kids will love the illustrations. They go along perfectly with the words. Love it!

  • Elaine
    2018-10-22 10:52

    The story is about what a poor family goes through each night, during the week as daddy snores keeping the whole household awake with comical and creative scenarios. In the ending most of the problem gets almost totally resolved... The kids enjoyed this oversized book very much during preschool storytime. I took advantage of providing a short activity about days of the week & everything tied in very well.

  • Mason, Natalie & Oliver
    2018-10-17 07:50

    I got this book from the library as a jab to my hubby and when I read it to the kids, I couldn't stop laughing! You see, their daddy has sleep apnea and when he doesn't have his machine, he SNORES so loud...I feel for the mom in this story, I really do! AND, weirdness...the little girl in the story, her name is Natalie! Anyhow, it was probably mostly funny to me because I've so been there already...but it got 5 stars!

  • Alyce Dougan
    2018-10-15 08:00

    I think everyone who has ever been around anyone who snores can relate to this book. I thought it was a humorous story that could be used with a lesson on sequencing. The book would also be great to read at home.

  • Kathleen Ruff
    2018-10-01 07:38

    This was such a relatable book for me and it was too cute. It told the story of a little boy and his family that never got sleep because the father always snored. This book could be used in the a lesson about the days of the week and the sequence of events and how to sequence.

  • Serge Smagarinsky
    2018-09-26 06:46

    Highly amusing illustrations in a story which makes light of a potentially serious issue (backed up with some medical notes at the back). The sequencing of the similes seems a little arbitrary and some are less effective than others.

  • Jcb
    2018-09-25 12:41

    Great illustrations and a story that resonates (pun intended) in my household. My 5-year old really enjoys this book.

  • Naomi Blackburn
    2018-10-02 10:50

    FRIGGIN' HILARIOUS!I grabbed this book more as a joke for my husband, but then chose to review it. The illustrations were just as funny and complimented the story beautifully.

  • Beverly Kennett
    2018-09-23 07:50

    a study in exaggerations about how loud his father snores and where his mother tries to sleep to avoid the noise

  • Krystal
    2018-10-20 09:47

    Love the illustrations, and the story is just giggle worthy, as my kids will tell you. Its just a good read, and the lengths mom goes to finally get some sleep is fun to watch.

  • carrie
    2018-09-24 11:42

    This book gave me a good chuckle. At our house, it's My Mommy Snores. But Russell occasionally talks in his sleep :)

  • Kayla
    2018-09-21 11:43

    This is a very cute story. I know I can definately relate to it! Many children can relate to it as well. It is humorous, and a good book to read for fun.

  • Ashley
    2018-09-28 13:32

    Another book read at Story time! Cute!

  • Jaimi
    2018-10-12 09:53

    If you have a daddy in the house that snores, this is a cute and fun book to read. I find myself chuckling through it every time I read it. Oh, how this book relates to my life!

  • Janelle Zingaro
    2018-10-22 08:46

    So funny! And relatable Great for reviewing days of the week and introducing metaphors and similesReminded me of my Dad

  • Timothy Cole
    2018-10-18 07:46

    Creative, great illustrations, but horrible subject. Daddies don't snore! ;0)

  • Taylor
    2018-09-25 09:38

    Relatable and funny. Fun illustrations too.

  • Takishia Gabriel
    2018-10-06 10:58

    Would be a great book to teach a lesson on sequencing or even the days of the week.