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Estrela do mundo dos negócios em Manhattan, Lily Turner descobre que Daniel, o seu marido "perfeito", tem outra família ali escondida, nas colinas da Toscania. Depois de lá chegar, o seu drama atrai a atenção da Liga Secreta das Viúvas Cerzideiras, uma espécie de exército invisível que se reúne para criar finais felizes Este complexo enredo cheio de humor desenrola-se na aEstrela do mundo dos negócios em Manhattan, Lily Turner descobre que Daniel, o seu marido "perfeito", tem outra família ali escondida, nas colinas da Toscania. Depois de lá chegar, o seu drama atrai a atenção da Liga Secreta das Viúvas Cerzideiras, uma espécie de exército invisível que se reúne para criar finais felizes Este complexo enredo cheio de humor desenrola-se na atmosfera estival e sumptuosa da paisagem toscana aromatizada pelos deliciosos cantucci, os Dolci di Love, confecionados segundo uma antiga receita que faz deles uma celebração à vida e à alegria de viver. Uma leitura ideal para o Dia dos Namorados....

Title : Dolci di Love
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Dolci di Love Reviews

  • Patrícia
    2018-10-04 11:44

    Quando o coração que julgamos conhecer e amar, que nos confortou e enterneceu com palavras doces e promessas eternas, torce pelo de outra pessoa, distante e inalcançável, a surpresa e a traição são dois sentimentos dominadores que podem, facilmente, levar-nos a cometer uma loucura. Como, por exemplo, marcar uma viagem alucinante até um dos cantinhos recônditos da Toscana. Mas será o confronto a forma mais segura de reaver a pouca dignidade que nos resta? Ou deverá a tentação do esquecimento e do «fingir que nada aconteceu» prevalecer face uma acção imprevisível e tomada de cabeça quente?‹‹Dolci di Love›› é um romance que abrange toda uma série de temáticas importantes e comuns do nosso dia a dia mas que, de uma forma extraordinária, tem igualmente o dom de nos aquecer por dentro e, através de diálogos generosos e descrições belíssimas, fazer esquecer o «mau» e centrar essencialmente no «paradisíaco». Recheado de personagens divertidas e únicas, este é um livro extremamente romântico mas que, ao mesmo tempo, possui a capacidade de originar no leitor toda uma sucessão de gargalhadas expansivas e emoções intensas.Opinião completa, em:http://pedacinho-literario.blogspot.c...

  • Sarah
    2018-09-30 13:44

    Meh...An interesting plot, but unfortunately the dull, unlikeable characters let the book down. The only character that seemed "real" was Rose, Lily's sister, and she only had a small supporting role.The first page or so was engaging enough, however, I found myself having to re-read several paragraphs as at times the author contructed her sentences strangely. That always gets me off on the wrong foot.Her descriptions of Italy were very nice, but the subplot of the scheming old ladies was just creepy.Maybe I've had enough of books where the protagonist is an ignorant American female (usually from New York), visiting either France or Italy, claiming not to speak any of the language and looking down their nose at European cultures with an air of superiority. Seriously, who in this day and age doesnt know basic french/italian greetings???!!!

  • Mary
    2018-09-26 13:51

    I like chick lit as much as anyone. Something light and fluffy, not too serious, set in Italy, lots of lucious food and wine, good looking wealthy people...what's not to like. But honestly this book got very stupid as it went on. the only thing that kept me going was the old ladies with their secret club and match making craziness. As soon as Lily started thinking of forgiving her really scummy husband, all because he had the child she couldn't have, as soon as the hunky Allesandro was turned into a "man whore" making us , I suppose, not want Lily to attempt a relationship with him, and when her scummy husband's Italian woman (and mother of said child) turned out to be mentally ill...well, how convenient for everyone concerned. Lily never opened a can of soup but now she's not only baking from scratch the cantucci but supplying the bakery and running the store. Come on now. Oh, and the miraculous conception and miracle baby with a stranger. Ick. The ending was pat and ridiculous. No one was jealous, no one was angry, no one seemed to feel anything weird about their lovers and children ending up with other people. Throw in the reconciliation of Alessandro and his estranged daughter, it was like making instant muss no fuss, hi how have you been for the last 20 years...yeesh....Ridiculous and for me, a waste of time. The only thing this book did for me was make me want a biscotti and a nice glass of vino. Oh wait, make that 2. This book really sucked.

  • Daniela
    2018-09-21 17:10

    I'm honestly all about forgiving, forgetting, and moving on, but sometimes there's simply things that you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT forgive, forget & move on from. What happened in Dolci Di Love, was one of them. Lily finds out that her husband Daniel had an affair and is now the father of a 7 year old girl. A secret that he's kept for 7 years of their marriage. Not only that, but the secret is in another country. He's had a second life in Italy. He travels there for work. Can we be serious??? She then heads off to Italy to confront him, but meets his daughter first & falls in love with her. Has a fling with an Italian man, gets pregnant by him, which is odd too, because she couldn't get pregnant with her own husband, that's why they grew apart to begin with and then decides that she can forgive her husband, help raise his daughter, only if he'll take her child as his own, and they both forgive one another. Oh, did I mention that they both now live in Italy with, her husbands daughter, and her mother. And, the man whom fatehred her child as well. I'm sorry, but this was way TOO much for me to handle or get on track with.Like I said, I'm all about forgiving mistakes, but this is a bit much! And the book was pretty slow reading. I was really disappointed in this story.

  • Chelsea
    2018-10-14 14:03

    I received this book for free from one of the Goodreads First Reads giveaways. I received the book on a Tuesday afternoon and had it finished by Thursday morning. I could not put this book down. I absolutely loved it. My favorite books tend to be ones that the author can pull me into the story and make me relate to the characters. Sarah-Kate Lynch did just that with this book. I was immediately able to identify and feel empathy for Lily. There were times where I wanted to cry with her. I felt like I understood why she felt the way she did. But, not only could I identify with Lily, I found myself really understanding and feeling sorry for Daniel. I wanted to be mad at him but I just couldn't be.I also loved all the little old, eccentric widows in this book as well. Their humor and wit really pulled the book along. I liked the ending even if it wasn't conventional.All in all, I really enjoyed this book. So happy that I got a chance to read this thanks to the Goodreads giveaways. I don't think this would be the kind of book that I would have picked up on my own at a bookstore but I loved it so much!

  • Maria
    2018-09-30 18:50

    I have never, to this day, had the courage to say no to a novel taking place in Italy. As you might have guessed, I have never been there. It is one of those dream trips that I will one day take. Soon, I hope. Anyway…This novel is far from being glorious. It is not going to rend you speechless, but, if you open yourself to it, it will make you laugh.I must confess that at first I considered the possibility of not carrying on. It would certainly be a first, for I have never abandoned a book before, even though the idea has crossed my mind many times. Still, I believe I always end up giving books a never-ending amount of chances, till I reach the very last page, of course. And I find myself, yet again, being glad that I did not jump off the train.The plot is definitely not new, even if it does come with a few interesting twists that honestly only make the scenario even less plausible. Then again, we are talking about human beings, anything is possible. Right, anyway, as I was saying, do not expect something extraordinary. Actually, do not expect anything. Just go with the flow. Hopefully, you will find yourself laughing out loud at a few lines that are so brilliantly written that make the whole book worth it.These were characters that I did not fall in love with. Instead, it is like they became acquaintances one runs into every now and then and ends up going for some iced tea and a good time.Good-hearted, I would call it. And rather generous in its humor. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon spent in the shade of a tree that was once smaller than you.Right, I think the time has come for me to stop buying books and finally save money for a trip to Italy. As if…

  • Toni
    2018-10-02 19:52

    I really enjoyed her previous work,House of Daughters, so I was excited to see this book . I did read it all and quickly to see how it all turns out however I can only give it 2.5. Somehow everything just misses. Tuscany is described nicely but doesn't make you want to visit as it has in other books that I have read. The widows are interesting but not enough to make them special. The "special once in a life time love" of our protagonist and her husband- I just did not feel it . Perhaps Lily is in a phase where she cannot "feel" anything and we are supposed to experience that with her because the book did not make me "feel". Her interactions with Francesca were the only times that I smiled with the characters. And there was one moment when I cried with character about Grace but honestly I can sum it up in an easy,Tuscan -based read that can make a plane ride pass more quickly or ESPN on Tv more palatable.

  • Lauren Carnell
    2018-09-29 18:55

    A book with all the elements of easy reading. A good book to take the mind away, without thinking too much. Featuring a few of my favourite things, Italy, food, and love, what is not to like?

  • Vanessa
    2018-09-18 17:59

    Bwa. Goed voor op vakantie of zo.

  • Tina
    2018-09-26 12:02

    Lily Turner, an executive vice president of a big company in New York , is digging around in her husband Daniel’s closet so she can ascertain the size of his golf shoes. It was meant to be a surprise for his birthday…new golf shoes. What she found turned her life upside down. Tucked away inside the shoe was a laminated photo of Daniel, his arm around a beautiful woman and two children snuggled close. The older child looks like Daniel. Upon closer inspection, Lily realizes the photo is taken in Italy …..a place Daniel spends one week a month dealing with his wine business. Wham! How’s that for a shock? This realization that Daniel has a family tucked away in Tuscany comes as a scandalous surprise (naturally) but it’s a double whammy for Lily as she can not have children. Lily wanted to be a mother more than anything and with each false pregnancy, miscarriage and failed adoption……she retreats further away from the loving spontaneous life she had with Daniel. Is it any wonder he sought companionship elsewhere. Sought out a family with someone who would (and could) give it to him? Nooooo…. No excuses for Daniel and I wanted his head on a stick as I read through the first part of this book. What woman wouldn’t align herself with Lily and the outrage of such a betrayal? Cheating bastard!Here’s the rub…….reading about Lily you definitely have sympathy for her yearning to be a mother. But there is a cool exterior surrounding this beautiful woman that didn’t allow me to totally connect with her. She had pushed her sister Rose away because she couldn’t bear to see Rose with her brood of children. So they don’t see each other much. Lily keeps her schedule at work jam packed and so, she doesn’t have spare moments to take trips with her husband or go out for a leisurely dinner. Her assistant buys Daniel his birthday and Christmas gifts……..Lily doesn’t know her husband’s show size. If she did, she wouldn’t have found out about the Italian family.OK – next you get Daniel’s side of the story. Is he justified? Is he a total cad? No. He screwed up (no pun intended) but he loves Lily more than life. All of the circumstances of Daniel’s secret life are explained (with a few surprises I didn’t see coming). Lily books a flight to Italy and finds the small village where Daniel and his family live. There are some great descriptions of Lily’s first impressions and experiences in Italy , her culture shock, a handsome Italian widower and Lily’s unlikely accommodation above a bakery run by two elderly sisters. The sisters play a major role in this book as they are the founders of the Secret League of Widowed Darners. In reality they are decrepit matchmakers with a communication network to be envied by Verizon. And of course they are mostly ignored because they are tiny, elderly black-clad women who are dismissed as clueless busybodies. Not true. Watch out for this group.By chance, Lily meets Daniel's six-year-old daughter. She falls for her – the way she talks, the way she looks…. Complicated! From there the scenes of Tuscany and cuisine are vividly painted by the author. Some quotes from the book:In chapter 14 I liked the description of how Lily saw the Tuscan countryside from her rented room….she awoke, blew out a sigh “and let the despair of her miserable situation fully descend”……but then she went to the window and “gazed out at the rolling patchwork of the sea of greens; so many shades and each one deeper or brighter or more dazzling than the one right next to it. She realized that if she had imagined Tuscany, she would have seen it as burnt orange and golden; vibrant colors but harsh and arid compared to the moist and thriving sprawl of grasses, grapes, olives, forest and fields that stretched below her.It was so beautiful it was impossible to concentrate on what had brought her here.”Near the very end….I like this quote: “But after that, she let go of her old life as easily as a helium balloon and not even stayed to watch it float away.”Wow – As a fan of ex-pat type literature I would hope that I could let go of my life in the States “as a helium balloon” and settle down in complete contentment. As long as I had the essentials – my man, good wine, good fresh local foods and nice weather. What happened was a turn of events I could not foresee and so, I don’t want to put a spoiler in this review. From the viewpoint of an American, and trying to get my head into Lily’s mindset (considering her busy corporate life in New York ), I’m not sure it’s a realistic ending…..but I was pretty happy with how it all tied together. I enjoyed this book and plan to look for other novels by Sarah-Kate Lynch.

  • Caroline
    2018-10-08 17:58

    For any woman who has wanted desperately to have children only to find themselves unfathomably able to successfully bear even one, finding a photograph of your husband and a woman with 2 children who bear a similarity to him would surely be devastating. That's what Lily, career corporate woman extraordinaire had to face one morning in her husband's golf shoe.She books a flight to Tuscany, rents a car and reserves a hotel room and heads off to Tuscany to hunt down her cheating husband. But when she gets there, she meets 2 old arthritic sisters who take her under their wing, and unbeknownst to her, are founders of a secret league of Italian widows who orchestrate love matches. She meets her husband's love child, his mistress and finally comes face to face with her husband.The secret league of matchmaking widows provide some wonderfully humorous moments. Their conniving antics when they first try to force seemingly innocent meetings between Lily and Alessandro, the widower, and then later, discovering who Lily really is, trying to orchestrate a reconciliation, provide comedic situations. Woven through the comedy though, is the very real pain of a woman who seeks to fill a haunting hole in her life.A feel-good book that is perfect for a lazy day.

  • Girls Gone Reading
    2018-10-11 17:09

    Reminiscent of Under the Tuscan Sun, Dolci di Love transported me to beautiful Italy where everything-especially love- is possible.The realization that her husband has another family is, of course, devastating to Lily, but the part that spoke to me more was the realization that she had lost herself. Lily, like myself, suffers from infertility. The loss of children and the loss of motherhood is too much for Lily to bear. She has thrown herself into her work, and all of her relationships suffer for it. Sarah-Kate Lynch admits that she has not had her own fertility issues, but somehow she captured the pain of it so well that I would believe her if she changed her tune.Fertility is not the main issue of Dolci di Love-all the ways that women lose themselves is the main conflict. Lily took her life back in Tuscany (with a little help from some very wise, meddling friends), but Dolci di Love made me feel like women can take their lives back anywhere, anytime. All we need is a little help from our friends and a reality check about how when we put ourselves first everything else falls into place.

  • Mafi
    2018-10-04 18:09

    Depois de ter acabado este livro já há algum tempo, ainda estou indecisa quanto à sua nota final. Não o adorei, portanto mais de 3 estrelas é impensável. Fico na dúvida quanto às duas e três estrelas. Bem dizem que no meio é onde está a virtude portanto deve ser mais um 2,5...que arredondado dá 3. Humpf!Dolci di Love tem um título doce e amoroso e promete-nos muitas aventuras saborosas por terras italianas. O livro cumpriu o seu objectivo: ser um mero entretenimento. Eu nem esperava por mais, estes romances são mesmo assim, passa-se umas boas horas e quando o acabamos, a digestão não é muita...porque não há muito para digerir. É um romance engraçado mas banal, igual e muitos que já li e que gosto de ler de vez em quando. Devo ser parva porque muitas vezes, muitos deles não trazem nada de novo, e fica aquela sensação que: "eu já li isto em algum lado" mas não consigo resistir-lhes, apesar de ter mais de 200 livros para ler.Opinião completa - http://algodaodoceparaocerebro.blogsp...

  • Lauren
    2018-10-11 12:05

    Bravissima! This book was so fun for me to read...I felt like I was in Italy baking Itialian Cookies, Biscotti, and enjoying all Tuscany has to offer. I could almost taste and smell the food, see the beautiful sights and felt connected to the characters and author along the way. Sarah-Kate Lynch is one of the most eloquent and humorous writers out there! I wish I could write half as well as she does! A little steamy Italian romance along the way was fun too. I loved the old ladies that were busy secretly matchmaking!Too cute.If you know me, you know that I have a Biscotti company and that I love anything Italian, so this book was perfect for me. I gave it to my Mother-in-Law and an Italian friend and they both really enjoyed it as well. If you are in need or desire of an Italian vacation, senza jet-lag, read this book and you will instantly be transported! Buon Viaggio!

  • Cassandra
    2018-10-11 19:03

    Was man in einem Golfschuh so alles finden kann ...! Lily entdeckt dort ein laminiertes Foto, auf dem ihr Ehemann David mit einer Frau und zwei Kindern zu sehen ist, und das eine Kind sieht David verdammt ähnlich. Kurzentschlossen macht sie sich auf den Weg nach Italien um ihn zur Rede zu stellen.Eine uralte Bäckerei, zwei alte Schwestern, ihre Liebe für Cantucci und ein geheimer Bund von Witwen, haben mich sofort für sich eingenommen. Das Thema ungewollter Kinderlosigkeit eignet sich ja eigentlich nur bedingt für einen Wohlfühlroman, doch hier hat es funktioniert. Denn das Schicksal und die Liebe gehen manchmal eigenwillige Wege, besonders wenn die Schwestern Violetta und Luciana ihre athritischen Finger im Spiel haben.

  • Tina
    2018-09-28 17:48

    It took me a long time to finish this book, four years? I hate to not finish something I start. Unfortunately, I could not connect with the characters. You need to feel some emotional connection other than irritation. Lily, an alcoholic, acted as though her husband didn't exist then suddenly she is hurt and surprised by his cheating? She is so beside herself that she tracks him to Italy. Her husband Daniel was a wimp and a cheat, but in the end she took him back anyway. I kept thinking, No, don't do it! The only one I liked was Alessandro and he served his purpose. Also, the portrayal of the old ladies was completely out of touch with true Italians. If they thought Lily had slept with Alessandro they would of called her a puttana.

  • Tracy
    2018-10-07 16:09

    I love Sarah-Kate Lynch's stories!! Another set of gorgeous characters, who you immediately warm to. And of course the fabulous setting! Reminiscent of Blessed are the Cheesemakers - there are a set of little old italian women (in the cheesemakers it's the Irish farmers), a character in trouble who is in need of a little nudge from some matchmakers to get their love life back on track. And all of the interesting complications that get in the way. Why mess with a winning combination? More please!!

  • Kristi Saunders
    2018-09-15 12:59

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Some of the characters I could really relate to, and I loved the Tuscan setting. Some of the choices of the main characters I didn't approve of, but I did like the overall message that our lives don't turn out the way we plan for the most part, so we need to do our best to find joy in whatever situation we find ourselves. I think this would make a fun book for a book club.

  • Thyago | MrsMargotBlog
    2018-10-01 15:10

    I loved this book, really like the Lily character, Violetta, Luciana and Fiorella. I could laugh a lot through the pages, but also thrilled me with the story of Lily motherhood.A story based on relationships, difficult, complicated, love of various kinds and also about forgiveness.A book that takes us to travel through the beautiful Tuscany.

  • Aletha Annema
    2018-09-21 17:44

    Lief en fijn bij thuiskomen! Aanrader... Ben alleen wel benieuwd hoe het afloopt met Francesca en haar moeder Euginia. Dat blijft soort van in het midden en dat vind ik jammer. Net of het net niet helemaal af is.

  • Lisa
    2018-10-16 18:51

    this book was a big dissapointmenti feel like i have seen this movie 100 times

  • Margarida
    2018-10-09 19:57

    Docinho! E com a Toscana como pano de fundo, uma delícia!

  • Ingrid Verschelling
    2018-09-21 12:00

    Dolci d' Amore van Sarah- Kate Lynch5* een rollercoaster van emoties!Ik heb een mailtje gestuurd naar Sarah Kate Lynch in Nieuw- Zeeland en had nooit een antwoord verwacht. toch gekregen: Hi there IngridThank you so much for your email and also for your review. I think having reviews in a language I can't read is probably very good because then I just imagine they are fabulous!And I'm even more glad you read and enjoyed On Top of Everything. It's one of my favourites.CheersSarah-Kate***************************************Dolci d'Amore van Sarah- Kate Lynch is een chicklit, wordt gezegd. Ik houd helemaal niet van chicklits en als dit boek er één is, dan ga ik toch maar eens kijken of er nog meer van deze boeken zijn, want dit vond ik een heerlijk boek! Een ander boek van haar vond ik ook al zo leuk: Zoet verlangen.Het verhaal gaat over Lily en Daniel. Ze houden al zestien jaar van elkaar en wonen in Manhattan, waar ze een mooi appartement hebben. Lily heeft een goede baan als CEO van een bedrijf en Daniel heeft een importbedrijfje van wijnen uit Italië. Eén op de vier weken moet hij daar dus naartoe om leveranciers te krijgen en om mooie wijnen uit te zoeken. Als Lily nieuwe golfschoenen wil kopen voor Daniels verjaardag, vindt ze in zijn oude golfschoen een foto van een gezinnetje met Daniel als vader. Wat doe je in zo'n geval?Lily is furieus, want hun leven is één grote leugen geweest. Impulsief boekt Lily een reis naar Italië om Daniel op te zoeken en hem ter verantwoording te roepen.In Italië, Toscane in een stadje Montevedova huist Het Geheime Genootschap van Sokkenstoppende Weduwen, die het tot hun missie hebben gemaakt om gebroken harten te genezen. De negentigjarige Violetta, die een zesde zintuig heeft als het op de liefde aankomt, is de leider van dit genootschap. Zij en haar zus Luciana hebben een kleine patisserie boven op de heuvel. In de kelder is het hoofdkwartier, waar de weduwen bij elkaar komen om alles te bedisselen.Dan komt Lily aan in Montevedova. Zij is er achter gekomen, dat haar perfecte echtgenoot kinderen heeft bij een Italiaanse vrouw, de kinderen, die zij samen nooit hebben kunnen krijgen. Lily gaat niet toevallig logeren bij Violetta en Luciana, waar ze de zesjarige Francesca leert kennen, de dochter van Daniel. Lily is helemaal ondersteboven van haar, ze steelt haar hart. Francesca wil heel graag koekjes leren bakken. Het zesde zintuig van Violetta zegt, dat het hart van Alessandro gelijmd moet worden, een knappe, maar verdrietige Italiaan. En die willen ze koppelen aan Lily. Het Genootschap ziet hun kans schoon om hun plan uit te voeren. Is Lily echt de vrouw die zijn gebroken hart moet genezen? Of Het Geheime Genootschap van Sokkenstoppende Weduwen erin slaagt Lily te koppelen aan Alessandro lees je in Dolci d' Amore.Sarah- Kate Lynch heeft een luchtige en humorvolle manier van schrijven, wat ik heerlijk vind. Je blijft het hele verhaal door geboeid, zelfs om haar nawoord moest ik nog lachen. De personages zijn leuk en interessant. Ze beschrijft het dorp Montevedova of het echt bestaat. Ik ging op zoek en het blijkt écht te bestaan, het heet alleen Montepulciano en ligt tussen Florence en Siena. Dit dorp staat meteen op de lijst van te bezoeken stadjes in het voorjaar, dat begrijp je zeker wel! We zijn al eerder in Toscane geweest, naar Siena en Arezzo, waar een scène van de film "La vita è bella" zich afspeelt, dat hij op de fiets met zijn kind voorop naar beneden rijdt, kun je je dat nog herinneren? Ook Cortona hebben we bezocht, omdat de Amerikaanse schrijfster Frances Mayes daar een huis had gekocht en ik haar boeken had gelezen, zoals "Een huis in Toscane" uit 1996. Het werd een bestseller en is in 2003 verfilmd. We stonden toen (in 2000) aan het Trasimenomeer. Cortona verwierf extra bekendheid doordat hij ook als achtergrond diende voor enkele scènes in "La vita è bella". En eigenlijk ligt Montepulciano veel dichterbij het meer dan Siena, waar we wél zijn geweest.Sarah- Kate beschrijft Toscane vol liefde. Ze is er ook twee keer geweest om research te doen. Ze weet de sfeer van Italië heel goed over te brengen. Ik las in een andere recensie, dat Lily te weinig uit de verf kwam. Ik kon me haar juist heel goed voorstellen. Ook alle handgebaren en lawaai bij discussies van de Italianen, net of ze ruzie hebben, vind ik heerlijk! Alles wat ik fijn vind aan Italië wordt zo goed beschreven: de zon, de levendige mensen, het eten, het lekkere ijs. Het is net of je er zelf bent!En dat niet alleen, in het boek staan ook wijze levenslessen, over vergeven bijvoorbeeld of dat je een kind positief moet benaderen. Ik heb tranen met tuiten gehuild bij dit boek. Bij het vorige boek van haar wat ik las, Zoet verlangen, was het, omdat sommige dingen erg dichtbij kwamen. Maar ook bij andere gevoelens ben ik soms té empathisch, ik voel alles wat beschreven wordt. Ik ben een paar dagen helemaal down geweest door dit boek, zelfs zo erg, dat mijn man vroeg niet meer van deze boeken te lezen. Soms moest ik weer erg lachen door mijn tranen heen, een rollercoaster van emoties!Het balkonnetje met het mooie uitzicht, waar Lily een prosecco gaat drinken, bestaat ook echt. Het is van haar favoriete café Poliziano. Sarah- Kate heeft er foto's genomen.De pasticceria is niet in Montepulciano, maar er is wel een in Montalcino: Mariuccia.Sarah-Kate Lynch (1962) is journalist. Ze woont in Nieuw-Zeeland, maar is regelmatig in Ierland, waar haar familie vandaan komt.

  • Marilyn
    2018-10-14 13:47

    Such a heart warming, book. It is very comical, as strange as it seems, because the subject matter is quite serious, but uplifting anyway. I loved it and will find more books to read by this author.

  • Josefa Wann
    2018-10-10 16:49

    I have read several books by this author and enjoyed them all. They all deal with a specific subject, bee keeping, cheese making, bread bakers. This one is about sweets, and finding oneself in Tuscany. I liked the setting and the story.

  • Vickie
    2018-09-17 14:58

    Lily leaves New York to expose her husband, Daniel, and his secret family in Tuscany. She rents a room from two elderly sisters who have a league dedicated to matchmaking. As secrets unfold, Lily becomes the object of the league.

  • Donna
    2018-09-26 17:01

    Liked this book. Always wanted to go to Tuscany so the village and people described are very great to read about.Not as good as other books by Sarah Kate Lynch but fun to read.

  • Sabine
    2018-10-14 13:43

    Die Welt von Lily Turner bricht zusammen als sie durch Zufall im Golfschuh ihres Mannes ein laminiertes Bild findet - nicht irgendeines, sondern ein Bild ihres Mann mit einer Frau, die nicht sie ist und Kindern die nicht ihre sind. Denn Lily kann keine Kinder bekommen und dieser Umstand hat sie sich von ihrer Umgebung und den Menschen die sie liebt und die sie lieben distanzieren lassen. Sie hat sich in ihre Arbeit verkrochen und trimmt ihren Körper wie eine Maschine. Ein Kind zu bekommen war alles, was sie jemals wollte und das wurde ihr nicht gewährt.Als sie nun ihren Mann Daniel mit seiner anderen Familie sieht, bricht ihre sorgsam konstruierte Welt zusammen. Daniel ist selbständiger Importeur von italienischen Weinen und daher oft geschäftlich in Italien. Als Lily nun fassungslos das Foto betrachtet, muss sie feststellen, dass wohl mehr als nur seine Liebe zu italienischen Weinen ihren Mann an Italien bindet. Nach einer durchzechten Nacht beschließt sie spontan ihm nachzureisen und herauszufinden, was er ihr noch alles vorenthalten hat - und landet im kleinen Örtchen Montevedova in der Toskana, wo die Uhren langsamer gehen und trifft dort nicht nur auf die Tochter ihres Mannes, schrulligen alten Witwen die der geheimen Stopffraktion angehören und sich mit Vorliebe in anderer Leute (Liebes)leben einmischen, sondern auch auf einen attraktiven italienischen Witwer..Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass ich Italien und alles was dazugehört sehr liebe. Daher freue ich mich immer, wenn ich ein Buch erwische, das in dem schönen Land spielt - auch wenn die Autorin aus Neuseeland kommt. Anfangs ist die Geschichte etwas verworren und man fragt sich was vorgefallen ist, dass Daniel und Lily sich so weit entfremdet haben wo es doch die ganz große Liebe ist. Doch nach und nach wird in die Geschichte eine Rückblende eingewoben und man sieht wie sehr der Kinderwunsch von Lily Daniels Liebe zu ihr und ihre Ehe belastet hat und ihn von ihr fortgetrieben hat. Das Schöne daran war aber auch, dass man sofort sieht, dass Daniel niemals aufgehört hat Lily zu lieben und es nicht wie das typische Klischee klingt, wenn er seinen Fehler eingesteht und sich immer wieder dafür entschuldigt. Für mich kam er sehr glaubhaft und ehrlich rüber und ich hatte eher Probleme mit der kalten und abweisenden Lily auf die man anfangs trifft.Erst die Reise nach Italien und die Begegnung mit den alten Schwestern Violetta und Luciana in deren alten und heruntergekommener Bäckerei und das Aufeinandertreffen mit der unehelichen kleinen Tochter ihres Mannes lassen die Eisschicht schmelzen und man kann irgendwann erkennen, was Daniel einst so hingezogen hat zu Lily. Es ist eine liebenswerte, verschrobene, romantische und witzige Geschichte und man hat fast selbst den Geruch von ofenfrischen Cantucci (oder soll ich sagen: Amorucci?) in der Nase.Wunderschöne Geschichte mit einem sehr eigenwilligen und ungewöhnlichen Happy End, das man so in der Form nicht erwartet hätte. Ich kann das Buch wirklich empfehlen!

  • Mary
    2018-10-14 18:57

    A charming book set in Italy. Warm, funny, sad, just like real life. So glad I discovered this author last year. Look forward to continue reading her previous books

  • Christina (Reading Extensively)
    2018-09-25 17:00

    When Lily Turner finds evidence of her husband's secret life (a girlfriend and two children) in his golf shoe, she has a little too much wine and decides to take a trip to Italy to see her husband without thinking it through. Brokenhearted, she somehow crosses paths with the League of Widowed Darners, a group of elderly women who make it their mission to mend hearts. With the help of these well meaning meddlers, Lily may find the peace and answers she seeks.Lily is an uptight character who has suffered her share of sorrows from dealing with an alcoholic mother to failed attempts to have children of her own and now a cheating husband. She may have flaws (like drinking too much) but she is a character that draws the reader's sympathy. Even her husband Daniel is more than just a cheating cad. The author could easily have turned him and the mistress into villains but she did not. Instead there is some depth to his character and I could even feel sorry for him a little. My favorite characters by far are the widows because they add so much humor and fun to the story. I liked the idea of their league and how they tried to help people even when they are sometimes misguided.Dolci di Love is a surprisingly upbeat book given how the story begins with Lily's painful discovery. The descriptions of Tuscany, the food, and eccentric characters make for a more enjoyable reading experience. I was surprised a little bit by the direction the love story takes. While the unrealistic ending feels like a Hallmark movie this novel has some charm particularly due to its setting and the secondary characters. I still liked it in spite of its flaws, something that could be said of the characters as well. If you enjoy reading about Italy or are a fan of films like Under the Tuscan Sun and Letters From Juliet you might like Dolci di Love.Readalikes: Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekkanen, The Violets of March by Sarah Jio, Seven Year Switch by Claire Cook