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For the first time in Stephen King's remarkable publishing history, the master storyteller presents an all-new, original tale written expressly for the television screen.They're calling it the Storm of the Century, and it's coming hard. The residents of Little Tall Island have seen their share of nasty Maine Nor'easters, but this one is different. Not only is it packing huFor the first time in Stephen King's remarkable publishing history, the master storyteller presents an all-new, original tale written expressly for the television screen.They're calling it the Storm of the Century, and it's coming hard. The residents of Little Tall Island have seen their share of nasty Maine Nor'easters, but this one is different. Not only is it packing hurricane-force winds and up to five feet of snow, it's bringing something worse. Something even the islanders have never seen before. Something no one wants to see.Just as the first flakes begin to fall, Martha Clarendon, one of Little Tall Island's oldest residents, suffers an unspeakably violent death. While her blood dries, Andre Linoge, the man responsible sits calmly in Martha's easy chair holding his cane topped with a silver wolf's head...waiting.Linoge knows the townsfolk will come to arrest him. He will let them. For he has come to the island for one reason. And when he meets Constable Mike Anderson, his beautiful wife and child, and the rest of Little Tall's tight-knit community, this stranger will make one simple propoisition to them all: "If you give me what I want, I'll go away."...

Title : Storm of the Century: An Original Screenplay
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Storm of the Century: An Original Screenplay Reviews

  • Becky
    2019-05-14 20:14

    I remember seeing Storm of the Century (the movie) back when it first came out and really, really loving it. I've seen it a few times since then, but I'd yet to read the screenplay, so I did. I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. I don't know if I would say that either one is better than the other... Each version brings something to the table. The movie version has creepy perfect Colm Feore, and while the book has stills from the movie, they just don't do him justice. And the movie has effects and interpretation that King left open, and in this case, because he wrote it with that in mind, it adds to the whole rather than being one of those annoying detractions from the perfect-as-is text that movie adaptations usually are. But the book has little bits of King's personality shining right through it, and the sections of information and direction, which I "heard" in King's voice (OK, not his REAL voice, but the one that I hear in my head for him - is that weird, that I replace his voice with a made-up version?) are riddled with mentions of other works (Dolores Claiborne and The Shining, for instance) and humorous asides, etc. These lighten the mood, but make us feel like we're floating along watching the action from above while the clouds narrate. The book was definitely all King. His hands are all over this puppy. I don't know why I'm saying that like it's not obvious, but for some reason, I just felt like a screenplay would feel... different. It was like seeing everything in my head as the movie went along, which is quite possibly the point, although a lot of King's books read like movies. But this one felt different to me for another reason I'm just not really able to put my finger on. Maybe it was just the format - I'm so used to his novels and the personal feel of them that this felt like King dictating to someone else and that person writing the words in their odd and unfamiliar handwriting. Maybe I'm not making any sense at all. Could go either way. I mean, you can see King's touch here simply in the dialogue. One example is the way that the townspeople use each other's full names as casually as they'd use nicknames. It kind of gives it a realism/informal/formality that struck me as something that is as "Maine Islander" as saying "ayuh". But this is subtle, and probably lots of people find it annoying, but I loved it... it was like a little enhancement that tipped the scales from being cliched patois to actual speech.Moving on, I have to say that I really love the character of Andre Linoge - and no, NOT just because Colm Feore played him on TV - but because he is really, really creepy and sinister and... inevitable. He drops into these people's lives with no explanation and just starts wreaking havoc at every turn. He's horrible and cruel and evil, but he's also charming and funny and persuasive. And I will just say that I love the "Legion" reference. Legion is one of my favorite words and concepts, though that tidbit rarely makes it into everyday conversation, so when I see it I always get a little chill. The last thing that I'll mention here is how much this story reminded me of Pet Sematary. Both stories deal with the loss of a child, and both are very bleak stories without much hope of redemption, but they are also both compelling and great stories about the choices that must be made when there are no winning outcomes. Nothing good can come of anything, but you must do something, so what do you do? It's something worth thinking about. I'll tell you I'm not sorry to have been left out of the vote on this one, but I am glad that I read the book! :)

  • Faouzia
    2019-05-12 03:35

    Another very interesting, creepy, disturbing story by Mr Stephen King. I greatly enjoyed it, especially that it's written in an original style, different from the rest of his books.In the edition i read, Mr King explained how he got the idea of this book and that the more he thought of it, the more he saw it as a movie and that's why he wrote as a movie script.That's what caught me at the beginning. It was really interesting to picture the different scenes and characters, i mean i can usually picture in my head scenes when reading a book, but in this one the interesting thing was how the author made me Focus on certain details that i might have missed.With every scene; i can imagine from what angle to see it, if i had to focus on a specific character, and it was great! It made me live the story!!Now, the story itself was great!! The kind of story only Mr King can tell!Trapped on an island, during the worst storm "the storm of the century"; with a murderer from a different kind! He turned himself to the constable and yet the killings didn't stop. The residents start to panic when this man, Andre Linoge, starts to tell them their deepest and worst secrets!!Who is he?? how did he land on the island at such a time?? How did he know all those secrets?? and most important, what does he want??The worst part starts when all he says is "Give me what i want and i'll go away"!!A great book that i enjoyed and really recommend to my friends :)

  • Knigoqdec
    2019-05-11 20:32

    "Родените в похот, станете на прах.Да дойдат при мене родените в грях."С две-три думи повече:

  • Cathy
    2019-05-02 02:11

    It was kinda hard reading in screenplay format. I've ordered the movie.I'd have liked it better written as a novel.

  • Raegan
    2019-05-02 22:34

    -Weird/Not my thing.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-05-06 03:33

    Although the screenplay format was at times rather awkward to read though, this is still a riveting story and probably some of King's better work.

  • Васил Койнарев
    2019-04-30 20:29

    И така, бях обещал няколко думи за книгата, ето ги и тях:"Бурята на века", ако сте пропуснали да разберете, не е типичният роман, а сценарий. Да - сценарий. Кинг сам пише във въведението си, че прекрасната идея за тази история му хрумва като роман за телевизията - сценарий. Затова той сяда и пише такъв. Сценарият веднага е екранизиран (1999 - Бурята на века - 3 серии по 91 минути) и филмът се води като най-добрата екранизация по Кинг (може би след Шоушенк).След големия успех на филма, Кинг решава да превърне сценария все пак в новела (роман) или казано по друг начин - да го издаде. Сценарий като роман! В началото мислех, че ще е трудно да се чете, защото пред всяка сцена има номер, описание, кой къде е, какво прави; кой говори; ремарки за режисьора и така нататък. Оказа се обаче, че така дори е по-интересно. Можеш да вникнеш в много неща и разбираш защо в даден филм има акцент тук или там, как е заложено да го има точно на дадено място и защо. Четеш сценария, който е роман, но кадрираш във въображението си подадените сцени. Освен всичко този роман може да служи и като учебник и пример за това как се пише сценарий. Ако някога ви се прииска да напишете такъв, разбира се. Горещо препоръчвам тази книга-роман-сценарии-учебник на всеки, който обича творчеството на Кинг и литературните експерименти.Забележката ми към издателите от ИБИС е дебелата хартия, на която е отпечатан романът. Все пак никой не обича да си купува хартия, както се казва в този бранш.

  • Susan Kelley
    2019-05-02 00:27

    February, 1989; Little Tall Island, MaineIt's all the weathercasters can talk about - the Storm of the Century. It'll be a blizzard, white-out conditions that will last for days. The tiny island community of Little Tall Island is ready. They've stocked up on provisions. They have the emergency shelter prepared. The islanders can take whatever the storm throws at them, ayuh. They have no way of knowing that evil is about to break through, an evil that will take and take, an evil that will change them all.As usual, King delivers a wonderful thriller. From the start, you know things aren't going to go well for Little Tall. But how bad will it be? Will they fight back? Will evil overcome? That's the genius of King! The reader never can guess what he's going to do. Happy ending? Tragedy? Toss the coin, Mr. King! I was riveted until the end, guessing and wondering how things would turn out.This one was a bit different to read, as it is a Screenplay. Instead of an author's description, you get set directions. It all works out though. My rating: 4/5

  • Bernadett
    2019-05-09 03:14

    Quotes: p.366 : "some wounds can never be cleaned out."p.371:"... this is a cash-and-carry world, pay as you go." the story is about island folks from the place called Little Tall. they get snowed in when an old lady gets murdered and the killer gets locked up. but from behind locked bars the man possesses everyone who has some dirty little secret. and its said thorough multiple times that island folks can keep their secret between themselves really well. the people who are too stubborn to confess even when theyve been told in detail what theyve done, die one by one and theres one thing the man wants in exchange to leave them alone and not wipe out seemingly the little town one by one.

  • Bettie☯
    2019-05-21 19:12

    Dated genre for the most; modern rational thinking means devil stories are null and void. King's new direction works better for me.

  • Hector Palomo
    2019-05-06 02:26

    Wow... definitivamente King lo escribío que final, muy bueeeeeeno!

  • Iván
    2019-05-06 23:07

    Excelente narración, sólo le juega en contra la forma de.guión en que está planteado. Omitiendo eso e imaginándose la historia como novela, excelente.

  • Jard
    2019-05-27 00:32

    Ik sloeg dit boek voor het eerst open nadat ik hem had gekocht, en kwam er toen pas achter dat het een script is voor een miniserie, en geen echte roman/thriller. Dat vond ik nogal een teleurstelling, het leek me niets om zo'n scenario te lezen. Daar kom ik nu op terug; het leest heel vlot, de spanning zat er goed in, door de beschrijvingen van de omgeving kon je je die goed inbeelden. Het verhaal is erg spannend, heeft misschien wel iets weg van horror. Tussen de dialogen door zag je ook iets terug van King zelf, een soort persoonlijke opmerkingen over de gebeurtenissen. In een normale roman is de auteur natuurlijk nooit zo aanwezig, dus ik vond dit leuk voor de afwisseling. Al met al een leuke ervaring om eens een scenario te lezen. Ik ga zeker de bijbehorende serie kijken.

  • Kristina Andreeva
    2019-05-14 02:24

    "Дайте ми това, което искам, и ще ви оставя на мира."Чудесно беше отново да се срещна с Линож, този път в сценария. Още по-хубавото е, че бях забравила някои подробности от историята. Но въпреки че помнех почти всичко, пак бях на тръни в напрегнатите моменти.Ето едно ревю от друг книгоядец:

  • Mangieto
    2019-05-21 19:13

    No sé por qué me hice esto. No suelo leer guiones, pero de algún modo me ayudó a engancharme el hecho de que el ritmo sea tan rápido. Otra cosa es que esta historia se pasa de malvadilla, como por el último cuarto estaba que quería morirme por lo que veía venir. No lean esto si quieren ser felices.

  • Fen De
    2019-05-09 02:33

    In het begin was het een raar boek om te lezen. Ik was het niet gewoon om een boek te lezen dat geschreven was in een filmscenario stijl. Dit was de eerste keer dat ik zo een soort boek las, maar ook al was het in het begin moeilijk en raar om te lezen, tegen de tijd dat ik het gewoon was om die stijl te zien, was het leuk om zo te lezen. Ik vond het gemakkelijker om een beeld in mijn hoofd te krijgen en vond het ook leuk dat er bij elk nieuw hoofdstuk een plaats en kleine beschrijving was. Het voelde meer als een film dan een boek. De personages waren heel levendig gemaakt. Ik kon me goed inleven in de plaats en de gebeurtenissen, en ook al was het in het begin moeilijk met alle personen te leren kennen, het was leuk om het gevoel te hebben dat je in de groep was. Maar er was een probleem dat ik toch liever niet had. Het einde was voorspelbaar. Wanneer Linoge vraagt om een kind mee te nemen, gaat iedereen akkoord behalve één man, Mike. En toen hij een kind koos, kon ik al verwachten wie zijn kind het ging zijn. En ik had gelijk. Het was het kind van de ene man die niet akkoord ging. En ook al lijkt dit een klein minpuntje, ik vond het spijtig want ik vond het boek tot dan heel goed en het einde was voor mij een beetje teleurstellend.

  • Audri
    2019-05-22 23:31

    i thought that it was an amazing book!!!!!

  • Jake
    2019-05-11 00:07

    I loved this, I just think it would have been so much better as a novel!

  • El
    2019-05-24 02:15

    (ETA movie review at the end.) I started this book last night, which was perfect timing: A storm was coming in and the wind outside was insane. Just like in this screenplay.The story takes place in February 1989 on Little Tall Island off the coast of (you got it) Maine. The Storm of the Century is threatening to roll through, and with it comes a stranger to the area, Andre Linoge. He's creeptastic in the way that most of King's villains are; but there's not a whole lot new here. Small community feels the strain of outside forces, a threat to their livelihood and their families. The stranger knows these people inside and out and uses this knowledge to his advantage. He is persuasive, to say the least.It took a while for me (I would say the entirety of the first Act) to get used to the screenplay format. It's like reading a play, sorta, which is fine normally, but not at all how I expect to read Stephen King. But after a while it did kinda work, and like I already said the weather outside was perfect for it. I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and more coming down and I thought for a moment this could be Pittsburgh's Storm of the Century.But the snow stopped by the time I got home from walking the pug, and it wasn't even as slippy as it was when I left a little while earlier. And I remembered that this really is Pittsburgh and the only Storm of the Century that occurs here is when the Baltimore Ravens are in town against the Steelers.I always appreciate reading King, even if his stories don't bedazzle me every time, or even if they're so similar that even I have to scoff at times; but reading him is always sort of like coming home for me. It probably has to do with the fact that King has been a part of my life since forever - some of my earliest memories involve looking at some of his early books on my mom's bookshelf. I started reading him at a relatively young age and he's just always been there. He's a comfort read for me. I don't necessarily expect a lot from him, outside of simple amusement and entertainment, the promise of being taken somewhere else for a little while, and even the occasional thrill. I'm a dork for his characters, and continue to love when they enter different books. (This story includes more than one reference to Dolores Claiborne and at least one shout-out to Danny Torrance from The Shining.) All of his characters seem to be a part of the same small community, and I totally dig that. It's the most fucked up community ever, and it's not exactly one I would like to be a part of myself. But it's familiar, and the people are pretty real, and I find myself coming back time and again to see what they're up to now.Note: The ABC mini-series, Storm of the Century, is coming up pretty soon in my Netflix queue, so I'll be back soon to add my review of that here. Tim Daly? Yes, please.(03/11/12): Last night I finished watching the TV miniseries for which Stephen King wrote the screenplay. It was decent enough, but the part I kept conveniently forgetting was that the book really is the screenplay. So the miniseries followed verbatim what I had just read a couple weeks ago in the book. Both were fine, but nothing much to write home about.(Tim Daly is lovely to watch though.)There is a quick little Stephen King cameo that you might miss if you have never seen a picture of King because, oh, I dunno, you live under a rock, or whatever. That was fun. The performances were fine (I heart you, Tim Daly), the dude they got to play Andre Linoge was awesome. And, well, that's about it. Again, if you read the book there's little sense in watching the movie, and vice versa. But it was a fine way to pass the time.

  • Слави Ганев
    2019-05-13 03:10

    ОтПреди време, когато си въобразявах, че писането на сценарии е като за мен проучвах усилено въпроса. Даже се записах на курс. Забавно, но безсмислено ако никога не употребиш знанията. И някъде тогава прочетох "Бурята на века" на английски. От година вече се чете и на български.Това е брилянтен учебник на тема "Как се пише сценарий ако вече си пробил в бизнеса" и нелош самоучител, ако някой иска да се запознае с техническата част от това начинание, пък и как се създават достатъчно убедителни диалози... които са си основното в един подобен труд.Но имайте предвид: това е сценарий от Стивън Кинг, при това обработен, за да притежава изчерпателността на роман. Тук не четете просто сценично произведение. То е допълнено с много по-детайли описания на интериор и екстериор, отколкото в един истински сценарий. Така че няма да четете драми като в училище (знам, че за много хора това е плашещо дори повече от сцените на визуално насилие в същата тази книга). Кинг не прави това, защото не знае как се пише сценарий, а защото знае как се пише сценарий и отделно е наясно как се пише роман. Все пак между двете има огромна разлика. Тук филмът "Бурята на века" трябва да "тече" в ума на читателя, както тече и на кино лентата. Затова всичко е много по-описателно, отколкото би било в един чист сценарий... От друга стана - това е Стивън Кинг. Когато той пише сценарий, всички други са много по-склонни да се съобразят, отколкото ако го прави някой друг.За много сигурно е учудващо, но това си е напълно пълноценна книга - роман в нестандартен вид.... а книгата е подходяща за тога гнусно лятно време, когато слънцето е твърде силно, вятърът - прекалено топъл и е толкова спарено, че направо не се трае.... защото там е зима. Свежо, прохладно, мрачно и доста по-интересно отколкото в реалния живот на един обикновен човек. Най-малкото героите обитават идилично островче. Е... дотук с нещата, които ще ни се сторят атрактивни. Малко, скучно островче, рядко населено и пълно с най-обикновени еснафи, чиито живот се свежда в работа и спане... и някоя изневяра между другото. Нещо типично за Стивън Кинг. И така, докато авторът не реши да захлюпи внезапно по тенджера на главите им, за да бие по нея като по барабан... *Дан* - *дан* - *дан* (Не си представяйте тенекетата на Алеко, онова е смешно, това не е.)! Как да знаят откъде им е дошло? Ако си герой от книга и те е създал Стивън Кинг обикновено нещата не се стичат по онзи начин, по който си предполагал, че ще се стекат.Подготвил им е Андре Линож. Един ужасен копелдак, носещ бурята със себе си - най-голямата снежна буря за века и малко истинско зло. В същото време тия дребни мравчици от о. Литъл Тол поработват в магазини и ресторанти, продават дрога и други треволяци, мърсуват с чужди жени, правят незаконни аборти, а се преструват на почтени... аха, всички те са малки гадчета, които Андре... може би ще смачка. Не, че не му допада нещо в тях. Нещо, което той отчаяно иска да намери след като е скитал векове по света. Свръхестествените му сили се нуждаят от още някой... Милият Линож иска да си намери заместник... все пак някой трябва да контролира цялото зло, което съществува.... така че ако си най-големият злодей и искаш незабелязано да си намериш някой, който те харесва дотолкова, че... ми, да стане по-голям злодей дори от теб... пускаш грандиозна буря на малък остров и си избираш някоя от местните. Що пък не? Ама дали те са съгласни и могат ли да попречат... Все тая. Ако си гадно копеле едва ли ще мислиш за това.

  • nick mason
    2019-05-08 20:20

    This is one of my favorite Stephen King mini-series. The Stand is a close second except for a few corny moments in it. Langoliers not so much. To some people this may be a typical Stephen King story but there is something really profound and deeply disturbing about the ending. King tackles the theme of the loss of a child again which seems to go through other works of his like Cujo and in Pet Semetary. The devastation a parent must feel. Andre Linoge is an evil, inhuman creature who beats an old woman to death and seems to know everything about everyone in this entire small town. But as the Sheriff says in the church, he only sees the dark parts of people, the bad things. The story is King's version of the story of Job from the bible. The Sheriff here is a good man who has done nothing wrong but loses everything, he is the only one who stands up to evil and does the right thing and he is still punished. Like the joke he tells in the movie, "God told Job, there is just something about you that pisses me off". There are some corny moments here like the kids flying with Linoge like Peter Pan in the sky but when he takes over people's bodies and actions, it makes for some gruesome moments. Linoge is the perfect trickster from mythology, he intimidates and manipulates everyone with their own weaknesses and gets them to cave in to his wishes. SPOILERS. In the end his wife betrays him and an entire town goes into denial about their actions. The ending of this miniseries always makes me cry for some reason, the part where he sees his son again at the end but he's this inhuman creature now. How he thinks about telling his ex-wife that he saw their son but how in the light of day he knows better. If there is a moral to this tragedy tale, it is simply that: Sometimes it's better to keep a secret than tell the truth and reopen wounds that have never completely healed.

  • Juan Nieto Cano
    2019-05-13 20:19

    Es un libro bueno muy bueno, de principio a fin. Al principio me preocupaba la forma en que estaba escrito, tipo guión de película porque creía que me podría cortar un poco asimilar su lectura, pero con sólo llevar 10 ó 15 páginas leída te acostumbras. Lo bueno de estar escrito tipo guión es que te lo pone todo de manera que lo visualizas al instante, como si lo estuvieses viendo de el momento, e incluso parece hasta más emocionante. Aunque también me habría gustado mucho que SK hubiese adaptado el guión a la novela como tenía pensado si este fracasaba. He echado un poco de menos esa descripción, caracterización y definición de todos sus personajes y de la historia de sus vidas, ya ahí veces que aparecían personajes que en ese momento no recordaba muy bien al no recordar su historia. Otro detalle más es como SK enlaza de manera magistral un desastre de la naturaleza (a tormenta del siglo), la vida cotidiana de un pueblo con todos sus habitantes y sus secretos, y un personaje sobrenatural como lo es Andre Linoge, algo a lo que SK ya nos tiene acostumbrados. El final, buenísimo, no deja indiferente, muy bueno. Como todo el libro desde que lo empiezas hasta que lo acabas.

  • Adriana
    2019-05-08 19:33

    Un libro que no deja que lo sueltes ni un segundo, y cuando es realmente necesario que lo hagas, no puedes dejar de pensar en él. Es sorprendentemente fácil de leer, y debo admitir que la noche en que lo terminé me costó un poco de trabajo conciliar el sueño pensando en qué pasaría si de pronto un André Linoge apareciera. Croatoan me provocó un déjà vu y fue una sensación increíble, además de que no me lo pude sacar de la mente por un buen rato. El argumento es fascinante y el buen desarrollo de éste tiene como consecuencia una trama que te atrapa y personajes que amas (Linoge y Ralphie) y odias (Molly Anderson). Además, este libro me hizo emocionarme y sorprenderme varias veces, y King realmente logró hacerme sentir enojo puro en dos ocasiones con ciertas ciertas decisiones que los personajes tomaron. El final, perfecto; aunque no es algo que me sorprenda. Este libro es, sin duda, una de las razones por las cuales Stephen King es de mis autores favoritos. "Give me what I want and I'll go away."

  • Noelia
    2019-05-26 19:20

    Son 3,5 estrellas, y no sé por qué, pero en este caso redondeo para abajo. ¡Goodreads, por favor habilitá las medias estrellas!Yendo a la review, pensé que iba a ser difícil y que me iba a distraer el formato guión, pero la verdad es que fluye bárbaro. Perdés en descripciones y en profundidad, pero ganás en ir al punto, en contar la historia más rápidamente (no en cuanto a velocidad, sino en cuanto a avance de hecho en hecho).Hay personajes queribles y hay otros detestables. Llegué a la conclusión de que cuando King presenta una protagonista femenina, la describe magistralmente en todas sus actitudes. Pero cuando las mujeres sólo acompañan la historia, entonces se comportan como imbéciles y son odiosas y querés que el villano de turno las mate.Y después está André Linoge. Cada vez que leía sobre él, pensaba en Randal Flagg. ¡Para mi son parientes!

  • Omaira
    2019-05-07 21:27

    "Un libro diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados, pues realmente es un guión de televisión, que nos narra como los habitantes de una isla se ven aislados por una tormenta y encima deben hacer frente a la aparición de un hombre misterioso que amenaza las vidas de todos ellos. Con una estructura que hace un poco confusa la lectura al principio, el relato va atrapando al lector y mostrando los estragos que pueden causar ciertos sucesos en las actitudes de la gente y como quien menos te lo esperas, esconde secretos que no imaginas. El final hace reflexionar sobre hasta donde se puede estar dispuesto a llegar con tal de sobrevivir...".Reseña completa: http://entrelalecturayelcine.blogspot...

  • Melissa Erikson
    2019-05-25 21:21

    Yes. Read it. When I think of a classic Stephen King novel, this is something that will now come to mind. Well...screenplay in this case. A wonderfully crafted environment with a host of small-town islanders to act everything out. There were multiple moments where I found myself physically responding to the story at hand: gasping, making exclamations out loud (it's a good thing nobody was around while I was reading), and within the last thirty pages or so it was flat out nausea. Love it.

  • Jordan West
    2019-05-27 02:21

    3.5 stars; as always, King's work epitomizes the character-centric mode of horror fiction, while personally I tend to prefer the likes of M.R. James, Lovecraft, and Ligotti where atmosphere, plot, imagery, and philosophy are instead emphasized over characterization. Preferences aside, despite its screenplay format and the restrictions of being written for television, ithis succeeds as a surprisingly dark piece of entertainment with a fascinating antagonist who reminded me somewhat of the inhabitants of the Black Lodge.

  • BoekenTrol
    2019-05-05 23:17

    Usually for me books by Stephen King are a good read. They make me shiver, almost look under my bed at night to really make sure there's nothing underneath, waiting for me. But, this one I did not like at all. To tell the thruth: I did not get past page 20 or so. I simply could not read it. Okay, it has been a while since I read a play, but nevertheless, the desritions of scenery disturbed reading and getting into the story very much.I might give it another try, someday. But... not just yet.

  • Alexis Castro
    2019-05-13 00:11

    No esperaba tanto de este libro pero puedo decir que me ha dejado gratamente sorprendido. Muchos personajes pero cada uno de ellos bien construidos, la historia esta muy bien llevada y el maestro logra entretener y mantenernos aterrorizados con esta tormenta y algunos elementos sobrenaturales hasta el final del libro. Me encanto, lo recomiendo. La unica critica negativa seria que al escribirlo como un guion y no como una novela cuesta un poco acostumbrarse a la "introducción a la escena" por llamarle de alguna manera, por lo de mas me ha encantado.

  • Dylan Perry
    2019-05-17 00:30

    Full disclosure: I saw the mini series years ago and hated it. I only bought this when I saw the 10 page introduction. King discusses the process of writing this story and getting it made, which was fairly interesting during the writing bits, not so much for the other part. Also, I'll admit, if it has King's name on it and I've read the book or seen the show/movie, I'll probably pick it up just to own a copy. Even if I didn't like it. But I cannot, in good faith, give this more than 3 stars.