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Calista Meyers is a world-famous, soon-to-be-ex-supermodel. After arriving for a fashion shoot in Cartagena, Colombia, she realizes her agent has misled her about the nature of her last modeling assignment.Paramilitary leader Jaime Cruz paid her slimy agent a lot of money to get Callie to his part of the world. Cruz has threatened to kidnap and kill her younger brothers ifCalista Meyers is a world-famous, soon-to-be-ex-supermodel. After arriving for a fashion shoot in Cartagena, Colombia, she realizes her agent has misled her about the nature of her last modeling assignment.Paramilitary leader Jaime Cruz paid her slimy agent a lot of money to get Callie to his part of the world. Cruz has threatened to kidnap and kill her younger brothers if she attempts to leave the country.What’s a Marine brat to do? Callie calls on her childhood friend Keely Walsh-Maddox and Keely’s husband Ren, the owner of Security Specialists International, to help her.SSI sends operative Risto Smith to rescue Callie. The former Marine has had a thing for the model ever since he’d first seen her picture on a magazine cover. But he knows he isn’t nearly good enough for a lady like her. She’s an assignment and can be nothing else.Callie knows Risto is just the man for her and decides to use the close quarters of their escape from Colombia to convince the stubborn male. When Risto leaves her in Panama and disappears, Callie is upset but not defeated. But after two months passes with no word from Risto and with her enemy Cruz in the US and back on her trail, Callie once again turns to Risto for protection.This time, it would be a cold day in hell before Callie allows Risto to turn his back on their love....

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Cold Day in Hell Reviews

  • Erika
    2019-05-19 23:07

    DNF at 70%This is all me, my mood, and my preferences. There is nothing wrong with this book; everything happening is pretty typical of romance, and romantic suspense in general. It just wasn't what I expected when I started it.At 72%, when Risto tells Callie how he has been with many women, and found that bondage heightens their pleasure and how he has enjoyed giving women pleasure like that......I just realized I was done (Already since the 2 month separation, I had kind of detached from the romance of this couple). I am a reader who does not want to hear about what an expert the hero has been in making loving to women in the past. How much he has loved pleasuring them. If he were a real man, of course that is a positive, that he has been an unselfish lover and cared about the woman's pleasure. But when I read romance, I don't want to think about the hero having been with other women. I want to believe that he never really had the same type of enjoyment with women in the past. The only exception for me, is if the heroine has an equal wealth of sexual experience, since it puts them on equal footing. That was not the case here, since Callie only had sex twice as a teenager and I don't think it was much more than okay to pleasant.Ah well. Think I may be done with this author actually. I have a feeling her norm is to pair very experienced (to manwhore level) heroes with virgin or very inexperienced heroines. Not my thing!

  • Ann
    2019-05-20 21:10

    A very good 4.5 stars. Second bk in the series and doesn't disappoint. Strong rugged alpha male (Risto) and kickass female partner (Calista/Callie) picks up just after bk 1.5 of the SSI series. Fun, sexy, fast paced action/adventure story with entertaining side characters that I hope to read about in future bks. Ren and Keely as well as a few other characters are mentioned from bk 1 and 1.5. Hoping Keely's brothers will find their partners as the series moves along. Bring on bk 3, the sooner the better.

  • Yesenia Gonzalez
    2019-05-24 22:11

    Another great suspenseful story.Calista is a famous model, when she isn't doing modeling she is raising her twin brothers who soon will be off to college. Thinking nothing of her last modeling job before returning to her normal life she gets more than she bargains for. Having a crazy paramilitary leader after wasn't was she wanted now he has an obsession with her and not letting her leave Colombia. Nothing else to do she calls her childhood best friend Keely who now works with her husband Ren in his security company. No one else available they send Risto Smith an operative who isn't easy to kill and knows his way around Colombia. When meeting the famous Calista he vows to do anything he can to protect her even protecting her heart from him. These two are thrown together on an adventure hiding out and finding ways to leave the country. She knew he meant something more the moment he saw her but was scared he wasn't enough. When they think it's safe for her he obsessive paramilitary leader is back in the states looking for her but this team he won't lose her. I love the SSI series great guys are finding strong independent women that know how to hold their own.

  • Renee
    2019-05-21 17:03

    I raved over the first book in this series, (Eye of The Storm) and was anxious to see if Ms. Michaels could produce another fantastic book.WELL... SHE DID!!!!!Cold Day in Hell is another rip roaring, exciting story with a heroine that is no shrinking violet and action, lots of action throughout. Cassie is a supermodel, raised by a marine father and childhood friends of Keely Walsh-Maddox and her 5 brothers. She is not one of those pampered ladies that are absolutely helpless and can't take care of herself. She has almost as much hutzpa as Keely but knows her limitations and is happy to let the big badass marine help her out when needed. Her "marine" thinks she is too good for him and should be protected at all costs. She decides he is her "perfect mate" and doesn't let him remove himself from her life. The action scenes are lip biting exciting and the sex... OO La La good.If I could give it 10 stars, I would. I loved it that much! <^_^>MS MICHAELS' BOOKS HAVE BECOME A MUST BUY IF NOT A MUST BUY RIGHT NOW FOR ME!I strongly urge you to get this book.

  • Ellen
    2019-05-06 20:28

    Wow.This was in my opinion way better than Eye of the Storm. The chemistry between Risto and Callie was so hot.Callie is a childhood friend of Keely's and if you read my review of Eye of the Storm I have mixed feelings about Keely. Callie has been trained and can use guns very well, but she is not necessarily better than any of the other characters who have been trained and she very much prefers to be an analyst as she isn't emotionally cut out for field work.

  • Diana Tan
    2019-05-04 19:19

    This is book 2 of Monette Michaels' SSI series and i love it!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, Monette's Eye of the Storm (book 1 of SSI series) is my favorite go to book. Ever! Cold Day in Hell is another breathtaking and spellbinding book. Full of action, suspense and romance, you will not want for more. . . Except the next book in the series. Go read this now. It's a must read!

  • Denise
    2019-05-09 18:22

    cant wait until the next one comes out

  • Monique Atgood
    2019-04-28 18:33

    (X + Danger + Alpha Y= !)First of all, let me say I’m a Monette Michaels fan. I love her other SSI book, and her sci-fi novel “Prime Obsession” is A+. However, “Cold Day In Hell” is a straight formula suspense novel. It’s a re-hash of the Cindy Gerrard Novel “xxx”. (X+ Dgr + AY= !), or take one super model (X), add Danger, plus an Alpha Man, and you get a combustible ‘danger danger let’s fight the bad guys novel’. But if you expect this going in, you’ll won’t be disappointed.SYNOPSIS WITH SPOILERS:Super model is lured to South America for the last photo shoot of her career. A local para-military leader informs her, she’s his and is not leaving the country. Bad guy tells her he’ll kill her little brothers back in Chicago, if she doesn’t cooperate. She phones her friend at SSI for help. They send an agent “Risto” to pretend to be her husband and get her out in one piece. Risto shows up, busts heads, he and Calista practically burn up the pages with sexual chemistry. He gets her out of the country then disappears. Two months later, he still hasn’t called. Calista has taken an analyst job with SSI and has cost the paramilitary leader millions by tracking down his dirty money for the US. But the bad guy goes after Calista again, so she turns to Risto for protection.Risto and his friends stake out his hometown and literally repel an army of mercs bent on killing Risto for revenge, and kidnaping the super model. Calista is a sharpshooter and serves as a sniper in the gun battle. The bad guys lose, good guys win, and everyone lives happily ever after.PROBLEMS:Calista feels the need to remind everyone in sight that she raised her “TWIN brothers” over and over. In some places, the dialog seems forced. For instance, Quote by Calista: “Once I find that laundry list, I’ll use my knowledge and skills to uncover some of Cruz’s other accounts.” Or when she reveals that she went to college on a full scholarship, Calista delivers the information like a shotgun instead in the course of the story or natural conversations.The Alpha hero Risto goes overboard on jealousy. A smidge of it is cute in a story, but his is so overt that is borders on possessive abuse. Come on, growling at everyone who looks at his ‘super model world famous’ girlfriend makes him look like a Chihuahua at a party. IMO, the love scenes were a tad too plentiful. OK. You can’t have a running gun battle that encompasses a whole town and not tick off the locals. There’s going to be damage, and even absentee home owners are gonna have something to say about it when they return. Was there any particular reason that they didn’t wait for the bad guys to bring the gun battle to the island where they could pick them off before they landed?GOOD STUFF:The novel was fun. I like the occasional ‘suspend reality and go with it’ novels. Who doesn’t like a heroine who can shoot dozens of men, and be an asset in catching bad guys with a computer?The chemistry between hero and heroine was ballistic. It’s fun when you see two characters who meet and practically self combust with heat. I loved that the town people got into defending Risto’s girl and that they have a hands on approach to civil defense.IMO: the first novel was better, but even though this one was really formulaic, I say go for it and buy it. Plus be sure to read the other SSI book.

  • MaryLennox
    2019-04-26 17:32

    3.5 starsWell, Monette Michaels finally did it right. I'm thinking she may have gotten a lot of flak for her previous heroine, Keely, and decided to remedy this situation with our present heroine, Callie.Short synopsis: Our heroine (frank, earnest supermodel) Callie, gets stalked by creepy Columbian paramilitary leader. Heroine asks for help from old friend Keeley, who in touch contacts SSI to get involved - which brings our hero, Risto, in on the scene. Risto 'saves the day' by escaping with her into the depths of the jungle and even though she manages to escape back to Chicago, the baddies follow her - yet again! Risto arrives after a routine "she's to good for me" abandonment separation and really saves the day in an epic outside winter battle. (I've gotta say, Monette Michaels really does a great job with the action sequences - quite possibly the best and most redeeming features of the books, alpha males aside.)Callie, unlike Keely, is not "practically perfect in every way" - she admits her limitations and goes with them. A breath of fresh air after reading about Keely. Now, diligent romance readers can willingly forgive the fact that she's a supermodel that just happens to know about tons of guns and shooting, etc. b/c her dad was Marine and oh yeah - she knows about/has been to all kinds of places on earth due to "her Dad's job" and numerous photoshoots. Sure, I'll drink that Koo-laid - but it got really repetitive, really fast when she kept mentioning "her Dad" this and "her Dad" that. Yeah, we get it. Your dad was MacGyver and he taught you to shoot. But to keep up with that after he passed - and to keep up with it while being an internationally known supermodel while going to college and 'raising' twin brothers? Yeah, my Kool-aid is starting to taste a little cloying here.But whatever, it's an escapist romance suspense novel, right?Never mind that parts of the story reminds me of my favorite Linda Howard novel (right down to the snake in the jungle bit - I tsked aloud at that), we have a great "escape into the jungle" set up and I really, really love those, despite how it's been presented.Story is simple - yet it's totally worth it for the jungle scenes and unbelievably hot interactions between our hero and heroine.Definitely give this a shot - I'd say, read it even without reading the first novel. It's much better and you don't even need to know that much back story since you'll be reading it mostly for the Jungle!Escape romance anyways.

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
    2019-04-27 21:28

    Reviewed by Whit@Shooting Stars ReviewsThe second book in this series begins with Callie getting the unwanted attention of a really bad man named Cruz who has threatened to harm her brothers if she doesn't go "be his woman" willingly. Callie needs to keep her brothers safe, so she calls her friend Keely for help since her husband is Ren, the owner of Security Specialists International. They send out Risto Smith to help get Callie home safely. When these two meet it's an instant attraction... Not only do they have to worry about everything around them, and the dangers, but also about dangers of the heart.This book was very good. It was written very well, and had a host of side characters that were just as awesome as the main characters. There was even an ICK scene with a snake, and I won't say more but I got chills just reading it eww... I loved Callie. She was a smart, independent, and sassy female who knew how to take care of herself. She knows she's in love with Risto but she also realizes she will probably never get more time with him than what she has while he's saving her. So she's not one to waste the time she does have, she lets herself fall into a blissful relationship with him. Risto thinks Callie needs someone better than him so he's determined to enjoy it while it lasts then get away from her. But he doesn't realize how hard that's going to be on him, especially when he learns Callie could be in more danger. I loved these two together. And I can not wait to read more in this series, it is full of romance, and tons of action!

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2019-04-30 23:18

    Another kick ass heroine.. Calista Meyers is a supermodel who was tricked into doing a fashion shoot in Columbia. What it really was a way to get her into the country where a bad paramilitary leader planned to kidnap her and keep her as his woman. After threatening her twin brothers if she attempts to leave the country she calls her childhood friend Keely Walsh and SSI for an extraction out of the country. SSI sends Risto Smith to rescue Callie. Risto has never met anyone like Calista before. She looks like a supermodel but was trained in warfare games and to be a sniper by her father and the Walsh's. This comes in really handy as Risto and Callie have a heck of a time getting out of Columbia. I love Ms Michaels kickass women. Once they make it out of Columbia Risto leaves her in Panama and disappears. Dumbass men always thinking they arent good enough.. After finding out that Cruz was kicked out of Columbia and is in the US after her she calls for help again.. This time Risto and team along with our sniper Callie set up to take the bad guys down in one bad ass shootout in the UP of Michigan. We do finally get to meet the DOD traitor at the end of this book (no not his identity) and he is pissed that SSI keeps foiling his plans and plans to take them out once and for all before they figure out his identity. Looking forward to the next book..

  • Jenny
    2019-05-27 19:07

    2.5 stars.I liked the romance between Calista and Risto at the beginning of the story. They had an interesting adventure in a few different countries together that brought them closer. Their dynamic was overall complimentary towards one another. I enjoyed Calista as a character because she was a strong woman that knew her limits in life. I think her personality was the prominent in this book and the previous book. I think Ms. Micheals developed her character well compared to the other characters. Calista was my favorite character in this story. Risto is tolerable most of the time and an idiot the other times. He is really alpha and quite hot headed. When he decided not to contact Calista after their extensive amount of time they spent together, I completely checked out emotionally to him. Even as the the story went on with the cliche ending, I still didn't like him. I will not be continuing this series due to the overactive alphas in this book and the lack of actions from the alpha in the previous book.

  • Kristen
    2019-05-06 23:19

    The five star rating I've given this book is based purely on my enjoyment when reading it and not how well written it was, how believable the characters were, or anything like that. I loved this book even more than the first in the series. For me it had everything I want in a book. Action, suspense, and romance with an over protective, very possessive H who had and wanted to take care of the h. The sex scenes were great to. If you are the type of reader who likes characters that are realistic you might not like the h because she has mad skills in this book. The h in the first book was the same way but that stuff never bothers me. I don't read books for reality. I can't wait till the next boom comes out.

  • Theresa Giometti
    2019-05-19 21:22

    A perfect mix of hot and sweet mixed with fast paced action.If there is one thing I love it is a strong and sexy woman who can keep an equally strong and sexy man on his toes. Callie is a fantastic heroine with a smart mouth and a steady trigger finger. Risto is a dominant male hero with a protective streak a mile wide. The two of them together is pure magic. This is the second in this series and I am totally hooked. I can't wait to read the next one!

  • Yvette
    2019-05-21 23:15

    I thought the interplay of the special ops and the model was interesting and fun. Well written. And I liked this one better than the first book in the series. Which means the next one should be awesome!BTW it has a very good shoot-em-up scene near the end, luscious locales, and hunky men. Ooh did I mention hunky men? :)

  • Mags
    2019-05-22 15:14

    This second book in the series, is another fab read. Have now read this story maybe 3 times, and each time I love it more. It is packed full of action, pretty much from the start and both main characters Callie and Risto are really likable, especially Callie whose transition from world renowned model to capable soldier is very believable and so is the relationship that develops between them.

  • Imagey
    2019-05-03 22:23

    3.5 stars

  • Marcella
    2019-05-15 16:18

    I love the strong female characters that are in this series while not as funny or snarky as the first book still a really good read

  • Ann (Noumena12)
    2019-04-30 18:14

    i love Michael's characters. Now in addition to the SSI team and the Walshes, I want to read more about Conn, Berton, Callie's brothers, and the others. Please write faster.

  • Nutnut (Lj) Ford
    2019-05-18 16:11

    fantastic 2nd book

  • Susan Urmston
    2019-05-24 22:32

    loved it

  • Paula
    2019-05-01 20:10

    It was just to obvious and "we are so brilliant at what we do" I couldn't continue reading.

  • Glenda Bettin
    2019-04-27 21:29

    wow I LOVE this series, keep them coming, can't wait for the next one. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent, a MUST read

  • Trina
    2019-05-11 15:31


  • Donna Salzmann
    2019-05-27 15:18

    Risto Smith is my all time favorite alpha hero. I enjoyed the story line and loved the way it moved along. This author has a way of grabbing you and pulling into the story from the first page.

  • Bobbie
    2019-05-04 15:20

    Fast paced adventure. Lots of action and romance. Dynamic characters and a great storyline. Super series.

  • Michele
    2019-04-28 20:09

    Good second book in the series. Not as much action as Eye of the Storm.