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After catching her no good cheat'n rat bastard ex-fiancé in bed with her best friend, Rowan Belmont leaves the mills and factories of the Midwest to move nearer her sister in San Francisco. After being robbed in Kansas City, she loses the money to complete her journey and she tries to pawn her engagement ring, only to find out that it‘s fake. Alone, broke, and on the edgeAfter catching her no good cheat'n rat bastard ex-fiancé in bed with her best friend, Rowan Belmont leaves the mills and factories of the Midwest to move nearer her sister in San Francisco. After being robbed in Kansas City, she loses the money to complete her journey and she tries to pawn her engagement ring, only to find out that it‘s fake. Alone, broke, and on the edge of giving up, Rowan hopes for a miracle. Marcel Champlain can't get the beautiful woman he met at the Kansas City hotel out of his mind. When she turns up at his family’s jewelry he knows that God has brought them together. He makes Rowan a job offer: Go with him to Freewill, Wyoming to open a new jewelry store and pose as his wife. With only three months to convince Rowan that she should become his wife in truth, Marcel intends to show Rowan that no other man on earth will ever love her as much as he does. Their time together may be cut short by when it seems like fate will take Marcel from Rowan all too soon and leave her once again alone in the world....

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Diamond Heart Reviews

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-01-11 08:47

    Reviewed by MollyBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookMs. Mayburn instantly captured me with this beautifully written historical novel. From the start, she fills the plot with beautifully chiseled characters, rich historical detail and words that come to life for the reader. Her story line completely captivated me,making me a part of the moving story of true love.Rowan Belmont is a character that you will quickly fall in love with! A young woman, innocent in all ways, of poor means and down on her luck, pretends to be a woman of propriety and means when she meets the devilishly handsome Marcel Champlain. Wanting him to like, if but for a time, she doesn’t tell him the truth about herself. But, after one kiss, can she risk telling him and trusting him completely, or will she forever walk away from him, never giving him another thought?Marcel Champlain, a respectable bachelor and handsome Frenchman knows the minute he lays eyes on Ms. Belmont that she’s the one for him. After all, his family believes in love at first sight. When he finds out he’s about to loose her, he comes up with a plan that will benefit them both….him by having a wife, and she by making money without loosing her respectability. But, can he convince her that she’s the one for him? Will his sham turn into truth before he looses the woman he loves?I couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful misfit and the sexy, charming Frenchman. The inner workings of these characters can be felt wholly by the reader; every emotion and thought becoming real. The passion that is shared between Rowan and Marcel is stunning; the trust issues Rowan has was absolutely strong. Watching Marcel convince Rowan of his true feelings had me wanting to trade places with Rowan! Sexy Frenchman full of passion-oui,oui merci!Definitely a book that I would recommend very highly to all historical romance lovers out there. You’ll be quickly captivated, swept away by passion and dying for more of Ms. Mayburn’s work! I can’t wait to read more by this fantastically talented author.

  • Melissa
    2018-12-26 11:31

    Do you believe in love at first sight? When Rowan and Marcel meet for the first time, sparks fly and love blossoms. But will they be able to trust in each other and share their past in order to make their love last?Rowan Belmont was orphaned at a young age but was determined to provide for her younger sister and herself, so she went to work in the mill. Because of her lower class upbringing and job, she was looked down upon in town. Marcel Champlain is the grandson of a jewelry making family who sought to expand their stores into new territory. When he meets Rowan, he believes that he’s found his soul mate. The challenge will be to get her to trust and believe in him.Diamond Heart is a classic western story filled with passion and thrilling characters. Rowan and Marcel have both been wounded in the past and are afraid to share their true selves with each other. Rowan was engaged to a man who ended up cheating on her, and her working-class status made her feel like an outsider. Marcel is determined to woo Rowan and open her heart to him.Diamond Heart has very steamy scenes that will warm your heart. As the characters learn to trust in each other, they begin to explore their sexuality. Rowan’s innocent exploration of Marcel’s body is written very intensely that you will feel as if you are right there. If you enjoy a wonderful western tale filled with characters that are willing to work hard to make their dreams come true, then Diamond Heart is for you. I loved the story and can’t wait to read more about Rowan and Marcel!

  • Gigi staub
    2019-01-19 05:37

    LOL...what Rowan calls her ex-finance is what I call my first husband...lolReview:One thing I love about all of Ann's books are the attention to detail and the obvious research she does into her period pieces, from the descriptions of the time and people to the overall feel of the book. Another great thing about this book and all of the others she has written is the cultural diversity of the characters. The story starts out as Rowan is traveling to San Francisco after her finance has taken her best friend as a mistress. When she gets to Kansas City her purse is stolen with all her money and by chance Marcel is there to help her gain entry to her room and convinces her to have dinner....there is instant chemistry between the two. Rowan lies about who and what she is to Marcel, but the lies catch up to her when she tries to sell her engagement ring to the jewelry store owned by Marcel's family. A bargain is made between the two and they travel to Freewill Wyoming to pretend to be husband and wife and to open a new jewelry store. The couple grow closer and the sparks continue to fly and the scenes between Rowan and Marcel get hotter and hotter.Love this book and cannot wait to see what else the series brings us

  • Kristina
    2019-01-13 04:44

    Diamond Heart is the first book I've read by Ann and I was not disappointed! Thank you for allowing me to review this wonderful story, Ann!Diamond Heart is a lovely tale that mixes historical aspects with romance with a hint of French flavor. It really is a great combination and a quick and addicting read! Add in some great characters like the hunky and charming Marcel and the strong, but distressed Rowan and you have one heck of a story. One of the best things about Ann's writing is that she really gets you to connect and feel for these characters!This story has such amazing descriptions of the character's surroundings. The intimate scenes were done amazingly! It is a magical story of love overcoming both obstacles and inner turmoil!Normally I'm not a big fan of short stories because they sometimes leave you feeling that the story was missing something or incomplete, but Diamond Heart left me feeling both happy and completely satisfied! I wouldn't mind reading more about the pair! This story was also quite fascinating! Ann did a good job researching the time period. I usually stick to paranormal romance, but I found myself enjoying this story a lot!I cannot wait to read more by the wonderful Mrs. Mayburn!

  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    2019-01-14 06:43

    Rowan Belmont has once again fallen on hard times. After finding her cheating fiancée in bed with her best friend, she decides to leave and go to San Francisco to stay near her sister. But luck isn't with her, her purse has been pickpocketed leaving her with no money and no key to her hotel room. But perhaps her luck is about to change when the handsome and well dressed Marcel Champlain offers her his assistance.This was such a sweet little story, Marcel was like a knight in shining armour helping a rather prickly but beautiful damsel in distress. In fact the only problem with Marcel was that he was too perfect! He was the ideal man personified, caring, sweet, sexy, patient, amazing with his tongue... What girl is able to resist that? Although Rowan gives it a good go, even she melts. I found myself really liking Rowan as well, she seems to put up lots of barriers but once you get to know her life story you can't help but sympathise. This was a great little romance, and although only a novella the connection between the characters was obvious and I found myself fully engrossed in the story, sad when it ended, and I now can't wait to read more of Ann Mayburn's writing.

  • Sheri
    2018-12-28 10:46

    When Rowan Belmont meets Marcel Champlain, her first impression is all wrong, and then they hit it off with amazing chemistry. She’s on her way to San Francisco after leaving her cheating ex-fiance behind, when she walks into Marcel’s family jewelry store and discovers everything she pinned her dreams on is fake, Marcel offers her an alternative. The chemistry between these two is beautiful. I’ve read a lot of Ms. Mayburn’s books and this is the first historical from her I’ve read and I have to say she nailed it. She does the Freewill line from Decadent Publishing justice. The characters were well fleshed out; they were multi-dimensional and very loveable. I loved Rowan for her courage despite the harsh life she’s lived, and I loved Marcel even more for loving her almost from the first moment he saw her and his massive amounts of patience. I recommend this story to the historical western romance lover, who loves stories with believable characters and an amazingly well developed world.

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    2019-01-01 11:33

    Rowan Belmont found her fiance in bed with her best friend. So she goes forth to move and try to start a new life. While on the way she is rob and left with now money. Rowan meets with Marcel Champlain who steps in to help her into her hotel. There he ask her to dinner and she accepts. Rowan thinking she won't see him again pretends to be someone else. After dinner he ask to see her again even though she says yes she knows she will be gone the next day. The next day she went to a jewelry store to sell the ring her fiance gave her. There she finds it is fake and also that Marcel and his family owns the store. There Marcel talks her into going with him to open a new store and pretend to be his wife for 3 months. After that he will pay her some additional money for the job. This is a really sweet short story that I truly enjoyed.

  • Madison
    2019-01-05 04:34

    Absolutely, without a doubt LOVED this book! I immediately fell in love with Rowan and Marcel. (Sorry no spoilers). Once I started reading Diamond Heart, I couldn't stop. These characters have a story to tell and they are chompin' at the bit to tell it. I look forward to reading every story about Freewill, Wyoming. I can't wait!!Travel from Kansas City to Freewill, Wyoming. Smell the fresh mountain air, take in the scenic mountains and meet the townsfolk. It's a place unlike any you've ever been to. In my personal opinion, calling it "Paradise" wouldn't do it justice. It is far beyond a name as simple as that. It emcompasses so much more. I guarantee you won't want to leave <3

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-01-16 07:47

    4 Stars and a Recommended Read!Diamond Heart is a sweet vignette, set in the American west in 1881. Rowan Belmont is stranded in Kansas City with no money and no way into her hotel room when jeweler Marcel Champlain comes to her rescue. Sparks fly between them, in spite of her efforts to keep him at bay and she ends up having dinner with him.To read Shadow's entire review, please visit http://www.guiltypleasuresbookreviews...

  • Babs
    2018-12-28 05:42

    You can catch my review over at Night Owl Reviews.