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No one knows where it came from.No one knows when it was made.But now, the greatest mystery in religious history holds the key to a present-day serial killer who devices savages, bizarre deaths for his victims.And only two American cops, following a trail that stretches from California to the Vatican, can expose the secret of the Shroud....

Title : The Turin Shroud Secret
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ISBN : 9780751547146
Format Type : Paperback
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The Turin Shroud Secret Reviews

  • Željko Erceg
    2019-05-07 01:45

    Istina je, knjiga će vas zaokupiti, dobar krimić, kratka poglavlja, stalno mijenjanje lokacije radnje, ... no na kraju ćete shvatiti da su neki dijelovi bili viška, odnosno da su nedovršeni. Što je bilo s onim, što je bilo s ovim, ... ma neće to biti bitno za rješenje priče, ali ćete se upitati - čemu se to uopće pojavljivalo, ako nije imalo veze sa ukupnom radnjom - moving radi movinga.

  • Miles
    2019-05-07 02:38

    I’ve just spent the better part of two days reading Sam Christer’s second novel – The Turin Shroud Secret – and I have to say it was two well spent days and just the tonic to cure my flu! This is another one of those books you pick up, read the blurb on the back cover and prey that what lies within is a thriller worthy of the genre. I absolutely adore religious conspiracy thrillers and although I don’t read as many as I would like this is right up there with the best of them. Obvious comparisons will surface comparing the book to Dan Brown’s thrillers but for me, Christer is a better and more believable writer – plus the fact he’s British earns him a few extra Brucie points!I remember reading The Da Vinci Code (illustrated version) a number of years ago and was completely mesmerised by the illustrated story and Christer has done something similar with The Turin Shroud Secret albeit on a slightly less grandiose scale – in terms of illustrations and colours I hasten to add – surely there’s a call to release a hardcover version in future publications? I’m a sucker for this combination but the illustrations – my own personal preference of course - add another level and although included sparingly in black and white in this paperback edition I’m being greedy and asking for more!There are two main themes - running concurrently - to this story, one where a team of detectives are hunting a serial killer called the creeper, a killer who has evaded capture for a very long time and with the body count increasing he leaves his victims wrapped in a shroud with very little to go on. On the flip side a murder of a well-known Hollywood screen writer leads protagonists Mitzi Fallon and Nic Karakandez to concentrate efforts in Turin Italy, a trail that increasingly leads Nic to question the provenance of the shroud.Full Review on my blog:-

  • Ingrid Hansen
    2019-05-08 21:01

    Denne her bog var en smule langsom om at komme i gang, men da den endelig gjorde så var der fart over feltet og den var fuld af overraskelser. Sam Christer har indfanget mysteriet om Torinoklædets tilblivelse på en rigtig god måde. I den religiøse verden er dette Kristus ligklæde og det er meget helligt.I ikke religiøse kredse så er dette klæde et falskneri af dimensioner og bølgerne går meget højt mellem diverse videnskabsmænd som mener at have løst mysteriet om hvem der virkelig er den rigtige ophavsmand til det og hvad det har været brugt til.I bogen møder vi vicekriminalkommissær Mitzi Fallon, mor med et par tvillingepiger og hendes fordrukne mand der har tendens til at bruge hende som boksebold, og hendes partner Nic Karankandez, enkemand til kone og lille søn, der har indleveret sin afskedsansøgning og som længes efter at komme ud og sejle i den båd han har sat i stand.De bliver sat på mordet af en berømt Hollywood manuskript forfatter Tamara Jacobs som er i gang med at skrive på et tophemmeligt filmmanuskript om Torinoklædet med sprængfarlig viden som der er en del mennesker der gerne vil stoppe for enhver pris. Specielt den katolske kirke.Udover det så møder vi en serie morder som mener at hans hånd er ledt af gud når han dræber sine ofre og svøber dem i et ligklæde. Han er for at sige det mildt parat til blive indlagt på den psykiatriske afdeling og aldrig komme ud igen.Læg hertil en lejemorder som er munk fra de fjerne bjerge i Libanon der gør det beskidte arbejde for den katolske kirke og myrder alle dem som får den rigtige vigtige viden om Torinoligklædet, men som skal holdes hemmeligt for enhver pris.Så har man en virkelig spændende og meget dramatisk thriller, som når først den kommer i gang ikke stopper før den når til slutningen hvor Nic Karankandez er returneret fra Torino med en lejemorder i hælene og seriemorderen tager fusen på alle inklusiv Mitzi Fallon.

  • Josephine (Jo)
    2019-05-15 00:47

    This was a book of two halves. The part set in Los Angeles where Lieutenant Mitzi Fallon is trying to solve the murders of women found wrapped in bed sheets as if in a shroud. Mitzi at the same time is suffering in an abusive marriage, she is eventually forced to take action and endure the embarrassment of her colleagues knowing of her home situation and also the anguish caused for her two daughters. So far so good, a gripping story that seems to be going somewhere. On the other hand the chapters of the book alternate, focussing on Mitzi's colleague who is sent to Turin to investigate the murder of a writer who has written a script for a film about the Holy Shroud. What had she found out that was so controversial that it meant that she needed to be silenced? Mitzi's colleague Nic Karakandez ends up travelling half-way round the world to try and find out. This is where things (for me) started to fall appart, I was waiting for some sort of plausible explanation to the mystery of The Shroud but oh dear! The author goes all around the houses to come up with what I found to be the most ludicrous idea. Take any historical character and then concieve a way that he could have been crucified in the same manner as the person on the Shroud image, then write the story, however far fetched, to fit the circumstances! Oh and along the way, manage to link it in with the DNA of the killer in LA! Well of course! Having read this book I now think I could make up a story, plucking someone from history, (Tutankamun, Rasputin, or The Bearded Lady, from a freak show, maybe Bluebeard from the fairy story) and simply say well obviously they were crucified and that is who is on The Shroud. I have a good imagination but however elastic it may be this book stretches it well beyond the limits of comfort.

  • Gaby
    2019-05-13 01:55

    В тази книга освен чертите на типичния трилър не търсете друго. Темата, послужила за основа, е доста интригуваща, тъй като се опира на реални исторически факти и открития, както много често е в този вид книги. Торинската плащаница (ленено платно, с което се смята, че е бил повит Христос след свалянето му от кръста) е обект на множество дискусии и научни изследвания и до днес. Да си призная, преди да отворя романа не бях чувала за нея и това ме подтикна да се поинтересувам по темата - има много материал (включително и снимков) в интернет по въпроса. Сюжетът се върти около разследването на поредица убийства в Лос Анджелис, жертвите на които са винаги жени, увивани в подобен саван. Разбира се, под повърхността тече и втора сюжетна линия, свързана с изцяло религиозното значение и важност на плащаницата. Това, което не ми хареса, е, че читателят знае кои са действащите лица и в двете, тъй като повествованието върви от първо лице на героя в съответната глава. Така се губи елементът на мистериозност и изненада. Някои разкрития излизат наяве чак в края, но все пак за мен съспенсът липсваше. Действието се пренася от САЩ към Италия, Франция, Швейцария. Динамично е, определено романът не е скучен. Но не е нещо, което ще остави трайна следа в мен.

  • Sharon Bolton
    2019-04-28 18:43

    In California, a particularly nasty serial killer is on the loose, wrapping his victims in shrouds and the detectives who are our main protagonists have to hunt him down. At the same time, a Hollywood screenwriter, about to hand in the final screenplay of a movie about the Turin Shroud, is also murdered. What dark secret couldn't possibly be allowed to make it to the silver screen? The writing is perfectly competent and the characters appealing enough, but the book rather left me unmoved. We know the identity of the killer from the outset, so the mystery surrounds the Shroud itself. What is it that led to the murder of the screenwriter's death? I finished the book some time ago, and to be honest, I can't remember. There will be inevitable comparisons to Dan Brown, but in my mind, he doesn't have much to worry about.

  • David Macdonald
    2019-05-13 00:47

    Not such a bad read really. Major down-turn for me was the moment a part of the action moved to Italy. The nice guy hero who had been well rounded-out as a character suddenly turns into a flat yank-in-Europe, we-don't-work-like-this-back-home type. Too many of the Italian characters have surnames of politicians and other public figures (giving the impression they were picked from hasty websearches) and they switch between veeery eeetalian ways of speaking (with occasional Italian words thrown in for "authenticity") to pure US slang. His understanding of Italians is very superficial and spoilt the book for me from that moment on. Perhaps a very personal view as I live in Italy.

  • Gigli
    2019-05-16 20:04

    Má to všechno. Osamělýho detektiva s traumatem, domácí násilí, papeže, nájemnýho vraha, celosvětový spiknutí, ujetýho náboženskýho psychopata a když už to vypadá, že na nějaký klišé se snad zapomnělo, je tu pořád prostor na poslední stránce. A do toho si autor asi myslí, že Šifra mistra Leonarda byla doopravdy. Ale musim přiznat, že ta turínský část byla vcelku napínavá a bavila mě. Takže na chatu dobrý.

  • James
    2019-05-14 21:07

    Good read nothing groundbreaking, nothing amazingly clever but i enjoyed it maybe the topic helped i`m interested in stuff abit dark and mean spirited like the crucifixion ! Will read his first book if i get chance but i kind of like slightly deeper tales than this

  • Sebastian
    2019-05-21 00:00

    Am Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles wird die Leiche einer Frau aufgefunden und die zahlreichen Verletzungen deuten darauf hin, dass das Opfer vor dem Tod brutal gefoltert wurde. Die Detectives Nic Karakandez und Mitzi Fallon übernehmen die Ermittlungen und identifizieren die Tote als Tamara Jacobs, eine aufstrebende Drehbuchautorin in Hollywoods berühmter Traumfabrik.Die Drehbuchautorin eines Verschwörungsthrillers wurde ermordet – wusste sie zu viel über das Turiner Grabtuch?Vor ihrer Ermordung arbeitete Jacobs an einem Film mit dem Titel “The Shroud”, dessen Handlung sich rund um das Geheimnis des berühmten Turiner Grabtuches dreht, in dem angeblich Jesus von Nazareth nach seiner Kreuzigung begraben wurde. Als Karakandez und Fallon am Set des Films mit ihren Nachforschungen beginnen, gelangen sie nur mühsam an Informationen, denn die Produzenten halten die Story des Films unter strengster Geheimhaltung. Wollte Tamara Jacobs in ihrem Drehbuch vielleicht neue Erkenntnisse über das Grabtuch enthüllen, die sie schließlich das Leben gekostet haben?Hohes Erzähltempo, blutige Verbrechen, spannende GeschichteSam Christers neuer Thriller “The Turin Shroud Secret” ist eher zufällig in meinen Händen gelandet. Ich hatte zum Ende meines London-Urlaubs noch ein paar englische Pfund in der Tasche, und weil ich keine Lust auf einen erneuten Umtausch des Geldes hatte, habe ich lieber das letzte Kleingeld in der Flughafen-Buchhandlung verprasst – vor allem, weil es dank nicht vorhandener Buchpreisbindung dort so unverschämte Angebote wie “buy one, get one half price” gab. Das Cover des Buches hat mich direkt angesprochen, außerdem kann man mich mit religiösen Verschwörungsthrillern und Locksprüchen wie “the most suspenseful and intelligent thriller since The Da Vinci Code” immer ködern…Man braucht bei dem Buch auch keine lange Eingewöhnungsphase, denn Christer liefert nach zwei Seiten schon den ersten Mord und macht im nächsten Kapitel direkt weiter mit dem Auffinden der Leiche der Drehbuchautorin Tamara Jacobs. Hier wird schnell klar, dass “The Turin Shroud Secret” nicht unbedingt etwas für zarte Gemüter ist, denn die Beschreibung des verstümmelten Körpers ist nicht ohne – und bleibt auch bei weitem nicht die einzige schwer bekömmliche Szene. In dem zügigen Anfangstempo geht es auch weiter, und an der Seite der beiden Detectives Nic Karakandez und Mitzi Fallon taucht der Leser ein in die schillernde Welt Hollywoods und darf auch direkt dem Dreh einer Filmszene beiwohnen. Diese Passagen sind gut geschrieben und liefern einen spannenden Blick hinter die Kulissen einer Filmproduktion, sind aber auch nicht mehr als schmückendes Beiwerk. Immerhin geben diese kleinen Einblicke aber Hinweise auf ein mögliches Mordmotiv, denn um den Inhalt des dort gedrehten Films wird ein großes Geheimnis gemacht. Die finale Drehbuchversion sei angeblich noch nicht fertig und nur wenige Leute kennen überhaupt den endgültigen Ausgang von “The Shroud”, darunter bis vor wenigen Stunden eben auch Tamara Jacobs, die für das Schreiben der Schlussfassung verantwortlich war. Vereinzelte Gerüchte deuten jedoch an, dass die Autorin offenbar mithilfe von wissenschaftlichen Analysen und unabhängigen Experten neue Erkenntnisse über das berühmte Turiner Grabtuch gewonnen hat und dabei offenbar eine bahnbrechende Entdeckung gemacht hat, die im Film enthüllt werden und in der Welt für Furore sorgen soll.Dan Brown meets Chris Carter…Klingt ein bisschen so wie “The Da Vinci Code”? Ist es auch ein wenig, denn gewisse Parallelen zu den Dan-Brown-Romanen sind unverkennbar. Nicht nur deshalb, weil sich Sam Christer mit dem Turiner Grabtuch ebenso ein religiöses Mysterium herausgepickt hat wie Brown mit dem Heiligen Gral, sondern auch, weil sich die Geschichten vom Aufbau und der Machart ähneln. So hat “The Turin Shroud Secret” z.B. ebenfalls viele kurze Kapitel und wechselt häufig die Perspektive. Mal begleitet man die beiden Ermittler, mal hört man ein vertrauliches Gespräch im Vatikan mit und mal begleitet man einen fanatischen Killer bei seinen wahnsinnigen Taten. Auch die Figur eines Auftragskillers in Mönchskluft erinnert doch stark an Dan Browns mordenden Silas aus “Sakrileg”. Allerdings ist Christers Roman noch einmal eine gute Portion blutiger als das offensichtliche Vorbild und wirkt daher manchmal so, als hätte sich Thrillerautor-Kollege Chris Carter (“Der Kruzifix Killer”) an die Überarbeitung eines Brown-Romans begeben. Wer also die Bücher von einem der beiden Autoren mag, bei dem stehen die Chancen nicht so schlecht, dass er auch an dem Grabtuch-Thriller Gefallen findet, zumal dieser handwerklich wirklich ordentlich geschrieben ist. Die knackig kurzen Kapitel animieren fast automatisch zum Weiterlesen und es ist jederzeit genug Action vorhanden, sodass man kaum zum Durchschnaufen kommt. Am faszinierendsten sind dabei wohl die Passagen, die sich direkt dem Thema “Grabtuch” widmen: Christer kombiniert hier geschickt Fakten mit Fiktion und gibt eine spannende kleine Unterrichtsstunde über die angebliche Reliquie. Toll ist auch, dass in dem Buch zahlreiche Fotos abgebildet sind, welche die Erkenntnisse der Figuren auch für den Leser gut veranschaulichen, sodass man sich leicht von dem Wissensdurst und der Neugier der Ermittler anstecken lässt.Sympathische Ermittler mit interessantem privaten HintergrundAuch das Ermittlerduo kommt sympathisch rüber, wenngleich der weibliche Part in Person von Mitzi Fallon deutlich interessanter geraten ist. Zwar hat auch Karakandez sein privates Schicksal mit sich herumzuschleppen, doch die Probleme seiner Partnerin sind hier deutlich origineller. Denn so tough die Polizistin in ihrem Beruf auch rüberkommt, so nimmt sie in den eigenen vier Wänden überraschend die Opferrolle ein. Ihr Mann lässt sich seit Jahren gehen und wurde wiederholt handgreiflich, was Mitzi an den Rand ihrer Kräfte bringt. Es ist sehr spannend zu sehen, wie sie mit der häuslichen Gewalt umgeht, zumal mir eine solche Ermittlerfigur bisher noch nicht untergekommen ist. Christer drückt hier aber nicht auf die Tränendrüse, sondern stellt Mitzi als fürsorgliche Kämpferin dar, was sie sehr sympathisch macht. Auch ihre Schlagfertigkeit gegenüber Vorgesetzten oder machohaften Kollegen sorgt im Verlauf der Handlung für so manchen Schmunzler.Schlussfazit:Man darf an “The Turin Shroud Secret” nicht mit den falschen Erwartungen herangehen, denn ein neuer Dan Brown ist Sam Christer sicherlich nicht. Zwar ist die Geschichte durchweg spannend und abwechslungsreich, allerdings entfalten nicht alle Szenen auch ihre beabsichtige Wirkung, so geht z.B. schon mal der ein oder andere ungünstig getimte Cliffhanger ins Leere. Außerdem wirkt Christers Geschichte manchmal etwas zu ambitioniert, da er für meinen Geschmack zu viele Nebenstränge anfängt und diese dann leider nicht ganz gelungen zusammenführt oder teilweise sogar unter den Tisch fallen lässt.Spannender, aber manchmal etwas überambitionierter KirchenthrillerNichtsdestotrotz ist Christers Grabtuch-Roman ein guter Mystery-Action-Thriller und punktet durch die sympathischen Hauptfiguren und das hohe Erzähltempo. Allzu viel Tiefgang sollte man zwar nicht erwarten, aber einen gehobenen Anspruch an sich selbst strahlt das Buch auch gar nicht aus. Wer religiöse Verschwörungsthriller mag und auch gerne mal einen Chris-Carter-Roman verschlingt, der kann mit “The Turin Shroud Secret” eigentlich nicht sonderlich viel falsch machen. Denn abgesehen von der etwas schwachen Auflösung bietet das Buch wirklich kurzweilige Unterhaltung.

  • Agustina
    2019-05-21 19:40

    No pude terminar de leerlo ni tampoco tenía intenciones de hacerlo:Primero que nada, nunca logré engancharme ni un poco con la historia, es una lectura tranquila, pero que nunca atrapa, y está narrada de una manera bastante tonta la verdad.Segundo, el autor se esmera demasiado por tener un trasfondo científico, policial y con repercusión internacional (en el libro), pero lo cierto es que no le sale bien.Tercero, a la edición de mi libro le faltan como la mitad a las ultimas 100 páginas, así que no tenía ganas de andar adivinando los hechos, datos y conversaciones que sucedían en mis páginas invisibles; y aunque me preocupe en buscar un pdf para poder leerlas, nunca encontré.Si no hubiera sido por el motivo tercero, tal vez terminaba de leer el libro, más que nada porque ODIO dejar libros sin acabar; pero con este no tuve otra alternativa. Peeero, igual como dije arriba, el autor no supo explotar la idea, qué es genial como temática de un libro, pero no la supo sobrellevar de una manera para atrapar al lector y hacerlo formar parte de la historia. Una lástima, porque tenía buenas expectativas para este libro.

  • Giuseppe Ruotolo
    2019-05-05 01:00

    I had this on the shelf so I gave it a go. Just something to pass the time. The story itself it's not too bad although I found myself laughing at the choice of names for the Italian characters. Gattuso and Balotelli (Famous footballers), Craxi(famous politician) Pausini(famous singer) and get this...Tom Hix! Well he wasn't the famous cowboy of old silent films (Tom Mix) but surely he could have picked a more credible one!The last Christer for me I'm afraid. Scott Mariani does this sort of thing much better.

  • Kally Sheng
    2019-05-26 20:08

    Good read, time killer, but towards the end the story stretches a bit too far to be believable.

  • Flemming Skorstengaard
    2019-05-14 23:58

    what a great storie

  • Graeme Stokes
    2019-04-30 18:55

    It is the most controversial religious icon in the world. No one knows where it came from. No one knows when it was made. But now, the greatest mystery in religious history holds the key to a present-day serial killer who devises savage, bizarre deaths for his victims. And only two American cops, following a trail that stretches from California to the Vatican, can expose the secret of the Shroud. From internationally bestselling author Sam Christer, published in 35 languages around the world, comes a thriller packed with relentless action, shocking twists and astounding research - the most suspenseful and intelligent novel of its kind since The Da Vinci Code... and so begins the blurb for Sam Christer's latest and second novel.The mystery of the Turin Shroud...links with the murder's of known victim's of America's latest serial killer, with the lives of two American cops by the name of lieutenant Mitzi Fallon and homicide detective Nic Karakandez. Can the Catholic Church survive the latest mysteries that just may surface to expose another of the word's greatest stories. Will a complex case be solved before all traces of evidence are destroyed linking the Turin Shroud tenuously to the serial killer. Will the lives of all protagonists ever be the same again. Will I wait with bated breath for the next novel by Sam Christer..."YOU BET" after all a good story is worth the tell, followed by the time spent over sunday brunch for a lively read. Believable story, please read as might I suggest some of the reviewer's should have done before posting.

  • Croatan
    2019-05-18 19:44

    While the pace of this book is really fast and the chapters are very short, which is really good and it makes you read a hundred pages in an hour or so, the plot of the book is almost idiotic. It seems that the writer doesn't really understands catholicism. The end is totally anticlimatic and strangely enough , oddly racistic. Neverthless the book is an interesting read up until two thirds of it, by then you can see that it leads to nowhere. Also i have to point out that the book seriously trashes italian carabineri which is one of the toughest police in the world, while on the other hand it presents american police as incredibly smart and witty, but they have never heard of calvary and they dont no what is a sloth??? If such thing doesntbother you than you would probably love this book holeheartedly. The carachterization is also a weak point since we dont even know how this caracters even look like.their strange names dont have basis in not one sentence in the book.

  • Pat
    2019-05-03 02:55

    I was prepared not to like this book. I thought it would be another Da Vinci Code and then after reading the first few pages and some rather gruesome descriptions of a murder I thought it would be some cheap sensationalist thriller. I was proved wrong. The characters were engaging, if a little typecast and the plot satisfyingly complex. Towards the end as the action heated up the author used a very clever technique of short chapters that jumped from one location to another to heighten tension. As one other reviewer mentioned two strands of the plot only linked together very loosely; it is rather 'fashionable' to take pot shots at the Catholic Church and the ending was somewhat unsatisfying but nevertheless I enjoyed it

  • majstoricamagije
    2019-05-21 21:07

    Kupila i ostavila, zaboravila, predviđeno ljetno štivo.... Ispostavilo se da je baš tako. Vjerojatno me ona fora s prebacivanjem radnje kroz poglavlja zadržala toliko uz knjigu. Nije uzbudljivo da otkida, ali sam ju ipak pročitala u relativno kratkom vremenu pa onda valjda ima nečega u toj dramatičnosti, prebacivanju i subtekstualnosti.Zanimljivo je izostavljanje ljubavne note. Ipak su naznake nečega najnapetije.Čini se kako ja imam problema sa ženskim likovima: ni ovdje me junakinja nije zadivila: bila bi i ranjiva i gruba.Ne mogu reći da sam ovdje nešto naučila, a to očekujem od knjige.Vjerojatno ću zaboraviti o čemu se radi kroz par mjeseci, ali je knjiga skratila dva kišna dana - i to je nešto.

  • Daniel
    2019-05-18 23:47

    A Hollywood writer is murdered and some how the Turin Shroud holds the secret. Two LA detectives are investigating the murder and the trail takes one of them to Italy while the other one stays at home and is drawn into another case. Mean while they are both dealing with personal issues.I like a novel that has several things going on at once and this certainly fills that bill.

  • Belinda
    2019-05-15 19:58

    Een reeks moorden brengt het geheim van de Lijkwade van Turijn aan het licht. Twee politiemensen in Los Angels proberen de moord van een in het water gevonden vrouw op te lossen. Zij was senario schrijfster en schreef een filmscript met de Lijkwade in de hoofdrol. Tussen het oplossen van de moord op deze vrouw zijn ook nog andere moorden verweven en de geschiedenis van de Lijkwade van Turijn.Een van de politiemensen gaat zelfs naar Italië om een van de wetenschappers op te zoeken die onderzoek deed voor de senario schrijfster. De schrijver verweeft mooi de hedendaagse geschiedenis in de geschiedenis van de lijkwade van Turijn. Wat ik ook sterk vond is dat de politieagenten mensen zijn en niet perfect. In het totaal niet perfect. Dat maakt het verhaal geloof waardig.

  • Yannick Serres
    2019-05-20 01:42

    *Traduction française*Le mystère du Suaire de Turin m'était inconnu avant la lecture de ce livre. J'ai trouvé l'intrigue très intéressante et j'adore les romans policiers qui utilisent des événements religieux réels. Dans le style de Dan Brown, ce livre m'a tenu en haleine du début à la fin.Je recommande ce livre à tous, mais principalement aux amateurs de livres portant sur les sectes religieuses et les crimes divins.Le Suaire du Turin, représente-t'il réellement le Christ? Quel prix en valeur humaine les religieux sont prêts à payer pour cacher la vérité ou pour défendre la relique de Dieu?

  • David
    2019-05-20 18:46

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I was expecting another run of the mill conspiracy thriller but this was actually well written. The idea of a secret order of hitmen under the control of the Catholic Church is slightly far fetched but it doesn't get in the way of the story. The conspiracy aspect is also paralleled by the hunt for a serial killer who believes he is doing God's work. The characters were a pleasant surprise. The suggestion as to the origins of the Turin Shroud may also seem a bit unbelievable but once again it doesn't throw the story off.

  • Nikolina
    2019-05-15 20:43

    What to say? I was thinking about giving 2 stars but...There is nothing much about Turin shroud...for ne, it seems that major story was about Shadow (read a review and found it was translated like Creeper! That's why I hate reading in Croatian. -.-) and his murders.If writer only chose to write about Mitzi and all that detective stuff, now that would be a book for 4 stars.But, the title is here only to attract people to buy this book. It was ok book, but had so much potential to be a veeery good book.And yes...184 chapters. Really? Some chapters were only half page long.

  • Лазар Јовановић
    2019-05-13 00:56

    This book had different effects on me during the reading. There were parts when I was amazed, but there were also parts where I was not quite "convinced" by the story. My overall impression was that "Turin shroud secret" was quite a satisfying read, but it is also evident that it had much more potential. The suspense was conducted nicely, like all the "high-octane thrillers" should be written, but the firm storyline connections were missing at some points. Once again, quite a good read, Sam Christer is definitely an author I am going to continue reading.

  • J.F. Penn
    2019-05-08 23:04

    I love religious mysteries and the Shroud is definitely one of them. This book weaves the historical evidence and theories with a modern day crime story that is fast-paced and interesting to read. I liked the characters of Mitzi Fallon and Nick Karakandez, the US homicide detectives. Their relationship and the personal dramas they have were well drawn and engaging. However, I didn't find the Creeper murders added anything to the Shroud plot and the link to the Shroud was tenuous. It felt like a device to make the book appeal to Americans.

  • Ivana
    2019-05-11 22:42

    Policajci Nic i Mitzi dobivaju slučaj ubijene scenaristice koja je radila na filmu koji je trebao otkriti tajnu Torinskog platna. Istraga Nica vodi u Torino, dok Mitzi ostaje u Los Angelesu gdje dalje istražuje ali i pokreće razvod od nasilnog supruga. Također se pridružuje kolegi koji rješava slučaj serijskog ubojice – Sjene. Knjiga je podijeljena na puno malih poglavlja, nekih jedva stranicu-dvije dugih, pa se brzo i lako čita. Autor ne ulazi previše detaljno u povijest platna, zapravo je sve opisano na svega nekoliko stranica; ali je svejedno knjiga kao krimić zanimljiva.

  • Petr Čapek
    2019-05-12 20:43

    Tajemství Turínského plátna je další kvalitní mysteriózní thriller z pera britského autora, který v sobě snoubí kvalitní detektivní zápletku se záhadami skrývající se okolo Turínského plátna. Určitě se nejedná o nezapomenutelnou knihu. Každopádně pokud si chcete zpříjemnit čekání na nové dobrodružství Roberta Langdona jedná se o vcelku příjemné zpestření žánru.

  • Dan Barbier
    2019-05-02 22:59

    Get ready to be drawn into a murder mystery spanning centuries and continents. Sam Christer us fast becoming a master of blending police procedurals with Dan Brown like historical suspense. He is also one of my favorite Author. I soon started to curse my job fir taking me away from this suspenseful story and I yearned for my next break so I could go back to Mitzi and Nic's adventures. 10 out of 10 thriller.

  • Laurence Bradbury
    2019-05-08 02:56

    An unusual writing style, written like a third person is watching the action and relaying it as a story. Two stories run side by side, one about a serial killer in the US and the other about an assasin commissioned by the vatican. An interesting read with some good research.

  • Annette Gisby
    2019-05-17 23:06

    It was a good story, so why only three stars? The whole novel was written in present tense (not a favourite of mine) and we got to find out who did what very early on. If it's going to be a mystery, at least let the reader find out who the culprit is at the same time as the detectives, not almost as soon as the novel starts.