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Kidnapped!Or that’s what it feels like to Kizzy Dean when a business disagreement with arrogant Greek lawyer Andreas Lazarides leaves her no choice but to accompany him to the Greek Isle of Rhodes. It doesn’t help matters this sexy brooding stranger, who is unaccustomed to the word No and the very idea of commitment, shows her what it feels like to be truly desired.AmidstKidnapped!Or that’s what it feels like to Kizzy Dean when a business disagreement with arrogant Greek lawyer Andreas Lazarides leaves her no choice but to accompany him to the Greek Isle of Rhodes. It doesn’t help matters this sexy brooding stranger, who is unaccustomed to the word No and the very idea of commitment, shows her what it feels like to be truly desired.Amidst the ancient myths and alleyways, tensions run high as Kizzy feels an immediate attraction for the man she wants to both ravage and strangle.Accustomed to gold-digging women, Andreas is mesmerized by Kizzy’s feisty nature and Gypsy beauty. Guilt and sorrow have been his only bedfellows since his sister’s death, but Kizzy stirs up a desire he’s unwilling to succumb to... until she makes him an offer he simply can’t refuse....

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Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire Reviews

  • Jennifer Probst
    2019-04-07 19:58

    I loved this book! Read it really quickly because it kept pulling me back. The hero is to die for - sexy, temperamental, alpha, just the way I like him! The heroine is feisty and definitely his match. Add in the gorgeous scenery of Greece, off the charts sex, and great characterization, and you have one perfect book!

  • Ursula
    2019-03-23 17:56

    Review written for, let me start by saying that this book is from a new line by Entangled Publishing, called Lori Wilde's Indulgence. It is described like this:"Lori Wilde’s Indulgence offers readers quick paced, exciting contemporary category romances. Whether funny, sexy, mysterious, edgy, or emotional, they showcase what it’s really like to fall in love in the twenty-first century. The 45,000-60,000 word category romances are written by fresh and hip voices in the industry. Hallmarks of the line will be rapid-fire dialogue, fast moving plot lines, sizzling sex, and realistic characters. Above all, the heartfelt emotions that speak to the way young people live, love, and work will be at the center of every story. Lori Wilde’s Indulgence will launch February 14th and will be priced at $2.99 per title."I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect from this when I began Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire. The hero really turned me off in the beginning. He was thoughtless, arrogant and a plain old jerk. Later on, we learn that there are issues in the past that lead him to behave this way, and we do get to see a better side of him but, by then it is almost too late. And while we, the reader, get to see that better side of him, the heroine...not so much. So, why is he so surprised when she doesn't behave the way he thinks she should? I was just so frustrated reading this book. I wanted to yell at the hero to pull his head out of his ass and start behaving like a human being.The heroine was not much better. I was dumbstruck that minutes after meeting him, she allows the hero to "kidnap" her away to Greece. It is not really a kidnapping, more of a threat that she caves into. He is testing her, sure she is a golddigger while she...I am not really sure she has a motive. It was like she didn't have anything better to do, so she went along with it. Yes there were the initial sparks and she was attracted to the big, hunk of man, but once he showed his true colors, I would have been running the other way. She just comes off as spineless and not being able to make her own decisions.That said, as I read on, the characters kind of grew on me. I was really rooting for Andreas to finally stop living on the past and see what was right in front of him. For all her shortcomings, Kizzy really did fall in love with the dumb galoot. When the inevitable happens, instead of that ending the story and having HEA, it is just a catalyst for more angst and drama. During the last 1/4 of the book, I really, FINALLY, felt for the characters. Then I realized, I had actually felt for them all along. Yeah, I thought Andreas was a dumb ass, and Kizzy was a spineless ninny, but the story actually elicited strong reactions from me. So I am not going to say I loved the book. But I didn't hate it either. In the end Andreas and Kizzy finally redeemed themselves.

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-03-25 19:12

    UPDATE!!!"HOT GREEK BILLIONAIRES ARE IN THE AIR!!! *SWOON*Ever since I heard about Rachel Lyndhurst’s new book Kidnapped By the Greek Billionaire, I was dying to read it. And then....I GOT IT!!! I was sooo thrilled and man, I am sooo glad that I read this because this was amazing!I was captivated by the sweet storyline, the sexy alpha male and of course the sassy heroine! This was definitely my type of book! Kizzy is a restaurant manager. Andreas Lazarides is a billionaire attorney. Now what do these two have in common?? They are stubborn as hell and funny as a monkey doing flips!! Kizzy is trying to convince Andreas to listen to her business plan so she can keep her restaurant going. But, as trustee of his mother’s will, and her wish to get rid of the place when she died, Andreas has no plans to listen to Kizzy. However, things take a twisty turn when Andreas proposes an idea of his own to Kizzy. With nothing left to loose, Kizzy accepts his proposal and begins a journey she had absolutely no intention of.I loved Kizzy! She was strong, full of passion, full of sass and she was in no way afraid of butting heads with Andreas! I loved that about her. Her feisty personality not only enthralled Andreas but also myself! LOL ;p Kizzy was such a nice change from the usual I-am-innocent-I-hate-you-But-love-you female protagonists. She had a mind of her own and even when there was trouble in paradise, she didn’t wallow or whine, she erected her spine and held her head high...and went with the flow!! A very inspiring quality to have in a female heroine! =)Then we have.....ANDREAS LAZARIDES!!! MMMMM....Yum YUm YUM!!! This man is absolutely hot, sexy, one fine piece of ass, spicy and everything a girl could ask for!!! And did I mention that he’s a billionaire!!?? Yeah...that alone is enough to wet my panties any day!! ;p I loved Andreas’ brooding personality and his...sexual teasing...OH HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!!! *fans self* That was just too hot...and if it doesn’t make you squirm even a little bit....double check to see if you are reading the right book!!! Cause Trust me..I would know....Mr. Lazarides will for sure for sure turn your dial up, all the way to extreme!!!As for their was very nice and slow! That’s actually a good thing. Throughout the book you really get to see the relationship develop from hatred to friends to just sex to love! It was very sweet and beautiful! What I really enjoyed about the book was that Kizzy wasn’t the only one who was struggling in the book, Andreas also had his past demons to fight before he could take that next step with Kizzy being in his life! Ms. Lyndhurst your characters were very easy to connect to, and having the characters face personal problems...was the icing on the cake for me! I LOVED IT!! =) And the ending...*sob sob sob*.....I think there is no chocolate cake on this planet that could be sweeter than this ending! However, I was a little scared for a second cause I was on the last 4 or 5 pages and they still weren’t together, but they pulled through! WOOT WOOT!! I was holding my breath and at the last moment it all left me in a rush! TEEHEE...XD A very sweet and will-bring-tears-to-your-eyes ending!! [I know, my eyes were positively teary! ;p]Beyond any doubt, I really enjoyed reading this book! It was cute, sexy, sweet and very heart warming! Ms. Lyndhurst I am soooo looking forward to reading more books written by you in the future! I just wish this book was longer and it was part of a series!! I WANT MORE HOT GREEK MEN NOW!!!! =) I definitely recommend this book to all contemporary romance lovers out there!!! Go get the book, you will fall in love!!! :)

  • Arlena
    2019-04-08 23:54

    Author: Rachel LyndhurstPublished By: Entangled PublishingAge Recommend: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRaven Rating: 5Blog Review For: Great Minds Think AloudReview:"Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire" by Rachel Lyndhurst was a real interesting romantic read. The storyline was very amazing with this alpha male and a very audacious heroine. I felt this was a enjoyable Greek romance with the history so incorporated into this story. It was very hard to put this novel down, the characters were all interesting people with lots of friction and of tension but all of it drew you into the story and the Book Cover isn't bad to look at either!Now for this story... The Greek Billionaire Attorney...was strange in that he was so arrogant and just a jerk especially at the beginning of this story...however, as the story develops... was this true of Andreas Lazarides? for Kizzy Dean...a restaurant manager who tries to convince Andreas of her business plan to keep Timi's business going, however, due to Andreas mothers' will he was not able to let this he kidnaps her....where this really becomes a proposition to get her to do as wanted.... so he gives Kizzy a offer and since she had no future going on in her life....she accepts his proposal and this is where this story takes off.So off they go to the Greek Island of Rhodes and Andreas starts to offer her opportunities she could not refuse....for Kizzy has no family and no job... and she was loving her surroundings and a ever growing desire to be with Andreas. There was a game being played... but just who was playing who? Wasn't this what Andreas had wanted all along? Their developing relationship had started very shaky... and now how will this end up..... between these two people? What you will see is a relationship that has develop from hatred to a friendship that turns into hot sex and then came love. For Kizzy was definitely Andreas 'Kadia mou' and now she was..... and what secrets were there? Now, I have told you more than I should have so now you will find out the rest of the story by picking up the excellent read you will find out just how novel will comes out and be ready for a unforgettable ending. I found "Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaires" a very marvellous read that was 'cute, sexy, and most of all loving' and if you are in for a good Greek romance then this novel is a good one for you.

  • Kathryn
    2019-03-31 18:03

    I have to admit that I *almost* gave up on this because the story seemed to hurtle along way too quickly, abruptly whisking the characters off to a Greek island at the end of Chapter 1. However, by this point, I already liked and felt for the main character of Kizzy Dean and was intrigued by the arrogant Greek lawyer, Andreas Lazarides, she meets in London. (If you want to read 'had the hots for' instead of 'intrigued', then that's your prerogative.)The characters each come to the story with a lot of personal and emotional baggage and the book touches on serious subjects but, ultimately, this is a fast and furiously sexy read with two appealing and attractive central characters, and you really do feel as if you are caught up in the passionate and tempestuous storm that strikes whenever they're together. This is Rachel Lyndhurst's debut novel and I will definitely be looking out for more from her.

  • Sheryl
    2019-04-10 20:22

    Right, so i've read better stories involving Greek millionaire's BUT i've also read worst. (view spoiler)[I so did not like Kizzy; i understand that her character was portrayed as naive but when some Greek millionaire that you have just met, tells you that you have to follow him to a Greek island, buys you a new wardrobe because he didn't allow you to pack anything and doesn't give you your passport back, how can you NOT THINK that he want's you to be his mistress??!! Really, there is naivety and then there is stupidity and unfortunately for me Kizzy came across as the latter. And Andreas didn't inspire me to feel anything for him either! He came across as very wishy-washy. (hide spoiler)] Not a bad effort, but it fell flat for me in the end. Sorry.

  • Kiru Taye
    2019-03-23 20:24

    An enjoyable read. I loved Andreas--dark, tortured and alpha. *big wide grin here* And Kizzy was just adorable. I'm looking forward to more books from Rachel.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-04-08 20:18

    My Review:The Kidnapping: after months of harassing Andreas about a business decision that will leave Kizzy without a home or job, she finally tracks him down at the London Eye and ambushes him. He's afraid that she's going to spill the beans about his plans to demolish her beloved restaurant, so he "kidnaps" (i.e. insists she accompany him) to Greece. She has no time to pack, plan, or anything. Then when they arrive, somehow he keeps her passport and since she's there with no planning, she's stuck with him. It was a strange scenario which left me questioning several things, so I think the start threw me off this book from the very beginning.Unfortunately, this is not a book that I connected with. I didn't understand these characters or why they acted the way they did. At times it was frustrating to me because they didn't act consistently or even with basic common sense. I just didn't understand why they did what they were doing over and over again. I was constantly shaking my head in wonder. I can only assume that I just didn't understand these characters because it seemed to me they were acting one way one minute and then turning around and acting the complete opposite the next. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the writing or the scene set-ups. For me, the issues that I found difficult in this book were entirely through the character development. Maybe this was an issue brought on by the fact that the characters were ones that I personally didn't connect to? I don't know. I just know that their actions were distracting to me and hurt my overall enjoyment of the story. But it wasn't all bad. The writing style was engaging and the author knew how to paint a picture with words. Most of the book takes place in Greece and was beautiful the way the scenes were written. I could picture every scene perfectly and was entranced by the beauty of it. I didn't connect with the characters, but that doesn't mean that you won't.

  • Romancing the Book
    2019-04-06 00:04

    Reviewed By~DesereReview Copy Provided By~PublisherThis was one of the most enjoyable and delicious Greek books I have read in a long time. I loved the way the author incorporated history and art into the book. Not to mention that there was not one scene that I found too overwritten or in the least boring. I also loved that Andreas's character was the strong, dominating and ruthless kind of hero who falls to his knees at the hands of a very interesting female character.The passion between the two main characters was so stunningly written and gorgeously blended with the rich history of Greece, better than I have ever seen done in any book featuring a Greek hero.I also truly liked how the author spiced up the book with some very memorable characters like the luscious Liz and her Australian beau. That I really hope Rachel blesses us with Liz's story.

  • Sally Clements
    2019-03-26 23:11

    Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire is a great read. The hero, Andreas is not only 100% alpha, but is also tormented by issues in his past, that he is forced to face. His journey is well mapped in this romance, and over the course of the book, I began to like him more and more, as he stepped up to confront his demons. The heroine, Kizzy, is a perfect match for him. Feisty, gorgeous (of course), and with her own tumultous history to overcome. Their journey together, set on a beautiful Greek island, was masterfully told. The author has the ability to really bring place and people alive through her evocative use of language - really lyrical writing. Oh, and it's hot, did I mention that?Altogether a much recommended read.

  • Judy Jarvie
    2019-04-14 20:07

    If you like your men Greek, powerful and hot and your reading matter to be escapist fantasies - Rachel Lyndhurst is your fairy godmother because she creates a hero here with oomph and sizzzle. This is a fast-speed romance adventure in Lindos, Rhodes that'll leave you breathless, bowled over and utterly smitten. Andreas is a hard, tough alpha but his soft side is cleverly done. A book worth reading soon.

  • Melissa Maxwell
    2019-04-19 18:58

    This book was surprisingly good. Kizzy and Andreas did not start off on good terms but upon learning about the other and their past they grow to love the other. He stole her lively hood and offered her to be his mistress but love grew. Pregnancy sped up the relationship while also throwing it off course. It ended well though I wished for an epilogue that went farther into the future.

  • Gina Dickerson
    2019-03-29 17:54

    I found this to be fun, intriguing, and entertaining. I think Rachel Lyndhurst crafted the characters very well and I just wanted to keep reading to find out what happened between Kizzy and Andreas! The descriptions of the surroundings created vivid pictures and were crafted into the tale really well, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will definitely be looking out for more by this author!

  • Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥
    2019-04-12 17:06

    I wouldn't quite say this is amazing but I loved it so a good 4.5 stars from me. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, I got drawn in straight away and have to say I have a soft spot for anything to do with Greece and this didn't disappoint, sexy, fun and a good romance.

  • ❃ Brandy ❃
    2019-04-11 23:22

    Great book! I thoroughly enjoyed it - 3.5 star, not quite a 4 in my book, but definitely a good read. I rated it a 4 because I didn't want to short change it. I would recommend this book to other people. It's a short read, so it doesn't take a lot of time to get through it.

  • Mabessa
    2019-03-26 17:09

    I want my own greek billionaire totally loved this book. once ive landed on the mid part of the story... i cant literally stop my self. I almost skipped a class... i didnt. tho, it would have been totally worth it.

  • Lisa Barker
    2019-04-04 20:01

    I enjoyed this book!! Great read.

  • Bdtucker
    2019-04-09 23:19

    Good read!

  • Helene
    2019-03-19 16:17

    It was a good romantic story

  • Nancy
    2019-03-23 16:58


  • Carol
    2019-04-11 16:58

    A good quick read

  • Sherry Alladin
    2019-03-22 23:01

    Love can heal all wounds,

  • Angie
    2019-04-19 18:19

    The title of this book immediately drew me to the book. Kidnapped! Greek! Billionaire! Entangled! No secret baby (sorta) and no Sheikh, as a classic Harlequin stereotypical book, but it sounded like a nice romance as a change of pace. I liked the beginning sample chapter. It begins with Andreas as an ultra alpha jerk and Kizzy (unusual name) as a quirky down on her luck heroine. When Andreas first met Kizzy, his personality seemed to soften and I liked the idea he was taken by her and might be a different man with some weaknesses from how he was introduced. As soon as I purchased the book, his personality immediately went past jerk to asshat. I mean, he was insulting and hateful - almost unredeeming for so early on in the book. I continued on with the story because I was excited about his transformation and Kizzy bringing him to his knees. His asshatery even escalated to I-don't-know-what. Several times he treated her like a prostitute by paying off her shark loans and offering her the job as his mistress. She didn't really react right away to that offer and actually engaged in some sexy time with him instead. After she's taken care of (wink wink), then she's appalled. But not for long. There really wasn't a kidnapping. He tells her (which he does a lot) she will go with him to Greece because he's getting rid of her tavern, where she also lives, after he purchased it from common friends. She goes with few reservations and her only concern is she doesn't have a change of clothes. I think it's one other time he decides to pick up and go to another home and she just goes with the flow. This guy says some flat out cruel things to her. Then he takes her virginity (and he seems kind of put out that why didn't she tell him) and he seems to transform and become this nice guy. They spend a night giggling and talking, but that is so at odds with his personality a few pages earlier. Most of these moments are off-screen and several weeks seem to go by with him coming and going from the island as he continues business trips. THe time jump off-page was confusing to me. I could really live with Andreas's personality as I love a good and dirty alpha. But Kizzy is beyond stubborn, whiny and childish as the book goes on and also seems at odd with the determined and spunky young woman at the beginning. Which was an unfortunate combination for me with Andreas's split personality. I loved the idea of this book, but the character's personalities kept me from connecting with them. I recently read A Sicilian Engagement and really enjoyed the book. I'm a closeted fan of the billionaire books and really like the author's pattern of heroes being from Italy, Greece, etc. All this to say that although I did not enjoy this story, I want to continue to read her books and look forward to going through her backlist and upcoming releases.

  • Evie
    2019-04-19 16:06

    If life weren't a beach(you know what I mean)there wouldn't be misunderstood hearts and souls that would meet when least expected, make up, and fall in love forever and a day. That is the story of Andreas and Kizzy.Andreas is a demanding, no non-sense, do as I say or else kind of guy, very manipulative. Yeah, my total kind of guy in romance stories-- that is (real life is another story all together for me, LOL). He's a busy business man, who's built his fortune with real hard work. The golden bow on top? He's more than just handsome. I mean, the man is Adonis. Beautiful dark eyes, hair, tanned, and a body to die for. Needless to say, women throw themselves at him, if he so chooses he can have his pick of any of them, any time he wants to. When he tires of them, he discards them without second thought (yeah, he can be a jerk and nice about it too HA!). He doesn't want any kind of long standing attachments, or anything serious, just a nice fun ride. That is all great and good until Kizzy stumbles upon him by chance. She doesn't know him, but he does her. Kizzy is a sweet, naive, and sometimes insecure kind of girl. She can be witty at times too. She has no family to speak of, and the only one thing she has left is now being taken from her. She's not about to give it up without a fight, and that is when she's unexpectedly kinnapped to a place that should only belong in dreams. Add the most beautiful man to that and she's in heaven. This story left me speechless. Andreas and Kizzy are broken souls whose past has left scars in its own way on them both. Because of those scars they're afraid to open up to each other. However, their untold secrets are the magnet in their attraction for each other, and the way out of what's been their empty and almost miserable existence up until now. The characters go thru a set of emotions, and gradually open up to each other. In each other's company they learn to mend their broken hearts and souls, accept who they are, and what they truly feel and mean to each other. Yes, Andreas is very, very, very manipulative... but Kizzy teaches him a lesson. A good lesson at that, mind you. I truly enjoyed this book. Rachel's Greek Billionaire (Andreas) can kidnap me anytime. Hey, I'll go more than just willingly. P.S. From now on, every time I talk to my tech at work, whose name is Andreas too, I'm afraid the Greek billionaire Andreas will come to mind. Too bad my tech doesn't have the looks or the billions.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-04-09 00:24

    Kizzy Dean sunk her savings into a restaurant she managed which is owned by the Greek Billionaire, Andreas Lazarides, and now Andreas has closed the restaurant down. With no money or future prospects, Kizzy is determined to hunt Andreas down and demand a chance to turn the business around. She meets him, not knowing it is him, and then lies about who she is. Andreas quickly figures it out, and annoyance comes out on both sides. When Kizzy threatens to tell the recently retired owners of the restaurant what Andreas has planned, he freaks out. In no way does he want the retired owners to know. In order to make sure Kizzy doesn’t run off to tell the retired couple, Andreas decides to keep Kizzy close by him while he can hammer out a legal document to keep her mouth shut. They only way he can do that is to make her come to Greece with him.So these two have known each other for mere minutes, and Andreas tells Kizzy she must go from London to Greece with him. And her first thought is, I have no spare clothes. I figured she was going to be kidnapped since it is in the title, but it didn’t make sense. I mean, she isn’t really kidnapped – she willingly goes – but why? I get she now has no money or house etc..but you are going to go to a new country with a complete stranger?? Without a second thought?And on the boat, still the same day they meet she says:“I wish I could afford to walk away from all this,” Kizzy hissed, standing motionless on the stone steps. She continued to stare into the abyss of his exacting gaze. “Away from you.”“Well, I do believe you can’t.”He pulled her firmly downward by the wrist, ensuring that she fell into the unyielding cradle of his chest and upper arms.And then they end up kissing. Meanwhile, I found Andreas kind of a skeevy hero.I felt like he was taking advantage of Kizzy and she wasn’t smart enough to realize it. Honestly, I only made it to about the 30%ish mark, so he still had time to be redeemed, but I didn’t care to find out how or if it happened.

  • Elena
    2019-04-07 22:12

    At the beginning Andreas was a bit intense tending towards being douchy. Thankfully, when he starts interacting with the heroine his character develops and so we end with a magnificent alpha male specimen, woohooo. Now as for Kizzy Dean, I think she was a good heroine she wasn’t a pushover, actually took her time to think and make decision, but at the same time never sounded as a whimpy or spoiled childlike heroine. They made a cute couple; Kissy was honest enough that she chose to take advantage of the no strings attached romance that Andreas was offering. When Andreas acknowledges his feelings for her his own insecurities causes him to push her away but in true Indulgence fashion they both patch things up and they live happily ever after

  • Mónica Colon
    2019-04-12 20:02

    So first of all i wont even give this book a star because it really doesn't deserve it. The whole story had me rolling my eyes at every page I only finished it because l had already lost time reading it and to be truthful i had hopes the story would get better. So the guy is this big sexy greek god that with a serious attitude problem and the girl lead is this girl that the author tries to portray as a "feisty " "independent woman" but in reality the girl is another cinderella story. Another story of a submissive woman in debt that is rescued by a billionaire. Make her a prostitute and we have ourselves "pretty woman" with a greek setting. After reading this l feel as if i have lost a few brain cells. Truly awful I don't recommend it.

  • Kristine
    2019-04-17 18:05

    I enjoyed reading this like I have in The Spanish Billionaire's hired wife. I thought I'd never get over Andreas and Kizzy's hardships in life especially Kizzys' but I don't want to pity her, instead I admire her strong will to live and continue on with her life without needing anybody to lean on. At first I hate Andreas because of his attitude but as the story goes on, I finally understand why he is like that. They're perfect for each other. :)

  • Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)
    2019-04-09 23:24

    3.5 starsI found most of this book compulsively readable, but the angst was piled on too quickly and too thick near the end. While I enjoyed my time in the Greek isles, I found Kizzy's lack of faith in Andreas irritating, and Andreas' decision to push her away to save her from heartbreak a bit over the top.Full review soon at

  • Shaine
    2019-03-23 00:24

    kidnapped? haller!?! it's not like he forced her to come with him! and why again did she come with him? gah! i feel stupid reading this! i really cant relate with kizzy. i thought she hates the guy but said nothing when he kissed her. i will not continue reading this because i can almost feel my brain cells dying with each turn of page.