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Monstrous transplants. Appalling amputations. Bizarre implants. Nightmarish forms of body enhancements. Disturbing, perverse, often gut-wrenching stories--all between the covers of this anthology. Here are 20 tales by some of today's best horror, suspense, and science fiction writers, including Graham Masterton, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, Michael Laimo, Lisa Mannetti,Monstrous transplants. Appalling amputations. Bizarre implants. Nightmarish forms of body enhancements. Disturbing, perverse, often gut-wrenching stories--all between the covers of this anthology. Here are 20 tales by some of today's best horror, suspense, and science fiction writers, including Graham Masterton, John Shirley, Scott Nicholson, Michael Laimo, Lisa Mannetti, L.L. Soares, Armand Rosamilia, Aaron J. French, Christopher Nadeau, Michael Bailey, Adrienne Jones, Charles Colyott, J. Gregory Smith, Michael Louis Calvillo, Jezzy Wolfe, Jonathan Templar, P.I. Barrington, Elliott Capon, Rob M. Miller, and Weldon Burge. The stories are not for those who are faint of heart or squeamish, or who are easily offended by nasty language, bloody violence, and freakish body augmentations. You've been warned!"If director David Cronenberg edited an anthology, this would be that book." -- HORROR WORLD"Hardcore studies of shocking monstrosities that will enthrall and entice even the most hardened horror fan." -- FANGORIA"This anthology will not let you down!" -- TALES OF HORROR Michael Bailey - Bootstrap-The Binds of Lasolastica Michael Laimo - Idol Adrienne Jones - Unplugged Charles Colyott - Comfort Christopher Nadeau - You With Me Scott Nicholson - The Shaping J. Gregory Smith - Something Borrowed John Shirley - Equilibrium L.L. Soares - Sawbones Aaron J. French - Whirling Machine Man Graham Masterton - Sex Object Michael Louis Calvillo - The Sad, Not-So-Sad, Ballad of Goat-Head Jean, Ambivalent Devil Queen Jezzy Wolfe - Locks of Loathe Elliott Capon - By Hook Armand Rosamilia - Creeping Death Lisa Mannetti - Paraphilia P.I. Barrington - Independence Day Jonathan Templar - Marvin's Angry Angel Rob M. Miller - Change of Heart Weldon Burge - Hearing Mildred...

Title : Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!
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ISBN : 9780984787609
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Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad! Reviews

  • Vix
    2019-03-20 16:05

    Bootstrap by Michael Baily: great concept regarding cloning, just a bit too detailed in the IT stuff at the beginning lost me a bit until it stretched out the information overload and turned into a really great story telling, then it wanders off into the technobabble again. The actual horrid is hard to pin point; the imagination does go into overdrive a bit at the missing byte! Less technobabble would have made this story a 5*Idol by Michael Laimo: when does imitation become more than flattery? When you need a replacement?! Great details delve you into the weirdness, but it only more weird, gross and weird!Unplugged by Adrienne Jones: OMG I love this story, I was disappointed when it ended! Alien transformations, brilliant brilliant!Comfort by Charles Colyott: this reads like a sad story of a man who loves he mother to the deference of is job, marriage, friends…. Only in the last paragraph do you reach the horror of a mother’s comfort, truly gross, but a great story.You With Me by Christophe Nadeau: you can feel the horror coming on this one, like little flickers of light at the corners of your vision…. You don’t quite want to look the whole way! Nothing prepares you for the ending, but it is a good one! Nothing says I love you quite like this!The Shaping by Scott Nicholson: in a strange world of Critiques, Editiors & Artists the sorrowful artist gives blood, sweat and tears to his final masterpiece, but is it enough to gain him the thumbs up though? A very weird concept with lots of strange word play – a masterpiece in its own story telling, what a talent Scott is….Something Borrowed by J. Gregory Smith: really enjoyed how this bubbled away, giving you flashes of what horror is on its way! I was so not prepared when this went full 3HD on me! A story of a nip and tuck too far?Equilibrium by John Shirley: loved the idea of body form cars! But that was all I really liked about this! This author was all over the place for me, even now Im not sure what it was supposed to be about.Sawbones by L.L.Soares: WOW – a body modified hit man gets visited by a “ghost”. This was an excitingly played out story, definatly one of my top 3.Whirling Machine Man by Aaron J.French: great story telling of an intriguing idea; torture, amputation, spirits etc shame it never went anywhere.Sex Object by Graham Masterton: This must rate as the most disgusting story of the book. How far does a woman go to change herself to please a husband! Riveting but revolting!The Sad, Not so Sad, Ballard of Goat-head Jean Ambivalent Devil Queen: wow really felt like I had been on a mushroom trip with this tale of murderous boyfriends, satanic rocks and the desire for perfect breasts! Can’t really tell you what the story was trying to say but I did feel bedazzled, dizzy and WTF happened at the end, but in a good way!Locks of Loathe by Jezzy Wolfe: it was the hair what done it!! A murderous tale of revenge via hair! Well written with an exciting ending!By Hook by Elliott Capon: a sailors tale with a curse to boot. Nothing special in this story for me, a tenuous link to the pirates hook.Creeping Death by Armand Rosamilla: stranger than most! A girl obsessed with tattoos becomes protected from Death! Written so you get a shudder at the end.Paraphilia by Lisa Mannetti: short and viscious, you get lulled into this sad girls story only to get slapped as the ending hits you. Very clever writing!Independence Day by P.L. Barrington: hard to describe really – crippled man uses a shamen Dr to fix his body which then turns on him. Just never really explained why….Marvins Angry Angel by Jonathon Templar: how funny that a new trend would be to get an Angel attached to your shoulder, literally! What happens when that Angel gets pissed off though; funny, short and not so angelic!Change of Heart by Rob M. Miller: Ewwww Ewww double ewww! A withc of a mother in law comes to dinner. The final paragraph is the killer – yucky ducky… brilliant!Hearing Mildred by Wheldon Burge: ah the wicked evils of TV and not reading enough! A cute little tale that made me smile.You really get your moneys worth in this brilliant anthology!

  • Tiffany Cole
    2019-04-07 16:49

    Zippered Flesh is an anthology with 20 short stories. Each story involves the same plot element, body enhancements gone bad, but the similarities end there (though there are a lot of stories where cancer takes a loved ones life). Characters vary from scientists determined to advance their experiments regardless of morality, unconventional supernatural creatures, a detective, an alcoholic druggie, and much more. Some stories are in the present time, others go back as far as the 17th century, and there are even one or two stories in alternate worlds or the future. Though I enjoyed some stories more than others, they were all well-written and creative. Nine stories really stood out to me, with seven getting two stars and two getting one star (I use two stars to mark the stories that blew me away and one star to mark stories that I really liked). In Comfort by Charles Colyott, watching William's life fall apart due to his unhealthy devotion to his obese mom is both incredibly sad and incredibly scary. The stalker in Equilibrium by John Shirley has an obsession with balance and 'jokes,' and his theories and explanations are all mind screws. Though I'm usually not a fan of detective stories, Whirling Machine Man by Aaron J. French grabbed me in with its creepy, mystical fantastical elements and held on. Sex Object by Graham Masterton startled me with the woman's willingness to make her body little more than a set of vaginas for her sick husband, while Locks of Loathe by Jezzy Wolfe - a story about how far a person would go just to have 'perfect' hair - is a story that was full of surprises. However, I think it's only fitting that the first story and the last story stuck with me the most. Bootstrap - The Binds of Lasolastica by Michael Bailey is a futuristic sci-fi story that takes on the following questions: How large is the mind of man? Can a mind be successfully cloned? Victor is the scientist attempting to push the limits of the human mind by digitally storing the entirety of Bill Chevsky's mind. Bill Chevsky is willing to be the first man to undergo this experiment because he has lasolastica, an incurable cancer. If the experiment goes well, he can simply transfer the digital data of Bill's mind to another mind and another body. That way, he can live in spite of the disease. However, the focus of this anthology is 'body enhancements gone bad,' so you know that something has to go wrong. Inititally, I was afraid this story would just confuse me due to all the scientific terms, but halfway through I realized the scientific terms didn't make the story complicating at all. You could still understand the story without understanding anything whatsoever about the terms. Plus, it just made it all that much more realistic. I loved the characters, the discussions, and, most of all, I loved the ending. I feel sad for both Victor and Bill every time I think about how it ended. While Bootstrap was a great way to start this anthology, Hearing Mildred by Weldon Burge was also a marvelous way to end it. Mildred Mayfield, Harold's wife, died of a raptured aortic aneurysm, leaving an 80-year-old Harold to live on his own in spite of his son William's insistence that he should move to a retirement home. One day, Harold starts hearing his wife through his hearing aids. At first it's comforting to hear her again, but she's so attached to the house that she endlessly talks about nothing else. No other story was as lighthearted and funny as this one. Starting Zippered Flesh with a sinking feeling of sadness and fear and ending it with a smile is the best way to go. I LOVED this anthology. Reading through it was like riding a rollercoaster in a haunted house, and anybody who knows me knows that I can't get enough of wild rollercoasters and haunted houses.

  • Shannon Winward
    2019-03-21 00:03

    I just finished reading Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad!, edited by Weldon Burge of Smart Rhino Publications.Weldon is my friend, critique partner, and fellow member of the Written Remains Writers Guild. He's nice, too - but all of these things are totally irrelevant. You need to check out this book.Anthologies by small presses can be iffy, but I knew going in that this one would be a high-quality collection. Weldon is a born storyteller; his writing is always compelling and inventive, rendered with equal parts humor and horror. He’s also a fine critic, with an eye for what moves a story.So I was not surprised to find that all of the writers included in this anthology are good writers, including some award winners and industry favorites. The prose is professional, the stories well-crafted. Each author proves adept at drawing the reader through their particular tale of biotechnological terror.Overall, Zippered Flesh is an entertaining read. The stories are just long enough to consume one or two in a sitting, in between the demands of normal life. Or, if you’re looking to curl up in bed for an evening of good, old-fashioned macabre pleasure, you could devour the book in one bite. All told it took me a few days.The selection of stories is well-considered. When you think “body enhancements”, you likely think science fiction, but Zippered Flesh doesn't stop there - the anthology offers everything from steampunk to noir to pulp horror to, yes, sci-fi. There’s even a rowdy pirate story (one of my favorites).I also appreciate the diversity of tone - some dark and disturbing, some funny, some bizarre - so that the reader is not left in an emotional rut. There’s something for everyone.That said, I should note that most of the stories in this anthology are not necessarily to my taste. While there is a candy box of styles to choose from, all of the stories do (by design) revolve around a common theme which is, at its heart, horrific. I cut my teeth on horror novels as a young girl (hello Stephen King, I still love you so); however, I am much more into character studies and emotional depth these days than I am into concept and gore.The stories I liked best in Zippered Flesh are, shall we say, gentler, than the others. I’m thinking of “Comfort” by Charles Colyott, in which an emotionally unstable man deals with the decline of his beloved mother, “Paraphilia” by Lisa Mannetti, in which an amputee balances (no pun intended) the need to make a living and her love for her child, and bizarre and strangely logical “Equilibrium” by John Shirley – though the latter did leave me with a WTF feeling I still can’t shake.I also adored the sensuality and artistry of Scott Nicholson's story, "The Shaping," even though this one was one of the goriest of them all.But by and large, the majority of the stories in Zippered Flesh begin with a setup and end with a punch-line – a quick character sketch, a concept, an ironic ending. There are a lot of repeats, too - the mad scientist and his hapless victim, the self-centered client meets amoral surgeon, the bloodthirsty criminal who gets his come-uppins. There’s also a lot of sex. And gore. And gore. And sex. Did I mention sex? Much of this anthology is, in no uncertain terms, gratuitous.But, hey. There are fans for that, even if I’m not necessarily one. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to any genre addict, so long as I include that caveat. There’s sex. And gore. And body enhancements! LOL. You have been warned.Listen to a full review of Zippered Flesh by Meli Hooker and Jason Darrick of Dreadful Tales HereZippered Flesh can be purchased through Here

  • Mel
    2019-03-26 22:01

    Welcome to the world of Zippered Flesh, where tattoo artists, medical quacks and other sickos are running amok. I don't want to give much detail about the stories because many of them have unexpected plot twists and so if I give too much detail, I will ruin the stories.The stories that stood out for me were: Unplugged -- by Adrienne Jones -- That small town in the Adirondack Mountains is hiding some secrets. Comfort by Charles Colyott -- William really likes his mother….a lot. Idol by Michael Laimo -- Impersonation isn't all it's cracked up to be. Locks of Loathe by Jezzy Wolfe -- Be careful what you covet and from whom. Change of Heart by Rob M. Miller -- A mother changes her tune. Hearing Mildred by Weldon Burge --those pesky hearing aids. Quite honestly, it was hard to pick favorites out of this. I enjoyed most of them. So, if you enjoy a bit of gore and weird science and medical experimentation with your horror then you might want to pick this up. It is not for the squeamish though, as some of the stuff in these stories is pretty gruesome. 5 Stars and best reads pile.

  • Weldon Burge
    2019-04-05 20:40

    I'm the editor of this anthology, so I can't truly review it. But suffice it to say that I enjoyed reading every story and working with every author included in the compilation. The pleasure was mine, and I thank you all!

  • Carol
    2019-03-19 20:01

    I did not find myself following my usual completist tendency of obsessively reading each and every word and notation inscribed within the book before I can consider it completely, officially "read," with this horror anthology. Not surprisingly, the simple shock value of some of the stories is, at least IMHO, the only quality that saves this book from being some what of a flop; not a total flop, just a semi-floundering-on-the-floor-like-some-strange-mutant-man-fish-with-rippling-green-flesh-and-"weedy scalp fins,"-flop (see "Unplugged," Ch. 3). Some stories were, appropriate to the genre, sufficiently shocking, some were well-written, and a few managed to be both appropriately shocking and well-written. I found "Sex Object" by Graham Masterton to be one of these rare gems in the anthology. I skipped straight to this story in particular after seeing it referred to frequently by other readers. I certainly did not see this short story taking the graphic turns that it did! It's often so graphic it's comedic and the author's simple descriptive style was just as engaging as the crazy story line. Another one I particularly enjoyed was "Bootstrap: The Binds of Lasolastica" by Michael Bailey; a good choice for the first short story in the anthology. Though "Bootstrap" employs detailed comp.-sci terminology, the author does so swiftly and effectively, enabling a believable story line without being long-winded. The suspense builds smoothly and successfully culminates in a supremely creepy ending. Sadly, however, I didn't find many of the other short stories in Zippered Flesh as promising in the creep factor or as competent in skillful writing as those already mentioned. There were one too many stories that came across amateurish and replete with predictability. Maybe I am being too hard on the editor, but I think he did a poor job of "fleshing" out the crappy writing and making cuts where needed. "Idol" by Michael Laimo was just downright terrible. It was ridiculously predictable and the whole time I was reading I was reminded of a cheesy Lindsey Lohan movie where the you know the bad guy and the good guy from the start and the two characters are really the same person, and it's oh so crazy and unpredictable! I am not exaggerating with this one. "Idol" was the worst short story I have ever read...just ask Mark. "You With Me" by Christopher Nadeau is another example of mediocre writing; at least the ending is off-the-scale with the WTF-super-creepy factor. I'm no editor though, that is apparent. And I do know that many other readers enjoyed this anthology. It's quite possible that I just grew tired of the icky feeling this genre gives me some times. I like reading crazy, off-the-wall, bat-shit weird stories simply because of their uniqueness but often find that,though the story was interesting, I did not particularly enjoy the reading experience.

  • M.L. Roos
    2019-03-31 22:40

    Body modification, body enhancement, scarification; it all conjures up images of steel and metal rods piercing flesh, leaving gaping holes, destroying tissue and turning the human body into a Borg like apparatus. Zippered Flesh: Tales of Body Enhancements Gone Bad gives you an eye-opening, jaw-dropping view of some pretty gruesome experimentation. In this dark and twisted collection you will discover why downloading the human memory into a cloud petabyte device might not be such a great idea. In theory, the brain really is a giant hard drive, but all those ones and zeros account for much more than memory alone. Comfort by Charles Colyott and The Shaping by Scott Nicholson were profoundly disturbing and intense, rich in imagery soaked madness that will leave you wondering long into the night about love; love of art and love of a parent. And where that very, fine thin line is, when one falls over the edge of genius and into the abyss.By Hook by Elliot Capon and Whirling Machine Man by Aaron J. French were both creepy, horrific and torturous in theme, but done in the name of science. And science must prevail.Marvin’s Angry Angel by Jonathan Templar and Hearing Mildred by Weldon Burge were both lighter pieces and written so well and were exactly what this dark anthology needed to break up the heaviness. This is an outstanding anthology, one I will read a few times to catch all the nuances and descriptors these clever writers put together.

  • Char
    2019-04-02 17:46

    This collection contains 20 stories, and I very much enjoyed 12 of them. All of them referenced some kind of body surgery, decoration or modification.These were the stories that stood out for me:Bootstrap-The Binds of Lasolastica by Michael Bailey. 4*This made me think of rebooting differently.Idolby Michael Laimo. 4* It would be nice to have some spare body parts around in case I needed them. Comfortby Charles Colycott. All my notes say is "freaky"! Unpluggedby Adrienne Jones. 4* A leave of absence from work leads to a strange discovery. You With Meby Christopher Nadeau. 4* This one reminded me of an old Stephen King collection cover from the 80's.The Shapingby Scott Nicholson. 5* This one kicks ass! Competition in school can be tough. By Hookby Elliot Capon. 5* My note just says AWESOME! Sawbonesby L.L. Soares. 5* Body modifications never thought of!Whirling Machine Manby Aaron French. 4* Crazy! Sex Objectby Graham Masterton. 4* Anyone who has read any Graham Masterton would not be shocked by this story.Hearing Mildredby Weldon Burge. 5*. This was my favorite story of this collection. An odd tale of what must be the worst haunting EVER. Plus, it's hilarious! I am going to check out other works by some of these authors, most especially Mr. Burge.

  • C McDaniel
    2019-03-30 00:05

    Gosh, I've got a bit of a bad trend going here. I, like another reviewer, thought the first few stories were moderately entertaining (decent premises, decent writing); however, I quickly lost interest in this anthology. I **will** say that I've gotten some damn weird recommendations since putting this on the shelf: everything from tentacle porn to bizarro on the weirdest end of its already-weirdo spectrum. I'm not sure why this particular collection triggered it since it's definitely not the strangest book on my shelves, but I'm not really complaining given the entertainment value of the titles alone. There's that, at least.

  • Crystal Rafuse
    2019-04-19 17:40

    After reading this book, I seriously am starting to reconsider that little "procedure" I had in mind... Haha, no actually, I really liked most of the stories in this collection, some were a little strange, even for my taste, but most of them were just creepy enough to keep me interested. My particular favorite I think has to be Jonathan Templar's "Marvin's Angry Angel." I want an angel on my shoulder! Anyway, my rambling aside, this book is a great, quick read, full of creepy stories of people who would do just about anything to be "perfect" in the physical sense.

  • Mateo
    2019-04-19 18:48

    I really enjoyed these short stories with the theme of body modification. Every story is pretty much a winner. However, with “Sex Object” I felt like my feminist spidey sense was going to reach out and throttle the writer; but I read it all the way thru and was appropriately disturbed. I’m on a roll with all these horror & sci-fi short story collections. This was really one of the best based on what I call the “skippage barometer”. I did not skip a single story.

  • Brian Sammons
    2019-03-27 18:47

    A mixed bag for me. Some of the stories I liked a bunch, such as “Sex Object” by Graham Masterton and “Comfort” by Charles Colyott and more. Others really did nothing for me at all. My full review can be found here:

  • Elliott Capon
    2019-03-28 18:47

    Excellent collection - wide variety of styles. Especially liked the gory/supernatrual pirate story.

  • Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews)
    2019-03-26 19:58


  • Steven Guitink
    2019-04-11 20:02

    Maybe I'm just desensitized to horror at this point. Maybe I've seen all I can that truly makes my skin crawl. Maybe reading Ed Lee and Carlton Mellick and Chuck Palahniuk has given me a stronger stomach. Maybe that transplanted vagina imbedded in my stomach is talking to me again and telling me to rebirth the New Flesh for the umpteenth time. But honestly for me Zippered Flesh wasn't all I was hoping it would be.Let's set the scene here, I'm a big body horror enthusiast and this is speaking as someone who used to be squeamish over the slightest drop of blood. I think that body horror if done well can be a terrifying genre. But I also think its a delicate one to perfect. Go too far and it becomes gross, not scary. Go not far enough and it feels half-hearted and I felt that a lot of the stories in this series fit into the latter not the former.There were some standouts with some interesting ideas I'll admit. Richard Matheson's Sex Toy was intriguing due to its premise. The Binds of Lasolastica was interesting in its buildup. But a lot of the stories just fell flat. Some ended too early. Some pulled plot twists out of their arse. Some did little with the subject material other than the bare minimum. And while all of them had a creative spark, none of them really hit that sweet spot where they were genuinely unsettling.I dunno. Like I said, maybe I'm just desensitized or maybe everyone else is a massive wussy. And while I did enjoy the book, it didn't strike a chord with me the same way others have. I'd give it a recommendation if only for its creativity and breadth of various writers. Although I am curious about Zippered Flesh 2.....LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!!

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-31 18:39

    This was an unusual book of short story horror fiction. Most stories were good, but a few were outstanding. The one I thought the best was actually the shortest. That story was called "Change of Heart" by Rob M. Miller . I also very much enjoyed the story "Mildred" by Weldon Burge. All of them were pretty creepy, exactly what you want in horror.

  • Kris
    2019-04-19 21:04

    Not all stories in this book are about body modifications. Still a good read.Good read. If you like short stories that is. Good authors. I Will be reading zippered flesh part 2 next.

  • Deborah Palmer
    2019-03-24 00:06

    Began reading this book of horror short stories today. So far so good but the first tale reminds me of the premise behind the matrix. Okay I'm up to about the fourth or fifth story but this book is going steadily downhill. Actually the supposed tales of terror are getting more sucky as I continue reading. In some stories the story-lines do not have a proper segue way which causes confusion in other cases the authors resort to mutilation tactics that just make the stories gross as opposed to enthralling or intriguing. I'm going to abandon this book temporarily for a murder mystery by a much better author.Not only is this book way over the edge, even the bloodthirsty things the do to each other does not make sense. The character development is completely lost. It needs a miracle by the Master himself, Mr. Rod Serling.One of the worst books I've ever read! Just plain Awful! I couldn't even finished because it was so terrible.

  • S.A. Bergen
    2019-04-02 17:56

    My opinion may be bias since I created the cover art for this amazing anthology. That said... it is a creepy, often disturbing collection of stories about body enhancements gone wrong. Each story is well written, a few of them were nominated for the Bram Stoker Award. I highly recommend Zippered Flesh: Body Enhancements Gone Bad, as well as Zippered Flesh 2. You may want to leave the lights on!!

  • Hakan
    2019-03-22 19:45

    A mixed bag of a few amazing stories ("Sex object" chief amongst them, with "Sawbones" being an interesting second one, closely followed "Creeping Death" and "You with Me") and another dozen of i-might-read-if-nothing-else-is-available quality ones.Still an interesting mix, but don't expect anything too mindbending here. Just enough to have something nice to read during lunch breaks :-)

  • Matthew
    2019-03-23 19:54

    This book wound up being painful to read. It started out with a few stories I liked but then bogged down with several that didn't interest me or capture my attention. A few times, I actually dreaded reading more but then another story would entertain me enough to keep going.

  • Glen
    2019-03-27 20:44

    I haven't read horror for a long time but this was a welcome return for me. Interesting story ideas and good writing made these enjoyable.

  • Nikki Tenniswood
    2019-03-22 16:38

    alright.. not great.. read more bloodier and nastier books but entertaining.. I'm just glad they were short stories and not one whole book because I'm sure it would of eventually lost my interest.