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Awarded Best Young Adult Fiction 2012-2013 by Texas Association of Authors!Awarded 4 out of 5 Stars by ForeWord Clarion Reviews!Achieved Trafford Publishing's Seal of Literary Excellence!The Scrolls of Udanadar is a Young Adult fantasy adventure appropriate for all ages. Have you ever questioned the purpose of your existence? Or felt that in the great scheme of the universAwarded Best Young Adult Fiction 2012-2013 by Texas Association of Authors!Awarded 4 out of 5 Stars by ForeWord Clarion Reviews!Achieved Trafford Publishing's Seal of Literary Excellence!The Scrolls of Udanadar is a Young Adult fantasy adventure appropriate for all ages. Have you ever questioned the purpose of your existence? Or felt that in the great scheme of the universe how insignificant you are? Fifteen-year-old Bartholomew Fix found out just how wrong those assumptions can be. Infected with the spirit of adventure by the bite of the Wandering Bug, he is compelled to seek out an agent of the Universe who transports him to another planet in need of his off-world energy. He awakens in the home of a great urKa'uun and becomes his apprentice.There is no magic, only Ka'uun- the energy of creation- provided by the planet's spirit; the urKa'uun are its users. Bartholomew is unusually adept and learns quickly how to use this energy. His arrival is fortuitous as the Thousand Year King is dying too soon; the one person made impervious with Ka’uun through an ancient ritual in order to stop the five kingdoms of men from warring with each other and keep the fearsome Urilok at bay. They have fought each other for ages as pawns under the slave yolk of the Perq; immortal masters of Ka’uun who were chased out of their world mere centuries in the past. Should the King die, all could be lost.The boy is sent out on a seemingly harmless mission with the urKa'uun's other ward, a skilled girl born of the wild-wise Duvar, to bring back the Scrolls of Udanadar containing the instructions creating the King, and the Kingmaker device, which can find the successor. But a simple mission is never so simple and soon the two find themselves on a quest spanning the realm to find these items and stave off war. The adventure is at times humorous and other times fraught with danger as they face bandits, pirates, evil spirits and an ancient enemy that rears its head. These trials force Bartholomew to grow from a naïve boy concerned with the little things in his world, into a brave hero learning what is to sacrifice in order to achieve a higher goal...

Title : The Scrolls of Udanadar
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ISBN : 9781466954649
Format Type : Hardcover
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The Scrolls of Udanadar Reviews

  • E.L. Farris
    2019-03-27 00:25

    The story began well with a boy, Bartholomew, meeting a strange little man, then waking up in a different universe where he is taken on as a wizard's apprentice. Along with Bartholomew, we learn about the new world and its magic in great detail. The world building is excellent. I really felt as if I was there with Bartholomew, but I soon found myself weighed down with detail and longing for some action to move the story forward. Though there were a couple of good action sequences when Bartholomew was conscripted into the King's army and again when Alamandar set a test for him, between these events were long sections that dwelt almost exclusively with Bartholomew's training and his experiments with trying to make a wizard's staff. Months passed with no other event than training, and what could have been covered in a few paragraphs took up pages. A specific example of this long-windedness is a game which is explained in great detail in a scene that doesn't move the story forward at all.The first hint of a story other than that of a boy training as a wizard came at 32% of the way through when Alamandar mentioned a quest, but even when he begins his quest a long time later, there is no antagonist to get in the way of what he seeks, therefore, there is no dramatic tension and essentially no true plot. A story of a journey is not a plot unless someone or something acts to thwart that journey. Here, the story just ambles along from place to place. We are introduced to some interesting animals, given plenty of extended descriptions of the world around and occasionally given some small interaction that has a little drama, but none that gels the journey into a solid plot. Bartholemew's character is well-developed. Yuari took longer to get to know and she seemed to have little reason for her grumpiness in the beginning, but eventually she began to emerge as a fully rounded character, and their growing relationship is well dones as is the banter between them. The book is well-copy edited and proofed, which to be commended, however good copy-editing alone does not make a good book.The prose suffers from too many adverbs and expositional writing, and the story in general is bogged down with unnecessary detail and pages of description. Perhaps, had the prose been more immediate, it may have held my attention better, but as it I was, I found myself skimming to get to the point where the story moved on. At fifty percent of the way through, it still didn't feel as if I'd got to that point.There are some lovely philosophical musings in the story and the overall thrust of a man becoming a boy is a good one, but overall, none of the good points outweigh the lack of the essentials of a good plot.People who like exploring rich other worlds without requiring a strong story may enjoy this book as it is.3 starsAIA Reviewers

  • Marina Fontaine
    2019-03-26 22:25

    A solid effort by a new writer, this YA fantasy will probably appeal more to the younger readers, less familiar with (and less tired of) the young-man-on-a-quest tropes. It does take quite a while to get going, but finally hits the stride at about 50% mark, with some welcome action and interesting creatures being introduced. As most indie publications, it could have used a little more editing, although the errors are mostly typos that don't really detract from the experience. The characters are just well enough developed to hold our interest in their fate, and the magic is simple, more a tool for the characters to use in their adventures than something to dwell on. That leaves most of the literal and figurative space of the book to just enjoy the journey through the new world created by the author.This is a very earnest kind of fantasy, bringing up the issues of self-sacrifice, honor and loss. It can be enjoyed by adults who don't expect to cover drastically new ground, or could be an excellent intro to fantasy for teens.

  • Tony
    2019-03-23 16:28

    I really enjoyed this book. I would put it in the YA/Teen Fantasy category for difficulty and subject, but the author's voice was fun and enjoyable, and the story, while following some standard plot lines, was well written and unique in many ways. I appreciated the way the story was completed at the end of the book, but still left plenty of hooks for a sequel, or a longer series.I was a bit disappointed in the number of spelling/grammatical errors in the book, after I realized that it was not an uncorrected proof, but the actual published version... hopefully that can be addressed before any reprints.Barring that small nuisance, I was thoroughly pleased with the experience, and would not hesitate to pick up another book by Mr. Roach in the future.

  • Avidreader
    2019-04-06 00:41

    This book is an awesome read. The book is entertaining to the point that it keeps you hooked constantly, and the author makes sure he doesn't go over the top with it. This read is also hilarious by putting the hero in many different awkward situations, but also keeping the story on-track with a serious quest. In a final note, the magic of this world is very interesting in the way it is described and performed. A very good book, can't wait to see more!

  • Julie Wall
    2019-03-25 19:39

    I loved this book. Keeps you reading to the end. Unbelievable characters they made me want to be in the book. Reading is all about learning and imagination and my mind had a ball. I felt like i was really there. Bartholomew starts out a bored teenager but learns to care about others and finds out that he and his life back home is not as ordinary as he thought. I do hope there is a part two. Although I am always looking out for anything he writes.Jewl

  • Ilona Mustafin
    2019-03-25 19:32

    This is not the type of book I usually read, but I really enjoyed Scrolls of Udanar.

  • S. Roach
    2019-03-22 23:19

  • S. Roach
    2019-03-29 21:18