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Between the Bars starts with screaming hot sex, and Rylan thinks that's all there's going to be, to this one-night-stand. But Daniel turns out to have a complicated life, and Ry gets dragged right into it, out of his cocoon of safety....

Title : Between the Bars
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ISBN : 13501405
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Between the Bars Reviews

  • Kyra
    2019-01-26 03:21

    An amazing free story, much better than some of the published ones out there. Also, Carson Shepherd is an alias of Kris Dylan, author of Between Want and Need To, another one of my favorites. You know the authors who are really talented but only write a book or two before they just disappear? Carson Shepherd/Kris Dylan is sadly one of those.

  • Chris
    2019-02-21 04:07

    4.5 stars. Very good kinky m/m romantic suspense about a romance writer who hooks up with a guy in town on business, with no idea that his life is about to change forever. Other than a little too much story time devoted to sex at one point and some bits of past progressive tense that I found odd, this was one of the better romantic suspense books I've read in a while.

  • Edina Rose
    2019-02-12 04:31

    It's erotica so expect more sex than story, but the little story there is is really good, it has an edge I liked it. The end is unexpected and just great.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-27 04:12

    This was much, much better than I was expecting especially for a free read. I got invested in these two fairly quickly and loved the kinky first. Holy cow, apparently there is such a thing as waaaay too much sex in a book. I was actually craving more from the mystery/suspense side. I really wish there had been more action and drama in that area. That said, it was a very interesting and entertaining book.

  • DL
    2019-02-06 09:12

    The sex was scorching hot. And the characters were great together. But there was the insta-love and I never did get a handle on Daniel's undercover work. Mostly, it seemed to be a bit of plot bracketed by really good sex.

  • DeeNeez
    2019-01-30 01:09

    Good, really good! Lots of erotica sexytimes woven in with Daniel and Rylan. Undercover cop framed for murder and a romance writer, on the run and tying to hide from crooked cops. An odd couple, yet the best chemistry. Enjoyed it!

  • Emma
    2019-01-26 02:32

    3.5Rylan is a rational author successful in his writings and his belief in illusional romance. He is pretty content with his approach towards life, his work and his relationship with his writing and occasional one night stand….until he meets Daniel. A one night stand like no other, Daniel takes Ry’’s breath away along with an explosive night of passionate love making. And then……like all one night stands…….the morning arrives! Along with a little guest called complication. Just a little dent in the perfect ending to a one night stand turns out to be fatal matter for Ry and Daniel. Who is a detective working undercover on a case of bad cops. ONLY, he is wanted as ONE himself. Now all Ry has to do is to choose whether to believe him or not. Or maybe he has no choice?I was irked by the constant sex which started and ended perfectly “” every damn time” with fireworks going behind eyelids. I was left blasé and indifferent towards their growing intimacy due to inundation of unadulterated sex repeated with constant frequency.On the reading sire, I loved the thrill and the entire plot was very compact. The characters drew me in immediately and I found myself liking Daniel more than I would have allowed myself the liberty to. To me, the most consuming part of the story that kept me interested was the solid plot, the twist and turns and the shadowy play of the cop world. The author handled it enticingly. I am so glad I read this work. It was a wonderful read.

  • Cliffgirl
    2019-02-16 05:33

    I loved this book. Yes, there's a lot of sex in it, including very mild bondage, but it's a sweet, tender love story between a good cop (Daniel) who is hard-as-nails on the surface but quite needy inside and a withdrawn, repressed fiction writer (Rylan) who doesn't believe in the happy-ever-after he writes about in his romance novels. Daniel is on the run from corrupt vice cops but plans go wrong, and he kidnaps an unwilling Rylan in order to make his escape. Rylan's companionship turns out to be a very fortunate boon for Daniel as they drive back and forth through the midwest looking for a place to hide until they can make plans to end the nightmare. Most of the action takes place in a snowbound farmhouse in the middle of rural Illinois, but the two come to love and trust each other and open up. It has a slow, intense build-up in action to a standoff between Daniel, Rylan and the evil they're trying to unearth, leading to a stunning conclusion that gets you right in the heart. Brilliant.

  • mah1
    2019-01-22 07:30

    This literotica stry has been on my TBR pile for years now, but finally I got around to actually reading it. As I have doubled back to published stories and books from the time I spent reading from sites like Literotica and Fictionpress, I found it somewhat difficult to get back into the grove, so that might explain my enjoyment being mild.There was an actual plot, a good one even at that, but the amount of sex was rather overwhelming. I realixe though that it was approproate as this is erotica, so I can't cmplain too much about that, and it was well written. I liked the story itself well enough, though I think it would've improved with a bit of trimming. But the characters were nice and though the love was of the insta variety, it wasn't over the top.

  • Monica Vidal
    2019-02-01 07:26

    I have no idea how this book ended up in my kindle but I'm super happy about it. I started it thinking it was just a very well written smut fest but it turned out to have a decent plot and it is super cute and sweet. I like it when a book surprises me and this one totally did. Rylan and Daniel are good together and the writer has a way to describe the scenes and the moments between the MCs that makes you feel like being part of it. Not to mention that the sex scenes are oh so very hot. It's that kind of book that will leave you with a smile in your face by the end of it and I like books that makes me stupid-smile. I love the ones that shred my heart and leaves me bleeding on the floor but the ones that makes me smile are good too. :)

  • Sue
    2019-02-12 04:27

    Really enjoyed this. Carson Shepherd writes fluently and the book just sailed by.There was a lot of sex, but the author managed to make it hot, varied and never intrusive (not sure how, quite), so that I did not feel it was gratuitous.

  • Adriana
    2019-02-17 09:11

    3.5-4This was a good read, a cop story, something I don't read very often.A great start, somewhere in the middle I was getting bored but continue reading I'm glad I did because the last chapters were great.Good, interesting and free read.

  • Penny Wilder
    2019-01-26 05:35

    3.5 stars.

  • Ayanna
    2019-02-01 05:11

    I started reading this and kind of thought "meh." I'll give it another go sometime, I suppose.