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Prelude to Darkness is out of print as of 3/31/15 due to publisher closing its doors.Watch for updates on a possible reprint and new/upcoming books.For a slave, hope is a dangerous thing.Margaret Rousseau dreams of freedom from a life of servitude. When a mysterious woman saunters into the servants’ tavern promising the impossible, Margaret dares to hope she cPrelude to Darkness is out of print as of 3/31/15 due to publisher closing its doors.Watch for updates on a possible reprint and new/upcoming books.For a slave, hope is a dangerous thing.Margaret Rousseau dreams of freedom from a life of servitude. When a mysterious woman saunters into the servants’ tavern promising the impossible, Margaret dares to hope she could win the heart of the one man she has secretly coveted since she first wore a corset...The Prince.Margaret desperately grasps for the opportunity to change her bleak destiny by placing faith in a woman who is not as forthcoming as she seems. Blinded to the stranger’s dark motives, Margaret surrenders herself to gain her heart’s desires.But her choice may bring forth a darkness that could destroy all she holds dear....

Title : Prelude to Darkness
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ISBN : 13504207
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Prelude to Darkness Reviews

  • Michelle
    2018-12-19 16:26

    I haven't read Wasteland yet, but it was interesting to see what started everything in the paranormal realm. The fact that the story took place in a kingdom where there were servants and royalty made the story that much more compelling to me. I love those types of novels. I also found the writing to be engaging and the first person POV quite effective at drawing me in. The struggle between good and evil and doing the right thing verses doing what tempts the flesh was contrasted well. How many young ladies end up passing over the good guy for the dangerous one only to discover the man wasn't what they'd thought. Well, this definitely whetted my appetite for the book that follows. There is also a chapter intro to Wasteland at the end. I found the insight into darkness and evil schemes from the dark side quite compelling.

  • Wendy
    2019-01-02 17:39

    Margaret Rousseau is a young, ambitious servant of England’s royal family. While not mentioned in the story, the setting is in the latter half of the 17th century, likely during the restored Stuart years. That’s neither here nor there to the young maid, who thought her deepest desire in the world was to dive into the Queen’s steaming bathtub for a proper soak. She’s wrong, though. She knows she’s wrong when the busy Queen offers the bath to her son, Edward, and he sends her fellow maid Anne Marie away. This leaves poor young Margaret alone with a handsome royal who recently tangled with ruffians and can’t quite reach his own back to scrub off the stench of his travels.Prelude to Darkness is a parable of sorts, a fairy tale with a tragic ending. It stands alone, but those who read Wasteland prior to Prelude will know the consequences of Margaret’s greed and naïveté. But while David is well within his rights to hold a grudge against the woman who sold his soul to a demon, a reader would be hard pressed to judge her too harshly at the end of her story. Imagine your neighbor’s teen daughter is given an opportunity to spend some quality time with Robert Pattison. While chatting about whatever, he gets an itch on his back that he can’t reach. While she’s helping him out, he asks if she’s got a boyfriend. Perhaps he’s just making conversation, but it sets the wheels turning in her head. Could he really be interested me? This is the situation in which Margaret finds herself in Prelude’s first chapter. How many young women fall prey to the sparkly charms of young men with far less going for them than Robert? It’s really not hard to see how the young maid’s story goes sideways in a hurry.Margaret betrays three people in this story. First, her son when she commits to the terms of a demon’s offer. Second, she betrays herself when she signs it. All she truly wants is to be loved, to be cared for as she cares for Queen and her family. She’s had that man in her life for years, and her poor choices punish him as well for loving her unconditionally.Lynn Rush’s writing is slower paced in this short than in the related Wasteland novels. It is also tighter and more nuanced. Fans of the Wasteland series will want to read Prelude to Darkness to answer the nagging question of how Margaret came to sell her son’s soul. It may also appeal to younger fans of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

  • Louann Carroll
    2019-01-14 14:37

    Prelude to Darkness is a paranormal romance with a tragic ending when Margaret meets (by trickery) Prince Edward--a man she has coveted for years.It is a short story of passion and consequences, based upon characters in the Wasteland series. (Which I am currently finishing.) Even though I knew before buying Prelude to Darkness that it was a side story to the series, I dropped right into the action without missing a beat.I felt sympathy for Margaret, a poor servant girl who wants nothing more than to better her life. And what girl doesn't want to meet a prince? Even if he turns out to be someone other than she thought. Throw in a woman who betrays Margaret to the darkside and you have a short novella that will wet your appetite for Lynn Rush's Wasteland series.Rush has a remarkable way with words. She supplies a thrust to her craft that propels you into other believable worlds that are fully fleshed. Her technique is gifted, her ability to portray her characters, even in a short story so well, is nothing short of genius.Prelude to Darkness is well worth your time and at .99 it is more than worth the spare change in your wallet. The novella reads fast, almost too fast, it's over before you want it to be, and the ending leaves you pondering life and the consequences that come with it.I don't know Lynn personally, but felt she had more to say in this short story than some people do in a lifetime.I recommend reading Prelude to Darkness before the Wasteland series if you possibly can. If not, it certainly stands on its own.

  • Katrina
    2018-12-26 16:23

    Prelude to Darkness is the love story told of Margaret. The choices she made to get the man of your dreams and the consequences of her choices.A short story where Margaret meets Prince Edward - the man she has lusted upon for years. An offer via trickery is made one that she cannot refuse - her one chance of true happiness - but not realizing her actions will have dire consequences. As the reader I felt that Lynn through in a sneeky curve ball here, what you think one moment is not as it seems the next. This will make more sense as your reading ! I enjoyed this short story - However I didn’t fall in love with this Prince (( lol )) - but Harold was such a sweetie. ** can’t tell you anymore ** you must read... Lies,love, betrayal, deceit and trickery, change the deal Margaret thought she was entering into. A tragic ending, definably UNPREDICTABLE and after reading Wasteland has given me different perception into one of the characters back story from WASTELAND. A quickie read that will pull you into the pages right till the very end. Well scripted storyline, that will certainly keep the reader hooked line and sinker till the very end. !! Now that Prelude to Darkness is out.. I would recomened reading this before Wasteland as it will give you more insight into one of the Characters in it.. But this is not necessary to enjoy Wasteland what so ever ! READ THE BLURB -- IT FITS THE STORY PERFECTLY - HOPE IS DEFINETLY A DANGEROUS THING !

  • Kelly Beckett
    2019-01-06 19:21

    wow, I really enjoyed reading Prelude To Darkness and I read it straight through from start to finish without putting it down, I just couldn't put it down. I had read Wasteland first which I also really enjoyed reading and also found that really hard to put down too. From what I had read in Wasteland about David's mother I just had to read Prelude To Darkness to see why David's mother did sell David's soul, and I have to say I really expected to not like her character as I thought she would be a really cold hearted greedy woman who wanted to get she wanted regardless of the cost. Instead I found myself liking her character and she was not the horrible person I thought she would be which really suprised me. I found myself really feeling for her as she was actually deceived and even though I knew what would happen to her at the end from having read Wasteland first I really found myself hoping she would find her happy ending for her and David even though I knew this wouldn't be the case. An excellent read and I would recommend definately. 5*

  • Jean Murray
    2019-01-13 14:32

    Gives new meaning to "The devil made me do it..."I read Wasteland and Awaited first before grabbing this hot little number. The two books were amazing, but I was always kept wondering why a mother would sell her son's (David) soul to the devil. Well, it is not as simple as it appears. Ms Rush weaves a wonderful story of love, ambition, greed, deceit and regret. Decisions have consequences and this story delivers on its promise. This is a must read!!

  • Cindy Young-Turner
    2019-01-03 20:20

    A gripping tale! I was taken in by Margaret and her plight and her desire for something more. But beware what you wish for! Ms. Rush has created a dark fairy tale with interesting characters who are not always what they seem to be. This is a prelude to Ms. Rush's first novel, Wasteland, which I haven't read yet but I'm definitely putting it on my TBR list.

  • Dianemarie
    2018-12-20 16:26

    This was a great opening to the WASTELAND TRILOGY. Gave you a little insight to David's story. Helped me understand his mother's motivation and wished for him to forgive her for her mistake. Perfect to try a new author, but Lynn Rush is an accomplished author. This short story is full of wonderful characters. Made me want more ... oh I forgot ... there is more. A whole trilogy more!

  • Lynn Rush
    2019-01-10 20:40

    Since I wrote the book, I have to rate it 5 stars, right? *LOL*No, seriously...I'm super excited about this project. It's a short story about David's mother, and I can't wait for you to meet her. She's not what you would have thought. . . .

  • Rachel Firasek
    2019-01-18 19:15

    I love pieces like this that give us a peek at what happened in history to build, and sometimes create, the characters we love so much. If you loved Wasteland and look forward to Awaited, don't miss out on this short bit of history to the story line.

  • Joanne Brothwell
    2019-01-09 15:16

    I was immediately hooked by Prelude to Darkness; the writing was so compelling. This author's voice is distinctive, and the description lovely. With this story's fairy tale feel and eerie Gothic feel, it left me breathless for more!

  • Amy Turner
    2019-01-13 14:29

    Review to be completed....

  • Heather Nichol
    2018-12-31 17:21

    I so need this.

  • Erin
    2019-01-05 17:33

    Loved this insight into the beginnings of Wasteland! Was sad for it to be over! Love this series!