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One man will rise from the ashes of chaos to restore order to the world. One man will use his supernatural gifts to lead humankind into an era of peace and safety. One man will usher in a time of terrible sorrows; unlike the world has ever seen before—or will again. His name is Victor Samael Yoshe, the Son of Perdition.When millions of people vanish in the blink of an eye,One man will rise from the ashes of chaos to restore order to the world. One man will use his supernatural gifts to lead humankind into an era of peace and safety. One man will usher in a time of terrible sorrows; unlike the world has ever seen before—or will again. His name is Victor Samael Yoshe, the Son of Perdition.When millions of people vanish in the blink of an eye, Victor steps forward with the answer to everyone’s question: 'What happened?'He unites the people of Earth by offering hope and guidance to the scared and confused survivors. Some time later he also secures a peace treaty in the Middle East and is subsequently hailed by all as the long-awaited Messiah.Everything appears to be perfect, until a terrorist group disrupts the harmony and forces Victor to turn against everyone that stands in the way of peace. Those who do not accept Victor’s mark of protection are regarded as allies of the terrorist faction and punished with the maximum penalty allowed by law: Death.The Son of Perdition is an end-times novel that dramatizes the rise and rule of the Antichrist. It depicts the last 7 years on Earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of the average citizen....

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The Son of Perdition Reviews

  • Jennie
    2019-03-09 21:29

    I absolutely loved this book. I immediately thought of the Left Behind Series when I started reading but Len put his own twist on this story. I was a little surprised the path that the 3 characters Trevor, Rene, and Andrew took....leave it at that without spoiling anything.The Rapture occurs and those who were left behind are left to go through the 7 years of the rise of the Antichrist. He did a great job developing the characters and the story is very believable. An indication for me of a great book is that I can read a book quickly and am disappointed that it ended. That best describes this book.I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of his books.

  • Reeda
    2019-02-25 00:16

    This is a christian fiction thriller that follows the end times prophecies of the Bible as laid out in the book of Revelation. This one was a real page turner and I read it in one day! Highly recommended!

  • Larry B Gray
    2019-03-05 02:20

    If you like books about the Rapture and Tribulation you will love reading “The Son of Perdition” by Len du Randt. This is one of the best books I have read in this genre. What makes it even better is it sticks to the biblical traditions of the end times.The storyline is well developed and easy to follow. Each twist and turn helps build on the total story and comes together in the end in a triumphant conclusion. I easy found myself putting me in the story as an unnamed character.The characters were very believable and easy to identify with. Even the bad guys were compelling in their story which made you cheer all the more for the heroes. I caught myself several times cheering and encouraging the good guys.I really enjoyed the book and had trouble putting it down.I highly recommend this book.[Please note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.]

  • Y.I. Lee
    2019-03-10 02:10

    This is quite a read from beginning to end, packed with action and very well written, if a bit on the long side. Nevertheless, as a Christian I loved it. I found it surprisingly challenging, it forced me to question the strength of my faith. It’s not a book I will easily forget, a complement to the author’s skill as a writer.The characters are believable and I really cared what happened to them. The book is incredibly descriptive and in places almost shocking. So much so, I pray I don’t get left behind when the rapture happens! My only criticism is the books length, but it’s a great story and a book I am more than happy to recommend.

  • Kia
    2019-03-04 02:06

    Wow, this novel is quite the tour de force! This is my second du Randt book - the first having been The Incubus - and the improvement in the author's work is marked. Not that The Incubus was bad, but The Son of Perdition is outstanding. SOP is a day-by-day account of the rise of the anti-Christ, the disintegration of nature and society, the inevitable global conflict, and its resolution. Although I am a Christian, I have never been a big "End Times" enthusiast. I read Left Behind some years ago to see what the fuss was about and I found it to be mediocre writing with poor character development. So I never really got caught up in the End Times speculation that thrills so many people. Du Randt's well-told tale has opened my eyes and imagination to the horrifying concept of "hell on earth."In SOP, we are introduced to a handful of characters and we follow them as humanity slides from normalcy into an apocalyptic abyss. The book was compelling largely because I felt like these were people I knew and cared about. The book becomes addictive through du Randt's excellent pacing and stunning imagination. Things go from bad to worse to horrific while the protagonists struggle to go on with their lives. Some of them were lucky enough to have been called up in the Rapture at the beginning of the story. Others figure out what's going on sooner or later-in time to save themselves-and still others never get it at all, either because of arrogance or, as is only human, because they were simply deceived. I think that was the creepiest thing about this book; it made me wonder whether I would recognize the anti-Christ if he appeared, or if I would be one of the millions who believed he was the Saviour. He certainly appeared to walk the walk and talk the talk.Besides the gut-wrenching accounts of people keeping or losing their very souls, the author also spun my head with epic descriptions of supernatural global upheaval. I don't want to give anything away but one thing I found utterly depressing was a steady rain of blood that falls on a city for days. No one can go outside without getting covered in it and there is no fresh water with which to wash it off, or even to drink. Utterly disturbing and demoralizing. More disturbing is the descent of civilized society into depravity, which becomes the new normal. Good people keep their heads down and their mouths shut out of fear, and who can blame them? Brutal death is all around.Full disclosure: This review is of a book provided to me by the author and I received no compensation for my review. Not only that, I'm well pleased to have been given this book! It was a gripping and powerful read and I recommend it for anyone, Christian or otherwise. Good stuff!

  • Sharon Delarose
    2019-03-10 02:17

    You hear about the end-times and Armageddon as predicted in Revelations, but you don't really think about how it could go down. Few have the courage to speculate about the specific details beyond generic references to the Mark of the Beast and so forth.Len du Randt gets down and personal in portraying what could happen. How exactly would an Anti-Christ rise to power? What would he do once there? What would happen to those who did not embrace the new regime? What would happen to the various world religions? How would it affect Christians?Each segment of the story begins with a real-world historical quote, some of which in themselves are chilling. They demonstrate how easily we could be led down the path to utter destruction. Even if you don't personally believe in the Christian version of Armageddon, as long as you can handle a story from a Christian perspective, you'll enjoy it as a science fiction novel. If you are devout in your Christian beliefs, you better embrace them more fully because you'll definitely want to be taken up in the Rapture. The alternative is pure Hell.Some areas of the story could have been expanded a little more, such as the initial "war" that was used to convince people to accept the new rules. I would have expected the majority of people to fight harder against some of the changes, and for a heavier-handed Big Brother in watching over emails and phone calls. Overall I enjoyed the story. It was definitely rich in detail, especially for how inhuman us humans can be. About halfway into the book I got a really sick pit in my gut, knowing that at least some portions of the story will probably really happen someday. Mankind can be so easily swayed with just a little manipulation.

  • PeterYounghusband
    2019-03-10 02:24

    This was the first novel from this author that I have read. It is fast paced and I guess it should be if it is portraying the events of the last days before Jesus' return as outlined in the book of Revelation in the Bible.There are many fiction, both Christian based and non Christian based, novels on the Armageddon and end times and this one is up there with some of the other good ones I have read.Each author has a different take on this subject matter, but I find this one one of my favourites. Du Randt has achieved portraying the POV of these last days from the ordinary man in the street level, whether the main characters are Jewish, Christian or not. This is counteracted by the portrayal of the very demonic, decieitful and charismatic Antichrist. In this novel, you get to connect with the main characters, and despise the Antichrist, especially his very cruel, barbaric and inhumane treatment of Christians, Jews or any other religion or person who does not submit to the Antichrist's religion and worship of him. These scenes were very sobering and graphic enough to reinforce in any Christian reader what it is going to be like for them if they do not submit to the Antichrist before Jesus' return. I pray that these scenes will be used to make Christians more discerning and determined to not sway under this pressure and betray Christ and themselves. Du Randt writes well. The pace is fast, and one you cannot put down. I enjoyed the spiritual warfare and spiritual aspects of this novel. This he has done well and is comparable to others in similar novels of the same genre and subject matter. Highly Recommended.

  • Anne
    2019-03-26 05:22

    This book starts in South Africa and is the story of the end times experiences of three friends who are not Raptured and come to realize that those who were, were somewhat different. Some of them wake up, some do not. But it is a good end-times thriller, a bit different than the "Left=Behind" series with a bit of a different idea about the anti-Christ. I liked this story as it was Biblically correct and showed how the conflict beteen following Christ and following the anti-Christ will affect you in the afterlife.

  • Charlotte Manuel
    2019-03-27 03:16

    Very good bookThis is a very modern telling of the age old story of life after the rapture. I highly recommend it.