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Short story that involves video baseball, hypothetical offspring, transatlantic artificial insemination, Atum-Ra, and Goya's Black Paintings....

Title : Baby Colossus (Short Story)
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ISBN : 13508286
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Baby Colossus (Short Story) Reviews

  • M. Sarki
    2019-03-17 23:28

    Lee Klein also wrote a brilliant piece about Barry Bonds and steroids among other things and I could not recommend it more to anyone looking for a writer in the vein of, say, David Foster Wallace. Really. Lee Klein is that good when it comes to his writing of essays and giving his opinions on matters of utmost importance. Baby Colossus was very good too. I read both of these works of Klein today after a long trip up and back from Detroit Michigan where I witnessed in person the mighty Tigers doing extreme damage to everybody they seem to play these days. Because I feel punch drunk and battle worn I will save more for later. Please read both Baby Colossus and his piece on Barry Bonds and Steroids. Then get back with me to compare notes. OK?If you purchase the Non-required Reading for 2007 you get Barry Bonds and Steroids essay by Klein as well as a beautifully well-written intro piece by Sufjan Stevens that alone is worth the price of admission. And I am not even a David Eggers fan. Or even San Francisco, for that matter.

  • Constance Dunn
    2019-03-15 23:09

    I discovered Lee Klein last night while killing time and waiting for a friend to call. He wrote an article/review of Shane Jones "Crystal Eaters." He had a lot to say about the social pressures of the literary world, then he mentioned he's a dad. I like dads. I want to make my husband a father. He's sitting over there watching YouTube videos on a Porsche that runs on ethanol in Brazil. God, I love that man. So, I decided I should read this heady dad's work, and practice my "literary citizenry." I am already bias toward Mr. Klein because he is father, so it stands to reason that I chose Baby Colossus. I like it, I really like it. It's funny and strange. But it's the last line that made it into some kind of love letter to a child that hooked me. To be honest, if it weren't for that last line, I would have knocked off a star, because the impossibility of regaining a former love, so instead filling the black hole of her womb with life made my sternum ache. But to be fair, the last line wouldn't have hit home without the rest…so thank you Mr.Klein I bet you're an awesome dad.

  • Rand
    2019-03-07 22:02

    Très amusé!