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At age five, Jeremy is playing with his friend in the woods, outside of a military base in Maine. He falls through an old World War II tunnel, which is half flooded with both water and chemicals from long forgotten scientific experiments. Jeremy is rescued, but his body is forever altered. Soon he discovers that he can gather energy from living things. But his new abilitieAt age five, Jeremy is playing with his friend in the woods, outside of a military base in Maine. He falls through an old World War II tunnel, which is half flooded with both water and chemicals from long forgotten scientific experiments. Jeremy is rescued, but his body is forever altered. Soon he discovers that he can gather energy from living things. But his new abilities come with a price......

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Blood Tithe Reviews

  • John Dolan
    2019-03-16 03:24

    Move over Wolverine and Spiderman, there's a new superhero on the block!When 5 year-old Jeremy Davis falls into a tunnel in an abandoned experimental facility his life is changed forever. Recovering from the chemical damage to his body he discovers he has acquired superhuman abilities. But his new powers come with a price and soon he and his family find themselves pursued by dangerous adversaries ...Glenn Soucy has created a new superhero very much in the Marvel Comics tradition - that of the tortured vigilante. One can easily see 'Blood Tithe' being adapted as a graphic novel, and it would probably translate well to the big screen.Soucy writes for an audience who will enjoy an epic good vs evil struggle and fans of the X-Men franchise will find much here that is familiar. He plays a little naughty with the reader by leaving a lot unresolved at the end of the book to make sure his audience will come back for more. If this genre is your thing, then I would recommend you give the 'Blood Tithe' series a serious look.

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-03-08 03:33

    "Blood Tithe" by Glenn J. Soucy was a compelling and powerful read for me. After an intriguing prologue the narrator Jeremy tells the readers about an accident in the woods near an Air Force Base in Maine that brings him into contact with chemicals and leaves him in intensive care with severe burns. The military take a strong interest in his case while Jeremy develops strange supernatural episodes and talents.Jeremy is a great main character, an unlikely hero due to his young age (5 years old at the very beginning), which gives his perspective a great edge and makes the tension, dangers and dramas all the more threatening and real. Being young and childish yet likeable makes him also an excellent narrator.The story is very strong and well written in an instantly engaging way. Throughout the book I wanted to know what happens next, Soucy knows how to keep the interest and suspense going.Very recommendable.

  • Babus Ahmed
    2019-02-24 01:25

    This book is written from the perspective of Jeremy Davis from a child and then a teenager. It reads very much like a graphic novel and is quite riveting. We don't actually know much about the experiments or what has happened to Jeremy's DNA as he doesn't know. The fear his mother feels towards him is gut wrenching and I enjoyed reading about his relationship with his father. The book is action packed and moves at quite a pace. Things slow a little around the 60-70% mark of this ebook.We aren't told much about the blood tithe until the last third of the book and the first book just begins to explain as it ends. I look forward to reading the second book to find out more and hope Jeremy catches a break in the sequel and we are filled in about the experiments and the people involved.

  • Neil Orr
    2019-03-03 05:43

    Blood Tithe by Glenn J SoucyGlenn Soucy is the first author that has taken me through two journeys at one time, without giving me whiplash. While the journeys are separate, they remain tied together. Let me see if I can make that easier to understand without giving anything away. Glenn could have written two different books, here. First, there's the story of HOW his character ended up like he is. An intriguing and fun story about a young boy that finds adventure in the woods behind his home. After his adventure takes a turn for the worse, however, the boy learns a few hard lessons. All of this is told through the eyes of the hero. The second story is about what his character is CURRENTLY up to. Another good story that is told very well. Of course, what ties these two stories together is the character. He is sharing his memories of story A while he is in the middle of story B. At first, I thought 'gee, this character seems a little mature for such a young boy', but then I remembered that it is his older self that is recalling the memories. So, the one issue I might have had with this book was, in all reality, a non-issue.I would recommend that anyone who likes Paranormal should pick up this book and read it. You won't be disappointed. Glenn Soucy had successfully returned me to the realm of paranormal. I give this book 5 stars. Great work, Glenn. I can't wait to read the next one.Neil Orr

  • Philip Tolhurst
    2019-03-16 22:35

    Before I say anything else this book only scored 4/5 because I really disliked the ending.As far as I am concerned any book, whether it is in a series or not should be able to stand alone and have a defined point where the book ends. I accept there maybe some questions left unanswered but if you never returned to the series this would be minor not major.In this case I think that the book ended about 2 chapters too early.That aside.What you have is the tale of boy who's life is changed, not necessarily, for the better when he almost dies in an accident. The story is fast paced, well structured and Soucy manages to keep things interesting throughout the whole book.I thoroughly enjoyed the tale even though it is quite bleak and will probably buy the second in the series at some point.Well worth a read if you a looking for a very different take on the 'Super Powered Teen' type genre.

  • Nicky
    2019-02-26 01:45

    Took a chance and loved it! I don't often read y/a novels or rate any book 5*, but here was an exception. The characters were..tangible. The writing came alive with a noirish(?) feel. The author captured the POV of a child brilliantly! I laughed & cried along with young Jeremy. All the characters thoughts & actions felt real, nothing/nobody worthy of an eye roll. I'm looking forward to reading books 2&3 and really really hope there will be more to come!

  • Danny S
    2019-03-27 02:53

    Amazing book. It takes a lot for me to sit and read an entire book let alone in 3 days. Detailing was amazing felt like you were right there the whole time.

  • Tina Taylor
    2019-03-16 03:46

    The book begins with Jeremy, present day, seemingly adult, shortly after he's killed people. He's not a bad person, he's torn up about it and his soul is in turmoil fearing the wrath of God but they were bad people so maybe they deserved it right? As he's pondering this, high up in a construction site, a security guard spots him, thinks he's a jumper, and Jeremy decides to use his "abilities" to have a little fun and play a prank, he'd never hurt the guard but things go wrong, and barely escapes with his life. He seeks medical attention but because he's been shot he has to travel to a more distant ER and almost dies. Rewind to an adventurous, boisterous 5 year old Jeremy who's a fun kid, adored by his parents and tolerated by his slightly older sister. He's obviously mischievous and maybe a little accident prone "under my mom's orders, I was grounded from going into the tree house until I could figure out how not to fall out of it" (loved that!) He's playing in the woods one day and his curiosity gets the better of him despite large warning signs when he comes across a fenced off area with concrete buildings patrolled with armed Air Force men. His Dad's in the Air Force so they live near the base but not on it, this isn't part of the base though it seems. When they find out his parents warn him to stay away from there but being a 5 year old boy he goes back with his best friend Sammy to show him what he found but he falls down a pit into some sort of liquid and this changes him forever. After weeks of unconventional treatment he's released from hospital and hopes to go back to normal life. But then he starts discovering abilities and being 5 thinks he's becoming a superhero which is way cool! It has its downside though as his mum becomes terrified of him which is utterly heartbreaking and Sammy becomes distant and they also end up having to move away due to a family bereavement.The book jumps between present events and Jeremy's progression into his teenage years until eventually you reach the incident that's just happened at the start of the book and it continues from there, the changes are smoothly and well done I thought because when he's very young, he acts young and it's narrated like a young boy, as he gets older the narration matures nicely. There's plenty of humour, teenage angst and heartache as Jeremy grows and discovers what abilities he has and how to use them but they come at a high cost which always hits Jeremy hard. I cried a few times during this book as well as laugh out loud. Jeremy does not have an easy life and one wonders what's in store for him next? You can tell I really enjoyed this and will definitely be reading more about Jeremy.

  • Bridgette South
    2019-03-08 22:53

    I was followed on Twitter by Glenn Soucy and he showed me his links to his books on Amazon. Being that the book was only $.99, I went ahead and risked the pennies for the chance to read since there were so many great reviews… Let me first say that this is QUITE a book! Much different than what I usually read anyhow… and I am so glad I shelled out the $.99 for this book! From the very first page you are drawn into Jeremy’s life and story and you actually feel like you’re Jeremy… (Well, maybe right there with him, seeing as I am a girl lol but you get the picture…) He’s only just a kid, a five year old… and having kids this book kinda came at a really neat twist for me! I could imagine my son doing all of this stuff! LOLWalking around, being curious like young children do… and falling into an abandoned tunnel and his DNA was altered. I read this and thought… O_o baby Spiderman… lol This book has a lot of unexpected twists and turns and is a real thriller!! I found myself reading and it felt like I was reading so fast I couldn’t keep track of time and had to force myself to slow down because I was afraid I was going to miss something!! Lol All in all, this book is a really great fantasy novel filled with enough supernatural entities and mystery that you will find yourself finishing the book before you know it and wondering what is going to happen next. I give this book 5 out of 5 shields!!

  • C.p. Bialois
    2019-03-14 05:26

    This was an interesting read as I really didn’t know what to expect, nor make out about whom or what the main character, Jeremy, had become. While the piqued my interest enough to keep reading, I was pleasantly surprised by how young Jeremy was written.The author did a fantastic job of catching the mindset and adventurous/never-say-die personality of most young boys (I was no different. Lol). I found myself smiling at some of his mannerisms and phrases toward his sister or being told not to do something. I feel I have to point out I outright LOVED his interaction with his sister. It was both heartbreaking and pleasant.I do have to admit I was hoping for more of an interaction with the Howler. While his and Jeremy’s stories were interwoven in an interesting and thoughtful way, I really wanted to see the two together more. I would say more, but I fear that’ll give away spoilers.The lone complaint I have is the book ended with an obvious hook, but that’s to be expected with a series, so I’ll just have to grab the rest of the books to answer my questions.Overall, I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Mira
    2019-03-26 02:42

    WOW! What an adventure this book/series is proving to be. I loved this story, while not completely sure what I was getting into as I tend to narrow down my reading to only a few series. This one is on my list as I barrel through the next book(s).Blood Tithe is what I would call a supernatural, paranormal, young adult, adventure story. It's about a boy, Jeremy Davis who has blood on his hands but started out as a precocious typical 5 yr old kid that falls into a tunnel in an abandoned military base. This accident of course alters him and the adventure begins with some funny little quips, to heartbreak, self discovery and hopefulness. The story is well written and you get sucked into the story quickly - it moves fast, I love that! Although it's young adult, it's for anyone young at heart who loves a good supernatural adventure. Trust me when I say, you can't read this one without getting excited to roll right into the next one!

  • Mary Blowers
    2019-03-17 22:52

    Can’t stop thinking about the Howler in Glenn Soucy’s “Blood Tithe,” which is the mark of a great book in my eyes and a great way to gain a repeat customer. This villain is so ruthless, so heartless, and so powerful, I held my breath when Soucy dropped hints that the Howler was near. Little Jeremy’s family lives in a neighborhood on the edge of the woods, with a guarded military building far back among the trees. As boys will do, he and his best friend explored in the area and when Jeremy had a terrible, near fatal accident, he pulled through but it had changed his life and that of his family, forever. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Jeremy gains strength and maturity far beyond his years dealing with superpowers and an otherworldly monster. Tough decisions have to be made and I was pleased with the outcome, but there are many questions to be answered and I can’t wait to start the next book.

  • Pat
    2019-02-27 23:50

    In Blood Tithe by Glenn Soucy, the main protagonist, Jeremy Davis is an ordinary, mischievous and happy-go-lucky but accident prone, 5 year old looking for adventure and having fun, but all that changed for ever after he fell into an abandoned tunnel flooded with water and chemicals. With his DNA now altered, Jeremy has paranormal powers that he finds hard to master or control and which severely frighten and threaten his own family.This captivating and brilliantly written novel takes you on a journey fraught with danger, full of emotional turmoil, characters both good and evil and a tension fuelled ride that is fast paced and action packed. A real page turner! Once started, this novel is very hard to put down and I now look forward to reading Glenn’s sequel and to finding out the next chapter in Jeremy’s extraordinary yet complicated life. Blood Tithe comes highly recommended.

  • Adrienne
    2019-03-18 22:36

    A fresh take on the vampire story, and given the current vampire mania finding a fresh angle is quite an accomplishment. The main character is completely believable through out the book, it's hard to write a child without sounding childish, Glenn Soucy pulls it off. His young character goes from young child to young man and sounds true and authentic through out.A fast paced story with plenty of action that keeps you guessing to the end, but it's the emotional side of the story that really makes you care. The relationship between the main character and his sister is sweet, and nice to see a brother sister bond in a story.So all in all I would say this is a fabulous, bunny slippers, bowl of popcorn, phone off the hook Saturday afternoon read.

  • Clare Robinson
    2019-03-11 23:48

    Wow! Having pulled a virtual all nighter to finish this book I am now going to get stuck straight into the second, it is THAT compelling a story I have to read on. Not since The Hunger Games has a book captured me so much. It is well written and the writer does an excellent job of writing from a very young point of view with the tone changing as Jeremy, the main character grows up, capturing it perfectly. It is like nothing I have read before and the originality shines through. I would like to leave a longer review-but I have the second part calling my name :) I can't recommend this highly enough.

  • Susan Elle
    2019-03-23 02:40

    Glenn's style of writing is exciting and his descriptions fire the readers imagination.A lot of my enjoyment came from Glenn's ability to write from a child's point of view without sounding pretentious or boring. It was fun, it was traumatic, it was a brilliant read.I would recommend this book as a real page turner.Enjoy xxx

  • Shirley McLain
    2019-03-03 03:51

    This review is from: Blood Tithe (Kindle Edition) I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are strong . It almost felt as if I were reading two stories due to the alternating of time with each chapter. It was action packed from start to finish. If you like science fiction/fantasy you will like this book.

  • David Lancaster
    2019-03-23 04:32

    Great book! Kept me on the edge of my seat! Recommended by the writers son, and I wasn't disappointed! This would be a good movie too! Looking forward to 'The Others', the follow-up to Blood Tithe mentioned at the end of the book! Great book Glenn!

  • Dreamah Lockwood
    2019-03-14 23:39

    I thought this book was a great read. I sat up until 2 a.m. reading and finished it the next day. If you like a well written book, and a story that holds your interest, read this book. I have already purchased the 2nd book in the series.

  • Liz Knight
    2019-03-19 00:51

    What a roller coaster and a wonderful story. I was so worried about Jeremy, the main character, that I lost sleep over him. Glen has a great talent for writing. Going to get started on Blood Tithe 2. This is a must read!

  • Jason Mueller
    2019-03-25 23:32

    This is a great book by a great guy! The story is easy to follow, the characters are believable, and the plot moves along at a pace thats enjoyable.

  • Sonja Myburgh
    2019-03-17 00:32

    An absolute brilliant read! Well-written, as if I am there with the character every step of the way. Have not had such a roller coaster of emotions in a very long time! Well done to the author!!

  • Junior Dieu
    2019-03-16 01:31

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  • Anthony
    2019-03-11 23:40

    Found this book on Amazon and took a shot. Best $.99 I've spent. What an amazing story.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-13 01:28

    Exciting and unique story. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

  • A.D. Herrick
    2019-03-18 01:40

    WowThis book was insane! I was so wrapped up in the story. It's an absolutely superb tale of a young boy that faces life altering changes. As the ones he loves are ripped from him, he must hold on to the ones he has left and keep them safe.

  • K.S. Marsden
    2019-03-07 02:30

    Jeremy is your average five year old child, until a freak accident that should have killed him, gives him certain powers.The young boy has to face the fear and distrust of his family, as well as the threat of his nightmares becoming real.On paper this is just my type of thing and I really wanted to like this book, if not love it. But this is one of those awkward moments when the author is a lovely chap, and I can't offer him a better review.Don't get me wrong, the writing is very strong, and I can understand why so many have rated it highly. It flows well and would appease the grammar nazis.But truthfully I couldn't finish it. Oh I tried, I kept coming back to it over the last few weeks, but couldn't get further than half-way.My main problem was with Jeremy being 5 years old. Soucy has written this in the first person, and it just does not work. Jeremy only felt like a 5 year old in flashes - sure, his actions felt true to his age; but his thoughts were far too mature. What five year old takes note of so much detail? Or describes being out of breath as "having run a marathon"? The book is not a short one, and Jeremy's young/old voice irritated the hell out of me from the first.It would have worked twice as well if it had been third-party. Or even better if Jeremy had been ten years old, or a teenager. I guess him being a 5 year old gives the story a unique pitch amongst the masses of books with a young hero, but many times throughout the book I was wondering if there was any real reason Jeremy was cast so young. Especially when there are suddenly 6 month lapses, 2 year lapses, and suddenly he's a teenager and the story kicks in again. What's the friggin' rush for him to grow up, if Soucy wanted him so young in the first place?!My second problem was Jeremy's family.The dad is fine, he's the military man who has to spend time away, but is the caring and understanding party.The sister is invisible, a name without any real character until they move Spring Lake and she suddenly becomes the centre of the plot.But the mum... what mother would be scared of their baby boy? How could any mother keep her distance when her son starts doing weird things, rather than tear the world apart to find an answer?I will confess, I got a little confused over the era this was set in at first; I thought it was set in the 1950's, with how shut down the mum was. I was a little surprised to find out it was modern - there's this little thing called the internet, easy access to information, whether it's right or wrong. Did none of his family think to research Jeremy's condition? Did Jeremy not think to look up why he was suddenly able to do stuff? Or to research the dodgy Doc?Right, enough, rant over.Strangely, in conclusion I would actually read the next in the series, because Soucy's writing is good, and the two glaring problems I have are eradicated in book one.

  • J.M. Marie Merillo
    2019-03-11 21:49

    The story opens with a look at our tragic hero, Jeremy, in present time, atop a building contemplating how he'd gotten to this point in his life. We know he isn't quite human, but not even he can explain what he is. Through a series of flashbacks we discover the accident that led to his strange transformation, and how he lost everything he ever cared about in his life. Between the struggle to be normal and the fight to control his new powers Jeremy tries to protect those around him, even those that find him frightening. A simple task for a boy with extraordinary powers, but not when your worst enemy has the same powers and knows how to use them, not when faced with an evil you never expected in the form of a greedy and jealous bully.Blood Tithe is a fast-paced and ever exciting introduction to this supernatural series. I have seen it described as a new kind of vampire story and that is very much what it is. Jeremy's unfortunate fall into a toxic sewer changes him, gives him powers...powers which must be fed, but not with blood. He has to draw on energy from living things in order to use his powers. I loved the idea of a young child growing up with these unique powers, learning to use and conceal them, learning to turn inward in loneliness, learning to reach out for some kind of human connection. It's hard enough being a kid and trying to find where you belong in the world; imagine if you weren't quite human; imagine if you did things that you just couldn't explain. My heart ached for Jeremy as he dealt with more and more isolation, and I found his relationship with his mother to be almost unbearable. As a mother I could never imagine turning away from my children in fear and disgust, but it just made me feel more for Jeremy.Even if you're not a fan of vampires specifically or the supernatural in general this story is so much more than that. It is an adventure, a mystery, a love story both romantic and familial, and it's about a boy growing up in extraordinary circumstances. I'm curious to see where Jeremy will go from here; if he will ever find the answers he seeks, and who are the mysterious group that he meets at the end and what part do they play in everything that has happened?

  • Peg
    2019-03-16 01:24

    Blood Tithe is a fascinating young adult novel, filled with adventure, magical powers and evil villains. The story centers around a five year old boy, Jeremy, whose curiosity drew him into a forbidden territory. It was while he was there, hiding from the authorities, that he stumbled upon, and fell into a deep hole that was filled with swirling, poisonous black water. Jeremy was saved that day, but not for free, and certainly not out of the goodness of a mysterious man’s heart. Oh no, Jeremy would soon find out that being saved, came with a very hefty and nightmarish price tag.When Jeremy recovered from his fall, he found that he had acquired special powers. Jeremy couldn’t believe his good fortune; and boy was he ever onboard with being a cool superhero! He was awed with the fact that he could hear heartbeats, levitate, move objects or himself with a single thought, and draw energy from the living to make himself stronger. It didn’t take long though, for his friends and even his family to look upon him as a freak. But it was his mother’s fear of him, and the loss of her affection, that devastated Jeremy the most. So Jeremy turned all his attention and determination into turning off his magical powers. But what he didn’t realize until it was too late, was that he couldn’t just turn them back on when he needed to. Glenn Soucy uses his vivid imagination to craft a fascinating story. I absolutely loved the way he masterfully captured and portrayed the very essence of a five year old boy-turned superhero. The book could use a quick editing run-thru, but other than that, I found Blood Tithe to be an interesting and very well written read. I would definitely recommend this book to any young adult reader looking for a little scary adventure.

  • T.W. Barton
    2019-03-14 04:44

    I seem to be on the book lotto lately because never before have I read so many books in a row that were almost impossible to put down.This book is no exception and I can easily say that in the realm of the fantasy realm I can place this in the top 3 book I've read. It could be included in the vampire category as well but that arc seems so understated and really there never was a clear statement and for me was ambiguous.This book isn't filled with gory battles or never ending pulse raising action. What it is full of is a mastery of suspenseful writing with a story line that isn't contently hidden by sloppy writing or cheap ploys to throw the reader off the sent. It is the mastery of the pen or keyboard as is likely that keeps you turning pages because you just need to see what happens next and where the story is going.This book contains flash backs but wasn't very distracting for the most part except towards the end when the suspense was ratcheting up and if I'm honest that did annoy me.I wanted to see the character explore his gifts more and I wish the age range would have been higher but this is the first in a series in which we will see the character grow unless of course he gets killed :-).I wouldn't even restrict this book to those that love the genre as I am mostly a thriller/action reader and as you can see I loved the book so I would have no trouble recommending it to any reader even younger readers is there isn't really any gratuitous violence or language.