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Anjali’s plain and staid life suddenly turns into a whirlpool when she befriends four very different individuals, leading distinct lifestyles. Slowly and steadily, they entrap Anjali into their lives. Anjali becomes the nucleus of their existence. She witnesses their lives from the ringside, and draws vicarious pleasure in their passionate love affairs. Then Anjali inadverAnjali’s plain and staid life suddenly turns into a whirlpool when she befriends four very different individuals, leading distinct lifestyles. Slowly and steadily, they entrap Anjali into their lives. Anjali becomes the nucleus of their existence. She witnesses their lives from the ringside, and draws vicarious pleasure in their passionate love affairs. Then Anjali inadvertently becomes a mute witness to their plotting of four bizarre murders. Will Anjali be able to extricate herself from the tentacles of her four friends, or is the fabric of their relationship so intricately woven, that Anjali can only be drawn deeper into the sinister labyrinth? Incognito is a compelling psychological thriller; this hair-raising tale will keep you hooked from start to finish....

Title : Incognito
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ISBN : 9789381576694
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 269 Pages
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Incognito Reviews

  • Book'd
    2019-03-07 04:12

    3.5 Stars Actually.First of all, Thank you to the Author, Lata Gwalani for sending me my give away winner copy of her first book.From the very first page, I was hooked to the story. Writing style was excellent; it never occurs to me that this was the first piece of work by the author.First chapter creates a gripping suspense and I was not able to stop myself reading on and on even while I waited for the company car for pick up and drop.I thoroughly enjoyed all four different plots containing romance and thrill. The one which was set up in the world tour was my favorite.The last chapter initially confused me, the ending was a very different kind, I was not able to digest what was coming out of it. But, as the back cover of the book says, it is a psychological thriller and it say all about it.Overall an enjoyable book which will hold the interest of reader till the last page.

  • Kokila Manchanda
    2019-03-13 03:31

    "Incognito" is Lata Gwalani's debut novel, and for a first-time author Gwalani has her achievements. She successfully manages to evade the trap that most first-time authors fall to--namely, too many ideas in one book. It's natural for an author to have many more ideas pressing to be expressed than can be reasonably brought together and logically connected in one book. And it's also natural for an author to feel tempted to say it all, especially if it's the first book. "Incognito", on the other hand, has a plot that is amazingly crisp--neatly divided into seven chapters (or were there six?), very few characters, and even fewer ideas. In fact, so meagre is the plot that even a moderate page count of 267 seems a few pages too many, with quite a bit of redundancy in narration. The book declares itself a psycho-thriller, but all it has to that claim is a protagonist that is psychologically unstable. The story doesn't have a lot of potential for thrill; no whodunit, no secret motives. Along with a little help from the blurb, you have it all figured out long before you reach the end. If there is any intrigue at all, it is dashed at the end when instead of a sensational exposé you find quoted excerpts from writings on psychoanalysis. (Personally, it was interesting reading the quoted material. I actually found myself wanting more of the excerpts!)What keeps the reader going is mostly the simplicity of language and narration, making for a very easy reading. Another thing that adds to the ease of reading is that the characters are not very complex; they are easy to understand with almost a familiar, bollywoody, kitschy feel to them. The women are independent, successful, assertive, but still sexually coy! The men are tall, handsome, unusually caring, and indulgent. You have characters in their late 30s and early 40s and yet they are experiencing love and betrayal for the first time, but the ease and promptness with which they fall in love hardly helps to make it more believable. Thanks to some gray shades to the characters, they do have some sparkle and dimension to their personality. Incognito will make for a good one-time read on a weekend when you just want to relax with some quick, effortless reading.

  • Nutan Sharma
    2019-02-27 06:33

    Fast pacedGood read. Did not loose interest through the narration ..felt fresh and the unexpected ending was icing on the cake.

  • Veturi
    2019-03-18 09:26

    The writer's ineptness could have been offensive, only if it wasn't as hilarious.

  • Ching-Bing-Ping
    2019-03-23 10:15

    “A love story with a sad ending makes me sad; a love story with a happy ending makes me sadder”- ObelixIncognito is the debut novel by writer Lata Gwalani. After reading her words, and the general reviews, I, being a thriller addict myself, decided to give this book a try. I finished the book in 3 hrs flat, and by the end of it I can safely say I have enjoyed the book.Now, the plot was nothing too complicated, which at the end would leave a lot of loose strings hanging around, neither did I feel that it was juvenile in its standard. From page one she creates an atmosphere of suspense, the use of first hand narrative deserves a high five. The four narratives which make up the bull-work of the book were easy and fast to read. My favorite being the ANURADHA’s narrative, I actually liked her take on friendship and relation.Use of first person narrative helped the book maintain its character. A first person narrative, especially in a thriller, adds an extra dose of suspense. A first person narrative makes the reader get into the mood of a character in the book, rather than being a mere spectator.Another great aspect of the book was, short sentences, short paragraphs and short chapters. James Patterson creates wonders with this formula; here Ms. Galwani does the same, and helps the reader to breeze through the book. And the absence of any complicated words and phrases were also an added blessing for me.But, I would still have issues with this book called a thriller, a pure thriller. Accepted, that it had a thriller layer in it, but what overwhelmed me was the TRAGIC layer. The last chapters where the truth gets revealed is too sad. The situation was never over the top, but reading about Anjali’s life, was a painful process. Kudos to the writer on creating such a tragic character who happened to feature in 25+ odd pages.P.S.1. I am not talking about the grammar or the editing, because I don’t find myself qualified to do so. (There may be numerous mistakes in this review itself!!!!)

  • Visakh
    2019-03-07 07:12

    Incognito by Lata Gwalani is a very fast and thrilling read. It's a kind of thriller which follows the pattern of a novel by Sidney Sheldon. The story revolves around a couple of murders, each committed by various women for seemingly trivial reason. It's only in the end that the various threads are tied together, and it was quite a surprise. As I mentioned already, this is a quick read. It had been in my reading list for a long time, but I actually started reading when my flight took off from Pune and finished it when I was in Delhi. One of the facts that I didn't like was the printing. I felt that the spacing is too much and felt a little guilty about wasting unnecessary papers (I read only on my Kindle nowadays). The editing is ok, but a few errors pops up once in a while.In short, it is a good and fast read. Go for it if you are stuck in an airport or a railway station. I am damn sure you'll be able to finish it before the train/flight is ready.Disclosure - I received this book as a part of Goodreads giveaway.

  • Divya
    2019-02-23 04:30

    I received a copy of Incognito as part of Goodreads giveaway initiative, and just couldn’t wait to start reading it – the title and cover looked so appealing – and I couldn’t put the book down once I’d started – must say I wasn't disappointed. The book might even "inspire" a director to base his movie on it. Essentially, a murder(s) mystery, Incognito starts with a confession by Anjali – apparently a 75-year-old woman. Her four friends/accused are independent, successful, and headstrong women who are used to having their ways – not the ones to fall in love, but they do, too easily and quite surprisingly. So start the four stories, set in four different places, but with a bit of redundancy in them. The relationship between these four women and Anjali isn't discussed until the end. It is here that one can see Lata's expertise in dealing with the complexities of human mind; however, the long passages about psycho-analysis in the end slow the pace of reading. Overall, the book qualifies as a quick and interesting read.

  • Siva Kumar S A
    2019-03-08 09:33

    I received the book through giveaway from goodreads.comThe novel is a intense psychological thriller told from different perspectives. It is like a mystery movie where the first half an hour doesn't make any sense ,then the threads are revealed and everything is connected in the climax.I liked some of the characters and could relate to them.The book is for casual readers looking for a mystery who can handle grey shades of human mind.

  • Saloni Solanki
    2019-03-07 04:10

    a good book , satisfying in its own way .the unusual ending of every part made me so crazyy to read more and more and got the relief after knowing the true story !! :)

  • Lata Gwalani
    2019-02-24 10:11