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Some time back, wicked machinations in the world of night resulted in the prince and heir-apparent being abandoned in our world. Named Muffler, and raised by simple goat herders, Muffler seems all set to lead a perfectly normal and peaceful life- except that he has the power to talk to animals. This leads him into a friendship with Grimbold, a black cat who knows a lot morSome time back, wicked machinations in the world of night resulted in the prince and heir-apparent being abandoned in our world. Named Muffler, and raised by simple goat herders, Muffler seems all set to lead a perfectly normal and peaceful life- except that he has the power to talk to animals. This leads him into a friendship with Grimbold, a black cat who knows a lot more than he lets on. Enemies in the world of night continue to conspire against Muffler and his long-lost family, and since cats are the only creatures, apart from poets, who can slip between the mundane and magical realms, Grimbold soon emerges as Muffler's ally in a struggle beyond his wildest dreams. ...

Title : Grimbold's Other World
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ISBN : 9780441303809
Format Type : Paperback
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Grimbold's Other World Reviews

  • robyn
    2018-10-26 00:38

    One of my favorite books in the world, and one of my favorite authors. Nicholas Stuart Gray was retelling old fairy tales and inventing new ones long after their heyday, and long before it became trendy. Good fairy tales, like good ghost stories, are few and far between. His stories are innocent and tender and poignant, and entirely lovely. I highly recommend them for children or for adults.

  • Miriam
    2018-11-02 00:37

    Was this just reissued? I thought from the way the reviews looked that it was new, but the copy I got from my library was published in 1963. Given the past decade's glut of kids' and young-adult fantasies this tale may not seem as original to modern readers as it once did, but I think it is still an excellent light read. A baby found abandoned in a scarf is named Muffler and raised as a goatherd in a small village. He grows to be a kind and honest boy who composes songs and has a special bond with animals. One night while he is sick, a cat named Grimbold comes and asks for help freeing his master from a sorcerer. Once Muffler is aware of the magical world next to his own, he keeps coming in contact with it and has a series of adventures.[I got this from the library, but as of June 2010 they seem to have discarded it. Sad.:]

  • Mike Colombo
    2018-10-31 23:53

    I read this when I was just a kid but it left a longlasting impresison

  • Sem
    2018-11-16 00:48

    I'll ask the question I ask myself every time I think of Gray's books. Why are his works long out-of-print? Grimbold's Other World has everything to delight a child - a cat (if your tastes run in that direction), a dog (if they don't), a baby dragon, a sorcerer and his rather fetching son (Gray had a penchant for intriguing young men - fictionally speaking), dwarves (with, I think, a nod to Tolkien although I read this book first), goats, a hob, poetry... And nothing, as far as I can see that anyone nowadays could possibly object to. With all the rubbish on the market, we could do with new editions of his best works. The plays, I admit are a bit niche although I love those as well. There's no justice in this world.

  • Nelia
    2018-11-14 06:37

    My mother hunted down this book for me when I was a child, because she loved it so much when she was little. I named both my cats after the cats in the book (a black cat called Grimbold, a tabby named Dulcie). This is a lovely storybook for children that will stay with you and make you look forward to the day when you can share it with someone else.

  • Cheryl
    2018-11-04 00:50

    Very fairy-tale book about a foundling who finds that because he is a poet, he can enter a fantastical night world where horses who plow fields by day, fly; where cats are the size of panthers; and dogs, the size of rabbits (self-image being everything). Episodic and chapters are followed by poems related to the adventure in the chapter.

  • CLM
    2018-11-03 01:48

    Although there is a lost prince and various magical creatures in this book, it is the mastermind cat Grimbold who is the central character of this fantasy. One of my childhood favorites and a book that definitely needs to be republished to reach a new audience of fantasy lovers.

  • Avalon
    2018-10-26 00:38

    I loved this book - it is still on my bookcase and I re-read it every now and then. Grimbold is a delightful cat!

  • Edward
    2018-11-04 23:42

    A starling purity and wisdom, like skipping the well and going straight to the spring.

  • Hilary
    2018-10-31 01:47

    A reread, dug up from the second-hand vaults of Amazon; a happy reminder of the days when children s fiction was not big business and was allowed to be as odd and offbeat as it pleased.

  • Dana
    2018-11-08 02:50

    One of the best books I read as a kid. I remember wishing I had a cat like Grimbold who would take me to that other world like he did for the boy in this story. Some great poetry too, as I recall.

  • Yassmin Sanders
    2018-11-06 02:33

    This is a fabulous book. I first read it when I was 11 and it has stayed in my mind ever since. Re-reading it as an adult did not disappoint.

  • Kimmy
    2018-11-12 23:32

    Want to read it again!!!!

  • Matthew Olwell
    2018-11-12 03:37

    A really excellent book but sadly out of print. I had a copy but gave it away. Regretting it now that's I would like to read it to my daughter. Since the last time I purchased it the price seems to have shot up to around $60.

  • Lisa Rector
    2018-10-24 03:48

    I discovered this gem of a book in high school. I love the way it unfolds through the character's adventures in the shadow world next to ours. I re-read it regularly.

  • Pashi
    2018-11-11 00:30

    So good! If you like Neil Gaiman's fantasy books for children, you will like this I think! There is so much fantasy out there, let alone all the fantasy aimed at children, it can be hard to find tales spun with magic that still have the power to enchant. There were some nice philosophical passages in here that make you stop and think about what the words mean. We follow a foundling named Muffler who is a goatherd slash poet. He meets a cat who helps him cross into the Night World, a world that mirrors our own but in it magic and magical things exist. We have a good line up: witches, unicorns, dragons, evil sorcerers, and little people who bring luck. Mostly episodic in form, Muffler crosses over into the Night World on many occasions making surprising discoveries and helping people along the way. Seemingly separate events culminate into a suspenseful ending!

  • Ariel
    2018-11-11 23:37

    A re-read of one of my all-time favorite books as a child. It holds up wonderfully well. A poetic changeling goatherd discovers that he can enter a "night world" with the help of a sardonic, magical black cat. All the animals are great, especially his devoted if whiny goats, In this night world, which is beautiful, glamorous, and dangerous, everyone is the size he imagines himself to be. Magical creatures abound. The plot is too complicated to go into and may not even be the point.

  • Scotty
    2018-11-07 05:44

    This book delighted me and a child as lovely tale of magic (and probably is responsible for my love of cats), and it still delights me today. I have purchased copies for my nieces, and my daughters have my original 1963 copy

  • Susan Thornton
    2018-11-14 23:36

    I can honestly say I have had more pleasure from this book, and re-read it more times than any other. I was constantly borrowing it from the library as a child, and have read it to my children and lent it to my nephews - all of whom loved it too. Why it has not been republished is beyond me!

  • Tree
    2018-11-14 00:35

    I read this as a child and still rate it as one of my favourite books.

  • Devi
    2018-11-08 05:31

    Ich liebe meinen Kinderfantasyklassiker.

  • Gordon Maclellan
    2018-10-24 03:47

    I love the gentle simplicity of this book. It is a charming enchantment full of whimsy and poetry and to be recommended for an evening read by the fire when you need a bit of heartwarming