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What would you do if your past came back to haunt you? A dark, thrilling novel for fans of Kate Morton and Victoria Hislop From the author of THE SECRETS BETWEEN US, part of the 2012 Richard and Judy Summer Reads, comes this dark, thrilling novel that is perfect for your book group.It's set twenty years ago against a backdrop of dreamy Cornish summers, a place where childWhat would you do if your past came back to haunt you? A dark, thrilling novel for fans of Kate Morton and Victoria HislopFrom the author of THE SECRETS BETWEEN US, part of the 2012 Richard and Judy Summer Reads, comes this dark, thrilling novel that is perfect for your book group.It's set twenty years ago against a backdrop of dreamy Cornish summers, a place where childhood friendship becomes young love, where love becomes obsession, and where obsession ultimately ends in betrayal and a tragic death.This magical novel traces a web of memories back through the years from the present day, ultimately showing that no matter how much you might try to forget the past, the past never forgets you......

Title : In Her Shadow
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In Her Shadow Reviews

  • Blair
    2018-10-27 22:41

    Like the author's last novel, The Secrets Between Us, this is what I would call - in the nicest way possible, honestly - good quality trash. It is light and easy to read, frequently implausible and silly, but also totally compelling, well-written with plenty of twists, and addictively readable.Hannah Brown appears to be an unremarkable heroine in every way, except that twenty years earlier, her best friend, Ellen Brecht, drowned at the age of eighteen. This is an incident which Hannah feels a great deal of guilt about - indeed, she appears to blame herself for Ellen's death. Then she sees - or thinks she sees - Ellen, alive and well, in the museum where she works. This provokes an extreme reaction in Hannah, who alternates between certainty that she is heading for a nervous breakdown, and fear that Ellen somehow survived and has sought out her former friend in order to get revenge. The story is told partly in flashbacks, as Hannah recounts the events of her youth: her relationship with her best friend and 'brother' Jago; the development of her friendship with the beautiful, enchanting Ellen; her fascination with the glamorous and tragic Brecht family.As soon as I got into this story, I just didn't want to put the book down. I was fascinated by the characters - in particular Hannah, a likeable protagonist it's easy to sympathise with, and Ellen's father, who is both charismatic and sinister. The chapters are short and snappy, and because they were so easy and quick to get through, I found myself wanting to read on every time I came to the end of one. I was also pleasantly surprised by the resolution of what I thought would be a trite romantic subplot involving Hannah and John, one of her colleagues from the museum. The character of Charlotte, (view spoiler)[John's cheating wife (hide spoiler)], was so crude and cartoonish that I almost physically cringed every time she appeared or was mentioned, and I felt sure the stage was being set for a very predictable outcome, yet the plot veered in a different direction at the last moment. I always have to give a book props if it's written primarily for a female audience and allows a female protagonist - especially one in her late thirties - to remain single (happily or otherwise) at the end.I wasn't convinced by some of the details of the plot - for example, it particularly bothered me that (view spoiler)[Kirsten journeyed all the way to England to meet Hannah, found her, then left after one attempt to speak to her in a darkened room of the museum, without even trying to explain or introduce herself. Why wouldn't she have emailed Hannah, or sent her a letter, having gone to all that effort to track her down? (hide spoiler)] The language can be repetitive - Charlotte always seems to be throwing/tipping her head back and laughing, Ellen's hair is always 'falling' or 'sliding' down her back. However, these are minor things that didn't really stop me from enjoying the book. If you're looking for a good light read, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend In Her Shadow - just go with it, ignore the inconsistencies and you'll (probably) enjoy it just as much as I did.

  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    2018-11-09 00:33

    I’m going to admit – I have never read a book by Louise Douglas before. Ever. But this book sounded so intriguing and I was so excited to start it…and let me just say – WOW. Where on earth have I been?! How have I not read any of Louise’s other books? In fact, I am SO impressed by this novel that after I have finished writing this, I’m going to order her other books straight away.In the present day, Hannah Brown works at a museum, living in a flat with what seems to be an ordinary life. But Hannah Brown has secrets, secrets that include a mental breakdown and memories of a childhood that she would rather forget. As Hannah works on an ordinary day, she catches sight of Ellen Brecht, a girl she has tried so hard to forget…Ellen was her best friend as a child ever since Ellen and her family moved in to Thornfield House. Ellen is the opposite of Hannah…Ellen is beautiful, fierce and knows exactly what she wants, whereas Hannah is more timid and willing to go along with her friend. But soon their life becomes dark, and filled with obsession, betrayal and lies, resulting in tragedy.But is this woman really Ellen? And if she has come to find Hannah, what does she want? To forgive her? Or to punish her?I cannot describe how much I loved this book! In Her Shadow is one of those books that is impossible to put down, so if you’re going to read this, make sure you start it on a morning or when you have a bit of a free day as you won’t want to be parted from the pages!The characters, for me, are really what made this book so brilliant. They are all complex characters with their own agendas, thought processes and personalities. Even though the story is told throughout from Hannah’s perspective, I didn’t feel that I missed out on getting to know any of the other characters…in fact, I felt I knew them almost as well as Hannah – I knew how they’d react to situations, what their thoughts were, I could even hear their own individual ‘voices’ as I read through the chapters.Hannah is a fantastic character, I warmed to her straight away as we are taken back in time with her through her childhood memories, and then in the next chapter we are in the present day with her and able to see how what has happened in her childhood has affected her. Throughout the book I really got behind her, and I was willing her on to discover the truth about Ellen. I really loved Jago as a character, I felt quite close to him and protective over him, like I would with a brother, and I genuinely cared aboyt his parts and what happened to him throughout. Ellen was fascinating, I could see why Hannah had been so swept up in this friendship that she had with Ellen, and how easily Ellen could lead Hannah and talk her into things. But even though I knew that perhaps sometimes she wasn’t acting in the best interests of others, I was drawn to her character and always keen to find out what her next moves would be.One thing that made the story so gripping was the sinister undertones throughout. In ever chapter there was a sense of darkness and the sense that something might go wrong at any moment. Louise Douglas built the tension effortlessly and I was racing through the pages desperate to know what would happen next. I won’t spoil it by saying who but some of the characters were so well crafted that as soon as they appeared in the scene they put me on edge and I read faster at those points because I wanted to know more.There were a few twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting and I finished the story feeling a bit breathles and as though I’d lived a whole other life. As I say, I’m now going to buy Louise’s other books!In Her shadow is captivating, it is compelling and it is powerfully written. Louise Douglas has written a truly fantastic book that will have you racing through the pages, and I would thouroughly recommend this.

  • Paula Sealey
    2018-10-23 04:34

    Hannah feels she finally has her life sorted, but on a regular day at work in the museum she sees her best friend Ellen. But how can that be when Ellen tragically died as a teenager? Haunted by her image, Hannah fears she is on the verge of another breakdown and begins to revisit events from her past, searching for answers. The story seamlessly interchanges between Hannah's past and present, treating us to a raft of beautifully crafted characters and relationships. The suspense as the story progresses is just perfect and leaves you with an unsettling feeling that makes you want to swipe those pages until the book is finished and you have a conclusion.Louise Douglas remains firmly in my list of favourite ever authors. Her books always take me on a beautiful journey, captivating me with the characters and settings. This story was no exception, I just loved it!

  • Anne
    2018-11-10 06:45

    In Her Shadow is Louise Douglas' fourth novel and was published by Transworld earlier this month.This a complex story that draws the reader in from the beginning, I found it very difficult to put down and when I was not reading it, I was thinking about it.Hannah is a young woman who works at a Bristol museum, from the off it is clear that she has some issues from her past that shape her behaviour. Hannah 'sees' her childhood friend Ellen in the museum, but Ellen died many years ago, so how could that be? Hannah narrates the story in chapters that alternate between the present day and her childhood. Ellen Brecht and her family lived in a big house in the sleepy Cornish town where Hannah and her adopted brother Jago were the only other children. The Brechts appeared different, and glamorous and soon both Hannah and Jago were entranced by them. There is an air of mystery and drama about Ellen and this is what attracts Hannah to her, coupled with her attractive and attentive father who is so different to her own staid, somewhat stuffy parents.There is an air of darkness about this story and because the reader knows from the beginning that Ellen is dead this makes it even more compelling. As Hannah tells the story of their childhood with Ellen firmly in the centre of it, the reader becomes more and more desperate to know what will happen, and why is Ellen no more? This is a very clever way of hooking the reader, and as the story becomes more involved, the pages are turned quicker and quicker. Towards the end of the story there is an almost unbearable air of tension and suspense, that certainly quickened my heartbeat.Louise Douglas is a very capable author who is able to combine the menace of a psychological thriller with a coming of age drama and a sprinkling of romance too. Her characters, whilst not always likeable are always believable and often unpredictable.In Her Shadows will not disappoint existing fans of Louise Douglas and I hope will win her many more

  • Clarabel
    2018-10-18 22:33

    Totalement séduite par cette histoire de fantôme, qui nous entraîne dans un voyage poignant vers le passé, sur les traces de l'enfance de l'héroïne, en Cornouailles. Entre souvenirs et quête de la vérité, se dévoile l'histoire de trois amis inséparables, qui vont grandir ensemble, partager les bains de mer en cachette, les fêtes d'anniversaire, le premier amour, la jalousie, les drames enfouis et les non-dits. Le récit est teinté d'amertume et de regret. L'ambiance est pesante, voire mélancolique. Mais j'ai beaucoup aimé. Toute cette tension dramatique a su me tenir en haleine ! Et même si on devine la fin, j'avais envie de connaître les raisons d'un tel engrenage tragique.Seul point faible : le dénouement, comme c'est souvent le cas. La vérité n'est jamais à la hauteur de mes attentes.

  • Helena
    2018-10-30 22:41

    I did like the story, but not the ending. I was heavily disappointed to be honest. Such a sweet ending didn't match the rest of the book. In the beginning the author makes me think Ellen is a untrustworthy, manipulative girl, but as the story develops that image seems to change to the contrary and suddenly everything was Hannah's fault. Liked the story, but the end left me disappointed.

  • Natalie Richards
    2018-10-25 00:53

    This is the first book I`ve read by this author and having heard good things about it I was looking forward to reading it. However I quickly became disappointed with it as it was not as gripping as I thought it would be,in fact it became quite predictable, and I failed to connect with any of the characters. Only stayed with it to see if I was right with the ending; and I was!

  • Beadyjan
    2018-11-12 06:28

    Another very engrossing read from Louise Douglas - who definitely features highly in my top ten favourite authors as she is so consistent.This is a subtle and slightly sinister psychological drama written in a dual time frame of present day events and reminiscences of the narrators past.Told in first person by Hannah who is in her 30s and working in a museum, in her past lies a mental breakdown and a few secrets. She is left shaken and disturbed by suddenly catching glimpses of a friend from her childhood .. who died years before. This sets her off down memory road remembering her own upbringing, with her adopted brother Jago and her best friend Ellen, from a bohemian and musical ubringing - so vibrant and dramatic that Hannah spends her teenage years drawn to her like a moth to a flame, devotedly fond and protective of her friend yet very much "in her shadow".Gradually past events are brought to life through Hannahs memories although it's told at quite a gentle pace, and is a subtle story where the reader is kept guessing.In each chapter we are given a little more information about past happenings and left wanting to find out more about How Ellen died, why Hannah is estranged from Jago and what part if any did past events play in Hannahs past mental health problems.We wonder as does she, whether Hannah is heading for a breakdown again, is she seeing things? perhaps the girl she is seeing is a ghost. When everything is finally revealed it leads to a satisfying and quite unexpected conclusion.Beautifully written, tense and poignant, highly recommended to anyone who enjoyed her previous novels The Secrets Between Us and who enjoys books like Ninepins and authors like Jojo Moyes

  • Melissa
    2018-11-08 05:34

    I didn't expect this book to be so good. I picked it up at the library the other day and I read more than half of the book that same day. It's a quick read, in general. Perfect for those lonely couple of evenings on which you find yourself with nothing better to do. Once you've started, it's difficult to tear yourself away from it. The characters are interesting and not very predictable. The development of the plot was not what I thought it would be. It was much better. The twists were interesting enough, without being too hard to understand or keep up with. When Hannah, the main character, first started to see Ellen, her deceased friend, again, I was like: "Salt and Burn! It's going to be that kind of novel, we have a ghost on our hands. Salt and burn that restless spirit!" But as it turns out, it wasn't that kind of novel at all. I do think that Douglas used the 'easy way out' sometimes, when it came to wrapping up the story. (view spoiler)[ All of a sudden Ellen's father doesn't care about what she does anymore? He doesn't notice she's pregnant or he just doesn't care? Ellen left directions for her aunt and her father didn't find them first? Her aunt looks inside the tent before she leaves to find help? Ellen's daughter and Hannah are constantly at the same place at the same time but still, they never met before Hannah went to Germany? And Kirsten (Ellen's daughter) gave up that fast? All of these things are explained and there sure is some logic to those explanations, but still...too easy. (hide spoiler)]The ending was not all that spectacular, but it was pleasing all the same. I really enjoyed reading this book and every time I put it down it left me wanting to know more. It's the perfect book for lazy afternoons next to the swimming pool, when you're on vacation and in need to fight off boredom.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Louise Graham
    2018-11-10 03:41

    I waited with huge expectation for this book as I was such a fan of The Secrets Between Us and I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed one bit.Louise has written another gripping book that really takes you on a journey that you are unsure where it will lead you. In Her Shadow starts with Hannah in the present day, she glimpses something that throws her totally off-balance and makes her doubt everything she thinks she knows to be true. The book transports you back to her childhood with her ‘brother’ and best Friend, Ellen. What starts off as a normal childhood changes so dramatically.Whilst there are lots of ‘flash backs’ and chapters in the past as well as the present day, it is extremely easy to read and understand where you are.As with Louise’s last book, there is a chilling feel to the book and an uncertainty of what will happen next. Beautifully written and powerful descriptive passages. This is really a book that makes you think and whilst you may or may not like the leading characters (I did), I don’t think that matters as the whole story will captivate you until you turn to the very last page and a very satisfying ending

  • Mandy Baldwin
    2018-10-24 05:40

    I have just finished 'in her Shadow' and loved it! Managed to read the whole book in two days (the housework can wait!) as I wanted to know how the story would end.The story hooked me from the very start and I enjoyed every page until it's conclusion - a great read. I have read all the books by Louise Douglas, all are brilliant and I can't wait for the next one.

  • Lucy McLaurin
    2018-10-25 05:30

    The main character Hannah was portrayed so innocently and truthfully that I could see her being a kid when I was at school. The parts written by the younger Hannah just read so poetically true to a young child with their thoughts and insecurities and beliefs. Likewise Ellen's child persona was so similar to some that I was friends with at school! So realistic it was quite breathtaking. The adult Hannah obviously felt so much guilt and wouldn't allow herself to forgive the younger her. I can't say anymore without giving things away, but only wish to say that I found this book extremely enjoyable and especially as it has seen me through a really bad cough/cold and chest infection.

  • susana
    2018-11-15 04:26

    Nota Geral: 3.7/5Escrita: 4Cenário: 4Originalidade: 4Personagens: 4Suspense: 4Humor: 3Romance: 2.5Capa: 4Aditivo: 4Previsível: 3

  • Dahlia
    2018-10-17 05:25

    The plot was very tempting and it was better than I expected. But maybe I wanted more story in the end. Not enough for me.

  • Kathleen Laurol
    2018-11-02 23:32

    J ai adoré. Quelle histoire merveilleuse.

  • Rooserd
    2018-11-14 00:33 Browns volwassen leven wordt volledig in beslag genomen door de dood van haar vroegere hartsvriendin Ellen Brecht. Ze waren als kind en tieners onafscheidelijk, totdat Ellen een relatie kreeg met Hannah's geadopteerde broer Jargo. Op een warme zwoele zomeravond, wanneer de meisjes achttien zijn, wordt hun idyllische wereld definitief verbrijzeld door obsessie, verraad, en dood: Ellen wordt dood aangetroffen op het strand. Twintig jaar later is Hannah Ellen nog niet vergeten en denkt ze zelfs dat ze haar ziet - zou het werkelijk kunnen dat Ellen nog leeft? In haar schaduw is een magische roman die een web van herinneringen weeft. Hoezeer je ook probeert het verleden te vergeten - het verleden zal jou nooit met rust laten.******************************************************************** Hannah Brown onder werktijd opeens oog in oog staat met haar jeugdvriendin Ellen Brecht, staat haar rustige, zorgvuldig opgebouwde leven totaal op z'n kop. Ellen is namelijk al twintig jaar dood. De nachtmerries die Hannah jaren geleden achter zich gelaten dacht te hebben, komen in volle kracht terug, net als de herinneringen aan hun heftige vriendschap, die gekenmerkt wordt door liefde, verraad en jaloezie. Hannah duikt in haar verleden om het voor eens en altijd zeker te weten: heeft ze een geest gezien of leeft Ellen nog?Het verhaal wordt wisselend vanuit het heden en verleden verteld: de zoektocht van de volwassen Hannah naar de waarheid over Ellens dood, en de ontwikkeling van de vriendschap tussen Hannah en Ellen in hun tienertijd. De omgeving van Cornwall en Thornfield House, het huis waar Ellen Brecht met haar familie woonde, worden levendig en realistisch beschreven. Ook de vriendschap tussen Hannah en Ellen is levensecht. Al vanaf het allereerste begin is er een onderhuidse spanning aanwezig, die gaandeweg steeds sterker wordt. Die spanning heeft alles te maken met Ellens gecompliceerde vader, en de aanwezigheid van Hannahs buurjongen Jago.Hoewel op de voorkant van dit boek Roman staat, had dit boek even goed een Psychologische Thriller kunnen zijn. De schrijfstijl is vlot en meeslepend, je wilt blijven doorlezen. Op een paar losse eindjes na zit het verhaal goed in elkaar. In haar schaduw is een fascinerende en beklemmende Roman over vriendschap, jaloezie en verraad.****************************************************** voelt zich na twintig jaar nog steeds schuldig over de dood van haar vriendin. Als ze denkt dat ze haar vriendin ziet, stort ze in. Een bijna psychologisch verhaal over een vrouw die als jong meisje heel naïef en kortzichtig is. Ze is nog jong en dweept met de knappe vader van haar vriendin. Ze weigert de werkelijkheid te zien; daardoor veroorzaakt ze grote problemen die mede leiden tot de dood van haar vriendin. Het verhaal speelt afwisselend in het verleden en in deze tijd en wordt verteld door Hannah. Pas na een bijzondere ontmoeting kan Hannah het verleden laten rusten. Het verhaal is spannend en tegelijkertijd geeft de hoofdpersoon je het irritante gevoel dat ze zelfs na twintig jaar nog steeds niet volwassen is.

  • Dannielle Potts
    2018-11-13 00:50

    After Reading Books By The Same Author Before This One, I Have To Say, It Isn't Her Best. I Found The More Upper Class Dad's Behaviour Just Short Of Grooming So I Scanned Over The Paragraphs Containing Him But Glad I Carried On With The Actual Novel. A Good Twist Near The End Which Could Be Seen Coming But It Finished The Book Up Nicely

  • Ingrid Fasquelle
    2018-10-28 02:52

    Après Un invité indésirable, sa réinterprétation contemporaine très remarquée de Rebecca de Daphne du Maurier, Louise Douglas signe un roman d'une belle intensité émotionnelle sur le poids des non-dits, de l'obsession amoureuse et de la trahison.Avec Nos mensonges, Louise Douglas embarque ses lecteurs pour un voyage vers un passé plein de fantômes, de secrets et de révélations surprenantes. L'ambiance est pesante, teintée de nostalgie, d'émotion, mais surtout émaillée de magnifiques descriptions des plages de Cornouailles...Quand Hannah croit apercevoir Ellen, son amie d’enfance, sur son lieu de travail, elle est sous le choc. Et pour cause : Ellen est morte il y a vingt ans ! Hannah, qui n’a jamais surmonté cette disparition tragique, décide alors qu’il est temps d’affronter le passé. Au fil des pages, elle revient sur sa rencontre avec Ellen, ses charismatiques parents et son étrange grand-mère... jusqu’à la disparition de son amie. Mais pour comprendre le mystère qui entoure la mort d'Ellen et pouvoir, enfin, faire son deuil, Hannah devra retourner à Trethene, une petite bourgade de Cornouailles battue par les vents. Aura-t-elle seulement le courage de lever le voile sur les secrets de l'enfance ?Nos mensonges est un roman à l'atmosphère pesante et oppressante. Très vite, le lecteur comprend que sous les apparences, les faux-semblants et le vernis de la perfection se cachent de terribles secrets dont les conséquences peuvent résonner pendant de longues années... Le secret d'Hannah et d'Ellen fait partie de ceux-là. Dans les méandres de l’histoire d'une famille ravagée par le mensonges et les non-dits, Hannah mettra à jour de sombres secrets qui bouleverseront sa vie à jamais. Les secrets de familles resurgissent toujours…Cependant, à trop vouloir jouer avec les codes du roman gothique, Louise Douglas finit par perdre sa crédibilité. On ne croit pas une seule seconde aux révélations fracassantes qui viennent ternir cette histoire pourtant si prometteuse et captivante ! C'est vraiment dommage ! L'intrigue sera sans aucun doute davantage appréciée par un public adonaissant que par les puristes qui préfèreront se tourner vers les grands classiques de la littérature gothique.Nos mensonges est un roman à lire davantage pour son atmosphère troublante que pour son intrigue parfois trop cousue de fil blanc !

  • Samantha
    2018-10-25 22:52

    I have never read a book by Louise Douglas before and wow what a good one to start with! I have been so impressed with her book that now I have bought another one of her books! Hannah Brown works in a museum in Bristol she has a relatively normal life. She has some secrets and had a mental breakdown a few years ago from something that has stemmed from her past. One day Hannah is having a normal day at work when she spots Ellen Brecht, the girl she tried so hard to forget from her past. Ellen was Hannah's best friend. Ellen moved into Thornfield House, her grandmothers old house. Ellen and Hannah are completely different, Ellen can be intimidating and Hannah being the quieter of the two accepts her personality. Ellen has a struggle with her family life and Hannah sticks by her. However their lives become twisted with lies, betrayal and tragedy. So was this Ellen that Hannah saw? What does she want? Hannah wants to get to the bottom of it and will not let it get to her as before. This book takes your emotions on a range of journeys, it is captivating and from the moment I picked the book up to the moment I put it down I was hooked. It flowed wonderfully and was such an easy read.The characters in the book are developed well and although this is told by Hannah's point of view, you can connect with all characters on some level. The book is set into different chapters from Hannah's past and the present day, these link in nicely and I looked forward to reading about Hannah's past. I felt sad for Hannah at times in the book, the way Ellen treated her and her struggle with her own emotions in the book. I felt like I grew up with Hannah too, going from a teenager into an adult and coping with all she had to deal with. Towards the end of the book, I began to feel sad for Ellen and relised that life was not always as it seemed for her. Louise Douglas knew how to build tension in this book and I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. There were twists and turns through out the book and I did not find it predictable at all, which added to my enjoyment of the book. I found the book captivating and would urge others to read it. I would like to thank the publisher for sending me such a fantastic book to review!

  • Tegan Ballinger
    2018-11-15 23:50

    Intriguing story - could not put it down towards the end. Enjoyed the author's writing style - lots of descriptions and mood setting - very clever character building.

  • Big Book Little Book
    2018-10-20 04:53

    Helen for www.bigbooklittlebook.comCopy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI was gripped by this novel, it has all the essentials for a good read; compelling characters, beautiful settings, an intriguing story and a little bit of mystery to keep you guessing along the way.The story is told by Hannah who is in her thirties and working for a museum, she is thrown into turmoil one day by a glimpse of her old friend Ellen Brecht and we discover that Hannah’s past holds secrets and a history of mental illness because of childhood events that she has never really recovered from. Through Hannah’s life now and her reminiscences we gradually discover what she is hiding from and why Ellen’s possible return is so significant.Ellen and her family burst into Hannah’s quiet life bringing an excitement and vibrancy that Hannah is drawn to like a moth to the flame, but there are hidden dangers and her youthful eyes don’t see the whole picture or the darkness within this family. Ellen is strong, fierce and determined (all things Hannah is not) they form a strong friendship, along with with Hannah’s adopted brother Jago. They grow through their teenage years together with the angst that goes with that and the added problems caused by Ellen’s family and Jago’s history.Hannah has her own qualities and is a good friend to Ellen, but also struggles with jealousy and loneliness and feeling of betrayal as Ellen and Jago grow closer. She is a very complex character and the many facets come together along with the events so we can understand why she has suffered mental illness. As events roll on in the present we are left wondering if she is having more episodes and if she is heading for another breakdown.As secrets are revealed and the darker elements come to the fore all the characters show their best and worst sides. I really enjoyed the build-up and revelations when they came, some things I didn’t see coming at all. The whole story is very atmospheric and there is a chill that pervades the book as we wonder where this is all going and how Hannah is going to cope with re-living the horrors of her past.Verdict:I really enjoyed this and have already got another of Louise’s books on the Kindle to read soon!

  • Clare
    2018-11-02 06:41

    I loved "The Secrets Between Us" and this was a similar theme. The effect that somebody, who is no longer alive, can have on the living. Here however, the story was, in my opinion, far more tragic. For a start Ellen, the dead girl, was a much more sympathetic character. She was flawed and at times self absorbed, yes. But so was the main character. Hannah said it best when she said that Ellen was "alive". She didn't just live she burned bright. She was great to read about. The love story was where it became tragic. So many misunderstandings and lies and betrayals and two lives were ruined. Three if you count Hannah who lived with the guilt of what she did for twenty years.Possible spoilers ahead. I didn't much like Hannah which is why I didn't enjoy this book as much as "The Secrets Between Us". I never really connected to her and sometimes I wanted to slap her for being so controlling and selfish and not understanding. Ellen had to put up with so much and Hannah blamed her for most of it, punished her subtly and disbelieved her right until the end because she had a crush on Ellen's father. I found it quite hard to forgive her for what she did to Jago and Ellen, and although the ending was slightly happy it was upsetting to think how it was too late for them. Even if one part could be remedied, Ellen and Jago could have had a future together and Hannah stole that from them. Anywho, ranting over.

  • Katey Lovell
    2018-11-04 04:49

    In Her Shadow is a story of loyalty and tragedy. The two main characters, Hannah and Ellen, are best friends, but very different. Ellen is glamorous, daring and fierce, whilst Hannah is anything but. As the girls grow older they begin to dip their toes into the world of love, lust and desire. Things soon spiral out of control and their lives are irrevocably changed ... Twenty years later, Hannah is convinced that she has seen Ellen. Is it her memory playing cruel tricks? Or is it really Ellen, and if so, what does she want? It took me a while to develop a feel for the characters, especially as both Hannah and Ellen are portrayed as having personality traits that make it hard to warm to them. However, once the story really started I loved the relationships and interactions between the girls' and their families, and wanted to know the deep, dark secret that was referred to throughout. Without spoiling it for anyone yet to read, I was satisfied with the story itself, although found the ending slightly abrupt-I would have liked a bit more detail about what happened next as I feel it would have rounded it off more neatly and completely. My first foray into Louise Douglas's work has certainly made me keen to read more of her books. In Her Shadow is an interesting idea, executed well, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had felt a stronger bond to the main characters, particularly Hannah.

  • I love books
    2018-11-13 00:47

    “Cos’è successo a Ellen?” è stata una scoperta sensazionale. La storia di Hannah, tormentata dal fantasma della sua amica Ellen, morta quando erano adolescenti, alternata al ricordo della sua vita passata, della sua famiglia, del fratello adottivo Jago e soprattutto di questa mistoriosa Ellen, lascerà senza fiato tutti i lettori. Ogni capitolo è appassionante, ricco di soprese e colpi di scena mozzafiato e fino all’ultimo risulta impossibile riuscire a cogliere completamente il filo del discorso. Com’è morta Ellen? È possibile che sia ancora viva o Hannah è completamente impazzita? E perché Jago, il suo adorato amico-fratello, non le parla più? Quali segreti nascondono? Niente è dato per scontato, niente è come sembra, come nei migliori romanzi che si rispettino. Leggi una pagina e sei convinto di aver capito tutto e alla pagine seguente la tua congettura viene puntualmente smentita. Lo stile è semplice ma efficace, i tempi morti sono completamente assenti e il numero di pagine si trova ad essere in armonia con la trama. Citando Benjamin Franklin “Tre persone possono tenere un segreto, se due di loro sono morte.”.. O forse basta che solo una lo sia?...Libro da leggere assolutamente!

  • Abi Seddon
    2018-10-28 06:27

    This book is a definite page turner which had me gripped all the way through. Three stars may seem miserly for a book I thoroughly enjoyed; however, as my first Louise Douglas novel, I suspect there's better to come. As the book progressed I became more and more frustrated with the lead character, Hannah. This isn't necessarily a criticism, I think Douglas positions her as a very 'human' character representing the traits we'd all like to think we don't have. There were parts of the book I didn't find plausible, particularly near the end, and others where I still had open questions (the pedant in me wanted to know more about Ellen's mother's demise). That said, I wouldn't hesitate recommending this book to friends.

  • Lara
    2018-10-18 04:48

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was engrossed from the outset. It reminded me a little of 'Eloise' by Judy Finnegan that I read a month or two back (based in Cornwall, a friend believing she was being haunted by her dead best friend, secrets etc), however, this book is far superior and much better told. I didn't warm to Hannah the main character to be honest, but strangely it didn't effect my enjoyment. And I actually liked the ending to this one, more often than not I am disappointed but not this time, loose ends were tied up and there were no over the top, unbelievable plots. Looking out for the next book by this author!

  • Debbie
    2018-10-20 03:51

    I was rather disappointed with this book. After reading The love of my life and secrets between us, I was hopeful that this would be another 5 star read. Unfortunately, for me, it was not. In my opinion, Louise Douglass' greatest quality is how she draws you into a book with her characters. I did not engage with the main characters, Hannah and Ellen at all and their stories became predictable as the story went on. The skipping between times with each chapter became tedious. I will now read Missing you and hope this was just me having an 'off book' moment! Louise Douglas remains one of my top authors so I won't be put off!

  • Gina
    2018-10-20 22:33

    Gripping story and one of those books that can't easily be put down and has you thinking about the events/characters between reading sessions. A mysterious story about a woman who can't really move on with her life because of events that happened in her teenage years (her best friend, who she thought had died, seems to have returned). The author seamlessly switches the story from past to present while uncovering the events and unearthing the secrets held for years. A promising and just ending. Loved it!

  • Alix
    2018-10-21 03:54

    I really enjoy Louise Douglas' novels, and this didn't disappoint. Written in her usual gothic, bleak style, this follows the life of Hannah, with flashbacks to her youth and her suffocatingly close friendship with the doomed Ellen. I think many of us can identify with the descriptions of an all consuming teenage friendship that borders on jealousy. This is one of those novels that stays with you when you're not reading it, leaving you tinged with anxiety (this isn't a criticism). I really enjoyed it and liked the unexpected ending.

  • Jan
    2018-11-02 03:31

    This is my second Louise Douglas book. I loved the first one I read and this too was excellent, Set in Cornwall the place I love most in my country, this book appealed to me on every level. Hannah and Ellen are best friends growing up but Ellen drowns whilst Hannah is away on an archeological expedition. Years later Hannah sees Ellen in Bristol where she is working, how can that be when Ellen is dead. The past comes back and Hannah has to face up to things she has buried deep. My kind of novel definitely four an a half stars here.