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Tab Bennett is normal — unusually, excessively normal. Her job as a bank teller is safe and secure, her grandfather finally let her move out of the house (at least to the cottage at the end of the driveway), and her fiance fiercely guards her chastity, whether she wants him to or not. It's something of a shock, then, when Tab learns that she is the elvish queen of the fablTab Bennett is normal — unusually, excessively normal. Her job as a bank teller is safe and secure, her grandfather finally let her move out of the house (at least to the cottage at the end of the driveway), and her fiance fiercely guards her chastity, whether she wants him to or not. It's something of a shock, then, when Tab learns that she is the elvish queen of the fabled kingdom of the Inbetween. Also shocking is the appearance of the staggeringly confident and gorgeous elvish warrior who claims to be Tab's true betrothed. Even amidst a steamy love triangle, Tab must tell friend from foe in an unknown world of danger, deceit, magic, and sex.The first in the Underneath and Inbetween trilogy, The Uncovering sparkles with wit and unadulterated fun....

Title : Tab Bennett and the Inbetween
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Tab Bennett and the Inbetween Reviews

  • Angela
    2018-11-17 01:04

    2.5 Stars - Average/GoodTab Bennett & the Inbetween starts out with an incredibly fascinating scenario. Tab's sisters have been getting killed, one a month for the last three months. They disappear into the dark forest surrounding their familial home and Tab starts getting visions of their deaths. Only they don't come in time to save them, just to know when to go look for their bodies buried somewhere out there.On the day of her last sister's funeral the world as Tab knows it comes crashing down around her. Everything changes. She finds out that she's not just a young woman working at a bank, with a bunch of family, but the story starts to unfold that she's got a much larger place in a world she never knew existed. In fact, she's princess of the Light elves.I have to admit that at this point I started to lose a bit of interest. Prior to this it was interesting and intriguing. I thought we'd spend a lot of time trying to figure out what was happening, who was killing her sisters, who was hunting her, and how – or if – she was going to integrate back into the world of the elves. Unfortunately, the opposite occurs because when Tab shows up at the funeral with her finace she's suddenly drawn to another male, going so far as to make out with him on the porch in front of everyone. Thus started the love-triangle that I didn't know was coming. (Yes, I know it's in the blurb, but I hadn't read the blurb in its entirety.)I have a bit of a bias against love-triangles. I think since Twilight they've been overdone – every young adult, and a good portion of adult, novels have one. I'm tired of reading them. They're manufactured drama and angst, usually. I was pleasantly surprised that this love triangle was handled a bit differently than others I've read. Tab and her fiancé, Robbin, practically grew up together, their love was steady and constant. The mysterious elvish prince – Alex – has been betrothed to Tab since she was born and an enchantment laid to help them get past the 'getting-to-know-you' stage. Understandably, Tab has some problems with this enchantment leading her where she isn't sure she wants to go. I liked that aspect of it. Tab really spent time thinking about this, and trying to make sure it was her decision where her heart ended up.Now, my problem with the love triangle is two-fold: essentially this became the entire story. We spent all but a maximum of 20 pages (out of 300) reading about Tab having opposing feelings for Robbin and Alex, learning new rules and her history in piecemeal, and basically being under house arrest. Any action there was occurred off-page – until the end of the book, where we were given about 5 pages in a row of the entire talk to battle sequence. Also, Tab seemed to waffle between the two never wanting to make a decision for the entire book, when even I could see the right decision staring her in the faceI had some problems with some word choices – most notably We and They when talking about the Light and Dark elves. Here's a couple example sentences: "I'm certain it's one of We." or "I want to be the one to make him suffer, not They." This felt like a build-up to the main story which is apparently coming in the rest of the trilogy, and I think this could have been tightened some more. However, Tab Bennett & the Inbetween is a very well written novel, and very easily readable. If you're looking for something light, quick, and with some explosive chemistry between two characters, then definitely pick up this book.

  • Ian
    2018-11-17 05:46

    Tab Bennett has lived her entire life without knowing who she really is. Then she starts having visions of a world that has been hidden from her. A world in which dark elves are trying to kill her, and the people she thought were her family are actually guardians, sent to protect her.After her mother, the queen of the Elves was killed, Tab was sent to the human world, away from those who meant to do her harm. Now in her twenties and coming into her powers, her enemies are stepping up their efforts to kill her.Adding to her problems, there are two men vying for her affections, Alex to whom she was promised at birth and Robbin one of her guardians.[image error][image error][image error]Tab Bennett and the Inbetween is an unusual book. It reads a little like a Young Adult novel but then I would be hit with a very adult sex scene. There are elements of Paranormal / Fantasy, Romance and even a little Mystery there. I could spend hours trying to figure out where it belongs, or I could just say it’s a very good book which doesn’t quite fit anywhere.

  • MLE
    2018-10-31 06:57

    An interesting story that, to my mind, showed promise in a lot of areas. The beginning was really well written, and left me feeling like I was there. It drew me into the story quickly, and had I been reading this in a bookstore I would have left with it. I was a more than a little hesitant when the love triangle started to develop. I'm deeply sick of the same old love triangle, and don't even get me started on the topic of instant love. When Tab when flying across the lawn into Alexander's arms, despite the presence of her fiancée, I wasn't amused.Lucky for me, there was an explanation for her actions, and she later proves she has the ability to distinguish between lust at first sight, and love at first sight. I swear the skies opened up, fireworks went off, and she grew more in my esteem. Heck I think she could have a new career teaching other characters the difference. Maybe I’d like more of the new YAD books then. I did appreciate that, when she found out her secret identity, she wasn't ready to pick out tiaras, and start lording over people, and that she appreciated her simple life. The problems I did have centered mostly around the pacing of the story. Some things seemed to happen very quickly, and others seem to drag on. I understand that Tab is in shock, and understandably so, but the ups and downs seem a bit much. I also felt, for a book told from Tab's perspective, I was left out of her thought process a bit too much. I could deduce why she was acting the way she was, but it was never until later that she confirmed it. It left me feeling a bit disconnected. I also think the antagonist of this book came a bit out of left field. The antagonist does play a role in the story, but not a large one, and I would have liked to get a better feel for the character before everything starts to go wrong. I'm also just a little sick of the impossibly beautiful elves. I know it's more than a bit of a trope now, but when the one character who was described as plain has to become beautiful to be taken seriously it was a little much. Who is to say their standard of beauty is the same as ours?All in all I would say I liked it, and the ending shows promise to me. I liked the motivation of the antagonist, and I like that Tab took what that person said to heart. I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here.I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley.

  • She-Wolf Reads
    2018-11-13 04:59

    This book has a gripping open. I dare you to read the first paragraph and NOT be pulled in by it:While my sister Rivers was dying, I was planting crocus bulbs in my front yard.While she was fighting for her life, I was thinking about how pretty the purple and yellow flowers would look poking up through the snow when the spring came. While she was gasping for air I was singing along with the radio to some stupid top 40 song I’d be embarrassed to admit I know. I was tired and achy. I saw the dirt under my nails and then I knew. There was dirt under her nails too. The open was so strong I could not put the book down until long after. And the rest of the book did not disappoint. Tab Bennett and the Inbetween is a fairytale of sorts. Tabitha Bennett starts the story as an ordinary 25-year old bank teller, working at her family’s bank, living in a small cottage on the grounds of Witchwood Manor, where she grew up, and engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Robbin Turnbough. Life would be good if someone would stop murdering her sisters. Tab’s life is suddenly turned upside down when the death of her last surviving sister brings to light revelations about her parents, who she is, and what she is destined become. And this is where the “fairy” part of that tale comes in. Not only must Tab deal with the loss of her sisters, but she must also come face-to-face with a world of magic, intrigue, and danger that she never knew existed.What I enjoyed most about this story was Tab Bennett herself. I think Young created a wonderful heroine in Tab. She is smart and she is a smartass. I always love that combo. When faced with tough moments, Tab always has a great line:I’ve always found the custom of gathering for a starchy lunch after burying a loved one a little strange. I guess all the heavy food and whispery voices are supposed to be a comforting reminder that life goes on, but I find the way the death and burial become secondary to the potato salad deeply, deeply unsettling.But she also shows some growth over the course of the story. From an innocent young woman who accepts the stories she has been fed about who she is, to a strong woman who not only faces the truth of her newfound situation, but eventually takes control of it. There were also some wonderful structural aspects to the storytelling. Tab Bennett is written in the first person from Tab’s perspective. Peppered throughout are little asides that remind the reader of Tab’s narration, as if this tale has already happened and she is confiding in you. In a scene in which Robbin asks Tab to run away with him, she says:I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back on that moment wondering what would have happened if I’d let him take me away that night. Where would I be right now? Who would I be? So much pain could have been avoided.And later, when she makes a bad decision that endangers her life, you know, like in a horror flick when the woman opens the basement door to check out a noise instead of running for her life, that kind of decision, Tab says,I know. I know. It’s hard to believe I’m that stupid.These touches drew me closer to Tab. It added a level of intimacy with the reader, as if you are sitting there with Tab while she looks back on those moments that changed her life forever. The secondary cast of characters is also good. It really is raining men in the world of Tab Bennett. There is Robbin, Tab’s fiancé, Alex, the man trying to steal her heart, and her cousins George, Matt and Francis. Each one has a role to play and those roles become clearer as the story unfolds. The love triangle is also well-done. I was hoping for a twist towards the end of the book that would put Tab in the arms of the guy I want for her. The romance kept me on my toes as I hoped for an outcome that didn’t happen. And then there is Pop, the patriarch of Witchwood Manor who parcels out bits of wisdom like this when Tabitha comes to him confused about her magically manipulated feelings for Alex:Allow me to unravel this riddle for you, Tabitha, my girl. Keep your pants on and act like a lady and I’m sure the enchantment will leave you alone.Some minor quibbles…I’m not sure why but when I first started reading Tab Bennett, I thought it was a YA novel. And I can’t give specifics, it was just something I felt. When that first sex scene came along, I was slightly taken aback. Then I remembered how old Tab was and realized this is definitely not a YA novel. Nor did it feel like one by the end of the story. Also, with the exception of a few scenes, the story almost entirely takes place at Witchwood Manor. As a reader, I was starting to get cabin fever. Tab is introduced to this magical elvish world but doesn’t actually go there. At least not in this book. I recognize this was purposefully done because Tab can’t leave the house for fear of being murdered, but by the end, I so desperately wanted to see this world that I was reminded of the first time I saw the film version of Fellowship of the Ring. I had not read the Tolkien books before seeing it so when the movie ended, I sat there for a few seconds, staring at the screen, and I turned to my husband and said, “Well, hold on, what about the ring?” His response, after laughter, was, “Wait for the next two movies.” That’s how I felt at the end of this story…well, what about the other worlds – the Inbetween and the Underneath? What about the magic? The answer: wait for book two.And I will wait for book two. I’m looking forward to reading it. Tab Bennett and the Inbetween was a wonderful introduction to an engaging heroine. It will be nice to see what Young conjures up next for Tab as she seems destined to face some serious truths about her mother’s past as well as some serious magical elvish WTFery.Review courtesy of She-Wolf Reads

  • Cogito_ergo_sum
    2018-11-09 00:00

    1 star. DNF @ page 99 (chapter 11)I gave this book a 100 pages worth of chances. It had its small moments, but in the end, I was wondering if this book was over yet.Ignoring the annoying punctuation problems (e.g. missing commas, and semi-colon abuse), none of the characters endeared themselves to me. I couldn't find any of them interesting. The fiance was annoying and boring and so was the main character. It didn't help that our first introduction to the fiance was 'how hot he was.' Yep. Not very character building. How hot someone is. Same thing goes for the main character's 'true betrothed'. The premise for the book is a good idea, though unoriginal. If done right, it could have been good. We see a lot of 'Princesses being hid among the 'normals' or ordinary human folk' plots. Sadly, the execution is lacking.As for the pacing... let's say that in a race between this book, the tortoise, and the hare, this book would come last. It's a miracle I got as far as I did.There were also some 'What the Hell' moments too, what with the main character making out with a stranger at her sister's funeral in front of everybody (and no one remarks on it afterwards. Reaction much?), and trying to dry hump every chance she's got. I blame those plot choices on the author, not the character.My advice to the author is to establish a strong cast of characters. Once you do that, we will actually care about the plot. And fix your punctuation. It makes me wonder how much you actually care about your work.And one more thing: this book is NOT young adult (YA). The main character is 24 years old (imagine my surprise when I find out that not only is she 24--though acts like she's 15--but also very boring), and I'm pretty sure the scenes of a sexual nature described here are too explicit for YA (or at least the one scene I got to, before I dropped the book, which was pretty close to sex). On that subject, decide which audience you're writing for, YA or adult, and commit yourself to that route. Because here it looks like you're going back and forth, unsure of which path will get you a bigger audience. Hint: by taking YA and Adult elements, you're pretty much losing both audiences. Choose one and commit.

  • Jaime
    2018-10-19 05:54

    This book seems like it was originally meant to be YA, even the title is a bit childish. But somewhere along the way the author changed her mind, realized YA books about a normal modern girl who discover’s she actually a Fairie Princess are a dime a dozen, and decided to make our heroine a full grown woman. This would have been great. Although I love YA, it always seems a little crazy to me that some suburban teenager is expected to rule over an entire race of a magical people that she had no idea existed. The problem is even though she aged up the heroine to 24, days from her 25th birthday she forgot to make her more mature.Tab behave’s more like a 14 year old about to turn 15. For example Tab is engaged to her childhood sweetheart Robbin (yes there is a mischievous Robbin in this version too). They have been together since she was 11 or 12, yet they have never done anything more than kiss. Homeboy has never even copped a feel. Tab wants to do more and have sex, neither character is religious yet Robin keeps putting Tab off. She never really question’s him. Threatens to break up with him. Or wonder if he’s gay. Pop her grandfather tells her nothing, she knows he keeping secrets that mean the difference between life and death, but she just blindly follows along never questioning.There is also the super creepiness of the love triangle. It begins with the fact that Robbin pretended to be a child and grow up. So when Robbin and Tab fell in love in Junior High, Robbin was actually a grown man who is older than her mother. And when the past relationship’s of Robbin and her new love Alex are revealed… The ick factor is way to high.All that said I will most likely read the next book. Because the basic story is good, and as annoyed as I am with the character’s I want to know what happens to the moron’s. This series definitely falls under the “I can’t believe I read that crap, but I can’t wait for the next book to come out” category.

  • Annie Slasher (Booked & Loaded)
    2018-10-20 01:43

    This is an original post from WWW.BookedAndLoaded.COMTab Bennett and the Inbetween pulled me in from the very start. I enjoyed the realism portrayed for the situation. What would you do if you were in your 20′s and found out that you were actually an Elvin princess??? Many fantasy books have a radical reaction of pure acceptance from the beginning and sometimes that reaction perfectly fits the character or the story and it flows with the book – and that is great. Tab is not that kind of person. She was normal and intelligent and in shock. Her reactions to her ever changing reality remained consistent with her personality and character and I could empathize with her through every page of the book. I will not give away what that reaction was exactly. =) Tab Bennett and the Inbetween was also not a candy coated type of fairy tale. It had a raw dark edge that added to the complete tone of the book. Jes Young tells this story as if it is 100% possible. The story felt real. The characters felt real – it was beautiful. The only reason Tab Bennett and the Inbetween is not getting 5 Bullets is because I felt it could have had more. The sex and fighting scenes seemed a little muted and glazed over. Not that I truly consider those scenes flawed – just that the intensity was not there. Overall I loved Tab Bennett and the Inbetween and I am anxiously awaiting for the second installment of this series Tab Bennett and the Underneath due out later this year.

  • Janus the Erudite Artist
    2018-11-09 06:51

    This book had a very promising premise, enough for you to want to pick it up and dive into reading. But sadly after a few chapters, my interest in the story just slowly withered away. It didn't hold enough interest for me to have the energy to finish it. Maybe I gave up too easily? I don't know. But I do hope it falls into another reader's hands that would find it more appealing than I did.

  • Opal
    2018-11-08 05:02

    Courtesy of The Akamai Reader.I heard about this book from my friend Lee at She-Wolf Reads. After I read it I asked myself, “What took me so long?” I absolutely loved it. I loved everything about it. From Tab to her family to her world.Tab is outgoing, smart, stubborn, and she’s strong. She’s been devastated by the murders of her three sisters all in the space of three months. She learns she’s really an Elvish princess. Her male cousins are either her guard or her soon to be advisors. Her grandfather is actually her chief advisor. To suddenly have all this new information about who you are and who your family truly is? Without breaking down? That takes strength.On top of that, she’s actually enchanted to marry a man other then her fiancee, her first love! That brings about the love triangle between Robin, Tab, and Alex. Robin is the jilted childhood lover. Alex is the Elvish prince. I loved Alex. I felt like he was extremely understanding of Tab’s position and feelings, while Robin tended to sulk like a spoiled schoolboy who was suddenly deprived of his pudding. I also felt like Robin should have said more to Tab or at least hinted at something. Those are among the reasons why I had no sympathy for Robin.I did like the love triangle in this book though. I thought it served a good purpose. If Tab had immediately fallen in Alex’s arms no questions asked, I would have had my own questions. I would have wondered if she really was her own person or just some mindless drone to go along with any plan for her life without her consent.The magic in this book, while minimal was still effective. Because it was used so little when it came to Tab, it had the most impact. I was able to marvel at it for the wonder that it truly was. Magic wasn’t an every day tool in this book for Tab, it was a rare gift.Once I was done with this book, I had no choice but to dive right in to the second book. I’m still not sure why I waited so long to read it. I wish I hadn’t, it was such a treat. I hope Tab Bennett and company sticks around for quite awhile!

  • Maribeth
    2018-10-26 04:02

    This is a hard one to review. There was so much I loved about the story of Tab Bennett as she learned the truth of her world, but there were also a lot of distractions. The first 4 chapters were a bit slow, but that's not really uncommon. Stick with it. Once the story starts rolling, it's hard to put down.First the good things: The characters. They are likable and richly drawn. I never completely understood Robbin or his motives, and I questioned Alex's innocence the whole way to the end, but I felt connected to all of Young's characters.The story itself. Completely entertaining, with the perfect amount of mystery, suspense, romance, and action. I thoroughly enjoyed it!Things that made me decide on a 3 star rating (ok 3.5):Even when I was really enjoying the story, there were many confusing moments. The funeral scene for example - I feel like I need to read it over. I thought everyone was sitting, but then they sat down so they must have been standing... I think? Mostly minor things, I know, but add a bunch together in one scene, and I end up feeling like I've missed everything important.The graphic sex. I'm not averse to sex in books, but it didn't feel right in this story. The story itself was just too.... good, to throw graphic sex scenes into the mix.Like I said though, great book, and I am really hoping to see more from this author!

  • Катя Czaja
    2018-11-07 04:03

    When I started reading this book, I (mistakenly) thought that is was a YA dark fantasy novel -- it was a dark-fantasy-romance novel and not-at-all YA (if you know what I mean). Woops. Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of romance novel tropes (perfect bodies, uncontrollable passions) so I skimmed those parts of the book. Luckily, there was a lot of good story left when I skimmed those bits.I really enjoyed the princess coming into her power storyline. It's a fantasy cliche but Jes gave it enough new twists that I was pulled into the story. I also appreciated that Tab was strong, sometimes brave, and very believable. The many classic fairy tale elements interspersed in this story made the book even better -- I love fairy tale retellings.If you are a paranormal/fantasy-romance novel reader, you will adore this one. Jes tells a great story. I am not a romance novel fan, but I liked Tab enough that I will buy the next book when it comes out.

  • Wendy Cantu
    2018-10-18 06:36

    Insufferable.That’s the best way to describe this book.Add the words “petulant,” “dithering” and “ho bag” and you have the main character, Tabitha (“Tab”) Bennett.Normally, I don’t question other people’s reviews (to each their own), but I seriously worry about the people who gave this four or five stars. Or three. Probably two, too. I realize just because I have a vagina doesn’t mean I can speak for all women, but I can’t see how any self-respecting female would get anything more than an itchy burning feeling from ingesting this garbage.Maybe I’m just bitter because I feel betrayed. I had an advanced review copy, but I realized it had already come out and, from the gripping first chapter, I just went ahead and bought it.If you want to read the entire rant, this review is featured here on The Rekindled Reader.

  • Kelli
    2018-10-31 02:45

    Tab Bennett's problems just seem to keep adding up. She has visions of her family members dying. She is in a love triangle with her fiance Robbin, whom she has known all of her life, and Alex, a man that she has just met who makes her behave in ways she can't believe herself. There are people who are coming after her and some who want her dead.The reader is kept turning pages to see if she can get past each new obstacle. The characters, especially Tab, are engaging and believable. While there are more typos and misuse of grammar than I would like, it was easy to keep reading. I have to say that I hope there are more books in this series.

  • Kim Boykin
    2018-10-29 05:54

    TABB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN is a wild URBAN FANTASY ride. When Tabb Bennett finds out she's not fussed over and called princess for nothing. Her seemingly mundane life with her hot boyfriend is derailed by the deaths of her sisters, a HOT new love interest, and a coming of age that is meant to prepare to to rule an Elvish world. With her yummy band of warriors, snappy dialogue and clever story line (how many stories have you read where a bank teller is actually an Elvish princess?), TABB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN is hot high adventure and HIGHLY recommended.

  • Madeline Sloane
    2018-11-11 01:53

    I was floored by the opening of this book. The author grabbed me by the throat with the first paragraph and didn't let go until late in the night when I finally finished the book and turned off the light. Great cliffhanger ending, also. Moving on to the next in the series this weekend. Wait, there is more, isn't there?

  • Tiffany
    2018-10-18 02:01

    Loved it! This was such a great story! I was sucked in from the first paragraph! Trust me this series is not to be missed!!

  • Heather
    2018-10-28 23:04

    Don't read if you're claustrophobic.I really don't like giving books bad reviews. I know that the author will come back and read this and it makes me want to color this review rose pink and ignore every single wrong thing with this book. I can't do that this time.This book started out amazing. I loved the first chapter, the concept, the execution. The problem is, after that it got really really bad.Tabitha doesn't seem to have a realistic reaction to anything. Her grandpa's eyes start swirling different colors, and she doesn't say a thing? Three sisters dead, oh well, just another funeral. No curiosity about the elves or her family, just a lot of snark. And she's selfish! And mean! And controlling! I don't like reading about people like that.The thing that peeved me off the most though is that she doesn't DO anything in this book. She stays in the house, and the little cottage. That's it. Goes between them. Everyone else takes care of all the action, and she gets to be debriefed about it later. Interjecting her typical snark into their reports, of course. The only action she really gets is constantly trying to get into Robbin or Alex's pants.The only reason I'm not giving this one star is because the concept started out great. If only she hadn't put in that love triangle and let the main character grow some balls and play outside once in a while, it would have been much better.

  • Jennifer D
    2018-11-08 00:55

    It's actually 3.5Wouldn't it be incredibly cool to find out after 24 years of living with your grandparent and sisters and cousins that everything was a lie. That you are actually a elvish princess and future queen promised to another, people that you thought were your family are actually your bodyguards and advisers. I think it would suck, and suck hard. Welcome to Tabitha Bennett's life.You first meet Tabitha while she's having a vision of her sisters murder, and then she is her sister in the vision, witnessing first hand what is happening to her. Turns out Rivers is actually the third sister to be murdered, and Tabitha knows she's next. She's engaged to Robbin, but Robbin turns out to be an elf too, who tasked himself with looking over her. At Rivers funeral a guest appears by the name of Alexander, it turns out that Alex and Tab have been promised to each other before Tabitha was even born. The first time she meets him, Alex and Tabitha basically molest each other because of an enchantment. So of course there's a love triangle which I tend to hate but as the book progressed there were a lot of secrets revealed. Such as Robbin and Alex were best friends and the supposed reason Robbin left for the human world was to watch over Tabitha. But I now know that isn't the reason he was there, but that secret is a doozie so i'll let it be.Tab Bennett and the Inbetween had a little bit of everything going on... love, death, sex, kidnapping, torture, laughing, crying, and fighting. Tab was strong under the right circumstances, but by herself she tended to brood (which was understandable, sisters' deaths, broken engagement and everything else that was going on). When she found out that she could command people, it gave her a confedence boost that she needed but she truly tried not to use that power over people because she disliked it. She was dealt a shitty hand and tried to make the best out of it. I disliked Robbin instantly and with every snide comment that came running out of his big mouth I disliked him even more. He knew from the very beginning before Tab was born (elves age slowly... usually centuries old slowly) that there was a bonding with someone else. An enchantment in place, yet he still started a relationship with her and got engaged to her when he knew it wouldn't last! Then he has the gall to get all mad at Tabitha when she sees Alex for the first time and is instantly attracted to him (again, enchantment did it). The secrets Robbin was holding so close to him were revealed and it was bittersweet justice and to me, fitting. Now Alex on the other hand *sigh* I liked him BUT... it feels as though he's hiding something. I love Alex and Tab together and it seems that Alex had Tab's interest at heart, he's patient with her and trying to take things slow. But like I said, it seems as he hiding something, something big.The only two characters I didn't like were Robbin (who I already ranted about) and Pop. The reason I didn't like Pop was because he was so determined to keep Tabitha in the dark about her family, her heritage and pretty much EVERYTHING! It got annoying fast, and I think that Pop got used to having power (elvish government split because Tab was too young to take the throne when her mother died) and I think he won't give it up easily. Every other character I enjoyed even when the crazies came out. They all played important roles in my opinion. Sometimes I liked the secondary characters more than the main characters.The elves are divided into two groups. Just like the Fae are broken into Seelie and Unseelie so are the Elves and I hated the names.... Hated! I wish they sounded cooler and less haughty and snooty (yes that is what I thought they sounded like when they said the names). "We of the Light" are the good guys, and who Tab rules over and then there is "They of the Dark" who are of course the bad guys. I think something more creative would have been cools, like Lightness and Darkness. Essentially the same names, just shortened. I did enjoy Tab Bennett and the Inbetween, the first half of the book was slow but the second half was way better. I look forward to the next book in the seriesThis Arc was provided by Jes Young via Netgalley

  • Jenn
    2018-10-17 03:57

    I first heard about this book a little while ago on another blog (I can't remember which so I can't pass credit where credit is due -- sorry!) and so I was quite happy when I saw TAB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN up on NetGalley.TAB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN is an enjoyable read. It has a great cold opening, where Tab experiences her sister River's death. (This isn't a spoiler -- it's the first line of the book.) I was immediately drawn into Tab's life and world, which is what I hope for when I pick up a book. And it seems like this is characteristic of Jes Young's writing since I found myself engrossed in the plot, eager to find out what would happen next, especially since I'm a sucker for stories that involve the main character learning that s/he has a fated destiny that s/he never knew about. Some of the best stories involve this particular trope and I really don't get tired of it. IN TAB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN, you get to see Tab go through all of the denial, confusion, and acceptance as some of her past is revealed to be lies. At times, I felt like she took to her fated destiny a bit too quickly but I generally found her reactions and responses authentic.I also liked a lot of the world building that the author has used. In short, there's an uneasy peace between the Inbetween and the Underneath. Tab's mother was the queen of the Inbetween. While Tab was growing up in our world, the Inbetween has been weakening since it and its people gain strength from their leader. Meanwhile, the Underneath has been getting stronger since their king has been around. As a result, Tab needs to learn to master her gifts (which are different for everyone so no one knows what they are) and get accustomed to the fact that she's a royal and will be sitting on the Inbetween throne just as soon as she gets her fae-legs underneath her, if you will. The mythology isn't exceptionally original but it is well done, and there's definitely something to be said for a well executed if familiar concept. This isn't the only part of the story that feels predictable but I didn't mind since the story moves along at a nice pace and there are some lovely moments between some of the characters.The one part where the book felt forced was with the romance. Tab's been in love with Robbin, her fiance, for ages but he breaks it off when he's forced to reveal that he's one of her guards and that their romance was contrived at the start. He does have feelings for her now but he's forced to step aside so that Alexander can step in since there's an enchantment that basically makes Tab and Alexander extremely horny for each other. I can get behind all of this but I didn't really like how quickly Tab stopped fighting the enchantment and how much she waffled between the men. It seemed like the enchantment was a convenient way to add some steamy scenes and to create a love triangle without the love part (at least at the start), since Tab and Alexander had never met. Tab's narration suggests that she's experiencing a lot of conflict but I didn't buy into this aspect of the story as much as others.That being said, I did enjoy reading TAB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN and I'm looking forward to TAB BENNETT AND THE UNDERNEATH. I hope that the author has some surprises in store for her readers as we get to see a whole new side of the magical world that Tab's a part of.http://www.tyngasreviews.com

  • C.M. Albert
    2018-10-21 02:57

    If ah-may-zing is truly a word, it would describe this book! While other reviewers seemed confused about whether this was YA or not, I actually loved it for that reason! I love reading fun paranormal and urban fantasy books. I'm not quite geeked out enough to go hard-core sci-fi, but I love some of the freshness the new YA novels are bringing to the table. That said, they are also a dime a dozen now and not incredibly well-written or original. What Jes Young manages to do superbly is to give adults who want to read YA type urban fantasy, but are ready for more mature scenes, the opportunity to stay in this genre as an adult--but still get some of the candy yumminess that comes with this type of novel.Part of reading urban fantasy requires the reader to have a healthy sense of disbelief and to fall gracefully into the characters that are so beautifully crafted, accepting all of their gifts and skills -- which, by the way, are not meant to be normal or expected in this genre! The character of Tab Bennett has been deceived by everyone she thought she knew and loved. Does that make her naive? Perhaps. But when you read on, you realize it was for her safety and protection, which she clearly needed growing up. But as she begins adjusting to her new place in life, you can see the character development strengthen and grow throughout. She doesn't stay a weak character, but she had to start from there in order to change and claim the throne (eventually). Yes, there is sex in here. I wouldn't call it graphic by any means (and i think it could have done with more!). Nor does it contain any sexually explicit scenes worse than the Twilight series that teens all over the world have read. This is a great book for adult readers of YA who want something just a little better, a little more from the story.Jes has an unparalleled ability to use snarky humor in a fun and engaging way. Her work is beautifully, lyrically written--which pulls you in fast and moves the story along quickly. Jes delivers a fun one-liner like no other, and just has a very unique voice and turn of phrase that I was hooked on from page 1. People have to remember that this is a series (not a one-trick pony!). Not everything is going to be answered in book one (though I think she did an amazing job bridging the gap to have the reader know what they hope is coming next in book two due out 12/1/12. Thanks for the really fun, engaging novel about light and dark elves, about growing up, about deception by those you loved, about rebirth and the discovery of magical gifts. A lot for a regular bank teller to take in, but I think she does a fine job indeed. Give this book a chance, seriously. It's full of deliciousness if you can relax enough and not take it too seriously - roll with it, take in the snarky humor, give in! It's meant to be a suspenseful, magical, romantic, tension generating, nail biting book. And Jes knocks it out of the park with this beautifully written first novel. On the edge of my seat to see what trouble Tab stirs up in the Underneath!

  • Kat
    2018-10-19 01:03

    Title: The UncoveringAuthor: Jes YoungI from PR&aTR and received no compensation for this review. I give the book 4 fangs.The main character Tab Bennett’s life is quiet, uncomplicated. She has a fiancée and a job she likes in the local bank. But her sisters’ disappearance brings hidden secrets into the light, now her life consists of long hidden secrets of her lineage and birth, of a destiny she can't avoid. Now “normal” means juggling her fiance broken heart and a handsome prince’s irresistible advances ( yes it gets very complicated in her love life) while trying to work out who is plotting to kill her.As she struggles with finding out she's not human but actually an Elvish princess.That the family she thought she had were actually sent to keep her safe, that the enemy are willing to kill to get to her.Have you ever read a book, that niggles at you, that you are not completely sure what it is, but something just feels off? Now as I sit here thinking of what to write. I wonder why such things were kept from her... They should have at least told her and trained her up when her "sisters" started going missing. I don't want to say more as it would spoil it for new readers.When trying to pick a category for this book, it was a bit stuck In between Young Adult, and New Adult... Cut out the sex scenes and it would sit neatly in Young Adult but because the author has spiced it up it can't But Tab's demeanor is too childish to me, at 20 why would she not question why her fiance wouldn't get hot and heavy with her? Why would she not demand more information when her "family" want to lie and cover up the deaths.But I did enjoy this story, there is a lot happening, it's written well, but this is a trilogy ( again! - anyone else fed up with serial books?)It's got intrigue and a few twists in it and I am interested to see where the author will take Tab next.Please note... From research this book has been previously released under a different title and I think that there should be a disclaimer plainly stated so readers are aware.There is nothing more frustrating than buying a book previously purchased and read.

  • Heather Wood
    2018-10-17 05:36

    I'm very impressed with this debut from Jes Young and can't wait to continue with the series. The characters were well done and there was a great mix of suspense, romance and mystery. The ending left me anxious to see what's in store next for Tab and her group of Elvish guardians.Tab quickly became one of my favorite female protagonists. I love a little snark and Tab can certainly dish it out. It was good to see a female protagonist who wasn't afraid to give her opinions and fight for what she wants. It was also interesting to see her develop her powers and undergo training to effectively lead her people. Her relationships with her cousins was also touching and unlike many secondary characters in books, they did not come across as one note.The beginning was a little confusing, but once the secrets of Tab's heritage is revealed the plot really picks up. A nice spin on the fantasy genre was that the action takes place in both a contemporary setting and on a magical Elvish realm. The author did a good job of world building and the descriptions of the Elvish characters.The love triangle was interesting, especially when it is discovered that enchantments are involved. It was hard to tell what feelings were real and what was being influenced by magic. I wish we got to know more about both of the male romantic leads, but the mystery surrounding the men did make me question their motives and increased the tension in the novel. The love scenes were very steamy and blush-worthy. I thought the book was a young adult novel, but it's most definitely for adults.Overall, a fun novel that I finished in only a couple of sittings. I anticipate the next novel will be just as good as Tab continues to figure out her feelings for Robbin and Alex and fights her enemies in the Light and Dark realms.Disclaimer: I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Read more of my reviews at Heather's Book Chatter

  • Rachel
    2018-10-18 23:37

    The Good: I read the whole book in one day because it was a fun and new world that I was immersed in immediately. I really enjoy UF and paranormal books and this was a light and interesting read that leaves you wondering when the next book will come out. It’s a little odd because I felt as though it read like a YA novel with some sexual scenes, but there was slightly less teen angst than YA novels which was nice. You are left with enough answers to be satisfied, though with a few lingering questions that will keep you wanting more.I had a few small gripes here and there but I think this author and series have great potential.The Bad: The beginning of the book felt a bit disjointed. Tab didn’t seem to show many discernible signs of grief even though she had lost 3 sisters in a very short amount of time. Even though Robbin and Tab’s relationship and its limits were explored a bit more fully later on, the average reader will have a hard time swallowing the whole 24 year old virgin with no sexual experience thing. I also felt the characters did not behave like adults in their mid twenties (or in some cases, MUCH older than that); their ages seemed closer to late teens by their maturity levels and dialogue.I also thought there were some major plot holes. Why on earth was protection not stepped up once one sister was killed, let alone three? If “They” were so close to the Manor, why didn’t the family move – was this the only place they could live? If Tab was so important, why did they keep leaving her alone, or at least not watching her well numerous times throughout the book?Bottom Line: Interesting series start with lots of potential!

  • Stacy
    2018-11-10 04:54

    I really enjoyed getting to know Tab and her friends. Its going to be kinda hard to write this review without giving away spoilers but bear with me.Tab starts out as a normal everyday girl and then finds out that she is anything but and that her family really isn't family but her protectors. The characters are all great. Most of the people we meet are "family" members but they all are very well developed and we get to see different sides of each of them. The different characters that were introduced throughout the book fit in the book perfectly. Tab goes from being engaged to Robbin to finding out that she was meant to live her life with someone else. The love triangle was kind of crazy but I understood it and it played out well. I really liked both Robbin and Alexander so I was not rooting for one or the other but I do feel like Tab was meant to be with Alexander and that she wouldn't be her if she hadn't loved Robbin. The sexual tension between Tab and the two men is absolutely high. There were many times where I just wanted her to do one of them already and get it over with lol. There wasn't a ton of action but the action scenes that were there were fun to witness. I didn't have any issues with the flow of the book and felt everything happened at an easy pace.Can''t wait to see what happens next and I really cant wait to finally visit the place where she was born and see how Jes Young does with the world building while there. The reviews for TAB BENNETT AND THE INBETWEEN seem to be all over the place but I enjoyed it and will read more books in the series.

  • Julie-anne
    2018-10-19 02:02

    Tab's sister Rivers is buried alive - Tab knows this 'cos she has a vision of her sister dying underground, the same vision she has had for all 3 of her sisters. At Rivers' funeral Tab meets Alexander (just after her fiancé breaks off the engagement) and practically dry humps her in front of everyone - obviously she's a bit confused by this occurrence. She finds out her family have been lying to her her entire life, she's an elf princess and her family aren't who she thinks they are, and the reason for the dry humpage is an enchantment since she and Alex are "engaged". It's all a bit much to take in but Tab does a good job at it and actually faces up to the fact that she's to be queen.I absolutely loved this book, I wasn't sure what to expect with it - it's an author I've never heard of and not too much is given away in the description so I was unsure of what I was wading into. Happily, I was NOT disappointed.I'm not sure what exactly I loved about it, I just know I didn't want to put it down. The world was very intriguing as were the characters, I found I liked Tab instantly but I wasn't sure whether to trust Alex until I changed my mind and realised I liked him but didn't like Robbin. Any regular readers will know how fickle I am with my literary likes and loves so this change of heart is no biggie.A definite recommendation from me on this book - totally loved it and can't wait to read the next one.

  • Mary Beth
    2018-11-17 01:50

    Tab Bennet is seemingly normal girl who has a normal job, loving family, and childhood friend turned fiance' until her sisters start disappearing. The book starts off with a bang instantly drawing into this story with Tab having a vision of the death of her sister Rivers. Then the story delves into the weird happenings that have been going on around the family, and house where they live. I enjoyed this book, and the story was different than most of the paranormal romances I read. There were no Vampires or brooding Werewolves in sight. There were no heavy issues going on, you can just read and enjoy. If you are looking for a really sexy book, this one might not be the one for you. The Good-I loved the imagery used in this book. I felt like I could see the scenery and smell the earth the way she described them. There is a constant pace that does not leave you lulling and skipping through.There is an intense love story going on.The heroine is not a shrinking violet, she is pretty bad ass! The Bad-The "romance" aspect was virtually nonexistent. I felt like I was being supernaturally cock blocked all the time. I would have enjoyed more steam. This book was a YA book with adult characters.I would have liked a little more back story to Tab and the world she came from. If the author had spent a little more time developing her world I would have taken the book to the next level.

  • Christy
    2018-10-20 23:40

    On the outside Tab Bennett seems like your ordinary 24 year old bank teller; she’s engaged to her high school sweetheart and up until recently everything has been perfect. But Tab has a unique physic gift. Well, I’m not sure that I would call it a gift; I think curse is more accurate. Tab knows the exact moment when someone that she loves dies and she actually witnesses their death through visions. During the past three months, all three of her sisters have gone missing and through her visions she has watched each of them die and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Since Tab is now the last Bennett girl alive she knows that she is next. On the day of her sisters’ funeral, Tab learns that everything isn’t what it seems, including her and her family. Tab is about to find out who and what she really is. On this day that she should be grieving her sister, she not only learns that she was meant for someone other than her fiancé but she also isn’t human.I have to say that this book isn’t what I thought it would be from reading the first chapter. I thought it would be more of a mystery book, since we start off with Tab witnessing her sisters’ murder and I really wasn’t expecting the love triangle to be as big as it was or Tab’s reaction to Alex at the funeral. But overall, I enjoyed this book and I plan to read the next one.

  • Jayne
    2018-11-01 03:48

    3.5This book was pretty interesting. I really liked the premise, but the love triangle was a bit much sometimes.When Tabitha finds out about her true identity, she's understandably skeptical, but she takes it in stride soon enough. The magic aspect was really interesting, and I just wish we could've seen more of her magic education. However, that side of things is kept pretty hush hush for a good chunk of the story since it's tied up with her past.Also, the love triangle was... Wow. Between the two, I liked Alex even though his and Tab's initial meeting was scandalous, to say the least. While I felt for Robbin too, the things that come to light just lost him major points and I couldn't quite bring myself to like him as a love interest.As for Tabitha herself, she's a bit frustrating at times, but overall I like her. She makes some bad decisions, yes, but she knows it, and berates herself. Even as she knows she should resist certain temptations, she finds herself unable to, but it's difficult for me to fault her for it. After all, the magic has something to do with. But you know, those lapses are much like ordinary hormones or alcohol influences, so whatever.Overall, a fun read. I don't feel any need to read the next one, but I might in the future.

  • Aimee
    2018-10-28 00:54

    Tabitha Bennett is normal woman in her mid 20's. She has a job at a bank, she's engaged to be married, and she thinks she knows what the rest of her comfortable, uneventful life will be. And then her sisters begin to die. Worse than that, Tabitha has visions of their deaths as they happen and there is nothing she, or any of her cousins, can do to stop it from happening. At the funeral of one of her sisters, Tab meets Alexander, and their attraction to each other, changes everything. Suddenly, all the secrets begin to spill out. Tab is not who she thought she was. And neither are her family members. Everything Tab knew is gone. What a wonderful surprise this book was for me! Based on the cover, I was expecting the book to be targeted to a younger demographic. Instead, there was love, mystery, a fair share of steamy sex, and a couple of excellent cliff hangers. I can't wait for the next book! There was a ton of stuff to love, and I would recommend it to anyone 16 years or older.

  • Maghon Thomas
    2018-11-12 04:42

    ok, I am actually going to keep this review short, because I am going to write a review for the new version. Yes, new version. So, I actually loved this one. BUT the author now has a new and improved version that has changed some things. So, I will tell you a few tidbits and then I will let you know later, once I've read the newer version how they differ :) This of your everyday girl next door. Still leaving in the beautiful manor at home with her family, engaged to her high school sweet heart, and has a good job at the bank. Then POOF, it's crazy! Someone keeps murdering her sisters. And she's finally learning the truth! This one is a fun ride learning about yourself and how you deal under pressure. Seriously, she had no idea who and what she was. I can't wait to read the new one! AND then I really can't wait for book two!!