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UN TOMO CONMOVEDOR Y DRAMÁTICO DE ESTE EXCELENTE MANGALa recreación de la tragedia de Sabrie ha sido un completo fracaso, y muchos han perdido la vida durante los terribles sucesos en la casa de Isla Yura. Cadenas, contratistas y adoradores del Abismo intentan posicionarse para sacar el máximo provecho de lo que se avecina…...

Title : Pandora Hearts, Vol. 15
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ISBN : 13634500
Format Type : Hardback
Number of Pages : 569 Pages
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Pandora Hearts, Vol. 15 Reviews

  • Elaney
    2018-11-07 07:03

    Jun Mochizuki is the Queen of Feels. (view spoiler)[Do no demean Elliot when you don't even know what his last moment was like... You let your own child die.....for something trivial like your family's honor.All of your family members have died, yet you only care about protecting your own interests. You scum!Even on the brink of death, my youngest foster brother...was noble....and maintained his pride...the exact opposite of me---...Elliot. I....was fond of you, you know...My to have you obtain the Intention of the Abyss. And use it's eliminate me from this world. If having Vincent Nightray "disappear" from this world is difficult...I do not mind having you rewrite the past so I die right after I'm born. So nii-san...can continue to that sunny spot forever. I...want to give Gil a world and past where I do not exist. Vincent is turning out to be not as bad as I thought he was. (hide spoiler)]

  • ✿ cassandra ✿
    2018-11-05 07:09


  • Katlyn
    2018-10-31 07:45

    I will probably fight the depression from this for the next couple years. Time to go crawl in a corner.

  • Karen
    2018-11-12 10:01

    NO!!! ELLIOT!!! WHY??!!??

  • Jack Baillot
    2018-11-14 08:43


  • Alethia
    2018-10-20 08:05

    ELLIOT!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! AND WHY LEO?! WHY DID HE HAVE TO RECEIVE ALL THE PAIN?!?! *tears* My life.... is coming down all around me. Elliot... was my best friend, and I loved him! SO WHY'D THEY HAVE TO GO AND KILL HIM OFF?!?! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM, EVER!!Death, Death, Death.The blood pooling to my rightThe poor fellow's life line is slipping outDeath. Death. DeathMy heart's still beatingBut for how much longer?Death. Death. Death.Why do you hold on so?Why cannot you let me go?Death. Death. Death.Does everyone have to die?I refuse to see a reason whyThey were good people, let them liveI wish to be with my friends againDeath, why are you so alone?Vincent, Vincent, Vincent.You do not realize your requestWill damage more than fixYou must earn Gil's love, not just give up.So stand up on your feet. Tell him what you really wantSay it loud and clearDear Duke Nightray,For you I have sympathy noneYou killed my dear Elliot, and for that you are done.Oh Ilsa, I do fearThat your dream has been fullfilled.You've seen Jack, and the Tragedy of Sablier part twohas met its time.

  • Emily
    2018-11-15 09:01

    Just starting down the rabbit hole, here. I'm getting out my popcorn for the reviews on the next volume.

  • Azelyn Klein
    2018-11-03 06:04

    You see, I had this brilliant idea. Because the last book ended on a cliffhanger, and in the middle of a sentence, I would just peak at the first few pages of this one before I went to sleep. Yeah, I kinda read the whole thing. Do I regret it? Maybe when I was tired the next day, but I haven’t stayed up late reading in ages. So, no, days later I do not regret it. Any book that can hook me when I’m exhausted, challenge my perspective, and contain excellent characters/plot is definitely worth reading. (view spoiler)[Leo HOW COULD YOU? Vincent, you jerk. Elliot. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE? (hide spoiler)]I gave this book 5/5 stars for holding my attention when I should have been sleeping and for having such excellent character development and plot twists. See Pandora Hearts, Vol. 1 for my recommendation.

  • Ali
    2018-11-16 07:04

    my heart is dead :)

  • Blackthorn
    2018-11-07 12:04


  • A.J. Culpepper
    2018-11-12 06:09

    Heck of a way to leave a book ending on a cliffhanger!Otherwise, brilliant storytelling!

  • Laura (bookendell_)
    2018-10-26 12:49

    I won’t let the likes of you steal my right to be Elliot Nightray!This volume broke my heart. Excuse me while I cry my eyes out.

  • A. L.
    2018-11-14 09:10

    I love irony. It can lead to hilarious situations. It can be very interesting. But every once in a while... Irony is just SO NOT COOL!Before I even began the sixth volume, I knew that Elliot dies. I don't remember where I heard it, but I remember being angry at myself for interacting with any of the online fans before completing the series, and being very annoyed at whoever spoiled it for me. What I didn't know was how or when he dies. During the first scene where Elliot was fully introduced into the story was when I fell in love with his character. Elliot and Oz have a hilarious dispute over who is the best character in Holy Knight, a series they both love. While arguing, Elliot rants about how pathetic the death of Oz's favorite character was. Oz, who hadn't read the new installments since he'd been in the Abyss for ten years, is completely horrified. How could his favorite character die, and how dare Elliot spoil something that important??! Despite being dismayed and having lost all previous motivation to read, Oz comments on how such a noble death is just like his favorite character! Do ya see the irony yet?? -_- Elliot's death was definitely honorable, and even beautiful in a way. (Watch out, creepy fangirl here.) Once Elliot remembers all the horrible things he had done, his chain urges him over and over to just forget again. Forgetting would have been easy. Sure, Elliot's family is now gone, but if he forgot and kept living, he could still find happiness. But that's not what he wanted. Elliot choose to reject his chain and die instead of rejecting what he believed. Being a hypocrite is so very easy. Especially if you don't have to live with the guilt of remembrance. Okay, enough of Elliot's death (for now). I managed to speed through this volume in one sitting. Ahh it's sooooo nice not to be interrupted while reading~ While reading this, especially towards the end, I began thinking about Vincent more. He has certainly done disgustingly awful things, but he's an intriguing character. I hadn't given him to much though because I hadn't "connected" with him. (Oddly enough, I can have an immediate emotional connection to certain characters, sometimes even despite depth of character.) However, I was rather surprised at his request for Leo. I know Vincent is extremely devoted to his brother, but he has shown at times to not at all care for Gilbert's actual happiness, and rather just wants a reaction. Even though it wasn't immediate, maybe Vincent will grow on me. Also, just about at the end of this volume, I spotted another hint of irony. Or maybe it was more of a parallel... Whatever it was; I noticed it! In the extras in the back of the sixth volume the topic is the previously mentioned series of Holy Knight. It is said that when Oz's favorite character, the valet Edgar, dies; Edgar's best friend and master Edwin (Elliot's favorite character) "boldly cuts his hair." ........ .... In the last few pages of this volume, after Elliot's death... Leo has his hair cut... Dang! Mochizuki is pretty darn clever (sneaky)!! A ton took place in this volume, and if I wanted (which I don't), I could write more than five pages on it. However, I suppose I should at least address that certain really big thing that was revealed in Retrace: Demois. To be honest, I don't think anything surprises me anymore(but I guess we'll just have to see, good luck Mochizuki)... I didn't even bat an eye.

  • Gabriela Paige
    2018-11-10 11:01

    NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to go sob in a corner for a few years, okay? This was beautifully heartbreaking.

  • Amy Keeley
    2018-11-10 09:45

    Before I go on to the main story, I want to point out the beauty of the interior pic of Rufus Barma with his chair. Each volume has a pic in the first page/title page of the character featured on the cover with a chair. Often, that chair is symbolic of something about that character. Often (but not always) the character is seated. For Barma, the chair is Lady Sheryl's wheelchair. And he's not sitting in it. He's leaning against the back of it, slumped on the ground. He looks so despondent, my heart broke for him. Anyway, sorry for the digression. I just really love that image.This volume re-visits the notion of "sacrifice," especially when it comes to sacrificing yourself. In the last volume, we learned that Elliot's role in this was not what he thought it was. Now, he has a choice of where to place the burden of sacrifice. His choice stuns those around him, and really made me sad that this kind of depth was only hinted at in previous volumes. He turned out to be more than I expected.As a result of his choice, we also get to see why the Nightray house did what it did with Gil, Vincent, Leo, Fianna's House and even Elliot. It's a direct contrast to Elliot's decision, and also serves to highlight Vincent's role in this horrifying sequence of events.Because this volume is really all about Vincent. Yes, there's the conclusion of events at Isla Yura's house, and a bit where everyone is recovering from recent events (powerful in and of itself), but the weight of this volume (whatever doesn't center around Elliot) belongs to Vincent, both his choices in the past and the choices he has yet to make. We also finally learn why, in spite of being Jack's valet, he would help the Baskervilles. It's such a tragic reason. But it also explains why he never brings anyone close. Not even Gil. (Actually, that should read, "especially not Gil.")And for just a moment, Vincent gives us a glimpse of the person he might have been.I don't really have any highlights for this. It's all wonderful, and tragic, and beautiful, and gah I think I'm going to completely lose it by the time this series ends.(Note to self: keep buying the English translations of PH.)

  • Nic
    2018-11-02 08:42

    Holy crap holy crap, who knew I actually cared about Elliot? But now he's dead, and I'm all sad!I really like that the creepy Yura Isla left his possessions to Duke Barma because they come from the same country. It's a cool twist that Barma, a relatively minor character, is given important information simply by virtue of being an immigrant from the same country as Yura. Plus, I thought it was interesting how Yura and Barma both show, in different ways, the rabid hunger for knowledge that is apparently part of their country's culture. In the last volume, there's even a moment when the normally cool, elegant, formal Barma goes a little crazy with excitement over the idea of some esoteric knowledge, giving us a glimpse of the kind of enthusiasm that has gone so creepily overboard in the case of Yura.Also, I'm totally shocked that Vincent is a double contractor. One, because I didn't know that was a thing, and two, because he's really looking to be an actually bad dude, despite his sympathy for Elliot. Which means maybe no Vincent/Break slash after all. (Break/Barma?)I'm surprised I was so invested in a volume in which Break hardly appears at all - seriously, like, once in a panel that's a flashback. Crazy!

  • Kate
    2018-10-31 06:00

    I felt exhausted after reading this latest installment of Pandora Hearts. I was not prepared for the emotional onslaught I would receive by reading this. It's heart-wrenching, tragic, and yet exactly what needed to happen. That doesn't mean that I'm okay with it all, but I accept it.After reading volume 14, I was perplexed on a few details regarding the role of Humpty Dumpty. What about the Queen of Hearts/Queen of Hurts that we had seen silhouettes of in earlier chapters? Not exactly the same shape or form of Humpty Dumpty. Volume 15 is full of revelations that tie up not only the questions I had, but the questions I didn't know I had.Pandora Hearts continues to be the series I look forward to reading most. Just when I think I might be starting to figure things out, it throws me for another loop. I love stories that do that. I love not being able to predict each moment, each character.(and my one teeny tiny complaint is that there is NOT enough Xerxes Break in this volume. now I have to wait until June. June! Gosh.)

  • Corley
    2018-10-31 11:44

    This volume was phenomenal! And heartbreaking and beautifully drawn and written. The whole arc at Yura's mansion is wrapped up, and the plot's beginning to progress forward into new territory by the last two chapters. A lot of this volume's focus was on Elliot, revealing the mysteries that have been surrounding him, and I absolutely loved these chapters; he is one of my favorite characters, and his outcome is the saddest moment in the series for me so far. But for him, it was a good way to go, because he remained true to his morals. And the new things we learn about Vincent? And Leo? Cannot wait for more elaboration!

  • Nərmin
    2018-11-13 08:54

    So what was it you were saying to Oz , Elliot? "That self-sacrificing. .." (view spoiler)[ Elliot. Is.Dead. (hide spoiler)]Oh, but it is nothing! And you know who is the second head hunter? (view spoiler)[ Vincent (hide spoiler)]And who is the reincarnation of Glen Baskerville? (view spoiler)[ Leo (hide spoiler)]And maybe Vincent is not very bad character. However I am still suspicious .So, a lot happened here, but the best scene was where Alice bites Oz's ear...Must be delicious )))

  • ArdnAskelA
    2018-11-05 11:42

    Révélations! Pleins de révélations! Et je retrouve certaines de mes hypothèses que j'avais abandonné quelques tomes auparavant en pensant que c'était pas bon alors qu'en fait ça l'ait. ( -_-) Mais bon, j'aime bien la tournure que prend le manga car je commençais à le trouver un peu lent, mou.. J'ai hâte de lire la suite ! ( ^_^)

  • Miss
    2018-11-09 10:08

    i was most definitely not emotionally prepared for this volume and am now preparing a class action suit for severe emotional distress. please direct your tears and wails to 1-800-HOW-COULDYOU if you would like to join me in this claim4 stars

  • Mariah
    2018-11-01 09:10

    Vincent is a badass and although he may be bordering on the insane I think he is awesome. We also learn a lot about Leo, who I happen to empathize with greatly and I can't wait to learn even more about him.

  • Chia-Tung
    2018-11-14 13:52

    Cry!!!!!!!!! Elliot is an illegal contractor! Leo is Glen's reincarnation! And... Elliot dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop crying!!!!!!!!!!! ELLIOT!!!!!!!Vincent is the first Queen of Hurts! And his chain is Demios! Scary skeleton...Vincent cuts Leo's hair... pretty eyes...

  • Sarah Hayes
    2018-11-02 05:53

    I would like to file a formal complaint against Jun Mochizuki as her work has left me as emotionally compromised as Zachary Quinto's Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise. Gah. I can't even begin with this one. At this rate, I'll be deceased by book seventeen.

  • Sarah
    2018-11-09 13:00

    Viele Geheimnisse werden gelüftet und es wird wieder spannend.

  • Kayla Perry
    2018-11-02 06:53

    (view spoiler)[Elliot died! (hide spoiler)] I'm so sad. T_T

  • Isel
    2018-11-01 10:55

    This volume hurt me... well, time for the next one!

  • Anushka
    2018-10-29 12:54

    Everything hurts.

  • Sara07
    2018-11-14 06:51

    No T-T why

  • Jenny Clark
    2018-11-10 05:51

    Tore through in 20 minutes or so... have to start back from number one to refresh my memory... awsome and heart breaking nonetheless. leo is... well idk what he is now...