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After the death of her twin brother, nineteen-year-old guitar prodigy Avery Jones finds herself desperate, alone, and out of options.Hope arrives in the form of a job opening with Brutal Strength, one of the biggest rock bands out there. Only problem is temperamental lead singer Marcus Anthony doesn't want a woman in the group. So Avery and her manager Trevor come up withAfter the death of her twin brother, nineteen-year-old guitar prodigy Avery Jones finds herself desperate, alone, and out of options.Hope arrives in the form of a job opening with Brutal Strength, one of the biggest rock bands out there. Only problem is temperamental lead singer Marcus Anthony doesn't want a woman in the group. So Avery and her manager Trevor come up with a plan involving a Bieber haircut and men's clothing. No one seems to be onto their little con. But what happens when Avery starts falling for Marcus? Will she be able to continue with the farce or will the whole thing come crashing down around her like a house of cards?Love Evolution is a rock star romance based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It is the first book in the Brutal Strength series....

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Love Evolution Reviews

  • Fred
    2019-04-09 19:23

    This is a fun fast read, with a really cool female MC who will have you rooting for and rocking with her all the way. When MC Avery's twin brother Justin is disappeared by the evil mob boss who's girlfriend he's fatuously fooled around with, her world falls apart. She's a super talented guitarist/vocalist, and she and Justin were on the cusp of a big career breakthrough when his disappearance derailed their dreams. Her agent tries to pull her out of her downward spiral by hooking her up with Brutal Strength, the angsty band trying to bounce back after their guitarist has quit, driven off by moody Marcus, their front man, fresh out of rehab. Wrinkle alert - Marcus's heart is in rehab too, after some smexy stillettos stomped all over it, and he's not about to allow some chick into his boy's club. Avery's kind of desperate though -desperate enough to duct-tape those tempting ta-ta's (not literally, she actually uses an Ace bandage), to try to pass as a dude. And, mirabile dictu,her plan actually works! But is successfully deceiving Marcus and the guys really where she wanted to end up, after she clicks so well with the band ... and with Marcus?Michelle does a great job of creating an appeallingly vulnerable but tough character in Avery. She's fragile but game, and her talent and drive keep her going through some sticky situations. Equally well drawn is Marcus, who could easily strike you as kind of a dick, what with all his misguided, misogynistic malaise, but instead comes across as relatable, if a bit clueless (an essential element in a girl dresssed as a guy story!). I pictured him as kind of a Kurt Novoselic type guy, brooding and ursine. Michelle also creates a cool Vancouver vibe, all misty and markety, that makes the story more concrete and pulls you into its magic. The side characters, especially Marcus' brother Dwight, and the vampish vixen Veronica, are dimensional enough (although V. is a bit Cruella DeVil-esque) to add drama, spice, and some humor, as well as provide expos and conflict. Another really great element are the lyrics that Avery and Marcus collaborate on as BS finds it feet again. They create a vibe, move the emotional aspect of their relationship forward, and sound like awesome songs just on their own. I love how this worked to draw you into the world of the story, I really felt it! When all the deceptions and disguises and disorder start to blow up towards the fun finale, there are some satsifying moments of aha!, thank goodness, and what the hell just happened, that combine to make the HEAdlong rush to a dramatic conclusion feel fresh and fun, even though there's a Twelfth-Nighty subtext that suggests maybe this isn't all as novel as it nonetheless manages to feel. This is a cute, believable and readable romp, with some real emotion, that will make you glad you came!Michelle provided me with a copy of Love Evolution in exchange for an honest review, which this totally is. Thanks Michelle!

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2019-04-04 22:42

    This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog (un)Conventional BookviewsLove Evolution is a great start to the Brutal Strength / Black Cat Records series, I loved the characters, the excitement, the reluctant romance and, of course, the music!I love it when stories manage to mix romance and music, and Mankin definitely managed that in Love Evolution. Finding herself all alone, Avery was ready to do anything to catch a break and find a position as guitarist in a group. When her manager told her Brutal Strength didn't want a female guitarist, she dressed as a boy, cut her hair, and went to the audition. Of course, after she got the job, there were some awkward moments between her and the lead-singer of the group, Marcus.This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional Bookviews

  • JenRider
    2019-04-05 17:22

    It was quite good...a little sappy but generally ok..only at the end it seemed like the author wanted to end it and be done with could have been lyrics..good work..

  • Katy
    2019-04-08 16:24

    I couldn't really get into this book, and I'm usually a sucker for romantic comedies, especially those involving a hot rocker and maybe even a girl disguised as a guy. I know this was a modernization of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, but I felt in a lot of ways, it just didn't work.First of all, I felt Mankin may have tried a little too hard to parallel the classic book. And because of that, I felt too many things were thrown in there and didn't really go with the book. For example, the mob. I know she had to find something to kill of Justin and an excuse for Avery to move across the country, but I felt it didn't really fit. First of all, if Avery owes the mob money, she would be in huge trouble. I would think the mob had the resources to track her down and put more pressure on her. Here, it almost felt like something in the back of her thoughts. And I felt there were a bunch of characters that were thrown in there with no rhyme or reason - like Chris Alex. His placement was just off.As for the story itself, I wouldn't really connect to the book. In some places, I felt the story dragged, and in others, especially the end, I felt it was too rushed. And throughout the whole book, I thought the story was only surface keep. While there was overdramatization in some areas (particularly Marcus' temper), the rest of it was pretty much flat. I know that Avery has this love that's growing for Marcus, and I know she feels guilty, but I can't SEE it and FEEL it. And Marcus, he struggles with the fact that he may be gay, but I can't really connect with his feelings. In fact, I just thought a lot of their relationship was just awkward.Now before anyone argues it's because of the nature of the subject that makes me feel awkward, I will beg to differ. I have read a NUMBER of books with girls posing as guys (just one off the top of my head Babe in Boyland) that I absolutely loved. Love Evolution just didn't work for me.

  • P.A. Warren
    2019-03-29 17:22**REVIEW**Possible spoilers This book totally Rocks!No pun intended!Having never read Twelfth Night,but being familiar with a girl dressing as a guy to get a part/something I am familiar with.This book is about Avery Jones who dresses as a boy to get into a band.Marcus has hang ups about women that being his main reasoning for not allowing a woman into the band Brutal Strength. While this book was very enjoyable,I did have a few hang ups about it.I felt like we had so much of of Avery as a boy and Marcus knowing her as a boy that I did not get to know her as Avery the girl.I would have liked to know Avery the girl.I also had issues with how new characters were brought into the book at the end and we were taken to their point of was a bit of a distraction for me.I personally did not feel the book needed them to have their point of view in it.Last but not least.My biggest issue with the book was the ending,It felt rushed.Im not going to lie..I think Marcus's speech could have been a bit more mature sounding,If that makes sense.Like he professes to love Avery,but if she is with another character thats okay.No thats not okay Marcus..if you are professing your love it is NOT okay.I will say though that Marcus in the end was awesome! Finally,While I did have personal issues with this book I thoroughly enjoyed it.Definitely a must read from a new author that shows a lot of potential!I look forward to reading more of her books..perhaps a sequel?Hint Hint!!!Keep up the great work Michelle Mankin!If you want to purchase Love Evolution you can purchase it HERE on Amazon. Happy Reading!

  • Karen
    2019-04-13 22:23

    Thanks Fred for recommending this one. This was a great, fun read. If you have ever seen 'She's the Man' and you can say you enjoyed it, then you will like this book. I really don't know how to reveiw this other than to say it was entertaining, and yes FUN. I happen to like fun when it comes to books so I can handle the Disney movie type gender switch. I loved that Avery was a uber talented guitarist/vocalist/songwriter who just needed a break. I also loved that Marcus was a rockstar that was looking to reconnect with the music and distance himself from his former lifestyle.This book read more like a movie playing in my mind. I actually hope it gets made into a movie one day because my mind aparently doesn't cope to well with puting music to the lyrics in the book :(Loved it

  • Funzee Shu
    2019-04-20 15:38

    Why I keep picturing this man while am reading this book ??ROLF !!!That because reading this book brought back may high school memories when I ‘m crazy over this guy, yep ! Its Jon Bon Jovi, ladies !!You allowed to scream like crazy with me……When my friend told me about this book, I became very interesting with the story, because its reminds me bout one of Korean Drama that I’ve watched back then in 2009 – if you curious and wanna know bout that tv series, just clik this link I don’t want to talk bout that series right now…Cz even I feel kinda ‘dejavu’ with that series, I still read this book with different image that playing in my mind.Why ?Cz even there’s some commons things occurs in this book, the culture and the way the author tell the story ARE different anyway.I like Marcus, he soooo damn sexy....I have fetish - a guitarist fetish !So ?Its so easy to fallin love with this Marcus guy *smirk*He has blue eyes, long neck tousled brown hair, can play guitar AND piano, husky sexy voice....and dimple !!! *swoon*[image error]I have big expectation bout this book at the beginning....First few chapter really grab my attention, I even can put it down....I keep saying "One more chapter,then I MUST stop to go back to work..."But then....I keep saying "Just one more chapter".....and more....and more....and.....finally....Ta-Daaaa !!!I hit the last chapter in just few hours,Lol....Its fun and quick reading....The story really sweet....But the ending quite bit cheesy for me.....Besides...its too "YA" than "NA".I didn't say its bad, no.....Its good, I love when reading interaction between Marcus and Avery.I love when they talking about those legendary rock bands, some are my fave too, so I know what they talking about.When they make music together is really awesome, like a puzzle, they “blend” very well on each other passion in music.Its very entertaining reading all those recording process etc.But then, I started to feel something….Just....I feel....after Marcus know the truth.....the scene became too....what should I say....lame ?I didn't get the emotion while the scenes ARE - supposed to be - "emotional".....Suddenly everything seem too “rushes” for me…Then…END !!What’s came to my mind at the time I finished just, “That’s it ??”Oh…But back again, because I like the book and the story, I still appreciate this book by giving 3 stars to this lovely story.Besides, I like the surprised twist at the end ! *grin*And Mba Lelyana, I DEFINITELY AGREE WITH YOU !!There's NO other picture suit Avery's description than this pic !!

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    2019-04-10 20:16

    At nineteen years of age Avery has had her fair share of hurt and loss. She just lost her twin brother and now has to pay up mob man Campanella her brother's debt. How is that going to happen without a job and no music contract now that her brother, the other member of their band, is dead? But hope steps up in the form of a Rock-n-Roll legend, Marcus Anthony. Only thing is he doesn’t want a female in the group. So Avery and her manager Trevor work out a plan, one involving a Justin Bieber haircut and men’s boots. And the plan is working for the time being. No one is on to their little con. But what happens when Avery starts falling for Marcus? Will she be able to continue on with the farce or will it crumble around her like a stack of cards? And most of all, will Marcus be able to forgive her?This book was so super, duper cute! It reminded me of that 80’s movie JUST ONE OF THE GUYS. Yeppers, I just showed my age. I just flew through it and loved it so very much. I adore a good book that gives us a bit of intrigue, even though we know it is going to have a happy ending. Fans of rock-n-roll and romantic comedies will fall for this sweet, page turning read. It kept my interest the whole time and had me wanting to pull my phone out just to read more of it.Michelle gave us a great character in Avery…a girl who has been put through the ringer lately. She was given just a bit of time to mourn her twin brother’s death but was quickly thrown into a hectic adventure. For someone who has been though what she has, she is one tough chicky. Sure she is hurting but she does what she has to do to pull through and make it. Marcus on the other hand is not what he seems. Fans see the side they want to see, but deep down and in private he is actually a great guy who has been through quite a lot too.Seeing Avery fall for Marcus and Marcus questioning his strange growing feelings towards Avery…it was priceless. I was easily hooked, but it’s hard not to be with Michelle’s great writing and fun storyline. I truly look forward to reading more of Michelle’s work and hope you will give Love Evolution a try.

  • Lelyana
    2019-03-25 22:37

    I need more Marcus Anthony and Avery Jones!!! This is supposed to be my daughter's was skeptical when my friend Tressa Sager gave it to me as a winner of her giveaway.But once I read it, I cannot stop reading....!!Avery was in a mourning losing her twin brother Justin, and she have to pay some sum of money to the mob boss that Justin owed. Life cannot be more desperate for Avery when her manager Trevor asked her to attend an audition for filling a lead guitar's position in Brutal Strength, her number one favorite band, as A GUY!And she came to a cute teenage boy like this after one day of makeover!And that look, and her guitar playing, made Marcus Anthony, a lead singer, a loner, a cynical, an ex-drug user, cannot make him self away from Avery ! And questioning his sexual orientation.When finally Avery made it as a lead guitarist, some gossips spread. Well people made their opinion, and paparazzi got their "intimate" pictures together.Marcus obviously denied that he's falling for Avery the Guy. So, he tried to let Avery go from his head, but he's just CAN'T!Their story around the Band and how Avery can manage her life after she's being a celebrity, quite interesting to read.And what about Justin her twin brother? And who's Ms.V?And were they met their HEA after a big fight? I hope so :)[image error]The story was light,not to much emotional, gut wrenching state here, but I can say, this book is cute and wort to read, and I liked it! How can I not like it when I can finished it in less than a day?Recommended!

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-04-16 17:25

    Love is a journey, not a destination...This was my first Michelle Mankin read. I was lured by the promise of a rock star, they are my weakness. I must confess that I absolutely loved the story itself. However; I was a little surprised once I started reading to discover that it was G rated. As I'm sure you know, this is unusual because sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll are usually a package deal. After reading another review that mentioned how much her 13 yr old enjoyed the book I thought to myself, "yup, I would have totally gone fangirl over this book when I was that age". Being an adult, my preference would be to dirty it up a little, throw in some cuss words and some sexy scenes. I don't want to be one of those reviewers that reads a book outside of their preferred genre and then criticize the author for that choice. The truth is that I would not have chosen to read this book had I known in advance that it was 'sweet' and 'polite' rather than gritty. But you know what, I would have missed out. I really enjoyed it. I plan to continue reading this collection. I loved the creativity of the song writing and the rapport the band members shared. I thought the authors knowledge and portrayal of the music industry was very interesting. I especially liked the family connections and the behind the scenes suspense that kept me guessing. The 'secret' that Avery was keeping had me turning those pages, waiting for the big reveal.

  • Rhonda
    2019-04-12 18:22

    This was a really cute story. I was drawn in by the blurb, it was different than anything I have read so I wanted to give it a go. I liked the characters okay, but the story fell short in a couple of areas. I felt that there was so much time spent on the music and the band that Marcus and Avery didn't have a chance to fully develop their relationship. Then when I hit about 80% the story felt rushed to the end, and I really wanted the chance to see Marcus and Avery together during happy times. Overall I did enjoy the story, and I would read another story by this author.

  • Anastasia Antonova
    2019-04-11 23:28

    Единственное хорошее в этой книге - гендерная интрига. Люблю эту тему, нравится наблюдать за метаниями героев и открытием "страшной тайны". Как роман мне книга не понравилась. Все слишком приторно и неправдоподобно. Один только конец заставил меня разок удариться головой об стол. Перечитывать точно не буду. Никогда. Итоговая оценка: 5 из 10

  • JackieKiwibooknerd
    2019-03-28 19:22

    I really enjoyed this book......It was a great read.....Would definitely recommend....

  • Cerera
    2019-04-03 15:39

    Мне понравилась. Легкая, напряженная книга. Немного наивности, немного юмора, немного драмы, для одного раза достаточно. Интересно прочесть про других участников.

  • Vanessa
    2019-04-19 23:34

    Good MC and ending.

  • Mitch
    2019-03-23 21:29

    Love Evolution certainly has an interesting concept, but the execution just didn't work. Most of it reads like a contemporary, a few parts of it like a gritty crime novel, both fine on their own, but the two parts just didn't mesh at all. Avery's debt to the mob felt tacked on, like a weird problem just buzzing in the background. Lots of talk about music, and then Avery gets tortured with a lit cigarette butt (which coincidently only Marcus manages to see afterwards)? Uh, no. And the ending, what a syrupy mess. The contempory parts actually aren't half bad. Having Avery disguise as a guy to join Marcus's band is kind of silly yet interesting, even though I wouldn't have read about a cute girl and a compulsive guy on my own without being prodded (yes this was a recommendation, and turns out I might've liked this more than the recommenders did, meh). Though admittedly Avery and Marcus together weren't as boring or as cringingly bad as I thought they'd turn out - except all the contrivances Mankin throws in to up the tension. Most of that was uncomfortable to read about, though I understand why those scenes are there. There are a couple of breaks in every chapter too, jumping from Avery's point of view to Marcus's or to various third characters, but they mostly didn't bother me and seemed to work - except a few near the end that were only one or two paragraphs and really felt rushed. And the dialogue didn't suck at all - there were even some great quotes about how a girl can act like a guy.But nothing really came together that well. The main plot, Avery incognito, was fine, maybe too much of a reminder that keeping secrets hurt, but the mob angle, Marcus's past with Veronica, Chris Alex, Avery's brother Justin, all of it feels shoved in for maximum happily ever after after a few stupid twists and turns, I guess. There was far less development, both character and plot wise, than I felt necessary for the story being told, and I wished a lot of stuff, the mob stuff in particular, should've either been expanded to integrate it into the story or dropped completely. Because right now, the entire last third of the book just felt way too rushed, contrived, cheesy, silly, and sickly sweet. I guess this book would be fine for someone who likes reading shallow romatic comedies where the main characters realize at the end how stupid they've been behaving and then make up, but it's not really my thing (though what did I expect?). Maybe a bit worse than the norm, I dunno. Overall, book was ok, but that's it.

  • Andrea Randall
    2019-04-15 23:26

    If you like love, rock-n-roll, and a dash of mistaken identity, this book is for you!Avery's world is turned upside down by the death of her brother and her involvement in his mob goings on. Meanwhile, band Brutal Strength is planning a comeback after lead singer, Marcus Anthony, is released from rehab. The chemistry between Avery and Marcus is palpable in an instant, although there is more to Avery than meets Marcus's eye.Written in the 3rd person, we are able to take the journey with Avery and Marcus equally. I could feel Avery's anxiety about her brother and budding feelings for Marcus as equally as I could feel Marcus's confusion- though I would have liked to be inside Marcus's head a little more because I found him quite fascinating.Michelle clearly has a musical background, or at the very least a rock obsession, because the dynamics of a performing group, the internal struggles of artists, and the lyrics themselves were top notch. This book made me fall deeper in love with musicians than I already am! There were some parts where I was left wanting more, and not necessarily because I felt anything was lacking- I just wanted more because it was good I'm greedy!The supporting characters were excellent- in the very few lines we spent with Marcus's mother, I fell in love with her. The band mates were honest and real, and everyone involved with PR and other aspects of the industry were spot-on. With one line near the end, I fell madly in love with band mate JR :)The climax of the story unravels and wraps up quite quickly, but you truly feel it happening in real time. The pages leading up to the resolution were honest and fun. There could easily be a sequel to this book and, frankly, I hope there is because I want to get deep inside the relationship of Avery and Marcus.This is a light YA read, and stays true to its genre- well done Michelle!

  • Justine
    2019-03-21 23:35

    *SPOILER ALERT*I was loaned this book by a friend and decided to read it right away because I needed a break from paranormal and wanted a light and airy read. At first the premise reminded me of She's the Man with Amanda Bynes, so I figured that it must be cute.Avery and Justin moved away from their motherless home and abusive dad when it became too much for them to handle. They wanted to make it big in New York as a band, which is probably what would have happened if Justin hadn't gotten into drugs and ended up dead. Avery is distraught when Justin dies and had to take on his debt that he owed to the mob for drugs. Luckily for Avery, she gets an opportunity to pay off the debt, when she auditions for the new lead guitarist in the famous band Brutal Strength and impresses everyone so much that she gets the gig. But one small roadblock, the lead singer hates women in his band, so what does Avery do? She dresses up like a guy and secures the job. Throughout the novel, we see a Avery and the lead singer Marcus learn and grow. Avery helps Marcus snap out of his depression and learn to love music again, while Marcus helps Avery get over the loss of her brother and mother. They build a very close relationship, enough to have Marcus question his sexuality. Then Avery comes clean and tells Marcus that she loves him. At first he is hurt from her lie and he hates her. Once he realizes that he loves her too they build a romantic relationship. The were a few things that I found highly unrealistic, such as no one noticing that Avery was a girl. Didn't anyone, fans in particular google her and see that she wasn't a dude? Really people? If I cut my hair off and wrapped my boobs you would still be able to tell that I was a girl.other then that it was a great read. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a cute, fast read or anyone who's into romance.

  • Julie
    2019-04-12 22:25

    It was interesting. Reminded me of the Koreanovela He's Beautiful (which I love, by the way). I really dig the whole girl-disguised-as-a-guy thing, although if you think about it, it definitely wouldn't work in real life, right? Physical differences and everything. But anyway, all that aside, I really enjoyed Love Evolution. I liked the chemistry between Avery and Marcus even when Avery was pretending to be a guy. I also admire her talent. I'm a sucker for talented characters. I just wished Avery's character had more substance. Sure, she lost her twin brother and was in a debt with some mobster, but somehow I couldn't sympathize with her. I connected more with Marcus. I think he's a pretty awesome character despite his mess in the past. Or maybe because of that, and the fact that he managed to pick himself up. It was also interesting that Marcus has been skeptical about female guitarists yet unknowingly lets one in the band. Oh, the irony of it. Beautiful.I liked the pace of the story, the turn of events, the anticipation leading to the moment when Avery reveals the truth to Marcus. I also found some things quite funny, like when Avery "showed" Dwight and JR that she's a girl. Their reactions were hilarious. I liked the tension, the drama, the angst. I liked Mary and Trevor and Rheta. Fantastic characters.I really enjoyed Love Evolution. Makes me want to read more good music-themed novels. Rock on! Purchase this book from: Amazon | The Book Depository

  • William
    2019-03-25 19:38

    I'm not a big fan of romance novels. So, I don't read many. However, Love Evolution by Michelle Mankin is an exception. The author's description of her book caught my eye. Love Evolution is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Twelvth Night. To access an overused phrase she hit the ball out of the park!While Love Evolution is not a romantic comedy, it does have the parallel theme of romantic love as a main focus. In the same way that Viola was longing for the Duke's attention, Avery was desperate for Marcus' love. What began as an intense desire to join Marcus' band, Brutal Strength, ended with an equally strong desire to win Marcus' love. Just as Shakespeare showed that love can be painful, Michelle demonstrates the same in her book. Emotional pain is seen in the aspect of Avery being unable to make the moves necessary to capture Marcus' heart. How can Avery ever convince Marcus to love her when she has already made him believe she is a man? The questions that follow the story are "how far can Avery carry on with this deception before Marcus learns of it and what will happen when he does?" Again, like Shakespeare, Michelle shows that love is exclusionary. Some characters will not see fruits of their desires to have the object of their interest. Chris, for example, wants Avery but finds only unrequieted love. There is yet another common theme in the two works. Each story has a happy ending but I shall not elaborate on that. It should be left for the reader to discover.Michelle Mankin's Love Evolution is unquestionably a book to read. Lovers of romantic novels will find it difficult to lay aside until it is finished. I give it five stars and await her second book in the trilogy. Good job Michelle.

  • Ang
    2019-04-16 22:30

    I think the beginning had promise. The whole pretend to be a guy thing and so forth. But seriously if this girl pretending to be a guy is hanging around a lot of men how are they not going to realize she isn't a guy? Her voice could not have been that different to sound like a guy, she has no facial hair, no adams apple, and if she was suppose to be a good looking guy how pretty a woman could she have been?That being said it just seems way to illogical for her to have passed for a guy so long in that close of proximity to a man. Everyone has seen a guy/girl that they couldn't tell what gender they were at some point. But if you talked to them or new them at any length you could figure it out. Not to mention I have never met or seen a person that I couldn't tell if they were a guy or girl be attractive.Like I said I liked the concept in the beginning I think if the writer wouldn't have kept up the farce so long and taken it to a different direction I would have liked it better. Poor Marcus thinking he was falling for another man. WTH way to spook yourself into insanity. Seriously I can't imagine how messed up that would be.Then to add in the FBI crap with the brother that was just like WTH where did that come from. Ok they never found the body and all but come on he was really into music and this band was on a nation tv show like he wouldn't have seen the interview with his sister!There are just to many wholes in the story.

  • Zunaira Ghazal
    2019-04-08 21:29

    Overly dramatic with useless subplots, sub par characters and shitty dialogue.Marcus was an overgrown baby. I don't know what the author wanted us to like about him. As far as I could tell he was a jerk, an ass and in perpetual denial.Avery was an over dramatic freak of a heroin. She was the ultimate Mary Sue and more than once I wanted to just kill her.I wanted so much to like this story. The premise of a girl dressing up as a guy never gets old; I mean LOOK at She's the Man and Babe in Boyland! But this? This was so shitty I wanted to gouge my eyes out. First off the plot was bleugh, the characters were flimsy and had no potential, there was no character development and the whole process was so WARPED it pissed me off. The pace was horrible, everybody was bowing down to Avery because she was so “speshul”. And then there was the INSTA! Love! I didn't get Avery and Marcus's relationship AT ALL! Ugh. Plus the age difference was disgusting.

  • Ornella (Nyx)
    2019-04-02 17:20

    This book had so much potential. Could have easily been a 5. The whole writing fell off, couldn't really get into it till more than halfway through and even then there were still times where it would go off again. The mob could have been handled better, felt like it was just a passing thought, but I mean it's the mob, can't just randomly put tid bits here and there and just leave it like that.Then there was the end. It was ridiculously rushed. Even though the romance does get built up and it felt somewhat believable. the weird writing style kept it from being all that it could have been which is why the ending was like wth...(view spoiler)[She had just accepted his apology and he just proposes to her on the spot?! (hide spoiler)]I enjoyed it, but it just could have been a lot better.

  • Elizabeth Harwell
    2019-03-30 21:31

    Love Evolution is a fun, light read. Those familiar with Shakespeare's 12th Night will get the influences, but you don't have to be familiar to enjoy the story. The author is especially effective with incorporating visual cues for the Vancouver setting. Even if you have never been there, you feel like you have. Obviously, the author has done a lot of research into the music industry and recording process, giving that aspect of the story believability. Mankin is new to the young adult fiction world, but shows promise as she hones her skills and techniques. I look forward to reading her next book.

  • Sumbal Wazir Ali
    2019-04-11 19:41

    I have really conflicted feelings towards this book. It was a quick read and a good one but I still have so many questions and there's so many stupid things going on in the book its just... see? Conflicted.

  • Michelle Mankin
    2019-04-06 19:30

    I wrote it. I've got to love it. I heart my characters.

  • Lindsay
    2019-03-27 21:32

    Amazon Freebie 12/17/2012I've had my eye on this for a while! I can't wait to read it.

  • Meg
    2019-04-11 16:29

    Love it! Great adaptation of Twelfth Night :)

  • Wendy
    2019-03-27 21:32

    This book is a quick read. It gets you from the beginning and holds you until the final encore song!

  • Lori Ramos
    2019-04-15 22:22

    This was adorable! Quick read but a real nice story. Can't wait for the sequel!