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A collection of scary traditional tales from all over the world....

Title : Even More Short & Shivery: Forty Five Spine Tingling Tales
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ISBN : 9780439081931
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 570 Pages
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Even More Short & Shivery: Forty Five Spine Tingling Tales Reviews

  • Juli
    2018-11-11 02:05

    I get asked often why I read books and stories that are technically children's literature. Why not? Some of the best classic books were written for kids: Heidi, Little Women, etc. My favorite kids books are often collections of horror, folklore and ghost stories. No spurting blood, cursing or naked people -- just fun, spooky tales. In my opinion, reading is a wonderful hobby....and personalized to each person. Read what you enjoy....and make no apologies for it. I love to read kids books! There are several Short & Shivery collections of scary tales for kids. The stories are all middle grade appropriate. Each story is spooky...but not TOO scary. Kids will be happy....and Moms will be happy. No 2 a.m. visits from little ones saying "Mom, I'm scared. Can I sleep with you?'' The stories are entertaining, not nightmare inducing. I decided to re-read these nifty little story collections while snowed in at home this week. The south shuts down when it snows. Nothing to do out there but shiver in the cold.....and southerners can't drive safely in snow. Best for me to stay home with hot tea and good books. I can shiver peacefully at home with creepy tales of vampires, demons, vengeful dead pirates and all things that go bump in the night! Even More Short & Shivery gathers 30 creepy tales from around the world. I enjoyed them all! I highly recommend any of the books in the Short & Shivery series. They are all great!! And at just over 160 pages, this book is a quick read for adults and a manageable easy read for middle grade kids.

  • Shamima
    2018-10-17 22:11

    The last book in the trilogy. I bought it on my birthday and am just now finishing it. The writing style and pictures are very nostalgic to my childhood (back when Goosebumps books and scary stories were the rage). As do the other 2 books in the trilogy, this one features 45 scary short stories from around the world.

  • Franz
    2018-10-24 22:11

    This book is about 45 mysterious stories from around the world. I thought that the stories in this book were going to be stories that little kids would read but they were better than expected. This book was good because it had scary stories from around the world and I recommend this book to people who like weird and scary books.

  • Amanda Hernandez
    2018-11-12 03:25

    These were so awesome to listen to on the audio book with my kids! We all loved the creepy stories and the narrators enthusiasm in telling the stories! We will definitely be finding some more to listen to together this summer!

  • Kian Sidi
    2018-10-28 03:19

    The reason I chose this book was because I thought it would be some regular book that I would just laugh at because I thought the stories would be lame. But actually it turned out that the stories were really good and I enjoyed all of them. There really is no plot in the book because its a collection of over forty "short and shivery tales." This is actually the second book but I chose to read this one first. My favorite quote in the book was the last story. The quote was, Hunter: "Why do you have such big eyes?" Monster: "To see your grave" Hunter: "Why do you have such big Claws?" Monster: "To dig up your grave" Hunter: "Why do you have such a big tail?" Monster: "To sweep up your grave" Hunter: "And why do you have such big teeth?" Monster: "To chew on your flesh and bones and grind them to piece." This was my favorite quote because it showed what the monster was gonna do to the hunter. The author's writing style contained so much detail, Irony, metaphors, similies,Imagery, and so many other literary devices that makes me think of this author as a genius. I would recommend this book to people who likes to tell stories around the campfire for fun.

  • Natalie
    2018-11-14 23:19

    When skimming this collection in preparation for a school visit, I could only find one story that I liked enough to tell- The New Mother which was originally written by Lucy Lane Clifford in 1882. It really shook the group of tweens who were my audience. They were bone quiet for it's entirety and looked seriously creeped out afterward. I just researched the story a bit and see that it was a main influence of Neil Gaiman in writing Coraline! Which makes sense because it's one of the eeriest books I've ever read and I'm a grown-up. The rest of the collection fell flat for me. But that one story is a gem.

  • Marsha
    2018-10-21 23:13

    Unfamiliar ghost stories from around the world abound in this collection, each with its own grim allure. There are stories of people falling prey to demons, cannibal ghosts, pale dancing spirits (in a sequence that reads eerily like a scene from “Carnival of Souls” [1962]) and many more. Accompanied by evocative illustrations in black, white and gray, the stories span the gamut from terrifying to sad, supernatural and the real. These stories may not scare the adults, but they are suitable for any young adult who likes a bit of horror before bedtime.

  • Amelia
    2018-10-16 01:02

    I think that "Even More Short & Shivery: Forty-Five Spine-Tingling Tales. (Paperback) is a great book for middle schooler's. This book is good because of it's short story quality. I would recommend this book to almost any one. 4 stars! All the stories are non-fiction so it's weird to think these spine tingleing tales are true. i had a great time reading these short stories and can't wait to check out the next book out!

  • MW
    2018-10-31 22:56

    Some of the stories were a hit and miss for me, but there was plenty of the stories that I actually did enjoy and some of them did spook me a bit. Frankly, I had very low exceptions when I first read this novel and really, wasn't what I was expecting.

  • Subrina Rafiq
    2018-11-13 06:10

    I think this book is great but very strange. You will never guess what story your going to read next. But be aware of the illustrators details it might even scare you! It went from half women half deer to elf flowers. What is going to happen in the next book

  • Matt Mazenauer
    2018-10-26 06:23

    Robert D. Souci is a crap writer who has decided to take a lot of classic fables and folklores and retell them in his own dull plain cheesy style. Luckily, even through the meatgrinder that is his writing style, some are cool myths.

  • Teri
    2018-10-28 03:05

    My 5th grade girls gobbled this up!!! They reported some stories were really scary and some were just interesting and they gave it four stars.

  • Matt Mazenauer
    2018-10-31 02:05

    Mythologies from all sorts of sources - some are fascinating, others area dull recounts of stories which should be much more thrilling.

  • KaitlynSaunders
    2018-11-01 05:56

    It was okay. It was nice to hear stories from different culture, and some of them were actually a little creepy. Others were far from it. Glad I read it, but probably wouldn't reread.

  •  Araceli
    2018-10-19 03:11

    Still dissapointing, though I do know a few people that I can freak out with some of these stories