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The Psychic Sasquatch and Their Interdimensional Connection is the product of 55 years of accumulated knowledge based on ongoing encounters with the psychic Sasquatch as experienced by author/researcher Kewaunee Lapseritis, BA, MS, MH, a recognized world authority. The 187 documented cases have clearly objectified the reality of psi within this phenomenon....

Title : The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection
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ISBN : 9780983369530
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 280 Pages
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The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connection Reviews

  • Elizabeth Eiler
    2018-10-29 01:27

    This is a mind-bending, consciousness-expanding book by a man who bridges hard science and metaphysical science. As a university-trained anthropologist, master herbalist and healer, naturalist, and explorer, the author's ability to span a multitude of perspectives with ease is admirable. I was fascinated by the accounts of decades of Sasquatch experiences by hundreds of people. Mr. Lapseritis draws compelling connections between Sasquatch encounters and UFO sightings and presents a fascinating theory about the extraterrestrial origins of Sasquatch and humans. This is a book to read with a wide open mind and a sincere desire to explore alternate perspectives. Some of the information presented challenged my understanding of reality, but the more I thought and compared it to my Gnostic beliefs and my experiences in the realm of the paranormal, the more plausible and logical these thrilling accounts became. As a telepathic animal communicator working on my second book about animals and spirituality, I was drawn to Mr. Lapseritis's work when I discovered he received telepathic impressions and information stunningly similar to mine. When I questioned the reality of Bigfoot, and sought answers from metaphysics, I was excited by the intelligent telepathic presence that responded. In fact, the author asserts that the skilled telepathic Sasquatch are especially willing and eager to communicate with people like me - healers, mystics, nature lovers, and those reaching out for peaceful understanding.Lapseritis is adamant in classifying the Sasquatch as a people akin to humans, not as animals. For me, humans are animals themselves - but I have no difficulty placing the various Sasquatch-type beings he describes into a category of human/humanoid animals. An overarching message is that we need to direct ourselves to saving our planet through environmentalism and a renewed understanding of the nature-based spirituality of Native peoples. I found this book to be an exciting read that introduced me to new concepts and supported some of my own experiences. I highly recommend it to the adventurous reader!Other Nations: A Lightworker's Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom