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Take the Leap. Merlin is a good-looking woman and madly in love with Arthur, but that's only the start of the story. Tertia, Unita and Marlene know what they want to be... detectives with a difference. Bored with the lack of opportunity in 5th century Camelot, they start up the Temporal Detective Agency and use the great Merlin's Time Portal to relocate from Camelot to theTake the Leap. Merlin is a good-looking woman and madly in love with Arthur, but that's only the start of the story. Tertia, Unita and Marlene know what they want to be... detectives with a difference. Bored with the lack of opportunity in 5th century Camelot, they start up the Temporal Detective Agency and use the great Merlin's Time Portal to relocate from Camelot to the 21st century. Mostly because the cases are more interesting, but also because the toilet facilities are so much better. Things start slowly until one Sunday morning, Tertia finds herself replacing Nelson's statue in Trafalgar Square and involved in the thefts of the Koh-i-noor diamond and the Mona Lisa. The Agency follows the trail to South Wales in 1734 where they come up against a gang of vicious smugglers and ship wreckers led by their deadliest enemy. Help comes from an equally unexpected source, but the Temporal Detective Agency's first case could also prove to be their last!...

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Leap of Faith Reviews

  • Tyler-rose (The Reading Pile)
    2019-03-17 03:25

    First thing that really got my attention with Leap of Faith is the fact that it's about time travel, Camelot, White Knights, Black Knights.... A really good premise. Also, the fact that Merlin is actually a girl? Awesome! I didn't know what I was going to think of Richard Hardie's Leap of Faith when I first heard about it, it sounded a little... odd? But I actually really enjoyed it!The Temporal Detective Agency is made up of three females, however it's Tertia from whom the story is told. She gives us both a funny and an honest telling of her zzzzzzp through time to the 1700s. Tertia is fed up of solving 'mysteries' such as the lost pets... and when she finds out about the missing Lord Nelson statue, she's excited. But this leads her in way over her head when she finds out the Black Knight is involved. I honestly really enjoyed the development of Tertia, and I laughed at her a lot, especially during her first encounter with Bryn. Hardie created a very loveable character in Tertia. I'll admit I'm still a little baffled as to what the statue really had to do with anything, but I did read the majority of this book whilst feeling very...well not in the mood/grumpy/ill yesterday... So it's possible I've just forgotten about its significance - but that doesn't take away from the fact that the novel was really good. A twist on Camelot! Traditional Arthur... of course, but you've got a female Merlin thrown in there... and time travel... Awesome combination. I really enjoyed it. It was fun, hilarious, fast paced and really enjoyable. Give it a go!

  • Maureen Vincent-Northam
    2019-03-15 04:26

    Leap of Faith is billed as A YA (Young Adult) title though anyone who enjoys a rip-roaring escapade, a sassy heroine and plenty of humour, will love it!The Temporal Detective Agency consists of three female characters from Camelot – one of which is the younger sister of Merlin (who, we’re reliably informed, is actually a woman). The story is told from the youngest member, Tertia’s point of view and a very witty narrator she is too. Now based in the 21st century and fed up with looking for lost pets, the time-travelling trio zzzzzp through their Time Portal to the 1700s where they get involved in a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Nelson's statue. Throw into the mix Sir Galahad, the Black Knight, smuggling and wreckers operating off the Gower peninsular in Wales, and you have an excellent, tightly written, suspenseful read.

  • Shani Struthers
    2019-03-23 02:35

    Mr Hardie, this is a brilliant read! Bursting with humour and adventure and I flew, rather 'Temporal' like through its pages. Actually, as an avid fan of the Arthurian period of history, I didn't think I would. I wasn't sure I was going to like how much he'd tampered with such an incredible legend - Merlin a woman for heaven's sake? But he pulled it off, big time! It all starts with the disappearance of Nelson's statue - yes really - and takes you back and forth in time, the team, led by young Tertia, following a trail that will blow your mind. There's another book in the series, which I shall devour before too long, and a third promised. A book aimed at Young Adults, I think even older adults will enjoy this romp to the max!

  • Marit Meredith
    2019-02-24 04:13

    Adventures through the Ages: Leap of Faithby Marit Meredith (via my blog http://www.wherefactsandfictionfuse.w...) I first wrote about Leap of Faith by Richard Hardie in my now defunct blog, when I happened upon the first version of the YA novel - because I was drawn to the original cover design for the book. It goes to show that the cover is very important when it comes to drawing the reader in. Since being published by the American publisher, Caleb Mason, at Publerati : , the cover was updated, but still by the same, very talented illustrator, Tracey Tucker.My review on Amazon is more up to date than in the old blog, so I will tag that on the end of here.Leap of Faith has already become a series, as the second book, 'The Trouble with Swords' is now with the Publerati team, and Richard has started book three in The Temporal Detective Agency series. As Sir Galahad, the celebrity chef at Olé Grill, I will have a hand - or a wooden spoon - in a spin-off cook book with recipes through the centuries. My research has begun. A fifth century recipe a lá Camelot is being written up.Camelot is incidentally where it all began.Tertia, the narrator of the story and the heroine, no less, and Unita (Neets to friends) may seem like two unlikely detectives, and between them do they get into a lot of trouble as they try to solve one mystery after another. How did Tertia find herself on Nelson’s plinth in Trafalgar Square – and where is Nelson’s statue? Will they solve that first problem, and where does it lead to? And will they defeat evil as they do? The Temporal Detective Agency is run by Marlene, sister of Merlin (yes, at the time of Camelot – modern-time wizardry, perhaps, used to access times and places way back in history), and situated in Merlin’s cave (where else?) on the Gower, on the Welsh coast, from where the girls zip in and out of the centuries.Whether you’re a young adult, young at heart, or interested in historical fiction the alternative way, this book is an excellent read. Leap of Faith was published by the US publisher Publerati on the27th April . The new Kindle version is available on Amazon’s also available from Amazon US.Amazon review:'Richard Hardie's book Leap of Faith is the first in a series of 'The Temporal Detective Agency' kind, for young adults and for the young at heart - and for anyone taking an interest in the twists and turns of history - and how tweaks in the back-stories don't alter history, as much as it adds to it - and in a very exciting, clever way. The story is ace! Tertia and Unita travels through the ages, sorting out problems, defeating evil and bringing back 'lost' items (even buildings!) from the 21st century, with Marlene, the sister of Merl (Merlin) being their boss. There's one adventure after another, and Richard has to know his history really well to play around with it as he does. I have one word for it: Fantastic!'Find out more about Richard and his work in the interview with Maureen Vincent-Northam, at http://writerschecklist.blogspot.comRichard blogs at:

  • Susan Angela Wallace
    2019-03-03 03:09

    Leap Of Faith By Richard Hardle is a ya read. Merlin is a good looking woman and madly in love with Arthur, but that’s only the start of the story.Tertia, Unita and Marlene know what they want to be... detectives with a difference. Bored with the lack of opportunity in 5th century Camelot they start up the Temporal Detective Agency and use the great Merlin’s Time Portal to relocate from Camelot to the 21st century mostly because the cases are more interesting, but also because the toilet facilities are so much better.Things start slowly until one Sunday morning Tertia finds herself replacing Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square, involved in the thefts of the Koh-i-noor diamond and the Mona Lisa. The Agency follows the trail to South Wales in 1734 where they come up against a gang of vicious smugglers and deadly ship wreckers led by their deadliest and most unexpected enemy.Help comes from an unexpected source, but the Temporal Detective Agency’s first case could prove to be their last!A really enjoyable read with great characters. Especially tertia. I loved the ending too. Can't wait to read more from this series. Highly recommended. 5*. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from tbc on fb.

  • Tom Gillespie
    2019-02-25 02:12

    Welcome to The Temporal Detective Agency, Richard Hardie's gloriously inventive and energetic sci-fi fantasy adventure for kids of all ages. In this time-bending comic tale the Arthurian legend is turned on its head and re-booted for the 21st Century. The novel begins in the present day, and following the disappearance of Nelson and his column from Trafalgar Square, Merlin's young apprentices, now transplanted to modern day London, set up a detective agency to solve the mystery, and together (along with an hilarious real police detective) they travel back in time to find the missing statue.From the start, Leap of Faith sparkles with original and engaging plotlines, loveable characters and streetwise dialogues. Yet despite its 21st Century feel, there is still something very reassuringly old fashioned at the heart of the story, and all the dastardly deeds, daring do's and cliff top adventures are very reminiscent of the best of Enid Blyton. The story also boasts a fabulous Darth Vader-like villain in the shape of The Black Knight.Funny, warm and thoroughly entertaining throughout, Leap of Faith is a joy to read from beginning to end and comes highly recommended.

  • Emma
    2019-03-15 05:33

    A Leap of Faith by Richard HardieI very gratefully accepted a free copy of this book from the Author through my book club. What a treat!This is just a brilliant, exuberant and joyful book, I know it is aimed at Young Adults and the rather skilful lack of swearing is testament to the humour of Mr Hardie in the way that cursing is alluded to, but never actually expressed and that means that the book is suitable to any reader and as a grown woman I enjoyed It immensely!As a firm fan of the BBC Saturday teatime adaptation of Merlin which had the same flavour of fun, the idea of time travelling detectives set in this world is just so delicious! Taking the age old legendary figures of The tales of Camelot, turning them on their head in a very wry tongue in cheek and feminist way is inspired and the youthful rather irresponsible nature of our main heroine Tertia is wonderfully realised.This is quite simply a really enjoyable romp with so many comedic touches as to keep you chuckling from start to finish.Strongly recommended.

  • Simon Leonard
    2019-03-20 04:05

    a brilliant twist on the Arthur and merlin stories , where merlin turns out to be female and married to Arthur. this story follows detectives from camelia who can travel in time solving mysteries, mainly missing cats, and they have to solve the mystery of why nelson's statue and marble arch have gone missing. to do this they travel to Wales where they meet an old friend and end up solving another mystery. to start with it appears the two are not linked but it all tidies up a bit randomly at the end. the story was very enjoyable and hard to put down although linking the main story to the beginning was a trifle stretched as if the author gave up trying. I think it could have done without the Nelson column and marble arch bit. overall a great read and I am already half way through book 2 which is already looking good.

  • Diane Dyke
    2019-03-10 08:19

    The concept of a temporal detective agency with characters time travelling from King Arthur’s court at Camelot is a brilliant and original one. As a huge fan of any King Arthur literature I found this book really fascinating, a great new take on the mystery book. The characters are young (although simultaneously hundreds of years old) lending a certain youthful energy to their adventures, and female which is nice for a change. They were believable and likeable and the plot had been well thought through. Crucially for me there was no swearing, text speak or slang required just great writing. Highly recommended.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-23 07:23

    Richard Hardie is a genius! He's brought some very colorful characters to life and intertwined them into an amazing time travel mystery that keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what crazy situation they'll find themselves in next.Tertia is a riot. I loved her voice, her thinking processes, and her humor! This book is marked YA, but if you like fun, at any age you'll love Hardie's story. I didn't know it was a series, but now that I do, I'll be following more of this crazy clan from Camelot! Job well done!

  • Gina Dickerson
    2019-03-04 03:24

    This is the first book I have read by Richard Hardie. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, it is full of adventure, action, and fun. The scene setting is wonderful, and the characters are vivid...I did adore Pedro! There are some touching moments as well as heart-stopping moments! I will look forward to reading the second book in series.

  • Kayleigh
    2019-03-14 08:31

    Ha! A really funny story! A great new version on Melin/Arthur myths and legends! it was a nice refreshing read that didn't take itself too seriously. even though aimed at a YA audience I found it could actually cover a wider spectrum. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

  • Don Trowden
    2019-03-01 03:26

    Fun and fast-paced, with a subtle sense of humor throughout, this young adult novel features spunky female characters who battle the Black Knight throughout the ages. Mixing time-travel with detective sleuthing, this ebook should delight readers young and old looking for some good old-fashioned fun, with a British historical bent.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-15 04:18

    Abandoned on page 34 of 260. Way too zany for me. Two stars as it wasn't badly written.

  • D.J.
    2019-02-23 08:22

    A general all round good read

  • E.Lynn Hooghiemstra
    2019-03-24 04:15

    A delightful romp through history and a fun mystery to boot. Should appeal to young and old alike. Especially fans of Rick Riordan's kids books should enjoy this first book in the series.

  • Beverley hopper
    2019-03-21 08:08

    This was funny witty and an easy read I loved it a private detective agency full of fun well done to the author a good sense of humour

  • Richard Hardie
    2019-03-18 02:09