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The benefits of smoking tobacco have been common knowledge for centuries. From sharpening mental acuity to maintaining optimal weight, the relatively small risks of smoking have always been outweighed by the substantial improvement to mental and physical health. Hysterical attacks on tobacco notwithstanding, smokers always weigh the good against the bad and puff away or quThe benefits of smoking tobacco have been common knowledge for centuries. From sharpening mental acuity to maintaining optimal weight, the relatively small risks of smoking have always been outweighed by the substantial improvement to mental and physical health. Hysterical attacks on tobacco notwithstanding, smokers always weigh the good against the bad and puff away or quit according to their personal preferences. Now the same anti-tobacco medical establishment that has spent billions demonizing the pleasure of smoking is providing additional reasons to smoke. Did you know that many of the countries the smoke the most, have the longest life span? This controversial books will have you thinking and talking for quite some time....

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The Health Benefits Of Tobacco Reviews

  • Petra X
    2019-02-18 17:42

    Is he joking or employed by some giant tobacco company? My mum died of lung cancer, my father of heart disease and although I gave up smoking (view spoiler)[tobacco (hide spoiler)] years ago, it can apparently take up to 40 years for major damage to emerge. Apparently if they'd only smoked cigars they would have been healthy with good strong hearts and lungs. As one Amazon reviewer says, "there is no clear correlation between rates of lung cancer and rates of smoking." I haven't read the book, I don't read much fiction or fantasy. Nor am I into books that aim to mislead, influence in malign ways or is bottom-feeder crap written to enrich some interested parties to the extreme detriment of others. However I did peruse the positive reviews on Amazon quite carefully and have extracted the main elements, which was probably copied and pasted from a pdf anyway. Here are some of them, not to bore you, mostly in spoilers. Smoking in women during pregnancy and its benefits for mothers and babies. (view spoiler)[Smoking in women during pregnancy has been shown to significantly decrease the risk of high blood pressure, eclampsia, Down's syndrome, and many other conditions related to pregnancy.*Study after study failed to find any consistent, positive correlation between smoking and musculoskeletal birth defects. In fact, many studies show a negative correlation - that is, smoking during pregnancy could result in fewer defects than not smoking. (Dr. Douglass even recommends that pregnant women smoke cigars in moderation!)Ok, so small babies, the risks of prematurity, infant asthma, increased risk of SIDS, congenital heart disease etc aren't true according to the author. Read this advice to pregnant women from a US hospital consultant. (hide spoiler)]Smoking and its positive benefits for heart disease. (view spoiler)[*Smoking inhibits blood clotting, thereby dissolving harmful clots in the arteries and relieving ischemic heart disease.*Smokers also have a much better chance to survive, heal, and do well after heart angioplasty.*Nicotine produces new blood vessel growth around blocked arteries. (hide spoiler)]Smoking and cancer. (view spoiler)[*One study of 300 women showed that those smoking a pack a day for four years had a 54% decrease in breast cancer over those who did not smoke at all.*Smokers have 50% less ulcerative colitis.*Smokers have 50% less prostate cancer.*Smokers have 50% less uterine cancer (or endometrial cancer).*Smokers have 30% less colon cancer.*In various scientific studies, smokers have been shown to have 50% less cancer in general. (hide spoiler)]Has anyone heard of any doctor at all saying to people Smoke, it will help your heart disease improve and you will be so much less likely to get oh, so many different forms of cancer!The author says, "In one study" and "in various studies" but which studies? Funded by the Marketing and Promotion Council for Keeping up the Profits of the Tobacco Industry perhaps?Perhaps the author thinks "no negative effects" means "positive benefits of tobacco ingestion"? It reminds me of Dr. Atkins and his diet and the big cover-up that he died extremely obese from heart disease. I'm not disputing that nicotine does have some benefits, but tobacco is not nicotine alone. The Atkins diet does have, or at least for those who need insulin but either don't or won't take it, benefits. But both smoking and vast quantities of animal fat are known to be major causes of disease. The author considers himself a 'health myth buster'. Actually I think he invents some of the myths. Has anyone heard of the US goverment testing an anthrax virus on children? No? He warned they were going to in 2011. He also advocates drinking unpasteurized milk for health benefits (if you don't get tuberculosis that is). He looks for small nuggets of truth, finds obscure single studies to prove his point and then goes in for major promotion of substances and practices absolutely known to be major risky or definite causes of disease.There are always the gullible. There are always those who think that the latest advice from their favourite magazine, daily paper, online site or celebrity, all of them outlets for PR companies, is solid and will follow it. And there are always those who will do or say anything for money. And so it is with this book. More dangerous shit. (view spoiler)[*Thyroid cancer is significantly less common in women who smoke.*Moderate smokers have less gum recession than nonsmokers. Smokers are actually at lower risk from gum disease than non-smokers.*Smoking lowers rates of sarcoidosis and allergic alveolitis (both of these are lung disorders*Nicotine prior to major surgery reduces memory loss due to that surgery.*Nicotine stopped the growth of antibiotic resistant tuberculosis in laboratory tests, even in small amounts.*Even in the case of lung cancer, Japanese men, who are twice as likely to smoke as American men, not only live longer but also remarkably, have lower rates of lung cancer.*Attention Deficit Disorder patients showed dramatic improvements as well with nicotine.*Smoking has been shown to stimulate alertness, dexterity, and cognitive capacity.*Smoking can also counter both depression and excitability.*Smoking by men was shown to cause a lowering of cholesterol.*Studies have shown that nicotine acts as an analgesic, or painkiller, in humans.*Smokers have less acne.*Smokers suffer less obesity.*Tourette's syndrome improved within 24 hours while wearing a nicotine patch.*Smokers have 50% less Alzheimer's disease.*Smokers have 50% less Parkinson's disease.*Smokers have 5 times less osteoarthritis. (hide spoiler)]

  • Jon
    2019-01-24 14:43

    This book requires a certain type of intelligence that 99.999% of the human race does not possess. Hence, all the shock & horror right out of the gates. I saw I review of this book (as long as a book itself) claiming at the very bottom of this long, ignorant tirade that she hadn't even read the book ! People are truly retarded. They opine about things they do not understand & write reviews of books they have not read....these are usually the people that go into politics because they are so sure about things of which they in fact, know little to nothingThat being the case, this book is not for everyone. As I said its more for the rarified iconoclast, the freethinker, the curious, the open-minded. It is NOT a book that recommends to start smoking tobacco. Its a book that scientifically details the enormous amount of well-researched data about THE EFFECT OF MODERATE TOBACCO SMOKE. (Please read this 10 times more until you understand or just go and play with your pokemon trading cards) Dr Doug also repeats over and over DO NOT INHALE TOBACCO. Hence the reason so many people end up killing themselves with tobacco is because 1. They smoke TOO MUCH and 2. They INHALE. (George Burns who lived to 100 years old and smoked 10-15 cigars PER DAY said the same thing "I never inhale" in a cigar aficionado article)Another reason this book is not going to barb the average mind is because he clearly discusses the concept of *Hormesis* which is the administration of small doses of poison as a curative/therapeutic agent. (Homeopathy & allergy shots are a similar principle to hormesis in that they introduce small doses of irritants to inoculate & strengthen the system) - and this is probably too abstruse a concept for masses to graspSnake venom, bee venom & even scorpion venom are being used by modern medicine to treat people with various disorders & of course in large enough doses these can all kill, so its no surprise tobacco by similar action can exert the therapeutic benefits of deterring Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers, ulcerative Colitis & Ischemic heart disease. (for more you can also google "the world's oldest: all smokers")Douglass says "the difference between a poison and a medicine lies IN THE DOSE" (boldface caps mine not his). . . .so if you dont have the subtlety of intellect to understand what this great raconteur, polemicist & doctor was saying, then be a good lemming and just stick to your antibiotics, jazzercise videos, tofu & statin drugs....