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She's young, innocent and rich...Catarina Mendes, at twenty-one, is finally a free and independent woman. However, it's freedom at a price....Bound to a stranger...Jake Ramirez has become guardian to Cat. He must protect her from unscrupulous men and find her a husband.By her most precious gift!Jake is overwhelmed by Cat's beauty, but she's still a virgin. Can he resist beShe's young, innocent and rich...Catarina Mendes, at twenty-one, is finally a free and independent woman. However, it's freedom at a price....Bound to a stranger...Jake Ramirez has become guardian to Cat. He must protect her from unscrupulous men and find her a husband.By her most precious gift!Jake is overwhelmed by Cat's beauty, but she's still a virgin. Can he resist bedding her -- before he finds her a suitable husband...?...

Title : The Disobedient Virgin
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ISBN : 9780373124992
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 581 Pages
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The Disobedient Virgin Reviews

  • StMargarets
    2019-05-06 03:51

    This was a fun end to the three-part series. The hero is the third illegitimate son of Enrique Ramirez. He grew up in near poverty in NYC with his single mother who wove a tale of a freedom fighter father who died before they could marry. The hero is now a billionaire with a very practical PA who keeps his business and personal life running smoothly.His inheritance from his father is the guardianship of a beautiful 21 year-old who has been locked in an enchanted castle a convent in Brazil for the last 10 years. She only wants her inheritance and freedom – but there is a catch. She must marry a Brazilian within 2 months of her 21st birthday.Hero is not happy with this. Heroine isn’t either. They have a battle of wits the first night at a fancy hotel in Brazil before they are going to fly to New York. (Hero is not going to let his business languish for two months – he’ll find her a hubby in NYC)Well, you know how this is going to go – hero is Brazilian even though he doesn’t think of himself that way. Heroine is attracted from the beginning. Hero is so flummoxed at what the heroine is going to do or say next that he forgets all about his stable of lady friends. What makes this story is the droll way the hero has of looking at the world and at the exotic wonder that is the heroine. Example:Catarina Elena Teresa Mendes, her head bowed, was tall and skinny, all but lost in the folds of an ugly brown dress that hung halfway to her ankles. Her face, what little he could see of it, was unremarkable. Her hair was mouse-brown and so tightly braided around her head that he half wondered if it wouldn’t tug her eyes from their sockets. Jake breathed a little easier. How tough would it be, watching over a girl like this? Finding her a suitable husband might be a little difficult, unless he could come up with a way to make her look a bit more attractive. From what he could see, that wasn’t going to be easy, but her inheritance would help. He’d seen New York heiresses with looks that could stop a clock land outstanding husbands.Trying to outwit the heroine: “Tell me what the lady said.” “She said—the senhorita said… She said you have abducted her, senhor.” Jake shut his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again and reading the brass name tag pinned to the valet’s maroon and gold jacket. “Andres,” he said, his tone confidential, “I am afraid we have a problem.” “We do?” “Sim. Yes.” He took Andres by the elbow and walked him a couple of feet away. “You see, the lady—the senhorita—is not well.” Color crept back into the valet’s face. “Ah,” he said, peering past Jake. “In fact, one look at her and I’m sure you can see just how ill she is.” The valet rose on his toes and took another look. Jake was confident he knew what his reaction would be. Rio was a city of incredibly beautiful women; this was one of its finest hotels. He’d have bet his last real the valet had never before encountered a female guest who seemed to be wearing a fright wig and a burlap sack. Of course the heroine is not immune to the hero:He was macho. Muito macho. On top of that, he was beautiful. Maybe that was the wrong word to describe a man, but she couldn’t think of another that came close. She’d stolen a long look at him from beneath her lashes when they were in Mother Elisabete’s office. Just for a moment, before they’d told her who he was and what he was going to do with her, she’d conjured up a fantasy about a black-haired, green-eyed knight come to save her from the dragonWhat a shock to find out that the knight was the dragon. Of course the hero quickly sees beyond the bad fashion:Jake swallowed dryly and dragged his gaze to her face. It didn’t help, not when she stared at him through darkly lashed eyes that held all the fear and vulnerability she’d done such a fine job of hiding until now; not when her newly washed hair fell to her shoulders in the chestnut and gold of an autumn woods. Looking down didn’t do any good, either. Which made no sense because all he could see were her bare toes peeping out from beneath the hem of the nightgown. He wasn’t into feet—well, not unless they were encased in sky-high Manolos—so how come those toes, free of stilettos and even of polish, were having an effect on his hormones? “I—I didn’t realize…” Jake bit back a groan. “No,” he said, “neither did I.”He knew they were talking about two different things, but hell, he was lucky he could talk at all—luckier still when a knock at the door signaled the arrival of Room Service. This is just a fun story. The payoff of reading the three books so you could see the brothers reunited was okay – but pretty low-key. These are guys after all and it’s from their point of view, so they basically swapped stories of how their dad set them up with their wives.

  • Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta
    2019-05-26 06:28

    3.5 stars (?) I'm still debating if my love for the h outweighs some of the issues I had Let's give it the whole 4 stars for the re-read.SPOILERS AHEAD :)Maybe now you know I love a heroine that one way or another has been sheltered from the big bad outside world, so she's somewhat childish (without being an insufferable brat).This h in particular has spent too much time in a school for girls in charge of nuns. She hated it, but if she left then the terms of daddy's will wouldn't be met and she'd be penniless and with no practical skills to survive. So she remained a good girl in the the school though she wasn't counting on a little clause stating that in order to get her money she had to marry a decent Brazilian... So in the end she would never know freedom.Mr. Hero is a self made billionaire (and shameless playboy) with a poor childhood, gangster teens and the general scars of growing without a father because he died a hero in a South American war. Turns out he wasn't dead, well he is now, and the man left another two blessings around the world. If Mr. H wants to know who his brother's are then he has to complete a small mission.Oh BTW, I opened the book and started reading just like that and at first I thought it was going to be an office romance (because his PA obviously hated his boss's current paramour) and I was going to DNF it but then I read the blurb (and saw the h was someone else) and decided to give it a chance. If the PA had been the h I wouldn't have gotten over her sending gifts to the boss's girlfriends and knowing more about them that boss.Continuing with the story.... Misunderstandings of what exactly the mission was about and blah blah. In the end Mr. H has 2 months to marry off the little h to a Brazilian. Now, if the Hero socialized with other HP alphas he would have solved the issue in two seconds (yep, a MOC with the h, then cashing her fortune followed by a discreet separation and everybody happy), but no, he only plays with his women.And here comes my biggest issue: H was seeing an actress or something, it was casual but still. Then he went to Brazil (in his defense he didn't know what and who he was going to find there) AND he kissed the h. Then they arrived to New York (because it would be easier and faster to find the decent Brazilian in New York than in Rio) and the h asked him if he was married or something and he was indignant and said he was single, but he hadn't broken up with the OW?!?!The H and h were living together without more kisses or anything but lots of sexual tension until he couldn't take it anymore so guess who he asked on a dinner date? Exactly, the OW. Fortunately nothing happened between them, actually the OW was angry because he was living with a woman. So he went back home with his horniness intact. But still.In my eyes he redeemed himself by offering her freedom to the h but I couldn't forget much the issue I've stated before.***Obrigada***

  • Vintage
    2019-05-12 01:44

    This was hysterical. Okay, at 40-50% was very funny.This the third in a series where the hero has to undertake a task to find out who his half-brothers are. His mother has lied to him all his life. He finds out that his father abandoned her and he has to jump through hoops to find out who is half-brothers are. This Ramirez' task is to take care of the 21 year old girl, essentially an ex-nun, and find her a Brazilian husband. She's no Maria.Slow start, but when it becomes obvious that the little nun is not only cute but desirable to others, the alpha male rains down. The H is feisty, and her attempts to be cool and modern via her horribly ugly homemade clothes are really funny. The book is ho-hum for about 3040% then becomes both funny and romantic. The end winds up nicely for the hero and the heroine. Shock. I know.The other two in the series were okay, but I just skimmed.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-05-13 08:48

    Goofy little story with a wildly improbably plot. Nothing in it to be taken seriously but I enjoyed it. It was like the silliest of romantic comedies. Totally light and fun. I spent the first 120 page fretting over the fact that the heroine was still wearing an ill fitting home made brown dress. Come on we need some typical HP power shopping.I think I might check out the brothers' stories.

  • Sruthi
    2019-05-26 03:42

    Yayy so here I finish the trilogy . The last book is different from the other two , no Angst no misunderstandings and not the second chance type plot like the other two books . And I find it amusing , It was funny which was unexpected . Jake finds out that the story of his late father being in army and killed for the nation are nothing but a convinient way his mother found to keep him shut questioning about his father . In reality his father left his pregnant mother and never looked back . Now he receives his late father's will , in order to find out about his half brothers he had to take up the responsibility of a girl err a woman of twenty-one who knows nothing about the real world and has been living in the convent for last 8 years of her life . He feels sorry for her , thinks he can manage a little church mouse for 2months and find her a suitable husband . Well , she is certainly not what he expects , she is a spitfire in whirlwind lol . Catarina was amazing .Though I found the story was being dragged at some point , I enjoyed their banter more than anything . And certainly a hero fails to qualify the Ruthless-Jerk-I Own this world attitude. .. but I suppose that's a good thing . And yes the three brothers finally meet . I was convinced that Cristina and Luis from the second book will be holding their children in the epilogue , you know after all her father's story of Cristina being infertile could be wrong , lie maybe . But there was no epilogue sadly . I would definitely recommend this book who are looking for a change from the usual HP therapy , this is different in a good way .

  • Jenny
    2019-04-28 03:27

    Loved it!It was very funny and with a hero who was head over heels in love with the heroine. The angst kept me on the edge of my seat especially towards the end. Great romantic chemistry and very interesting story!

  • Kay
    2019-05-04 03:43

    4 Stars! ~ Jake has grown up believing his father had died a hero. Now he discovers that his father was a wealthy Brazilian. He's intrigued with the knowledge that he has two half brothers and finds himself travelling to Rio de Janeiro to fulfill his task. Catarina has now turned 21. Orphaned as a girl, she lived her life in a convent school. To receive her inheritance she must marry a man of her guardians chosing. With Jake's father's death, his role of guardian passed on to Jake. Now Catarina must bow to Jake's decision of the man she will marry.The Ramirez Brides Trilogy ~~~ Book #3Brazilian polo player, Enrique Ramirez had sown a lot of oats in his youth. Traveling with the team around the world, put the charismatic Enrique in the company of many exotic women. Now years later, three couriers deliver three messages to three men. One in Australia, one in England and one in America. Until this moment these men did not know the others existed. They are half brothers and if they wish to know each other they must follow their father's demands or all will be forfeit.All three brothers do fulfil their father's demands. And in the doing discover that their father may have known them very well indeed. These three very talented authors brought to life three dynamic men who share the same blood. I enjoyed very much reading their journeys of self discovery and their HEAs.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-05-12 08:41

    A great end to this series.What an enjoyable story, filled with humour and good laughs.Okay, the plot was a bit OTT but hey the two mc's were just so loveable that it didn't matter.Enrique Ramirez's third son, Jake is now on his mission set out by his newly discovered "real" father..and what a journey it's going to be for him.This is such a sweet and lovely story with the most endearing couple.I loved the dialogue between them, the sexual tension, the growing can't help getting a good feeling inside you. You go with them on their journey of finding their HEA and it's such a fabulous trip to take.Finally the three brothers meet - quite a touching and lovely scene but I wish that we could have seen more of them together. It kind of ending a bit too abruptly for me.This was a really enjoyable series and anyone who loves gorgeous heroes and fabulous heroines and who all find their HEA...then read the books. You will enjoy them.I just love HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!

  • Megzy
    2019-05-25 03:37

    This is the third book of the Ramirez Brides Trilogy series and the other two books are: The Ramirez Bride by Emma Darcy & The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride by Michelle Reid.This one has stands out because of the humor.

  • Kiki
    2019-04-29 02:54

    I don't think I can deal with somewhat-cheating manwhore getting the virgin right now, who couldn't be bothered breaking up with the OW before jumping the virgin, and then goes on a date with the OW AFTER jumping the virgin while telling her he's single. NOPE!

  • Lupita Figueroa BookLoverRomantic
    2019-05-22 02:41

    No logré conexión con esta pareja. Y el argumento es muy descabellado.

  • Paula Legate
    2019-04-29 01:41

    This was a really sweet story that drew me right in. Catarina was raised in an orphanage by nuns. She had to stay in the home till her 21st birthday to receive her inheritance. The day of her 21st Birthday she was told of other stipulation’s and was shocked, and mad. The will stated she had to leave the home with Jack, and had to be married within two months. Mr. Ramirez had three sons. He had played no role in their life’s. Upon his death he wanted to give his sons a special gift. The old man must have had a sense of humor. He made his sons work for their gift. They were not to receive the gift unless they did what he wanted them to do. What Jake had to do was take care of Catarina and find her a husband. The chemistry was there between Catarina, and Jake. The romance was so sweet. With Catarina being so sheltered, and raised by nuns it was refreshing how she viewed things. She was so innocent, and at the same time wanted to learn the things she was not taught in school. She wanted to know what a man felt like. She wanted to know what it was like to be kissed. I loved this book!

  • María
    2019-05-26 02:25

    A very passionat story about a spirit young lady, Cat, who had lived all her life in a convent. When she turned 21, a man took care of her and tried to find her a husband. But he discovered the task was harder than he had thought: he wanted that inocent girl only for him. Joaquim (or Jake as he preferred) had a successful life but suddenly he received a letter that changed everything: he was one of the sons of an important and rich brazilian business man. In order to know his half brothers, he had to become the legal guard of Cat...After epics fights passion afloat and they fall in love ♥The epilog was great!

  • Tia
    2019-05-08 04:36

    Read in February 2010. I didn't know this was a series until 2012 but I liked this book a lot. The heroes in all this books seem to be awfully tasty!

  • MissKitty
    2019-05-09 04:49

    Not bad, and can be read as a stand alone even if it is the 3rd book of the series.

  • Hina
    2019-04-25 01:32

    4.5 Stars!

  • **Sognatrice di libri**
    2019-05-20 08:39

    4 stelle scarseUna lettura carina, molto scorrevole e anche molto divertente per nulla noiosa.

  • RomLibrary
    2019-05-22 08:29

    He is supposed to take her to New York and find her a husband. He takes her and she is very popular with the men he introduces her to but he loves her and decides to marry her instead.

  • ѕєяєηιтι
    2019-05-16 07:47

    güzel beğendiğim bir bd öncesindeki 2 bdyi okuyamam en büyük sorun teşkiletti ama yinede beğendim(view spoiler)[adamımız babasını savaşta ölen bir kahraman sanıyor meğer brezilyalı zengin bir adamın oğluymuş babasının avukatından bi mektup gelince öğreniyor gerçeği babası vefat etmiş işte bir de iki tane erkek kardeşi varmış ama hepsi gayri meşru bunların onlarda babalarını tanımıyorlar. neysem adamın bir de üvey kızı var manastırda büyümüş orda kalıyor işte vasiyet gereği adamımız kızımıza bir koca bulacak brezilyalı olacak tabii bu koca; kızın servette kalmış ama kullanamıyor adamda zengin bu arada normalde umru olmaz ama eğer bu kıza iyi bi eş bulup evlendirirse diğer kardeşleriyle ilgili bilgiyi avukat vericek ve kardeşleriyle tanışma olanağı doğacak adamda bunun üzerine kızı amerikaya getirip kıza birini bulmaya karar veriyor tabii kıza kendi tutuluyor (hide spoiler)]

  • Mirella Grace
    2019-05-05 02:49

    Penutup serial yang bagus. Yah, menurut saya, inilah cerita yang paling bagus dari ketiga seri Ramirez Bride. Syukurlah. Akhir serial ini tidak anti klimaks. Well, mengingat 2 cerita sebelumnya, sang tokoh pria dan wanita pasti sudah saling mengenal dan bahkan pernah berhubungan -yang bikin saya kesel dan keheul bacanya-... di buku ini, tokoh pria dan wanita tidak saling mengenal. Bahkan, tidak akan mengenal satu sama lain kalo bukan karna surat wasiat Enrique Ramirez. Senang denga karakter wanitanya, yang gak penakut or panik. Syukurlah. Mungkin ini yang menyebabkan saya malas baca buku Diana Palmer. Tokoh ceweknya gampang banget diinjak-injak si cowok...

  • Ker
    2019-05-15 04:47

    ¡Hermoso! Amé a Cat... Es dulce, ingenua, tierna... Pero supo cuando sacar las garras... El final (que en mi opinión debió ser epílogo) le faltó más información sobre los 3 hermanos... Pero, aun así no afectó a la historia de Cat y Jake

  • Janice
    2019-05-13 05:48

    I really liked this hp. It's worth at least 4.5 stars to me.

  • Sabine
    2019-04-25 08:43

    nice story but i think that jake is too pervert and the least gentleman.

  • Nanooka
    2019-05-22 05:26

    I'm not usually fond of the Guardian hero theme, but this one was really good.

  • Samar Estwacol
    2019-04-30 00:48

    #3 صعبة المراس

  • Indah Threez Lestari
    2019-05-03 02:54

    1117 - 2012

  • Jessica
    2019-05-15 03:43

    To be honest, the title intrigued me from the get go. The ending was PERFECT!! Marton and another fabulous work!! I encourage reading this, especially if you struggle at first.

  • Penny Watson
    2019-04-25 08:44

    4.5 stars, rounded up!

  • Fanny Roswita Ria
    2019-05-04 01:49

    seri ramirez ke tiga