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Richard Selznick is a child psychologist who has helped parents with their children s struggles in school for more than 25 years. His first book, The Shut-Down Learner, identified the problems faced by spatial learners and recommended ways that parents and teachers can help them learn. School Struggles offers aid, comfort, and perspective to parents whose children have difRichard Selznick is a child psychologist who has helped parents with their children s struggles in school for more than 25 years. His first book, The Shut-Down Learner, identified the problems faced by spatial learners and recommended ways that parents and teachers can help them learn. School Struggles offers aid, comfort, and perspective to parents whose children have difficulty in school for a multitude of reasons. Selznick addresses reading and writing issues, task analysis, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, difficulties with organization, social skills, medication, parents interactions with teachers, and more, in a practical, down-to-earth manner. The book is filled with takeaway points, surprising insights, and new actions to try with your child that are a godsend for families struggling with school and behavioral issues. Through his work with thousands of academically struggling kids and their families, Dr. Selznick has developed techniques and easily applicable tools on pretty much any topic that plagues parents and children alike, including the excessive use of technology, parental indulgence of their children, and the difficulty of being patient with a frustrating situation. This is an indispensable guide for any parent who stays awake at night worrying about their child s school experience, whether the issues are academic or social, or both."...

Title : School Struggles: A Guide to Your Shut-Down Learner's Success
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School Struggles: A Guide to Your Shut-Down Learner's Success Reviews

  • Book Him Danno
    2019-03-12 09:57

    I have two school strugglers in my family of seven. My 2nd and my 5th child, both boys, struggle with reading. The problem with reading is that it is in every subject. They take extra time to decode unfamiliar words and they get frustrated and then just guess making the whole thing they are reading useless. They both struggle with liking school and the youngest calls school a huge waste of his precious time. Also I'm in school to get my license to teach Special Education and so this book was extremely informative for me.I have dealt with teachers telling me that they will get it, or just be patient everyone learns at their own pace, or they will learn to do it, that thing you want them to do, when they feel the need to do it. Well it has gotten a bit better, but my 11th grader still struggles and yet isn’t low enough for extra help at school. The author explained that low enough is below the 30 percentile. Well that is low and neither of them are that low. Average is what the teachers call them, but they are in a family of above-average learners and so it is difficult for them. My other 3 children are soaring at school and only don’t do as well as they could because they have other more important things to do(this is according to these 3 of course not me.)My strugglers feel the difficulty at school and then again at home. We have a designated home-work time after school I think that helps them realize that school is important. No computer(except for school assignments), no video games, and no TV are allowed during this time. Last year it was only an hour, this year it is until after dinner. They can go outside and play with friends once homework is done, but no screen time until after dinner. Now I just have to stay strong when the, “I’m bored,” starts.I found this book had great information for parents who have kids that struggle, or ADHA, or other issues that make learning difficult. The day after finishing this book I called up the stairs to to my slow-poke son, “Time to get up, if I have to tell you again you will have no computer time after dinner tonight.” He was up and dressed in record time and I didn’t have to yell at all. That is one thing I have taken from this book and if that is it, it was worth it. This morning I told my daughter it was time to take the dogs for a walk(Saturday), she told me she would when the show was over. I told her no she needed to do it now. She repeated her statement and I shut of the TV. I didn’t yell, but I got my point across(she had already watched two episodes and it was on-demand so she could start where she left off the next time, not a huge deal.) I think she will listen better going forward. If I cut down my yelling I will thank this book.If you teach, or if you have a child that hates school or struggles this is a fantastic book for you. Relax and enjoy the kids is hard for me, but maybe with less yelling and more consequences for not doing what they are asked…things may go better around here. Also I will watch their progress at school closer and try to keep disasters from occurring around report card time. I have had my 2nd son even hide the report card when it comes. With Parent-portal(web-site provided by our schools) they let us know how each child is doing and after reading this book I am going to keep better track of that information. Also I am better able to keep them on task and hopefully help them realize how important learning is and avoid end of the quarter meltdowns(for both of us.) Get this book if your kids struggle at all....he covers tons of topics that I found interesting and I could put these topics to several kids I have and several I teach.

  • Jeanne
    2019-02-28 10:03

    School Struggles, by Richard Selznick, is an important and necessary read for teachers and parents of struggling students. A very high percentage of children have difficulties with reading or writing, or with organizing their tasks or with social skills, so really, this book should be in every teacher's library. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every family with a struggling child could receive advice from a wise and knowledgeable coach, one who has helped thousands of children and their families? Dr. Selznick is not an 'ivory tower' writer. He works to help struggling children and their parents every day at the Cooper Learning Center, Cooper Hospital in New Jersey. His writing is straight-forward and practical. School Struggles includes some very specific concepts that are useful for parents to know, eg.,the Stages of Reading Development. If the class is learning to read or spell mostly two-syllable words, but your child still works hard to figure out one-syllable words, he needs extra help, even if he doesn't 'qualify' for extra help at school.Dr. Selznick writes an important message: Problems with reading, writing, and spelling do not automatically resolve with time. It's better to get help as early as possible. School Struggles shows how we parents and teachers can guide and encourage struggling students so they won't become discouraged and defeated shut-down learners. Shutting down can be prevented and it can be remedied, but we cannot stand by and do nothing, and putting pressure on the student is not the answer.In addition to remedies for academic concerns, School Struggles contains whole sections dealing with children learning to organize themselves and their tasks, and with developing social skills. There are also many great parenting tips that can help to smooth school and family life.It was a pleasure to find a book on the struggling student that is so compassionate and full of useful advice. School Struggles is a well-organized book, engagingly written, and this reviewer read it in one long evening. It's rare to find a book on education that is impossible to put down, but School Struggles is a rare find and highly recommended. By Jeanne Voelker, founder of the tutoring agency, Reading Before School, and writer/curriculum director for Reading Raven, a learn-to-read app.

  • Tima
    2019-03-17 12:47

    Learning issues in school are a frequent concern for parents, teachers, and students. The author of The Shut-Down Learner, takes the reader through the different issues that might be hindering your child scholastically. The section begins with an illustration on the issue at hand (ie: ADHD). There is take-away point that summarizes and then a "try this" section that gives practical advice on how to work with the particular issue.I can definitely see this book being a huge help to a parent or teacher who has a child with one of these issues. Since the author tackles a wide range of issues that include social, organizational and reading this is a book that most parents will benefit from reading. The writing style makes this book easy to read and process, something that is greatly appreciated in an informative book of this nature.I received this book free of charge from Direct Contact in exchange for my honest review.