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A new erotic romance novella by bestselling author, Kay Jaybee.If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.Forced to work together on a week-long conference inA new erotic romance novella by bestselling author, Kay Jaybee.If there is a paving stone to trip over, or a drink to knock over, then Sally Briers will trip over it or spill it. Yet somehow Sally is the successful face of marketing for a major pharmaceutical company; much to the disbelief of her new boss, Cameron James.Forced to work together on a week-long conference in anOxfordhotel, Sally is dreading spending so much time with arrogant new boy Cameron, whose presence somehow makes her even clumsier than usual.Cameron, on the other hand, just hopes he’ll be able to stay professional, and keep his irrational desire to lick up all the accidentally split food and drink that is permanently to be found down Sally’s temptingly curvy body, all to himself....

Title : A Sticky Situation
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ISBN : 14739330
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 69 Pages
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A Sticky Situation Reviews

  • Greebo Nauenburg
    2019-07-07 10:08

    **I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**What a wonderful short story! I read the blurb on this little gem, and I was sold. I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to read it. It was sweet, romantic, funny, and most of all...HOT! It started with a bit of a slow build. It may be a short story, but I don't always feel it's necessary to have the main couple jump into bed right away. I found myself to be a little bit frustrated with Cameron and Sally. Their opinions of each other weren't at all flattering at first, and I started to squirm a bit. I kept saying, "YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN LOVE! HURRY UP AND FIGURE IT OUT!!". Right. As if they could hear me :-)Anyway, as the two of them move closer and closer to each other, the sexual tension begins to build...and build. When they finally come together for the first time, it was insane! I went back and read it twice because it was just. That. Good. And that tension continues to build and build until we are treated to an amazing sex scene that will leave your Kindle melting right along with your panties. I fell completely in love with Cameron, the seemingly uptight (and a bit judgmental) boss. I knew that, under that suit and tie, there would be tiger. Sally is exactly the same way. She may be clumsy, but she's a very sexy woman. They were perfect for each other, and it was a complete joy to read about them. I highly recommend "A Sticky Situation". I guarantee you'll love it as much as I did.

  • Alison
    2019-07-16 13:51

    A deliciously sticky short story that I devoured in one sitting.I just loved the idea of this story - Sally, whilst excellent at her job is clumsy, and having to put up with her arrogant, but sexy, new boss. Cameron (the boss) shouldn't be thinking about Sally in the ways he does and has to put his feelings to one side whilst working at a conference with her - if only she would stop dropping food on her, then he would stop thinking about licking it off her!!!A very enjoyable read. Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Shelly
    2019-07-07 13:43

    I had some trouble putting a review together for this one. Sally is very clumsy, can’t keep food from being spilled on her person or miss walking into a wall (we were told that one a couple of times but it never happened during the story). To further complicate her life, she’s got a bit of a problem keeping relationships because she only goes for a certain type; and Cameron is not her usual type. I found Sally to be quite vapid. Her reluctance to get involved with Cameron seemed juvenile considering she had no problems with sex for the sake of sex before. Here’s an example of what I mean:“Oh God, Sally, you’re fucking amazing.’ Cameron spunked into her as he spoke, his foam shooting against the back of her throat as she swallowed…[Sally’s response] ‘You treat me like I’m worthless…" Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – spunked? I’ve not seen that word in a long time and I certainly didn’t miss it. When it came to Cameron, I thought his character was childish in his treatment of Sally. Remember when you were young and the only way that boys would show that they liked you was my being mean to you, well that’s Cameron. I can’t say that I ever become vested in either Sally or Cameron and the sex scenes while interesting (very food focused) never did tickle my fancy. Happy reading folks!See this and more reviews atRed Hot Books

  • Midnite
    2019-06-20 09:02

    This novella was a great natural love hate relationship a great name for the story too, its just about sums it up in 3 words. A brilliantly written novella that flows well and is an easy read you cant put down; I felt connected with the two characters straight away especially Sally as I too have her clumsy faults, I just wish I could make my clumsiness that to think!I loved how her character flaws and clumsiness has been turned into something so very erotic a great twist to the story. The build up to the sex scenes were amazing you can feel the sexual tension between them. Sex was pretty vanilla but oh boy was it hot, you dont need BDSM and spanking in every story to be a great read I promise you, the twist with using food as sex was stunningly sexy and a great erotic read, something that's never really turned me on to do myself; but I enjoyed being a voyeur and found it a great turn on to read.9 1/2 weeks eat your heart out!A great read from Kay Jaybee I will be looking for more of her work.

  • Kristin L.
    2019-07-06 12:47

    I was already a fan of Kay Jaybee when I bought this short, and this story reminds me why I so enjoy this author! Not only does this story tell a great tale about Sally, a marketing whiz for a pharmacuetical company, and her soon-to-be boss, Cameron "bloody" James, but it also delivers on the sizzling hot erotic scenes as well. The characters are both well rounded and absolutely likeable - I love that Sally is a bit of a klutz, and can totally relate to her. I enjoyed Cameron as a character, although I wanted to pop him on the head a time or two for just being a typical idiot. Still, the chemistry between the two characters is palpable, and with Ms. Jaybee's fluent writing, you can just about taste, smell and feel it. I enjoyed the "food play" in the steamy scenes, and may just have an idea or two to try myself. A well written, fun story, and most definitely worth the read.

  • Rachel
    2019-06-28 08:41

    Going into this book I knew that it was a short sexy little romp about a woman who on the service loathes her new boss and finds out that she's going to be stuck working with him on a project that takes them away from home. Sally's a klutz, actually from what it sounds like she's a royal mess when it comes to food...always seems to be dropping, spilling, or splashing someone with either food or liquid, ink or something that stains.What Sally would love nothing more to do, is douse her arrogant boss Cameron James with a bucket of water... she loathes him, her usual upbeat and pleasant demeanor is always lost when Cameron approaches her, he sets her on edge. On the surface she may not like her boss... but her subconcious has other things in mind.Cameron doesn't understand how his boss Graham has so much faith in Sally, everytime Cameron spots her she's dropping something, running into a doorframes, or spilling food onto her fabulous cleavage... in fact Cameron can't stop thinking about Sally and her curves, but he's not about to let her know that. Once Cameron gets to work with Sally, he sees she's great at what she does, but no matter what he says, she always takes it out of context and even when he tries to apologize he gets it wrong.Sally at a point in the book started to become irrational as a character, but I felt the writer was trying to reflect the characters insecurites through her actions, she didn't want to be attracted to Cameron, yet she couldn't stop thinking about him, unfortunately because this was a short story that part of Sally's personality wasn't really fleshed out. Cute little read, for 99 cents I couldn't pass it up.

  • Debi Hursh
    2019-06-22 09:53

    “I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review”Sticky situation indeed!Sally is such a klutz. She always ends up wearing everything she eats or drinks.Cameron is in training to become the new boss and has the hotts for Sally.Sally doesn’t like Cameron and she is stuck working a very important conference with him. Poor Cameron doesn’t know how to act around Sally. He always comes off wrong with everything he says. One thing for sure is they both fantasize about each other and let’s just say the conference turns out to be a HOT and STICKY one!Great read by Kay once again. She knows how to write a great story.

  • Victoria Blisse
    2019-07-21 13:07

    Hot and Sweet...and I'm not just talking about the food. Kay's erotic romance starts slowly but ends in an explosion of passion. Sally is immediately likeable and I found myself relating to her clumsiness. Cameron, her boss, is charming and sexy. It's fascinating to see these two characters moving from icy disregard to hot lust. I love the use of cold water, ice, noodles and marmalade in this story. The food sex was inventive and capped the whole pleasant experience like the cherry on top of an Ice Cream Sundae

  • Karen S
    2019-07-10 11:58

    I devoured this fantastic short story in one sitting. The sexual tension between Sally and her new boss Cameron oozes from the pages. The hate/love relationship pulls you along as it steadily progresses leading to some very interesting and messy situations. I love stories that drag you in and get you so involved that you find yourself muttering or even shouting things to the characters and for me this was definitely one of those. This author never fails to impress.

  • Kay Jaybee
    2019-07-14 14:02

    Yes, I am biased, cos I wrote this one! I have been overwhelemd by the lovely reviews on Amazon Uk for this one, and just wanted to say thanks! Especially to all those people who helped it get to number 6 in the Amazon charts!

  • Elaine
    2019-07-20 13:05

    A nice little office romance.

  • Julz
    2019-07-01 13:43

    Good quick read.Could have been batter but was is good.

  • Tracy's Place
    2019-06-24 13:00

    2.5 out of 5

  • Jessica Karou
    2019-07-08 10:01

    Not my cup of tea but not bad.