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The turbulent story of an English beauty -- sold at auction like a slave -- who scandalized the New World by enslaving her masters. Marietta was a woman wronged--raped by her employer, charged with theft by her jealous mistress, and shipped to the Colonies to serve fourteen years as bound servant to the man who bid highest. But Marietta was beautiful, educated and resilienThe turbulent story of an English beauty -- sold at auction like a slave -- who scandalized the New World by enslaving her masters. Marietta was a woman wronged--raped by her employer, charged with theft by her jealous mistress, and shipped to the Colonies to serve fourteen years as bound servant to the man who bid highest. But Marietta was beautiful, educated and resilient, with a provocative body meant for love, and she was determined to prevail. Over the handsome, silent planter who bought her to be his housekeeper. Over the dashing entrepreneur who supplied girls to the New Orleans red light district. Over the wealthy sadist who used her in his madness. She would conquer them all--if she could subdue the hot, unruly passions of her heart....

Title : Love's Tender Fury
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Love's Tender Fury Reviews

  • Alicia
    2019-03-28 21:27

    A box of books was given to me and this one was among them. I was hesitant to read it because it was so old (copyright 1974 I believe) but the preview on the back had me curious so I gave it a whirl and ended up LOVING it. It's not one of those hot and steamy or even sexually graphic (considering it contained rape) but the storyline made up for the lack of passion that wasn't conveyed. The storyline drew me in, it was intense, dramatic, suspensful, and full of drama. Very captivating. I also enjoyed the story being written in first person. It made it all seem more personal as you were reading....So as not to spoil anything for those intending to give this book I try I won't give my opinion on any characters or circumstances. All I will say however is in a way it drove me crazy that she never once ended up pregnant after all those years of unprotected sex (or at least I assumed was unprotected as no forms of preventative measures were ever mentioned). I really expected her too, kept waiting but no she never did. I really think that could have put a whole new and interesting twist on a few parts in that book.

  • Stuntin
    2019-04-24 15:17

    I discovered this book, as a missing cover paperback in my aunt's box of old books as a teenager. I dismissed it as "70s" junk, but ended up reading it in one night when I ran out of library books. Please keep in mind, I cut my tooth on Jackie Collins' Lucky at age 12, so I know great "trashy" novels. Ms. Wilde is actually a talented author as this story expanded into a great out of print trilogy.I'm not going to give spoilers or tell you what's wrong with the book. You just wanna know if it's worth your time, and it is. Should you have the pleasure of reading the entire series (which involves stalking thrift shops, goodwill, used book stores, and Amazon), do not deny yourself an adventure in Old World Louisiana with a down to earth heroine and the guy she loves to hate. I'd actually say it's more of an adventure/romance, rather than steamy "love" scenes.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-11 21:22

    Just adored this book. A hard-to-put-downer! If you like historical fiction, you've got to read this one. I read this many years ago and I am going to order it and read it again. This one I'd like to have in my library.

  • Donna Bijas
    2019-04-12 13:27

    Sex, and lust and slavery and sexy men and adventure. What more do you need?

  • Misty
    2019-04-17 19:17

    This book exceeds my expectation. I bought the trilogy on a sale for a very cheap price thinking "eh, what the heck" But I was surprised, it was nicely written, has engaging plot and some insights to 18th century America's history. I met a couple of interesting characters here although the heroine in particular can be quite irritating at times. The beautiful Marietta Danver a illegitimate daughter of a duke with a barmaid had absolutely no idea how fate will turn her life upside down the moment she worked as a governess for Lord Mallory. Her despicable employer had brutally raped her and when she bravely confronted him with her demands he framed her for theft and had her jailed and trialed and sentenced to 14 years of slavery in America. Marietta' s journey was never idle, she survived weeks on board making use of all her wits, body and hope. She then sold to the highest bidder, the handsome, cranky cotton farmer Derek Hawke who openly despised beautiful women. Marietta fell in love with him only to face the fact that he sold her off to Jeff Rawlins and wanted nothing to do with her again. But Jeff was another charming personality, they travelled back to Jeff's home facing ordeals as deadly as gang of thugs, Indians, and tiresome tracks. I particularly loved Jeff Rawlins's character, never once you doubt that he owns a heart of gold. He was a perfection but of course in books bad cranky boys are always the one winning the young girl's heart. Hhhh...

  • HJ
    2019-04-16 21:23

    1.5 stars. And that's being generous.Oh man. What did I just read?First, let me say that I LOVE bodice ripper romances. And I 'thought' that's what this was supposed to be. MAAAYYYBE by the thinnest margin could it be called a romance. I call it a man's misogynistic jab at writing romance.Heroine is a cold bitch. Hero is a total asshole (once you finally figure out 'who' the hero is supposed to be, since the heroine isn't opposed to using sex with just about every man on the planet to get what she wants, not to mention how she has no fearful feelings toward sex after being raped/gang-raped, repeatedly). And considering that the H/h are separated for the majority of the book, there NO relationship development. At least not one worth buying into.Ugh. I need to go scrub my brain now.

  • Kelli
    2019-04-07 21:06

    I wanted to give this book 3 1/2 maybe 4 for someparts - but the general lagging inbetween the action has drawn the score down to a 3 stars - there were aspects I enjoyed soooo much but then other parts that drove me nuts - toward the last 40 pages the action really starts - but the ending is rushed - and considering your just sat through 500+ pages - I personally wished for a little less filler and a bit more of the good stuff!!

  • Lulu Pushic
    2019-04-22 17:23

    When you read this 1st book in a trilogy, remember the time it written and the time is suppose to represent. Our feisty heroine is falsely accused of theft and is sentenced to 14 years of an indentured servant and shipped to the America's. The language and sexual situations are raw.I grew up reading these types of books are they are still meaningful to me.

  • Isabel Roa
    2019-04-04 17:58

    Marietta , Marietta , Marietta * shakes head and sighs * . You would think that after being raped, hit and treated like a whore , she would know a decent man when she saw him , not Marietta . The only man that treated her good and loved her was Jeff , he also died because of her.

  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    2019-04-06 17:05

    GUYS!!!!!!This book is only 99-cents in the Kindle store today!

  • Sukanya Bhattacharya
    2019-03-29 19:25

    So! Um, first review ever in goodreads and I don't think there can be a better book than this one to review since I liked it so damned much! I have had my share of bodice rippers and most of them have either left me utterly annoyed or laughing, but this one (I won't say it's flawless)still is better. 1st of all, one likes books where people are made of substance. I love how the author really did not get into describing heroine's wonderful godly hair, she does it in a very matter-of-fact way and that way, it is easy to digest! The heroine is awesome, a little psychologically twisted, a little nymphomania maybe. But she is awesome, I have a weakness for Titian-haired so I might oversee her faults but then again, I couldn't really find much! She is not an idiot, knows what she has to do and does it. Has quick brains and a great heart. And, she is no Goddess who fights with swords! She misses her rifle targets, gets irritated when people cut into her words or don't listen to her but she is still a strong woman. And she is saucy and witty, who ever hated those characteristics?2nd of all, the plot- a little dragged, a little huge but well-defined. It's more of an adventure I suppose! 3rd, the people in it- (view spoiler)[ Derek Hawke- the silent planter who bought her. Loved him due to his black hair, loved him more afterwards due to his I don't know, maybe the thing Marietta loved him for! They make quite a couple, a great one but weird, and they go on loving each other till the end. Some of their scenes together are so funny! And they have got real romance in their story, touching romance. Not the kind one reads after the hero has saved the heroine from her plight! Jeff Rawlins, a wonderful guy, better than Derek! Loved Marietta so much and even faced a duel for it and ultimately died but he never had Marietta love him. As a bedmate he sure had her but Marietta herself confessed she could never love Jeff as she loved Derek (the idiot, hot-tempered guy who sold her off but loved her too!) and she looked at Jeff as a son or a friend. Twisted? There's more to come. Helmut Schnieder, gets introduced as not one of much importance but damn, ends up marrying our heroine because she needs the money and he needs a wife. For pleasure? Think again! He is soo twisted, that he even beats Marietta at it! And a perfect villain, but all good prevails.(hide spoiler)]Marietta goes back to her guy and the story ends. The ending sounds flat but the book is gorgeous! She never ends up pregnant or something but I guess that's what happens when a man tries to write a bodice ripper. But, still, I have to thank the author for not involving any silly thing and all the silly norms in the world one fears to find in these books!Over all, an enjoyable read.

  • Dendera
    2019-03-31 14:05

    The first novel I've read by Tom Huff (Jennifer Wilde), I'm disappointed that I've never gotten the chance to discover this beautiful story in my earlier years. I am a huge fan of the 1970s-1980s historical romance/bodice ripper genre and I savor the chance whenever I can discover a precious book like this one. I realise the low reviews can make a point, however, Love's Tender Fury is almost the "epitome" of a 1970s bodice ripper. Therefore, all those unfavourable elements, which readers just couldn't stand are bound to end up in the story one way or the other. I also understand why so many readers dislike or might even hate the hero, Derek Hawke. I, however, found myself liking him! Marietta and Derek were the ultimate couple in a historical romance. The chemistry between them was not the same as it was between Marietta and the other male characters. I'm glad the novel closed with their reunion, it was the perfect ending.

  • Tara
    2019-04-26 15:28

    I have to say I did not love this book. Yes, it was full of angst (something I normally do love) but it was one thing after another. I did not get Marietta and Derek. He was the biggest (insert foul name here) I have ever read about. Marietta was likeable just for the fact for MOST of the book she wasn't a simpering idiot making bad decisions. !Spoilerish Talk! Blackmailing her employer in the beginning and going back to Derek off and on, not withstanding. The book was VERY descriptive. We had to read about every dress and every hairstyle Marietta wore and all about the landscapes travelled and on and on. I did skim over alot of it. Overall, I mildy enjoyed it and glad I read it just because it is one of the ultimate bodice-rippers.

  • Aissata
    2019-04-19 14:08

    Like it but not sure why. Too many rapes in the begin and the men except for one ( Jeff) are a little scary, overbearing and abusive, and Marietta basically was a little trampy ( she basically found any man arousing even those she didn't like and was always almost enjoying it even when she was being raped go figure). I was disgusted at time but kept on reading. Old habits die hard ( i used to be an avid reader of Rosemary Rogers and the 1970-1990 area gang. If you liked those kinda books i recommend this one!

  • Hollyann Dodd
    2019-04-05 15:28

    Not as good as the sequel.I read this book after reading Love Me Marietta, book #2 of the trilogy. I was disappointed, mainly because I can't stand Derek! He's such a jerk to Marietta from the very moment they meet. How a strong, confident heroine would fall for him I have no idea! But, he's only in story for brief snippets. There's a lot of other things going on that make this an enjoyable read--even if Marietta has abysmal taste in men!

  • Ericka
    2019-04-10 13:58

    love it!has everything a good book should have (amazing descriptions, little bit spicy, accion, goodlooking men, fav time period-regency and a strong-smart woman)and love the fact that its a trilogy !

  • Lorraine
    2019-04-07 14:23

    Great description of clothes is what I remember from this book, particularly a dress made of fabric coloured like an opal. Also there a paddle-wheeler ride to Natchez. I know I loved this book as I kept it for years.

  • Katie
    2019-04-25 18:17

    Loved this book. Filled with adventure and love.Outstanding author

  • Judy
    2019-04-16 21:13

    One of the best historical romance books I've read. Keeps my interest all through the book.

  • holly quigley
    2019-04-12 13:17

    This looks so awful I have to read it.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-29 14:08

    All you adults can take your Fifty Shades of Grey and shove it! If I'm going to read smut, it has to be historical smut, like the stuff I was reading when I was in junior high! I'm on vacation this week and the resort office has an excellent selection of reading material--Nora Roberts, Clive Cussler, John Rutherford, and classic 70s romance like the one I selected. Marietta is just a good girl trying to make it in the world as a governess. When she is framed by the Lord of the House because she doesn't want him to rape her, she is sold into indentured servitude and shipped to the Carolinas. Bought by the highest bidder, Derek, she becomes a plantation mistress, but is sold quickly when she helps two slaves escape. She moves onto Natchez and New Orleans with Jeff and sets up a gambling house. She's quite the sophisticated lady in New Orleans, but when Jeff dies without marrying her, she is left with nothing but some jewels to sell. She can't make it as a seamstress in Natchez and marries the rich German who owns everything around Natchez. But he harbors secrets and he turns against Marietta when she helps her sister-in-law escape from the clutches of her evil brother. Luckily, Derek still loves Marietta though, and saves the day. Ahhhh, romance! These are the books I was raised on and now I know why my perception of romance is completely skewed! Marietta is raped, sold, bought, used, objectified, and beaten, but I had to keep reading. This is one old romance book that is worth it--I loved the history of the West that was included.

  • Korey
    2019-04-08 20:24

    I got everything I could have possibly wanted out of this book. It was so much fun. Great historical settings, tawdry melodrama, a heroine who randomly vacillates between being a simpering idiot and a bold, conniving "I'm an independent woman, throw your hands up at me" jezebel, a variety of male love interests that range from abusive and jerky to loving and tender, hilariously dated and cringe inducing treatment of race and gender dynamics. This book is overstuffed with crazy plot twists and larger than life characters. The pace never flags as Marietta has her series of dark and destructive adventures.

  • Kim
    2019-04-21 14:06

    I first read this book about 30 years ago as an impressionable young girl. When I came across it on the shelf of a thrift store I knew I had to read it again. I was caught up In the story right away but found myself getting irritated by the main character. How many times does she need to be victimized in the same book? When I looked up the author on google and discovered this book was actually written by a man it blew my mind! If you're in the mood for an old-fashioned bodice-ripper it won't long as you can get past all of the forced relations and the wishy-washy way the main character takes it.

  • Toni
    2019-04-04 19:10

    One of my personal favorite love stories. The heroine in this novel doesn't let any circumstance hold her down. The passion between Marietta and Derek is what really makes this story. A book worth re-reading.

  • L. Maci
    2019-04-15 18:11

    I love this book. I first read it aroung the age of fourteen and it's still one of my all-time favorites! I love the entire trilogy.

  • Cindra
    2019-04-24 17:06

    Read this about 100 yrs ago. Loved the female protagonist.

  • Linda
    2019-04-13 16:23

    A juicy bodice ripper. I laugh now when I remember how much I enjoyed these formula romances.

  • Kenjji Tetsu
    2019-03-30 15:20

    Nowadays people dont write books like this anymore...

  • Audra
    2019-04-07 15:12

    This story gripped me from the first, but it was sometimes choppy.

  • Sarah Brooks
    2019-04-13 19:21

    One of my favorite series, ever. I definitely felt connected to Marrietta. Loved it.