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A couple of lesser demons play a game of Shell with a very special grimoire. Darmin wants the book of Hestate but Monika inherited it. With this book she can destroy Lord Ky'debaul and take his castle and his throne. Monika fears her Aunt Grecha is mortified by her failing the rite of passage with a binding cloth her cousin has switch on her. She leaves home in search of sA couple of lesser demons play a game of Shell with a very special grimoire. Darmin wants the book of Hestate but Monika inherited it. With this book she can destroy Lord Ky'debaul and take his castle and his throne. Monika fears her Aunt Grecha is mortified by her failing the rite of passage with a binding cloth her cousin has switch on her. She leaves home in search of someone else who is willing to teach her how to use magic. As time passes, Monika learns her Aunt has passed away and has left her estate behind to Monika's care. The most important part of this estate is the secret magic book of Hestate, a book that has been handed down through the ages and left in the care of one of who will protect the book from being misused. This is the next book in the Orgarlan Saga......

Title : Witch Book
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ISBN : 9781460910214
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 232 Pages
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Witch Book Reviews

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2019-03-28 10:55

    Book exchanged for a reviewOur story begins with Monika, a young witch, that has to practice in secret thanks to Lord Ky'debaul taking them to his castle. Monika is preparing for her first rite of passage bonding with an imp familiar. She is proud of her binding cloth now finished waiting for Lunar Ceremony. Little does Monika know that her cousin Darmin covets what Monika has. Darmin secretly wants all the attention that their Aunt Grecha lavishes on her cousins Monika and Wenda. Darmin feels that she is the better witch and cannot understand why her Aunt Grecha only teaches Wenda and Monika instead of her. Darmin switches her poorly made binding cloth with Monika's binding cloth then she asks her Aunt Grecha to be included in the Lunar Ceremony in two days time. Aunt Grecha reluctantly agrees to Darmin's request wondering what she's up to now. Monika discovers that the binding cloth she has is not her own yet can't prove it to her Aunt Grecha before the ceremony. The Lunar Ceremony moves forward as plan, Monika knows that her binding cloth is not her own, when the demon Belial appears in sacred circle instead of an imp. Monika is heartbroken and crushed by these turn of events where she flees to her room after the ceremony. Monika is unable to sleep and seeks out a spell to prove that she is not lying about the binding cloth not being the one she made. Wenda warns Monika about proving Darmin switching binding cloths to be dangerous for Monika. The truth is revealed yet Aunt Grecha won't hear of it at all and tells Monika that she can no longer teach her magic. Monika resolves to leave that very day to find a teacher stronger in magic. Monika feels that she is being guided by the Moon Goddess in her quest. Eventually Monika makes her way Cut Back Bay and Paniz's house. Paniz is surprised to find Monika at her doorstep two months earlier than expected but maybe tha is for the best. Paniz slowly teaches Monika about the magic she has within herself. Meanwhile back at Aunt Grecha's, Darmin is seeking more and more magic around her. Wenda stays out of Darmin's way much to Darmin's dismay. Aunt Grecha suddenly dies which frightens Wenda to no end. Wenda sends letters to her brother and Monika about her fears. Darmin is searching for a powerful grimoire called Hestate which has been in her Aunt Grecha's possession and now is nowhere to be found despite Darmin's efforts to finding it. Who are the imp's familiars belong too? Will Darmin find the grimoire? What will Monika learn from Paniz? What does Lord Ky'debaul do about human witches? Can Wenda and Monika escape Lord Ky'debaul's grasp? Will Darmin get what she wants? Your answers await you in Witch Book.

  • Rhonda
    2019-04-18 12:51

    5 STARI enjoyed the second book much better than the first book.Three cousins live with thier Aunt Grecha in the jungle learning magic.Monika is her favorite niece and is learning how to make a binding clothto bind an imp. It will be an important ceremony if she can do it right and an embrassment if she cannot.Wenda has already passed this level but chose to bind a hawk over an impdemon.Darmin was not taught how to make one. She does not know why her Aunt quit teaching her and Monika is her favorite. She watches in secret as Monikamakes her binding cloth. Then sneaks down at night and makes her own but thier is not quite enough of the silver thread. She finshes her and then tradeshers with Monika's cloth.At the ceremony Monika fails to catch an imp and she is the last in the circlemwhen a bigger imp appears. Everyone laughs at her and no one believes thatwas not the cloth she had made. In fact the next day her Aunt tells her she can no longer teach her magic at all.Monika decides to leave her Aunt house and leaves following the jungle path.The two books only talks a little about the humans from another world and that it is important for Monika to help Aaron.Darmin dreams of being more powerful than Ky'debaul and wants to be his queen.I guess the next book would have the characters from both books mix more. Have to wait and see I guess.I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from librarything.

  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    2019-04-12 14:12

    This is the second book in the Orgarlan Saga. I received the first one through Goodreads and I reviewed it here, Aaron and Keja. If you notice a gave that one a single star rating…and any normal reader wouldn’t read the second one if you didn’t enjoy the first one. I get that, but I’m weird. I HAVE to read the whole series once I start it, it’s a compulsion I can’t shake. At any rate this book is actual a bit better than the first one, but only just.Witch Book is labeled as a stand-alone so it’s not a requirement to read the first one, however I think it probably helps some with the background and character relations. The main characters from the first one never interact with the main characters of this one, but I’d say read the first one anyway just so you know what to expect. The writing in this one is a bit better, it’s still very simple but it’s not as stiff as the first one…and I didn’t notice any tense change in this either. So that’s certainly an improvement. I can say that I am a bit disappointed that this one never really mentions the other characters in depth from the previous book, there were some relationships that I would have liked to see grow some. Though I do understand that this is happening around the same time as the previous plot, so there can’t be much to expand upon. I still appreciate the uniqueness of her “good” and “bad” species, typically the elves are good and the Orcs are bad but not in this case. It’s different. I liked the idea of witches having familiars like demon imps, and I wish that it would have gone into why exactly but I still found it rather cool.Monika is an interesting and fairly likeable main character, but I found her counterpoint Darmin to be very odd to read about. Monika is a bright girl who is eager to please and pretty brave considering what she knowingly has to go up against. If it were my job to gather things in the forest while there is a giant lizard monster living there you can be certain that your items would never be gathered, ever. Darmin however is a crafty young woman that has huge ambitions…however her character as a whole seemed oddly thought out. I didn’t get why she would wait a week before trying to get rid of the girl she wants gone when she has tons of opportunity to do it before then. You live in the same house and no one else is a around, it doesn’t make sense to wait until the girl is suspicious. Her plans are kind of backwards. Also this book has the worse case of insta-love I’ve ever seen, Darmin and the king fall in love and make plans for their future in the matter of a few pages. The build up between Darmin and Monika is pretty strong but the epic battle never actual comes to fruition, so hopefully in the third one all of this will link together. It does mention that Monika will meet up with Aaron and help her so maybe the third one holds more answers.Overall it’s a short and kind of relaxing read. It doesn’t take anything out of you to read it and it gave my mind some down time during a readathon.

  • Megan
    2019-04-22 11:13

    loved it mom it was good

  • Debra
    2019-04-14 18:05

    I adored reading this book, the subject matter is close to my heart and I won this in a Giveaway. What a page turner! Fantastic!

  • Patty
    2019-04-20 16:08

    Looks great sounds awesome cant wait to read it!!!Woildnt mind winning it!!!