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*graphic sexual and BDSM content*Tate Mackenzie has signed on for a weekend of kinky fun at the hands of respected Dom, James Lucas. However, James has invited another man, twenty-four year-old Sebastian Doucette, to join in. Thrown together under James’ expert tutelage, the two men experience an instant attraction and begin a tentative relationship on their own time. But*graphic sexual and BDSM content*Tate Mackenzie has signed on for a weekend of kinky fun at the hands of respected Dom, James Lucas. However, James has invited another man, twenty-four year-old Sebastian Doucette, to join in. Thrown together under James’ expert tutelage, the two men experience an instant attraction and begin a tentative relationship on their own time. But James hasn't been entirely honest with the boys and soon Tate finds himself the focus of two infatuated men. How will he choose the man he wants or the lifestyle he desires to pursue?Cover image by Fernando Farfan...

Title : Beyond the Edge
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Beyond the Edge Reviews

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-07-18 12:27

    This book depressed the hell outta me. I love menage stories, and I find BDSM erotica fascinating, so I went into this one with high hopes. Unfortunately, it was not what I had thought it would be going on. The relationships hinted at being deep, but never really showed any true depth, and I couldn't figure out why the three of them....You know, I don't want to give too much away. But maybe I should because I feel I should warn other readers who are going into this thinking it's going to be a great menage romance. Because it's so not. ***SPOILER***They do not get together. Not the three of them, anyway. Sebastian and and Tate get together, yes, but James is left behind becaaauuuuse....why? I don't understand this. And the reason I don't understand it is because Lister never wrote any communication between them about anything that mattered. Tate says he's not gonna give up subbing, but he'll find someone else to be his Dom because being with James after everything would be too complicated. If he's going to keep subbing, and Sebastian wants to keep subbing, and neither of them has a problem subbing together, and James has no issues being their Dom...What the fuck is the problem?!I don't get it. Essentially I paid $7.99 to watch three men be idiots and one man have his hopes dashed, and no one to ever actually communicate anything worthwhile that wasn't related to sex.Thanks for nothing, Lister.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-07-07 08:35

    (I picked up this book because this author chose my prompt for the LHNB event and I wanted to familiarize myself with her work. Let's say I am excited to see what she will create)There were things I loved about the story, liked about the story and was okay with. So to figure out a rating I am breaking it down and averaging it out.THE STORY LINE - 2.75 STARSIt's a decent story. A sub (Tate) goes in for a weekend of BDSM fun with a popular Dom (James) and the Dom invites a second sub (Sebastian) along for the fun. Tate and Sebastian never met before, so Tate suggests to meet Sebastian prior to their weekend session. And you know what? These two have some sort of connection. Is it love? Is it lust?The jury came back with a decision - it's love. And reading these two men fall in love (yes even though they participate in MMM activities), it was sweet. I liked both of them together and their puppy play made their connection stronger in a way.This story is not menage romance. It's just MM Romance with some menage scenes in it, okay?Now for James the big Dom daddy with the waiting list for eager subs...I didn't feel that I got to know him until much later in the story. And then when he came out with a crush on Tate? I questioned previous scenes because I thought I might have missed something. But I didn't. James even said he wasn't sure he had feelings until he brought the second sub in. James read like such a secondary character that when he showed his feelings, I was surprised and...slightly intrigued. He obviously wants some sort or conventional relationship even though he does some light protesting of conventional norms. Hmm...I heard he's getting his own future story, I hope whoever tames and claims him makes him work for it. James as a Dom was pretty good. His games were uber fun. His toys? I would have gave 3 Stars for the story but the epilogue, I felt was not necessary. The mushiness of 88% until the end...also a bit too saccharine for boys who giving each others enemas and wearing chastity devices. And I questioned the need for Joanne as a secondary character, plus I always frown on pregnant ladies in a club.It's a pet peeve of mine. The dialogue, at times, was on and then some times it was meh.Still a decent story with a believable romantic ending.THE SEX - 3.5 STARSSEX! SEX! SEX!It saturates this entire story! There was sex I think in almost every chapter.Everything short of DP was had, darlings! (And no fisting.) There's only so much you can do to keep this sex game interesting and James, Tate and Sebastian! ;)THE KINK - 5 STARSOh the BDSM of it all!(I had exclaim to two times!!)The author must of had a list of kink & checked them off for this story. There's puppy play and cross dressing (I think it was my fave part, surprisingly), CBT, humiliation, butt plugs and vibrators. A St. Andrew's Cross that has seen some things!It was a kinksters' delight!I don't know if I covered all of the fun toys and scenes used in "Beyond the Edge" because seriously I think my brain might have short-circuited from recalling the scenes between James, Tate and Sebastian.So averaging out the scores, I'm left with 3.75 STARS. Let's round this bitch to 4 STARS!

  • Vivian
    2019-06-23 13:34

    Sweet mercy! One of the hottest books I've read in awhile. A lot of mind play in this Kinky Wonderland, many of which I hadn't shown an interest in before, but here were dirty sexy and beautiful at the same time.'s oxymoronic, but true--so deal with it. Mild SM, puppy play, cross dressing, mild humiliation, menage, orgasm restriction and edging. What really stands out is the exploration of emotions and motives during the play and the characters conclusions about what they want. Powerful. More than just smexin', though it is amazing and plentiful.

  • Cole Riann
    2019-06-25 11:33

    Review posted at The Armchair Reader.3.5 starsThis book once again fell prey to my misread of blurbs tendency. Why do I do that? If you read the blurb, you'll see that this book definitely is about a love triangle and not an m/m/m romance, though the majority of the sex is m/m/m. So, read the blurb carefully people! Why do I never learn my own lessons? For the sake of my own sanity, I'll not write up a summary for this one, and let the author's blurb suffice!Despite my misread of the blurb, I still enjoyed this story, I was just waiting for all three men to get together. I don't think that it is a spoiler, since the blurb makes mention of it, that the focus is rather on two men who have their sights set on Tate, and not three men together. That said, I liked this story even though I usually hate love triangles. It did what it needed to do in making one character more known to the reader and one more removed, otherwise I would have ended this story being upset one way or the other. The author didn't use the convenient trick of making one of the possible suitors unlikeable, which is handy but overused, and I appreciated that. Still, I did end the story wanting the man who wasn't chosen to get his own HEA, and hoping that the author will write his book.The sex and BDSM play in this story deserves it's own paragraph, maybe more than one! Though the development of the relationships do get a lot of page time (and I had no criticism of them, which is why I'm not talking much about them), the focus of the BDSM is play rather than lifestyle, or even psychology. Very little is said about that, and the BDSM is focused to scenes. I must admit that I prefer a little psychology in my BDSM books even if the characters aren't looking for a BDSM lifestyle, because I like how it develops the characters. So I did miss that. It made much of this book about sex rather than relationships, even though that does slowly evolve as the book progresses, just not as part of the BDSM. That means that the characters aren't really subs or Doms. Actually, I'm still a little unsure of this. For most of the book, Tate and Sebastian are both subs, but since we never really learn what it brings them, why they need it or want it, etc., I just didn't know what to think when they both change it up. Then, it seems as if the whole time they were working with James to become Doms someday. I think it would have helped to have some clear direction from the beginning, because I got rather confused once all the roles started changing. Perhaps it was my preconceived notions coming into this book that I didn't expect the BDSM to be play only, but then I don't think it was only play. It seemed as if it was just never quite explored.The murky and less defined rolls bothered me quite a bit, which is the main reason I didn't rate this book higher than Pretty Good. Even if that was the point, however, I still think that the framework of those changing roles should have been outlined in the beginning. There's also some puppy play. I didn't let my feelings about this to affect the rating, because my feelings about it are personal and not a reflection of the book, but it is something that readers might like or not like, and should be mentioned.In all, I really liked the book and enjoyed it, but I didn't love it. I liked that it was heavy on sex, but I would have preferred some exploration of the BDSM aspect and some reflection on their desires to sub, Dominate or switch. The lack of that discussion made the BDSM in the book more of a tutorial and about play, and while that is fine it wasn't what I was expecting. Also, it took up the majority of the book, with the exploration and development of the relationship to take place apart from the scenes, and there wasn't a lot of time for that to happen, although it wasn't done terribly. I would just have liked to see those two parts of their lives married together a little more.Thanks for sticking through this jumbled review -- I needed to work through my thoughts about the book. I think the previous paragraph sums up my feelings the best.

  • Camille
    2019-06-28 08:50

    I liked Sebastian and I liked Sebastian's proclivities. I did not like anything else: not the voice; not the pace of the plot; not the James twist; not the stilted prose and dialogue; not the very lame and decidedly un-dirty sex talk; not the Christian inclusion and moralising over kink; not the overwrought, weird, somewhat Wikipedia-ish illustration of BDSM; not the portrayal of a Dom being little more than a pair of leather pants as opposed being the possessor of an inherent character trait; and most especially not the boring and repetitive sex.

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2019-07-07 14:27

    To borrow from a GR friend, "HOLY CRACKERS!!!!"Provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review AND place the books you receive from the BAR in a shelf "BDSM group r2r" JESUS… GOD… this thing so soooooo unbelievably hot. I mean… we need a new word for hot, that's how hot it was! I hesitate to call it porn because it has a plot. It's thin, thin, thin but when faced with this blowtorch level of heat, you know what I say? Plot, schmot! Lemme give you a couple teasers…"Yesssssssssssssss. And I came, loudly, messily, spastically, all over the clean white sheets of the mattress, James’ hand, and myself, keening out my intense pleasure with shameless abandon. Oh fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes!!! Fuck! Yes! Hallefuckinglujah!“Oh my God…” He looked down at me, blond hair falling in front of his eyes. He shook it out of them. “I want to fuck you so hard, Tate, so fucking long and so fucking hard…”"When he’d done with me he left me literally hanging from the St. Andrew’s cross, my body flushed and singing with residual pain and torment, my soul awaiting his return."“Quiet now. I don't want to hear a sound until I've filled you so full of seed you'll feel it in your throat.”Say wha?!??!!?!"Suddenly, three things happened at once. James' hand wrapped tightly around my cock, his mouth covered mine, and two fingers of his other hand slid unceremoniously into my ass. I screamed as my cock exploded in his grasp. He swallowed it with his kiss as gallons of come shot out of me over his hand, coating our bellies and chests. My body convulsed in paroxysms of ecstasy as he held me tightly and I almost passed out, the pleasure like nothing I'd ever felt before."Good God. I rest my case.Let me just say, I'm not sure if the sex was so hot or if it was that they were all so hot for each other. It's like the guy you go home with that ain't all that great looking or maybe he's kind of a box of rocks & you think this is gonna be a waste of my time but once you get down to it, he's a wildcat & you're like Yeah, that.Like I said, the plot is thin but just when you might even think about getting bored you get center punched with another mind-blowing sex scene. It's the literary equivalent of, "hey, look over here!"James is The Dom in Ottawa so much so that he's got a wait list for his services. It's safe to say this is probably a good reason for that:"When you are in my home, you are mine to do with as I see fit. Your pleasure is secondary to mine. I will do my best to ensure your satisfaction with the proceedings, but always at the mercy of my own discretion."*pupils just dilated typing that*Tate's turn comes around & he's surprised to learn there will be a third for their weekend, Sebastian a.k.a. The Angel."Goddamn beautiful, angelic bastard."Sebastian & Tate are wildly attracted to each other from the beginning & after their weekend under James' control they start dating. But James has a stake in Tate too, so it kind of turns into a dog fight. *snickers* Sorry, there's puppy play. I couldn't resist.There's loads of kinky fuckery happening in Beyond the Edge. LOADS, I say!! Subs doming. Doms subbing. All sorts of to doing! Even the secondary characters add something. The grandmother is a hoot & a half, the friends are fun & even the esthetician, Budgie, is entertaining. It's not at all deep but what it does, it does it well. Really well. Word of warning: I would NOT recommend reading this at work. I am just saying.

  • Bree Cheese
    2019-07-06 09:35

    When I enjoy a book this much I have a hard time writing a proper review, I just want gush and start yelling things like “Sweet Baby Jesus this was hawt, hawwwwwwwt!” And boy was this one sexy book, but it also completely shocked me by how sweet of a romance it turned out to be. I really wasn’t expecting the emotional journey of the characters and places the book went. There is also a love a triangle – which generally makes me cringe – but this was done in a pretty respectful way to everyone evolved. Really, there is nothing that makes me happier then reading a well-written book about intelligent characters that is equally emotional and hot!

  • Jenre
    2019-07-10 15:52

    Don't be fooled by the blurb of this book, this is not an m/m/m romance, although there are a number of menage sex scenes, but rather a love triangle. Tate is a sub without a Dom at the moment. He prefers it that way and isn't looking for commitment. After an amazing afternoon with Dom, James, Tate put his name on James' waiting list and now it's his turn for a weekend of submission. When he visits James for a pre-weekend discussion, James surprises him by telling Tate that he has asked another sub, Sebastian, to join them for the weekend. Tate is initially a little disappointed by this, until he meets Sebastian who Tate finds very attractive.The first part of this book is made up of the initial meeting of the characters followed by an intense and lengthy description of their weekend together. Everything is described in detail, and all from Tate's point of view. This allowed for a very intensive introduction into a BDSM weekend, and I found it all rather absorbing. Tate is a sympathetic narrator, who takes the reader through his feelings about the weekend. His love of submission, his attraction to both James and Sebastian. We also see of his slight awkwardness in taking part in what is quite a personal experience with another sub. Tate is the experienced sub, and I liked his sense of pride and protectiveness as he helps Sebastian to find his own feet as a sub. They form a natural bond over the weekend, born of a shared experience and a discovery that both of them compliment each other well.By the middle of the book I felt that I knew Tate and Sebastian well, and it seemed natural that they would continue their relationship after the weekend. Things change for them in terms of their dynamic as they are now no longer in a weekend 'scene' but are equal in the bedroom and out. This transition worked well between them and is demonstrated through a few sex scenes - perhaps a few too many because I began to grow a little bored by all the sex by this stage of the book. We also discover a particular kink, which Sebastian feels he can explore with Tate, but if I'm honest didn't really thrill me that much. It wasn't my thing, but I thought that the author had done a good job in showing why it worked for Sebastian, and it also showed how much Tate had become attached in that he was willing to explore this kink with Sebastian.As I said earlier, by this stage of the book, I felt I knew both Tate and Sebastian. I didn't, however, really feel like I knew James very much. As a Dom during their weekend, he had remained set apart slightly from the subs and still in my head he was a shadowy, if forceful, figure who had provided a weekend of intense pleasure. It was surprising then, when it all came out that he had strong feelings for Tate, because I didn't really pick that up from their initial weekend together. The second half of the book concentrates on the love triangle aspect, but because it hadn't been foreshadowed enough earlier in the book, I didn't feel James' strong attraction, and his confession of feelings to Tate felt a little forced and flat when compared to the development of feelings shown between Tate and Sebastian. This bothered me a little.Another theme within the latter part of the book was that of switching roles. Tate and Sebastian are subs, and Tate especially makes a big deal at the beginning of the story about needing the submission. Later in the book these lines become a little blurred with both Tate and Sebastian taking on the role of Dom. At first I wasn't so sure about this but later I realised the necessity of seeing the subs take turns at being a Dom. Both men need submission, and without the ability to switch, I could see there being problems in the future, especially if neither want to share their relationship with another Dom. In the end, I decided that the way they are trying to muddle through the beginnings of their own D/s relationship seemed realistic.Overall, this was an interesting and engaging BDSM book which was quite heavy on the sex scenes, but nonetheless managed to remain very character focused. I may not have been so convinced by the love triangle, but there were other parts of the book which did work for me and so I would happily recommend it to those who like BDSM themed romance.

  • Virginia
    2019-06-27 11:36

    This was a very hot and sizzling BDSM book. The BDSM scenes were outstanding with the domination and submission I enjoy reading. There aren't that many doms with 2 subs stories and I enjoyed this one. Sebastian was so freaking adorable!!!! Talk about stealing a story. I liked him and Tate together. This book felt like a really adult story. Everyone acted liked grown ups. I liked that. The angst did not feel contrived, the story moved well and there was excellent communication throughout. Now for the spoilers...(view spoiler)[The puppy play was very well done. Sebastian was too cute for words and it could be playful and comforting but also be incredibly erotic as it was written. I didn't feel the cross dressing worked very well for me in this one because it seemed to be used more for humiliation of Tate. Which, was something Tate got off on and James liked doing but that isn't really one of my kinks so might just be personal preference for this reader. Cross dressing doesn't bother me - when it works for the characters. In this case, it kind of pulled me out of the story for feeling very awkward.I am not a fan, at all, of love triangles so I am glad that aspect was handled very quickly and somewhat seemlessly as could occur under the circumstances. Despite me not liking the triangle that developed, I felt it was handled in as adult fashion as possible. James gave it is best shot and it didn't sway Tate enough. James then let it go. You have to appreciate that he acted like an adult and the book didn't go the all too common path of having someone develop into a stalker or something. There was a good dynamic between the three men when they played but it was play when they did it - not a long term relationship. I'm hoping that there is a follow up book with James finding a boy of his own but that might not be where a second book is headed. I do worry whether Sebastian domming occasionally will be enough for Tate, though. Maybe they will be a couple willing to accept a third occasionally and have it work with them. I like them as a couple and they don't feel a good fit right now for a m/m/m relationship. Maybe that could change if the right guy came along. Sebastian admitted to not wanting an open relationship so it would need to be more permanent. If James comes back in the sequel and causes angst for the guys, I won't like it. It's going to have to be handled well if it goes that route with James in the picture.(hide spoiler)]Overall, this was another good read by this author. Going on my auto buy list.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2019-07-19 14:41

    ★★★★☆½ I really, really enjoyed this. (view spoiler)[STD testing prior so bareback all the way - no pesky condoms or discussion of said condoms! [not making light of safe sex, but I do like bb reads, sorry!] plus lots of enemas so clean and messy like I like it. (hide spoiler)]When Tate finally comes up in the waiting list lottery (?!) for a weekend with exclusive Ottawa Dom, James Lucas, it's been his dream. There's a bit of wrinkle when he's informed that he'll be joined by another submissive, Sebastian. He meets Sebastian prior to their weekend and feels a mutual attraction to Sebastian. Their weekend with James goes swimmingly, see tags, and he and Sebastian continue to see and get to know each other better. Unexpectedly, James asks them both to join him for another weekend play session. By this time, Tate and Sebastian have found how much they enjoy each other and Sebastian has revealed some of his play desires and Tate really likes it too.I didn't really get James' and his motivations and even if Tate and Sebastian hadn't met, I don't know if I could see him with Tate, (view spoiler)[Tate and Sebastian were more evenly matched and could switch with each other and were very willing to experiment with each other (hide spoiler)] and that he wanted more with Tate kinda came out of the blue. Maybe there's another book for James?

  • Dee Wy
    2019-07-12 08:49

    Full five stars. Reading this story was such a pleasure, the writing smooth and pacing perfect. Exploring this Dom and two-sub menage was quite an erotic trip, with many of the scenes standing out as unique in my experience. The cross-dressing was an interesting exercise in humiliation and the puppy play adorable. Something for everyone in this BDSM adventure. Not to mention a sweet romance.Highly recommend!

  • Lisa
    2019-07-14 10:46

    Loved this book. Lots of kinky sex. It was my first introduction to puppy play. If I'm honest, I don't see the appeal. A puppy mask would freak me out.I believe that there is a book 2 due out soon. I love Tate and Sebastian together, but I think they would be better in a threesome with James.

  • Al
    2019-07-01 13:53

    Would it be very shallow to say I just skimmed to the sex ?? I think there was a story, but it seemed a bit ...insignificant next to the kink, which is fluorescent and jolly good fun.

  • JustJen
    2019-07-05 11:46

    Review written for The Blogger Girls.Right off the bat, let me say that this isn’t a ménage. There are a few scenes with all three guys, but those are in the BDSM sessions only. Tate has finally gotten his chance to have a session with Master James, but James throws in a wrench when he invites Sebastian to their weekend. Tate and Sebastian meet ahead of time and both feel a connection, though they don’t pursue it until after their session with James.James is awesome. He is a wonderful Dom and super sexy. He successfully gives James (and Sebastian, who is new to the scene) what they need leaving them craving more. Luckily, they do the same for James, and he invites them back.The big struggle here is when James lays his cards out on the table and Tate must choose between continuing his relationship with Sebastian or giving James a shot. This sort of came out of the blue for me, as I truly didn’t sense any personal feelings from James towards Tate beyond the Dom/Sub aspect. The other thing I missed or what confused me a bit was that I thought Tate and Sebastian were subs, going to James to experience submission to him. This changes when some roles are reversed, and James mentions they are training to be doms or will make good doms.The scenes in this story were very well done, and I found them quite refreshing. It has been some time since I’ve really enjoyed a good BDSM tale that was believable, and I could totally see James in action here. There was edging, orgasm denial, chastity and light humiliation scenes, to name a few. I don’t normally enjoy puppy play, but the little bit in this story was quite enjoyable. So, while there were a few things here and there that I didn’t love, this was an overall very strong story that I found sexy and hot. There is even some mushy romance stuff to round things out. I’m glad I finally got around to reading this one, as I was definitely not disappointed.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2019-06-26 12:40

    This is one that's been on my TBR forever, been rec'd by nearly every friend I have, and just generally had lots of good press around it. So I was shocked that I really struggled to get through the 1st half. There was nothing wrong - I just was not engaged with the story at all nor the characters. They seemed pretty generic in a way - and I put it down frequently. Once I picked it back up at 43% and decided to finish it in one sitting I started to feel like it had more draw. In general I love threesome's (and more!) but here I just didn't think it worked. I think this was almost really four books - James/Tate, James/Sebastian, Tate/Sebastian, James/Tate/Sebastian. Any of the four would have been good but I guess my issue is doing them all left me much more lukewarm. Each relationship seemed to both exist on its own but then not exist at all outside of the three. That makes no sense, I recognize, but somehow that is how it felt. I thought the end was kind of a letdown because (view spoiler)[ I just didn't believe James had feelings for Tate...if so why didn't he get him to sub way more often? Also Tate and Sebastian were ok but somehow the chemistry just never jumped out to me...I actually thought it would have ended much better with a threesome because that's the relationship that seemed strongest to me (hide spoiler)]. Also I didn't like all the switching. It had me confused about who was what and it was hard to get into the dynamic as it was constantly shifting. I know that seems to be what the boys and James wanted - it just wasn't something I overly enjoyed. So why 3 stars? The BDSM scenes were smokin' hot. Seriously. Probably some of the best scene's I've read to date. And that's saying something because I read a lot. Loved that it was not club based and, even if James is rich, it's never flaunted nor paraded out. IMHO this is where this book shines. And boy does it sparkle! You really feel like you are there and participatory. Great job with that.

  • Julia
    2019-07-09 09:42

    Whew...gotta catch my breath with this one. This book was recommended to me by Bree Cheese (Thank You Bree!). I probably would have passed it by without her recommendation for two main reasons...the cover combined with the book description which states that the BDSM rating is extreme. I can ignore the cover, but the extreme rating made me a little squeamish. So, so glad I read this one. I've spent the morning trying to figure out why I didn't find this extreme. Dildos, check. Butt plugs, check. Floggers, paddles, whips, check, check, check. Bondage, yep. Mild humiliation (very mild), absolutely. Cock cage and Ball stretcher, oh yes. Menage, you betcha. Sounds extreme, right? This is the conclusion I've come to: there was emotion and longing behind every action which made it less extreme and more engaging. Many times in BDSM there is a bit (or a lot) of emotional withdrawal, regardless of what the D/s relationship is outside of play. With James, Tate, and Sebastian I didn't feel the disconnect, even during the scenes where the Dom was clearly a Dom. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a sweet, sappy love story. It is totally a BDSM read with emotional elements. And that's why I think this book works.

  • Leanne
    2019-06-23 09:39

    3.5This story has some of the hardcore bits usually missing in M/M BDSM (enemas,puppy play and humiliation oh my!)but what it doesn't have is much emotional tension and conflict. The triangle element is introduced too late in the story (by this point I was already skimming the sex scenes, of which there are MANY)and it was all a bit....well, here's that awful word...too sweet, really. There is very little character development..other than (view spoiler)[ the Dom turning to mush after falling in love with Tate and admitting he'd sub for him.(hide spoiler)]I'm disappointed that it wasn't emotionally edgier but there were some intense scenes....(view spoiler)[ Tate having dirty words written all over his body then, later, in make-up and dressed like a whore, being forced to go to dinner with James. Hot! (hide spoiler)]I just couldn't connect on a visceral level with any of the characters and that is the one make or break factor for me and BDSM (well,reading it, anyway ;P) ....forget the toys and implements of torture, it's all about the feelz. And this one left me a bit meh.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Blondie
    2019-06-26 10:51

    WOW!! This is an incredibly sexy book! Ms Lister can write. Well I never really thought much of a man's penis beyond the pleasure it gives. However, when you read her descriptions ie "I looked at his cock." (ok still not comfotable saying cock but I am working on it) " Uncut and untouched, it rose gorgeously from his naked groin like Excalibur, shiny and smooth in the faint light from a single lamp. As I watched a pearly bead of pre-cum oozed from the tip and glistened in the lamp light." I all of the sudden wanted to look at the bf and see what Ms Lister was describing. Tate signs on for a weekend of kinky with James Lucas a Dom. However, James invites Sebastian, to join in. With a long waiting list to spend a weekend with James, Tate is understandably concerned with the unexpected addition and decides to meet the Sebastian before the weekend of fun. Tate and Sabastian take an immediate liking to each other but don't act on it until after their weekend of fun. James is holding back a secret from Tate but it may be to late for James if he waits to long to reveal himself.Ms Lister has written an incredibly erotic and extemely sensual story about Tate, Sabastian, and James. This book has a mixture of sub/Dom and just pure mm lovin. The author also through in sum kinky play time for the boys. One of the best mm/mmm erotic romances I have read! You really have to read this book to the end because it does not go where you expect it too.This book was provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

  • Chappy
    2019-07-07 15:33

    I wanted to give 5 stars but I'm going with 4.5 stars just because I'm not sure what to make of James. He comes off as this super strong, disciplined and meticulous Dom but I sensed some longing and loneliness within him that I just couldn't resolve.This story was really good. I loved Tate and absolutely adored Sebastian (the cute little puppy; loved the puppy play). You could just feel the sparks when they meet for the first time before their weekend with the renowned Dom James Lucas. The super kinky scenes they take part of as subs really create a bond between them and even when the weekend is over, they pursue a relationship.But when they go back for another weekend with James, something is different. James has a secret as well and it kind of backfires. This is where my uncertainty'll just have to read it and see for yourself!I also want to shout out to Elizabeth Lister. I'm also a home-grown girl living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I just loved all the references she made to our city. I could picture all the places she talked about and it made me want to go out and find James' house....hihihi.

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-06-27 07:40

    Where to start with this deliciously kinky read! Oh yeah...don't let the big gruff looking leather daddy keep you from reading this book. He really isn't at all how you will see James Lucas. I don't think I can do this book any justice with a review but I'm gonna go on and on a bit about a couple things that I liked about it. The author did a great job in never giving us exactly what we were expecting. That had me flippin pages like crazy!! We get to see these guys in both Master/Sub roles as well as just your everyday 'normal' selves and that helps with building that connection to the characters. I am so happy with how she decided to play out the ending..honestly if it would have went the other way, I would have been crushed.(view spoiler)[The puppy play was my favorite scenes. Sebastian was totally adorable and I fell in love with him the minute he walked into the coffee shop with that puppy eared hat on! (hide spoiler)]

  • Ayanna
    2019-07-06 09:32

    Random and really unsexy. Seriously, I do NOT understand why the fat Tate submits. It's always "*sigh* I gotta do this" and "man, this sucks, but I gotta endure it" and "*shrug*, well, that's life as a sub."Like dude, where's the "joy in submission" and all that shit? If you do everything with reluctance and very little payout, why bother?Also, what's up with James? James is an asshole. He's a selfish megolomanic asshole and I don't like him. Most of the shit he does seems more of "because he can" and not much more reason other than that. Something about the way it's written just makes him seem sleazy. Maybe it's because Tate seems so reluctant to do all the stuff James asks for. The rest of it is meh.

  • Jane
    2019-07-16 11:34

    I just finished it and enjoyed it, but incredibly hot though the scenes were, I started to overload on smut a bit. I think it was very well-written but maybe needed just a smidge more plot and emotion. There wasn't anything but The Choice and by that point of the book, it was clear how that would work out. Everyone was so nice and civilized! I wanted a bit more growly possessiveness and jealousy.It was intriguing how all three of them could switch easily from sub to Dom or vice versa. That added some novelty to it; usually people's roles are set in stone.As someone living in Ontario, I loved the Ottawa setting and squeed at the mention of Value Village and Shoppers, heh. Didn't see Timmies mentioned, unless I missed it though...Would definitely read more by this author.

  • Tina
    2019-06-23 10:50

    Do not make the same mistake as I did and start this book without reading some reviews.I thought, of course it would be good, because I liked the other books I have read from her.. BIG MISTAKE!! These two girls reviews are spot on!

  • Jason Bradley
    2019-07-12 07:34

    This was a DNF but not because of bad writing or bad story. I think I need something else right now and this wasn't it. I'm sorry. but I am giving this 4 stars based on what I did read.

  • Nathan Burgoine
    2019-06-29 13:30

    I randomly met Elizabeth Lister at a bookstore launch, which was how I found this book and this series, and since then I've been lucky enough to be on a panel with her. Being a gay writer, I'm often asked how I feel about women writing gay erotica (or m/m fiction). Here's the thing: I care about the writing.It takes a lot of talent to write erotica. I say that a lot, and I get funny looks for saying so, but it's my experience. What turns on a reader is going to be varied. We all like different things, and have different limits, and especially once you delve into the topic of BDSM erotica, it can be very easy to shut a reader out of what's going on by virtue of forgetting that the reader might not find what is happening to the characters something they'd ever consider enjoying. It's easy to forget to make it about the arousal, rather than the actions; put another way, BDSM writing can devolve into the technical, rather than the visceral and sensual. I talk a lot about how Jeff Mann deftly enthrals a reader across lines they'd never themselves consider erotic with the power of his lyricism and sensuality in prose, and now I've got a second name for you: Elizabeth Lister.The Narrative of Beyond the Edge has a simple enough set-up: Tate, a young man who knows enough to know he likes being a submissive, has finally moved to the top of the list to spend an entire weekend with James - an Ottawa Dom who is well-respected (and renowned) and - frankly - scorchingly written. When James contacts Tate and suggests that a third young man, Sebastian, will be joining them, he's taken aback, but given how much he really wants to spend time with James, he decides to meet Sebastian beforehand. There are sparks between them - they bond over their mutually positive experiences of being submissive - and the weekend moves ahead. But the two have more of a bond than they originally consider, and when a relationship between the two becomes a possibility, there's a further complication that throws things out of whack: James himself.I won't spoil anything from there, but I will go caveat one thing for readers of menage. This is the start of a trilogy, though it reads very much as a standalone book, so if you're looking for a menage story, you don't have that here - but if you're a hard-and-true reader of menage only, you have a trilogy ahead of you, and it's a worthwhile journey.Tate's journey through this book has a real authenticity to it that I appreciated - this isn't a total power exchange relationship, this is someone who enjoys kink in the bedroom. You don't see as much of that in BDSM erotica as you should, given how much more the norm that is (if I can dare to say "the norm" in relation to the BDSM lifestyle). I also loved that Lister didn't shy away from the messy details, but instead treated them as they are - steps that people about to enjoy some edgy sex need to take to make sure said edgy sex isn't ruined by a lack of preparation. Again, this goes back to how good erotica focuses on the sensual and emotional side of the technicals, rather than just a shopping list of what is done and how. Things that quite literally would make me cringe were they described to me in clinical detail instead come across as electrically exciting because the lens of Tate's enjoyment of the play never falters. Even better, the whole BDSM community is well represented. James is a human being, and obviously isn't perfect, but from a Dom point of view, he is extremely careful about limits, boundaries, setting up a safe environment - everything that makes a good Dom, James handles. This is huge, and so appreciated - especially given the range of play that is discussed: sounding, puppy play, some light humiliation, paddling... frankly, you name it, it's probably in this book, and it's done extremely well. Even roles are fluid - something far more true to life than the binary dichotomies you usually find in the genre.All this to say, if you're at all interested in a well-written gay BDSM-themed erotic novel, you're staring right at it. Even better, as a series, the story continues with The Cross and the Trinity and then A Numinous Light. You're going to love Tate and Sebastien and the more enigmatic James, and the more you discover about them, the more you'll want to know.

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-07-16 12:36

    This review was originally written for MM Good Book Reviews and can also be found there. I’ve had a nice experience with one of Elisabeth Lister’s books and while that sounds kinky it’s nothing compared to the sexual tension and chemistry this author can create.That said, I will get into this review with a warning – this is not a ménage, but rather a triangle which eventually ends with just two men together. It is mentioned in the blurb, but if you’re just skimming it like I did, and reading what you want to see you will miss it. So it happened that my whole experience of the book was clouded with my expectations and I analyzed the relationships according to them.The whole story is told from Tate’s point of view and I read about his enthusiasm about finally having another session with this famous Dom. As the day approached his happiness was almost contagious, but then he found out that the session would involve another man, Sebastian. Tate wanted to meet Sebastian before actually getting naked with him and the sparks flying there were otherworldly. After their weekend with James, the Dom, they decide to explore their relationship a bit more despite having another scheduled session with James.At first I was disappointed by the difference in the chemistry between Tate and James as opposed to the emotions between Tate and Sebastian. They were all supposed to be interested in each other, weren’t they? Instead James was all clipped and scene centered while Sebastian truly enjoyed every moment he and Tate had together. But then as I read on I realized it was actually a strong point of this story because it showed the difference between just a sexual meet, what the three of them experienced that first weekend and something deeper which was the case later on between Tate and Sebastian. Boy was I wrong.The clipped and almost mechanical scenes continued throughout the story and for some reason I just couldn’t see Tate and Sebastian working out together long-term. When it comes to the professionalism of the sessions, I was pretty satisfied, but the negotiations were glazed over and that dimmed the experience for me some more.By the end I was really struggling with the rating because the dynamics between the three was so wrong and didn’t work for me at all, but at the end, when I finally realized the book would end with just two men, I hated Tate’s final choice. Both Sebastian and James had their good points as well as bad, but I guess I’m more into the personality of the ‘loser’ in this story and that sealed the deal.Since I’ve liked this author’s work before, I was surprised at the completely different flow of the story. It wasn’t really my thing even when I wanted to be amazed by it, so for the rest of you – pay attention to the blurb and jump in with your eyes open, tastes are different, and ours might be worlds apart.

  • Nana
    2019-07-17 10:39

    This one was pretty hard for me to rate. I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not. Or rather I was changing my mind all the time. However, it probably says more about me than the book.The story is written from Tate’s viewpoint and starts with Tate getting all excited over a weekend with a well respected Dom, James. Before the weekend, he finds out that there will be another addition to their weekend. So, comes in Sebastian.I liked Sebastian overall, but although the instant attraction between Tate and Sebastian played a big role in the plot, it made their first weekend together pretty lame for me, because it meant James didn’t come alive and it killed the D/s dynamics in their play. Tate merely sounded like a slightly bratty sub and I wasn’t sure what he got so excited over his time with James in the first place. This probably was necessary to show the strong chemistry between Tate and Sebastian, but at this stage they were both subs and their attraction was too vanilla, which isn’t what I like to see in BDSM fictions.Then after the first weekend came the part I had to try hard not to skip. As Tate and Sebastian gets to know each other, all the vanilla dating and vanilla sex comes in. I couldn’t enjoy this part at all, until one of Sebastian’s kinks was revealed and puppy play was introduced. It was just too sweet and plain for my taste, and I was beginning to lose my faith in the story. If I wasn’t obliged to review this story, I would have stopped reading somewhere in this part of the story.The second weekend with James turned out to be more interesting than the first, as the D/s dynamics felt more real. The third weekend was what redeemed the story for me. It only had Tate and James, and holy hot, there were humiliation, cross-dressing, some intense dominance, and submission that finally felt real. I absolutely loved it, and had Tate chose James, I would have ended up giving four stars.The plot itself could have worked better for me, had I been able to understand James’ attraction to Tate. I also found it difficult that James spotted Dom quality in Tate, when before their weekend, all he saw before was Tate playing a sub. As a result, I found somewhat unconvincing his motive for introducing Sebastian into the scene. And after just two weekends, James declaring that Tate would make a good Dom seemed just out of character. There are various kinks seamlessly woven into sex scenes, and when the D/s dynamics are clear, they are a real treat. From the last weekend scenes, I have no doubt that the author can write compelling and exciting BDSM scenes. The relationship dynamics didn’t work for me, but that may be something to do with the fact that I always want the Dom to get what he wants.Provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review

  • Leisha
    2019-07-19 14:29

    *Copy provided by the author through the BDSM TPE Bar in exchange for an honest review*Rating overviewWriting: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall: ★★★★★ (4.66)~~~*taps chin* Where do I start? The obvious maybe? I loved this bookTate craves total power exchange and is in luck, the very experienced and respected Dom James Lucas offers to put Tate under his wings for one weekend. He also suggests bringing in Sebastian, a young, innocent boy who Tate finds himself enchanted by almost immediately. They are in for a hell of a journey, each of them seeking something slightly different and all needs and wants satisfied but one...This novel is highly sexual and, to be perfectly honest, at one point I feared it would become too sexual but I found that when all was said and done this is a story with BDSM at the center of it but also a complimenting personal journey of three men. I was impressed by the level of detail Lister put into the scenes and how genuine they felt. I was also impressed that, considering that a good 66% of this book was BDSM scene play, no one scene was like the last, it was all very creative and original....and it was hot...I also found it interesting that there was a lot of identity struggle within it... well maybe not identity... but these men are not typical life-stylers, they have desires that are scattered along a broad spectrum but are very aware, apart from maybe Sebastian who granted was the youngest of the three.The only thing that sort of left me hanging was that I craved to know more about James. Who is he? Is he a pro-Dom? What about his submissive desires? How does he feel about Sebastian? I think all these questions could be answered in a novel written from James's point of view ;).That said, I am excited to get on to the next book that the author also provided me with, The Cross and the Trinity :).(ETA) You can read my review of The Cross and the Trinity here.

  • jenTed
    2019-06-24 14:41

    It's been a while since I've read a book that I liked as much as this one. I picked it up because it got great reviews from some friends and because it met the criteria I needed for a reading challenge; read a bdsm book with both orgasm denial and ménage. Guess what?! I gots a bonus too...PUPPY PLAY! What-What!!! This whole book was SO HAWT! I can't even begin to tell you how much I liked it. There were even mundane sentences like, "Boys. How was the shopping?" that turned me on. I fell in love with all the guys, Tate, Sebastian and Sir James. (view spoiler)[But I won't lie, I loved that Tate and Sebastian got together. I did feel really bad for Sir James, in that he got left out. Although I held my breath the whole weekend Tate spent alone with James. I was nervous that Tate would change his mind and stay with James. I was hoping that maybe all three would be together, but on the other hand I liked that Sebastian spoke up and voiced his opinion on the situation and Tate felt the same way.(hide spoiler)]The puppy play in this was light and fun, especially if you aren't quite into that sort of thing yet. I myself was hoping for more scenes with it or for them to take it a bit farther. I do have my fingers crossed that they'll explore it some more in the sequel The Cross and the Trinity. I also hope that the guys are able to redefine their relationships and all end up together. Guess, I'll just have to continue on to the next one and find out!

  • Oceans
    2019-06-30 15:31

    provided by the Author through the BDSM group on goodreadsThis is one hot MM erotica with BDSM elements. It is entertaining, sexy and hot with a lot of kinky sex. Maybe even too much “just sex” (is that even possible? :) ) Anyway, James is a respected Dom and when he gets his hands on two sexy young subs things get interesting. He is managing them very well. I liked their dynamics when James was the Dom and both of them were subs but when they started switching between roles, it just didn’t seem realistic and it was confusing. I liked the play scenes though, they were hot and well written. The puppy play, the flogging, talking, spanking, plugging and my favorite was the last one with James and Tate, when he was being humiliated in the public, with the words written all over his body and the outfit. Furthermore, the building between the scenes and the strictness of the characters also played their part in the sexiness. On the other hand I did miss some deeper inner connection between characters, which I couldn’t “feel” through the story. James declination of love surprised me, I didn’t see that coming but I know there is more to him that he allowed subs to see. I wonder, though, will they make it on their own? I would love to see them in ménage relationship :)