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Women and the WebFriends and enemies alike warned Mike Hammer to drop his feud with the dread Mafia, the sinister international crime network which spread its slimy web over a taxi dancer, a Central Park psychiatrist, a Yonkers millionaire and his impossibly beautiful sister, an ex-pug and a blonde with hair like snow.But Mike was thirsting to revenge the murder of a satinWomen and the WebFriends and enemies alike warned Mike Hammer to drop his feud with the dread Mafia, the sinister international crime network which spread its slimy web over a taxi dancer, a Central Park psychiatrist, a Yonkers millionaire and his impossibly beautiful sister, an ex-pug and a blonde with hair like snow.But Mike was thirsting to revenge the murder of a satin-skinned Viking. So, single-handed, he defied police and F.B.I., determined to even his personal score with the head man of the Mafia. Deprived of his gun by the Feds, battling thugs from Manhattan penthouses to the Bowery, maddened by the evil around him, he pits himself against a notorious collection of organized criminals and pursues justice to a slam-bang finish....

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Kiss Me, Deadly Reviews

  • Sifat
    2019-03-28 11:28

    One night, a blonde bounced out before PI Mike Hammer's auto. She's so frightened he doesn't have much decision yet to give her a ride. At a police barricade, he finds she's on the keep running from a sanatorium, however he passes her off as his significant other. Other individuals other than the police are after the blonde, and these individuals play unpleasant. Genuine harsh. The blonde ends up being the star witness against some big deal mobsters. Mike has bumbled into something impossibly enormous, yet the Feds don't need him included - and take his PI permit and weapon. For Mike, it's an opportunity to strike a blow against underhanded on a terrific scale. He finds that something speaking to a lot of cash, and a great deal of energy, has disappeared, and that a few people will go to any lengths to get it back . . .

  • Dave
    2019-04-18 09:42

    Mickey Spillane is one of the best-selling mystery writers of the twentieth century and rightfully so. He is most famous for his character Mike Hammer, the toughest private eye that ever walked these streets. Kiss Me, Deadly is his seventh novel overall and his sixth Mike Hammer novel. It was first published in 1952 and, at that time, it was shocking for its violence.You can feel Hammer's hatred for the many-tentacled creature that the mob is and his determination to chop off the heads of this hydra. One of the best things about this book is the quick action and violence Hammer takes against all that oppose him. Even unarmed, he is a force to be reckoned with. Although Spillane's work was not loved by literary critics, it is a truly great read for those who have a fondness for crime fiction. Unlike many other private eyes in the fifties, Hammer did not try to get cute with clever traps or clever anecdotes. Rather, he is a gruff, old-fashioned bear of a man who does what he thinks is right no matter the consequences. Highly recommended work.

  • Josh
    2019-04-14 10:42

    Mike Hammer runs into trouble when a sanatorium escapee throws herself into harm’s way in the middle of a road. Narrowly avoiding a collision which surely would've left the escapee a blood red smear on the road, Hammer gathers his bearings only to be confronted with the beautiful and curvaceous blond Viking of a woman begging for his help.Hammer, not one to shy away from a dame in distress, invites her into his car and they set off, only to run into some hardened thugs with a hard-on for murder. Fast forward and Mike’s in the hospital with Velda, secretary and budding PI in her own right, at his side with the crazy dame long dead; so begins a one man war on the mafia.Kiss Me, Deadly (published in 1952) is a violent book even by today’s more accepting standards in crime fiction. What is said on the page is just as brutal as the implied, particularly regarding the opening stanza when Hammer is left for dead and his recently distressed damsel deceased. Whilst the one man war machine is hard to stomach at times, I mean, Hammer isn't super human but he’s damn near indestructible here, it is an entertaining ride which shines a spotlight on Hammer's inner and outer hatred for the underworld; something which is exemplified more-so when Velda becomes involved.On the surface, Kiss Me Deadly, is a murder mystery that feels like it tries to do too much; there’s government corruption, murder, drug smuggling, mafia ties, and hired assassins. Had this been a straight mafia murder cover-up, I think the book would've flowed better and bumped up the star rating. The plot structure is linear so there’s nothing too complex about the book but the various suspects are hard to follow with a number of characters popping up here and there, murdered one at a time until the deadly process of elimination reveals the killer. Hammer reads almost too smart and the braggadocio and chauvinistic ways are cringe worthy but you know you’re bound to get that with these books.Spillane didn't write high end literature, he wrote tough guy books set in the black of night about beautiful women in ugly situations accompanied by a protagonist with a penchant for murder and revenge without remorse; this pretty much sums up Kiss Me, Deadly.My rating: 3/5 stars, reads perfectly well as a standalone Hammer book as well as a continuation of the series (this is the sixth installment in the still running Mike Hammer series).

  • Jim
    2019-04-05 15:39

    I believe this is my first Mike Hammer book. I loved it! Mickey Spillane wrote great noir, pulp. While driving down a mountain road, Mike Hammer almost runs over a beautiful blond standing in the road. He gives her a ride only to find she is a woman pursued. After she is killed, Mike sets out to solver her murder. There were many twists and turns as Mike Hammer pursues the killers. Here are some great quotes from the book that I particularly loved:p113 “I sat down, started to light a cigarette and stopped in the middle of it when the nurse walked in. Some women are just pretty. Some are just beautiful. Some are just gorgeous. Some are like her. For a minute you think somebody slammed one in your belly then your breath comes back with a rush and you hope she doesn’t move out of the light that makes a translucent screen out of the white nylon uniform. But she does and she says hello and you fell all gone all over.”p130 “Her mouth was too close and too hungry looking. It wasn’t trying to be that way. It just was, like a steak being grilled over an open fire when you’re starved.”Gotta love it!

  • F.R.
    2019-04-03 13:44

    The more I read Mike Hammer the more of a parody of itself it seems to be. The books are so relentlessly tough and hard boiled, with a brutally humourless hero who relishes his role as the angel of vengeance, that it becomes hard to take them seriously. Except I don’t know if Spillane is really in on the joke.This time it’s Mike against the Mafia, an organisation with tentacles everywhere but which can still be broken by one man. He makes his traditional threat, kills a great many scumbags and every dame he meets is more luscious than the last (the NYC of Mike Hammer appears to have supermodels on every block). It would not win any prizes for literature – and I’m sure Raymond Chandler never lost a wink of sleep – but it does all the things a Mike Hammer novel is supposed to.

  • Sketchbook
    2019-04-16 17:37

    The pathetic "noirs" of Stieg Larsson make me recallMickey Spillane. As Capote once said, "There are writers and there are typists." Larsson is strictly a typist. Hismishmasshery of s & m make Spillane read like Proust. For off-the-wall thrills, you can't beat the filmversion of this novel (Robt Aldrich, 1955), which has beencalled "the most perfectly realized film noir ever made."LA is a city in which every road leads to No Exit. What'scoming? A nuclear apocalypse. Sophistication and worldinessenlarge the cold and callous manners.

  • Cathy DuPont
    2019-03-28 14:45

    Mike Hammer is one tough dude! No wonder many of today's mystery writers refer to him and Mickey Spillane's books. Hammer has his license and with that, his gun pulled early on so he does all his work by hand, fighting his way through a maze of corruption, the Mafia. Published in 1953 and not knowing much history of the Mafia, not sure when it 'took hold' in America. With that said, if it was established when Spillane wrote this book, was wondering if he felt threatened in any way? Kiss Me, Deadly was complicated though. Found myself re-reading some paragraphs to make sure I got the clues or the references which were important. Around 1953 when this was published, it was the beginning of the end of noir but this definately has all the elementsof noir. My favorite passages were about how Mike closes his mouth, pulls his lips back thin and shows his teeth. He did that quite often in the book and each time I found myself doing the same thing. I meant to mark a section where he described it but sorry, forgot to. The ending was terrific...surprising and terrific. Some lose ends but doesn't bother me. Heh, it's Mike Hammer. Hammer is great so no wonder a TV series was made from these books. And Mickey Spillane was quite a character in his own right, living on the coast of South Carolina and knocking on doors trying to convert people to LDS. Am I the only one who sees some kind of contradiction here?

  • Viktor
    2019-04-10 11:40

    This book is acid. It will strip the skin off of your hide, melt it down, and send it to Peoria in a pickle barrel. Mike Hammer at his worst is Spillane at his best. While it moves, it corrodes. Hammer takes a beating like you cannot believe, but still wins out. Fights against gunmen like you cannot believe, but he still wins out. It's completely unbelievable, to be honest. But Spillane won out. I love this book. It's amazing. No one writes like Spillane. Buy a ticket and go for a ride.

  • Paige Ellen Stone
    2019-04-03 16:40

    Mike Hammer, at it again in his own inimitable style. Classic noir/pulp fiction by one of the best at it.

  • H L
    2019-03-29 17:27

    One of the few instances where the film version is actually better than the book - the film is 5 stars all the way...the book, a solid 4. Track 'em both down...

  • Phrodrick
    2019-04-08 09:31

    Bottom Line First:Kiss me Deadly did not work for me. Too many pages of Mike Hammer interior dialogue about how much smarter, deadlier and uncontrolled he is. Then, at least three times he walks into traps because he was not paying attention. There is a lot of killing, most of it by the unarmed hero. (Early on his detective license and gun permit are revoked.) Every death is more or less justified, but many are not necessary. Our hero seems tired and admits to being old, this will be one of the last Mike Hammers Spillane will write. Mostly it made me tired. I found myself dragging through the last 50 pages and feeling had by the ending.The copy I have was a gift from a friend. The reprint of the original cover had me at first sight- Classic old time pulp fiction. We begin with a fast series of events, Mike Hammer picking up a "dame" who is of course naked under her "fitted" trench coat. Fast cars, bluff your way past the police road block , fall into the arms of the bad guys , coat lady gets killed and the poorly faked evidence points to Hammer as the killer.And that takes us to about page 20. Mike, against all kinds of advice will take on the Mafia, and do so without a fire arm or much in the way of clues. He is armed by superior morals and willingness to ignore them and a better brain and not being one of the stooges in government. At this will take another 100 or so pages.Kiss Me Deadly is a short book made too long by all of the self-righteous monologue. Most of the villains are bad by reputation rather than by anything on the page and all attractive females fall in love with Mike. The plot twists are more confusing than confounding. Pulp is allowed to be formulaic, but the formula never comes together to make an edge of your seat read.

  • Jim
    2019-04-16 15:55

    I had just finished seeing Robert Aldrich's 1955 film version of Kiss Me, Deadly (without the comma in its title) when I decided I would give Mickey Spillane another chance. Years ago, I had read I, the Jury and liked it moderately. Now that I've read Kiss Me, Deadly, I could say that I still like him -- moderately. I saw a filmed interview with him and saw the reason why: Spillane professed never to rewrite. He just sat down and hacked it all out. At times, his writing is really good:And I went. The rain took me back again, put its arms around me and held tight. I became part of the night, part of the wet, part of the noise and life that was the city. I could hear it laughing at me, a low, dull rumble with a sneer in it.Perhaps the problem ultimately was that sneer. It never left Mike Hammer. I could never quite understand what women found to like in him. He was every bit as much of a thug as the thugs he was ostensibly fighting.

  • TrumanCoyote
    2019-04-09 15:51

    Okay sure, there's quite a bit of cornball stuff about Spillane's style. So Mike's pissed off cuz a coupla goons roughed him up, and now he's gettin' set to take on the whole Mafia. ("Dammit, they're not gonna get away with this!" lol) And along the way he's forever running in to some Gorgeous Dame or another. You know the type? The ones with kissable lips and curves that won't quit. Oh yeah, and he along with all of his bimbos and thugs go through about 10 packs (or "decks") of ciggies a day in the midst of all of this.The funny thing is though, the guy actually does have a very nice and powerful style whenever he knocks off all those hijinx and manages to cut through the crap. Paragraphs about the city and rain and so forth that are as good as anything Chandler ever knocked off (and arguably without trying quite so much).If only he could've resisted the urge to act all the time like some hard-boiled bobblehead, he could've had something truly great on his hands.

  • George K.
    2019-03-24 11:33

    Το δεύτερο βιβλίο του Μίκι Σπιλέιν που διαβάζω, πάντα με ήρωα τον Μάικ Χάμερ, το πρώτο ήταν το "Εγώ, οι ένορκοι", το οποίο μου φάνηκε λίγο καλύτερο. Πρωταγωνιστής, ο κλασικός σκληρός ιδιωτικός ντετέκτιβ, ο οποίος ό,τι όμορφο θηλυκό κυκλοφορεί καταφέρνει και το ρίχνει... Μέχρι ένα σημείο είναι εντάξει, αλλά μετά καταντά κουραστικό. Το προσπερνάω αυτό όμως. Ο Μάικ Χάμερ αυτή τη φορά μπλέκει σε μια περίεργη και περίπλοκη ιστορία, που οδηγεί στη Μαφία και κάτι ναρκωτικά τεράστιας αξίας. Μετά από πολλές αναζητήσεις, κυνηγητά, ανταλλαγές πυροβολισμών, μπουνιών και λοιπά, βρίσκει τον εγκέφαλο που κρυβόταν πίσω από όλα αυτά. Κλασική νουάρ ατμόσφαιρα, με πρωταγωνιστές ένα κάρο μικροαπατεώνες, διεφθαρμένους πολιτικούς, δημοσιογράφους, αστυνομικούς, διάφορους αργόσχολους και παρακμιακούς τύπους, γυναίκες, άλλες μοιραίες και επικίνδυνες και άλλες τρομαγμένες, όλες όμορφες και όλες τσιμπημένες με τον Μάικ Χάμερ. Ενδιαφέρουσα πλοκή με δυνατό τέλος, αλλά και με κάποια κενά και κάποια αναπάντητα ερωτήματα. Γραφή κλασική για hard boiled αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα, αλλά και λίγο παλπ. Πάντως, είναι ό,τι πρέπει για να περάσει ευχάριστα και γρήγορα η ώρα, χωρίς όμως να νιώθεις χαμένος(αν φυσικά σου αρέσουν τα αστυνομικά αυτού του είδους, αν κάποιος ψάχνει κάτι παραπάνω ας ψάξει αλλού)."Αγάπη μου θα σε σκοτώσω", εκδόσεις Πάνθηρ.

  • Jim C
    2019-04-15 16:32

    This is part of the Mike Hammer series. Even though it is a series each novel is a stand alone novel. In this one, Mike is driving back to the city when he sees a woman hitchhiking on a lonely mountain road. Mike offers her a ride and he is immediately thrust into a big, bad situation that involves the Mafia.I am a fan of these novels but this one did not do it for me. Don't get me wrong. This one has all the hallmarks that I love about these books. It is politically incorrect and probably wouldn't be written nowadays. It has the gritty, gruff way of portraying aspects. And we have Mike who is a tough, womanizing man who believes in being right. All of these are here and once again I enjoyed these aspects. The problem was the mystery. I think this is where it showed the book's age. Since this book has been written we have had so many amazing Mafia stories and movies that this one felt flat. This one was probably better for when it was written.In my opinion, this book wasn't a highlight of this series. It does take you back to the time it was written and its atmosphere. I loved this part of the book. This was also its problem as this one did feel dated. I have liked other books in this series more than this one and I am hoping to like future ones better too.

  • Tricia C
    2019-04-13 09:43

    Ugh. Honestly, I only read on this for a couple hours before deciding it wasn't worth the inevitable eyestrain. I kept looking into this book, hooping for something as exciting or at least as well-written as The Maltese Falcon. I suppose those are pretty high expectations, but with all the hype Mickey Spillane's novels got, I would have expected them to be at least worth the effort of finishing them. Also, knowing before I started the book that Spillane called himself one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I didn't expect his novel to be so... Unchristian. I know firsthand the way Jehovah's Witnesses conduct themselves, being one myself, and I would have to say that I was shocked by the content and subject of his writing. But that's just a personal opinion there. Okay, anyway. I didn't finish it, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't share it with any of my friends.

  • Kevin Neilson
    2019-04-03 10:42

    I read this in German, in which it was called Rhapsodie in Blei, which is a pun in German, as "Blei" means "lead". Having seen the movie, I was a bit confused--the novel never mentions anything about nuclear material in the box, and the ending has no glowing house on the beach. I was rather tired at the end, though, having suffered through a lot of violence. Some of it required a big suspension of disbelief: tied down to a bed and under watch by several armed goons, it was surely curtains for Mike Hammer. But a page later he had left the building and all those men were dead. The descriptions of all the beautiful dames was entertaining, but similar material is done much better by Chandler.

  • Erik Moloney
    2019-04-06 11:27

    Friends and enemies alike warned Mike Hammer to drop his feud with the dread Mafia, the sinister international crime network which spread its slimy web over a taxi dancer, a Central Park psychiatrist, a Yonkers millionaire and his impossibly beautiful sister, an ex-pug and a blonde with hair like snow.But Mike was thirsting to revenge the murder of a satin-skinned Viking. So, single-handed, he defied police and F.B.I., determined to even his personal score with the head man of the Mafia. Deprived of his gun by the Feds, battling thugs from Manhattan penthouses to the Bowery, maddened by the evil around him, he pits himself against a notorious collection of organized criminals and pursues justice to a slam-bang finish.

  • D-day
    2019-03-26 11:44

    Kiss Me Deadly finds Mike Hammer confronting the Mafia over stolen narcotics. But this isn't the Mafia of the Godfather or the Sopranos. Spillane pictures them as a secret shadowy organization like the Illuminati or the Elders of Zion.Compared to other Mike Hammer novels I have read (which all seemed like a rehash of I, The Jury), this one started better, however the ending is completely incoherent. The fate of one character that had gone missing is never dealt with. One main characters' identity is proven to be false but it's never explained who she is. Spillane is, in common with a lot of the hard-boiled genre, rather sparse on description and explication, but whole plot points are ignored or left unanswered.

  • Bruce
    2019-04-08 10:43

    Is Spillane a worthy confrère of the likes of Chandler, Hammett and Macdonald? My answer is unequivocally yes, despite the charges of gratuitous violence and sexual titillation. Those are aspects of Mike Hammer's character -- faults perhaps, but isn't that what noir is all about, the heroic transcending moral weakness in the protagonist? The plot of Kiss Me, Deadly superbly orchestrates this transcendence, as Hammer stays one step ahead of the Mafia in solving the central mystery. And yes, this is a mystery, with a fair amount of ratiocination. Not Hercule Poirot, certainly -- but if Poirot had to put up with what Mike Hammer does . . .

  • Jim
    2019-04-19 17:47

    Mike Hammer is the main character.I've re-read most of Spillane's novels. They're hoaky, dated & fun. I don't care for the Tiger Mann books much. He gets really hoaky with them - tough guy who screws around on his virginal fiancee but loves her so much he aches. The later Mike Hammer books go that way too. Mike Hammer ranks a little higher with me, but not a lot.I enjoy Spillane's stand alone stories more. Those characters tend not to be as hoaky, just as tough & the plots are fair with lots of action. They're a good, quick read.

  • Ed
    2019-04-05 10:44

    #6 in the Mike Hammer series.Mike Hammer series - No dame is pretty with a gun in her hand. But at least this one was alive. The last time Mike Hammer met up with a blonde she ended up dead, and Hammer inherited a war with the Mob. As he digs deeper, he discovers that about fifteen years ago the Mafia had been double crossed. Now, people are dying because of it and the girl with the gun is a crucial witness in the case. While Hammer's enemies are searching the city for him, he is ready to go after them. Along the way, he'll find out just how deadly a kiss can get.

  • Francesco Zampa
    2019-04-04 10:46

    Il detective duro per eccellenza, buono quanto basta ma soprattutto giusto oltre ogni limite. Ce ne vorrebbero... Tacciato di torpiloquismo negli anni '50, oggi quel linguaggio conserva la sua brutalità quasi senza offendere, tanto si è abbassato il livello di decenza soprattutto di molte trasmissioni televisive. Se la contendono lui e Callaghan, e temo che il buon vecchio Clint debba cedere ai ragazzi grandi...

  • Ned
    2019-03-23 15:29

    The rockin' wrecking ball of Mike Hammer must be called back via movies like Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp fiction... I want to see this movie done in the Kill Bill style by Tarantino. Totally misogynist and sickly violent, but such an interesting look back on the 1950s postwar USA. It's a roller coaster of broken teeth, bleeding bellies and limbs ripped away from the evil powers that be... Intense.

  • Richard Crookes
    2019-04-05 10:32

    Having been a long time fan of the film and never having read any Spillane before, I was curious... and although I enjoyed the book and will probably read some more of his work at some time, quite frankly I got a little bored with the plot. The more surreal quality of the film was more appealing to me. It's obviously a piece of its time which is interesting in itself - quite sexy in a charming restrained way, even though it deals with brutal people.

  • Tom
    2019-04-04 09:49

    I liked the 1955 movie better. Cloris Leachman's first big break. Too bad she dies so soon. The movie became a cult classic and film noir. Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer. A.I. Bezzerides, in writing the screenplay, took liberties with the plot which made it better in my opinion.Stacy Keach is my favorite Hammer.

  • J.W. Metcalf
    2019-03-24 13:54

    This book was my doorway into the private investigator world of books. I loved it and thought Mike Hammer was a tough SOB. I remember reading this when I was around 10 or so. Mike was a non nonsense type of guy. It was an eye opener and Mickey Spillane was probably the biggest influence in my writing today.

  • Kam Oi
    2019-03-30 15:36

    I was expecting to like this but I actually kind of hated it. The writing is clever sometimes but Hammer is just so brutally angry for like, no reason I can discern. Then every single dame is more gorgeous than the last & totally wants to get down his pants. And then the story doesn't even tie up at the end. I did really like Michael Friday though. She should get her own story.

  • Grant Marsh
    2019-04-09 09:30

    It's on of those books that I think fits in with those times. Mike Hammer is a somewhat emotionless "pantyhound" who always seems to find trouble everywhere he goes. I didn't think it was horrible, but I definitely wouldn't say it was a masterpiece. It is one of those books you pick up and can read in an afternoon.

  • Jon
    2019-04-22 14:49

    Two-dimensional characters, nonsensical plot, ultra violence on every page until, finally, a drop-out-of-the-sky ending hits you on the head, putting the final fillip to the 20-point IQ skid you get just by reading this stuff.