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This book recounts the classic & most carefully documented of the many 'close encounters' that have been reported across the world. Driving home from Canada on the night of 9/19/1961, Betty & Barney Hill of Portsmouth, NH, sighted a flying saucer, which left them shaken. When they arrived home Barney found inexplicable scuff marks on the tips of his shoes; Betty noThis book recounts the classic & most carefully documented of the many 'close encounters' that have been reported across the world. Driving home from Canada on the night of 9/19/1961, Betty & Barney Hill of Portsmouth, NH, sighted a flying saucer, which left them shaken. When they arrived home Barney found inexplicable scuff marks on the tips of his shoes; Betty noticed rows of mysterious circles on the boot of their car, but what was worse, they realised they could not account for almost two hours of their time on the road. After many months of psychic distress, they sought medical assistance from Dr Benjamin Simon, a distinguished Boston psychiatrist & neurologist. Under psychotherapy, including time-regression hypnosis, the Hills gave almost identical accounts of what had happened during their two lost hours. They told of intelligent humanoid beings who took them on board an alien spacecraft, questioned them & subjected them to physical examination. The Hills were an American married couple who rose to fame after they claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials on 9/19-20/1961. The couple's story, called the Hill Abduction, occasionally the Zeta Reticuli Incident, was that they had been kidnapped for a short time by a UFO. Theirs was the 1st widely-publicized claim of alien abduction....

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The Interrupted Journey Two Lost Hours Aboard A Flying Saucer Reviews

  • Owlseyes
    2019-04-13 09:35

    "I...was most impressed by the Betty and Barney Hill case when it was first introduced in the 1960's (The Interrupted Journey).This was the first so-called "abduction" case. There were many things in that report that convinced me that the Hills had a true experience. For example the apparent telepathic communication and the non-hostile intent of the aliens , seemed to me perfectly plausible".Dolores Cannon in "The Custodians"Barney under hypnosis: "He's a Nazi...his eyes are slanted...those eyes...I feel like a's the cat in Alice in Wonderland..."Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman :"They [aliens] don't understand how Barney's teeth come out and hers don't" Hahah (Barney had dentures)Paul Devereux "...driving hours upon hours...they go into trance...miraculously floating into a spaceship ...out of the body experience...lucid dreaming experience...,sleep disorders that fit in absolute detail" (the abductee description) "Tectonic Strain Theory(Michael) Persinger [a cognitive neuroscience researcher] has also come to public attention due to his 1975 Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) of how geophysical variables may correlate with sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or Marian apparitions. Persinger argued that strain within the Earth's crust near seismic faults produces intense electromagnetic (EM) fields, creating bodies of light that some interpret as glowing UFOs or The Virgin Mary. Alternatively, he argued that the EM fields generate hallucinations in the temporal lobe, based on images from popular culture, of alien craft, beings, communications, or creatures".From Wiki This is one of earliest* reported cases of abduction. I would highlight two, at least, important features (common to many other abduction cases); they’re the “missing time”** and the “intensity of the emotions” associated with the encounter; the latter obtained via hypnotic regression. In fact, the title of the book is the Interrupted journey: two lost hours aboard a flying saucer. Basically, the story told in the book involves a couple: a white woman and a black man who, back in September 19th, 1961, are travelling from Canada (border) to their home in Portsmouth, USA. He’s a bright civil-rights activist and post officer, called Barney; she’s a social worker, by the name of Betty; her true name being Eunice.They had had the warning of an upcoming hurricane while heading south. After the restaurant break for a meal, they left the place at around 10:05 p. m. . While on the way home she was the first one to spot “another star” (above a known planet). Soon they both concluded that the star was moving: “the object would disappear behind the trees”. They will report: “strange sounds” ….and “missing time” 11 p.m. when passing by the “Cannon mountain”; the "star" had entered a “crazy course”. :::Upon arriving they get to this conclusion: the trip took 2 hours longer than expected. Past few days, Betty started having nightmares of the couple being taken onboard a spacecraft and "medically examined".In December 1963 they sought help from Doctor Benjamin Simon, because Betty had developed health problems (ulcers namely). The book gives detailed accounts of the sessions the couple went through. Of special (somewhat terrifying) interest are the examinations they were subjected to, by aliens. Some of these examinations left physical marks in the body of Barney.Betty had access to maps that led to the identification of the place in the galaxy where from these aliens came. The couple was separated while in the hypnotic sessions; thereafter “amnesia” was induced.Someone commented that the emotional [fear and terror] intensity reported was "greater" than any of the war traumas reported by military people. The movie based in the book,The UFO Incident by Richard A. Colla (1975),is fairly good, regarding the story.---*Maybe the earliest is the case of Antonio Villas Boas in Brazil, 1957.**Missing Time, by Budd Hopkins Lost Betty Hill Interview,October 2009. and Barney Hill case with regressive hypnosis)

  • Unigami
    2019-04-06 10:47

    I read this book when I was about 11 years old, and it scared the crap out of me, especially the sketches of the aliens. This is a classic must read book for ufologists and one of the few that I actually believe.

  • Daniel
    2019-03-30 09:21

    The Betty and Barney Hill case is truly the mother of all alien abduction stories; not only was it the first complete account of alien abduction, it remains one of the most well-documented cases on record. The Hills were not publicity seekers (as an interracial couple in 1964, the last thing they needed was more attention), and the medical psychiatrist who eventually hypnotized them had no interest in ufology whatsoever - in fact, Dr. Simon Hill maintained strict editorial control over the contents of this book, particularly pertaining to his medical observations and the regression session transcripts, and he also penned the forward in an effort to further separate himself from a literal interpretation of the Hills' story. Back then, alien abduction was too wild to even consider a possibility. As active participants in their community, Barney and Betty had nothing to gain - and everything to lose - by going public (and they did so only after their story was leaked to a reporter), making The Interrupted Journey a tribute to their courage as well as a record of the extraordinary event that haunted them for the rest of their lives.On the night of September 19, 1961, while driving home from vacation through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Hills spotted a strange object in the sky, a light that seemed to follow them on the desolate road. They stopped several times to view the object through binoculars but could not identify it. Whereas Betty's curiosity was greatly aroused by the mystery object, Barney repeatedly attempted to explain it away as nothing out of the ordinary. After getting out of the car and making his way into a field to get a better view of the object, Barney suddenly ran back to the car, exclaiming that they had to leave before they were captured. A short time later, they heard a series of beeps; the next thing they remembered were a second series of beeps, at which time they found themselves some thirty-five miles down the road. Everything in between the series of beeps was a complete haze in their minds. Shaking off the experience, they arrived home some two hours later than expected.In the weeks and months following this sighting, both of the Hills began experiencing psychological and physiological problems. Betty began having vivid nightmares of the night of the sighting, while Barney's anxiety increased and an ulcer flared up. Tracing the source of their rising anxiety back to the night of September 19, 1961, they were eventually referred to psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon, who set out to unlock their amnesiac period of that night via hypnosis. What emerged from those sessions was an extraordinary account of being abducted by aliens, subjected to a series of medical tests aboard their craft, and having their memories tampered with so they would not consciously remember what happened.Dr. Simon had no interest whatsoever in UFOs and sought to explain the source of their mutually corroborating accounts of alien abduction as some type of dream transference - but he certainly believed that the Hills' regression testimonies were sincere. His main concern, naturally, was in helping the couple relieve their anxiety, and he was successful in doing so. Over the next couple of years, the Hills went on to discuss their story with family and friends - and the story would probably end there if a Boston journalist hadn't found out about it and published an article about it - against the Hills' strong wishes. That opened the floodgates, of course, leading to the Hills' decision to go public in the form of this book by John G. Fuller.Aside from its historical importance, The Interrupted Journey is a pretty darn interesting read. Whatever happened to them, the Hills were an extraordinary couple, and the story they tell differs in a number of ways from the standard abduction account as we've come to know it today - and since there were really no other cases to compare it with at the time, the author had no real agenda apart from letting the Hills tell their story in their own words, much of it straight from the regression session transcripts.

  • Erik Graff
    2019-03-27 05:31

    This book is a classic for ufologists, being the first popular researched account of what has become to be known as the alien abduction phenomenon. Fuller, a journalist already known for some work on UFO sightings, covers the story on several levels. The first is what the Hills immediately recalled of their automobile trip, a remembrance with two unaccountable hours and some other oddities, including vague, but increasing anxiety. This led them to individual counselling, their independent sessions being recorded, and much expanded accounts filling the lost time with extraordinary recollections of an alien craft and alien beings. Finally, the author attempts to reconstruct events by correlating their accounts.An introduction is provided by the psychiatrist who treated the Hills. While not endorsing the objective reality of extraterrestrials, he does vouch for the record and for the honesty of his analysands.

  • Betty
    2019-04-01 12:39

    An investigative report in book form about the now famous sighting of Betty and Bob Hill, who purportedly were taken aboard a "flying saucer". As most people today know, Betty was able to reproduce a star map that was exceptionally close to fitting the galaxy from a specific point of view. This was the first abduction on record if I remember right, and the book emphasizes the ordeal they went through afterward.

  • Marek Herman
    2019-03-29 07:33

    There's much information in this book which you won't find anywhere else!

  • Julie
    2019-03-30 11:27

    my book was published in 1966. picked it up at a library sale. interesting read about what exactly happened to Betty and Barney Hill

  • Rick Gilliam
    2019-04-03 10:22

    Interesting read but strives too hard to be neutral.

  • Dennise
    2019-04-17 09:32

    spooky.....makes you wonder.

  • Maryanne
    2019-04-17 08:42

    The Interrupted Journey: 12132005 Two Lost Hours "Aboard a Flying Saucer" John G. Fuller

  • Hank
    2019-03-27 06:45

    It was creepy and having driven those roads I can relate to how they must have felt (assuming it's all true). The downside of the book is that it is very repetitive so feel free to skip ahead.