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Book SixThis book is part of a series.Caden Fournier has everything: Money, fame and an international business that's skyrocketing. But the one thing he really wants, money can't buy: Love. When fate puts him in the path of a speeding semi, Caden meets handsome paramedic Kellan Brady. Kellan Brady has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember. Always wantingBook SixThis book is part of a series.Caden Fournier has everything: Money, fame and an international business that's skyrocketing. But the one thing he really wants, money can't buy: Love. When fate puts him in the path of a speeding semi, Caden meets handsome paramedic Kellan Brady. Kellan Brady has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember. Always wanting the fairy tale of true love, he ends up instead with an injured and angry Frenchman pinned in his BMW.If they can get past their rocky start, can the two men build a relationship when both are hiding a secret?Warning: Men making love and plenty of curse words.Sneak Peek at book Seven follows......

Title : For the Love of Caden
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For the Love of Caden Reviews

  • Eperdu
    2018-10-18 15:15

    I'll write more of a review after I finish but so far .. why am I continuing to read this??I couldn't finish reading it. It was one of the worst books I've attempted in a long time. I've read fanfiction that was better than this book. I won't be reading anything else in the series.

  • Shelby
    2018-10-21 12:22

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Kellan and Caden’s story and that certainly doesn’t change on a re-read. It’s interesting coming back to early books in this story, with how many more are written, and knowing who all are going to end up with who. Still I really enjoyed the way that these two came together. This book is sort of the pivot point of everything else that goes forward, were things really leave the door open for the craziness that is to come in later books. Knowing what’s coming I can see a lot of the build up in this story.Kellan has almost given up hope on ever finding his mate. He’s not quite ready to give up entirely, but watching a number of his friends find their other halves has made him wish for his even more. Still he’s happy in his career with his pack mates. He loves his job as a paramedic and getting to live and work with Scott and Jude makes everything better. Of course a rainy holiday in Seattle always makes for more work for the boys. Called out to a major traffic collision the last thing Kellan expects to find is the one man he wants to call his own.Caden saw the truck coming up behind their stopped line of cars, but there was nothing he could do to get out of the way. Now his BMW is crunched like an accordion and he’s trapped inside. The adorable medic that shows up to help does take his mind off his pain a little bit, but Caden knows he’s still being a grouchy asshole. He’s determined to make it up to the guy, especially as it’s clear Kellan has no idea who Caden is. There’s just something about Kellan that draws Caden in and he wants to get to know the medic at all costs. Caden is just wonderful in this story. I loved his grouchy bear grumbles in the beginning when he was in pain. Of course by that point Kellan’s already got the wrong impression that Caden’s straight and thus off limits. As perfect as these two are for each other getting settled into that relationship isn’t smooth sailing. They’re both protecting secrets that only serve to drive them apart. I always loved the way Caden’s secret came out and how it was handled in the story. It fit the world very well and was really believable. It didn’t push the envelope to hard for me, instead it fitted into the natural order of things nicely. Of course the outcome was always assured, but I appreciated that this wasn’t a given. The danger and risk were real to those involved. Carson coming back into the story and being the asshole he’s been every time we’ve seen him also fit. He’s got a lot of anger at Caden for what happened in Alaska and is determined to make his life miserable. He was a great foil to upset the happy balance Caden and Kellan had going when they were still keeping secrets from each other.As I said the beginnings of so many later storylines are started in this book and that’s I think why I particularly enjoy it every time I re-read it. I know how pivotal the information in this book is later on and it’s fun to see the early relationships still being the focus before the world expands into double and triple the characters. ;) So many of my favorites are in this story and it’s fun to revisit them.This is a simple, fast read, but I still find it enjoyable every time. It’s a crazy world with loads of characters and an ever evolving complex matrix of things going on. It’s a train well worth jumping on and a great break from reality each and every time. ☺

  • Silkeeeeee
    2018-10-20 09:19

    I'm hoping this series gets better, I realize I'm reading some out of order but I know the cast of characters. Since the first book, this seems to have gone down hill. I hope the author was able o get her juju back for the rest of this. There's just not much substance to them. Even he sex is boring, and that's saying something. 

  • Lelyana
    2018-10-12 11:08

    Okay, don't judge me.Despite of 22 winks, 16 giggles, and 216 love (love, loves , true love, I love yous), I enjoyed this book.When you met your true mate and never let go, love at first kiss, love at first fuck, it was okay.Hey. you're a werewolf after all.I think after this, I'm going to read about James and Derek. Ten years of waiting? That's enough.Kellan and Caden, not so bad.This book is what I need when things getting serious, and life happens. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Blame my OCD, somehow I need to finish this series and it's a long way to go !

  • AliciaJ
    2018-09-22 14:17

    This one was just a bit too overly gooey for me. I don't mind some sweetness between lovers, but Caden and Kellan were just a bit too much. Oh, and please...please....please...STOP with the "giggling guys". It gives me the willies to imagine grown ass men acting like goofball teenage girls at the mall. Ewwww. Anyway, other than all that, I enjoyed learning more of the early storyline of this series. The author does a great job of keeping all the characters interesting and individualized. I'm not reading about basically the same guy with a different name in each book. And I love the bad guys. They are definitely creepy. All in all, the series as a whole is pretty awesome.

  • JustJen
    2018-10-06 14:14

    Really liked this segment. I liked Caden in the last book and was happy to see him finding a genuine relationship. Kellan has been waiting for his mate for a long time. He and Caden make a good match. This story goes in a little bit of a different direction than the previous ones, and I found it quite refreshing. Nice to see the packs working together. Wayne is a badass alpha, and I was happy to see Alexander meet up with Evangeline. Looking forward to Derek and James' story next.

  • Susan65
    2018-09-23 12:03

    Okay, so we moved in a little bit of a different direction....I like it.

  • Bea
    2018-10-05 10:00

    I hate having to write negative reviews, after all, what I don't like someone else probably loved. If you look at this one, it has a 4.05 rating and I have NO IDEA why. So just a few thoughts about the book:PRO:1. The idea of mixing Assassins and shifters into a world where they meet and fall in love sounds unique and interesting.2. The romance story: How Caden and Kellan met was exciting and then the ending where Caden has to be possibly be changed and then how he adapts could be interesting.Negatives:1. Instant Mates: This is extremely tropey and has been done a lot. So if you are bringing this to the table, it needs to be well written and add something special. Unfortunately, this did not occur.2. Bad writing: The dialogue was horrible! It is not a hyperbole to say that a high school student could have written better conversations.3. Simple Plot: There really is no development of characters or relationship and the "danger" is rather idiotic and simple. Which, if the author had spent time working on character and relationship, then I could have ignored the lack of explanation on the "danger" aspect.4. Horrible Pacing: As I have said, the instant mates aspects does not give us a chance to see the romance develop. There was so much potential here! If we had had a chapters of discussion instead of just a "and then they fell in love" I would have enjoyed this book. I normally would not write a negative review, but seeing how there are so many 5 star reviews on this I just felt like my voice should be heard to balance it. This was my second book by the author and that one I gave a 2 star as well. So I guess I am done with trying out this series; I guess it is not for me.You might love it, and that's ok! I just could not get into it.

  • Sadonna
    2018-10-08 12:12

    In this book, we finally find the man for Kellan who has been desperately seeking his mate. I really liked Caden from Best Laid Plans so I was glad to see him in this story. There are more threats from Carson and more pack meetings and more interaction with Wayne and Conner that has to mean something soon. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next book with James and Derek who have been dancing around each other for years. Caden and Kellan are good together and there are a few twists and turns that are unexpected. And we get some nice views of Caden home in France. There is also a possible HEA for Alexander too which is nice!This is still an enjoyable series to read 6 books in.

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2018-10-09 07:59

    3.5 Stars~This one I have a love hate thing going on, yet I really kind of liked it!What I Loved~Caden And Kellan so Freakin Adorable~With A Super Sweet Story-Line...I Loved That!What I Hated~Plot and dialogue was like a pocket full of holes sweet, but its easy to lose focus with so many smexy scenes so yes, this series still has waaaay to much smex'in in this series....its kind of yummy in this one, but I still skimed and daydream...and wanted more plot. but,~ Botton line~ Caden and Kellan's are by far the sweetest yet! So The Generals story is next, I've been waiting for his story since like what seems forever...Sigh...

  • Jane (PS)
    2018-10-09 15:20

    Easy read. Great if you just want a quick relaxing book. The writing is still a bit undeveloped and choppy but I figure with so many books in the series and with good ratings, this aspect may improve :)

  • Nile Princess
    2018-09-23 14:24

    Really liked this one. Still had to skim the sex, but lots going on. And the good news? Wyatt is all grown up! Woohoo, his book and Preston's should be coming soon.

  • Vicki
    2018-10-09 10:56

    Love this series

  • V
    2018-09-23 09:01

    I can't have enough of this series.

  • Shannon
    2018-10-14 13:57

    After a re-read, I had to up my rating to 4 stars. These really should be read in order and I hadn't done that the first go 'round. So sweet and sexy!

  • Christine
    2018-09-25 07:57

    3.5Great read if you just want a quick low angst book. Kellan & Caden are kinda too sweet for my taste but the story was good and I like how the author is building the stories of all the players involved.

  • Diane Dannenfeldt
    2018-10-22 12:01

    Loved it as much the second time around as I did the first. The only thing I wished is that they would have communicated with each other. The whole Carson thing & the big secret that Caden was keeping from Kellan. As always Greg B/T did an amazing job!

  • Rachel Richardson
    2018-09-27 14:06

    Another great add to the series. Caden Fournier and Kellan Brady story had some surprising turns that I did not see coming. I laughed and cried til the end. Can't wait for the next.

  • Phaney
    2018-10-15 14:10

    ** Mild spoilers. (Nothing too terribly surprising.) **On the whole it was okay. Ish. But as usual I have lots of little things to complain about. (Sorry about that. It must get incredibly boring.)So yeah; this is another one of those kitchen sink reviews. My apologies. Again.Um, as much as I dislike repetitive sex scenes… Why are they now all abbreviated? More summary than scene. For example there’s never any stretching anymore, zero foreplay. Clothes just fall away and the other guy’s already inside. That’s how fast it is. I wonder if the author got bored.So much smiling. This might seem an odd thing to comment on or even complain about, but it’s in every other sentence and always using the word “smiled”. Oh well, at least that means people are happy.He whined softly and lay beside his mate nuzzling his neck, Caden growled again and Kellan felt canines in his neck. He whined softly and licked Caden’s nose; the canines let up and he heard a soft huff.How? How can Kellan’s tongue reach Caden’s nose when Caden has his teeth in Kellan’s neck? I can’t picture it.Although what really surprises me is that the author use the past tense of lie correctly here. Often enough it’s the present tense instead.I really dislike that everyone is sticking their noses in everyone else’s business. I mean, helping out is cool, but discussing other peoples business openly like they do with (view spoiler)[Wayne and Conner’s (hide spoiler)]? Not cool.Hm. Yes, we’ve seen that newly turned wolves upon their first return to a human body aggressively and unstoppably have to have sex with their mates. (view spoiler)[But this time it really sounds like an act of violence, what with Kellan being in excruciating pain and not getting aroused at all. This is… Oh hell. (hide spoiler)] Well, at least it’s in keeping with the established canon.Oh, come on! (view spoiler)[Super healing abilities? A drop of blood without even turning someone wolfy? Overpowered much? And why did that never come into play before? For example, when Wayne found Dakota bleeding to death. (hide spoiler)] This is overpowered rubbish. I can’t wait until they all turn out to be able to teleport.ZOMG. One heterosexual man. One. And he gets together with a woman. Oh, this series loves to live on the edge.And yeah, either the author or the characters have a weird view of women.(view spoiler)[“OMG, woman, are you sure you want that position of boss over the man you are dating? He is such a strong alpha type.” – The man in question: “Yeah, no problem. I recommended you, proving what a forward thinking guy I am. Of course only after I asked the other, less qualified men whether they’d want the job instead. But they didn’t because it’s a boring job and we are real doctors, not paper pushers like you.”… Words fail me. This little mini plot totally backfired on its intent, which was to make Evangeline look like a confident modern woman, who does not need a man, and to make Alexander look like a confident modern man, who has no problem working under his female lover. (That last bit came out wrong. XD) (hide spoiler)]Uh. When exactly did Wyatt grow up? Like, by eight years, if I am generous, since the beginning of this book – unless I am completely off my count. Is this the soap opera effect, where kids’ ages jump ahead so they can be in the same generation as their parents’ peers? And yeah, since Wyatt congratulates Caden and Kellan on their mating only now, we have proof that indeed there was no huge time jump built into the epilogue. A year at most. This is kind of insane.I also find it a bit weird that in the (according to this calculation) at least ten years since the first book Riley and Mateo still have not produced offspring, despite having been in a hurry to do so since they got together. Same goes for everyone else, really, but given the money Riley has to throw around on utterly frivolous stuff one would think he would have managed to get this baby thing going long ago.Now that I think about it, this would mean that all the other couples that have been set up or foreshadowed would have aged almost a decade as well without getting together.Oh yeah, I think time passed exclusively for Wyatt here. (And maybe Preston.) Perhaps his school was located in another dimension with an accelerated timescale.

  • MyzanM
    2018-10-11 12:09

    A nice story. I wish there had been more about Kellan and Caden struggling to fit together and about Caden's secret. I think that part was glossed over a bit too much.

  • T.M. Smith
    2018-10-08 13:20

    " l'amour est dans l'air (Love is in the air)"What made the experience of listening to For the Love of Caden the most enjoyable?Aside from the Author's amazing storyline, Boudreaux's fantastic narration. He enunciated Caden's french accent flawlessly.What was one of the most memorable moments of For the Love of Caden?Even reading the book I was always moved by Caden's need to protect Kellan that was stronger than any preconceived notions about reality. It doesn't faze him for very long when he learns Kellan is a wolf, more so, it's Carson's threat Caden fears.What does Greg Boudreaux bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?He brings the characters to life in your mind. Of course, the Author does a great job of that with descriptions and characteristics but, actually hearing the different accents and vocal tones really makes them more three dimensional, makes them more real.Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?It was but it took a couple of days. Now I want to listen again!Any additional comments?My e-book review from December 2012...We first met the sultry French billionaire, Caden Fournier in book 5, when he forged an unlikely friendship with the young Quinton brothers, Grayson and Xander. Having played cupid and assisted in reuniting them with their mates, Taylor and Jagger Drake. He picks up his life and moves to Seatle in hopes of finding something different, something new… someone actually. The man that will love him and not his bank account.Werewolf Kellan Brady has been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for his one true mate. Imagine his surprise when his mate lands in his ambulance with a broken leg and a bad attitude. Thankfully Kellan’s boss and alpha, Dr. Alexander Romasko, is the attending physician when they bring Caden in. He’s not thrilled that the brutish but sexy Frenchman is his mate at the moment, but he still doesn’t trust just anyone to care for him. Weeks pass and Caden can’t get thoughts of Kellan out of his mind, he dreams about him, in an attempt to smooth the waters he lavishes him with gifts only to have them returned unopened. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get to apologize, then a chance meeting brings the two face to face and undeniable attraction takes over, leaving them in each other’s arms and never wanting to let go. Enter Carson Drake, the anti Christ in wolf form!Caden and Kellan each have a deep dark secret, one that they’ve kept from each other. Carson plays them like a violin and tears them apart as his only goal in life is to destroy the wolves and all the packs after being removed as the Queets alpha and exiled. And he’ll destroy anything in his way and everything the wolves love if at all possible in the process.Once again all our favorite Assasins and Shifters are back to assist their fellow brother and friend to protect his mate, the man he loves. But even this group of deadly lethal brothers, friends, lovers, assassins and werewolves can’t always win.

  • MorganSkye
    2018-10-13 10:01

    This is a series that I’ve read and re-read many times. Some of the books/couples appeal to me more than others but – in general – I’m a fan of the entire series.In this case we have Caden – a rich guy who leaves France to move to Seattle for a fresh start and ends up in an accident where he meets a younger man, Kellan, who ends up being his werewolf mate.Unfortunately, there are some HUGE plot holes that make me frustrated every time I re-visit this title. I can overlook a lot for the sake of “fiction” and “paranormal” but some of these just don’t make sense!I’m going to have to include some spoilers here so feel free to skip. (view spoiler)[My first big issue is that Caden knows he has some sort of fatal disease, yet he is seeking someone to love in the first part of the story, then he rejects Kellan later because he has a fatal disease and doesn’t want to hurt him later on, but when he finds out he can be cured he doesn’t want that either because “when it’s your time it’s your time”. Huh? I didn’t get that at all. It seemed to contradict itself and flip and in general was confusing.There’s also the bit where Caden runs from Kellan because he might be exposed as a werewolf … as a means to give our guys hurdles to their HEA this felt pretty weak given the enormity of the whole “fatal disease” thing.I’m also always a bit frustrated when our guys “worry” about the mating not working out or being real when it ALWAYS is. When Kellan thinks Caden MIGHT have a girlfriend he decides not to pursue him even though he doesn’t know for sure and he does know he only ever gets ONE FATED MATE! That just doesn’t make sense.I’m also always a bit uncomfortable by the near rape that happens when these guys are made into werewolves – can’t we even use a little lube? * OUCH* (hide spoiler)]There was lots in the story I loved – the “mine” moments and how growly Caden was with everyone. I also loved Greg’s French accents and the way he portrays the HUGE cast of characters.I see now why Maccon is given a country accent but I can’t help but still feel that a lovely Irish brogue would have been more fun.In any case, if you’re a fan of the series you’ll absolutely want this and if you’re new to the series you’ll probably want to start with book one (it’s definitely better and one of the best books in the series.)3 of 5 stars for the story5 of 5 for the narrationOverall 4 of 5 stars

  • Heidi Ryan
    2018-09-26 11:22

    I loved this book, especially the differences in this story from the ones before. We met Caden in the last book. He was instrumental in the previous story, and little did we know, he is a part of this family too.Caden is a self made billionaire with a big secret. He has moved from Las Vegas to Seattle in hopes of meeting someone. He did not have luck in sin city, so he thinks a fresh start might be the ticket. He was disowned for being gay, but his father's cheating killed his mother. He cannot forgive his father. Caden is from France.Kellen is a part of one of the packs that merged with Denali and Queets. His packmates, Scott and Jude, live with him and work at the hospital as EMT's. Their Alpha is Dr. Alexander Romasko.While working on Friday the 13th, Kellen is sent to a call on the bridge, where there ia a multi car pile up. It is there, when working on a man trapped in his car, that he finds his mate. Caden is rude and abrasive, but Kellen watches over him. When he wakes up next to Cadens bed, a woman is there, and Kellen thinks Caden is straight. When they run into each other again later, the sparks fly. They are together after that. One day, Carson strolls into Cadens office and shows him a tape. Caden learns some amazing things, but Carson threatens him unless he dumps Kallen and never contacts him again. Fearing for his love, he leaves. It nearly destroys Kallen. Grayson gets involved and a plan is devised. With all of the packs together, they set the trap. When tragedy strikes, Caden's secret may ruin everything. Is Caden strong enough? Or will he die? What will happen to Kellan? Can the Alpha of the created ones and his line make any difference? There are other plots beginning in the background, and they all work to make this book like a part of your favorite TV show. I love the depth of these books and how each new book is even better than the last, and the stories stay fresh.

  • Centoria Coffil
    2018-10-05 08:26

    loved it

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)
    2018-10-13 14:18

    These are just my own notes. Maybe someday I'll get to a review but right now I have to get my notes off my dying ereader.Not "the" Harborview hospital nor "Pikes" Place Market (no S)> So annoying because a quick check on their website would tell the author that.Seattle never experiences torrential rain, certainly not days in a row. It is just rainy and drizzling all the time. Funny part when older woman tries to set him up with her daughter. When he tells her he's gay, she only pauses briefly before saying, "Oh. I have a son, too. He's in the Navy."Magnolia bridge is never bumper to bumper. It's a bridge into a residential area and there are other access points. It certainly doesn't connect the two places she has it going to.Really good medical explanation of why antibiotics are needed with certain bone breaks.A sandy beach in Seattle? A house right on the beach in Seattle? Has she ever been to Seattle?Strong woman for a change, glad to see a healthy f/m relationship. Rare in this series.It is difficult to understand why being a werewolf is bad in this series (why other wolves wouldn't want others to live that life). Don't seem to be any drawbacks.Like that a woman became chief of staff but I don't like that she got it partially because no one else wanted it. (And like that is realistic, no doctors wanting a chief of staff position at a hospital.)Wyatt grew up way too fast, not in line with the others who should have had kids ages ago since they were talking about it when he was young and starting the process.Best book so far in series.

  • Susan
    2018-10-05 12:14

    This one was actually worse than the other books in this series. The writing is still terrible, but so far the characters were quite likable, although a bit too cuddly and sweet, but Caden and Kellan were just boring. Caden is a millionaire (it is raining millionaires and werewolves in this series!) and Kellan of course the werewolf in this story. They meet, Kellan smells that Caden is his mate, Kellan thinks Caden is straight, keeps his distance and is feeling miserable. Caden tells him he is gay, they have hot sex, they fall in love, Caden finds out about the werewolf stuff, there is some angst in there somewhere and after Caden is bitten by Carson, the evil wolf of the story, the werewolves have no choice but to turn Caden. As it turns out Caden was dying of cancer and it takes his body a while to heal and to be able to shift back and forth.And the rest is more happy happy sappy declarations of love. And of course the promise to make lots of babies.

  • 315
    2018-10-18 11:15

    Having to turn the human mate thing due to violence not choice... Have to say that it's getting a bit overplayed this often in this early in such a long series. I also keep thinking some of the kinks in the story will get worked out but there are some holes in the story when it comes to the shifters and 6 books in we learn they live longer which only adds to the holes. And if shifters are so hard to kill, the amount of deceased parents in this series is staggering! And on top of that... Seriously, everyone, and I mean all but 6 people (4 of which are 2 couples) in the whole group of ALL the chars in 6 books so far are gay?!?! The only person i'm not sure about is Archer but he is such a minor char it doesn't matter. So with the 6, well 7 non-gay people I'm up to 30 gay men in the notes i'm keeping. And that's not counting the people I haven't seen in the upcoming books. All of these people are gay. RIGHT! I get it's a gay series, but what is in the water is what I want to know. Wowser.Even with all of that and amount of suspended believe you must have and the amount of sex vs story in the books... I STILL can't stop reading this series!! Even when I think it's just an okay book or just like it, I still sorta love the series.

  • Janie
    2018-09-25 12:10

    This was just one of those awe moments when one has been searching for their mate for so long that when they do finally find him you can't help but just sigh. I almost cried when Caden hid some very important information from Kellan. This was a good book and I hate Carson, I hope he gets whats coming to him. I love that Wyatt is finally growing up, I'm anxious for him and Preston to finally be together. And for the love of god please let the next book finally be about James and Derek because they are literally breaking my heart. And one thing that is truly annoying me is that all these perfectly sexy as hell couples keep talking of surrogates and adopting and such and yet we still don't have any babies, UGH!

  • Angela
    2018-09-25 10:56

    I really like this series, what's not to like....shifters and assassins mixing it up...yeah hot. My big complaint is the number of people in the books. I keep getting confused about who belongs to which pack or who's related or even who's mated to who. While I generally like to see past couples make an appearance in the books just to see how they're doing this series overwhelms me sometimes. Thankfully I have another book website that list all the characters in each book so that helps, but I'm getting tired of putting my book down and looking up people. Other then that, I quite enjoyed Kellen and Cadence.

  • Tracy
    2018-09-26 10:10

    I am not going to say For the Love of Caden was my favourite book in the series as I have enjoyed each one for different reasons. For me this read was the most emotional so far. The relationship between Caden and Kellan had me going through all sorts of emotions and I found myself praying everything would work out for them. This series gets more enjoyable with each book simply because I am getting used to the characters and love the family banter between them all. The story lines are gripping and keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the last page.Highly recommend this series!!