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Made desperate by poverty and loss, Evelyn Starr Johnson sees a golden opportunity to win back her lost status by recovering the treasure map stolen from her murdered foster parents. And with nothing left to wager but her innocence, the beautiful card shark stares coolly at their killers across the poker table - then stacks the deck and deals the winning hand to a handsomeMade desperate by poverty and loss, Evelyn Starr Johnson sees a golden opportunity to win back her lost status by recovering the treasure map stolen from her murdered foster parents. And with nothing left to wager but her innocence, the beautiful card shark stares coolly at their killers across the poker table - then stacks the deck and deals the winning hand to a handsome, unsuspecting stranger.When the exquisite temptress he won at a card game runs off with rest of his winnings, sharpshooter Matt ′Reno′ Moran vows to hunt her down-never dreaming it is his destiny to join forces with the thieving female on a dangerous search for hidden gold. But, come hell or high water, Reno is determined to reclaim everything that is rightfully his - including the tempestuous woman who calls herself ′Evening Star′, who Reno dares not love, but desires with all his soul....

Title : Only You
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Only You Reviews

  • Zoe
    2018-10-07 15:19

    Asshole Alert I think Matthew "Reno" Moran could fit into the asshole category quite nicely. So I have tagged this review with an asshole alert. I was weary when I started reading this book because I read about how Evelyn was a "cheat" who tried to win a hand by cheating. But I have got this book on kindle so I thought ah heck, gotta read it at some point. Since I am in a mind for some historical western romances, why not?Surprisingly this book drew me in like any good story would. I was happy to discover that Eve/Evelyn was a sweet creature. Her encounter with Reno happened in the beginning of the book and the story moved at a fast pace, all of which I appreciated. Reno and Eve had an explosive kind of relationship very early on. But in the middle of the book when Reno and Eve were on the trail for gold, the story dragged. I do appreciate the proses though. It is just the focus was on the gold hunt and I was skim-reading that part just a tad. I read that other reviewers have had difficulties with Reno's belittling Eve because he believed that she was a "saloon girl" and a cheat. A cheat, albeit an unwillingly one, she was. A saloon girl, she was not. I was a little uncomfortable about how important it was to Reno that Eve wasn't a whore. I mean, a girl got to survive. In the wild wild west, what was a woman to do when she was alone and had no other means for survival? I did not like the disparaging tone the story carried whenever it came to Eve's "whore status". Even if she was indeed "a fallen woman", so what? The liberal in me screamed. There is no shame in making an honest living, even if that means prostitution. But I suppose that is a matter of opinion. I have an easier time accepting a woman who became a prostitute because she had no other ways to survive than a woman who lied and schemed. But enough of that. Eve was, conveniently for the readers' sensitivity, not a whore. Reno took his sweet time to come to that conclusion and that happened of course, when he realized Eve was no longer a virgin because of him. Age old story, but it is fiction, so I will work with that. On their gold hunt Reno and Eve became lovers. Then Reno was a lost man. He however, held on to his idiotic beliefs that no woman was worthy of his trust because a childhood love had married someone else who was willing to stay, unlike Reno who suffered from wanderlust. He condemned all women after that and was rude to Eve out of his distrust.Their gold hunt ended in success and drama, and resulted in a breach between Reno and Eve. Reno was injured and in his delusional state he said something that hurt Eve. And the book ended in Reno coming after Eve and then they lived happily ever after. I liked the book well enough, but as explosive as the love story is, there was a distance between the story and me that I could not bridge. And the ending was anti-climatic. Reno was an ass. He wasn't cruel but he said a lot of stupid things to Eve when Eve was nothing but kind to him. He should have suffered more before Eve forgave him and granted him his happily ever after.

  • Trewen
    2018-10-05 15:27

    How on earth does a woman fall in love with a self-righteous, arrogant, judgmental SOB like Reno Moran?!?!My god what a dick. First, his reasoning for mistrusting all women was weak. Then, every time the guy gets a hard on, he blames Eve and calls her (and EVERY woman) a tease. Then he thinks it's his due to be able to use Eve (and EVERY woman) and throw her away when he's done....and no, no thought to knocking her up.And Eve. She is so desperate for someone to touch/like/love her,that she allows Reno to treat her like dirt and she still gets excited by him. Huh. I'm sorry, this just wasn't congruent with how strong and intelligent she was. I almost didn't finish this book. Reno made me so mad. Then he's kind of nice for a while but he still had all of his ridiculous expectations and I didn't see enough contrition. At this point I was ready to give it 1 star.The very last scene, which was very short, (and I still wanted to see him grovel and he didn't)bumped it up one more star. I'm hoping book 4 has a hero I can tolerate. #'s 2 and 3 left me unsatisfied.

  • Frances
    2018-10-01 11:33

    Loved the first book in this series, but oh how the chips have fallen. A sanctimonious jerk as hero and a heroine who I kept asking, "why did you want such a prick.?

  • Lord Rose
    2018-09-28 16:32

    Okay, despite being majorly annoyed by the hero's opinions about women and thinking he was a jerk, I ended up quite liking this book.The hero, rather unfortunately, fell into that category of romance heroes can never trust any woman ever again (except to have sex with, and also sisters and friends' wives are fine) because he was betrayed in the past!!!111!!ONE!! And so all women must be untrustworthy (except for sisters and friends' wives)!!! And so the heroine must be a whore, because no way could she be telling the truth, and also, if she's a whore, it's totally her fault, even if her masters were the ones pimping her out! But, *gasp*, she's (was) a virgin! OMG, he was partly wrong! But she's still a woman, and therefore untrustworthy! Up until the very last chapter!(All those exclamation points are hurting my head.)Also, he had facial hair. And this is the second book I've read this week where the hero had facial hair. Gross.And his name was Reno, meaning I had difficulties imagining him as looking like anything but this guy:Except with a mustache. ಠ_ಠ

  • Desi
    2018-09-30 11:27

    Leído en Nov 2012

  • Angela
    2018-10-17 16:27

    This is another of my reviews in my marathon run through Elizabeth Lowell's "Only" quartet of Old West romances. "Only You" is actually Book 3, which I didn't realize until I'd started it, but what the hell. In this episode we have card sharp Evelyn Starr Johnson, a.k.a. "Evening Star", trying to gamble her way out of a jam--and pissing off the aforementioned Reno Moran, who's convinced she's set him up to get killed while she escapes scot-free. She talks him into teaming up with her to find a gold mine (not the one Willow and Caleb were after; there's a lot of mine-hunting in these books though), and ol' Reno's fit to be tied since he can't for the life of him figure out why he's so hot for a "saloon girl".Villains Du Jour: Jericho Slater and assorted henchmen.Big Misunderstanding Du Jour: The whole "saloon girl" thing, complete with Holy Crap! She's a Virgin! angst after Reno and Eve get down with the hot and heavy. Complete with side helpings of Reno mouthing off about Eve being selfish even after she drags his ungrateful ass out of a collapsed mine. Being hit on the head is no excuse. Really, of all the heros in this quartet, I wanted to smack Reno the most.Hotness Du Jour: Actually, little stands out to me in particular in this installment, mostly because I spent more time being annoyed at Reno and his "saloon girl" stupidity than I did at the attempted chemistry between him and Eve.

  • Melowin
    2018-09-25 09:24

    Omg, it's good that Lowell is such a good writer, because the men in this series are tough to take in at least the first 50 pages of every book so far. Reno is no exception, once again assuming Eve is a whore and treating her as such. "Saloon Girl" is slightly better than Caleb Black's "Fancy Lady", and Reno puts a sock in it fairly quickly (as opposed to Caleb calling Willow a whore for over half the freaking book, and at this point in the series they're the shining example of True Lurve). But still - major asshole alert, turned my stomach. But she writes the period, the landscape, and the action well, and even if once again she seemed to take the stock cue of having the man cry on the last page to prove his love, it was better than the first book, and decent in its own right.

  • Maddux
    2018-10-05 08:31

    Sweet little western romance. Finding gold, finding love, yada, yada.The ONLY series is a fine series, especially because it was written by Elizabeth Lowell. She writes in the most deliciously scrumptious way. I've said before that she writes the bold words. Bold words that turn you inside out and melt you at the thought of a real life man ever saying such things to you...Otherwise, these books follow a very similar pattern. Virgins with presumed bad reputations that the heroes lust after and feel entitled to take. Then they learn the truth as soon as a maidenhead is breached. "LOL. My bad. Though I'm too manly to apologize. But since we've done it, let's keep on doing it. I'm a MAN. Hear me roar."*giggle*It's still worth a read.

  • Katie B-K
    2018-09-25 08:08

    This was okay but the "hey I'm not totally sure but you might actually be a whore" inclination was really dated and infuriating.

  • Christine
    2018-09-29 13:20

    Western style romance and treasure hunt. It was a quick read, sexy, and fun. No wow factor. The characters were good, although I had trouble understanding the hero's bitterness.

  • Sonya
    2018-10-22 15:12

    Good book

  • Quinn
    2018-10-03 08:27

    Ugh. This really didn't work for me. It's very dated, and I don't like the approach the author seems to be taking with this series.Matt "Reno" Moran 'wins' Eve in a hard game that she was hustling, before she absconds with the loot and leaves him in a gunfight with Jericho Slater and his henchmen. None too happy about this when he catches up with her, he decides to hold her to the bet she made and drags her along on a quest to find a hidden goldmine.Sure, Eve didn't really make a good initial impression on Reno, but he is immovable on his opinion that she is a worthless 'Saloon girl' (aka whore), refusing to listen to her explanations or the evidence to the contrary.Reno proceeds to treat Eve appallingly, insulting her and demeaning her at every opportunity, and refusing to listen to or heed the word 'no'. He won her after all, and means to have her whether she wants him or not.Naturally, Eve can't help but fall in love with him. Uh huh. It must be the 'silken mustache' that does it. That and the fact that he starts calling her "Sugar girl" throughout (with a couple of reciprocal "Sugar man"'s thrown in). *shudders*And the love scenes. Ugh. It's all velvet heat, night-blooming flowers, warm or sleek petals, sensual lightening and sultry, scented rain. I could keep going, but I'll spare you.I really need to get help with my series OCD, because I can't believe I am seriously considering reading the next book so that I don't leave the series unfinished. Yes, I have issues.

  • Mudpie
    2018-10-01 13:24

    Reno is an a**hole. He treated Eve like dirt and wants her only for sex. He thought she was a cheating saloon girl willing to leave him for death, never giving her a chance to explain or believe her. Unfortunately in his youth he was messed up by a manipulative girl so he viewed all women as self-serving sluts basically. His sister and friend's wife are the only exceptions.Eve had such a heartbreaking background. An orphan BOUGHT off the caravan...she was basically a slave. Strong and loyal she insisted the Lyons who bought her were kind to her, nevermind they taught her to cheat at cards to earn money.Her yearning for her own family, and her flour sack dress were so sad. YetReno was always thinking those were sob stories Eve used to con people. The scene after she saved him and he ran his mouth off remain the most memorable out of the whole trilogy to me. After Caleb escorted her to his house Eve refused to stay in it, knowing Reno hated for Eve to be around his sister. He felt it disrespectful to his sis to bring a 'whore' like Eve home. Argh!So glad Rafe his bro really gave Reno a piece of his mind and showed him the error of his ways. I wish Reno had had to grovel more for Eve's forgiveness!

  • Connie
    2018-10-20 12:07

    This book was good and frustrating at the same time. The 2 main characters were both so stubourn that I had little faith in the love story. This author was really good at taking the story on a fun and exciting ride that I could hardly put it down. The love was quite graphic and that is the only thing keeping me from recommending this to everyone I know, but if you enjoy a little history and a fun treasure hunt in the old west you should check this story out. I've read 2 of the books so far and they were both a lot of fun.

  • Jen
    2018-10-21 15:09

    Eve Starr takes a chance betting herself in a poker game and giving a pat hand to Reno Moran. As Reno turns over the royal flush, his life changes. He's won an emerald ring, a pearl necklace, an old journal with a treasure map to gold and a woman called Evening Starr. Thinking Eve is just a saloon girl looking out for herself they set off across the Rockies in search of gold, but what they find is a love that lasts.

  • Gracee
    2018-10-10 14:10

    i fell inlove with this book not only me but also my grandmother =) i cried at some chapters because i felt sad about hot eve who is so innocent and she can't help but fall inlove with reno who is cynical about love after he was scorned by it, i want to quote a line here, my favorite line actually coming from eve.."i can never find a light that cast no shadow.." then reno said, " love is the light that cast no shadow.." waaaah! i love it..truly a nice romance novel!@

  • ~Leslie~
    2018-10-21 16:11

    My tolerance for romance novels written in the 80's has obviously peaked with this one. I really enjoy Elizabeth Lowell's writing and her stories but I could not stomach the hero in this one. He was just plain mean to our intrepid heroine. She was a plucky little thing but he insisted she was a whore and he had no use for her. It got really old.

  • Diane
    2018-10-15 11:05

    Elizabeth Lowell has the ability to transport you across time and space and plop you down in the middle of the actions and emotions of others. Even when you rather not! Especially when they make choices you'd like to snatch them bald over. You'll enjoy this book set in Colorado following the years after the Civil War. Get ready for some romance, a HEA and some heartache along the way!

  • Heidi
    2018-10-22 12:05

    Liked the story, but Reno got on my nerves a bit. So quickly changing from calling Eve "saloon girl" to "sugar girl" really bugged me. I don't think Reno redeemed himself enough of my liking, he needed to grovel a bit more. I liked Eve and wish she would have stood up a bit more for herself regarding Reno's misunderstanding of her.

  • Sarah
    2018-10-03 11:27

    This was on OK story. It is about lost treasure, girls who aren't what they seem and a hero who trust very few. It's an intriguing story, but the love scenes are very wordy and overdone. I'll probably read the next in the series.

  • Jewel
    2018-10-07 15:35

    Why do I keep reading this series? This one's hero was the most misogynistic of them all! Reno was an asshole. He treated Eve like garbage most of the time. This series is kind of a guilty pleasure, though. One more to go and I'm sure I'll be reading it.

  • Aleta
    2018-10-13 14:27

    This was my favorite book of this series so far! I loved how Eve was the tough one and showed her self reliance early on. I also loved Reno's response. He was less of a mule some of Lowell's other men. He is gentle :-)

  • C K
    2018-09-22 10:27

    This is an author that I have read a lot of and have added her books to my 'keeper' book shelf. Most I have read at least twice and some even more than that. Always in depth characters that anyone can identify with on some level.

  • Lynsey A
    2018-10-09 16:23

    Out of the Only series books this is the one I liked the best. In fact, it was the one I read first and turned me on to the rest of the series. One of the lines from this book is one that sticks with me, "Love is the light that casts no shadow." *sigh* One of my favorites.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-21 14:08

    I do love Elizabeth Lowell's Western series. Her characters are necessarily tough, and the descriptions of the land they travel through are great, especially for someone who has traveled most of the west. Her older stuff tends to follow the same formula, but if its a formula you like, who cares?

  • Kbee
    2018-10-18 10:05

    AUDIOBOOK:Listen to May 27 & 28 2015Narrator:Richard Ferrone did a good enough job/ or I'm getting used to his voice.Liked this one better than the second book(Only Mine)Though I think all of the girls/heroine all come out as strong minded women do not make the men grovel enough at the end.

  • Roxann
    2018-10-16 15:05

    Scanning some of the other reviews, I realized that we need to remember that this book has a copyright in the 1990s. While they aren't necessarily wrong, what was acceptable in characters 20 years ago would not be acceptable in today's world of books and vice versa.

  • Grace
    2018-09-25 10:19

    3/08 - 4th re-read!

  • Carole
    2018-10-08 12:22

    and a half

  • Beverly
    2018-10-14 14:20

    read them out of order the first time & am reading them out of order this time, too! Still good. Still comfort food for the brain :)