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Life has been great for Alexis. She has loving parents, a twin brother, great friends, and lives a life every teenager dreams. However, her and her brother are adopted, and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who her real parents are, yet not wanting to hurt her adopted parents by finding out. Just as she gives up her search, Cole moves in across the street. He has a secLife has been great for Alexis. She has loving parents, a twin brother, great friends, and lives a life every teenager dreams. However, her and her brother are adopted, and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who her real parents are, yet not wanting to hurt her adopted parents by finding out. Just as she gives up her search, Cole moves in across the street. He has a secret past and "talents" that aren't humanly possible. He seems to know things about Alexis and pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family, coaxing her toward the truth between mythology and religion....

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Lunangelique Reviews

  • Sarika Patkotwar
    2019-02-27 09:52

    Actual Rating: 3.5*NOTE: Author Kristin R. Campbell provided us (The Readdicts) with a copy of her book, Lunangelique. We thank the author for the book! One of the most impressive thing about Lunangelique was that it was everything that I thought it would be. I really liked the way the book started out and it kept getting better and better.Lunangelique is the story of twins, Alexander (Alex) and Alexis (Lexi), which itself was a huge turn on for me, as I love to read about one girl and one boy twin pairing. The two of them aren't what they think they are.Being adopted at a very young age, Lexi is very curious to know about her actual biological parents. That's the whole journey of Lunangelique has done an outstanding job with getting Lexi's thoughts straight and clear.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the relationship between Alex and Lexi. I also liked how they were so respectful towards the couple who adopted them, obeyed them and had a normal parent-child relationship with them.Alex and Lexi's school friends, especially Kaitlyn, Lexi's best friend and Alex's girlfriend (another thing that they both 'share'), were all very sweet and fun to read.The two guys in the book, Oliver and Cole, were both great in their own ways. I hope I don't have to choose a Team here! There isn't a love triangle, which again is a huge turn on. Once she knows what she wants, Lexi is clear about her loyalty and priority.One other thing I really liked about Lunangelique was contemporary references like The Hunger Games movie that the school friends go to watch or Snow Patrol's song Chasing Cars that Lexi sings in her head while lying down.In the end of the book, Lexi receives a letter. I kept reading that letter again and again because it was so beautifully written. Lunangelique was a cute read. It has a little bit of everything. Lovely cover, astounding story, great protagonists, interesting history, beautiful angels, a bit of astronomy and mythology coupled with romance! You name it and Lunangelique has it!I can hardly wait to know what happens in the next book in the series, which is called Sleeping Gods.

  • Alizon
    2019-03-16 07:35

    I just reread this book, and the story was just as good this time as the first. I really enjoy the entire series, and this one sets everything up perfectly. It's an interesting, creative, fun story with some twists and turns I found surprising and inventive.

  • Meganm922
    2019-03-13 03:54

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was wonderful and I think this series has become my new guilty pleasure. I loved it. I connected with Alexis on so many levels. I felt like I knew her and discovered so many of her traits were similar to my own from her love of cold sandwiches to her attitude about dating and school. She was a strong female character who had a good head on her shoulders and was sharp as a tack, which is something I feel like I don’t see enough of in YA fiction. When weird things happen, she writes them down and doesn’t ignore them. The clues and foreshadowing of certain events do not go unnoticed by her at all and I loved that. The book is written from Lexi’s point of view in present tense. In my experience, present tense novels are tricky, but if it is executed well, I enjoy it a lot. I felt like I was experiencing everything as it was happening, which quickened the pace of the book and had me turning the pages rapidly. Alex and Lexi are twins and adopted. Their adoptive parents are a huge part of their lives, which is also something I don’t see a lot of in YA fiction. I liked that their parents were a part of their lives and not an afterthought. While they gave their children tons of space and were relaxed on rules, they were still there, asking about their children’s day and giving advice. Lexi ends up meeting Cole when he moves in across the street. He is nineteen, just a little over a year older than Lexi. Her parents meet him and approve of him when Lexi notices a strong connection between them. Cole and Lexi fall in love and end up spending a lot of time together. Strange things start to happen and Lexi unravels the mystery of where she came from. Without giving anything away, there are strong supernatural elements surrounding Lexi and her twin brother, Alex. There are lots of things to figure out and lots of questions. She figures out she has strange talents and eventually confronts Alex, who figures out he does as well.This is all I’m going to say about the plot because I didn’t have any idea what to expect and I like being pleasantly surprised. It’s similar to other YA books I’ve read recently, but different enough that I think it’s pretty unique and intriguing. I also liked the fact that Lexi wasn’t completely blinded and consumed by her blooming relationship, which happens sometimes in romances. While the romance is definitely a part of the plot, I didn’t feel like events were happening, but Lexi was completely consumed by her feelings that it went unnoticed. This irks me so much in books sometimes, so I was relieved. I would definitely recommend this book to others, especially if they enjoy well written YA fiction with tons of supernatural elements and a bit of romance. It is definitely a YA novel, as Lexi is seventeen. While I thought she was much sharper and mature than many other YA heroines, she’s still a teenager and the book is from her point of view. If YA isn’t your typical genre, it may throw you off, but I liked it. Also, I loved the cover of this book and the title. It fits the story so well, is unique, and doesn’t give anything away.Kind of off topic, but I think the connection I felt with Alexis is the main reason for me loving this book so much. I had so much in common with her when I was seventeen, it was uncanny. I loved how she looked at the world and dating boys in high school and I was the exact same way. When she finds out all of her friends have been sexually active with their steady boyfriends and she’s the only virgin, I could totally relate. I still remember the exact moment I discovered the same thing at the age of seventeen in my school lunch line with my group of friends. I fell in love with my husband at the same age and he wasn’t a student at my high school, either. I never get my subs toasted, either, and a cold sandwich or sub is my first pick for lunch, just like Alexis. Her observations about Virginia Beach, VA were spot on and I definitely agreed about the traffic and how ridiculous it is that you can get fined for profanity in VA Beach, since I lived in that area for a couple of years. It was ridiculous how many times I stopped and thought, “OMG, me too!” when I was reading. Because of all these things I had in common with her character, I connected with her so well. I didn’t have everything in common with her since I’m not a twin or adopted, I hate wearing dresses and I wouldn’t have made all of the same decisions, but it’s the first time this has ever happened to me and I thought it was pretty cool. I felt like I knew her so well and she would have been the perfect friend when I was her age. I think it’s awesome when a reader can connect so well to a character. I will definitely be continuing the series!

  • RutyB
    2019-03-09 10:52

    Lunangelique is one of those books that once you start to read you can't stop! A fast reading, with some funny situations, an interesting story and a lovely romance this book also has the perfect ending to leave you wanting for more. This book might seem similar to other stories but it has some points on its favor that makes it unique. It has some clever twists and a fast rhythm which is perfect for those who love a good rush of emotions.Alexis (Lexi) is a 17-year-old girl, in her senior year, intelligent, athletic and a bit of an artist. Alex, her twin brother, is more intelligent that most kids. As most twins they are very close and complement each other. They are two outgoing kids, with a group of friends that are having fun as any other teenager.When a hot guy becomes their new neighbor everything in Lexi’s life is put upside down. Cole will bring a new Lexi to the surface and will help her undiscovered her past and also will introduce her in a new world. A world where the unthinkable is true, a place where mythology is more than just part of the History books.The characters have their highs and lows. Cole is amazing, I totally adore him specially because is very different to most boys in YA novels. He is possessive sometimes but not in an extreme way. He takes care of Lexi in a natural way and he isn’t the one pushing the situation. Lexi is a really strong girl. She is not afraid of speaking her mind and, in my opinion, is her personality what put her in danger. She is annoying sometimes, especially when she is mad at Cole. She is frontal all the time but when she is upset she acts like a 5-year-old.The rest of the cast is a good complements. The bad guys (that you wouldn’t picture as the bad ones) have scary personalities. Lexi’s friends are a bunch of sweet girls but only Kaitlyn has a bit of relevance. Edmund… what to say about him? He is an interesting character. At the end of the book we see a side of him that I personally didn’t like, he seems like one of those characters that I will end up hating.The story behind Lexi and Alex biological parents is simple to understand. When you use this kind of elements to create the background you always always run the risk of only add more facts and names that will confuse the reader. However, Kristin does a great job uniting few elements and creating a good solid plot, simple to understand but really interesting to read.It has a great ending, one that will bring tears to your eyes and will leave you waiting for the next book.(I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review).

  • Book Lover
    2019-03-01 09:31

    When I read the summary I was immediately interested. The plot seemed interesting and I wanted to read more. While I won't say I was disappointed, I was hoping for more. Maybe I set my hopes to high but this book held my interest at some points and loss me completely at others.Starting out, I was weary and didn't know if I would continue to read the book. One of my main issues was dialogue. When I envision characters, I see them as myself and I couldn't picture me and my friends talking the way the author betrayed the conversation. Now while this issue may seem minor to you, I like realness coming from a book and I want the dialogue, characters, and issues to be realistic. As far as the characters go in this book they did not seem very detailed. I wish we could learn more about the characters and their flaws. While no character seemed perfect they didn't seem to be dealing with issues that other readers could relate to. The main character in my opinion, was not one of the strongest characters I have read about. She did do somethings I agreed with but overall she came across as clueless. Sometimes I wanted to smack her across the head and yell, "It's right in front of you!" Going along with dialogue, the writing style/overall story line didn't seem like a major issue. While I do wish the writer could go in depth with some thing I do like the fact she kept us guessing without making us completely confused. The story line was good but did seem generic and felt like I read it before.There were some great things that came out of Lunangelique. For instance, the character Cole was my favorite. While I felt Alexis and his relationship happened quickly he seemed like a great and genuine male character. He really was sweet and his 'alpha male' moments were adorable. Another character I liked was Edmund. For those of you who read the book this may come across as odd but anytime he was on the page I was completely focused. Another great thing was the ending. Kristin did a great job on having you pine for the next book. The letter towards the end nearly brought me in tears and in that moment I knew I was going to read the second book.All in all, this book was okay and I feel you have to read it for yourself to decide if you like it.

  • Kami
    2019-03-07 07:49

    I won this book in a giveaway. Thank You!Lunangelique is the story of adopted 17-year-old twins Lexi and Alex. Lexi wants to find out more about her birth parents but her brother Alex convinces her to let it go. Ollie has just moved to the neighborhood and meets Lexi. Ollie lives with his older brother who, he says, works for the Church researching miracles. Another boy, 19-year-old Cole moves across from the twins. Lexi notices that he has “two deep scars lining the sides of his back.” Lexi has an immediate attraction to Cole which is reciprocated. Cole has been touring with the Virginia Symphony and will be working as a teacher's assistant at the twins' school. Cole tells Lexi a story about Selene, the goddess of the moon and her lover Endymion. Lexi is seriously hot for teacher, though Cole is reluctant to jeopardize his job. A strange pendant shows up on Lexi's pillow. The design on the pendant are wings that remind Lexi of angel's wings.On a dinner date, Cole and Lexi run into Edmund. Lexi thinks the man looks remarkably like her brother. Cole seems really nervous around the older man.Edmund's last name is Kakabel which Alex finds: “The name was given to a supposed fallen angel. It means the “star of God'. This angel supposedly commanded an army of spirits.”Cole is playing at the museum. Lexi peruses the art exhibits painted by Edmund and finds a painting of Selene, who looks remarkably like her. Cole seems to know more about the coincidences then he is willing to let on. It seems really weird to me that Cole always seems to want Lexi to drink wine, and Lexi is unaccustomed to drinking so it bothers her. Cole says where he is from everyone drank wine. Cole is 19 years-old and Lexi is 17 years-old. Where do people always drink at such a young age? Europe? The Middle Ages?I thought this was a very quick read and that the writing is sparse and straight forward which I liked. I don't really like flowery writing with a lot of adjectives. I liked Lexi. She is an intelligent girl with a mind of her own. She doesn't let people push her around and I thought she was very strong willed which I liked.

  • Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort
    2019-03-04 10:00

    Favorite Lines"I wanted to come see you, but thought it best to let your anger wind down first. You have quite a temper on you.”“I will wait for as long as it takes. I’ll wait forever.”“I never thought I would have the strength to leave you, but I’m certain now that this is the best thing for you. It would be selfish for me to continue to be with you when you deserve so much more. I have put you in danger just by being with you and not because of what I am, but because of who I am. I never told you much about myself. You know I avoided telling you many times. It’s because I didn’t want you to see the monster in me. With you, I had redemption.”OMG did I ever to you how much I love books about the Gods and their children? Well I do! This book is a great tale of love, loss, family, and lies! Alexis and Alex are twins who were adopted by amazing parents. The have an amazing life. Lexi has always wondered about her birth parents just when she's given up any hope in finding them Cole moves in across the street and sweeps her off her feet. They have a great love together, it brought tears to my eyes. While in there senior year there lives get turned upside down! The find out who there father is and what they are! This author told an amazing and emotional story! I had puffy eyes by the end of the book and I loved it!!I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (RAVBT)FOUR LUNA FAIRIES

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-10 03:53

    This is a must read! I love all the characters in the book I couldn't even put it down it was so good. It was one of those books you had to see what was going to happen next. I love the romance between Cole and Lexi and I can't wait to see what happens with those 2. They were my favorite of course. After the end of the book I was like no where is the rest now I have to wait till book 2 to see what happens and I'm so looking forward to it. Love it!!

  • Jasmine
    2019-03-24 05:32

    SPOILERS!!!!! I have to say that I really do like this book, it was great to start off with a little bit of romance. As I read more of this book I couldn't help but to guess a few times at what was going to happen,after finding out some of the story I was in complete shock. The only thing I did not like was the ending,I hate when you start liking one of the guys i.e. making you fangirl lol....he just has to leave :( but I can't wait to read book 2

  • Sharrice Aleshire
    2019-03-15 07:50

    For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams. However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents. Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them. One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion. (Goodreads.)Review:I wasn't entirely sure what I thought about before I started this book what I thought. I absolutely love the cover, I think it's so beautiful. The synopsis wasn't much to go on, so I wasn't entirely sure if I would like this book. However, considering I got this book as a review request I decided to just go for it.I am happy to report that although I had previous skepticism I absolutely fell in love with this book. Once I started it, I just could not put it down. Honestly one of my favorite books this year.Kristen Campbell wrote extremely realistic characters, as well as an extremely realistic world. I have to say I've never read a story quite like this one. I feel as if she completely twisted what has been done with angel stories and completely redid them. Although Lunangelique is the first book in the series, it wasn't just an introduction into the characters and supernatural world. From the first page readers will be thrust-ed into Lexie's world. Explanations aren't all inner dialogue, they're explained naturally with the story.I truly fell in love with Lexie's character. You know in some books, where it's painfully obvious what creatures the other people are, or even if it's not painfully obvious in the beginning but there are clues. Then the main character just says it's nothing and when she finally finds out it's this huge shock? Well Lexie is not like that character, and Lunangelique is nothing like that book. Lexie knows there is something going on a few chapters in. Lexi is an extremely likeable character. She's a funny character, strong, independent, thoughtful of others, and when she gets a boyfriend although she does spend a lot of time with him, she also finds time to spend with her friends. Speaking of Lexie's boyfriend, he is a serious hottie, hunk of a swoon worthy man. Seriously when Lexie first saw him, and started describing him I'm pretty sure I was drooling...a lot. Not good when my boyfriend was sitting in the room with me. He's completely sweet, and adorable. He brings Lexie flowers, and isn't a complete horn dog. The cute couple do actually go on a lot of dates too which was awesome, as well as hang out with her family.Needless to say if you haven't already guessed since it's a series, there was a moment at the end that changed everything. I have to say I was crying and screaming "NOOOO!!!" at the top of my lunges after I finished reading it. It was completely upsetting, and I am now dying to read the second book.I don't want to say much else, because that would be spoiler-y, and I don't like spoilers. If you liked my review, or decide to pick up a copy of Lunangelique let me know what you think.I feel as if everyone should read this book, ASAP. With only 214 pages it's a quick, yet amazing read. Plus you need to support all the amazing Indie authors out there and Kristen Campbell is one of them. To find out more about the author and her books visit her website HERE!Favorite Quote:“What? Now that we put on my movie, you want to distract me?” he jokes.“Mm, hmm,” I reply as I continue to kiss his neck and work my way to nibble on his earlobe.He groans. “You do not want to do that,” he warns.But I take it as a challenge and continue to nip and pull his lobe gently with my teeth. “Why not?” I dare him.His response is blindingly fast as he lifts himself up and over my body while simultaneously locking my wrists together over my head with one of his strong hands. He leaves me breathless.“Because, it’s torture and I’ll have to be forced to torture you for retribution,” he answers my dare. He leans over to kiss me but in the last minute switches tactics and starts to tickle my sides instead.“Mercy, mercy,” I squeal as I thrash around underneath him, laughing uncontrollably.

  • Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books
    2019-03-07 06:37

    Come by my blog post for the whole series reviews and excerpts for the Lunangelique Book Tour Here is the Direct Link Lunangelique Series Book Tour Blog PostWOW, I loved this book so much, and was so happy that the sequel Sleeping Gods was out and bought it right away! Man, its just as good as JLA's Covenant Series. Story is totally different, but I mean as the meshing of modern day with some mythology int here and some angels too. This book was different in a great way.Kristen is a brilliant author. I predict her career to be long and successful!I wont say too much spoiler type things, because you need to discover the wonder of this story yourself.Alexis and Alex (Alexander) are twins, who were adopted when they were babies. Its starts with Alexis (Lexi) wanting to find out about her biological parents. Alex tries to convince her that there is not need, as they love their adoptive parents, as they are great.Well, not long after she starts to discover many things, and meets a few new people who are more than the normal, but she doesn't know this at first. When she meets a really good artist (she is also a great artist) who could be an older twin of her brother Alex, she starts to wonder if she just found a relative or something. I wont say more on that, you will find out.Cole seems to be a great guy, and was wondering if he would turn out to be bad, and then Oliver, I was always un-sure of him. I like Lexi, she is a strong female character. I was able to relate to her, but was a bit jealous of her great talents, but there is a reason for it, lol.Here is a small taste to get your interest up:“Just let me go, ******. Tell the others I got away. They won’t know the truth.”He watches me slip one hand out of a cuff,looking at me with wonder in his eyes again. “What are you? Just tell me,” he pleads. I keep eye contact with him as he lets me slip the other hand out of the cuff and I stand up, rubbing the impressions left behind by the cuffs.If you like any modern day angel, fallen angel, or mythology books, you will love this. Its written well, better than well, brilliant!I can't wait to get back to Sleeping Gods now. Check it out. You wont be sorry.5 out of 5 stars for me, and highly recommended!I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.check my book blog for much more book related stuff, click banner below.

  • Valeria
    2019-03-13 05:33

    The plot is truly interesting because, unlike other mythology books, this one blends Greek mythology with Christianity, and it does so in a wonderful fashion. I mean it makes it plausible and conceptually sound, which renders an engaging story. I really liked the twist such a mixture brings.The characters were my favourite part of this book. They are so complex. Of course it is hard to get to know all of them well, but I liked that at least we get to see certain depth in all the main characters.I liked Lexie and the way she handled her predicament, she made some errors in judgment indeed, but generally I felt that she dealt with stuff properly, at least in a manner I could relate to; she was angry, sad, disappointed, scared and brave when I felt she should, so it was easy for me to feel with her. Plus she is easy going, generous, spontaneous and mature for her age, and I would really like to be friends with her. Alex is a mystery to me. He is very reserved, and most of the stuff we learn about him is through Lexie, because he appears to open himself only to her sister and his girlfriend. But I did love how he relates to them. Not many of the books that I’ve read portrait such a healthy and close sibling relationship, and I loved to see how the twins shared everything, even Kaitlyn, Alex’s girlfriend and Lexie’s best friend. I also loved how he was so trusting and caring for his girlfriend. He really is the type of guy you would want to date. But if I had my pick, I would most definitely choose Cole.I don’t know why, but he kind of remind me of my boyfriend (not in every aspect of course), that is why I think he stole my heart away. I hardly fall for book characters, only a few have managed to stay with me after I’ve read the book, and Cole has certainly made the list. I guess I am attracted to mysterious silent guys who are very passionate, and my knees weakened at the devotion Cole had for Alexis. You could tell he lived for her, and even though he was keeping things from her, I trusted him. So his reaction at the end was pretty shocking for me and I can safely admit I hated it.The book is completely told from Lexie’s point of view, except for one part where we get to see Cole’s. I’m glad we had that final Cole’s point of view piece, because it helped to understand the rationale behind his behavior.My only complaint, and the reason I didn’t give the book a 5 Mad Hat Rating is that I found quite a few grammar mistakes. The copy I got had some formatting issues as well, but I can’t know if the final version has them, I wouldn’t think so.I sincerely, and from the bottom of my heart, loved this book. I’ve always thought that you can tell a good book from a great one, when you find yourself thinking about it long after you read it. So here I am, several weeks after I read it and I’m still thinking about it. So I can safely tell you this book is awesome, and would recommend it to every paranormal and mythology fan out there, because this book is a breath of fresh air in the genre, and a kick ass story.4.5 Stars.*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

  • Naomi
    2019-03-24 09:40

    4.5 Stars... Stories involving mythology are becoming some of my favourite reads, and Lunangelique was a great example of another enjoyable story!! Being an Australian, books that involve American Teenagers and High School are entertaining to me, so to combine both into one plot is definitely my kind of book and this one was just fabulous!!The book is from Alexis’s (Lexie) POV, and it begins on a shopping trip in the summer holidays, with her twin brother Alex and his girlfriend Kaitlyn who is also Lexis’s best friend. Lexie has spent so much time trying to locate their birth parents without success and decides to unwind with her friends. They meet up with the rest of their friends at the mall and are quickly introduced to the new guy who has just moved to the area. Ollie is tall, blonde and good looking and Lexie gets along with him easily as she is the type of person who seems to get along with everyone. When they return home Lexie’s parents inform both kids that a new guy has moved in across the road that seems to live alone. While Lexie is in her room, a visitor arrives and when she comes down the stairs, she is unable to take her eyes off the tall, dark and handsome guy in the doorway. You can see the sparks flying immediately and Lexie is unable to speak for the first time in her life!!I really like Lexie, she is very intelligent and excels in anything that she puts her mind to. She is a witty character who likes to keep things light and entertaining when with her friends and family. As soon as Cole comes into her life, she seems to lose all coherent thought and acts like a love crazed teenager. It is fun to watch her stumble through the early stages and see her sort through her thoughts and feelings!Cole is amazing, he appears to be the perfect guy, one who has restraint. There is a scene early on where Cole is only in a towel, and he tells her that he would never take full advantage of her. Now if it was me, I’d be begging him to do it, because damn……… he is gorgeous!! The only thing is, Cole is keeping secrets about his past and is not willing to share them with Lexie.Lexie then starts to take notice of things that are happening around her. Cole makes a few mistakes and she notices tension between Cole and Ollie, even though they deny knowing each other. Lexie is a smart girl and starts to put it all together and things all start falling into place. She discovers things about herself and her brother that will change their lives forever.The mythology in the story builds slowly as the plot unravels and I really enjoyed the turn of events. Angels and the Fallen are always fun to read about and Kristin is able to put her own unique twist into Lunangelique to make it exceptional. However, I was left heartbroken at the end of the book and it was left wide open! I really need to get SLEEPING GODS, book 2 in the Lunangelique series to see what happens!!I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Valerie Mcqueen
    2019-02-25 05:41

    My review of Lunangelique by Kristen R CampbellRating 5***** Usually I begin my reviews by giving a little synopsis of my view of events, but let me start her by saying this book is a real winner. In fact, I couldn't put it down, and got absolutely no sleep in order to finish! Alexis and Alex are twins who were adopted at birth. They have a great life and awesome friends, but both feel the small piece of them that is missing- who is their birth parents? Lexi spends the entire summer before their senior year looking for leads on that very question and comes up with nothing. That is when the twins life turns upside down. A yummy man moved into the house across the street. Cole is tall, dark and handsome in more ways than one. Lexi is immediately drawn in, but what is he hiding????and how are all these new people that are popping up around Lexi and Alex connected? See what I mean? It has it all!!! There is great characters, who you cannot help but fall in love with (except for a couple I really hate about now!!). The action is very fast moving, but doesn't get the reader lost. I will say do not think that you can predict what is going to happen, because I assure you it will be nothing that you expect! The mix of angels, fallen angels, and gods is also an original. I get to the last page here and find out that it is a trilogy....I am so relieved! I am just not ready to let go yet.....I WANT MORE!!!!!!!

  • Keri
    2019-03-16 10:41

    This is the book I just finished reading last night!! Its YA supernatural romance genre. This story had me from the beginning!! It felt like a realistic supernatural story so I didn't have a hard time getting lost in its pages. The leading man is seriously daydream worthy and the leading lady isn't a weakling damsel in distress. The love story is very romantic but the story is about more than that. I'm trying not to say too much because I don't want to spoil it. My only "complaint" is that it needs a bit more editing. I'm giving it 5 stars for story telling and awesomeness but only 4 stars because the editing is the only thing that would make it perfect as a whole. I agree with my friend's review and echo her in agreeing that in this genre of supernatural, this book should be as popular as Twilight!! That's saying something for me to put it anywhere near The Saga. For anyone who enjoys a supernatural YA romance and just a great story....seriously, check this out!! It does NOT disappoint!!!! Well done Kristin R Campbell!!! Now on to book 2.... (Book 3 is out in a week)

  • Heather Alexander
    2019-02-28 02:39

    Lexi and Alex are adopted twins with a perfect family and friends. They meet Ollie, a new kid and he seems quite taken with Lexi, too bad Lexi meets new neighbor Cole, and she is quite taken with him. A world wind romance starts between Cole and Lexi and it's only complicated by the fact that he's an assistant teacher at her school and seems to be keeping secrets from her. The more she's with him, the more she thinks there is something not quite human about him, and possibly herself and Alex as well. Lexi and Alex will discover secrets about themselves that they didn't share with each other while finding out the secrets of Cole and even the secrets about their real parents. Problem is, will they get all the pieces in place before something really bad happens, because they are being watched and hunted. This book was AWESOME!! Loved the characters, the story, The adventure, suspense, The Fallen, just everything. I was jealous of how awesome their life is. But as always perfection comes with a price. I cannot wait to see where this story goe

  • Kendall {Book Crazy}
    2019-03-18 08:43

    I was really looking forward to reading this book and it was really good! I went into it with my own expectations and I do think that my expectations were pretty high! The plot was very good but I thought that it devolped quite slowly compared to some other books that I have read but it was good! The plot was different to others books that I have read anI also liked most of the characters as well! Alexis "Lexi" is the main character and to be honest I really didn't like her at the start but I did start to like her as the book progressed! Alex was Lexi's twin brother and I really liked him! He was smart and cute! Cole Astaroth was the love interest of Lexi and I liked him but I didn't like that he kept a lot of secrets from Lexi! He was hot though! There is sort of a love triangle at the beginning of this book but it doesn't last all the way through and it also wasn't the main focus of the story which I loved! The cover is also pretty! Big thank you Kristin for giving me a copy of Lunangelique!

  • Ashley Williams
    2019-03-05 06:44

    I was provided this copy in exchange for an honest review from the author.4.5 StarsThis book had been sitting on my TBR shelf for a while, and I am kicking myself for not reading it as soon as I got it. Campbell had such a creative twist to Angels and Greek Mythology. I was entranced reading this book, and didn't move once until I was done reading. This book is a perfect example of why I love blogging. I highly recommend reading Lunangelique!Alex and Lexi are twins, whom were adopted at birth. Lexi had spent most of the summer searching for her birth parents, but she couldn't turn anything up, so she gave up the search. One day, the new neighbor comes over to introduce himself. He was beautiful, charming.. tall, dark, and handsome. Lexi was immediately drawn to Cole. A very sweet relationship soon blooms, but so does strange things. Cole, Lexi, and Alex soon find themselves deep in the mysteries of their past.

  • Nanette Bradford
    2019-03-22 05:40

    alright so youve read the little snipit of this book and your wondering hmm.. sounds good. well, yeah it really is. let me say there is something going on all the time. something new to learn about alex and lexi. twins who were adopted into a loving family who wanted children and couldnt have any. they are also really gifted. alex and lexi are both super smart and play music like pros. they have a wonderful group of friends and a great life. lexi wants to find out who her birth parents are and after a summer of nothing gives up her search. a handsome young man moves into the house across the street and its all over for lexi. they have a connection and the more time she spends with him the more she finds out about who she really is. you have to read this to see what she finds out. :)

  • Julia
    2019-03-17 10:59

    4.5 starsI started this series based on the recommendations of several friends. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but boy am I glad my friends know me so well. If you love Greek mythology then this is a series you do not want to miss. Twins (Alex and Alexis) have a very normal life, but when new students arrive at their school all hell breaks loose. I enjoyed the way Kristin wove this story together and how not everything plays out the way we think it will. She leads us down a road then does a 360 to completely keep us on our toes.

  • Elizabeth Eagle
    2019-02-22 10:31

    This book is a good read.... I wasn't really expecting the love interest to happen first and then the paranormal stuff to go on... Most books are opposite. The ending was a little not expected other than the fact that I always read the last page, first no matter what, I knew what was coming. Hopefully we will get more of Cole's POV or what his full story is in one of the next couple books.... I wasn't expecting it to be an Angel book, clearlyI over looked the cover but it was a good and easy read...

  • Kim Walker
    2019-02-26 08:30

    I won this book in a giveaway and was I so lucky to get my hands on it! I fell in love with this book from the start and could not put it down! The chemistry between the characters flows so well, and I immediately took a liking to Lexie and hoped that she would get with the guy next store! Little did I know that this story was so much more than just romance! I am so glad that I have read this series and can't wait for the next installment!

  • Marsha
    2019-02-23 09:43

    Alexander (Alex) and Alexis (Lexi) are adopted twins who are entering their senior year of high school. Cole moves into the house across the street and Ollie moves in across town. The twins meet more new people as they begin many new adventures, not all of them good. Who can they trust to help them through what lies ahead for them?Excellent book!

  • Christine James
    2019-03-23 05:33

    it was a little slow starting off but I'm glad I continued to read. there were a few minor grammatical errors, wrong words in the wrong place, and in once case Ollie's name was used where Cole was supposed to be used. BUT with that being said it wasn't enough to distract from the book. I just purchased the second book and I am excided to see where is continues to go.

  • Louise Cable
    2019-03-14 09:38

    Wow it's been a while since I was hooked from the first few pages of a book but this had me captured.Great imagination & fantastic writing that helps u feel ur there with the characters.I love books about angels, myths, good v evil but this is one of my faves. Bring on sleeping gods now ...

  • M.S. Brannon
    2019-03-19 10:43

    Lunagelique blew me away. Not my typical read, I was led on a journey of mythical gods and angels. Being sucked in every minute, I found myself unable to put my Kindle down. Kristin R. Campbell had me asking questions with every turn of the page and I cannot wait to start Sleeping Gods.

  • Lara
    2019-03-06 03:36

    Enjoyed the book, was surprised by the actual events and could not put it down.

  • Laura
    2019-03-21 07:30

    The book was great, was different from so many of the other books that Ive read! I cant wait til the next one !

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-21 03:34

    I have no idea how so many people absolutely love everything about this book. The writing is horrible and the only reason I finished it is because I wanted to know what happened and who everyone really was. Really my main problem with the book was the gender stereotypes and ugh! The first major thing that just made me soooo angry was "I learned at a young age the limits of how high skirts should go and how low shirts should sit. I mean, who wants to dress like a sleaze? I see the girls whose boyfriends go too far, groping in public, because "hello" their dress tells the boys that it's okay." Complete bs. I was so angered by the last sentence itself that I did something I have never done before with an ebook - I highlighted it. I mean really look that that. Seriously? So if I wear a short skirt or a low cut top I am just welcoming boys to grope me? Sure. That is the perfect setup for victim blaming. Nice. Just what I think young women should be taught...Made me so angry. Then Lexie is just so...she just gets pissed off for no reason every two seconds. I was constantly like wtf is wrong now? I don't understand!! She has a conversation with her dad before he knows she knows he is her dad and it was just so...everything was fine then all of a sudden she is pissed off and he is pissed off and I have no idea why or what is going on. I mean when he find out she knows happy about it? So why was it a HUGE deal the entire second half of the book? It was very frustrating as I didn't understand why everyone was angry every two seconds. Oh and another main flaw in the beginning - she is makes out with the new 19 year old teacher assistant before school starts and he says something like I don't know if this will work I don't want to lose my job before I actually start. She immediately gets super angry then storms off and talks to her mom because apparently if her parents are okay with her dating the teacher everyone else will be. I mean parents are cool with it so no more problem. Um what? That is not really how that would work in the real world.My next issue - Alex. He seems like a horrible brother - way too controlling like way more than just over protective. I hated him. I think you are supposed to like him, but he was just a jerk most of the time and angry all of the time. And Lexie was all I have to hide that I am going over to see Cole at first cause Alex spent so much time trying to set me up with Ollie who just happened to come along on the shopping/movie trip and he would take it as a slap in the face if I chose someone else. What? First it didn't seem like he did much the day prior with Ollie. Second if you are happy why would he care? Then through out the book he is just kind of a jerk and then gets angry when he finds out what is really happening, though then there is the conversation about how all men cannot show feelings when they are hurt or scared, it all comes out as anger. I mean guys cannot show emotion, they all love their body and are way more comfortable than women (who are never comfortable with their bodies) and on and on. Every time I got to one of these great revelations about how all men or women are I just wanted to scream. It is just like really? I guess it wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't prefaced by ALL men or women are x. This could have been a really great book, but unfortunately the author just was not very good. I don't know why everyone else loved it...I really couldn't get over the horrible stereotypes and the writing was terrible as well.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-16 03:46

    Four out of Five FangsI received a copy of this story for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock!Twins Alexis and Alexander (or Lexi and Alex respectively) appear to have it all - two loving adoptive parents, a tight knit group of friends and their final year of high school on the horizon. Only Lexi feels something is missing. She devotes her summer to researching her birth parents only to come up empty handed. Her disappointment is temporarily put on hold by the arrival of not one, but two, mysterious strangers that take an immediate interest in her.First there’s handsome and charming Ollie Sampson, recently relocated from Rome with his older brother. Lexi’s brother and crew of friends quickly embrace Ollie as one of their own and make no secret that they Ollie is just what Lexi needs.Next comes dark and beautiful Cole Astaroth. Cole is a professional musician who has toured the world with his music. The easy connection Lexi has with Ollie is nothing compared to the high voltage sparks she feels for Cole.“Desire, excitement, eagerness, happy, want, anger, hurt, disappointment. I don’t entirely like all those feelings, but I can’t help to think it has to mean something if he is the one who put them there.”The appearance of both men in Lexi’s life at the same time is far from accident. As Lexi decides what path she should take, past ties between Ollie and Cole come to light and those ties expose the truth about Lexi and Alex’s birth parents.I can’t say too much more about the storyline without giving away spoilers but I will say the story seamlessly delves into ancient mythology, angels, heaven and hell, and even superpowers. Lunanqelique is a new twist on some old lore and I really enjoyed where author Kristin R. Campbell took the story. Lunangelique was a super easy read that hooked me early. I think what really made me invest is heroine Lexi. Smart, adventurous, and fiercely independent, Lexi is a rock solid YA paranormal heroine. Hand wringing and tears are kept to a minimum. This girl has brains and how can you not love a character that spouts a line like this in the first chapter:“It’s my body not yours, grope your own.”Lunangelique is an excellent start to a promising trilogy. Fans of YA paranormal romance won’t be disappointed and I highly recommend checking it out.