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"Putney's reputation as one of the finest writers of Regency romance is well deserved. She never shies away from different plots or atypical characters and writes wildly exciting adventure romances. She's done it all again in the marvelous, emotional and thrilling fifth book in the Lost Lords series." --RT Book Reviews on Sometimes a Rogue Top Pick"Composed of equal measur"Putney's reputation as one of the finest writers of Regency romance is well deserved. She never shies away from different plots or atypical characters and writes wildly exciting adventure romances. She's done it all again in the marvelous, emotional and thrilling fifth book in the Lost Lords series." --RT Book Reviews on Sometimes a Rogue Top Pick"Composed of equal measures of dangerous intrigue and potent passion, Putney's fifth elegantly written installment in her Lost Lords series delivers captivating characters, an impeccably realized Regency setting, and a thrilling plot rich in action and adventure." – Booklist, STARRED review for Sometimes a RogueSometimes. . .Even the most proper young lady yearns for adventure. But when the very well bred Miss Sarah Clarke-Townsend impulsively takes the place of her pregnant twin, it puts her own life at risk. If the kidnappers after her sister discover they've abducted Sarah instead, she will surely pay with her life. . .A Rogue. . .Rob Carmichael survived his disastrous family by turning his back on his heritage and becoming a formidable Bow Street Runner with a talent for rescuing damsels in distress. But Sarah is one damsel who is equal to whatever comes. Whether racing across Ireland with her roguish rescuer or throwing herself into his arms, she challenges Rob at every turn. "You can't go wrong with a Putney romance!" –Sabrina JeffriesPraise For Mary Jo Putney's Lost Lords Series"Romance at its best!" —Julia Quinn "Exquisitely and sensitively written." —Library Journal, starred review"Intoxicating and not-to-be missed." —RT Book Reviews (4 ½ Stars, Top Pick)...

Title : Sometimes a Rogue
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Sometimes a Rogue Reviews

  • Mary - Buried Under Romance
    2019-03-13 08:01

    Posted on my blog: http://www.buriedunderromance.blogspo...One of my all-time favorite books is Mary Jo Putney's The Rake, which had a startling amount of brilliant characterization, to the extent of subtly overshadowing the prose, plot, and dialogue. This one is no different. Perhaps it is easier to simply say that Putney is one of the finest historical romance authors ever, able to instill such ingenuity and sentiments into her characters to make them immensely likable, but more importantly, utterly empathetic. This book is blatantly explicitly divided in two parts, a fast-paced adventurous rescue, and a calmer, soother path engagement and marriage life. As with Putney's usual style, this book's plot is mostly background for the multilayered complexity of character development. Miss Sarah Clarke-Townsend pretends to be her twin sister, Mariah, the Duchess of Ashton (Loving A Lost Lord) in order to protect the pregnant Mariah from some kidnappers. Fortunately, Rob Carmichael, a friend of the Duke of Ashton and a Bow Street Runner, arrived and swiftly decided to take up this case for his friend, due to a deeply rooted sense of justice. As he catches up to the kidnappers in Ireland and rescues Sarah, the pair of them braves not only the trials of nature, but also their substantial attraction to each other. The second half of the book has a much different tone than the first, with Rob and Sarah having arrived safely - albeit Rob with injuries - in England. Rob is pronounced to be the new Earl of Kellington, and Sarah, in an attempt to save his life, declared herself his fiancée. Following Rob's recovery, his new inheritance came to be only debts, compelling him to seek an heiress in order to provide for his tenants. In her goodness, Sarah aids him in that quest, only to agree to his marriage-of-convenience as Rob could find no better candidate than Sarah, despite her normal dowry. In the end, Sarah's resourcefulness resolves not only Rob's financial situation, but also a political threat, and more importantly, the lingering question within Rob's heart that sought love but never dared to ask for it. This review cannot even begin to do justice to the enormity of my affections for Rob and Sarah. Rob, despite being a second son, despises the aristocracy that his father represented, and left his heritage to serve justice as a Bow Street Runner; his integrity and honor shaping him into a man of true character. He is at once understanding, knowledgeable, empathetic, and charming, owning more heroic qualities than any romance hero I've ever read. And yet, despite his obvious hero status, he is humble, perceptive of both his own faults and that of man, accepting them and sincerely devoting his soul to bettering the world, even if a little. In fact, Rob is almost too good to true; it is precisely Putney's magical pen that crafted this godlike hero with all the thoughts and qualities of man, making him a most true and conceivable hero. As for Sarah, Rob's "golden, fluffy chick," she encompasses all the wonderful qualities a heroine could have. Finally reunited with her twin Mariah, her affection and love for her sister only increased, accepting yet never condemning her status as the less brilliant Clarke-Townsend sister. Content yet not entirely complacent with her calm life, she sought adventure with a breathless wonder until it took the shape of kidnappers. But far from becoming hysterical, she used her wit and practicality to increase her likelihood of being rescued, and aided Rob on their escape. By herself, Sarah is a delightful and charming girl, but with Rob, she gave him her undying support, affection, and her soul, for his companionship and friendship. These two felt a strong affinity yet understood the demands of society and their life. The level of Rob and Sarah's mutual trust and understanding achieved throughout their journey is on par with the level of love achieve by a lesser author, and Putney took it to an even higher degree by skillfully transforming their affection into a love to be worded. It is clear as day that Rob and Sarah could have given their lives to protect the other even halfway in the story, but it only made sweeter that final, momentous epiphany of their love achieved near the end of this tantalizing tale. In so many words I have described my love for the entirety of this book, so I can only hope that the wisest of readers will see this shining gem of a read and savor its fantastic characters and absorbing plot. Plot: 8/10Characters: 10/10Writing: 10/10Structure: 9/10Overall: 10/10*ARC reviewed from the publisher via Netgalley

  • Bips99
    2019-03-21 08:06

    I cannot believe that putney wrote this. I managed to read half of the book before tossing it aside in disgust. The story is just so shallow. There is no depth, no pause, no introspection. It just lurches from one event to another. Even discovering something as huge as an illegitimate child is given a cursory treatment. The lead couple do not slow down and think what it means, there are zero emotions - oh! I have a child, ok, she will stay with me., lets move on to the next plot twist. As a reader i am completely uninvolved in the story, i feel no attachment to the couple, i am just not emotionally vested in the characters to give a damn.Also the leads are completely mary sue. No matter what the situation, they always seem to have the requisite skill set to deal with it and the reader has to deal with useless info dumps. Ride a horse, shoot, managing a household, sailing, estate management etc. Name anything and they can do it. And they often ask each other with amazement - is there anything you cannot do? Apparently notRubbish book.

  • Laura V.
    2019-03-14 04:49

    Leí un capítulo más diciendo que lo iba a dejar abandonado después de eso, pero consiguió engancharme y lo terminé :DVeamos, es una lectura muy tranquila, sin ningún sobresalto argumental, ni grandes conflictos con los protagonistas. No es amor a primera vista, no están locos de deseo por el otro, se gustan, se atraen y por esas casualidades de la vida ven que pueden estar mejor juntos que separados."Rob y yo perdimos a nuestros primeros amores. Eso hace que hagamos buena pareja. Nos preocupamos el uno por el otro. Confiamos el uno en el otro."Es tan simple la historia que puede caer fácilmente en la denominación de sosa. Pero es lo que yo quería leer. Nada de drama, nada de amor a primera vista, nada de conflictos interiores. Y eso conseguí algo muy, muy simple.Los personajes de Sarah y Rob sobre increíblemente perfectos. Dos segundones en la vida de los demás que nunca han sentido un lugar al que pertenecer. Se han enamorado con anterioridad y han sufrido la pérdida. Inician amistad de manera inmediata, porque se caen bien, se gustan y encuentran en el otro algo que los relaja. Lo que es bueno y bonito. No precisamente mágico, pero bonito.Sarah es, según Rob, la combinación de las dos mujeres que más ha amado en su vida. No creo que lo diga en un mal sentido, destaca sus virtudes y las resalta solo porque está en Sarah, porque es Sarah, y porque tienen un vínculo diferente.Rob no estaba listo para el cambio, pero con Sarah a su lado lo ve posible. Su familia ahora se ha hecho más grande, tiene otras responsabilidades y tiene un futuro más bonito de lo que pudo imaginar. Me gusta que él no se aferre al orgullo para negar la ayuda que le ofrecen. Él no tiene reparos en admitir que necesita ese tipo de ayuda, y lo hace sin parecer un aprovechado de sus nuevos parientes ricos. No es perfecto. No se aman a primera vista. Puede que eso los haga ver menos frente a los grandes matrimonios por amor que los han rodeado pero hace lo suyo un poco más valioso, porque han tenido la valentía de enfrentarse a una unión confiando y apostando en el otro. Es importante. Para los que buscaban otra cosa, esto definitivamente es una gran decepción. Pero para mí es algo ligero y denso que atrapa después de una segunda oportunidad y entretiene.

  • Margaret Sholders
    2019-02-27 04:08

    I just finished this book. I love to read Mary Jo's books and my shelves show it. It took me a bit to shuffle the characters around in my head. After I got them in place the action took off. Sarah took the place of her pregnant twin Mariah in a kidnapping plot. Rob, a Bow Street Runner, followed her to Ireland to rescue her. After fleeing across Ireland, sailing back to England in a storm and wrecking on shore life becomes progressively crazier. Rob gets news he doesn't like. Sarah doesn't want to go home and I was on pins and needles as to if or when the bad guys were going to appear again. This book hooked me quickly. I couldn't put it down. You have to add this book to your library!

  • Mrs Giggles
    2019-03-06 07:52

    It has been four years since Mary Jo Putney started her The Lost Lords series, but it is still a bit of a culture shock to read Sometimes A Rogue and marvel at the direction the author has taken with this series. Where she was once better known for rich internal conflicts, the author is now moving towards more action-driven romance where characterization takes a back seat. The problem with this direction is evident all over this book.First, the plot. Sarah Clarke-Townsend is the twin sister of Mariah, who starred in Loving A Lost Lord. She's the more outgoing and adventurous one, and when this story opens, she and her very pregnant sister go on a morning ride. The morning is off on a good start when Mariah goes into labor, and it gets better when Sarah overhears some men plotting to kidnap her sister. Sarah poses as her twin sister (telling those goons that she already gave birth to explain her flat stomach) and gets kidnapped in her place.Fortunately, by now the Lost Lords have a direct line to the hero of this story: Rob Carmichael, who happens to be a Bow Street Runner. Now that it matters whether he's a runner or a jogger, because he's a super capable fellow, just like every other guy in the prestigious band of brothers. He soon locates Sarah, those two stage a getaway, their boat gets into trouble, only to conveniently land at the doorstep of his estranged grandmother who reveals that he is now a titled gentleman.The story goes on and on, to the point that it is hard for me to give you a clear idea of the plot without giving everything away. Let's just say that many things happen, often due to unlikely circumstances or the ineptness of the villains, and throughout everything, nothing truly threatens our very capable duo. They are just so much better than the villains that it is impossible to believe that, even once, they are in danger of being bested.Note that I said "capable", not "intelligent". Some things our duo do here can be quite... strange, let's just say. For example, Sarah rather prematurely gloats to the villains as she sails away from them that she's not Mariah but Mariah's twin sister. What's to stop the villains then from ignoring her then and going after Mariah? Didn't her action just put her sister and her sister's newborn in danger? Fortunately, our villains graduated from the Elmer Fudd school of villainy: they brag about what they want to do before they actually do something, they stumble around like bleary-eyed dolts, and they create scenarios that actually put our hero and heroine in an advantageous position.As a result of all this, the story present in this book is pretty dull. Sarah is dull. She's feisty, she is remarkably democratic, and from the narrow range of emotions she displays throughout her escapades, I'd think she does this every other day until she's bored of the routine. I don't know how she comes to be what she is - she just is, a one-dimensional heroine sprung on me full grown with painted-by-numbers traits. It's the same with Rob: he's very capable, although not always smart, and that's about it. These two cling to some silly reasons to justify why the other person really isn't in love with him or her, despite all evidence to the contrary, so their romance offers little excitement to make up for the flat plot.Sometimes A Rogue could have worked better if the author had gone the more "serious" route and created compelling villains and main characters with realistic strengths and weaknesses, or she could have just gone all over the top instead and have the characters kick ass in a campy and entertaining manner. As it is, this is just a dull story with inadequately developed characters muddling around in a dull plot.

  • Farrah
    2019-02-26 03:02

    What can I say about this book? It was perfect! I loved every part of it. Sometimes a Rogue was a brilliant historical romance, a truly enjoyable read.Sarah was a very strong heroine. It was immediately evident, with her determination to protect her sister. And, it didn't end there as she faced abduction, a treacherous road back home, and a stood up to anyone in her way. I thought she was very likable and a wonderful character.Rob was a hero with a dark past that became a good man despite it. He was a true gentleman. Incredibly sweet and intent on doing the right thing, even if it puts him in danger. I adored him. I thought he was perfect. The romance was completely adorable! So sweet. Sarah and Rob were wonderful together. Their feelings for each other grew slowly and they were obvious every step of the way. And, there were a few sparks, thought that wasn't the main focus of their relationship. They were lovely and I adored them together.The plot was fast paced. There were a few surprises along the way and plenty of thrills. I was hooked the entire way through. And the ending was wonderful.Sometimes a Rogue was a fantastic historical romance. I loved every bit of it! It was just perfect. Lovers of romance, you have to read this book.*Thanks to Netgalley and Zebra for a copy!

  • Elena
    2019-03-13 08:09

    Weirdly juvenile and unpolished, considering MJP is a Regency veteran who I know can do better. I was looking forward to Rob Carmichael's story, but it was way less interesting than I expected. Oh well.

  • Sheryl Pittman
    2019-03-25 10:58

    Oh my goodness - this was the best historical romance ever. This is my first experience with Mary Jo Putney. I can't wait to read more. I was in love with the novel from the first paragraph to the very end...

  • Kate McMurry
    2019-03-25 08:03

    Exciting Regency romance, #5 in the wonderful "Lost Lords" seriesSarah Clarke-Townsend is the identical twin sister of Mariah, the Duchess of Ashton. They've recently discovered each other after being separated for decades due to their father's abandoning their mother and Sarah and taking Mariah away with him when the twins were toddlers. While Sarah is visiting with Mariah, who is in the last stages of her first pregnancy and due to deliver at any moment, the two of them go alone on an early morning carriage ride and stop at a church on the Duke's estate. Sarah overhears evil men outside the church who are clearly there to kidnap Mariah and, on the spot, devises a daring scheme to save her sister. She urges Mariah to hide while Sarah pretends to be her sister. When Sarah is surrounded by rough men who have her helplessly outnumbered and demand to know where her baby is, she declares that she left the baby with a wet nurse. Not wanting to miss the chance to capture her while she is undefended, they grab her and carry her away with them. Sarah soon is very grateful that she made her plan for her sister's sake, for it is clear that Mariah and the baby would never have survived the rigors Sarah is subjected to. Her kidnappers spirit Sarah away to Ireland, and though hungry and afraid and living in physical deprivation, Sarah never gives up watching for a chance to free herself from her captors. Meanwhile, Rob Carmichael arrives at the estate of the Duke of Ashton right after Sarah is taken. He is a long-time friend of the Duke and the younger son of an Earl. Rather than leading the idle life of a privileged aristocrat, Rob has made a career for himself as a Bow Street Runner. Because of his training, he is eminently suited to mounting a rescue attempt, and he instantly volunteers to go after Sarah. The Duke cannot go with him because Mariah is in labor, but Rob assures him this is a one-man job since he needs to be as nimble and invisible as possible if he is to have a chance of success. When Rob eventually catches up with Sarah and the evil men holding her, he makes a bold plan to help Sarah escape, but it comes very close to disaster until Sarah offers feisty and timely assistance to Rob.Mary Jo Putney (MJP) is justly famous for her very strong, extremely sympathetic heroines, and Sarah is a terrific addition to that remarkable coterie. It is difficult for me to choose one favorite heroine among so many that I have adored over the years as a long-time fan of MJP, but Sarah is definitely in the top tiers of my list. She never complains, no matter how difficult the conditions her captors subject her to. She is always ready to do whatever it takes to survive--and make sure that Rob or anyone else she cares about is kept safe as well. In short, she is the very best kind of protagonist. She gets into trouble because she is brave, compassionate and sacrificial.Sarah and Rob are well matched, because he is brave, compassionate and sacrificial as well. Without offering spoilers as to specific details, I have to say that I particularly enjoyed the middle section of the book. Rob's fortunes shift drastically and the manner in which, with Sarah's influence and input, he adjusts to those circumstances is a very entertaining read. Theirs is a relationship in which we experience, every step of the way, that these two people are made for each other. They are an ideal match in temperament, outlook and personal ethics. Every romance novel implicitly claims that the protagonists are soul mates, but MJP delivers on that promise in every possible way in this moving story. As always for MJP, the historical detail of her story is precisely and accurately done, but it is offered as a natural, seamless backdrop, never intruding on the story itself. That is, there is never any feeling in a book by MJP that we are reading a dull recitation of historical facts. Instead, we are immersed in a world as real and vivid as if we had a personal time machine that had delivered us in the midst of the colorful, Regency era. I rate this book as follows:Heroine: 5 starsHero: 5 starsSubcharacters: 5 starsRomance Plot: 5 starsAction-Adventure Plot: 5 starsHistorical World-Building: 5 starsWriting: 5 starsOverall: 5 stars

  • kris
    2019-03-14 09:07

    Sarah is a twin and wants adventure. Rob is a Runner and good at adventure. He saves her from people, finds out he's an Earl, they get married, etc. etc. For all the stuff that happens, it's all very boring and flat.1. My biggest issue with this book was the sheer laziness of the characterization and plot. So much information is left out of the narrative until it's important, which makes everything feel oh-so-handy and easy. Rob doesn't know how to run an estate? Sarah was raised like a boy! There are bad guys chasing her? She's a master marksman too! Sarah feels Feelings about boys leaving her willy-nilly? Well Rob's mother (who has already been used for maximum angst) died in childbirth! With the daughter she always wanted! So there, Feelings! Then there's the actual plot elements: early in the novel, Rob strips Sarah naked to dry her off. Later, she refuses to get naked because he might ~see her tattoo. Umm? Upon showing up at Rob's manor, Sarah announces they are engaged. Later, his grandmother comments on how he will need to marry an heiress. Still later, she's confused when Rob and Sarah announce their engagement because 'weren't you engaged already?' Argh!There's so many small instances of laziness like the above that I could barely make myself trudge through the entirety of the book. What's truly at stake when there's a handy twist around every corner?2. Wow there were a lot of divergent plot bits in this book, including a lot of foreshadowed dead ends, ALL THE TROPES, and emotionally empty hero/ines.3. This book made me retroactively hate Adam, Duke of Where-ever. He's the best dresser! Keeper of estates! Animal breeder! Husband! Political ally! Etc! Gross.

  • Caz
    2019-02-28 07:11

    I've given this a C for narration and C- for content at AudioGals.Last year, I read the sixth book in Ms Putney’s Lost Lords series, and was terribly disappointed in the weakness of the writing and storytelling – I gave it a C- at AAR. But I’ve listened to one or two of the earlier books in the series, so when Sometimes a Rogue (book five) came up for review, I thought I’d give it a go in the hope that Not Quite a Wifehad been a freak dud.Sadly, that wasn’t the case, because Sometimes a Rogue is just as weak in terms of both storytelling and writing. I had to ask myself more than once whether this had come from the same pen that produced The Rake, Shattered Rainbows and so many other historical romance “classics”, because it’s a mess of contrivance, cardboard characters and poor dialogue – and I struggled to finish it.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals.

  • Artemiz
    2019-03-21 04:49

    Sometimes a Rogue (Sometimes a Hero) by Mary Jo Putney is a wonderful historic romance novel. It's actually more like two stories. The first story is about how Miss Sarah Clarke-Townsend gets kidnapped and how Rob Carmichael goes to rescue her as Bow Street Runner and Sarah's sister's husband's best friend.When half a book is through starts another story. This is a story about how Rob finds out his the new Earl of Kellington and Sarah helps him come to terms with it and Rob finds it's convenient to marry her.Through all the book, they both think about their first loves and how they have no more love to give, but at the same time they both grow more and more fond of each other and they just do not want to admit it that they actually are in love already, not till very end. It's interesting to follow their ever growing infatuation and their acceptance of the inevitable. It was a good, sweet and interesting love story. Although it is fifth book of the series, I didn't get the feeling that I will not understand the story right if I haven't read the previous books.Good read!

  • eyes.2c
    2019-03-10 08:05

    This has it all--a fascinating gem of a read!A dastardly kidnapping, a daring rescue alongsidetalks of love and the differences between honour and justice. The relationship between Lady Sarah Clarke-Townsend and Rob Carmichael, the Bow Street runner certainly starts with a jolt. Other nefarious deeds are waiting in the wings with the Irish fighters as central. Harrowing rides across Ireland is just the beginning.The level of conversation between the Sarah and Rob is quite fascinating and not what one is used to in the usual regency romance. Intrigue and high adventure dog their every step, accompanied by family skeletons and family reconciliations.Little hints concerning the stories of other of the Lost Lords has left me determined to explore the rest of this series.I love the fact a that Sarah in many respects steps outside of the bounds of acceptable behaviour, or even knowledge for women, given the times she lives in, yet the doing of, makes her a stronger, creditable and fully believable person.Altogether enjoyable and well worth the read.A NetGalley ARC

  • Kay (aka) Miss Bates
    2019-03-08 04:45

    I wanted to like this a lot better than I did. This book is tedious. The ninny-heroine, Sarah, is happy to be kidnapped after she pretends to be her sister, Mariah, saving the pregnant Mariah from this dubious adventure. The Bow Street Runner hero, Rob, who rescues her, morphs into a newly-dubbed lord and the entire narrative goes downhill from there. Nothing much happens after that, except he tries to figure out how to be lordly, they marry out of friendship (but still lust for each other) and many many characters make cameo appearances for neither rhyme nor reason.I received an ARE from Kensington Books via Netgalley in exchange for this honest review. If you'd like to read a more extensive critique, please follow the link:

  • Tammy
    2019-03-13 07:53

    I loved the characters in Sometimes a Rogue. I found them endearing and charming. Their romance was sweet and I enjoyed watching it slowly develop from friendship into love. Once I started reading it was hard to put it down until I finished it. Mary Jo Putney has a way of captivating my attention from the very first page. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the books in the Lost Lords series, and now eagerly await Kirklands story which is set to come next. I also enjoyed catching up with some of the main characters from the earlier books in the series. I find I want to re-read the earlier books to refresh my memory of the events that have led to this one.

  • Gemma
    2019-03-03 03:49

    I've loved some of this author's books before (I recommend "The Wild Child" and "Silk and Shadows"). This felt very paint-by-numbers to me.

  • Tin
    2019-02-28 10:03

    Disclosure: I received the ARC through Netgalley. (Thank you to Mary Jo Putney, to Zebra and Kensington Books for accepting my request.) Yes, this is an honest review.* * *Sarah Clarke-Townsend is staying with her sister, Mariah, the Duchess of Ashton as she nears the end of her confinement. Despite being separated by their feuding parents when they were little, Sarah loves her sister Mariah and yearns for the same adventure that her sister had. (Read Loving a Lost Lord.)Be careful what you wish for. As Sarah and Mariah enjoy a spontaneous (not permitted) ride around the Ashton estate, they encounter a group of men intent on kidnapping the duchess. Quick-thinking Sarah hides her sister and pretends to be the duchess and goes along with the men.Rob Carmichael is on his way to visit his friend, the Duke of Ashton, and enjoy his hospitality when chaos meets him: the Duchess is in labor and her sister has been kidnapped. As a Bow Street Runner, Rob is used to such situations and volunteers to go after Sarah and her abductors.When Rob finally catches up to Sarah, he expected to rescue a damsel in distress -- instead, he finds a woman who is capable, intelligent, brave and loyal. For the first time in his professional career, Rob knows this rescue mission isn't going to be strictly business.Rob played an important role in Cassie's story. He and Cassie had a very "interesting" physical arrangement and he struck me as a very straightforward, very unsentimental guy. When Cassie found love with Grey Sommers, I was a bit disappointed because she and Rob were good together -- and I wondered: what kind of woman would Rob fall in love with? Sometimes a Rogue answers that question. It is interesting that Rob would find love in the most unlikely place: not around his usual circle of professionals but in a quiet, country-bred woman named Sarah Clarke-Townsend. Sarah, who was slowly getting settled in being a spinster, of never finding love -- especially not the same all-consuming, passionate love that her sister found with her husband. But life throws a curve ball and our hero and heroine find themselves escaping from a group of Irish radicals who had planned on holding the duchess for ransom. Unexpected is the word that comes to mind to describe this novel. The first few chapters of the book made me expect that this novel would have some political undertones (regarding Ireland) and would be about Sarah and Rob's travel through Ireland -- but, when the pair arrive in England, the troubles that dogged them in Ireland is forgotten because there is new trouble for Rob in England. He discovers that he has inherited his estranged father's title and the family's debt-ridden estate. Rob and Sarah have no time to explore the tentative romance that blossomed in Ireland because they have their hands full dealing with cheating estate managers, distrustful tenants and a disapproving grandmother.I wonder how the novel would have worked without the whole kidnapping at the beginning of the story, which sandwiches the novel. I wonder if readers new to the series will understand the purpose of initial plot. Between the two plotlines: the Ireland/Escape plot and the Restoration of the Carmichael estate plot, I preferred the latter one. I loved seeing Rob and Sarah in action: their skills and temperaments complimented each other and they worked so well together as they tried to sift through the mess of bills and crumbling buildings that Rob's father and brother left behind. The romance between our hero and heroine develop in a very quiet way -- it didn't grow from kisses, embraces and sex -- but from earnest companionship and work. I loved the focus, structure and emotional depth of No Longer a Gentleman -- but I appreciated the closeness and friendship that develops between Sarah and Rob -- and the deepening of the bond between Rob and Adam (the Lost Lords).Overall, this was a great addition to Mary Jo Putney's The Lost Lords series. I am very, very excited to read Kirkland's story, which is coming next. (Kirkland is head of the spy network that Cassie worked for.)

  • Shauni
    2019-03-20 03:54

    Looking for an exceptional historical romance? A story of daring do? A story where people make the right choices for the right reasons? A story of adventure and love? Of creating family from what you are given? (No I am not going to say well read something else.. although I was tempted to just to play with your heads). Well Mary Jo Putney offers us all of this and more! This was my first Mary Jo Putney book and I promise it will not be my last!! I was captivated from the very beginning.Rob Carmichael was the spare.. a child of promise that was tossed away because his family was well stupid. They were greedy and gluttonous and just darn right nasty. His father and brother did everything they could to destroy him, including paying off the woman he loved, and well having him shanghaied (best thing his brother ever did for him). Rob's family thinks him dead and honestly he is perfectly happy with that. Since the only person in his family that he loved, his mother, had been dead many years.. why bother going back? Instead he has created a life for himself, he spent years in India and now he is a respected Bow Street Runner. He finds people... So when the sister-in-law of one of his best friends goes missing, who else are they going to ask to find her?Miss Sarah Clarke-Townsend would like just a little bit of adventure in her life. She knows her chances for Happily ever after are dwindling so she wants a bit of life before she settles down to maiden aunt (she's 25). But when she and her oh so pregnant twin are out for a jaunt in the carriage.. Sarah begins to rethink that whole adventure thing. First, her sister goes into labor and they have to send the groom back for help, a wagon and well help.. Then while resting in an ancient church on their lands, kidnappers appear.. Sarah knows her sister will never survive a kidnapping so she hides sis in a crypt.. and claims to be her. Explaining away the non existent baby bump with a glib comment on early deliveries.. and Sarah is taken and no one is sure why. While Sarah is determined to survive she isn't sure that is going to happen and would be perfectly happy to be rescued any time now. When Rob Carmichael finally shows up they have to find a way out of Ireland and back to England.. They have to work together and deny any attraction that they feel towards each other. There is no place or time in this rescue for anything but escape.. But a storm in the channel between England and Ireland leaves them thinking they are going to die.. everything changes.. landing on the very land Rob has been trying to run from for his entire adult life, they find that everything has changed.. His father and brother are dead and Rob is now the Earl.. only his crankyass Grandmother would be perfectly happy if he too had died.. And that's not the only surprise for poor Rob.. The woman he loved and lost? She too is dead but she left a beautiful daughter who was being raised by her disgusting grandfather. Rob's entire world has changed in a minute and now so too must his views.. the only thing keeping him sane is the presence of Miss Sarah Clarke-Townsend.. that is when she isn't trying to help him find the "right" bride.. Can Rob do this on his own? Or when he finally realizes that Sarah really is his only hope will she stand beside him? Does their love even stand a chance? And will those that sought to destroy the Duke and his wife (Sarah's sister and Brother-in-law) leave them alone? Or are they now part of those hunted? Intrigue, romance and just a little spice!! Great Job!!ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Sometimes A Rogue provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on August 27, 2013

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-03-23 02:45

    Vikki’s MusingsRating: 4.25 StarsI found this book through the Kindle Unlimited program and was able to purchase the audio version for an excellent price as well. I vaguely remembered reading some of the other books in the Lost Lords series years ago, and like Ms. Putney’s writing style. I am so glad I discovered this excellent tale of friendship blossoming into true love.Sarah Clark-Townsend willingly puts her life in danger to save her very pregnant sister from kidnappers, bend on spiriting her away, by pretending she is the duchess. While she has longed for adventure, she may have gotten more than she has bargained for.Rob Carmichael, a Bow Street Runner and one of the Lost Lords of the School of Westerfiled, arrives at his friend, the Duke of Ashton’s home to find his household in an uproar. The duchess is in labor and her sister has been abducted. He quickly offers to find her sister and bring her home.When Rob finds Sarah, will he be able to get her safely away from her abductors, while still keeping his heart intact, or will this adorable golden chick with a fluffy cloud of blonde hair worm her way passed his barriers?Sarah is an outstanding heroine. She is brave, fearless and intensely loyal, yet able to be a completely feminine woman and a lady through and through. Her tender nature comes through from the first page and only grows stronger as the story progresses. Her easy acceptance of Rob’s illegitimate daughter, not only acceptance, but willingness to take her in hand, melted my heart. Rob is such a wonderful hero, determined to protect those in his care, a loyal friend and an honorable man all rolled into a handsome rogue in the bargain. The title is great for this story as it fits Rob perfectly. While many were convinced he is a rogue, including his cantankerous grandmother—delightful character by the way—he is actually not a rogue at all. He is a Bow Street Runner no less, fighting to right wrongs and defend justice. He has a past filled with heartache and plenty of reason for him to be cynical, but Rob has not let it color his true character.The romance between Sarah and Rob grows steadily as the tale unfolds. There is physical attraction from the start, but neither of them believe they can love again, both having loved and lost in their past. Their marriage starts out based on companionship and desire, but by the end of the story, it becomes a love match that will stand the test of time. I always enjoy “friends to lovers” stories since I have one of my own.I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative by Steven Crossley. He reads with emotion, easily able to bring the characters to life. His voice tone for the females is credible and allowed me to forget that a male was the reader. He also has a good handle of the accents of this wide cast of characters. I look forward to listening to future books performed by him.I thoroughly enjoyed reading/listening to Sometimes a Rogue and plan to continue with the Lost Lords series. If you enjoy a great love story with plenty of action and a good deal of suspense along the way, then you will enjoy this book as much as I have. Happy reading!

  • Kate McMurray
    2019-03-18 06:01

    Guys, this book has EVERYTHING. Some of the tropes included in this bonanza include (some spoilers):(view spoiler)[• tiny blond twin switcheroo shenanigans, a la Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield• kidnapping• looking down on the Irish• dudes fighting• fleeing while in pursuit of the bad guys• bad guys with accents• boat caught in a squall while trying to cross the sea• ...and the inevitable shipwreck• plot convenience/contrivance (Rob and Sarah JUST HAPPEN to crash their boat on the shores of Rob's ancestral home after navigating the Irish sea in a tiny boat)• evil relatives• peer who doesn't want to be a peer• a secret baby• estate planning/living extravagantly despite being broke• a not-quite-marriage of convenience• a pony! • bad guys show up at worst possible time, but are kind of stupid and easily defeated• rocks fall and everybody dies (if by "everybody" you mean the bad guys)• happy ending! (hide spoiler)]On the con side: the pacing in this book is very strange, with lots of time spent on the boring estate-related nonsense once Rob takes over his family home, but not much time spent on other things that would have been more interesting/had more emotional resonance. On the plus side: I can't think of another romance plot that unfurled quite this way. Rob and Sarah have adventures and definitely like and respect each other, but when Rob proposes, his reasons for marriage are practical. Sarah goes along because she can't imagine marrying anybody else. There's some hay made about the fact that Sarah and Rob are not in love at their wedding. But it's not really a marriage-of-convenience plot either. Their love grows after the wedding as they spend more time together. So that was interesting and different and probably more in keeping with the time period. (Although these two find PLENTY of ways to flaunt societal convention without consequence otherwise. Not a euphemism!)So I enjoyed the ride, but this was a strange, crazy book. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-26 02:59

    This book starts out with a lot of stuff going on. A childbirth emergency, an abduction, a heroic rescue, a storm at sea, a shipwreck, an unexpected inheritance, a long-lost love child. Then there's a lot of housekeeping. A lot of housekeeping. There's a wedding. More housekeeping. The hero and heroine have an Oprah-style heart to heart about the psychological baggage they each carry from childhood that prevents them from fully giving their hearts to each other. More housekeeping. Finally, in the last few pages of the book, the villains from the original abduction return and things get exciting again. There is killing. There are declarations of love. And (SPOILER ALERT) they all live happily ever after. At one point the heroine turns to the hero and says, "I'm seriously impressed." I'm not a historian, but I don't think this colloquialism was widely used in the Regency era. "You must allow me to tell you how I seriously admire and love you." "I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not seriously mortified mine." "It was seriously the best of times. It was seriously the worst of times." See, even in the Victorian era, it doesn't work. I could be wrong. Perhaps the OED would tell me this usage can be traced to Chaucer in 1384. I have a lot of willing suspension of disbelief going on that allows me to read romance novels in the first place, but my brain would not let go of this tiny detail. At least she didn't say she was *literally* impressed. The hero might have thought she was being forced into military service. So, yes, the writing was not always my cup of tea, but I hate to give anything less than three stars to a book that includes childbirth, abduction, daring rescue, and shipwreck in the first 100 or so pages. Bonus points for derring-do involving a pitchfork. I was seriously diverted.

  • Cynthia
    2019-03-05 02:58

    What an oddly pragmatic couple.This was my first attempt at Mary Jo Putney and I can’t tell if it’s just this book that I found oddly different to your “typical” historical romance or if this is how she normally writes her romance. Not to say it’s bad, just that it was different.I found Rob and Sarah to be an extremely pragmatic couple, to the point where while I knew the reasons why they could like each other very much, there was little of the overwhelming sweeping romance that’s the norm of historical romance. No constantly swooning or lusting or illogical actions due to love, I just wasn’t sure they were meant to be. That being said, they are a couple that definitely compliments each other.I felt like there was two story lines in this book. The first was the kidnapping and the second is Rob’s story with his family. I really enjoyed the cross-country adventure from England to Ireland and back again, it was daring and thrilling and it gave me a chance to watch Rob and Sarah bond. The “second of the book was cute but just okay. I think I was hoping for more development with Rob and Sarah but they just lacked the bit of chemistry for me.I realize that this is book 5 in the series and that both characters were introduced long before this book, so maybe if I had known their personalities more I could have gotten behind this romance a wee bit more. That being said however, it was an enjoyable read and a good introduction to Mary Jo Putney. I’ll probably check out more of her works in the future.{*Thanks to the publisher & Netgalley for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Karine Darnessy
    2019-03-06 03:14

    Ce tome, j'ai cru qu'il ne sortirait jamais. J'adore cette série depuis le premier tome. J'y trouve un univers qui me plait, des personnages attachants. Nous suivons donc l'histoire de Rob, aperçut dans le tome précédent et Sarah, la soeur jumelle de Mariah, l'héroïne du premier tome. Celle-ci accompagne sa soeur lors d'un balade sur le domaine d'Ashton lorsque des individus surgissent pour enlevé Mariah. Sa soeur sur le point d'accoucher, Sarah décide de se sacrifier et de prendre la place de sa soeur sans que les kidnappeurs ne le sachent.Ce n'est pas une surprise, j'ai adoré ce tome. Ce fut un vrai plaisir de retrouver la plume de l'auteure et les hommes de la Westerfield academy. Je ne me suis pas ennuyé une seule seconde dans cette aventure rythmée et trépidante. On connaît enfin le passé du coureur de Bow street, son caractère et ses aspirations. de l'autre, Sarah est bien différente de Mariah, et j'ai beaucoup aimé cette différence. Elle rêve d'aventure, d'avoir un quotidien plus animé. Elle a beau avoir été élevé comme une jeune femme de bonne famille, elle agit comme un garçon manqué et c'est cela qui m'a plus chez elle.Pour conclure, j'ai passé un très bon moment avec cette histoire. J'espère seulement que la suite verra le jour en français.

  • Jackie
    2019-02-25 10:03

    A remarkably dull story, despite opening with a kidnapping and ending with a would-be foreign invasion. Bow Street Runner Rob Carmichael sets off after the mistakenly abducted Lady Sarah, rescues her from Ireland, then sails with her back to England, conveniently washing up on shore during a storm right by his ancestral home. His estrangement from his family meant he had no idea that his father and his brother had recently died, leaving him the heir to the earldom. Sarah's knowledge of estate management and household management helps him adjust; he soon realizes that marrying her would be a wise decision. Though neither thinks s/he loves the other, the threat at the end proves that they really do.So many contrivances of plot, and black & white characters, make for groan-worthy reading.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-02-23 04:46

    Each book in this series so far has been wonderful. Ms. Putney creates such wonderfully romantic, roguish heroes and also the perfect female to complement their strengths and weaknesses. Rob Carmichael and Sarah Clarke-Townsend were no different. Sarah, a duchess' sister with no more than average financial assets and a broken heart from the death of her fiancee. Rob, a Bow Street Runner from lofty originals but disinherited for being unique. When Sarah puts herself in danger to save her pregnant sister, Rob takes off after the kidnappers. The attraction is instant but the difference in circumstance keeps them apart. I enjoyed the slow and steady romance that crept up on both of them and I particularly enjoyed the addition of Bree - what a sweet ending for Rob's childhood nightmares.

  • Sharyn
    2019-03-23 02:55

    This is number 5 but I only vaguely remember 1-4. Very fast read and some interesting history about England and Ireland. Wonderful Heroine, raised by her mother and Uncle with 4 male cousins, so she can fight and shoot and is very brave. Took a little too much time for the hero to realize he should marry her. Now I have to go back and reread the story of her twin! Now I only have one more to read and I am caught up!! I enjoyed this second (maybe 3rd) reread. I have loved Rob from the very beginning. This book is a really good psychological look at a mistreated child who grows up to have little confidence in his ability to be an Earl. I read this book almost exactly 2 years ago and it was well worth the reread.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-02-24 09:49

    Decent but not great. There just wasn't enough conflict between the hero and the heroine to keep my interest up. And if there isn't conflict between the main couple then there should be outside conflict. The first half of the book had this. They were running from the bad guys. Yeah! But then they get back to England and suddenly he inherits a title and they get married and the whole thing grinds to a halt. Then it's all so saccharine as they figure out how to save his patrimony. That turns out to be amazingly easy and serendipitous.All that being said, it wasn't horrible and I will continue with the series

  • Gizella Tóth
    2019-02-28 05:09

    Óóó, igen! Egyszerűen imádom, amikor egy arisztokrata elkezd javítani a bérlői helyzetén. Ítéletnapig elolvasgatnám, hogyan jobbít a sorsukon. :)És hatalmas dicséret a fordítónak. Végre valaki, aki ismeri annyira a nyelvet, amelyről fordít (és a kor kultúráját is, persze), hogy ne tegezzen egy 'myladyt', és a saját anyanyelvét is olyan szinten beszélni, hogy jó stílusban fordítson, és ami még nagyobb öröm, hogy jól használja a tegezés-magázást is. Bravó, Hajnal Gabriella! Remek fordítása még élvezetesebbé tette amúgy is kedvenc íróm nagyszerű könyvét.

  • CaroleDee
    2019-03-04 04:01

    Hmm... After reading the first four books in the Lost Lords series and liking them a lot (solid 4 star books!) I was expecting more from Sometimes a Rogue.Rob's character in previous books seemed very mysterious and alluring. I was looking forward to unraveling the enigma of a Lord turned dangerous Bow Street runner. While I got was I was looking for in Rob, the ridiculous coincidences and Sarah's numerous TSTL moments overshadowed what should have been a great love story.I'm planning to stick with the Lost Lord's series, but I don't plan on reading this one again. :/

  • Maggie Hesseling
    2019-03-24 04:58

    This novel brings me to mind of something said in one of my favorite tv shows, the x-files: "if coincidences are coincidences, why do they feel so contrived?" It kept repeating in my head throughout reading, as things seem to happen either too quickly or at the same time.The premiss of the novel is interesting though, it may just be lacking in pacing and a little focus. It could have easily started after the rescue and been a perfectly good story. It just feels as if there are two novels here, and both incomplete.