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Book two in the Fallen Souls Series.My name is Gemma Lucas and everything in my life is falling apart. Lost Souls are roaming the world, possessing people and the fey have made it their mission to torture the innocent. Death and suffering is becoming a way of life and no matter what I do, things keep tearing Alex and me apart. What’s worse is that every time I look into thBook two in the Fallen Souls Series.My name is Gemma Lucas and everything in my life is falling apart. Lost Souls are roaming the world, possessing people and the fey have made it their mission to torture the innocent. Death and suffering is becoming a way of life and no matter what I do, things keep tearing Alex and me apart. What’s worse is that every time I look into the future, all I see is a nearing finality for us. And I’m worried that maybe this time I won’t be able to change it....

Title : The Evanescence
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The Evanescence Reviews

  • Jessica Sorensen
    2019-03-23 21:28

    It's available!Amazon:

  • Kristin Campbell
    2019-03-14 01:14

    Perfect, perfect, PERFECT way to end the series! The whole series is so captivating, but this book... everything seemed so hopeless, lost; worse than things were in the original series, if you can believe that. As soon as things seem to come together, they fall apart. So sad. I cried so much in the beginning of this book... just WOW! The writing was phenomenal. The emotions. The story line. The despair.Such a good book. And again, the ending was Perfection.

  • Amirah Gibson
    2019-03-26 03:10

    I can't wait!!!!! When is it coming out????Merged review:When is this coming out??!!!! I love ALL of ur books, ur AMAZING

  • Brittany
    2019-03-18 02:18

    Seriously?!? Seriously?!? To say that I'm incredibly disappointed is putting it mildly. The Fallen Star Series is one of favorite series, if not my absolute favorite, so I couldn't believe what a monumental failure this final book was. It seemed like the author just wanted to hurry up and be done with the series already so she just threw this shit together. I hate, and I mean HATE when authors pull the "let's reset time" shit because then everything that happened, everything you just read was fucking pointless because NONE OF IT HAPPENED! So yeah, I'm disappointed... disappointed and pissed off.

  • Belle
    2019-03-08 05:24

    I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS THE FINAL BOOK. I JUST.. THIS SUCKS. I seriously have fallen deeply in love with the characters in the series. I started reading this series by chance, when I saw the first book online iTunes for free, and thank goodness I took the chance to download it, because it soon became one of my favourite series to read. This series has it all from a world full of fantasy characters, to friendships between characters you could only wish for, to non stop continuous drama and action that keep you hooked to every page and to a true love so powerful it could overcome the toughest obstacles (even death).From Aislin; the bubbly, overly passionate witchy friend who cares so much for those around her, and is willing to do what it takes to bring her family homeTo Laylan; the one you can count on, lonely, hunky, kind vampire who just wants to be able to live a normal life, To Alex, the seemingly spoilt, cocky, utterly gorgeous boy who rejected the idea of love who turned into a man who not only embraced love but let Gemma become his entire world. (Funny, sarcastic, loveable.. sigh.. he is my ultimate fantasy BF)To Gemma, the one who started this series, and got to end it. She was a brave heroine, who was determine, never gave up and would do anything for the price of love. (Even Nicholas, although I wish we got to see more of him in the last book, instead of a brief moment of he returned back into his playboy ways.)I fell in love with them in the first series, and was immediately hooked on the fantasy world they lived in full of witches, sprites, fey, gods and vampires. I'm so glad each of the characters got the ending they deserved! I will miss these characters so much, but I will never forget them :) Guess, I will have to just read them over and over again to get my fill! (Lucky for the new adult version, get to read their story all over again hehe)5/5 for the entire series!

  • Alexa
    2019-03-15 21:18

    i dislike the cover...

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-04 02:11

    I was kind of disappointed with this book. I've not been a big Alex fan and have always shipped Gemma/Laylen, so I was really upset that Jessica Sorenson teased the readers with a possible Laylen and Gemma thing and was like, just kidding, not really going to even expand on it. I felt like she was just tired of writing this series and threw together a book to end it. :(

  • Rachel Naughton
    2019-02-28 23:21

    I am so unbelievably gutted that this series has ended. This pains me to say as I am a huge fan of Jessica Sorenson's work but this book was a bit of a let down to end the series. I had really high expectations and they weren't fulfilled. The story to me felt rushed and bodged together. We don't really get a resolution to how Laylen and Gemma feel about each other. As a Laylen fan this upset me. Do Alex and Gemma have sex? It is implied but after the intimacy issues in the previous book I would have liked a better explanation as to how they reach that point. I also felt that the role of Evan could have been expanded on and used in a more explosive way. Anyway that's just my opinion. All in all still a good book and a must read for anyone who had read the previous books.

  • Melissa Stickney
    2019-03-07 23:24

    This is the second series that has ended for me. It is always bitter sweet knowing that you will not hear from some of your favorite fictional characters again, but I think that Jessica did an amazing job ending this series. The last book pick up right where the last one left off. Gemma and Laylen are still possessed. Aslin and her half sister are still trapped in a different realm and the world as we know it is being torn apart by different wars throughout the super natural world. Just when they think they have caught a break, more and more starts to complicate their lives. Debts have to be paid off, people need to be rescued, and Gemma has a big decision that needs to be made. A decision that can change everything. I really enjoyed the last book in the Fallen Souls series. I don't think that Jessica could have done a better job with the ending. It makes you smile inside to see where everybody finally ends up. I also really enjoyed that we got to hear from Laylen's point of view in this book. It was a nice change and it was great to hear from him, especially when it pertained to his feelings about his life. Great job Jessica. The characters from this book will always have a place in my heart.

  • Freyney
    2019-03-11 01:17

    THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I cannot stress that point enough. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and I read this in a day that's how good it was. And the ending, OH, the ending. Wow.I can't even-Wow.Just beautiful. I cannot believe the way things would have worked if Gemma and Alex didn't have the star in them it was fantastic. And my favourite part?"My room is my favourite place in the house; my walls are covered with posters and pictures of all the places I've been. Some of them I'm alone. Others I'm with Aislin, Laylen, and Alex. There are even some where I'm with Evan and Aleesa, but that was before they decided to get engaged and move to Australia."Oohhhh myy gooooddd! LOVED IT.AMAZING.Well done Jessica Sorensen!!Love a very pleased fan! X

  • Chewy
    2019-03-24 22:10

    This book was difficult to read, and I am disappointed in myself for making the effort to finish it. Even though it is short, this book is clearly clumsily written. The plot seemed rushed instead of thought-out, and even the author didn't seem to know where she was going with the story. Consequently, the ending was awful and a lot of things that were started in the story never went anywhere. The characters that I had become attached to in the Fallen Star series suddenly became unlikable, and the random make out scenes just came across as tasteless (and I'm no prude). Hopefully, with time, I can forget that the Fallen Souls series exists, or at least pretend that this is some bad fan fiction I accidentally read.

  • pdudh19
    2019-03-27 01:06


  • Amanda
    2019-02-23 22:01

    I have read and fell in love with the Fallen Star series and was very excited when i found out there was the Fallen Soul series too! The first book was amazing and i was hoping the second book did too... The whole book was rushed and the ending was too short and abrupt. She killed it off to fast. WORST ENDING EVER

  • Fatima
    2019-03-19 22:03

    The ending was actually kind of dissapointing. Because this whole amazing world building, fighting, love etc. just becomes kind of meaningless, and just leaves you unsatisfied because of the heroines character in the end.

  • Alizon
    2019-03-10 23:06

    Love, LOVE, LOVE!!!! The way that Ms. Sorensen finished this series could not have been better. All of the action, drama, romance that we've come to expect from her fabulous writing!

  • Tanya
    2019-03-12 00:13

    I was kind of disappointed in this book. It was super short. And the conclusion just seemed to be a cop out. It was all too easy to fix things. I'm going to scroll down & discuss spoilers so if you don't want to know what happens, don't read anymore................................Ok, so there was all of this interesting build up to the plot line like Alex becoming a Lord & turning evil & Gemma becoming a fairy Empress & her impending fight with Luna (and what about her promise to help the fey who were practically enslaved to Luna's tyranny? The promise that she made that was binding? It would've been cool to see her fight & defeat Luna & help the fey somehow). Also, all of the fey released into our world & the drama with Helena. There was so much bad, yet interesting stuff happening that it almost seemed like the author was like, yeah I've got them in a downward spiral so deep I don't feel like trying to figure out how to get them out of it, so I'll just have Gemma conveniently reset time & make all the bad go away. Seriously? That's it? Don't get me wrong, Jessica Sorensen has proven she's a fantastic writer. I loved the Fallen Star series. But to me I guess I just feel a little cheated. When she decided to reset time & knew that she wouldn't remember Alex or anything that had happened, I thought ok cool, this should be interesting to watch how they find their way back to each other, & maybe on some level they'll end up remembering (like past lives flash backs or dreams maybe? Heck, I'm throwing out some better plot lines than what was written...). But no, she resets time & then bam it's an epilogue. Which, by the way, I had to check the page number on my nook because I couldn't believe I was at the end of the book already! And everything is all tidy & perfect. Everyone's alive, in love, & happy & there's not much of a back story to how Gemma's life ended up that way... Ok rant done. I recommend reading this for closure to the series, but it could've been so much better :(

  • Hannah
    2019-03-09 02:23

    I love love love! At first I was interested to see how Jessica could carry this on from the ending in "The Lost Soul" which of course was very dark and amazingly done! But it was done well adding Evan in was a great character and added a good twist. Which would later also make an interesting conclusion! I feel like one problem with the beginning was it was brought in to suddenly it literally picked up exactly where we left of which personally I am not the biggest fan of ... it could of been more gradually brought it. However this being said everything in the beginning and middle of the book was nothing compared to the ending!! Which was amazing and so fantastically done!!! However it was very sudden which gave me the feeling "Jessica Sorensen" was leaving the series here all though I am praying this is not true!! The ending though AHH it was everything I could of hoped for. A wee tear may have escaped with pure joy! What can I say its so so Brill and If you haven't read any of these then do! I can promise you from the deepest pit in my heart you will not regret it!<3

  • Shana Rivera
    2019-03-14 01:20

    this is just okay. it was a quick read. (i finished it sooner just forgot to post it) Im upset tho. Like i said in past reviews for this book series i feel bad for the characters because they have so many problems to fix, like the problems keep on coming non stop... if its not one thing its another, once they fix one thing something else happens and its like never ending. its a bit annoying. But then all of a sudden theres a way to reverse everything... REALLY.. REALLY!! and now they decide to use it-- i just think that makes the whole story pointless. im happy alex and gemma are together in the end. im even happy for laylen and w.e the sisters name is, but why give them ALL THESE problems if your not gunna solve them, just reset time then poof everything is gone. :( it was a good action pack read, but i was upset with the clean up of it all. is this the last book in the series..?

  • Valerie
    2019-03-18 03:26

    This book starts off right where the previous one ends. I've read all of the series now..and just read this one last night and all night as I couldn't put it down. Its my favorite one of all so far. The beginning had a lot of action, and thrown at you with all the quick secrets, powers used, loopholes, lots of them. Later in the book you find out why Alex disappeared in the previous books, and now he can't get out of this one and it is changing him in a ver negative way. There is so many problems that are left that Gemma is trying to fix, Alex is gone, she feels alone, although Laylen and Evan, and Alex's sister are with her. She needs to make another choice to save the world again, hopefully she does it but the world will definitely change. Now on to the next set.

  • Tracy
    2019-02-27 05:28

    I was captured by Gemma in The Fallen Star series. So I was happy to see the story continue in this series. I liked the first book, but this one fell short for me. I didn't like the way the stories started changing the first person. But I was willing to forgive that bacause the story was still good. However, in this book I found it to be distracting. And the inner monologue was very annoying. Overall, I felt as if this book was rushed. There was so much in here for such a short book, it was kaotic and not very thought out. I wanted to like this book. I loved her other books, but this one was frustrating for me to read.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-27 01:26

    AMAZING!!!! Fabulous and ROMANTIC <3AMAZING!!!! Fabulous and ROMANTIC <3this book was just too amazing. it left me breathless and there were touching moments in there which I really loved because that's how the books draws me in all the time. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO PUT THIS BOOK DOWN AND SAME WITH THE FIRST BOOK...

  • Amber
    2019-03-08 23:29

    Nice to see a happy end but I think there should have been a little more. Still a good read

  • Jennifer Newell
    2019-03-17 00:30

    I thought it was a very interesting book.

  • Grace Tsichlis
    2019-03-26 21:16

    2013????? That's too far away! I'm really looking forward to this book:) the first one was great!!

  • Courtney
    2019-03-27 05:15

    This has to be quite possibly THE BEST ending to a series ever. I have absolutely not regrets in the amount of time I have spent indulging myself into the world of Keepers, Forseers and Fae. I kinda wish there was more to this series, I have so many questions still.

  • Charlotte
    2019-03-17 22:10

    very good book, love all the characters, but I hate to say the ending was not as I expected and that it could have ended better seeing as the next books are aimed at 18 year olds and above. But overall a very good series

  • Annamarie
    2019-03-16 03:25

    The Evanescence is the last book in the Fallen Soul series.It starts off exactly where The Lost Soul ends with Alex and Laylen dead and Gemma grieving and royally angry.This book has it all with its continuous non stop drama. Took me 2/3 days to read because I was reading it between writing an essay and working on another uni project but it is the best out of the two from the spin off series.There was a lot of action and a lot of secrets revealed at the start including more loopholes being revealed and there are a lot of things that Gemma needs to fix including rescuing Aislin and the ever annoying Nicholas.I am glad that she didn't have Gemma leave Alex for Laylen because I love Alex and think Gemma and Aislin's friendship is great and didn't want to see that get ruined, I was surprised however that Evan and Aleesa got together though because she's a crazy nut ball and I though her and Nicholas would have made the perfect couple haha.I don't think the ending could have been better it was great knowing that the characters I have come to love all get the happy ever after they so desperately need after everything they have been threw.The only thing about this book that I did not like is the constant change in characters POV it's not just this book that I did not like it in I don't like it in any book as it gets a little confusing sometimes.

  • David Roberts
    2019-03-02 00:21

    I am reviewing the fantasy novel The Evanescance by Jessica Sorensen which is a very good book which I bought from kindle. This novel is part of the Fallen Souls series which are a jazzed up sexier version with the same story as one of the other series of her books. Jessica normally writes for teenagers and I think this series is aimed at that market. This is the second book in the series. The plot is the 2 lead characters who are both madly in love with each other have been caught in the act of sex by the girl's mother which embarrassed them. Her 2 sisters are tied up and kept upstairs in her mother's house due to being possessed. Her boyfriend gets kidnapped by the faerie queen and she has to rescue him. In the process she dies but such is her resolve to rescue him she overcomes it. Unknown to her he has agreed to be a servant to Dravan, a sort of god, for 12 months in return for saving the lives of his partner and the rest of the planet. She does save her 2 sisters from being possessed and they gain special abilities into the bargain. The one is almost worshipped as a God. At the end of the book there is a happy ending but the 3 girls need to still rescue their father from another realm. I did enjoy this book and at around 270 pages it's a reasonable length. Finally Jessica has a blog at it might be worth a visit.

  • Megan
    2019-02-25 04:30

    I'm gonna write a full review about this when I have more time to, but this book is not nearly as bad as the people who said it was have commented. I found this ending very fitting, and personally feel like it was the best way for it to end. It was a great book, and there is so much more to love about it than to hate on… in my personal opinion. This series as a whole is extremely good, and one of my favorites. Cant wait to read the new adult version of these books; honestly had I known about them before I started this series, I probably would have read those first. But I love YA books, and like I said, this series is well worth your time; I have so many emotions over this series, and therefore, it receives the high honor of being one of my favorite stories that I have read and will obsess over for weeks (as is the case with any other favorite book&/or series I have read).Bottom line: READ IT. It's awesome.