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Handa carries seven delicious fruits to her friend Akeyo as a surprise But thanks to some hungry animals she meets along the way it's Handa who's in for a surprise! --coverFriendly advice for reading fun included in every book!READ AND SHARE is a unique first library for parents and children that helps build early readers' confidence. Grouped in four progressive levels, ReHanda carries seven delicious fruits to her friend Akeyo as a surprise But thanks to some hungry animals she meets along the way it's Handa who's in for a surprise! --coverFriendly advice for reading fun included in every book!READ AND SHARE is a unique first library for parents and children that helps build early readers' confidence. Grouped in four progressive levels, Read and Share books - available individually for the first time - are specially selected for qualities that encourage literacy skills and a love of reading.Sixteen top-quality books with notes for extending reading fun inspire the confidence parents and children need to experience the joys of reading . . . together. Plus an informative Parents' Handbook!What is Read and Share??An expert selection of sixteen high-quality picture books by superb authors and illustrators, featuring a multicultural array of subjects, including poetry and rhymes, traditional songs, stories, and information books ?Four progressive levels - Beginnings, Early Steps, Next Steps, and Taking Off - each including four fabulous picture books?Two full spreads inside each book offering suggestions and activities inspired by the story, designed to help parents and children get the most out of each book - and build a foundation for reading success?A separate 24-page, full-color Parents' Handbook providing extensive practical information and detailed answers to many of the questions parents ask about encouraging their children's literacy...

Title : Handa's Surprise: Read and Share
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Handa's Surprise: Read and Share Reviews

  • Gail
    2019-03-26 00:11

    I can see why this one is popular with schools, at least in the UK. The National Curriculum is more and more focused on cultural diversity, and most books for little kids are about white British kids or white American kids. Here is a book about a black African girl, in Africa.However, as I read it, I very much got the sense of 'This has been written by a white Brit who has probably never even been to Africa.' It follows the conventions of British children's picture books. The same sort of story - involving food, involving animals, involving naming and identifying the animals. Except that the food and animals are those you'd find in Africa - African fruit and African animals.The story is of a little girl, Handa, who selects various fruit to put in a basket on her head and take to her friend, Akeyo. It's a cute story - various animals steal the fruit during this Handa's journey and she doesn't realise, and she is about to reach Akeyo with no fruit in her basket at all when another animal shakes a tree and lots of tangerines fall into the basket - so both Akeyo and Handa are surprised when she takes the basket off her head. It's a funny surprise - I can imagine kids enjoying the story. It's a good story, with lovely pictures. I can imagine reading it to children (here in the UK, at least!) and getting them really involved in the story. But in terms of cultural difference, the only difference between this book and British books are the various stereotypes that Brits have of Africans - they carry things on their heads, they have lots of fun animals, they have lots of exotic fruit.I found myself wondering what an actual African girl who lives in Africa would think of the story. Maybe 'Why would someone be taking fruit to their friend when there is an abudance of fruit growing wild here?' Or 'How would someone not realise that the weight of the basket on their head had changed?' I don't know. I'm not African and have never been to Africa. But if I am to read a book about an African person in Africa, I think I'd far rather it had been written by an African person in Africa. I imagine it would be a completely different sort of book - it wouldn't fit into all the British ideas of what makes a good children's story. It would take people (more likely the adults than the children!) out of their comfort zones. And to me that would be a good thing.

  • Tahmin Nessa
    2019-03-05 02:05

    Handa's Surprise is a book about a Kenyan girl (Handa) who visits her friend with a basket full of seven different fruits as presents. Along the way to Akeyo's village, Handa contemplates which fruit Akeyo will like the best. However, each time Handa thinks about a certain fruit an animal pops along and takes that particular fruit. For example a monkey steals the banana. Unaware that various animals have taken these tropical fruits, Handa contiunes along her journey, at which point a goat bumps into a tree and a bunch of tangerines fall into Handa's basket. Much to Handa's Surprise Tangerines are Akeyo's favourite fruit. This book works because it has a multicultural theme. Eileen Browne does a magnificant job incorporating various themese of Africa into one book. For example she includes tropical fruits such as guava and various African animals such as an Ostrich, Monkey, Parrot, Zebra and so on. Furthermore, there are other underlying African themes, such as the clothes the girls wear, walking to Akeyo's village instead of travelling by car and giving fruits as presents instead of toys.This book would be a good resource for Primary teachers in Key Stage One. as it can be used for role-playing games, methods for understanding other cultures, subtraction, and naming unknown fruits and animals. What is more essential is that Handa's Surprise is one of few bilingual books and comes in various languages, thus it can be used as a strategy to help EAL learners.

  • Natalie Ahern
    2019-03-04 04:16

    “Handa’s Surprise”, a vibrantly illustrated picture book, tells the story of one little girl’s walk to see her best friend, Akeyo. Each page details Handa’s journey and depicts a glimpse of tribal life in South West Kenya. The animals featured are brilliantly drawn and brought to life through colour and comedy. One can almost imagine them having personalities of their own. The twist at the end of Handa’s journey really is a great surprise!This book encapsulates the idea that ‘less is more’. The simple text and the descriptive pictures, are what I believe are the key features that lend to the brilliance of this book.A versatile book, that is probably best utilised for foundation and year one, ages 4-6. In literacy lessons this would definitely be a great book to read aloud to the class. It is a book to engage the imagination, develop discussion and instigate creative writing. A great cross-curricular book which could be utilised in many lessons in: Math by counting the different types of fruit and animals, Geography for learning about Africa and using maps and PSHE for discussing friendships. This list is not exhaustive. I will definitely want to share this book with the children in my class.

  • Laura Black
    2019-03-04 04:14

    This book in South-West Kenya, though this isn't mentioned in the story. It sees a young girl, Handa pick seven types of tropical fruit with the intention of taking them to her friend, Akeyo.As she carries the basket on her head to her friends house, various animals steal the fruits, piece by piece but an accident results in her arriving with a basket full of tangerines which are incidentally Akeyo's favourite fruit. The book uses relatively simple language and could probably be read independently by a six or seven year old. This said, it uses a variety of punctuation marks which could possibly used as a platform for a more advanced lesson.It has lovely illustrations and could be used to introduce children to different types of fruit or animals as part of an art or geography lesson.The only danger with using this book in geography would by that children might deveop an over-simplified view of Kenya or Africa as a whole, but as long as it was used in conjunction with other materials representative of the area, it would be a valuable tool in engaging a class.

  • Stef Rozitis
    2019-03-15 22:11

    It's funny how a lot of white people (yes I know I am white too) love this book because they think it is all respectful of an "other" culture and stuff. It is a fun book, but it sort of makes an exotic spectacle of Handa like the exotic animals and fruits in the book. I don't want to blame the author for that, because among many other books perhaps there is a place for more exotic settings and colourful, celebratory difference. From an anti-racist perspective though (which is what people often want to use it for) by itself it makes too much of the difference and not enough of the relatability.I like Handa and her awesome hairstyle, I am not saying throw out this book. But I prefer to see a less exoticised view of other cultures, places and peoples.

  • Tia Roundy
    2019-03-03 05:24

    This is such a cute book! It is short and simple, but would be a really good book to read to younger students in kindergarten and first grade. The main character is an African-American girl, which makes it a good book if you are looking to make your classroom's book selection more culturally diverse. I loved the illustrations in this book, they are super detailed and colorful. Since there isn't many words in this book, the pictures are super important for showing what is happening as the story progresses. It is important to include books in the classroom that have different culture backgrounds, since I want to be an ESL teacher, the students I will be teaching will have a variety of culturally diverse backgrounds, so it is super important to have books that students can see themselves in. I would highly recommend this book and I will use it if I become a kindergarten or first grade teacher.

  • Hajra Natha
    2019-03-02 02:21

    One day Handa decides to take a surprise basket of fruits for her friend Akeyo who lives in another village. She fills the basket with seven delicious exotic fruits; mango, banana, guava, passion-fruit, orange, avocado and pineapple. Handa balances the basket of fruits on her head and starts making her journey to her friend’s village by foot. As Handa sets off on her journey she thinks about her friend and which fruit would be her favourite and if she will like her surprise. However, the funniest sequence of events occurs as she is walking down, from behind the bushes and trees seven different wild animals quietly one by one pinch the fruit from the basket as she walks along without her realising. Poor Handa’s basket is empty after monkey, zebra, elephant, giraffe, ostrich, goat and parrot all swiftly and silently swipe the fruit away and she has no idea, however, there is a delightful twist in the story as Handa approaches a tangerine tree, a bad tempered antelope runs into the tree, shakes the tree and down fall a pile of tangerines into the basket as Handa walks past. When Handa reaches Akeyo’s village she sees her friends face light up in surprise as she gives her the basket, Handa is also surprised and shocked to see what’s inside but her friend is over the moon to receive a basket of her favourite fruit ‘Tangerines’. In the end it seems that Handa is the one who is surprised and puzzled as to what happened. Handa’s Surprise is beautifully illustrated book for children in nurseries and reception classes. The story is set in a village in Africa, and the pictures are bold, traditional and bright coloured to capture the imaginations of little ones. This book can be used to cover a range of subjects across the early years curriculum e.g. numeracy (counting animals, fruits), art (drawing fruits, make displays), geography (discussed exotic fruits, wild animals, Africa), knowledge and understanding of the world (habitats, traditional clothes, culture), science (taste fruits, healthy eating).Hands Surprise is one of my favourite young children’s books. It is real delight to look at with the children and a real conversation starter as well as being a great book to use across the EYFS.

  • Esther
    2019-03-09 01:30

    ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne is a warm and brightly illustrated book, which tells the story of Handa, a young girl on a journey to give her friend Ayeko a basket full of delicious exotic fruits. Each page turn shows a different animal pinching a fruit from Handa, until she is left with an abundance of tangerines thanks to a clumsy goat that butts into a tangerine tree. Luckily, tangerines are Ayeko’s favourite fruit. I love this story book and I have fond memories of reading this story as a child and feeling my stomach rumble as I looked at the beautiful juicy fruits on every page. The bold colours and the striking images of different animals instantly grab your attention and the layout of the story allows the whole class to get involved and guess the name of the animal or fruit in the picture.This book is suitable for the Early Years Foundation Stage and would be good to link this in with:Numeracy: (Basic handling data) the children can pick which fruit is their favourite and the teacher can create a class graph showing a picture of each child next to their favourite fruit.Art: Printing with different fruits and looking at the patterns/textures that they make.PSED: How/Why should we stay healthy? (Tasting different fruits and vegetables). Geography/KUW: Where do our fruits and vegetables come from? (Looking at maps and other parts of the world, and getting the children to understand that some fruits/vegetables come from areas close by and others come from very far away).

  • Martin Carberry
    2019-03-02 23:06

    “Handa puts seven different delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend Akeyo as a surprise. But Handa’s walk takes her past a variety of animals, and the fruits do look very inviting...”Handa is carrying a basket of fruit to her friend Akeyo. She is carrying it on her head and doesn’t notice that animals she is passing are taking fruit out of the basket. Eventually the basket becomes empty but an antelope chasing her runs in to a tree as Handa walks beneath it and fills the basket with tangerines. When Handa reaches Akeyo with her surprise she is surprised herself. The setting of the story is not mentioned but the weather; landscapes and characters in the book suggest it is Africa. A number of different African animals emerge from savannah grass and steal the fruits from Handa’s basket. Each animal is different as is each fruit. The colour of each fruit is mentioned and the book is very vibrant so there is a strong colour theme. The descriptions of the fruit really help children to imagine them.I would discuss the setting of the book with the children and ask them to spot similarities and differences between Africa and England. I would ask them what they thought the heat would be like and would ask them how they think Handa is feeling as she carries the basket. I would discuss the animals with the children and the fact that they all live in a similar environment. I would also touch on healthy eating with the children by discussing the fruits. I would also discuss how kind Handa is being and ask the children to discuss times when they have been kind.

  • Joanne
    2019-03-09 23:06

    Review for ‘Handa’s Surprise’ written by Eileen Browne’Handa’s surprise is a great book to incorporate different cultures into the classroom. The story is based in Kenya and is about a little girl called Handa who wants to surprise her friend Akeyo with some fruit. Akeyo lives in a different village to Handa and so she carries the fruit in a basket on her head. This shows cultural awareness because generally in Britain children are not found to carry fruit in baskets on their head. The description of the fruits and the beautiful illustrations with the use of magnificent bold colours draws the reader into the page. Descriptions such as sweet-smelling guava educate children about new fruits they may not already be a custom to. When Handa is travelling to her friend Akeyo she is blissfully unaware of the animals around her taking the fruit from her basket. It appears the closer she reaches Akeyo’s village the less fruit she will have to surprise her friend with. Finally once the last piece of fruit is taken a ram runs into a tree full of tangerines. Suddenly all of the tangerines fall into Handa’s basket. When Handa arrives at Akeyo’s village she explains to Akeyo she has a surprise for her. Handa shows her the basket of fruit and Akeyo is happy to see all of the tangerines as they are her favourite fruit. Both Handa and Akeyo are surprised to see the tangerines in the basket.

  • Anita
    2019-03-03 05:17

    ‘Handa’s Surprise’ is a story about a girl in an African village who loads up her basket with seven different fruits, including guava, mango and pineapple, to bring for her friend Akeyo in a neighbouring village. However on Handa’s travels a series of various animals steal the fruit in her basket, which is carried on top of her head. At the final moment, a goat charges into a tree behind her and the tangerines from the tree fall down to fill up her basket- very lucky as these are Akeyo’s favourite fruit.The children in nursery found the book quite funny as all these animals were able to steal fruit from Handa without her even realising: ‘silly Handa!’ It is accessible as a video story, which is even more enjoyable and engaging given the moving visuals and sounds‘Handa’s Surprise’ has multiple uses in the classroom. Firstly, it can be used to look at the different fruits and explore their qualities. For example, pineapples are spiky. This links nicely to a topic on health and wellbeing; encouraging children to eat at least five fruits a day. The book can also be used as a stimulus for phonics activities: supplying children with a range of pictures from the story and sorting them into categories based on the sound they begin with. Furthermore, it is a good way of integrating diversity and exploration of African cultures, as opposed to teaching on ‘diversity’ as a discrete topic, which makes learning more meaningful and shows children that diversity is the norm.

  • Ayshah
    2019-03-04 04:29

    Eileen Browne presents a beautifully illustrated book that brings a taste of Africa to children and parents. The story focuses on a little girl named Handa who decides to visit her friend Akeyo and while doing so, she wants to bring her a basket containing different delicious fruits as a surprise! Throughout her journey, she keeps wondering which fruit will be her friend's favourite but Handa's walk takes her past a variety of animals who very slyly take the fruits one by one from her basket as she progresses on her journey. Eventually she has no more left! However, there comes along a goat that runs into a tree and knocks down into a tree full of tangerines which fall into her basket. The lovely surprise at the end that is so delightful for children is when Handa hands Akeyo the basket, which to her surprise is full of tangerines!What I loved about this book the most were the beautifully drawn fruits and animals, and the use of rich, bright colours and 'life-like' character drawings that reflect an exciting world of an African village. Older children will certainly enjoy the use of expressive language in this book such as the "sweet smelling guava" and the "creamy green avocado". The cultural aspect of this story is that it is giving children an insight into different ways people live and dress and therefore, taking them to the world outside the one they live in.

  • Anjumanara
    2019-02-28 02:12

    Handa’s Surprise is an excellent book which I’ve read today at my SEB which is a nursery placement. Each page glows with the heat of the African sun that is portrayed with the colourful illustrations which grip children’s imagination hook them right from the start. It is fantastic for teaching the African culture, customs and different lifestyles which are part of today's society. Handa sets off to surprise her friend Akeyo with a basket of exotic fruits. The reader watches in alarm as one by one the fruits disappear because of the mischievous animals that play their parts in the story. Unknown to Handa, her fortune changes and in the end she is more surprised than her friend is. This colourful book subtly introduces an exotic culture, fruits and animals to young readers in a humorous and imaginative way. Some fruits and animals may be unfamiliar to some children, but they will soon learn, and will enjoy remembering which animal steals which fruit, and what Handa finally brings to her friend Akeyo. It can creatively bring in most of the areas of the EYFS as it can generate discussions for role play, observational drawing, counting, sequencing, making fruit salad and lots more. A must read for all EYFS readers.

  • Amal
    2019-03-07 23:17

    This book tells the story of Handa and her friend Akeyo. At the beginning of the story Handa puts seven different fruits in her basket to take to her friend Akeyo. As Handa makes her way to Akeyo’s village she tries to imagine which fruit Akeyo would like best. Every time Handa describes each of the fruits in her basket; an animal native to Handa’s part of the world takes it out of the basket. Eventually when Handa’s basket becomes empty a goat breaks free from its rope and runs in to a tangerine tree which results in the tangerines falling in to Handa’s basket. Still unaware Handa arrives at Akeyo’s village telling her that she has a surprise for her. When she takes the basket of her head Handa is the one who is surprised as her basket which originally had 7 different fruits is now full of tangerinesThis is such a colourful book, full of different animals and fruits and one that i think young children would enjoy reading. This is also great book for cross curriculum links as young children can practice their counting, naming different animals and fruits. Furthermore this book has a multi-cultural theme and can educate children about the different types of clothes Handa is wearing and how she carries the basket.

  • Fatima
    2019-03-06 00:20

    Handa goes to visit her friend Akeyo. She takes with her 7 delicious fruits in her basket to surprise Akeyo. She carries the basket on her head. As she walks to her friend’s house various animals take Handa’s fruit from the basket. Handa is unaware of this and walks on to see her friend Akeyo. As she walks Handa wonders to herself which fruit her friend Akeyo would like the most. When Handa reaches Akeyo’s, she puts down the basket and gets a surprise. The story is an amusing one with the animals stealing Handa’s fruit one by one and Handa not being aware of this and the surprise she gets at the end is comical. I enjoyed reading this story and it is one of my favourites. One of the things I liked about the book is the illustration, the illustration brings out the culture within the story, and it gives the story life. When reading this story to children they can see how others live in other parts of the world and have a feel for it-imagine that they are there too. This book is suitable for ages 4 and above. Handa’s surprise can be read to a whole class and can be used to inspire creative writing. For instance children can re-write their version of the story and by replacing the animals with other animals and replacing the fruits with food they prefer instead.

  • Evelyn Armstrong
    2019-03-13 05:28

    A little girl called Handa decides to surprise her friend Akeyo who lives in another village with a basketful of delicious fruit. She carries the fruit on her head in a broad flat basket. As she journeys on foot through the countryside fertile with animals, birds and butterflies she wonders which fruit Akeyo will like best. Thinking only of her friend's reaction to the surprise, Handa does not notice that animals silently and secretly steal pieces of fruit from the basket. Consequently, when Handa arrives at Akeyo's village both girls receive a surprise!Handa came back to her friend with her favourite fruit. Both the girls were surprised by Handa's delivery. I read this book with a Nursery class I taught. This book was especially excellent because it comes with a story sack and we used the doll with toy examples of the fruit and animal masks to aid in telling the story. As I read the book I asked different children to come up and put the correct fruit in Handa's basket. The children loved this book because it is full of exotic fruit and animals that the children never usually hear of.The books illustrations are vivid, lively and exactly what you would expect from a book that depicts an African setting. A highly recommended story sack book for Early Years and KS1.

  • Yasmin
    2019-03-24 06:29

    Handa's Surprise is a beautifully illustrated book whereby Handa sets off on a journey to visit her friend Akeyo taking with her a basket full of seven exotic fruits. On her journey whilst Handa is wondering which fruit her friend will enjoy best, a number of animals start to help themselves to Handa’s fruit without her even realising! She is puzzled and surprised to find a basket full of oranges to greet her friend with!This is a fantastic book full of wonderful and colourful illustrations. My year one class loved it and the book was used to support cross curricular activities, including literacy - writing and describing the exotic fruits that were brought in and shown to the children. Science – healthy eating and making a fruit salad. Art – I made large templates of the animals and fruit for children to fill in using different art media, paint, tissue paper, collage etc. It has made a fantastic art display board and the children loved taking part. (Book was used throughout Black History week) It also has much scope to extend learning further in areas of numeracy – counting and also habitats in science and more :)

  • Alma Begum
    2019-03-07 06:24

    This story is culturally diverse and represents London even though the setting of the story is not in the UK but in Africa. There are different elements to Handa's Surprise for children to explore like the exotic fruits, which some children have not experienced tasting nor heard about. Another element to discuss is the friendship between Handa and her friend. Her whole journey in the story she is thinking what fruit he would like. The book is illustrated well therefore is inclusive to all children as the story can be told just by the pictures. Young children (foundation stage, key stage one) will enjoy reading this book, as they will find the story funny.Handa’s Surprise is about a girl going to visit her friend. She takes a basket full of different exotic fruits as a gift for her friend. Carrying the basket on her head, along her travels, Handa is visited by different animals. Unaware, each animal takes the fruits from her basket one by one. By the end of her journey there are no more fruits left. But by accident. An unexpected visitor delivers some fruit!!

  • Ciaran Mcnamee
    2019-03-18 23:18

    Handa sets off to surprise her friend Akeyo by bringing her a basket of fruit. As she walks she wonders which fruit her friend will like. What she does not know, although the reader does, is that on each page of the story some of the fruit is stolen from the basket she is carrying on her head until there is nothing in it. Just before she arrives, a goat bumps into a tree and causes the basket to become filled with tangerines. Akeyo exclaims that she is so happy that Handa has brought tangerines, a fruit that was not in the basket at the start of Handa’s journey. The surprise in the title is not just for Akeryo but also for Handa! Although in some respects this is quite a simple book, I think it is so cross-curricular that it could be an effective text in a lower Key Stage 2 classroom. The vivid pictures and use of African animals could engage children with geography. By encouraging children to count the fruit or write about aspects of the story it could be used in numeracy or literacy. It could prompt discussion about why the author chose the title.

  • Danni Hammond
    2019-03-03 02:28

    Handas surprise is a book which is based in Kenya about a young girl named Handa who takes a basket of seven different fruits to her friend Akeyo as a surprise. She walks to her village whilst carrying the basket on her head, but on the way she meets some animals who leave Handa very surprised when she arrives at her friends. The illustrations which are used throughout this book are really great and extremely colourful which will attract children to the story. The language used is simple but descriptive. This book is a real fun read with children and I know the excitement which they will feel whilst reading it when they are waiting to see what happens next. As the book is set in Kenya this ties in the multicultural world; which encourages children to learn about different cultures, which in this book is the way in which Handa is walking to her friend's house with the basket on her head. The surroundings also demonstrate the cultural differences to children. I remember reading this book when I was younger, and it is still one of my favourite books.

  • Aleisha
    2019-03-09 00:25

    Handa’s Surprise is a lovely story about a little girl called Handa, who makes a basket of fruit as a surprise for her friend Akeyo. Unsure of Akeyo’s favourite fruit, Handa picks a variety of seven different fruit to go into her surprise basket. On her journey to Akeyo’s village, Handa is totally unaware that several animals have been stealing the fruit from the basket. Luckily, a goat crashes into a tree before Handa arrives at Akeyo’s village and fills her basket full of tangerines. Tangerines happen to be Akeyo’s favourite fruit, so this is a wonderful surprise for both Handa and Akeyo.This is a wonderful picture book that is lovely to read in any context. This book is most appropriate for EYFS or KS1 and can offer a fantastic means for creating talking points to get the children more involved during time. It also offers a wealth of opportunities for making cross curricular links such as counting, exploring characters emotions, naming different fruits and animals, geography and several other ways to address topic/subject areas.

  • Yashpreet
    2019-03-04 23:06

    This story is about a girl who sets of to surprise her friend with a basket of 7 exotic fruits. On her journey to her friend, one by one an animal takes a fruit, leaving her with an empty basket, until a goat rams into a tree and a handful of tangerines fall into her basket. Handa throughout her journey oblivious to what was happening wondering which fruit Akeyo her friend would like best. When she reached her friend Handa was the one who became surprised with the tangerines in her basket. Which where Ayeko's favourite fruit. I believe this was a very good book for children especially in the EYFS. This is because it relates to a number of themes, counting, healthy fruits, animals and different places. This books sets the atmosphere for children to experiment with different fruits, look at their textures and compare it with non exotic fruit. Additionally it creates the opportunity for children to understand the concept of 'take away' and 'one less'.Overall I thought this was can excellent book which all children would enjoy.

  • Fatimah
    2019-03-21 01:33

    Handa's Surprise is a brightly coloured book with great illustration making each page come to life. it is about small girl of the Luo tribe in Kenya walking from one village to another, carrying on her head a bowl of different fruits which are stolen by wild animals. It is only when she arrives and greets her friend Akeyo that she realises there is nothing left in her basket! This best selling picture book has endless starting points for activities across the whole curriculum such as number sequences in numeracy, writing in literacy, knowing where each fruit originates in geography,as well as drawing different fruits in Art and finally discovering habitats and characteristics of animals in scienceThe cultural aspect of the story allows children to understand different ways people live and dress.I love the versatility of the story as it can be a wonderful ‘lap time’ story, aswell as a story with a group of children focusing on aspects mentioned above. This book is great for key stage 1.

  • Melissa Macfarlane
    2019-02-26 03:09

    Handa's Surprise is a story about a young girl who wants to bring a basket of fruit to her friend but on her journey has different items of fruit stolen from her basket. The story has some fantastic cross-curricular elements as it teaches children to identify different types of fruit as well as animals. The story is also funny, which is a key way to engage young minds in a story. Handa does not realise that the animals are stealing her fruit and if the silliness of these incidents is encouraged by the adult reading the story then children will find themselves much more involved in the humor of the story. The story also offers good opportunity for discussion at the end because the children know what has happened but the character Handa is still clueless which will make the children feel smart and eager to explain what has happened. Some interesting questions for after the story could include, 'Why didn't Handa notice the animals stealing her fruit?' or, 'Was Handa happy or sad when she saw all the tangerines in her basket?'.

  • Jaide Simran
    2019-03-17 23:09

    Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne is a book based in Africa. Handa has a 'suprise' for her friend Akeyo who lives in a different village. She loads her basket of the seven different fruits she is taking for her before setting on your journey to Akeyo's village. On her way, she is sercretly approached by seven different animals who take the fruit from from the back of her basket which she is carrying on her head. In the end a goat knocks a tree, and from the tree oranges drop into her empty basket. When she arrives to Akeyo's villiage she is shocked to find Tangerines in the basket, but coincidently Akeyo's favourite fruit is Tangerines!I loved the way that the book can be used in a cross curricular way. I am currently using this book in Nursery and have organised a few activities incorporating various themes. Children are able to learn about different cultures, fruits and animals.

  • Hannah
    2019-03-13 01:21

    For full review, please click hereI guess I should tell the story, if not for entertainment value, then at least to help me remember. As a child in reception, we had two teachers: Mrs C and Miss R. Miss R was of Indian decent and would often bring in books set in India and costumes and pictures from India. Mrs C, although of English decent, owned a hut in Africa and would often bring in photos and books that helped us learn about where she stayed, Handa's Surprise was one of these.Reading it again, I can safely say that I enjoy it as much now as I did then! Handa's Surprise is humorously told with beautiful illustrations. It is such a colourful book and I think it also broadened my palette to even more fruits!

  • Mark Jepson
    2019-03-25 00:30

    Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne was read to my Y1/Y2 class in SEB and they really enjoyed it. It was read during the literacy unit ‘Stories from Other Cultures’ and it gave the children an insight into some cultures in African countries. The story is about a young girl, Handa, who takes her basket of fruit to meet her friend. The book focuses on several different animals and fruits which are not found in the UK. This allowed children to practise their use of adjectives e.g. “What does the lion look like?” etc. The book provides plenty of opportunities for discussions concerning cultural differences. The book was enjoyed by the class and I would not hesitate to use it again when looking at stories from other cultures in the future.

  • Laura
    2019-03-24 22:21

    This is a wonderful story that would be suited for EYFS and KS1. It is set in Africa where Handa wonders which fruit her friend Akeyo will like. She sets out with a basket of different fruits on her head in order to bring her friend. As she wonders which one will be her friend's favourite, different animals steal their favourite one from her basket. When she arrives to her friend's house, there is a wonderful surprise! She has her friend's favourite fruit after all - a basket of tangerines!There is so much that you can do with children surrounding this book. They can do a matching game where they match each animal to their favourite fruit, make their own fruit baskets, do role-plays of the story, draw pictures etc.A fantastic read that children love to hear.

  • Elys
    2019-02-24 01:09

    Handa takes seven different types of fruit to her friend Akeyo. On the way, she wonders which one Akeyo will like best - as the local wildlife help themselves to her fruit on the way! With a lovely twist at the end of the book, 'Handa's Surprise' is a great book for use in the Early Years. The pictures are bright and appealing, and offer a lot of scope for discussion about fruit; tastes and smells, and animals. The fact that the pictures tell an alternative story to the text is also an interesting feature. Set in an Kenyan village, this book is also useful as a starting point for discussion about other cultures.

  • Olivia
    2019-03-16 22:19

    The story of Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne, is about a little African girl called Handa who goes on a journey to visit her friend Akeyo with a large basket of fruit on her head. On her journey to meet Akeyo, Handa encounters varies different animals who craftily manage to steal items of fruit that Handa has in her basket. When Handa arrives to meet Akeyo, she too is surprised when she hands over the basket of fruit and it is just filled with Tangerines. This story is a good for introducing small children to different exotic fruits which they may not have heard of, as well as various safari animals. A nice book.