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Retribution. At any cost. Now that she knows her name and what she is, she wants justice for everything she's lost. Though her memories elude her, she takes a job for a half-demon Senator and, aided by werewolves from a local clan, intends to uncover evidence that will convict the Senator of more than thirty murders. Getting to the Senator and finding the necessary evidencRetribution. At any cost. Now that she knows her name and what she is, she wants justice for everything she's lost. Though her memories elude her, she takes a job for a half-demon Senator and, aided by werewolves from a local clan, intends to uncover evidence that will convict the Senator of more than thirty murders. Getting to the Senator and finding the necessary evidence is more difficult than she anticipates, especially when there is a bounty for her death. If that were not enough, the vampire who stole her memories returns and reveals unexpected truths. But she's not going to let anything stop her. Not a sadistic assassin or a servant or Lucifer. Not even her ex-lover, the vampire God of the Underworld. Nothing will stop her from claiming retribution...even if the price is her life....

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The Quest Reviews

  • Sherry Fundin
    2019-03-10 23:32

    Spoiler Alert: This is Book III recommend this book for ages 18+, due to some sexual content.I am part demon, part vampire, part angel and part human. There is no other like me. I am the rarest creature on earth. Breeds never mix, so where did I come from?Six weeks ago Senator Galluzzi had arranged a meeting with various members of the breeds and they had all turned up dead, except for me. I was supposed to be one of them, but someone had saved me.Jonas and Boss had found me at the dump and become my family, my protectors. They both worked for the World Wide Organization for Peace and Protection - which was created to protect the humans from the rest of us. Since they had found me, almost dead with no memory, we have been working together.The Senator didn't know I had no memory and I sure wasn't going to tell her. I had convinced her to give me a job. I know she only did it to keep me a secret. But I wanted the job so I could investigate her. I knew she was responsible for my mother's death and I was determined she would pay.Sal, the demon leader knew about me and helped me get the job. Why was he here on my first day? We had worked out a deal - he would help me get a job with her and I would convince her not to run for President. She mentioned my father, but I didn't remember him. It seemed her and Sal both did and I was determined to find out for myself.Jackson, a werewolf and the policeman investigating the slaughter at the dump, came in and heard me called by my real name. I knew I would have to explain. I had not told him about myself since I remembered things and now I was caught in my lies.Later, I took a break and met Jackson to explain to him, that I found out who I was. I arranged to tell him everything later. On my way back to work I was attacked. Jonas saved me. I told him I was part vampire, so I healed fast and I was going back to work.As I tried to find my way back to the subbasement, I saw some doors and felt a sense of deja vu. When I saw the silver table, the thoughts that came to me were very strong and sickened me.At work, I was alone every night for a couple of hours, and would have time to do my own research. Benny, the angel came to warn me. He told me my life was in danger and I needed to leave, but my research was too important for me to leave without answers.Boss and Jonas picked me up from work and we saw the Gargoyle man following us all the way home. We were going try to trap him for information, but it didn't go as we had planned.Sex with Boss was intense and I kept telling myself I only did it to relax. My relationship with Boss was "friends with benefits". Is that all it really was?In a moment of passion, I called out to Anubis. Who? I concentrated hard on the name and began to remember him. He was a vampire and I knew we had been together sexually. Was he the one who made me a vampire?Anubis is the God of the underworld. My memories had to be wrong.Boss thought someone had planned it all - me coming to Indianapolis, selling my father's watch and then setting me up for slaughter at the dump. But I knew Anubis wanted me alive, so it couldn't be him. Was it Senator Galluzzi? I know she wanted me dead.Back at work, I had some time to prowl through the files and found something with Senator Galuzzi's name on it, something about Project E. Before I could investigate further, Jonas called and said we needed to meet. When I went outside, I found him laying on the ground. Before I was able to do anything, I was attacked again, only this time it was so much worse.I was saved by a vampire, the same one responsible for wiping my memories. He had also saved me at the dump. Why did he continually appear and disappear?I knew they wouldn't stop until I was dead, but neither would I. Who would triumph in the end?5 STARS - Would Buy It For Them (lol)A pretty cover and the title is very descriptive of her story. She is on a quest to find the answers about who she is and why so many want her dead.Mary Abshire's writing is very detailed. It made me think of Tom Clancy, even though he doesn't write about vampires, and how in-depth and detailed his novels are. It may cause the story to slow in places, but it helps to fully develop the characters and the plot.Her friends would sacrifice their lives for her. As far as she knew, she had never had a friend before, let alone a girl friend. She cherished them and was not going to let them die for her. All she wanted was to be able to live like a normal person.The characters are unique and so well-developed that your feelings for them will be clear. You will think them good, bad or just plain evil.The Senator made me think of how much she fit in with the politicians nowadays . They figure the world they live in is their little kingdom. How can you dare try to stop them from getting what they want. The world belongs to them and you better not get in their way.Whether vampires, werewolves, or warlocks, they acted like real people. At times, it made me forget they weren't human.This is not a romance novel, but when he made the quotes below, he made me think about the depth of HIS love............"You focus on my face and call my name. Do this and I will find you, even in Hell.""My love for you is endless. I will do anything to make you happy.""I have felt pain only twice that I can recall - when I died and when I couldn't find you."Mary Abshire is an amazing writer. The depth and detail of the wild and bumpy ride kept me eagerly turning the pages. Every time I would think I am approaching the end of the story ......she grabbed me and carried me on. I love how she kept the story going, making me want more.I always try to figure out the endings ahead of time. I just can't seem to help myself. This time I was more wrong than right and I like that. It didn't end with any scenario I thought of, but I liked it. It made me think and there more? The more I thought about it, the more I thought of how appropriate it was. But, if you want to know, you will have to read it for yourself. Hopefully it will be as pleasant a surprise for you as it was for me.I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Andi
    2019-03-08 00:42

    The Quest is the conclusion to Mary Abshire's The Awakening. The Quest picks up from where the story left off at the end of the The Awakening.Abshire builds on the characters she created in The Awakening. You have met most of the main cast already. You learn more about the characters you have already met, along with a couple of new players in the game. Once again, I love the complexity of Abshire's characters. In fact, I wanted to throttle a couple of the characters as I read the book, the sign that Abshire has created realistic characters. When you get attached and they elicited strong emotions, the author is doing something right.The Quest raises more questions, provides some of the answers and is full of twists and turns! Abshire keeps you guessing until the end and has several surprises tucked away throughout The Quest.I don't want to give anything away, but I love to see Abshire revisit the world in the future. It is rich and there are so many more stories she could tell and more characters she can share!

  • Kristen Lewendon
    2019-02-22 03:35

    This is a deep and engrossing world. It pulled me in and refused to let go until I was finished with the story. I don't know that I would have ever gone looking to read a paranormal political thriller but this was an amazing book. Every time I thought I had a handle on what was going on, the plot took another twist. I certainly didn't see that ending coming.I received a complimentary copy of this book.

  • Donna
    2019-03-13 03:26

    *I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book*This book grabbed my attention and drew me into a world full of angels, demons, vampires and werewolves. I felt bad for poor Shelley. She knew who she was on paper but had no real memories. On top of that, everyone around her insisted on pressuring her about what she should or should not do. As for her romantic interest in the book, take your pick as several guys wanted her. She had her pick but they couldn't seem to understand that she couldn't make a choice like that with no memories. I really liked the choice that she finally made (no, I am not going to tell you so go grab a copy and find out for yourself!). I enjoyed the secrets as well as the many twists and turns that can be found in this story. I would definitely recommend this series and I can't wait to see what other stories the author comes up with.

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-03-16 03:31

    The Quest Mary Abshire. Urban fantasy book with some erotic content. This is the second book in a series, I’m not sure if there's a third, the ending leaves it open for another book, and I'd love to see more of Shelley and co I hadn't read the first one and think I'd have picked up the story quicker if I’d known the background however its a god tale and soon had me feeling engrossed in Shelleys' problems. She's lost her memory and doesn't know her real name or any of her history before being rescued from a dump where more than thirty people were killed, she believes on the orders of a senator. Shelley wants retribution for their deaths and believes the senator knows more about her background too so she's on a quest for justice along with friends Boss (yummy ancient vampire and casual sex partner!!), Jonas (human) and Tabby (cat shape shifter) and Jackson (werewolf policeman). The search for evidence puts Shelley very close to the Senator and places her life in danger a number of times. Its a whirlwind of adventure and action, wrapped up with some sensual erotic sex scenes, and each question answered throws up further treachery until its hard to know who to trust and Shelley feels her problems are placing her friends in undue danger. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and at some point will get read the first as I feel this is a series I’ll read over again. Its one of those with so much information that on second and subsequent readings you'll see bits you missed first time round. The main plot is clear and well written and there are many smaller sections leading to interesting revelations. The characters were well fleshed out and felt real and I found it easy to get lost in the story. Its a good length at 267 e pages and value at $5.99 for something that will be read over again. Some stories only hold interest for one reading but the ones I love best such as this can take more readings without losing freshness. Excellent editing and grammar, and easy to adjust text– one of my e book bugbears, I’ve dumped one book this morning because the text was so tiny and would only adjust to enormous so it left a choice of being unable to read it or changing page every six lines!! Stars: I really enjoyed this story, want to read first book and would love to read any further ones and i'm giving it 4.5 stars.

  • Caprice
    2019-02-28 02:32

    The Quest by Mary Abshire is the second book in the Project Eve series. It continues to follow Shelley Baxter in her search for the truth of why she woke up with no memories surrounded by dead people at one of Indianapolis' city dumps. She has taken a job working in the records warehouse for Senator Barbara Galluzzi, the half demon who is responsible for the murders. Shelley still doesn't remember much, although she has had a few flashbacks. She is determined to bring the Senator to justice with no regard for her own safety. With the help of the local werewolf pack and a number of demons, she is searching the records for evidence, while still living with Boss, Jonas, and Tabby and fighting off attacks from the demons and gargumen sent by Galluzzi to make sure she fails and end her existence.This book is a very enjoyable read. The action and revelations are almost non stop. Several things happened that I didn't see coming. Again, the character and story development were good. The interaction between species is entertaining, because they don't like or trust each other. One vampire in the story keeps threatening to kill anyone who upsets Shelley. As much as I liked the story, there were some things that bother me about it. First of all, I found all of the characters to be naive and gullible. They don't see dangers that are right in front of them and they trust anyone who is not overtly connected to the Senator. To me, that seems somewhat unbelievable, especially since these are supposed to be characters who have been around quite a while and should have learned better by now. There was more sex scenes in this book than in the first one. I don't mind reading about sex, but I like it to be a little tamer than this. Also, there were a number of mistakes in the areas of grammar and punctuation. These are pet peeves of mine. Regardless of the things I had problems with, the storyline is good and the characters are vibrant and interesting. I admire Shelley and the stand she takes to see justice done, as well as her stubbornness in the face of everything against her. The ending of the book leaves it open for more in the series, and I would definitely read them.I requested a copy of this book from the author with the intention of writing an honest review, which I have done here.

  • Nicole Holt
    2019-02-25 01:41

    I voluntarily agreed to read this book for my honest review and as usual I loved it! Now knowing her real name Shelley, works to find evidence to bring down Galluzzi and have justice served. With the help of werewolves and Sal and his demons, she finds what she needs. But, little did she know all sorts of crazy things happen. From finding out how she was created, who her father is amongst others. Then with her former lover showing back up after she calls upon him. Things take an interesting turn and all in the end she has her justice. But, if only she had her peace. This leaves off with a cliffhanger and I wish there was more to see what happens next for Shelley. But, all in the end I'm glad everything worked out for her. As usual another amazing read from thew fabulous Mary Abshire!!! Can't wait to read more!!!

  • AnnetteDahl
    2019-03-12 04:42

    Review for The Awaking and The Quest (The Project Eve Series)Paranormal Mystery Romance, exciting reads!These two stories swept me up, and carried me away to an alternate earth. Our heroine, the poor girl wakes up doesn't know who she is, then finds out she’s half everything otherworldly. She woke up to a mess, and the mess was her life. It just kept getting worse literally by the minute. The story was all about finding out what happened to her and why. And, to find the murderer of 30 Race Leaders. The books had depth in the storyline, and the characters. I was pulled into the story so much that it felt like real life and not paranormal. It was truly an intriguing story. Who would have thought you could learn something from a paranormal book, well I did. I had to look it up, and sure enough a woman can have two uterus. Going in to book 2 I was still looking for our heroines love Interest. She had already done the deed with Boss, would the werewolf be next? What about the Ancient? There was two vamps, a werewolf, and a human all sniffing her skirt. Lucky girl, who cares that everybody and their brother was trying to kill her, she was surrounded by hot guys. Three of these hot guys she was all slutty for. But, I forgave her because she was so Freaking Awesome! I knew they would bring the bad guys down, but which guy would be in the happily ever after. I waited in expectancy till the very end. But, the ending left me hanging. That didn’t make me happy, but I enjoyed the stories so much I’ve been able to look past it. Maybe it was meant to be a cliffhanger, and there's a third book to finish the story. It doesn't really matter, because these books were fantastic!

  • Carin
    2019-02-28 02:33

    The Quest is book 2 in the Project Eve series by Mary Abshire, I would suggest reading The Awakening first to best understand the back story and the nuances of the world created by Ms. Abshire.In a world of vampires, demons, werewolves and shifters not to mention an angel or two Shelly is unique in that she is not just a half breed. After being found at the scene of a mass murder as the only survivor and having no memory Shelley is working to find the mastermind behind the killing and bring them and anyone involved to justice. While The Quest has some romantic elements and talks about sexual themes, tension and arousal I would defiantly categorize this as Urban Fiction and not so much Paranormal Romance. We do have romantic interests and even past and current lovers but the main thrust of the book is about Shelley and her need to find justice. Ms. Abshire builds suspense and throws us a few red herrings in the journey to find the proof needed to bring evil down. I loved the strong bonds of friendship that are built and the determination of our heroine to see things through to the end. With a few surprise appearances from people from her past and huge decisions to make Shelley still does what she thinks is right and just and presses on to make sure justice is served. I felt a little let down at the way the book ended and hope that there will be a third book that will satisfy my need for a grand romance and a happy ever after, however if there isn't and this is the end of the series I still found this an enjoyable book that had a strong heroine and I would recommend it.

  • Maghon Thomas
    2019-03-24 04:43

    Well now, this is one special creation by this author! It’s suspenseful, it’s full of Mystery, a galore of fun supernatural creatures, and while I missed reading the first book, I had no trouble jumping right in! I definitely plan on reading book one to catch up and the rereading this one! And while it’s adult with sexual scenes, I’m still leaning in the Urban Fantasy category.Shelley is a very interesting character, not just because of her genetic makeup but because of what she stands for. You know that she’s lost her memory and you know she’s been taken in but a vamper, a human, and a kitty shifter, alone with help from a werewolf, and yet she cares more about protecting them and getting revenge not just for herself but for those people killed when she lost her memory. I really love her as a character.I love Tabby as the BFF and I’m very much team werewolf, while she has an interesting relationship with the vamper, I’m still not digging him. Lol Jackson is the werewolf and Jonah is the human, and yet Boss plays a serious roll, I’m just. It sure I’m ready for him to be “the main squeeze”. each character has their own personality and I love that! No one has the same types of quirks or way of speaking. It made for such a variety and definitely more fun!I definitely intend to read more by this author. She made such a web of mystery with Shelley’s amnesia and such a unique spin on the term “half breed”, I’m utterly fascinated! I was sucked in. Plus it’s more fun when there’s people trying to kill you ad you’re more worried about that that who to love at the moment! LOL Definitely my kinda story! 5 MIND-BLOWING PAWS!

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-03-14 23:35

    First off I have to say that this book definitely took me on a quest!Man there were so many toss and turns and things I did not see coming I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I have to say that I hope and pray there is a third book. I needed more romance, more love between Shelley and who ever she chooses. (I will not spoil it) Can you imagine you wake up surrounded by dead bodies and you have no idea what happened or who you are? Well welcome to Shelley's world. She is trying to get her memories back of that fateful night but she can't seem to get them back. As she struggles to learn who she is she meets some interesting people along the way. So on her quest she finally finds out her name is Shelley and a few other things. She is also alerted to fact that she is surrounded by werewolves, vampires, angles, demons, and shifters. Shelley does know one thing and that is she has to find out who did this to her and why.Watch out world because a woman who wants justice and retribution is coming to town and she will take no crap from anyone. As more and more of her old life unravels she knows there is one person she wants to kill and that is the senator. But how do you get close enough to a senator to kill him? She will have to figure that out and once she does she will be able to execute her plan of retribution.This was an awesome follow up to The Awakening and I hope and pray that there is going to be a third book. I loved the flow of the story and I loved the characters.

  • Becky Baldridge
    2019-03-18 02:50

    The Quest is the 2nd book in the Project Eve series, and like the 1st, it's full of twists. Every time I thought I had it figured out... Nope, not even close! The storyline is well developed, and the characters are complex. When I can go from liking a character to wanting to wring their neck, and back to liking them again, an author has done their job and done it well.

  • Ola Adamska
    2019-03-13 05:32

    Very good book 2. What would you do if you had 4 DNAs in yourself (human, demon, Vampire, Angel)? Someone whats to kill you at any cost? You would run away but not Shelly, she will face it, and even go into it. She rocks in that case.I really enjoyed a plot and style, it war a really good read. Plot was carfully created and it was logical.Characters were mostly very good developed, but sometimes i found them too naive for real world. Shelly is not a women that will allow anyone to command her, that made me like her even better as i'm done with womens who stay and scream for help.I hadn't suspected the ending, but it means there can be more books! And i would love to read it ;)I recommendation this book to pnr lovers, people who like steamy, fast paced books ;)For sure mature readers!

  • Kathy Bushrow
    2019-03-18 03:38

    The Quest, Part 2 of the Project Eve Series, continues Shelly's search for answers in a world where she finds more questions. Shelly, who still has not recovered her memory, decides the best place to find answers is also the most dangerous; she goes to work for the senator. Who can she trust? Demons, werewolves, vampires? There is a price on her head and offers for protection all around. Shelly is a very brave and unique individual who strives for the truth, while trying to keep her friends alive. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. And the end was not at all what I expected.

  • Susan
    2019-03-14 01:40

    Mary pens "The Quest", the second book in a series, in a well written plot with just a touch of erotica but enough to satisfy. Her characters are well developed and interesting enough to keep you turning the pages. I would suggest reading the series in order, as I didn't read the first book and got a bit lost. A must read for all fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, vampire lovers.This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.

  • Dahlia (yadkny)
    2019-03-07 01:37