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For 21-year-old Denni, there is no doubt in her mind that Amos is the one. That is until Jack manages to catch her attention. When she discovers it isn’t just a crush causing this stranger to intrude her thoughts, a secret world of mind control is unleashed around her. It is revealed that both Amos and Jack belong to a special breed of humans called Mind Breakers, and overFor 21-year-old Denni, there is no doubt in her mind that Amos is the one. That is until Jack manages to catch her attention. When she discovers it isn’t just a crush causing this stranger to intrude her thoughts, a secret world of mind control is unleashed around her. It is revealed that both Amos and Jack belong to a special breed of humans called Mind Breakers, and over time Denni learns that the last two years of her life have been controlled by their influence. Soon she realizes that the people she thought she knew, and the life she has most recently grown accustomed to, might not have ever been real in the first place. Her thoughts, emotions, and physical actions are all at stake. So who can she trust? This, of course, is Denni’s past. Now she is forced to retell her story from the beginning in hopes that the worst of it will never happen again....

Title : Without Me
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ISBN : 9781475189728
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 298 Pages
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Without Me Reviews

  • Megan Duke
    2019-03-07 05:48

    I will cherish this series for all time. It's the single book I've worked the hardest on, EVER. And I'm so happy I can finally share a version with you that I'm 100% proud of!

  • Lainey Lorio
    2019-03-08 01:41

    Megan Duke has done it again with her new book. Without Me is the first novel in her upcoming Paranormal Romance/NA series, The Mind Breaker Accounts. The first book is the story of Denni and her discovery of a secret group of humans called Mind Breakers. These are people who were given a drug at birth and can now influence and control others’ thoughts and actions, with very few limitations. At the beginning of the book, Denni meets Jack, one of the original seven Mind Breakers. Jack reveals that the last two years have been a lie created by her boyfriend, Amos Beckett. When Denni is unwillingly given a form of the original MB drug, she and Jack go on a search to find out why she was chosen. Along the way, they meet the rest of the original seven and must figure out who they can trust.I was blown away by Without Me. This is paranormal romance done right, with just the right amount of emotion and action mixed with well-written characters. I give it 5/5 stars!

  • Serena
    2019-03-14 02:41

    3.5! I thought the premise was really interesting, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the series plays out.

  • Bryce
    2019-03-21 05:49

    Honestly, I love everything that Megan writes, and this book was no exception. I was immediately drawn right into the story, and into Denni’s world.Starting out this book, I was a little skeptical of the “New Adult” label. I mean, let’s be honest. Most New Adult books these days are just straight-up smut. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised to read a NA book with an actual plot. And character development. And all the other things that make a book a good book. Not saying there wasn’t any romance in this book, though ;))))). It was just the perfect balance of hot, swoon-worthy men, and an intriguing plot.As for the actual plot, it was a completely new concept (except for the whole “I have powers” part, but come on, everyone needs some magical powers every once in a while). The fact that there are two guys both trying to get Denni to love them by controlling her mind is kind of messed up, but I loved it. It really made me think about what I would do in that kind of a situation. And most of the time, Denni made the same decisions that I would, which made me really happy.Getting into the characters, I wanted to talk about Denni first. I really enjoyed reading from her POV, because I connected with her a lot more than the other characters. In the book, she acts a lot like me, which I usually like when I’m reading. As for the other characters, I feel like most of them are all assholes. Seriously, the only other character I really liked was Brimley. It took a long time for Jack to grow on me, and even he made some pretty dick moves. Don’t even get me started on Amos. And Cox was just insane. I feel like the lack of enjoyable characters was the only thing that kind of bugged me about this book, but I’m not that worried about it, because I know they’ll probably grow on me more in the next book.Okay, I don’t want to say anything else, because I don’t want to spoil anyone. But overall, this book is a good, solid book, especially for the first one in a series. I definitely recommend it to all of you YA readers who want to read to start reading up, but still want a good book with a good plotline. I can’t wait to see where this story will go, and I am (not so) patiently awaiting the sequel (which is set to come out this August!!!).

  • Abbey
    2019-03-12 03:30

    Pick Without Me up you won't regret it. You will get sucked in and addicted to the book with the first few pages. The plot is intriquing and fast past. You will never get bored you will just want more. The characters are well developed , creative, and hott. (They need the double T). I loved the world that Megan Dukes created and I can't wait to read more of her work.

  • Bea Flores
    2019-03-18 05:39

    MORE of this review: anything else, I just wanna thank Author Megan Duke for sending me a physical copy of the first book in her series! Thank you for trusting me. Second thing is, I juts want to tell y’all that even though I received this book for a review, there is no way this review’s opinions were forced to be said or in any way has a limit of ratings. All opinions are mine.Okay, enough with that. Let’s get going with the review!To be honest, I was kinda scared to read this book. Not that it’s scary but I’m just afraid I might not get the book 2. I don’t read books that usually keep me hanging. I hate that! I’m really distracted, especially when I’m studying. Such questions keep bothering me: What will happen next?But I manage to get through. I figured that maybe it was time to go out of my comfort zone. So I started reading the book in school. Actually, I finished half the book in school during my free time. It kept me scheduled but it was worth it! It kept me interested.As for the book’s appearance and cover, I really loved it! I love the color they chose for the book 1 and the girl in the cover’s beautiful. Also, there’s a bonus compliment ‘cause the 3 books’ design matched! I love it when book cover series match. They look beautiful. As for the description, it’s really catchy. But at the same time, might keep you hanging for a while ‘cause I mean, you wouldn’t know what it EXACTLY mean until you read the book.I like the plot and the twists. The concept’s unique and fantastic. I’m already a fan! This book saved me from severe book slump! This book’s great. Really really great! Why? Simply because I read the Harry Potter series before this book which if you follow me on Goodreads, you know that I’m having a hard time getting over the series. This book kept me reading despite the book slump with Harry. That only means that this book’s great!Yay! As for characters, it’s well developed. I like Avery. I think she’s really beautiful. But I like Denni best! I won’t be telling much about them here ‘cause I don’t want to spoil you. Instead, I suggest you to get this book! (: Also, I like Jack. He’s so honest and humble. I like that he’s not like Amos. Amos looks like a bad guy. Even with the name and appearance!The story gets instense specially at the end of the book! There were times when I even can’t read the words ‘cause I can’t take it. Specially when Jack and Denni’s talking. They’re both sweet and I love it! There’s just one thing I really don’t understand! Haha. I don’t know what’s between Alivien and Liz. What’s with both ladies? I don’t understand what’s between them. I guess I’ll find out in the book 2? (:

  • Sadaf
    2019-02-26 00:30

    3.5 Stars!! I enjoyed the story, was a bit of a slow start for me but really did pick up later on. The ending was abrupt and didn't explain much so maybe we'll get more answers in book 2. Overall a good story

  • Nicole
    2019-02-23 04:40

    This book was really slow for me for the first half of the book. Once the action started happening then the book went a lot smoother and got way more interesting.

  • Natalie-jade
    2019-03-20 04:29

    The book started off strong and interesting but I soon lost interest. I haven't finished the book and I don't think I will do because I have no motivation to try.