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Down in New Orleans, Arelia LaRue's once ordinary life has been transformed into something truly odd.As she ventures further into the word of Les Mysteries she realizes that nothing is ever as simple as it appears.Faced with challenges that threaten her very sanity, Arelia must decide if fighting for what is right is truly worth the risk.In the intoxicating world of New OrDown in New Orleans, Arelia LaRue's once ordinary life has been transformed into something truly odd.As she ventures further into the word of Les Mysteries she realizes that nothing is ever as simple as it appears.Faced with challenges that threaten her very sanity, Arelia must decide if fighting for what is right is truly worth the risk.In the intoxicating world of New Orleans Hoodoo/Voodoo expect the unexpected!Come along for the ride....

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Possessed Reviews

  • Jessica (Goldenfurpro)
    2019-05-08 14:49

    I have a really weird relationship with this series. I don't particularity like the characters. Arelia isn't bad, but she does bother me sometimes. Other characters just don't strike a chord in me. Throughout most of the book I just felt disjointed from everything, I don't even know why. Is it because things were going so fast? The writing? What? I really don't know. Despite my troubles with the books in this series, I keep coming back, wanting to know more. Mostly, it's because the story is always so interesting and complicated and I feel like it's growing more so as the series continues. I like this about this series, by the way, it keeps me surprised. Also, I must admit, that with each book, I find out more an more until the twisty end, in which there's a cliffy. Yep, I'm definitely reading book 4.

  • Booknut
    2019-04-24 20:02

    Again.I was really REALLY hoping this book would tie up everything, have a nice, happy ending and let us weep over the unfairness of the fact that not all of us can have hot, French-speaking, rich and sweet boyfriends. Instead, this book ended like BOTH books before it. Let's hear it for the...CLIFFHANGER.I was really getting into it, and I was practically squealing by the point that they're all in the graveyard and then...then...I saw:Uploaded with ImageShack.usAnd I was like:Uploaded with ImageShack.usNo. Just no - I can't be expected to WAIT! Have you "any idea what condition my poor nerves are in?!" *whines like Mrs Bennet*

  • Nereid
    2019-04-25 17:46

    I found this third book in the series to be a little different from the others, there seemed to be much more interaction with Ivan who is still a pain in the ass and Arelia is convinced she needs to free him from his anger and melancholy. Personally I would have buried him in a shallow grave quite some time ago as he is incredibly frustrating and the things he does to her, well let's just say not many people would still be on speaking terms with him if he did those things to them. Arelia is struggling to get the spirits to help her end the curse and her best friend is not speaking to her because Arelia stole the man she wanted. So life is a bit complicated and then just when you have the ending figured out, it goes in a completely different direction, intriguing for sure.

  • Erin
    2019-05-08 15:44

    Liked this book much better than the others, but I still don't get a sense of "completeness" from the book's the same story continued on and on. I might go crazy from frustration!Love the ever-elaborate story of Marie Beau, Louis, and Lucas. A little annoyed with Arelia continuing to sacrifice herself for others, but I suppose that's just a part of who she is. Looking forward to seeing how this particular story unfolds. Hope it's not 3 books from now!

  • Sharon
    2019-05-10 20:44

    I absolutely hate the endings of these books. The ending is not a cliffhanger, it is an incomplete thought. Absolutely frustrating. I was so exited about this series when it first came out. When an author states that their weakness is closure, then they need to work on it. As a reader, book 2 made me mad, I forced myself to finish reading this book, though after page 15 I could see where it was going.

  • Vesmé
    2019-04-27 19:56

    Each of these books really feel like a few chapters from a longer book. I know they're a series but a good book should be able to stand on it's own.This book got a bit better towards the end but mostly because we spent so much time in the p.o.v. of a different character.I honestly don't know why I'm still reading this series. I guess it's because I want to know what happens, I like resolution, but I'm not really enjoying the journey.

  • Hydie
    2019-05-05 12:44

    This book was not what I had hoped for. I was thinking that more would have happened or been revealed. All I can really say is that I feel cheated with this book. I hope the next one will be better.

  • Shannon Hertz
    2019-05-02 12:54

    Waiting on the fourth one!

  • Karissa Getz
    2019-05-11 16:52

    None of the books in this series are anything I would run and tell a friend she has to read. However, I've gotten sucked in and now I can't stop. I desperately need to know how this series ends. It doesn't help that every book just kind of ends, forcing you to move on to the next one.These books are also poorly edited. A couple of the spelling errors are really driving me insane.

  • Danielle
    2019-05-23 13:40

    One of my main thoughts this whole book was how much the main character wouldn't listen and just rebelled so much. I wanted to slap her quite a few times to try and get something going

  • K.R. Reese
    2019-04-26 15:53

    I definitely didn't expect the story to take the twist it did, and the end about broke my heart and I cried. But, somehow I think it'll be fixed.

  • Nicole (Reading Books With Coffee)
    2019-04-25 13:52

    This series really is unique. I can honestly say that I've never read anything like it.I love Darkwood as a setting, and I love that it's this plantation in New Orleans. I love seeing Arelia work with Les Mysteries, even though she tends to call on Ezrulie, and doesn't tend to call on anyone else.What's really interesting about Possessed is that Arelia is possessed by Ivan/Louis, and he promises to leave her alone if she just leaves the plantation. She's determined not to, and through her possession, we get more glimpses into what it was like to be a slave. I really like the connection between past and present, and how connected everything is. We definitely learn something new in every book, and in Possessed, we learn that Marie wasn't the one behind the curse, and that Ivan and Lucas are brothers. Different mothers, of course, but I liked learning more about her past.There was one thing that didn't make sense: Jacques, Lucas' dad, couldn't afford to free Marie, but he could afford to buy her diamonds?I did like it better than Punished, and mostly because of the history we get to see. It really made Possessed interesting. It wasn't enough to make me really like it or even love it, but it's still a fun series to read.I'm still not liking the ending. They are cliffhanger-ish, but it also makes me feel like I'm reading installments of one story as opposed to reading a complete book. It's not enough to make me stop reading, because right now, everything else is outweighing the ending.The characters are, well, them. Considering the events of the 3 books have spanned the course of a month or so, it's not terribly surprising that the characters aren't changing as much as you'd expect, especially in the case of Ivan and Lucas, who have had decades and decades to hold grudges and feel bad for themselves and everything. Change isn't going to happen overnight with them, especially with Ivan, who (seemingly) doesn't want to change. Arelia is a different character than she was in Bound, and I have the feeling she's going to be the one who goes through quite the transformation. Final Thoughts: I like Possessed, and seeing history really added an interesting element. At this point, though, the endings and the feeling that I'm reading installments rather than a complete book is starting to get more irritating as I continue. It's not enough to stop reading, because overall, I did like Possessed. In terms of history and the world that Saito's created, it's the one that's most interesting- and why it's my favorite in terms of history. Possessed gets 3 stars.

  • Emma
    2019-05-17 14:51

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!First off, Ivan/Louis's powers were not bound! And in this book he keeps tormenting Arelia, trying to make her understand what he went through as a slave. He even goes so far as to have her almost sold and a slave auction and whipped! He also puts a trick on her so that he can speak in her mind and make her see blood wherever she goes. All this happens when she is TRYING TO HELP HIM! Meanwhile, on a sub-plot, Sabrina catches Lucas and Arelia kissing! After a bit of fighting, Sabrina forgives Arelia, and THEN! Louis's mom, the one that ll along we haves supposed put the curse on Louis and Lucas shows up by taking over Sabrina's body. She transports Arelia back into her body and shows her that Louis and Lucas are half brothers!! Arelia helps Ivan understand, and he and Lucas start to get along, but then Sabrina is dying and Arelia sacrifices her love with Lucas to save her, which means that Lucas won't remember her. AND THEN IT ENDS! HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY END RIGHT THERE!! I am DYING for the next book!

  • Kim
    2019-05-23 13:00

    The good...We learned a lot more about Ivan in this book, explaining how he came to be the way he is. It was beyond time for that because there was definitely an air of mystery around him in the first two books. Overall, I think I liked this book the most thus far. The creepy factor is a big part of that, right alongside the magic and mystery. The imagery throughout this book is beautiful and sometimes haunting.The bad...The editing suffered in this book, too, which is just a shame. I still like the book, but it can be a bit distractig.While I think that a touch of history was needed to explain the themes of the book, there were times when I felt like it was a bit overdone. It was, at times, almost as if I were reading an essay as opposed to fiction. It was needed, but I think it could have been accomplished with a little less "learning".The ending was still a little abrupt, and I think it bothered me more this time because I am having to wait for Book 4 instead of jumping right into the nexx one.Diva notes...No matter the issues I have, the story is still fresh and unique and will keep me reading!

  • Kandise
    2019-05-12 16:42

    Hmph. Now who wudda thunk that I actually would have liked this installment? Idiot LaRue didn't piss me off in this one as much as she did in the other two, don't get me wrong, she still did a number on me but it wasn't so bad and the little secret at the end did help out in the Like Department. However, I've said this before and I'll say it again, just because you admit that you are an angry egotistical stubborn bitch, doesn't make it better to be one. She was still crass and there were some points in the writing that didn't make sense. For instance the Marie asked Jacques why he didn't buy her if he was in love with her and he said that he didn't have enough money to but then in the very next paragraph he was draping her neck with a diamond slaves are more expensive then diamonds then huh? There were a few other situations like that too but I cant remember and I didn't highlight them to go back to, soooo yeah.And the fact that Lucas is in love with her bitchiness? Really? Hmmm, I've been doing it all wrong then...Bitches for the win!

  • Rachel Dissell
    2019-04-30 17:52

    Luckily, this book regained my interest where the previous one lost it. The story developed enough to lure me into reading the next book in the series. I can honestly say that the story bares no similarity to anything I've read before, which provides some of its appeal. I particularly appreciate the depictions of slaves lives that the author included throughout the books. They are thought provoking and not the sort of perspective you see in YA/Paranormal books. Unfortunately, the story ended predictably enough. Just as a new plot twist was exposed, the book abruptly ended. While I've gotten used to the cut-off endings, I've not grown any fonder of them.I can't say that I'm all that fond of most of the characters. More often than not, I find their personalities grate on me. I keep hoping they will grow and change for the positive, but that hasn't really happened yet. I suppose since the three books only take place over the course of about a month, I shouldn't expect too much. People don't change overnight. I'll just have to wait and see what book 4 has in store for me.

  • Kimm Reilly
    2019-05-09 18:58

    Arelia comes alive in book 3 of the Arelia LaRue series! The past and the truth are revealed and the young voodoo Queen finds herself locked in a battle of wills with the one person she must save despite her desire to strangle him. Posses by the "other man" her best friend held hostage by a long dead Voodoo Queen Arelia feels like she's both losing her mind and finally finding her strength. The best book of the series so far -I was in tears most of the book and the ending is like a knife to the heart that will make you desperate for more of Arelia's adventures. Can't wait for the next in the series! I read all 3 books in less than 24 hours - not because they're short (about 400 pages each on Nook/Kindle) but because they are impossible to put down.

  • Kelli
    2019-05-07 16:57

    I did not like this book as much as the first two in this series. There was nothing wrong with it per say, other than there were a bunch of times that I wanted to jump through the pages and strangle one of the characters. It really was not bad, I just could not get as into this story as I could the others.. Also, I did not like the end. These books always have awkward endings that are not really cliffhangers, they are like the story just stops. There is no real sense of closure. Even if a story ends in a cliffhanger, there should be some big revelation that provides some time of closure. This book was just kind of awkward.

  • Dawn
    2019-05-13 20:51

    The third book picks up immediately where the second one leaves off. Arelia is trying to figure out how to get Louis to listen to her. And then there's her feelings for Lucas. Add her best friend into the mix and some temperamental spirits, and she's got her hands full. Will she figure out a way to help Lucas & Louis?As fast paced as the other two, I was glad to get more into the history of Darkwood's inhabitants - all of them. Plus there's Marie's story being told in it too. I look forward to reading the next one.

  • Jenica
    2019-05-14 20:58

    Getting better3.5 stars - rounded up because I'm looking forward to the next book (but seriously hoping that it's the last) What's irritating me is how much the author focuses on how good the characters (Lucas, Ivan, etc.) look. I mean, seriously, I get it already - Arelia finds Lucas hot. Give it a rest. It feels like that's what Arelia first focuses on when she sees Lucas or some other hot guy and it's getting damn annoying.

  • Heather Lynn
    2019-05-17 14:45

    Just when you think you have everything figured out, Arelia begins to re-live the past lives of the spirits that she encounters, while attempting to save her friends. I retract my previous comment in my last review of Punished when I said that I hope Arelia and Ivan somehow get together in the end. Clearly, I was mislead, which makes this all the more fun. I have no idea how it will end. All I can assume at this point is that history repeats itself!My full review is on my Blog.

  • Selinalynn
    2019-05-11 16:59

    The story still grips you and holds your spirit hostage. Ivan is still an ass but Arelia is determined to help him release his anger. He in no way makes this easy for her. He will do anything to make her leave. I really like this series. It makes you feel all kinds of things, good and bad. And covers many many years. We meet some more spirits, one in particular who loves to party! I can't wait until book #4. I wonder where this story will go next?

  • Victoria
    2019-05-05 14:42

    I like these books a lot but the endings tend to really piss me off. The writer leaves the endings at the worst parts, and instead of feeling like the end of a book it just stops. Even with this, I still enjoy the story, but I can't help but be weary of reading them all until I know the book after the one I'm reading is out because otherwise I'm going to end up being beyond frustrated by the end of each book.

  • Danielle (Dannie)
    2019-05-21 15:49

    What another great book in the series! It was nice to get more information on what really happened with Marie. It also went more into Ivan and the interaction with Arelia. It started right from where Book 2 left off and kept pace and interest as well as the first two books did. Although, the ending left a little to be desired, it ended too abruptly I thought. However, the ending did set up the scene for the next book inthe series. I can't wait to read the next book!!!

  • Karen
    2019-05-17 18:00

    Arrghh, I just finished "Possessed" and I'm just dying for the next. "Possessed" does a great job of answering those questions that have been lingering since the journey with Arelia began. But at the same time, opens the door to many, many more. With the relationship between Arelia, Lucas and Ivan/Louis getting ever more complicated, I can't wait to see where their journey takes them next.

  • Diana
    2019-05-13 17:53

    Like most reviews...I do not like how Kira ends her novels. It's as if the whole tale has been written & then chopped into 3 books by blindly selecting a page & ending it there. It's frustrating as a reader. It doesn't allow for any closure & smooth transiting from book to book. Other than the ending...this story is fantastic!

  • amberj
    2019-04-28 15:40

    I really do like this series. And I would say i enjoyed this book but I really was pissed at the ending. I really didn't like the ending even though it wasn't that bad like it was a ok ending but It left me mad. :/ but other than that I liked this book a lot :) I liked how much Arelia has grown and that she's more willing to just accept herself better :)

  • Terri
    2019-05-07 18:32

    This was the best book in the series so far. Arelia has started to become less annoying and the storyline has started to develop. I believe there is one more to go and I am curious how it will all wrap up.

  • Jennifer Eden
    2019-05-22 14:41

    WOW!!!! I can't say enough good about this series. There is so many adventures, new twists, and characters developments in this book I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing in one night. What a spectacular author. I can't wait for the next book.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-08 20:59

    For some reason I liked the previous book more, but I still am entertained by this series. I just like that it's something different and keeps me wanting to find out what's going to happen the characters.