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In this exciting sequel to Rarer Than Rubies, gay romance author Trent Copeland and former FBI agent Reed Acton head to Italy for a Roman holiday. What should be a relaxing and romantic vacation is interrupted when Reed's not-so-former boss asks for his help with a case. Trent's shocked to discover in the six months they've been living together in LA, Reed hasn't been compIn this exciting sequel to Rarer Than Rubies, gay romance author Trent Copeland and former FBI agent Reed Acton head to Italy for a Roman holiday. What should be a relaxing and romantic vacation is interrupted when Reed's not-so-former boss asks for his help with a case. Trent's shocked to discover in the six months they've been living together in LA, Reed hasn't been completely honest about his "retirement."Reed heads for Sicily on the trail of a suspected antiquities-smuggling ring and to find Peter Isett - a former FBI partner he also hasn't been completely truthful about. Stung by Reed's dishonesty, Trent questions what else Reed might be hiding. But when he overhears something that tells him Reed's life is in danger, Trent follows Reed to a remote chain of ancient volcanic islands off Sicily's northern coast. Soon Trent is caught up in the smugglers' web, and Reed must decide between his heart and his mission-a decision complicated by his past with Peter. Reed's position is perilous: unless he can learn to put the past behind him, he risks destroying everything he's built with Trent....

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Italian Ice Reviews

  • Susan Laine
    2019-03-11 01:44

    Reed and Trent make a come-back. Sort of, considering they break up when the story starts. Reed is keeping secrets, and Trent thinks their relationship is something it apparently isn't.This is just the starting setup. When the adventure surrounding something fishy going on in the Greek isles with smuggled art begins, the story picks up its pace at an alarming and totally exciting rate, giving this such a realistic feel that all I can say is WOW.The action, the sex, the danger, the beautiful locations. Everything feels as though you were actually there with the heroes struggling to repair their broken relationship, to find out what is going on, and not getting killed in the process.Lynley gives us another fascinating story with intriguing characters, suspenseful action, and sexy mystery to keep you occupied for days. Highly recommended!

  • Cryselle
    2019-03-20 01:29

    4.5There’s nothing quite like getting called in to work while you’re on vacation halfway around the world from home—but if you’re vacationing where the work is, goodbye sightseeing. Reed’s phone goes off while he and his lover Trent are exploring the Vatican museums, and that’s the end of fun in Italy.Reed and Trent got together in Rarer than Rubies, and if you don’t care to start with an established couple, definitely read that first. (Read it anyway, it’s good.) These two are on much shakier ground than either of them believe, so if you don’t mind catching up on the history as you go, this also stands alone. The reveal of the backstory is nicely done and doesn’t go beyond what’s needed to enjoy this one.Trent’s shattered to find out how much Reed has kept from him all this time; while he doesn’t expect to hear every detail, something as big as still being an active agent ought to get mentioned. Given that Reed had a personal relationship with his old partner Peter, and that Reed’s never really told Trent much about this part of his past, this new mission has the potential to cost them their relationship.The writer in Trent has to pick at the mystery and follow the clues: he was deeply if accidentally involved in the Ruby Buddha affair in Thailand in the first book, and a visit to an antiquities auction puts him in the middle of Reed’s newest mission. The volatility of their feelings mixes with the danger Reed’s walking into, and Trent cannot just sit back and let Reed go. At every turn Trent’s somehow mixed in, and very often he has a critical insight or action that makes it possible for Reed to pick apart the mystery. It’s a lovely dance, this mix of educated novice and professional, and critical to their ultimate success.The men have a lot of differences in tastes and philosophies, and some very different ways of seeing the world. They manage to meet in the middle in ways as side effects of everything else they are involved in, which is very deftly done.The setting, starting in Rome and moving to the volcanic isles of Sicily, is very nearly a character too. EM Lynley makes us smell the volcanic fumes, feel the ocean spray on our faces, taste the fresh from the sea food, and occasionally smell the alleyways. Once in a while it’s a little guide-booky, but the author clearly loves this region and makes us feel it too. Smatterings of Italian streak the pages, and the local proverbs for chapter headers add a nice touch.I loved Trent, although I did occasionally get aggravated with his focus on relationships rather than the external dangers—romance writers do stay on topic. I also liked Reed, and sometimes wanted to shake him over matters of honesty in his relationships; he’s willing to let 800 lb gorillas sit in the living room for long periods. However, the two men and their needs interwove tightly with the smuggling plot, and the finale brought everything together with a giant crash and wrap.The smuggling plot had layers on layers, with smiling villains that didn’t go over the top. The stakes were high but not ridiculous, the evil bad but dedicated to achieving specified ends. The odds were stacked deeply against Reed and Trent, but on a scale that was difficult, not absurd. Overall, a good balance.The epilogue was the weakest section, bending belief in Reed and restaurants, and leaving me wanting to choke one minor character with a piece of bruschetta. Fortunately, the main story already made me confident in Trent and Reed’s solidification as a couple.I’ve read other art/adventure books by this author and enjoyed them, and was really glad to see a new one.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-03-04 02:40

    With great glee I noticed that Trent and Reed (from Rarer than Rubies) are back - and tumble right into their next adventure. The same elements that I liked so much about the first book are here as well: a romantic location, some good old-fashioned action and adventure, a mystery that includes missing agents and antiquities, and a lot of romance. Actually, even better than romance, this was as much about Reed and Trent struggling to develop a meaningful relationship as it was about the mystery. While that served to drive the story and ‘test’ their trust, the main focus, for me, was how they related to each other and struggled with figuring out their roles in the partnership that Trent’s wishful thinking defines so differently from Reed.Trent is such a great character. He was all lost and insecure in the first book, not that this stopped him from getting into all kinds of trouble, after all, he wanted to help, right? Now he has found a new goal and that is to help Reed in his job as a ‘spy’ - FBI agent, really, but spy, to Trent’s romance writer’s imagination, just sounds so much better. I loved Trent’s attempts to support Reed, and his inability to follow ‘orders’ was not just fun to watch, but actually supported Reed more than Trent could have hoped. Everyone underestimates him, but that too, can turn into an advantage…Reed is a different man since he got together with Trent. There are still major issues to deal with, and he still tends to isolate himself and is bad at expressing emotions, but he is getting better. Trent has opened his eyes to a whole new world – and not just that of fashion and eating out. Reed is still protective of Trent, and wants to keep him out of everything, especially because the most recent case he has been sent to solve involves his ex-partner Peter. There is a lot of bad blood still, and added to all the other things that start happening as the simple mission to find a missing agent turns into a major case involving all kinds of international bad guys, the hunt is definitely on.If you like mysterious international criminal plots set in exotic places, writer-types who get in way over their heads and secret agents who try to keep them safe, and if you are up to following Trent and Reed into their next grand adventure, you will probably like this book. It will definitely keep you entertained, and just slightly breathless.NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-01 23:55

    Solid 4. Strong characters, solid plot, lots of actions and a thrilling conclusion all set in a beautiful and exotic location.

  • Cole Riann
    2019-03-06 02:54

    Review posted at The Armchair Reader.3.75 starsItalian Ice has been out for a while now, but I had always intended to review it, sadly it just took me a lot longer than I had hoped to get to it with all of my other reviews last year. I reviewed the first book in this series back when I was reviewing at Jessewave, and I really liked that first book. At that time, it was called Thief of Hearts: Tempted in Thailand before it was pulled from Ravenous Romance, re-edited and released from Dreamspinner as Rarer Than Rubies. Still, I remembered it fondly, especially whenever I got in the mood for a classic action/adventure romance. This sequel carries on in that vein in some very similar ways, with only a different setting and a different mystery and adventure, this time in Italy.Italian Ice begins six months after the end of Rarer Than Rubies. Reed has quit his job with the FBI and moved home with Trent into domestic bliss. Except, things aren't entirely blissful. Though Trent seems to think things are going well, he doesn't know how much Reed has kept from him -- not only his feelings, but also his involvement with various government agencies. On a trip to Italy, where Trent hopes they'll spend weeks looking at art and making love, Reed is called in to search for an agent who has gone missing while dealing with a case of mysterious counterfeit artifacts passing through Rome's auction houses. Reed hastens to do his duty to find his missing comrade, but is he too quick to step back into the life of an undercover agent? Trent isn't sure, and when he finds out that the missing agent is Peter, Reed's former partner and lover, his insecurities are multiplied as he's left alone to tour the country on a lonely vacation he had meant to spend with the man he loves.But Reed should know that Trent isn't one to follow orders. He's headstrong and has a dramatic flair for adventure, and just like in their first adventure in Thailand Trent soon becomes embroiled in the case to an extent that Reed can't pull him out without causing attention. No matter how much Reed tries to limit Trent's involvement in the case, as soon as he turns his back he finds Trent surging forward into the breach. But Trent has good reason to become involved -- not only does the adventure excite him, but he needs to find out what Reed's feelings are for Peter once and for all.Much of the focus of this story is on the mystery, which definitely kept my attention. A few times I wanted to slap Trent for racing into a situation without thinking it through, or any backup or plan, but then that's sort of the basis of the story and definitely something about Trent that is fundamental to his character and the story, so I can let that slide :) The romance here is really in line with the position of this book (as the second) in the series, even though I'm not sure how long this series will end up being. In the first book, of course, the two get together and fall in love over their adventure. But, the second book is where the relationship is really tested, so quite a bit of this story had Trent and Reed at odds and often separated and working on the mystery with their own devices. Much of that comes from the very beginning of the story when their relationship blows up in an epic fight when Trent learns that Reed is basically choosing his job (and Peter) over him. A lot of that hurt that Trent feels drives him throughout this book. Conversely, Reed is on his own solo mission in this book, trying to figure out what he really wants from life, professionally and romantically, putting much of his old demons to rest. To do that, he'll have to learn to communicate, which is like learning a whole new language for him. He's made his life into a web of secrets and lies for so long that it takes him some serious soul searching to figure out what he really wants. All of this could have been rather angsty, but it really wasn't because any tension that comes from their relationship is offset by the mystery and their need to work together for common purpose.In all, I found this to be a good read and a very successful sequel. It certainly made me interested to see what will come next for Trent and Reed and I've grown fond of them by now. Hopefully, with this uncertain part of their relationship now behind them (this ends with a solid HEA), we can expect somewhat happier stories in the future. And I hope there are several :)

  • Anders
    2019-03-19 05:38

    Fun sequel to the first book. Definitely made me want to go to Italy, and the mystery plot was fun. The romance is nice, although the mystery is more the focus until near the end. Then there's a nice ending that's very romantic. (view spoiler)[Trent and Reed are together, but Reed isn't telling Trent the entire truth about being retired from the FBI. They go on vacation to Italy, and Reed starts working a case. Trent is really mad at Reed. Then Trent gets pulled into the case and has to rescue Reed. (hide spoiler)]I loved the way the writer makes you feel as though your there in Italy. Some of the places they go to are really romantic and it's always fun to see Trent have to rescue Reed. Trent is a great character - he seems girly, but he can kick butt, too. I'd definitely read more about these guys.

  • Lidia
    2019-03-13 00:35

    I love Trent ma I don't know if I like Reed, however this book is amazing and not only because is set in Italy (I'm italian!) but for the original and exciting story and the dialogues is fun and brillant so reading this story I smile, I'm moved , intrigued and I can't let go the book til the end. The author have curated especially the descriptions of city and landscapes, of traditions and of cooking italian, nice the proverbs cited so this book is fantastic...I forgot to tell how hot and sexy are Trent and Reed togheter.

  • Susinok
    2019-02-28 07:59

    Another fun adventure for Trent and Reed. I also liked the progression of their relationship. Looks like there may be more in this series. I really hope so.

  • Linda-Grace
    2019-03-22 23:50

    Actioned packed with alot of hot sex thrown in, really enjoyed it.

  • ttg
    2019-03-18 23:57

    4.5 stars. Sequel to Rarer Than Rubies, this 2nd installment in the "Precious Gems" series was again a very fun m/m adventure romance. This time, romance writer Trent and his former government agent/now boyfriend of six months Reed are traveling in Rome on vacation, or they were until Reed gets called in on a case for the FBI, and Trent finds out that Reed was really "retired" from undercover work, and things snowball from there, including smugglers, missing agents, and Reed's painful past.I had a great time reading this (and it was an excellent book to bring along on vacation.) Full disclosure--I love adventure romance, so if something is halfway decent, I'll probably enjoy it. Fortunately for me, this was way more than half-way decent. I think I might have liked it more than the first one, maybe because this time Trent and Reed are in a more established place--still having issues, but often working together (to Reed's chagrin) on solving the case. Their back-and-forth is really fun to read, and it's neat to see all the little things they do and think about that convey how much they care about each other. (Trent always wanting to do the right "spy" thing and help Reed; Reed being irritated that Trent followed him but then quickly notices little things that Trent likes and makes all these mental notes to get more of those things later. It was neat to see how their relationship had developed, and even when they were fighting, it was easy to tell how much they cared about each other. (Even if they weren't always good at expressing this in words.)Like Thailand in Rarer than Rubies, Italy was very much a character in the book, and I really enjoyed all the details about the setting, the food, the cultural aspects, and even the way people talked. I think Lynley does a great job of making the place in the story feel very real and present without overburdening the reader with too much unnecessary information.My one beef is the same from the first book in that I thought sometimes the MCs ruminated too much about what was going on, their worries, etc. For instance, at times reading about Reed's worries about his former FBI partner, what his feelings are, and whether he should tell Trent felt repetitive and slowed the pacing down a little when these "thinking pockets" would pop up.That, and Trent does one thing that I thought was really dumb. I love his character though and I wouldn't qualify him as "Too stupid to live" but that one time I understood Reed'a irritation. Whatever Trent did though was for Reed, so I won't fault him too much.For stressed out readers like me, everything ends well, but I would qualify it as "Happy For Now." The ending and the breadcrumbs in this book lead me to think we should (hopefully) see more adventures with Reed and Trent, which I would definitely look forward to. An overall really fun read that successfully hit all my adventure-romance buttons.This could be a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading Rarer than Rubies first. I think you would get a lot more out of the characters, and also understand Trent's anger more in the beginning when he finds out Reed was still working for the FBI.Lastly, Trent's obsession with the TV show Burn Notice and what spy tips he learned from watching it was HILARIOUS. Props to the author for maintaining such fun, quirky humor throughout the book.

  • Shirley Frances
    2019-03-07 03:39

    Once again Reed and Trent are caught up in an adventure. This time they find themselves in Italy on vacation when Reed is needed on a mission to save his former partner. Reed leaves Trent in the middle of their vacation with barely an explanation about what's going on, leaving a lot of questions unanswered. Trent suspects that there is more about this mission than what Reed is telling him and he is determined to find out what it is. Of course, Trent ends ups right in the middle of everything and together they end up solving the mystery. I liked that everything between them was not perfect. Reed was still feeling out of place. He is used to being on the go and undercover, so being with Trent in LA has been difficult for him. Instead of discussing it with Trent, he goes about it another way - he lies and sneaks around doing missions, which brings about the guilt. He is sure that he loves Trent, but he doesn't know what to do with himself when he is not in 'agent mode'. Trent believes all is well between them even though he continues to shower Reed with gifts in order to keep him 'happy'. Little does he know that Reed doesn't appreciate the gift-giving. He feels like Trent is supporting him when he is capable of doing it himself. Problem: Lack of communication!!!The mystery part of the story was good as well as the romance. Once again I enjoyed the setting and its descriptions. They were very detailed and informative and made me feel like I was right there with Trent and Reed. I enjoyed Trent and Reed's interactions. They were still funny and entertaining at at times even a bit emotional. Of course their chemistry was still amazingly hot and I enjoyed that too.I hope there are more adventures for Trent and Reed to go through. I enjoyed visiting with them this time around.

  • Ann
    2019-03-16 02:47

    Wow! I may have to say this book was better than I expected. I loved the first one so I hoped I would like this as much, but it really surprised me how much I enjoyed it. I think I would follow Reed and Trent anywhere they go. They are such a great couple and the caring and humor between them gets stronger, and you can see how much both Reed and Trent do for the other. They both change through the book, for the other one, and it was really touching. I was a bit skeptical at first because the blurb mentions an old boyfriend of Reed's. I didn't want a book with cheating or even the thought of cheating. But Peter, Reed's old partner, shows up in a way that really cemented Reed and Trent's relationship. He also tells us some of Reed's background that Reed would never tell Trent on his own. I was very impressed with the depth of the story.Of course the setting in Italy was wonderful! I never heard of these islands before but you can bet they are on my list of places to visit before I die. The only thing that maybe could have been better was some more exploration of the people behind the smuggling. The plot is well-thought out -- actually really clever -- but I kind of wanted to know more about the bad guys. I can't say more than that or it would be a spoiler. Everything was explained and made sense.I heard there is going to be a third book in the series and I hope E. M. Lynley writers faster so I don't have to wait too long.

  • Kimberley
    2019-02-22 03:53

    Copy graciously provided by the author, EM Lynley, through InkedRainbowReads.(I was graciously provided all 4 books in the series, and would recommend reading them all. I read all 4 books in 2 days!!!! DEVOURED more like).4 Heart-pounding Stars! The writing was still impressive. The attention to details this author provides is incredible. You can tell by her writing that she knows what she is talking about and you are captivated by the story. Nothing is perfect and what I enjoyed about this story was that the author didn't give them a sugar-coated relationship. Trent and Reed had real and valid difficulties in their relationship and that just endeared them to me even more. It was a sometimes heart-breaking but enjoyable Journey with our two Hero's! And very happy to have the next one in the series, Jaded!!

  • Jamie
    2019-03-24 04:44

    3.5 starsTrent and Reed are back, they're supposed to be on vacation but Reed has kept his hand in the "spy" business (unbeknownst to Trent) and gets a call while he's in Rome. The case involves someone from Reed's past and he acts suspicious enough to get Trent worked up. Trent lets his imagination run wild (he is a romance writer after all) and follows Reed into the mystery and the danger. I loved the references to Burn Notice and I think Trent and Reed are funny. Reed has issues to work through, he's not sure he is comfortable living in LA and living Trent's life and Trent is still insecure. The writing gets a bit repetitive but the descriptions of Italy were terrific, I want to visit Sicily!

  • Holly
    2019-02-25 01:48

    Still catching up on unfinished reviews.I love the Precious Gems series. I hope there is a third one soon.As I said in my review of the previous book in the series, these book remind me of both Romancing the Stone and Scarecrow and Mrs King. Naive and someone sheltered person finds themselves by accident drawn into action, adventure and mystery and they turn out to have an before now unknown talent. And they also find love.That's my kind of plot.And the writing. The writer brought Sicily alive for me. I could smell the salt air, taste the seafood, see the volcano. I so want to go there now.

  • Katherine
    2019-03-22 06:37

    Trent and Reed are out in the world again! Trouble ensues and the couple have to figure out how to make it work, now that they are together and there aren't secrets between them any longer. I found the beginning of this book a bit jarring. Trent and Reed have their vacation interrupted by a mission that Reed is going on and it result in a fight. That fight leads to sex, but not make-up sex, angry sex. It was a difficult scene and I found the transition back to their relationship after that didn't work quite as well; it really didn't address what had just happened.Otherwise I found that this was an enjoyable and fast paced read again. It is sort of like Castle, the writer and the agent. Trent has a good mind and can plot things out wonderfully, after all, it's what he does for a living. He can think through the scenarios for good long term, and puzzle through situation. The thing is he is self-admittedly not fast on his feet when it comes to an intense situation. Reed comes in for that part, with his training and all his years of work. This makes them a great team, but only when they actually trust each other and work together.So much of this book is once again about trust. Finding out that Reed has been working the whole time he has been back in the US with Trent is simply a starting fissure in the relationship. Trent continues to question what Reed wants and if he can give it. Reed works through his trust of Trent's own abilities. He still tends to downplay things that Trent can do and has to work to see how to balance between his own training and expectations with the unique insight Trent can provide. It takes most of the book to figure that out, but I enjoyed the journey and look forward to the next book!

  • Liza
    2019-03-13 02:33

    A great sequel to Rarer Than Rubies. Trent and Reed are on vacation in Rome when Reed gets called into a case with a missing agent. In Trent's way, he manages to get himself all tangled up in the case, putting himself and Reed in harm's way again and again. This series really is like Indiana Jones, only gayer. I love how they MCs are together, Trent's use of Michael Weston's Burn Notice advice, and the action. It's a fun series with a lot of action and intrigue.

  • Kristin
    2019-02-25 23:31

    Trent and Reed are now on a much needed vacation in Italy, when Reed is contacted by his boss. Reed’s former partner has gone missing in Italy and Reed is the only agent on the ground in the area. Trent is still coping with relationship insecurities, so when he finds Reed with suitcase packed and a passport under a different name, Trent kicks him out the hotel door. This sets off a chain of misunderstood intentions, motives and apprehensions, and Trent finds himself in the middle of yet another dangerous undercover operation. Only this time he’s ready for the action…First and foremost, for those readers who like the whole FBI/CIA/police/detective/undercover operative mystery genera and read widely in that field, you are going to have to suspend your disbelief. A lot. For those of you with medical backgrounds, you are going to have to suspend your medical knowledge a wee bit. Okay…a lot. For those of you that love traveling and seeing books set in different exotic places, with some hot m/m action and sweet heart to hearts, this is the book for you. For those of you that love cozy mysteries, with hot m/m action, and some sweet heart to hearts, this is the book for you. I struggled a bit with this book because I fell into the first two categories. I found the premise of Reed being pulled into an ongoing investigation somewhat implausible, but, I could see why it was necessary to set the action in the book. I winced a bit over Trent’s anger toward Reed at the start of the book. Reed works for the FBI. Reed has long ingrained habits and secrets. Reed and Trent have been together all of 6 months and Trent expects to know all? ((rollin’ my eyes)) Over the whole course of the book, Trent’s ‘he loves me/he loves me not’ was giving me a touch of whiplash. But...I did love the setting – I enjoyed how the characters traveled around (and this doesn’t include all the hotel hopping, which there was a lot), the cafes, the food descriptions and wine. I thought it was a nice touch to include an observation on how Italians dress compared to American habits. I mentioned cozy mysteries which are usually heroine driven - she goes gallivanting off after the protagonist without telling the cops - this read a lot like that. Even after seeing a brutally murdered agent, is repeatedly told to stay out, Trent thinks he can help and gets into a world of trouble. My eyes got a lot of exercise. ((rolling again))Ultimately, an enjoyable, fast read that would be perfect for a commute read or while on vacation. Preferably in Italy.Review is cross posted at Gay Book ReviewsCopy of book was provided by the author/publisher for a fair and honest review. Thank you!

  • Tammy K.
    2019-03-25 03:40

    First things first, I won a copy of this book off the goodreads enter to win contest. I do not know the author personally.I give this book 4 stars. I really had to debate with myself if I should give it 4 or 5 stars. The only reason I took off a star is because of my own personal preferences and I want you all to know that right up front. So read this review all the way through because I’m gonna be saying a lot of good things about this book.First the characters: I love both the main characters, Trent and Reed! Oh man if they were only real, I’d probably be setting up a tent outside in their yard stalking them. Trent is my most favorite of the two because he is so clever, charming, witty and handsome.. (OK I am sounding like a fan girl I admit it)The other regular characters in the series always seem to fit in perfectly. With awesome gal pals, perfect villains and villainess in each of the two books that I have read of this series.The mystery side of the plot is so exciting that I often find myself frustrated when they go back to the hotel at the end of the night. I enjoy the fight-the-bad-guy scenes, the run for your life scenes, the fast cars (actually boats) racing off to catch the villains. The romance side is so tender sweet. I always manage to shed a tear or two with the touching side of their relationship.Now for the erotica, and this folks is the point that I took away and some of my fellow mm romance-erotic friends will be kicking me in the rump for this, but for me.. there is simply too much sex. There are times when they take a break to have sex and end up taking four or five pages before we get back to the mystery side. Some of the sex in this book is violent in nature, which is not my thing. Big time ‘not my thing’ underline and bold that. I felt it serves no purpose in general and in this book. And those are the only things I would change, the erotic scenes. Everything else I would leave the same.Now, I am not saying that sex in a book is a bad thing. I do not mind it at all if it is in line with both the characters relationship at the time and if it does not take away from the main plot line. But as I stated before this was a bit too much for my taste.Other then that it’s a five star book.

  • Ryan
    2019-03-13 07:38

    Italian Ice is the second book of a three part series, unless the author writes another one, which I would be all for, and it's just as good as the first. There is love, hot sex, diamond smuggling, missing FBI agents, murders, femme fatales, kidnappings, and lots of adventure. It's like watching a really good episode of Scarecrow & Mrs. King, if both leads were hot gay men. And now that I think about it, they could even keep the young Bruce Boxleitner in it, they would just have to recast Kate Jackson.Now this being the second book, you know there is bound to be drama between the two main characters, and boy is there ever. Reed is having to fight with feelings he still has over his previous partner, and those are all tied together with memories of months of torture. He is still wrestling with his feelings for Trent, who he does love, but isn't sure he should or does all the way. You know he does, he is just trying to hold onto his lone wolf status, not needing anyone. Trent on the other hand, is madly in love with Reed, but isn't sure he can fully trust him. He has his doubts, especially when he finds out how many secrets Reed has been keeping, but like Kate Jackson always did, he quickly forgives and moves on.I love these two guys together, and they complete each other in many ways. I'm not sure it's a relationship where the two of them "need' the other in their lives. It's more of a case where the two of them truly want the other one around, and in my opinion, that's so much better. They have to get through a lot of turmoil and real physical pain before they both really truly understand that, but in the end, they are more solid then ever, and are more than ready to take on drug dealers, diamond smugglers, lovers from the past, or errant agents; as long as they do it together.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-02-23 02:51

    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire... Trent and Reed are back in yet another romantic spy mystery. This time they are on vacation in Rome when Reed is called on a mission. Trent doesn't know that Reed is still working for the FBI and throws Reed out. Reed goes under cover in an attempt to uncover what seems to be an art smuggling operation. Trent with his inimitable timing forgives Reeds half truths and arrives at an art auction just in time to bungle things up. Reed is sent to Sicily on another lead and to find his one time partner and lover, Peter while Trent in placed in protective custody. Trent overhears a plot to stop Reed and hightails it to Sicily to save Reed and winds up in the middle of an international mess. This story was much the same as Rarer Than Rubies as far as the mystery part went but we learn much more about Trent and Reed and watch as their relationship grows. As in the previous book Ms Lynley does a terrific job of weaving the culture and beauty of Italy through out the story which adds a charm of its own. Trent has grown as a person and a writer and actually does help in solving this case. The plot line makes for a smooth and easy read and although it is easy to figure out who the bad guys are, it is still a fun ride. If you enjoyed Ms Lynley's first book Rarer Than Rubies then you are guaranteed to enjoy this well written story. The fun twist at the end and the HEA makes room for a possible third book. Pick this light read up for a nice change of pace from some of the heavier spy mysteries out there.

  • Inked Reads
    2019-03-16 23:48

    FourStarsItaly is beautiful, the food is magnificent and Reed and Trent are irresistible in the second Precious Gems book.The men become true partners here, with Trent proving himself independent and very capable. Reese and and Trent are starting to work together and Reed is finally starting to value Trent’s skills.Once again, the plot is pretty difficult to untangle as the story unfolds, but this time I understood everything by the time I finished the book. The villains are written more clearly as fully developed characters in this book and I enjoyed trying to work out which characters were friends and which were enemies in Lynley’s cast of shady secondary characters.This was a well-crafted, exciting story featuring two wonderful lead characters that I’m growing quite attached to.I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.SarahFourStarsThe writing was still impressive. The attention to details this author provides is incredible. You can tell by her writing that she knows what she is talking about and you are captivated by the story. Nothing is perfect and what I enjoyed about this story was that the author didn't give them a sugar-coated relationship. Trent and Reed had real and valid difficulties in their relationship and that just endeared them to me even more. It was a sometimes heart-breaking but enjoyable Journey with our two Hero's! And very happy to have the next one in the series, Jaded!! I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Kimberley

  • Donna
    2019-03-17 01:58

    I really wanted to give this one 4 stars, but I couldn't justify letting my being sick and in a bad mood influence my rating of this wonderful story! I look forward to visiting Italy one day in my even older years and this book just added to the desire to go! Every scene came alive with the beautifully descriptive pictures that were set in the readers mind of this amazing country! I also found myself quickly caught back up into the running dangerous situations that Trent can't seem to stay out of as he dives in head first to rescue Reed (I am still wondering what the man's REAL name is... grr!) who half the time doesn't even realize he needs to be rescued! I liked the way that Reed finally figures out to get his head out of his ass and learn to appreciate Trent for the caring, loving and kind man that he is! Not to mention his unusual ability to see what is missed by others... those who don't read romance have a tendency to underestimate the author and the story... their bad! Moving on to book three, Jaded, at the earliest possible date!

  • F.
    2019-03-21 06:31

    Had to read this and next onto Jaded so I can read 24-Karat Conspiracy for SH. Didn't hold out much hope as Rarer Than Rubies had been disappointing but I am happy to report that this one was much better. Still pretty unbelievable plot line ( like most James Bond) but good entertainment. Trent is still like an eager puppy, jumping in with both paws and getting into trouble. I liked Reed ( if that is his name) better in this book and felt more of a connection between the two men. Again I loved the descriptions of the places. I have been to Rome but not Sicily or the smaller islands. A good 4 star read.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-01 00:49

    Italy is beautiful, the food is magnificent and Reed and Trent are irresistible in the second Precious Gems book. The men become true partners here, with Trent proving himself independent and very capable. Reese and and Trent are starting to work together and Reed is finally starting to value Trent’s skills.Once again, the plot is pretty difficult to untangle as the story unfolds, but this time I understood everything by the time I finished the book. The villains are written more clearly as fully developed characters in this book and I enjoyed trying to work out which characters were friends and which were enemies in Lynley’s cast of shady secondary characters.This was a well-crafted, exciting story featuring two wonderful lead characters that I’m growing quite attached to. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reviews.

  • Mtsnow13
    2019-03-04 01:58

    Well, this one may have salvaged her first book.. This book was a bit more intense, and believeable, without the choppiness and awkwardness of the first one. It may even turn into an enjoyable series, with the way the author started developing both characters. I did enjoy the touch into antiquities as well as the vision of Italy that was brought into the story.I liked that we started getting a glimpse into both of the MC's pasts by introducing questions about former 'partners' in question, as well as how/why he came by his scars, be tey literal or figurative. It helped tie up some loose ends, and gave me hope for their relationship, as well as evening out their different strengths that seemed like weaknesses previously.This story humanized them both, and actually redeemed the series for me.

  • Suze
    2019-03-22 00:41

    Trent and Reed are back!I enjoyed their romp in book 1 but it has taken me a while to get round to catching up. I think I actually enjoyed this more. The development of their relationship was good, getting more intricate as Reed's secrets come out.The spy business is still dangerous for both, and I liked Trent's research - and that Reed knew! Trent still has his TSTL moments but saves the day in the end.Enjoyable light romp with serious themes.3.5*

  • Marinieves Cordero
    2019-03-04 01:51

    Book 2 of the series ! Trent and Reed find themselves in the middle of antiquities mystery.Trent is trying to understand Reed while he discovers his ex partner is also involved in the mission.Trent and Reed have to rely on each other in order to discover the truth ...

  • Chris
    2019-03-14 04:40

    Good m/m romantic suspense in which the m/m romance author and the alleged former FBI agent are on vacation in Rome when a ghost from the FBI agent's past resurfaces, putting strain on his current relationship. The story's last line (and sadly, the title inspiration) literally made me groan.

  • Andrea
    2019-02-25 23:46

    Wonderful characters! A little suspense, a little mystery, a lot of action and great sex that doesn't overwhelm the story. This is part of a trilogy with the same MCs but each book stands alone with a good wrap-up.