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The New York Times asked Lee to contribute to a series of Summer Thriller short stories they were planning for their Summer '09 Op-Ed section. "Why not write a prequel to GONE TOMORROW?" suggested Lee's publisher, the brilliant strategist Gina Centrello. So that's what he did. Published under the title Guy Walks Into a Bar..., the working title was The Wrongest Girl in theThe New York Times asked Lee to contribute to a series of Summer Thriller short stories they were planning for their Summer '09 Op-Ed section. "Why not write a prequel to GONE TOMORROW?" suggested Lee's publisher, the brilliant strategist Gina Centrello. So that's what he did. Published under the title Guy Walks Into a Bar..., the working title was The Wrongest Girl in the Room....

Title : Guy Walks into a Bar...
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ISBN : 15743967
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Guy Walks into a Bar... Reviews

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2018-12-21 10:30

    Guy Walks into a Bar... (Jack Reacher, #12.5), Lee Child

  • Gary
    2019-01-05 15:33

    A Jack Reacher short story by Lee Child.I came across this book by accident and to be honest I didn't know it even existed. More of a chapter than a story written in the trademark Lee Child way but due to the length doesn't really have chance to get going.I have read and enjoyed all the Jack Reacher full length books but the shorter stories always leave me disappointed as this one does, but I suppose on the bright side it was free.

  • Quintin Zimmermann
    2019-01-13 12:31

    A guy works into a bar. Kicks arse. Walks out.

  • Dan
    2018-12-27 13:20

    Exceptionally short story, not bad, but very short.

  • Billy Munich
    2018-12-18 16:23

    Guy Walks into a Bar... does an excellent job of telling new readers exactly what they need to know about Jack Reacher in a very short format. It is basically a truncated version of a typical Reacher story. 1) He goes to a new place.2) He finds someone in trouble.3) He shows off his perceptive prowess.4) He beats up the bad guys.

  • William
    2018-12-29 08:20

    decent short story

  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    2019-01-13 09:30

    There are thousands of jokes starting with “Guy Walks into a Bar…” and each end in a different way. But when a Jack Reacher story is titled ‘Guy Walks into a Bar…” you KNOW how that is going to end! Jack Reacher just walks in a bar where he notices a woman sitting alone and drinking. But there is a surprise twist that even Reacher doesn't see coming until the last minute.It is always fun to read these short stories & novellas about Jack Reacher. They give us a glimpse into his life at various stages. But please do not read these short stories if you haven’t acquainted yourself with Jack Reacher through the novels. These are meant to give insights on the leading character that is developed through the novels and not the other way around.

  • Vikas
    2018-12-16 14:20

    Nice little short story which ties perfectly to the 'Gone Tomorrow'. Reacher is silent, Reacher is deadly and Reacher is wrong sometimes but can correct himself soon enough. First Reacher short story in the series of many more. Going for other ones now.

  • Tiamat
    2018-12-25 16:25

    The only interesting thing about this short story is its title. I kinda hoped for more. That's not a story, that's a sketch.

  • Homunculus
    2019-01-05 14:35

    Nur der Vollständigkeit halber. Sehr sehr kurze Short Story ohne großen Mehrwert.

  • Glenn
    2019-01-08 12:25

    Short, sharp and to the point - other story with it was more interesting...

  • Jerry B
    2018-12-21 12:14

    Firstly, this very short story is less than 2000 words -- so what's that, maybe a 4-minute read? Thankfully, it's available as an internet link to (apparently) the original appearance in the NY Times, so at least it's free. Reacher sees a girl sitting alone in a bar obviously admiring the guitar player in a rather strangely-assembled quartet. She's drinking a lot of beer and leaving big tips. When she decided to hit the ladies room, our hero moves to protect her, at which point he fathoms the real issue of what is going on and who might be at risk.OK, it was a pretty fun 4 minutes, but what else needs to be said?

  • Ashwin Dongre
    2019-01-02 12:16

    This is like having quick sex when you are short of time. ;)This is Jack Reacher short which has every element of Jack Reacher novel (except a female partner). Reacher enters a situation willingly/unwillingly. He starts working on it, gets a partner, female usually (not in this story, as I've already mentioned), the situation evolves, there is action sprinkled here and there in the story, keeps you interested, eventually Reacher resolves the whole situation single handed. In this case, Reacher enters a bar, notices a situation, and rest is the story. Read it, its fun, you can finish it in less than 15 minutes.

  • Sue Plant
    2019-01-14 13:10

    this very short story is the reason why i dont like short stories...though its reacher, who goes into a bar..and he observes the clientele in the bar and sees a sting going ahead...short and sweet though less of the me whats the point of this short advice dont bother read a lengthier book

  • Wendy
    2018-12-23 10:32

    This short story is short, maybe shorter. It’s like the opening couple of pages to a typical Jack Reacher book. Author Lee Child has a gift for setting up storylines. His descriptions are spot-on, he builds momentum from the first sentence. There aren’t too many sentences in this entry, but they do show his talent.

  • Just
    2018-12-16 13:31

    Another quick read short story about Jack Reacher.

  • Melenia
    2018-12-25 10:13


  • Carla
    2019-01-13 11:14

    Very short story covering literally the moments before the action in Gone Tomorrow begins. Pretty typical Reacher fare in a very short package.

  • Tom Weissmuller
    2019-01-05 10:11

    While each story may not be a 5 Star masterpiece, a book of fun stories by an outstanding writer, focused on a character I enjoy, makes for one enjoyable read after another. Highly recommended.

  • M
    2018-12-17 16:17

    Extremely short.

  • Panos Panagiotidis
    2018-12-19 11:10


  • Italklaas
    2018-12-16 11:34

    Leuk kort verhaaltje

  • Richard F Grubb
    2018-12-21 11:29

    Jack Reacher stories are fun to read.

  • Wilton314
    2018-12-18 12:33

    Very short, but very good. Reacher cannot help himself when there is a damsel in distress (or duress ...?). Old habits die hard as they say.

  • Michelle
    2018-12-27 16:30


  • Eric
    2018-12-30 11:14

    Not so good as the story was not well developed.

  • Bruce Snell
    2019-01-02 08:15

    A Jack Reacher short story by Lee Child - 3 stars. There really isn't anything special about this story - it is about an incident in a bar in which Reacher sees a couple of hoods he believes are about to commit a kidnapping (and possible murder) and how he deals with that situation. It is the type of incident that shows up regularly in the Reacher novels, and in those novels it usually turns into the reason for the rest of the story. Here it begins and ends with this incident. It was only a few pages, so it was worth the read, but not special.

  • Harry
    2019-01-14 10:30

    Two very short Jack Reacher stories. The first "James Penney's New Identity" only features Jack briefly at the end. The second "Guy Walks Into A Bar" is even shorter and would serve better as a prologue to the proceeding novel "Gone Tomorrow" (which is what it is essentially intended to do). Both contain some rather senseless violence from Jack which the short form doesn't allow any real justification for in the narrative. I found the casual nature of the violence quite disturbing outside of the normal context of the novels. Easily read in a tea break.

  • Russ Skinner
    2019-01-08 10:19

    Trolling through Goodreads, found a Lee Child "Reacher" title I hadn't read; saw that it was a short story written for The New York Times, clicked the link, read (and enjoyed).Unlike many other authors who've gone to the ".5" novella format, this was the perfect length for the plot/story. Well done, Messrs Child and Reacher.Addendum, January 2018: Upon rereading (as part of a full collection of Reacher novellas), would delete one of the stars, and some of the praise.

  • Jeremy David
    2019-01-09 14:25

    A very short story that shows us the events that led Reacher to the train at the beginning of Gone Tomorrow. Some reviews of this story whined about the pointless violence, but those people forgot his moniker: "I don't care about the law, I only care about what's right." Makes sense to me, I just didn't find the story all that interesting. Grade: C