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Chick Lit Mystery - The Susan Hunter books are not your typical mysteries, and Susan is not your typical sleuth. Often, she is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and things go downhill quickly. All of the books cross genres of chick lit, mystery, romance, humor, and action, bringing you a fast-paced, easy-breezy read.Working in a weight-loss center by day and a rChick Lit Mystery - The Susan Hunter books are not your typical mysteries, and Susan is not your typical sleuth. Often, she is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and things go downhill quickly. All of the books cross genres of chick lit, mystery, romance, humor, and action, bringing you a fast-paced, easy-breezy read.Working in a weight-loss center by day and a racquetball club by night, Susan Hunter enjoys her life, the sport, and her friends. ... Sunshine Hunter opens with Susan finding out her new boyfriend of three months is married. To escape the drama, she accepts an offer from her best friend to tag along for a week in Florida. Here the mystery begins, and Susan believes she and her friend are being stalked. She also learns of a murder back home in Ohio and soon finds out she's wanted for questioning. The story takes an adventurous turn when she ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. ... Humorous, sometimes ominous, Sunshine Hunter is quirky and fun! Approx. 52,000 words....

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Sunshine Hunter Reviews

  • Jim
    2019-03-21 01:27

    I got this book because it was free, sorry, I have to be honest. Technically the writing is very good. But, a couple of weeks after I finished it, the only thing I can remember is the stereotypically flaming gay guy, who was a minor character. None of the facts about the mystery, none of the action, all blank. I didn't really ever connect to the central character in any way, she seemed nice enough, but boring. I am sure some people will connect to the character and enjoy it, I didn't.

  • Jennings Wright
    2019-03-01 06:46

    The characters are fun, and the dialogue is good. Sunshine Hunter is a "fluffy mystery" and so not hard hitting, but the writing is good. My only complaint is that it took quite awhile for anything to happen. As the first in a series, this may be because the author was setting up a lot of backstory (I haven't read any of the other books yet). There's a lot of description, many times for things that do nothing to move the story along - I'd like to see more action, and I think the characters and writing can support it. Overall, a quick fun read.

  • Sally906
    2019-03-01 03:54

    what a fun page turner this was - really enjoyed it and the characters

  • Kay Solo
    2019-03-24 00:29

    I've been meaning to read this for a long while and finally got around to it, and I regret the wait. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially from a mystery sort of book, but I loved it. It was a pleasant, light read, but also intense. It's the first book in a long while I stayed up to make sure I finished because I couldn't go to sleep without knowing how it ended. The tension was quite masterfully woven into this book, but it also had its fair share of humor. All in all it was a great read, and though it had me feeling quite anxious at times, it did so in the way that makes me want to read the sequels.

  • Judie
    2019-03-15 23:51

    First, the positives: From a grammatical perspective, SUNSHINE HUNTER is well-written It doesn’t exploit sex (except for a couple “wardrobe malfunctions). The characters don’t use vulgar language. The author is not promoting a political or religious point of view. Unfortunately, the negatives outweigh those points. Some of the main characters, especially the main character and the villain, don’t appear to be very bright. Susan is more interested in her wardrobe, physical fitness and finding the right man than she is about substantial issues. Having been stung by learning of her ex-husband’s infidelity, she doesn’t want to be in that situation again. A telephone call from a woman identifying herself as her current suitor’s wife throws her into a tailspin and she learns other important information that he didn’t mention. The way she deals with that, especially the part that doesn’t have to do with the wife, needs more development. She has very few friends and the reason isn’t really explained. The villain’s actions are not believable. If he/she is trying to kill someone, why would he/she slash all the tires on a car and then leave? How is the villain able to move around so easily? The major part of the plot doesn’t begin until about half way into the book. I was ready to put the book down after a few chapters. I’m sorry I didn’t. This book was a free Kindle download.

  • Alannah Davis
    2019-03-16 06:30

    This book has the potential to be a charming, if fluffy, little read. Unfortunately, this self-published work would have gotten great benefit from the attentions of a good editor. It reads like a first draft. A lot of cliches, missing punctuation, super passive voice, and misused words distracted me from the story. For instance, on page 38 or 39 of the edition on my Nook, main character (you can't really call her a sleuth) Susan Hunter describes the feeling between herself and love interest Mick as "palatable." Er, unless she and Mick are cannibals, the word she's looking for is PALPABLE.While the main character Susan has some innocent, childlike appeal about her, and I really liked her friend Darby, the characters would be so much more likable with more development and depth. The storyline is serviceable. I found it to have a good sense of suspense, but the ending was a bit disappointing. A few more twists and turns to the plot would have done wonders to pick this story up.I also have "Windy City Hunter" downloaded to my Nook, solely because it takes place in Chicago. I'm hoping that the writing style and characterization is taken to a higher level in that one, or I won't be giving this series any more chances.

  • Zen
    2019-03-19 23:37

    Sunshine Hunter tells the story of athletic and attractive Susan, who just wants to have a normal life. After some boyfriend troubles, she takes some time off with her best friend and goes to Florida for the weekend… only to be followed by a different kind of trouble over there, involving a stalker and a murder on her head.I thought Sunshine Hunter was a lovely book. Susan is sweet, and the rest of the cast is fun and colourful. At first it seemed like the story would be about how Susan deals with the issue that has arisen with her boyfriend, Mick, but slowly it became clear that that was not the case as Susan starts facing trouble wherever she goes. Friends and fun can only do so much when someone’s out there trying to kill you, and it was interesting to see how Susan dealt with it all… especially one particular incident with a shark.This is a light and fun read, and you’ll find yourself going quickly through it just to see if Susan will emerge victorious at the end. The writing is good and straightforward, and I found myself soon connecting with the characters. I will definitely be checking out the other books in the series. =]

  • Katieh
    2019-02-28 07:47

    It was a very easy read and good as a book that you are not reading it all at once"

  • Joye Meyer
    2019-03-01 06:43

    I really liked this book. It did keep me quessing and had a pretty exciting ending. I loved all the humor though out the book. I really want to read the next in this series and will check out more from this author. Great light read for summer!

  • Bette
    2019-03-24 07:54

    Amazon description says this is chick-lit with humor and mystery. An accurate description.The main character, Susan Hunter, has little connection to reality. Though her age is never given, you are given the impression she has unlimited disposable income. She holds down two jobs (one to pay for her shopping), she is naïve, a bouncy blonde(?) with high energy who plays racquet ball and can leave in a day for a vacation when she feels down.There is a mystery, one with a plot that has potential, but is buried in between shopping, sight-seeing and other travelogue related trivia. Frequently boring and with characters that I just made no connection with, I chose to read this book as I was looking for light-hearted beach fare and that is what I got.

  • Joni
    2019-03-12 04:26

    Sunshine HunterThis is the first book in the Susan Hunter Mystery Books series. Maddie Colgate has set the series up well. Susan is a single lady, just recently removed from a serious relationship when she is introduced to a very likeable man (who has neglected to tell her that he is married, but getting a divorce, oh,and also has a fourteen year old son). Life happens, and the results can be dangerous, hilarious or both.

  • Margaret Osburn
    2019-02-27 05:40

    This book was given to me free from Amazon for a honest review. This book was not my cup of tea, however, I found it to be a well written, intense read with to much drinking and very descriptive scenes. If you like a modern day mystery, slightly humorous then this is the book for you. Read and enjoy.

  • Trudi Berglin
    2019-03-21 00:54

    Short MysteryWell written short story. The villain of the story was identified within the first half of the story but even so the story produced more nefarious deeds by the unstable villain who had a penchant for flattening all four tires on several occasions.

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-15 23:33

    Definitely much grittier than your usual Cozy Mystery - When Susan finds out her new boyfriend is married, she takes a holiday to Florida with her male friend/neighbour. Finding out her work colleague has suddenly died and then realising they are being stalked does bode well for both action and humour. All tidied up nicely in the end. Would read another book from this Author.

  • Linda
    2019-03-17 03:28

    Maddie Cochere blends humor, mystery, and romance with a deft hand. This is only the second book of hers that I have read (Murder Under Construction being the first), but I will definitely be on the lookout for future books in both series.

  • SUE
    2019-03-11 05:50

    good book. Keeps you interested with the story

  • Michele
    2019-02-22 07:43

    quick easy summer read-havnt read whole series seem as if the series is going to be pretty much the same concept just different locals-

  • Sarah -
    2019-03-22 02:38

    The writing is it terrible, it's the best so far of the so-called "cozy mysteries" that I've read. But none of the characters were very interesting.

  • Annette O'Keefe
    2019-03-01 07:50

    Sunshine Hunter (A Susan Hunter Mystery Book A terrific book of a lot of jumble mystery actions going on. A defined must read until the very end.

  • Carol
    2019-03-17 00:48

    Cozy mystery - quick read - very simple writing.

  • Evelyn
    2019-03-02 00:39

    Not badNot bad but not really good...!i guess this was just OK. Story line was pretty good but still didn't hold my interest. I finished it but was glad to be done.

  • Janet
    2019-03-15 04:40

    very good

  • Mom
    2019-03-08 23:45

    Liked how Susan thought she saw a certain guy around at different places they were visiting in Florida. She was so ready to come back to Ohio.She ran to Florida because a guy did not tell her he was married. She wanted space to think.

  • Fran Bisconer
    2019-03-06 03:27

    Sunshine Hunter I this is a good read with lots of actions and romance. A single woman falls in love with a small dogAnd her new neighbor.

  • Obsidian
    2019-03-20 05:43

    This novel is being offered as a chick lit mystery and since I do adore most things chick lit I thought I read the first novel in Maddie Cochere's "A Susan Hunter Mystery".Susan Hunter works at a weight loss center and a racquetball club. While at work she meets an attractive man named Mick who she starts to fall for until she finds out he is married. While trying to sort out her social life she heads out of town to Florida with her next door neighbor and friend Darby. While in Florida Susan starts to feel as if she is being followed. Entwined with that a co-worker back home unexpectedly dies and Susan starts to suspect murder and the possibility her stalker had something to do with it. Though I love authors that feature the same character in subsequent novels I am going to have to pass on any of Ms. Cochere's novels starring Susan Hunter. This novel had a lot of issues with it that stopped it from being a great novel.1) Though this is touted as a mystery, there was actually not too much amateur sleuthing going on with Susan until the very end of the novel. Therefore this really shouldn't have been touted as a mystery novel since Susan just finds out about things via phone calls with her friend and what the police tell her. I was hoping this would be along the line of Elaine Viet's Dead End Job series where the main character ends up at the wrong place and time and ends up investigating to catch a killer.2) Way too much exposition dumping during the first several chapters. I find that a lot of first time authors do this when trying to set the stage for readers. There needs to be flow to the novel and you don't have to just tell everything about the character all at once. You are supposed to let the reader read and find out more. 3) The novel jumped around too much. The story when it starts begins with Susan being upset about when she finds out Mick is married, then backtracks to there first couple of dates and you find out they have been dating for a couple of months. Then the novel talks about her two jobs, her training for racquetball, her parents. It was hard to follow what was going on.4) There was way too much explanation of the clothing that the characters's were wearing. I think that initially when we had Susan explaining what she was wearing when she met Mick was important since later in the novel you find out that was what drew Mick to Susan. However, after that it got to be a bit too much. The author constantly is explaining what people are wearing down from the tops of their heads to their shoes. I wanted more descriptions of people and settings. Due to the unevenness in explanation often times the novel felt too flat.5) The ending also made no sense. When we do get to the ending of the novel and you find out about Susan's stalker and how it ties in with her co-worker's death I thought the whole thing was a bit far-fetched. I do want to say that the author did not have any grammatical issues in their writing. I also really did like the parts when Ms. Cochere describes racquetball and the moves that Susan was doing when she was playing. I found that way more interesting than anything else that was going on in the novel. It's pretty obvious that Ms. Cochere has experience playing or watching racquetball so those parts of the novel definitely rang true to me.Ultimately in the end, I just felt that this novel was so-so and that it really did not capture my attention and that I would not recommend it to other readers.

  • Jo Doolittle
    2019-03-20 04:32

    3.5 stars

  • Jeri
    2019-02-25 05:34

    I am just discovering Chick-Lit, also known as cozy mysteries, from what I hear. I have stayed away because I thought they were just so much fluff on top of a mediocre story. I was wrong about that I think. Sunshine Hunter has good plot lines and the story-telling by Ms. Cochere is first rate. It had everything needed to keep me turning the pages to the end so that I could find out who was stalking whom (one of two central characters) and why. I had no idea who the bad guy was until it was revealed near the end. I could see the depth of character in Sunshine Hunter as I watched her battle back and forth with decisions and situations. She attracts trouble like white on rice! As I read, I could see it happening but the author writes the character so well, I could tell she never saw it coming! Susan works in a weight loss center by day and a raquetball club at night. As the story goes, she takes off for Florida with a friend for a week after finding out that her boyfriend is married. She just needs to get over him and clear her head. See, this is why I have never read these kinds of stories! Is that a cliche plot-line, or what?! However, there is murder, stalking, accidents, car chases, mysteries abound. She ends up in the Gulf of Mexico on a flaming fishing boat! I am telling you, check this out. It is light and breezy, easy to read and the perfect beach read, too. I give Susan Hunter five stars! I loaded this as a free read on my Kindle app, it is not a new release.

  • Mary
    2019-03-20 00:45

    I’ve been following Maddie’s blog for a couple of years which is why I’ve been avoiding reading her books. By that, I mean, what if I didn’t like them? I finally decided to take the risk and read Maddie’s first book,’ Sunshine Hunter’. If I didn’t care for it, I thought, I would keep my opinions to myself. Problem solved.While the rest of us groan about being blocked, Maddie Cochere pushed out of her comfort zone and put together her first novel in response to the Nanowrimo challenge. She completed a novel in a handful of weeks. It’s easy to imply that if only you didn’t have writer’s block you’d have a fantastic novel. That’s the road to no pain and nothing gained that many of us take. Having written several novels set in the Susan Hunter universe, Maddie has moved on to a new series. I find that and her, amazing.I read the first half of Sunshine Hunter in one sitting and that’s saying something for me. I may have done that sort of thing in my younger years when I had the time and no responsibilities. But it was readable, a nice bit of fluff to curl up with on the banana lounge, sipping a Black Russian. I think that Sunshine Hunter is a good first novel. There’s no denying that it has flaws but nothing insurmountable. She already has the characters and the universe, lucky girl. Given a revisit and a revamp I think that Susan Hunter might someday give Stephanie Plumb a run for her money. But first (sorry Susan) she’s going to have to dump the married man.

  • Timeforme
    2019-02-26 07:35

    Rated at 2.5Main Character:Susan Hunter - A young woman who seems to have acquired a dangerous stalker while on vacation in FloridaSynopsis:Working in a weight-loss center by day and a racquetball club by night, Susan Hunter enjoys her life, the sport, and her friends. ... Sunshine Hunter opens with Susan finding out her new boyfriend of three months is married. To escape the drama, she accepts an offer from her best friend to tag along for a week in Florida. Here the mystery begins, and Susan believes she and her friend are being stalked. She also learns of a murder back home in Ohio and soon finds out she's wanted for questioning. The story takes an adventurous turn when she ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. My Thoughts:I didn't understand a lot of what Susan did, for example not contacting the police in Florida. Those times just seemed to me that the author was in a plot fix so she gave Susan a serious case of the dum-dums to make it through. That no one around her forced the point to say - hey, illegal stuff just happened and we need to notify someone was just another aspect of the dum-dums.Overall, Susan was an okay heroine and she had a reasonably good support cast, although some were pretty stereotypical.

  • Lori Henrich
    2019-03-18 04:49

    This wasn't bad. Susan works part time at the club where she is training for a state tournament in racquet ball. She hangs out there sometimes after her shift with her coach Husky and her friends Samantha and Larry. One night after work she meets Mick whom she starts seeing on a regular basis. One night when Mick is over she answers her phone only to find someone claiming to be Mick's wife on the other end. Susan is so hurt that she can't even let really explain what was going on. Instead she takes off for Florida with her neighbor Darby who lives across the hall. He was planning to go anyway and asked her to tag along to take a break from everything. Susan and Darby start seeing this strange man everywhere they go and strange things start happening some of them are dangerous. Susan thinks the guy is after Darby, but could he really be after her?I like the story but am disappointed that I can't get them from the library. Not sure if I want to buy the others in the series or not. Time will tell.