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Title : The Fight for Palestine in the Days of Joshua
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ISBN : 15746018
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The Fight for Palestine in the Days of Joshua Reviews

  • Jeanette
    2019-05-31 09:07

    "But in Canaan they were to face an entirely different foe. In Egypt they had to be submissive; in the wilderness they were mostly on the defensive; but now they were to take the offensive. They did not come into Canaan as sojourners, not yet as pilgrims. They came as invaders, with divine orders to conquer and to destroy the inhabitants of the land, and then to take possession." (10)"The way to greatness is ever through service." (13)"The grand purpose of all God's dealings with us is that we may come to know Him." (18)"The faithful servant is made ruler over the household, not in order that he may lord it over that household, but in order that he may give them meat in due season." (19)"It will not suffice to obey 'up to a point,' as though it were left to us to decide how much or how little of the Word we should obey when it clearly applies to us. Nor dare we plead ignorance. We have the assurance of the Lord Jesus Himself that if any man willeth to do His will he shall know of the doctrine." (22)"The effectiveness of simple speech such as one finds in the Bible needs no such doubtful improvements." //what would Armerding think of the Message? (23)"What more could any leader ask than that? [divine encouragement] And so far as the record goes, they never lost that spirit of devotion to Joshua. Never once do we read that they rebelled against his authority. Among their many weaknesses and mistakes we never hear about insubordination. Therefore, when Joshua 'mustered out' these men (Josh. 22) he could do so with words of commendation and blessing." (28)"Anyone at all acquainted with missionary work knows that this [hindrances against missionary work] is so. Satan is our untiring opponent. He claims all the kingdoms of the world as his own." (31)"It is significant that whenever Rahab is referred to in the New Testament, even thought she is always described as a harlot, she is never called a liar. Her lie is never even mentioned.And that is not because her sin was overlooked; it was forgiven. But she is still called 'the harlot,' just as Paul referred to himself as 'the chief of sinners.' What she did was put away forever. What she was is mentioned only to magnify the grace that saved her." (31)"She asked that they might deal 'kindly' with her. They gave her more than she asked; they promised to deal both 'kindly and truly' with her.Thus the proper balance is kept between the love and the righteousness of God. To deal kindly with one at the expense of truth would not be in keeping with the character of Him who is light. And to deal truly with one at the expense of kindness would not be according to Him who is also love." (36)"Many suffer defeat because they do not meet their Captain early in the morning." (70)"How often we have blamed the Lord for some defeat in our lives when we should have been asking Him to show us the cause of it all..." (80)"Joshua knew the power of the outstretched hand." [like praise/worship] (85)"But they asked not counsel at the mouth of the Lord' (v. 14). And that is where so many of us fail." (92)"But there should be in every Christian's life a succession of victories, each the standard for the next." (98)"It is one thing to become a Christian - another to make full use of the riches of God in Christ." (107)"'Them will I drive out from before the children of Israel' (Josh. 13:6). Note that He did not say that He would drive them out for the children of Israel, but 'from before' them. In the nature of things, that could not be done unless they moved forward." (108)"Many an enemy is thus allowed to dwell among the people of God because they do not have the faith and the courage to take God at His word, and to move forward." (109)"It was no exchange she [Achsah, daughter of Caleb (Joshua's cohort and the only other good report in the original spy expedition)] wanted, it was an addition." //'give me also.' BOLDNESS! (118)"It was those victories over self that fitted him [Caleb] later to win victories over others." (119)"He put before them all the prospects of victory and possession, but not apart from fighting and hard work. They had but to fulfill those conditions and there would be no doubt about the results." (125)"God has revealed them to us by His Spirit, but we have been slack to go in and possess our possessions." (129)"'have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way.'" (138)