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Only Her Desire…After losing his wife in childbirth, Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, does not trust healers. So when he discovers Selina White cleansing his home, he is livid. As duke, Colin is accustomed to his charges taking orders from him. But the fiery Selina has the audacity to defy him when he asks her to leave his lands. More infuriating, he cannot stop thinking aOnly Her Desire…After losing his wife in childbirth, Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, does not trust healers. So when he discovers Selina White cleansing his home, he is livid. As duke, Colin is accustomed to his charges taking orders from him. But the fiery Selina has the audacity to defy him when he asks her to leave his lands. More infuriating, he cannot stop thinking about the seductive sway of her hips when she walks.Can Heal His Heart…The sick tenants of Northrop Park depend on Selina, and she’s not about to let a man tell her she must leave her village—even if he is a duke. And while Selina does not fear Colin’s temper, she is afraid of the secrets she keeps from him and of the desire he sets off in her every time he is near....

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Bewitching the Duke Reviews

  • Kathie (katmom)
    2019-03-06 05:52

    Thank you, NetGalley and Kensington Books, for giving me the opportunity to read BEWITCHING THE DUKE by Christie Kelley.This summary pulled me right in:Only Her Desire…After losing his wife in childbirth, Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, does not trust healers. So when he discovers Selina White cleansing his home, he is livid. As duke, Colin is accustomed to his charges taking orders from him. But the fiery Selina has the audacity to defy him when he asks her to leave his lands. More infuriating, he cannot stop thinking about the seductive sway of her hips when she walks.Can Heal His Heart…The sick tenants of Northrop Park depend on Selina, and she’s not about to let a man tell her she must leave her village—even if he is a duke. And while Selina does not fear Colin’s temper, she is afraid of the secrets she keeps from him and of the desire he sets off in her every time he is near....Unfortunately it didn't really hold my attention. This is supposed to be set in England in 1814 and the language kept slipping into a modern vernacular. It kept stopping me in my reading tracks. For example, one character is fixing his fountain and asks for a WRENCH. First, they are called "spanners" in England, and second the "wrench" was patented about forty years AFTER this book is set.Also, there were all of these "reveals" where we had been led to believe one thing, and suddenly either Colin or Selina would say, "Oh, that's not quite the way things were." It was like the plot lines would change in the middle of the story. As if the author would think: Let me ADD this little twist. It was hard to follow along; I felt like I needed a checklist.And when the intimate moment happened, I was all: Really? Like THAT? What was he thinking?I was thinking that he needed a good stiff kick in the nether regions and then I rolled my eyes. What this boils down to is that this author apparently didn't write this particular book for me. Others will more than likely love it. I just did not.

  • Lisa
    2019-02-24 03:29

    Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, is forced to return to his country home and attend some matters so all is ready for a upcoming wedding. He has avoided the place for eight years following the death of his child and wife due to, he believes, the ineptness of the local healer. So when he awakens to the healers daughter cleansing his home, he is irate...but the sassy lady captures his attention. Has she no sense of propriety? Women wear their hair bound, not loose around their shoulders. They wear shoes and don't let the toes peak out and they do not show off their calves at the lake. Having Selina White on his lands causes him to much pain as every time he sees her he is reminded of all he has lost due to her healing ways. He finally orders her off his lands but Selina takes her wise woman ways very seriously and will not abandon all the tenants when they need her as the local doctor is normally drunk and unreliable. With a crazy plan created with the help of the servants, who adore her, she stays put but the arrival of Colin's family causes Selina and Colin to spend more time together. As love and passion bloom, can Colin let go of the past and find a bright new future, especially after Selina reveals a long kept secret?This was my first Christie Kelley book and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will be exploring her backlist! The sparks fly immediately between the willful Selina and the reserved Colin and I loved watching them fall for each other. Colin is very bitter about his wife and childs death and feels that a proper doctor would have been able to help them and they would still be alive so he is torn about the new feelings he is having for Selina, the first since his wife died. Selina slowly finds a place in his heart and life by showing him the value of his tenants, whom he has basically ignored all these years, and also showing a stronger feeling of love that he ever felt for his wife...which also scares him. The plan created by the servants is a bit silly and I find it hard to believe that Colin did not figure it out but it did not overwhelm the storyline, thankfully. The addition of his sister and stepmother and a nice sense of family and I loved how they reacted to Selina, it was a refreshing change of pace about the differences in class. I thought I had guessed the secret that Selina was hiding but I was a bit off so that was nice. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I hope we get to see some more stories with the other healers introduced! A fun, sexy, heart warming, smart, sassy, intriguing read! 4 starseARC provided by Kensington Books via netgalley

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-03-02 03:43

    Excellent read! Can't wait to read the next book in this series. Loved The heroine. I struggled a bit with the hero, but the author totally redeemed him by the end.

  • Tin
    2019-03-17 05:42

    This is a 2.5-star book for me.* * *Selina White serves as wise woman of Northrop Park, the seat of Colin Barrett, the Duke of Northrop, a man who has very strong reasons for hating the ancient practice. Years before, Selina's mother was called to help in the birth of Colin's heir, but the tragic turn of events resulted in the death of the child and of Colin's wife. The duke left the estate soon after intending never to return to Northrop Park and all the painful memories that lingered there. Colin is reluctant to return, but he must at his sister's request -- and the first thing Colin does is confront the reason for his misery: Colin tells Selina to leave his estate while he is in residence. But Selina cannot simply leave, because she has responsibilities to the tenants of the estate.This is the aspect of the novel that really irritated me:1. When the duke told Selina to leave his estate, I really wondered about the plan that the housekeeper (and staff) devised to keep her in the estate. Why hide her in the duke's house? Why couldn't they have found an abandoned or unused cottage and moved her there instead?2. The plan really bothered me because the duke kept thinking he was seeing the ghost of his dead wife. And, when he revealed this to Selina, she did not correct him or reassure him or confess to him, but allowed him to continue thinking he was being haunted. (Read Chapter 13)I know this was to get Selina and Colin closer together, so that the love story could develop, but all the sneaking-about just bothered me. I had a hard time writing this review for this novel because of what I've enumerated above, but the premise of the series intrigued me and continues to intrigue me. Bewitching the Duke is the first book in Christie Kelley's Wise Woman series, which centers on a group of "wise women" and the estates they serve. They are young women, who have inherited their gifts from their mothers and expect to hand them down to their own daughters some day. But the world is slowly changing and the need for wise women is slowly dwindling with the advent of modern medicine. They are a dying breed, but they push forward and bring their talents with them as they forge forward (and against) the future. The cleansing was one of the few rituals a wise woman still performed. Not that there were many of the women left. Generations of ridicule and threats of being labeled a witch had forced many to give up the ancient ways. Selina only knew of three other women who kept up the practices.- loc 107 I continued to read this story, though -- because I was curious how the author would address the issue of traditional vs. modern medicine. It's also interesting because the hero is representative of this opposition and is one of the most vocal opponents of Selina. Finally, there's also the clash between the two genders as medicine was viewed as a man's field. The last thing he wanted or needed in his house was some woman who believed she held a type of mystical power or could cure all ills. No woman had such power. It was 1814; medicine belonged in the hands of educated men.- loc 120The story progresses and we get a glimpse of estate life: of the life of ordinary people and their daily needs. Also, of a lord's responsibility to his estate. We also see Colin slowly soften in his stance against wise women, and he begins to understand Selina's value and place in his estate. Because Selina is a wise woman, she isn't governed by the same rules as society and it allows her to express herself and her needs very directly, without false modesty or restraint. The love that develops between Colin and Selina develops alongside Colin's rekindled love for Northrop Park and Colin's own acceptance of Selina and her work. In the end, the author resolves everything quite nicely -- not as an either/or but as having both. Now I want to read about Mia and Tia, and Viscount Middleton and the Earl of Hartsfield (who respects Mia, her mother and the work they do = interesting dynamic).

  • BJ
    2019-03-23 00:44

    A 3.5 star read. The H is grieving the loss of his wife and child and the h is the healer who attended the birth. He does not know, but mistrusts healers as a result of their deaths. His grief has made him selfish, does not care about his estate or his people and this seemed OTT after 8 years. There were good elements, H's sister and friend added interest. Good to see H step up and not care about marrying out of his class.

  • Beth
    2019-02-22 05:42

    The Duke of Northrop, Colin Barrett, lost his wife and new born child 8 years prior during child birth. He blames himself for demanding that she give birth in his ancestral home. He also blames the wise woman that over saw the birthing. Returning to Northrop on the insistence of his family, he discovers Selina White cleansing his home. Irate, that the daughter of the woman he blames for the death of his beloved wife is in his home, he casts her out of her home and his lands. The tenants are having none of it. Selina has been there for them. She has cared for all their sick and helped them through times when the Duke has abandon them to escape his pain. They secretly hide her in his estate, on the third floor. He keeps running into this vivacious and intriguing young woman on his lands and he can’t help but be drawn to her. Slowly building a relationship develops between Selina and Colin … But there are secrets that can destroy them both … and social status that stands against them … can they bridge that gap and heal their hearts?Bewitching the Duke is a completely adorable, historical, slow evolving love story. I loved it. Perfect strumming for the heart strings! The intimate scenes are smoldering. There was even some unexpected heart stopping scenes. If you love historical romances, this is the perfect book to read by the warm fire while it warms your spirit.This ARC copy of Bewitching the Duke was given to me by Netgalley and Kensington Publishing Corp. in exchange for an honest review. Publish date December 6, 2012.For more reviews, check out

  • Fanny Roswita Ria
    2019-03-13 00:49

    ini novel series tentang wise woman, dimana sang heroine adalah Selina White , penyembuh di kawasan tanah Duke of Northrop, sang hero yang bernama Collin Barret. Sang penyembuh diminta utk menyucikan rumah sang hero oleh para pelayan sang hero tanpa sepengetahuan sang hero sendiri. Pertemuan pertama mereka setelah 8 tahun tak jumpa adalah di ruang pribadi sang hero dimana sang heroine tdk menyangka kalo sang hero dtg lbh cpt 2 hari dr jadwal yang diberitahukan pelayan kepadanya.Kebencian sang hero mendapati seorang penyembuh di ruang pribadinya terlebih lagi ingin melakukan penyucian dari hal2 tdk baik membuat sang hero lansung meradang dan menyulut sang heroine juga. Dirinya tdk terima oleh segala tuduhan sang hero dan bertekad untuk mengindahkan segala larangan sang hero. Hal itu yang memicu hubungan keduanya saling tarik-menarik seperti kutub magnet.Harus gw akuin, sang heroine dalam cerita ini sangat bijak walo terkadang terpicu krn sikap sang hero tapi dia bisa mengendalikan diri serta kepolosannya membuat sang hero terpikat. gw suka chemistry yang ditampilkan, pelan dan hanyut.Lucu juga dengan adegan sang heroine sembunyi di kamar lantai 3 dalam manor sang hero krn usulan para pelayan yang tdk mau sang heroine pergi meninggalkan mereka. Sang hero bisa ga ngeh sampai berminggu-minggu, kalo bukan karna si Kate (adik sang hero) hal itu tdk akan terungkap.3.5 bintang#happyreading

  • Tory
    2019-03-04 06:43

    . I am not really a historical details buff, but there were times where it seemed that the speech was pretty contemporary rather than what would be accurate for the time period. Colin tended to react angrily to everything and Selina tended to ignore anything that didn't fit in with her plans or at least try to find a way around it.

  • nurmawati
    2019-03-17 23:31

    4.5 starsLove collin and selina !!

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-26 04:35

    If you pretty much throw all historical norms and culture out the window, it is decent light read. If you can't, skip it. 3*

  • Sandcastles
    2019-03-21 02:35

    One of the most awful books I've read. I still managed to finish it so that goes in its favour. The story does not coalesce. Why do they fall in love ? Except for the sex there is nothing there. The heroine is controlling and weird... he ask twice why she does what she does and both times she gives the same answer but like the hero it's hard for the reader to understand her as well. She seems dishonest, manipulative, too cocksure for no good reason. Did not connect with either of the main characters.

  • Karen
    2019-02-27 23:40

    Both the Duke & the wise woman are fracture by the death of his wife, 8 years ago. While he has gained the reputation of a rake & neglects his estate, she attends to the wellbeing of his servants, tenants & ritual old ways blessing of the land.His return & demands sends sparks shooting, she will not be remiss in her ancestral duties.I love her irreverence & his bluster making an interesting enough story.

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-03-23 02:50

    A good Historical Romance. It really made you feel the emotions the characters were going through. It was a fresh story idea with love and pain. Good reading! The sneak peak into the next book leaves me wanting more.

  • Lisa Baffi
    2019-03-06 23:27

    Three stars!I liked the ending of this story the most, it felt like it came full circle. However, I did feel that it was somewhat a long winded story.

  • Beverly
    2019-02-25 05:31

    Loved itI just love this kind of romance with a little laughter and fun. Can't wait to read another one. Quick easy read and well written.

  • debmar50
    2019-03-12 06:55

    Pretty goodI enjoyed this. Recency era. Nice characters. Strong women. I don't think it's historically accurate but I don't mind that.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-22 03:40

    Original Post 11/20/2012 on Fangs, Wands and Fairy DustBEWITCHING THE DUKE FAILED TO ENCHANTBEWITCHING THE DUKEChristie KelleyKensington Books/ZebraPub Date: Dec 6 2012E-BookFile Size: 899 KB Print Length: 234 pagesONLY HER DESIRE… After losing his wife in childbirth, Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, does not trust healers. So when he discovers Selina White cleansing his home, he is livid. As duke, Colin is accustomed to his charges taking orders from him. But the fiery Selina has the audacity to defy him when he asks her to leave his lands. More infuriating, he cannot stop thinking about the seductive sway of her hips when she walks. CAN HEAL HIS HEART… The sick tenants of Northrop Park depend on Selina, and she’s not about to let a man tell her she must leave her village—even if he is a duke. And while Selina does not fear Colin’s temper, she is afraid of the secrets she keeps from him and of the desire he sets off in her every time he is near. this book didn't rock my world, it wasn't offensive or poorly written. It was pretty predictable plot wise. Several of the characters were interesting and there were one or two plot twists. Colin, the Duke is a bit of an ass. Too easily swayed by lust, and a belief that he is crazy when he sees things he just cannot explain. He is also too proud to say he was wrong.Selina is a healing woman. While the supernatiural doesn't really come into play, except in a fortune teller's tent and a few practices, like clearing bad spirits form rooms with sage, and a solstice bonfire ritual. Mostly it is her skills and knowledge as a healer that casts her into the somewhat unacceptable position of healer who, it is believed can help the crops grow and an estate flourish or fail. After all the story is placed during the Regency, when medical professionals were men and had a reputation for more harm than good.The book did serve as a reminder of how much knowledge and how many wise women were lost as "the old ways" were supplanted by the "age of reason."The Duke's sister and step-mother are both anachronisms, with a bit of pre-maritial sex and treating Selina as an equal. The plot couldn't work at all without them and they do add some flavor to the mix.The intimacy between the Duke and Selina is nicely written. It's always that inexplicable attraction that attracts opposites. And, it's always the past that comes up to bite one or the other character in the proverbial arse. People in romance novels always have these unbearable secrets, the telling, or not telling of which, has dire consequences. This one is alluded to for half the book, and is so terrible that once it is out, three people tell him he is an idiot and all is forgiven. That isn't a spoiler by the way; it is so predictable that it could not be a spoiler.More or less a solid Meh. Not awful but not great.

  • Shauni
    2019-03-25 07:52

    Bewitching the Duke is a story that has been told and while it was a pleasant read, I am sad to say it has been told better. Christie Kelley, writes likeable characters, but they seem to lack connection. That being said this was not a bad book. Believe me I have read bad books.. this book was sweet and unassuming and it offers a reader a chance to escape for a few moments.Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop is one angry man. Bitter because his wife and child died in childbirth.. angry at the "wise woman" who allowed them to die he has refused to set foot on his estate in 8 long years. Only his sister can bring him home..Selina White has taken over wise woman duties from her deceased mother. While the Duke has been wallowing she has been caring for the estate and it's tenants. Healing them, helping them and walking among them. So when she finds herself ousted from her home for the duration of the Duke's visit, she finds alternative ways to care for their people.Like I said in the beginning, this was pleasant read with likable characters.. two people from separate stations in life in a time when such things mattered.. who struggle to find a way to each other. Helped along by friends and family who only want both to be happy Selena and Colin manage to muddle their way to a lasting romance.While I didn't find myself gobsmacked by this book, I did enjoy it. It allows for dreams and fairytales in the most interesting way. I did like how Ms Kelley showed the ability to overcome obstacles on the way to finding love.. and her secondary characters were intriguing enough to grab my attention and make me willing to go back for a second chance with the next story.If you are a fan of historical fiction.. I would suggest you consider this book, it has charm that sometimes even books that remain on bestseller lists forever lack.Shauni This review is based on the ARC of Bewitching the Duke provided by netgalley and is scheduled for release on December 6, 2012For more reviews by Shauni check out Tea and Book andBodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy

  • Farrah
    2019-03-07 03:55

    This review also appears on my blog at http://www.thegoldenruleof666.blogspo...Absolutely lovely! Bewitching the Duke was so sweet and perfect, I just adored it. Definitely a winner.Selina is different from most historical romance characters you come across. She's no society lady. She's a wise woman who is more or less exempt from society's rules. And she was took full advantage of that. But she was also very loyal to the people on the duke's estate that she took care of. She's determined to continue caring for them no matter what happens and no matter what Colin says. She was definitely an admirable heroine, one that anyone could like.Colin was also different from most historical romance heroes. He lost his wife and infant son years before because of a wise woman's mistake and he's held a grudge since. (BTW, about that situation, there is a huge secret about it, one that will knock your socks of when you find out). Because of his grudge, he automatically holds Selina in dislike. Their first encounter in the book isn't the most illustrious start, though it is enormously funny and an exciting way to start the book. But, their feeling gradually change, while sparks are flying between them constantly. Their relationship was sweet, and it definitely had a lot of passion ;)They were really adorable together. But, my favorite part about Colin is that he deviates from the usual man-whore hero. Usually, the love interest in a historical romance is promiscuous and an almost sex-addict, yes? Well, Colin isn't like that. He loved his first wife and has been celibate since her death all those years ago. I know, a huge change from the usual, but one that I really liked and admired. It made me adore Colin all the more. He was wonderful, a truly delightful hero.The plot line moves quickly, starting off with a bang and keeping my interest all the way through. There are a few surprises along the way that I didn't see coming. The ending was perfect for the lovely couple. Bewitching the Duke is a top notch historical romance. It's officially one of my favorites. If you like some romance, you should check out this book.5/5Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

  • Edwina
    2019-03-15 02:35

    VERY ENTERTAINING HR !!!Bewitching The Duke was entertaining and it held my interest. Colin Barrett the 7th Duke of Northrop has returned to Northrop estates to prepare his run down home for his sisters Kate's wedding. Colin has been gone for 8 yrs letting his estate go down in disrepair. Colin is a troubled soul becasue he lost his wife Mary and his Heir in the Child Bed at Northrop now he hates being there.Selena White is called a Wise women. A Healer of sorts. Healer wise women's skills have been passed down through generations by their mothers. Selena is the Wise women to the Northrop estates and Colin hates her and wants her off his lands and out of his house. The servants and families love Selena and try to help her stay in her cabin. Colin thinks Selena's mother was responsible for his wife and son died in there child bed. There is a big secret as to what happen that night. Selena refuses to leave the people without a healer and contrives with the servants ways for her to stay but out of the way of the Duke. As Colin begins to know Selena he desires her and eventually falls in love with her and her with him. There are many twist and turns for the couple also class distinctions. He is a Duke and she is a country healer. There is the introduction of Hart and Earl and Middleton a Viscount who live in the area and they each have there own wise women living on there estates. The stories are already out and I am off to read Harts book next. I loved Kate, Colin's sister and her mother the Dowager Duchess Coln's step mother. There roles in the story made it come alive and gave the stories layers of entertainment. The Romance between Colin and Selena once it get going is hot and sensual. They truly grow to love each other and they get a great HEA! I hope I read more about this couple in the next book. I want to see how they are getting on with there live.

  • Nessa
    2019-03-19 05:48

    THIS ONE WAS SPLENDIDLY ENTERTAINING WITH A STUFFY DUKE AND A SPIRITED WISE WOMAN OR WITCH AS THEY WOULD CALL THEM IN THEIR TIME. OUR HERO lost his wife and babe eight years ago and he is still unwilling to let go of the past until he meets our wise woman/heroine Selina. Rudely awakened by her one morning he does all he can to evict her from her home, his land and his life. He blames her mother for the death of his wife and child and still holds a grudge against healers who are not educated in university and also a man. But when Selina appears almost everywhere, he cannot avoid bumping into her especially when his own staff are in good terms with her. He slowly falls for her and it throws him into bewilderment for the first time he actually desires a woman who wasn't his wife. OUR HEROINE is genuinely a gem in their uptight society and she has carried on her duty as a wise woman from her mother, and is currently facing a very unpleasant Duke who doesn't like what she represents. Of course with the help of his staff, she hides out in his big home and continues treating the tenants. Every encounter they have allows each other to unravel more of their personalities and what drives them, even their demons because unbeknown to the Duke, there's more to the story about the truth of his wife's death. OVERALL it was light and funny, and also romantic with a zest of passion. A good combination! I finished this in a night.

  • Diana
    2019-03-19 01:53

    Selina and her family have been the wise women of the village of Staffordshire for centuries. They have always had an compatible relationship with the Dukes of Northrop who own the land. Until eight years ago when Colin, the current Duke, lost his wife and blamed Selina's mother. Now, Colin has returned; still haunted by his loss and wanting no reminders of that time, which includes Selina.Despite the sad blurb, this was a good story. Selina was one of those heroines I enjoy reading about: stubborn determined, feisty, and engaging. Some heroines are so boring it's hard to connect to them; but not Selina. She was interesting from the start. Colin was a tortured hero but not so tortured you wanted to smack him for using his past as an excuse for his actions. His struggle was a legitimate one and well demonstrated, although I do think he forgave Selina awfully quick considering how long he mourned his wife.I can see the setup for a series involving the other wise women and the other Lords in the area. I hope the author continues this series, since I am particularly eager to see Mia's story. Tia's story not so much; she came off as selfish and immature, and I'm not sure if I like her yet.

  • Kay
    2019-03-03 23:29

    Selina is a wise woman/healer for the Duke of Northrop's estate. She is caught trying to do a cleansing of his home prior to a wedding that's to take place there. The Duke is furious about this because he blames a wise woman for the death of his wife and son. When he finds out that woman in his house is none other than the daughter of that wise woman, he is beyond furious.He has her thrown out of the house and eventually off his estate. The only problem is that his tenants that he has neglected for eight long years love her. They even help hide her in his home for weeks. When his sister arrives and has health problems, Selina comes to the rescue. The Duke and Selina start a truce so to speak that leads to other things that bind this couple. But there's a secret that can tear them apart.I really liked this book. I am a big fan of Christie Kelley and bought this book almost a year ago. It has sat on my Kindle due to my ridiculous TBR list. I'm so glad I finally read it. She's a great author, with great characters and good love scenes. I needed this book to be wonderful and it truly was. I just wish she wrote them faster!

  • Belinda
    2019-03-02 04:39

    I finished reading Bewitching the Duke by Christie Kelley and it was well written and very sensual. I really liked both main characters. Ever since Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, lost his wife in child birth, he has not moved on. He has mourned his wife and is afraid to love again. Then he meets Selina White who is a wise woman and healer who lives on his property. Colin can’t abide so called healers, who he thinks aren’t professional as doctors. He is confronted by the fiery Selina who defies him at every turn in dealing with her supposed work. Selina on the other hand, sees Colin as a brute and thick skulled man who doesn’t know how many people on his estate depend on her. Colin has never met a woman like her. He truly must be thick skulled to keep imagining her in his bed. Selina should never kissed the Duke back, and now all she can think of is wanting more. Please read this book and see if Colin and Selina will have their happy every after.I received this digital arc copy from Net Galley for an honest review.

  • Bunga
    2019-03-22 00:52

    Lumayan menarik. Saya butuh waktu lama buat selesai baca. 3 jam mungkin... Heroine di sini adalah Selina, seorang wise woman (healer tp agak mix dukun gt kali ya), dan Hero di sini adalah Colin-Duke of Northrop yang 8 tahun lalu istri+bayinya meninggal saat persalinan gara2 ibunya Selina yang membantu persalinannya waktu itu. Di awal cerita Colin berusaha utk ngusir Selina dari estatenya karena dia gak sanggup melihat reminder kenangan pahit kematian istri dan anaknya, eh... servant-servant di estate Northrop malah kompakan ngumpetin Selina di rumah Colin. Alhasil Seline pun kudu kucing2an tinggal serumah dengan Colin tanpa ketahuan. Lucunya, karena beberapa kali ngelihat sosok wanita di kamar yang gak ada penghuninya, Colin ngira itu hantu istrinya. Padahal itu si Selina. Hehehe... Overall, untuk jadi sebuah angsty, novel ini belum bisa bikin saya mewek. Jadi ya 3 bintang aja cukup deh.

  • Teresa
    2019-02-27 07:39

    3.5 stars Ebook ARC from Netgalley for honest review. This is the first book by Christie Kelley I have read. I found this book well written and the characters likable and genuine. The plot was easy to follow as well. I liked that the hero kept faithful to a wife that he still loved and missed, especially since his feelings for her were a main plot point. It is too common for the hero of a historical romance, especially one set in regency England, to be a rake and womanizer. My only real complaint was that the characters and their language were a little too modern at times. I look forward to reading many more novels by Ms. Kelley. *** No spoilers were harmed in the making of this review ***

  • Vashti
    2019-03-12 05:47

    I usually tend to stay away from books where the hero is still clinging to the memory of a long dead wife,in this case 8 years has past since she died in childbirth along with the child.But I enjoy this author's books and decided to give it a chance.The book held my intrest ,but could have hit the hero over the head several times and told him to get over with it all ready.I mean years have past man and you need to get on with your life.When he finally realizes the heroine is the love of his life,he now loves her even more than his deceased wife.There are proably 2 more books in this series,not sure if I want to read them though as the backstory for his 2 friends did not intrest me that much.All in all,pleasant read,predictable storyline.At least my reading slump has past .

  • Kelly_Instalove
    2019-02-27 06:35

    Grade: DNFDammit! This little hoyden had disturbed his thought process.I struggled to reach my 33% decision point, and there just wasn’t anything different about this Regency to keep me reading. The dialogue was repetitive, the plot had yet to move forward in any meaningful way, and I never connected with either of the main characters.Also: Important secondary characters are twins named Mia and Tia. That’s not a good way to encourage me to keep reading or, god forbid, buy their sequels.However, I can recommend nearly all of Kelley’s backlist — her Spinster Club series has the smart heroines and swoony heroes and chemistry and romance and just-unpredictable-enough plots that Bewitching is lacking.

  • Patricia Wissore
    2019-03-08 03:45

    I hadn't read this author before, but picked up the book for something new. I was really glad I did! I loved the story line about how the h was very comfortable with herself and her life. The H was dark and brooding with a past that Selina was able to work thru and assist him in living and loving again. The author gave you just enough information on the characters backgrounds that you could see and understand where they were coming from. I do wish she had given just a little bit more background on the mother and why things happened, but I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series to find out how things end for the other Wise Women in the area!

  • Tracy T.
    2019-03-02 23:43

    This was an okay story. The hero and heroine were good, had some good chemistry a few nicely written sex scenes. There was a lot of dialogue in this book, which I liked. I liked the secondary characters. However there was not much substance to the story, no mystery or anything like that. One secret you found out about at the end, but no OMG moments at all.I do like the writing style so I will listen to the next book and hope it is a bit more exciting than this one. I listened via audible as I read along and as for the narration it was not the best, but not the worst. She did make the men sound like men, but she made the heroine sound really bored a lot of the time.