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The first creator-owned book by ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, BRILLIANT tells the story of a handful of college-age geniuses who challenge each other to solve the mystery of superpowers. Can the best and brightest change science fiction into science fact? And if so, how will the world at large react? BRILLIANT is a thriller of the hiThe first creator-owned book by ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, BRILLIANT tells the story of a handful of college-age geniuses who challenge each other to solve the mystery of superpowers. Can the best and brightest change science fiction into science fact? And if so, how will the world at large react? BRILLIANT is a thriller of the highest order. It is a story of how true power can either destroy or protect the strongest of friendships. It is the story of how the world will react when our true potential is finally unlocked. Collecting BRILLIANT #1-7....

Title : Brilliant - Volume 1
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ISBN : 15746836
Format Type : Other Book
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Brilliant - Volume 1 Reviews

  • Mike
    2019-06-16 09:06

    Such an easy, breezy, fast-moving read. Even though so little is actually explained - or maybe because of it - this just turns pages so damned fast. It's a perfect Sunday-with-a-steaming-cup kind of read. Bagley is one of the artists from Bendis' incredible run on Ultimate Spider-Man, and this book can't help but feel like a side-chapter from that incredible collaboration. But what I don't quite get out of this is a sense of the characters through their facial expressions. Everyone seems to look a little muted, like those loose drawings never quite come into focus, so you lose the ability to really clarify what everyone is thinking or feeling. The story of geniuses that somehow invent superpowers is a neat angle to explore, but is almost a complete aside to the core story. They're treated as any curiosity, and while the authorities are scared and skeptical, it's not like they would proceed any differently in any police procedural. In fact, as much as I've enjoyed Bendis in the past as joyously as I have, this did as little for me as it did for many of my GoodReads compatriots.It's not that I don't care for these characters - though they were pretty bland, I at least didn't want to see them fry for doing so little. But there were few surprises as there was no previously stark or unique behaviour against which to surprise me. Stock TV teledrama characters, acting out the usual "how do we hide this from the government?"I can see that Bendis is looking to crank this up a notch - slowly encircle the kids with corporate sharks who will make any gubmint authority look like child's play - and this is the only reason to give this series another chance whenever Bendis & Bagley can squeeze out another handful of issues. I am *all in* if they can really illustrate the insidiously sociopathic nature of corporate conglomerates - as long as it doesn't end up looking like a couple of bad seeds. It'll make me a helluva lot happier if, after taking down the first few evil powermongers, everyone realizes that the next ten to replace them are even worse, and there's no stopping the endlessly voracious and silently single-minded beast.

  • Anthony
    2019-06-01 09:12

    I wonder how Bendis felt when he watched the movie CHRONICLE, because this is very similar. Except the powers are discovered through science and not (what's most likely) extra-terrestrial purposes. But it's Bendis and Bagley doing a story about young people discovering powers while also dealing with being young, so there are some small similarities with Ultimate Spider-man.I don't know what it is with Bendis though, I just seem to enjoy his Marvel work more than his creator owned stuff? I love Scarlet (which is probably my favourite creator owned thing by him) and Takio is cool, and his old crime stuff is fun to look at and read. But his creator owned stuff just seems to be missing something for me. There's also the fact that they're quite often plagued with delays, but I don't like including that on Goodreads reviews since the review should be about the complete story/collection. It's just hard not to think about when I'm reading. And sometimes, it's just not worth the wait.

  • estar*
    2019-06-07 11:04

    Maybe it's a slow burn but I couldn't get into it. Might check out more volumes on Bendis' rep alone.

  • Miss Kate Reads
    2019-06-17 12:07

    This book shows a highly likely account of what would happen if (or perhaps I should say when?) a group of people found a way to give people superpowers on purpose - even if they weren't sure what those powers might be or how they might work. My overall reaction to this was "Cool story bro" - the art is appealing and expressive and the plot is intriguing, but I'm not really excited about reading more of it. I feel like I need to read more of it to get attached to these characters. The plot explodes in this volume, but before I get a chance to really invest and care about what happens to the people involved which is a flaw of many comic/serial stories because you have to get the reader invested in such a short amount of time. I want to love several of these characters though - I just don't yet mostly because I don't know them well enough at this point.

  • Keith
    2019-06-10 07:56

    A fast page-turner, so fast in fact, I'd have been disappointed if I had purchased this book with my own cash. (I checked it out from the library.) It was over in a flash. Some of the dialogue includes coarse language, but not excessively so. What's here is entertaining but there's not a lot of meat on the bone. College geniuses band together to invent superpowers through scientific means. The scheme works but one of the kids doses himself and the results are unstable. Bagley's art is utilized well to provide bright young faces for this new cast of characters. The book ends with a cliffhanger, so don't expect much resolution.

  • ***Dave Hill
    2019-06-20 15:10

    When some genius college students figure out how to create super-powers, they learn a couple of lessons: absolute power corrupts absolute, you can have too much of a good thing, and "you won't know who to trust." Friends betray friends, people go nuts, the government wants to know more, and it all goes pear-shaped awfully fast.Bendis' writing is good, though not great -- it's a bit too earnest in places, missing its normal wit. Mark Bagley is a fine artist as always, but this almost needs more the realism of someone like Maleev to make it really zing.No regrets reading it, and I'll read more if and when.The hardcover contains issues 1-5, plus a lot of backup material.

  • Sonic
    2019-06-18 06:53

    Mark Bagley, ... Mark Bagley ... can anyone explain it to me? When I first started reading "Ultimate Spider-Man" I thought why did they choose THIS guy as the artist? But as it went on, I had to admit that he did a decent job with Bendis's teenage histrionics and snarky melodrama.And Bendis's writing was so good. ...But every time I have seen this guy's art since then I am just like, "why?"And so here we are again,... the art is not terrible, it is actually mostly serviceable,but I can't help wonder how this might look with a less goofy, and cartoonish illustration style ... ?

  • Stewart
    2019-06-02 11:03

    Meh. So, so meh. Seriously lousy artwork matched with a shopworn and cliche-filled plot, poor layouts, cardboard characters, crappy "OMG so edgy" dialogue, etc. I swear I've read/watched variations on the young-nerds-create-some-sort-of-super-blah-blah-blah who cares that halfway through this my eyes glazed over. I can't believe this is getting the reviews and press that it is, but I won't bother with the next volume.

  • Patrick
    2019-05-29 14:19

    I picked this up for 3 bucks in the clearance section of half price books. for 3 bucks this was an okay book. If I paid the 25 bucks cover price of this collection my score probably would be a whole lot lower. Bendis and Bagley continue to do what they did in Ultimate Spider-man, making 5 issues of a comic feel like it should have been 1.

  • P.
    2019-06-19 14:17

    badly written & badly illustrated. I can see what they were going for, but the attempt at high octane smart person patter failed, and I have never met one woman let alone three who wear form fitting crop tops and painted on cropped paints, which is the uniform de rigeur of the women in this comic (and a lot of comics, actually, is that some kind of male fantasy?)

  • Lady Entropy
    2019-05-29 14:57

    It was... okay. Too cliffhangery, not particularly interesting original, but I don't regret buying it or reading it. I won't be picking up the next volumes unless they are in some amazing discount, however.

  • Patrick
    2019-06-01 09:18

    It seems I enjoy Bendis with some artists and dislike his work with other artists. I'm not such a fan of Mark Bagley. The story DID pick up a bit of steam toward the end, but the collection cut off very sharply.

  • Mary Spears
    2019-06-09 10:54

    Nobody draws earnest youthfulness like Bagley.

  • Gary
    2019-06-04 08:55

    Not a fan of the paneling, and nothing much was explained about the origin of the superpower invention. Too much going on as well.

  • Nicole Westen
    2019-06-02 10:21

    An interesting twist. Instead of kids accidentally gaining superpowers, kids accidentally INVENT superpowers.

  • Rainey
    2019-06-14 15:22

    The character development was better than the story itself.

  • Chris
    2019-06-12 08:20

    The art was stunning. It's worth it for that alone. Sadly the story was pretty cliche

  • Esutterlin
    2019-06-20 08:16

    I only Skimmed this book - but wanted to save it here for future recommendations for Readers' advisory.