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White has created a richly diverse anthology that explores the literary expression of male homosexuality in the American and English tradition. Contributors include Henry James, Alfred Chester, Armistead Maupin, Neil Bartlett, Allan Gurganus, and others. A Lambda Literary Award finalist....

Title : The Faber Book of Gay Short Fiction
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ISBN : 9780571129089
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 586 Pages
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The Faber Book of Gay Short Fiction Reviews

  • Al
    2019-01-18 09:09

    Like other anthologies bought with good intentions, the 1991 “Faber Book of Gay Short Fiction” wound up sitting on my back shelf for years awaiting re-discovery. Ridiculous, yes, and in the case of “Faber,” an undeserved fate as a placeholder. “The Faber Book of Gay Short Fiction” holds up well for someone looking for an introduction, refresher or overview to gay male fiction. Edmund White was a wise choice for editor as he does a fine job of selecting 32 short stories and novel excerpts that reflect the progression of gay writing in the 20th century. Since White himself is in a long line of American gay writers who chose to live most of their lives in Europe, it’s not surprising that many stories show a Euro-centric bias. But some of those choices are strong writers many American readers may not be familiar with, a bonus. With an anthology, not every choice will make every reader happy, and “Faber” has a few that puzzled me—works by Ronald Firbank, James Purdy and William Burroughs---authors not well represented by the choices here. And for an author who has written extensively on gay writing, White’s foreword is disappointingly short; readers will have to turn to his later essay compilations (“Arts and Letters” and “The Burning Library”) to find more incisive analyses of the authors featured here. Still, for a 1991 anthology, “Faber” holds up well, though a search for other works by most of these authors will necessarily lead to libraries---as many of these authors are unaccountably no longer in print in the U.S.. Recommended.

  • Lyle
    2019-01-04 07:49

    Page 85Denton Welch: When I was thirteenWe set out in the moonlight; Archer soon took my arm, for he saw that I was drunk, and the path was more slippery than ever. Archer sang Stille Nacht in German, and I began to cry. I could not stop myself It was such a delight to cry in the moonlight with Archer singing my favourite song; and William far away up the mountain.

  • James
    2019-01-01 12:47

    Gore Vidal's acid-drenched Pages from an Abandoned Journal appears in this excellent anthology. And in this extract, the old contrarian's voice rings out loud and clear...May 24 1948"A fight with Hilda, this time about Helen whom she hardly knows. She felt that Helen was pretentious. I said who isn't. She said many people weren't. I said name me one. She said she wasn't pretentious. I then told her all the pretentious things she'd said in the past week starting with that discussion about the importance of an aristocracy and ending with atonalism. She then told me all the pretentious things I'd said, things I either didn't remember saying or she had twisted round. I got so angry I stalked out of her room and didn't go back: just as well. Having sex with her is about the dullest pastime I can think of. I went to my room and read Tacitus in Latin, for practice."

  • George Ilsley
    2019-01-11 07:00

    A strangely mis-titled collection of fiction. Why call a collection "gay short fiction" and then include novel excerpts? Short fiction is actually a challenging form, and novel excerpts often fall short of the mark. Throw in excerpts from widely known novels such as "Swimming Pool Library" and my review just goes down another star. White has selected an odd assortment of writers here, and the result is somewhat incoherent; everyone from the well-known to only someone White knows with an excerpt from a still unpublished novel. It's all too queer. The volume is altogether too hefty to be redeemed by the slight literary jewels hidden among the mass-market offerings.

  • Katelyn Faye
    2019-01-01 08:11

    A bit of a strange selection, it made me want to read some more of White's work to see what it's like if these are the stories he chose to put together in one book. The only one I didn't read from the excerpt from "The Swimming-Pool Library" since it's waiting on my shelf to be read.

  • Mojo Books
    2019-01-19 09:57

    Outstanding range of selections. Thanks, Edmund White.

  • David
    2019-01-18 15:08

    Birthday present which I've dipped in and out of over the years. Good stories here by some amazing writers.

  • Mark
    2019-01-12 07:11

    Great collection. Buy it for the Allan Gurganus story "Forced Use" alone, which is probably THE best short story I've ever read. Erotic and literate and brilliant.